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      Re: Please help me try to figure this out -
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      Date: 9/1/2011 10:49:29 AM   ( 3y ago )
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      A lot of this sounds miserable and I really hope you can find some solutions. I have more questions than answers. I loved the previous poster who really nailed down which of your symptoms could be related to Candida

      I am a bit out of my depth with candida, but trust if I say anything contraindicated, some of the experts here will help us straighten it out. I don't think I have an answer for you, just some thoughts.

      What was going on in your life before all this started. Did you travel? Was there any physical trauma or emotional stressor.

      Low Blood cell count could be multiple infections, like you said auto immune.

      I always have to wonder why one person gets candida and another doesn't. It makes me concerned that the candida is secondary to some other problem, at least some of the time. We need to treat symptoms to get relief, but what is the cause of the candida? Did you eat exceptional different than others your age prior to and after 9th grade. Were you on tons of antibiotics? So many people with Lyme have Candida.

      I wonder how people would feel about the Myer's cocktail for you. This isn't cheap, or easy, but it builds your immune system up and then your immune sys can go after what needs repaired. So it is holistic in approach. The cocktail is administered by Iv twice a month. It is made up of vitamins and minerals. Often people are also given Glutathione as a chelator for neurotoxins. I know, if your like me, the idea of getting iv's is really not a good one. But they help the immune system, and that is what the expert here said you have to do before treating candida. I am sure there are less costly and dramatic ways to do it. I did them and for the first 6 months I herxed after each one for 10 days. People with healthier immune systems don't herx at all. Cocktails are about 250 a pop.

      Do you have small red dots on your skin. These are like flat blood blisters of varying size depending on the fattiness of the skin. These are caused by like 5-6 different things including infection. My mother got them following a bad strep infection(MRSA). I got them from lyme and co-infections.

      Do you have a mark coming down out of your hairline in the center of the back of your neck. I believe this would be specific to Lyme disease only. Not all people with Lyme have it, but as long as you have been sick, you probably would, if Lyme was an underlying causal factor for the candida. If the Lyme is really flared up, the mark will be raised up and bright red. If the infection is taking a back seat to something else right now. It will be faint like a faded birth mark or discoloration just a few shades darker than the skin.
      Honestly your symptoms don't sound like Lyme, but when there is a secondary infection it will often keep lyme under control and only the secondary shows up. Until you get the secondary under control and then the lyme would start up.

      Thickened skin, makes me think of hormones, since testosterone is what makes men's skin thicker. But you really sound dehydrated. I wonder if a fish oil would help as a stool softener and possibly help some of your other symptoms. I can imagine you may not like the idea of an oil, since your having a lot of oily skin, but I don't know that taking fish oil would increase that. There are different types of oil and oils that we need and omega 3's are one of them. Be sure it doesn't have any of the vitamins removed-most of them do now, and then they are no good. Here's the brand my naturopath uses. DC #399 omega three marine lipid concentrate.

      I saw you had a great post from someone who had wonderful success in dealing with Candida. I hope his plan works for you as well. Diet is hard long term, but it sounds like he thinks its resolved for him. I've done it for a long time. I always feel better on it! Just hard to maintain.

      God bless you. He is our healer, our strength our deliverer. I hope you keep lots of positive media around you. TV will kill what energy and focus you have.

      Good for you for trying to find the answer and not giving up after such a long road. Let us know how you are feeling after all this input.


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