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Anyone interested in a DMPS group buy?
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  • Anyone interested in a DMPS group buy?   powertool4   3y  Ü C Ü
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    Anyone interested in a DMPS group buy?
    Date: 10/23/2011 6:22:14 PM   ( 3y ago )
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    For those of you that want to try DMPS as a chelator or always wondered if it will be more effective than other chelators like DMSA, I am starting a group buy for DMPS. It's fairly simple and I have put together my share of group buys in the past on various forums (car parts, computer stuff, etc.).

    For those that do not know, Mercout offers a 30-day supply of DMPS (along with other stuff) in their chelation kit. Each day, you are recommended to take ONE 125mg capsule of DMPS by Mercout. I, however will be using the DMPS with Cutler's protocol, using small doses every 6-8 hours. There is a total of THIRTY (30) 125mg capsules of pure DMPS (DImercaptopropane succinic acid).

    There are also other pills that are a part of the kit which have all sorts of stuff like ALA, Milk Thistle, Vitamins and minerals, etc. but I will not be taking that so essentially the pricing will just take the 30 DMPS (125mg capsules) into consideration.

    Their recommended plan is to take 3 day pills (the vitamin stuff) and 1 night pill (a 125mg dose of DMPS). Like stated above, this will only involve the DMPS capsules.

    The pricing of the entire kit is $299+ 8.50 shipping coming out to $308.50.
    Obviously for someone like me (or MANY on this board and other health boards) who is extremely sensitive to nearly everything and also very poor, a tiny sprinkle of 1 capsule (something like 20mg) will be enough for me to trial DMPS for days! I can't justify spending over $300 on a kit of 125mg X 30 = 3,750 mg of DMPS if I'm going to try 5mg and throw the rest in the trash. What a waste.

    The group buy allow those who want to try DMPS to buy 1 capsule that can be divided into smaller doses, (or as many as they want) for a very affordable price given the group pricing.
    Each 125mg of DMPS would come out to $10.50 since the total cost $308/30 = $10.50.

    On the Cutler protocol, using for example 12.5mg of DMPS every 6-8 hours will last 10 doses, which would last more than a few days.

    I know there are people who want to try DMPS to see if it's worth buying or adding as part of their chelation protocol but haven't been able to afford the $299+ shipping cost from Mercout or even a prescription of it because of the pricing and availability. A sample of the drug would be crucially important for many people. I speak to people all the time who ask me where I can find DMPS and the answer really is you gotta pay a lot of money to get it.

    Here is the process for the groupbuy:

    I will purchase the Mercout kit for the total cost when the group buy is ready and if there is enough interest, and have it ship to my home.
    After it arrives, I will ship out individually to everyone who placed an order on the group buy. You must send payment through Paypal (Verified) for $10.50 (or $10.50 X # of capsules you want if you want more than 1) to me.

    From the mercout website, the capsules are individually packaged in "pop-out" wrapping so I will not break the seal and just use a scissor to cut around it. That way it is not exposed to external elements and I'm not shipping out some pill in an envelope in a very unsanitary manner.

    Btw, the capsules are openable and split-able as described on the Mercout website. Otherwise this whole thing would be useless.

    I know for a fact that there are people who want DMPS and want to try it but don't need nearly 4 grams of it for $300. This is a chance for all of us to come together to buy individual smaller units for a fraction of the price.

    I am Paypal Verified, have 100% feedback on eBay and really, I don't have the energy, time to put together a group buy for $10.50 to scam people.

    Here is the link to the product: Please note as described above, there are "day" pills (which consist of ALA, vitamins and minerals) and "night" pills which are pure DMPS. For most of us who will be using the Cutler protocol the day pills will be useless so those are not even factored into the pricing. If anyone actually wants them, they can pay them for a very low cost and drive the price down equally for everyone else.

    Send me a Private Message or email with your Full name and Email and amount of DMPS capsules you would like (Each come in 125mg doses) and I will start making a list. If we get enough interest where everyone's financial burden is covered by the group buy, we can get this rolling.

    I am in the United Stated. Not sure about international shipping with customs issue so I might try to keep this GB in the USA for now.
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