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Re: I think I might have an idea about the root cause for all "incurable" candida..
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      Date: 10/11/2011 2:12:03 PM   ( 3y ago )   Hits:   986

      I believe that what you have "discovered" is so insightful that you don't give yourself enough acclaim for what you have written.  Denial is the biggest block by far to any healing, physical or spiritual/emotional.

      It wasn't until I turned to meditation that I began to recognize how much self hate that I had within my own spiritual energy system.  It wasn't until meditation that I learned that god's love of each and everyone of us is there in spite of what we are programmed to believe in our society.  Anyone can turn within and experience that love and one on one communication with the divine. 

      With meditation I have let go of deep depression, many thoughts of suicide, and a rich and rewarding life even though I've never achieved former "goals" of wealth and acceptance by others - and never will, and in fact don't "need" to.  Though love from relationships are nice it is often through our erroneous belief that we have to have one and do anything including the destruction of ourselves to get one that we destroy the real inner self.  One can have a loving relationship and learn to grow through mutual love and still have a wholesome self in the process yet that isn't required to love one's self.

      In the process of spiritual healing through meditation - which through research has been proven beneficial in healing the body, there are many physical ills that completely disappear.

      Each and everyone of us are god's creation - in his/her image.  Now is the time to recognize that fact.


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