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Re: P/W/E ingredients and question.
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              Re: P/W/E ingredients and question.
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              Date: 8/5/2011 12:58:12 PM   ( 3y ago )
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              Ah, the all-important LIVER. It has sooo many important functions. It's an important part of the digestive system and the excretory system.
              In my mind, I was thinking of it in a class by itself but you are right!!!

              The liver is a vital part of the excretory system, and the human body. It regulates glycogen storage, plasma protein synthesis, and drug detoxification. The liver secretes bile, a base used for breaking down fats. Therefore, it helps get rid of unneeded wastes in the body. It changes toxic ammonia, which is a poisonous gas , to urea, a harmless fluid. The kidney filters urea(a mix of sugar and waste) into a liquid called urine. The liver is the largest gland in the body.


              Liver is the largest gland in the human body and one of the most complex of all human organs. The liver serves as the body's main chemical factory and one of its major storehouses of food. The liver is a reddish-brown mass weighing about 1.5 kilograms. It lies in the upper right part of the abdomen, directly under the diaphragm and above the stomach and intestines.
              The liver performs many essential functions. One of its most important tasks is to help the body digest food. The liver produces and discharges bile, a greenish-yellow digestive fluid. Bile travels from the liver to the small intestine, where it aids in the digestion of fats. Extra bile is stored in the gall bladder, a pear-shaped pouch that lies under the liver.

              The liver also stores food. Digested food travels in the blood from the small intestine to the liver. The liver removes some of the digested food from the blood and stores it. When the body needs food, the liver releases it into the blood. The liver also changes some digested food into compounds needed by the body's cells.

              In addition, the liver filters poisons and wastes from the blood. Some substances produced by the liver help the body fight disease. Others enable the blood to clot.

              The liver has a remarkable ability to produce new cells to replace its own diseased or damaged cells. For example, surgeons can remove a section of a healthy liver from an adult and transplant it into a child who has a diseased liver. The adult's liver will rapidly regenerate and be restored to full size. The child's new liver will grow as the child grows.
              Structure of the liver Purification of blood



              Much-ignored but all-important,
              Jon Barron calls the lymphatic system it our "sewer system" for toxins. I somehow always thought of it as part of our immune system (not excretory) and it has many functions. Since the lymph cleans the blood, I see that it can be considered an elimination system.

              Exercise: Move or Die
              Here he talks mainly about blood flow and the lymph system. The lymph system, our "sewer system" for toxins, has no "pump" of its own (like the heart), so exercise (i.e. our muscles) is the main way it works. He also talks about how it is the muscles that burn fat (even in our sleep), not exercise.


              The lymphoid system has multiple interrelated functions:[3]
              it is responsible for the removal of interstitial fluid from tissues
              it absorbs and transports fatty acids and fats as chyle from the circulatory system
              it transports white blood cells to and from the lymph nodes into the bones
              The lymph transports antigen-presenting cells (APCs), such as dendritic cells, to the lymph nodes where an immune response is stimulated.
              Lymphatic tissue is a specialized connective tissue - reticular connective, that contains large quantities of lymphocytes.


              1.Collects, filters, and returns fluid to the blood by the contraction of adjacent muscles.

              2.Fights infection using lymphocytes, cells find in lymph nodes.

              3.Removes excess fluid from the body tissue.


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