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  • Great quote (Lao-tzu)   unyquity   3y
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        •  Once again the same three people postin...   Hveragerthi   3y
          • "This way the board will be limited to a...   Michael B   3y
            •  "This way the board will be limite...   Hveragerthi   3y  
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              Re: Great quote (Lao-tzu)
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              Date: 9/21/2011 9:08:11 PM   ( 3y ago )
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               "This way the board will be limited to actual debates instead of their barrage of off topic name calling and otherinsults."

              "... for the LF fools

     gullible the LF supporters really are!

              ...they are clueless to human anatomy and physiology.

              how ridiculous they really are being!!!

              ...taking advice from the LF supporters is nothing short offoolish!!!"

              "[Edited by moderator]
              [objectionable sentence removed]

              You missed the point.  There are several posters here that have been posting NOTHING but attacks.  There posts have NOTHING to do with "liver flushing" and the moderator has done nothing to stop them.

              [Message to Hveragerthi: avoid posting objectionable content or you will be banned from this forum!]"

              What is "objectionable content"?  Any evidence posted showing "liver flushing" is objectionable to the "liver flush" supporters.  On the other hand their constant barrage of attacks and lies are objectionable to not only me but some others I have spoken to.  So why am I being targeted for banning while the "liver flush" supporters are left to run amok with constant attacks on anyone who is actually debating in a debate forum?  Just more of the same old CureZone politics?

              It is really simple, these are debate boards, not the personal bashing boards for the "liver flush" supporters.  If they don't want to hear the evidence against liver flushing then stick to the "liver flush" support boards.  If they don't want to provide real evidence in support of "liver flushing" in lieu of attacking people every chance they get then stick to the "liver flush" support forum.  Trying to get someone banned for the sole reason that you have no real evidence to counter the fact that "liver flushing" is bogus just further proves the point I have been making all along.

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