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Re: How much cayenne pepper?
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            Re: How much cayenne pepper?
            Date: 12/19/2011 4:58:26 PM   ( 3y ago )
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            This was a post from another forum. I agree with her that the body has to create more mucus to guard agaist the irritating oils/components. Using garlic/cayenne as a candida protocol is probably not the best approach. I remember someone doing a test with raw garlic and it killed the probiotics in the yogurt. Whereas cooked garlic only killed a small amount.  I can see where the burning sensation of the cayenne if taken in large amounts could affect  some of the friendly bacteria. Hard to say how much though because there are some people that eat cayenne and spicy foods all the time and they dont have strong cases of Candida. Most people that use garlic cook with it and it takes a lot of the allicin/pungent odor out.  I dont think  strong spices are a good idea when someone has IBS or strong candida.

            "Ingesting strong irritants like garlic and cayenne is like ingesting a green version of drugs. They help suppress symptoms, but they do not address the causes of the symptoms. They do not build health.

            In regards to cayenne; you know how children don't like spicy foods and how we have to train ourselves to like spicy foods? Children have more vitality and are more sensitive than adults and can sense the strong irritating nature of spicy foods. We have trained ourselves for so long on unhealthy, spicy, condiment laden foods that we don't have the same senses anymore.

            Think about touching a pepper and then touching your eyes. It burns severely because it has irritating oils and substances. Think about it going through and burning our delicate digestive tract.

            Cayenne is believed to increase circulation and warm the body, but it does so in order to expel the toxins as fast as possible.

            Also, because mucous is produced almost instantly when cayenne is ingested people think that it has a cleansing affect when the body is actually producing mucous to protect itself from and eliminate the irritant.

            In my experience, the most health building foods are those that I don't have to train myself to eat."

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