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Re: Thoughts about protein powder?
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  • Thoughts about protein powder?   Geoff1981   3y  C
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          • Thanks for the useful replies folks! ... ......   Geoff1981   3y  
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            Re: Thoughts about protein powder?
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            Date: 10/11/2011 7:22:15 PM   ( 3y ago )
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            Thanks for the useful replies folks!

            jameskep37, the current powders I am consuming seem to make my nose twitch, as if I have a pollen allergy. This may simply because the powder is not dissolving fully into the water (despite long blending times), or a reaction to the stevia/xylitol or vanilla flavouring. I previously tried two different pea proteins while back in the UK (they were unflavoured and unsweetened) and don't recall my nose twitching nearly as much.

            As for the chicken suggestion, I am reluctant to start eating meat after all these years - fish is really my limit.

            Juliemouse, I have just completed the 'ParaGONE' cleansing formula from Newlife and have started on their 'CandiGONE' this morning. I also started taking Syntol a few days ago, and have been consuming a Chinese/Japanese medicine tea three times a day to help my bowels move.

            The protein powders already contain L-Glutamine, as does the Glutamine powder from the nutritionist, obviously, however I will certainly consider adding the FibreSmart.

            I previously drank lemon juice and warm water each morning upon waking, but ceased all fruit intake one month ago when starting a strict candida diet. However, perhaps that:s a moot point given that I am consuming the sweetened powders?

            petluvr10, I would like to transition back to a raw food diet as I believe it was suitable for me (and compatible with my lifestyle at that time).
            Looking back, I perhaps relied too heavily on fruit sugar, as I would drink oat+banana+olive oil smoothies to give me energy for long distance cycling. I ate plenty of salads and veggies (and some sashimi once a week or so), but really *loved* my fruit - undoubtedly one of the things I miss on the candida diet, especially with fresh, crunchy apples now in season. ;(

            It's possible that the high sugar/carb diet I was consuming contributed to my current condition, however I also suspect the combination of antibiotics (Minocin) and steroids (Celestamine) that I took for the best part of a year.

            Thanks for your suggestion of using the protein powder to make a paste, then mix with almond butter. I don't have any almond butter (or raw almonds to make my own), but will perhaps give it a try when if I pick some up in the near future. For the time being, however, I think I'll pass on the protein powders for a little while to see if my nose itching improves.

            Thanks again for the replies folks!
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