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                Re: a question for you Parazapper
                Date: 10/2/2011 3:58:19 AM   ( 3y ago )
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                For each and every microbe, there is apparantly more than one frequency.

                From what i have read, this has never been proven true to kill any parasitic worm, it is speculation.

                I think the explanation of the beneficial effects of a zapper is not the frequency but the amount of current and maybe the waveform. For example i have managed to kill a big wart with the ultimate zapper and the output frequency is not specific for the wart...
                The ultimate zapper also distrubs the parasitic worm, there is no doubt about that, else they won't move like crazy to avoid the current. But as i said it is not so easy to zap a parasitic worm that can move fast to others areas of the body.

                The idea of using many positive electrodes to "create" many paths of current may be the key here.

                For a short term exposure, maybe

                I was talking about zapping the head area. The brain, the eyes, the ears. The nervous system may not like electricity.

                I do not think that the zapper actually directly kills the Ascaris worm easily. I believe that it mostly kills the ascaris by killing it intestinal flora.

                Maybe, maybe not. There are others possibilities why a parasitic worm can die because of electricity : electrocution, removing blockages in the nervous system, strenghened immune system cells, increased blood flow... We don't know for sure but i don't think using a specific frequency is important, just read the Rife forum, they are all still there after all these years, infected and using their F165 device...

                Another thing is that the skull somewhat protects from electricity passing through.

                I have read that also, it makes sense.

                >- i feel them moving below the skull)

                Are you certain that it is not toxoplasmosis? Do you have cats or are you in contact with them?

                No it is the same itches sensations and crawling sensations i can feel in the digestive tube, except it is in the sinuses and in the brain (below the skull).

                When i zap during a long time or if i eat a lot of garlic or lemon juice, then i spit larvaes sometimes measuring up to 10cm. I can see it is a worm if i remove the yellow mucus around it. Maybe it is not ascaris, but from the descriptions of the parasitic worms i have read, it does not seem to be hookworm or strongyloides. It is a kind of roundworm and i am sure it is linked to the adult worm i have in the digestive tube.
                I have an old book "Animals parasitic in man" where ascaris are reported to move in the lungs, in the brain, in the sinuses, in the eyes, in the ears. That's exactly what i feel. Doctors haven't learnt this at school, that's all...

                Thanks for your answers, keep the good work.
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