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          Michael B
          Re: four steps to authentic health
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          Date: 12/2/2011 10:49:02 AM   ( 3y ago )
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          Well, I believe a part of you wants merely to "shed light" on this matter, and I understand you do not intentionally want a debate. But you must understand that statements like:

          "Perhaps there will be a few out there listening and serious about gaining proper results."

          Carries with it a certain attitude of "its my way or the highway" and actually shows that you are recently new on your path of healing. What I am doing by responding to your post is not trying to start a debate per se, but rather clarifying from my personal experience what I believe to be short sighted information from your post. I am "shedding light" on your "light shedding" in other words.

          The de-mioneralization of the teeth is not from detoxing effects of the orange juice causing toxins to leave through the head. For example, you can do a fast on carrot juice and achieve the same detox as orange juice without demineralization of your bones and teeth. It also does not have to do with fruit per se. For example You can do a Watermelon juice fast and achieve even greater detox than with oranges without demineralizing your body.

          Did you read Dr. Bass's article at all?

          And yes there will be a few out there listening to what you share, if it helps them then great, but they will also be able to read my posts as well and decide for themselves.

          I think it is important for you to realize that you may be projecting your own tendencies onto others. People, for the most part, are intelligent enough to decide what their own version of the truth is and although your information comes with the seed of genuine care to help others, it also comes with the seed of dogma.

          Truth evolves. Make sure you allow yourself room to expand and grow and evolve your personal beliefs and truth because no one system of thought or practice can ever fully encompass the totality of truth. You may be a fruitarian one year preaching to others about fruitarianism. Then you may be a lacto-ova vegetarian preaching to others about being vegetarian the next. Then 10 years later you may go back to eating meat and preach to others what you have experience. My point is that it is not about the particular diet or protocol or path of healing. It is about growing, changing, becoming less rigid, more open minded and more open hearted. This can only be acquired through experience and humility, and EVERYONE is a work in progress. There is no guru, famous herbalist, teacher, or spiritual figure that is exempt from this process. To believe so is irresonsible.

          Thanks for sharing.

          (EDIT: lol I would love for whoever voted "disagree" on my post to come forward and explain the premises of why)

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