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Re: network spinal allignment/analysis?
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  • network spinal allignment/analysis?   00733   3y  C
    • What exactly is done at your treatment? ... ...   ring5100   3y
      • Excellent question! I don’t precisely know..i...   00733   3y
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        Re: network spinal allignment/analysis?
        Date: 6/15/2011 2:49:35 PM   ( 3y ago )
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        Excellent question! I don't precisely's not that transparent..wish it..was...but feels akin to shiatsu and accupuncture maybe ?

        The "contact" physical pressure against body is very gentle..having never experienced a standard chiropracter treatment.. have no grounds to make comparisons, and whether some techniques are similar or not...But if 80% of the population experience at some time in their lives ...problems and it can be associated with emotional backlog of stuff and "felt in the back"'s surprising this technique isn't more widely known/praticed? Through ignorance I can't say whether or not the treatment involved is more than physical and includes a healing intent at a energetic level?

        The current chiropracter..i'm receiving treatment from...learnt and did the full course to become a chiropracter, 7 years? , just to focus on this particular treatment...from his own experience of network and his belief in it prior to his chiropracter studies?

        Is it more of a neuro emotional technique in healing modality? akin to cranial sacral therapy etc..? It would be very interesting to hear anybody elses views working in the healing field for other readers to chew upon?

        Because the sensations felt at the time of treatment were so out of the ordinary and very evident of "something really going on!". It suggests something is "happening"

        But yes more transparency would be good..
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