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Re: Prostate cancer, need help with alternative therapies.
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      Re: Prostate cancer, need help with alternative therapies.
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      Date: 1/4/2012 12:54:05 PM   ( 2y ago )
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      This is one of the sad aspects of either radiation or chemo. They lead you on to think that it is a cure while it actually only covers the symptoms. A tumor or cancer is only a symptom of a greater overall condition - malnutrition.

      It is the job of the body's immune system to seek out and destroy cancer cells before it becomes a problem. If your body does not have all of the proper nutrition that it needs to accomplish this then cancer grows or other symptoms of malnutrition appear.

      Through a great part, ignorance of the medical establishment is killing people left and right. A large part beyond ignorance is a lack of concern due to profiteering. When a doctor gets $10,000.00 for giving you a chemo session, how can you expect them to look elsewhere?

      Despite the public lauding of the U.S. health care system as being the best in the world, we are ( 43rd or 49th according to different sources ) in the world in life expectancy. While we may have great trauma care, we are miserably lacking in health care, especially in nutrition.

      Over 90 percent of the people in the US are malnourished in at least one thing and possibly many. Among these are vitamin D, Iodine, magnesium, calcium, vitamin K2, Omega-3 fatty acids, ubiquinol, and natural totopherols and tocotrienols ( real vitamin E, not a synthetic substitute ).

      If you have proper nutrition, your immune system will find and fix the problem. The problem that your father has is that it is very late in the development of cancer and recovering from malnutrition takes time.

      You can see immediate results by following certain strict rules: Note: this is my personal opinion based on experience.

      1) Avoid Chemo-therapy and / or radiation as these can destroy what is left of your immune system.

      2) Absolutely reduce any and all Sugar intake! Cancer lives off of sugar. No HFCS poison and it is in most everything found on the grocery store shelves! No artificial sweeteners, period. Stevia may be alright. Avoid starches such as pasta, bread, potatos as they are a form of stored sugar. Nothing from a can as these have BPA which is a major contributor to prostate cancer and others as well.

      3) Alkalize. Mineral waters with Calcium, Magnesium are important but Cesium can definitely help as can baking soda ( sodium bicarbonate ). Other minerals - Selenium as Se-methyl-Selenocysteine, Zinc, Avoid Iron as it promotes cancer.

      4) Juice - fresh raw low sugar juices. Not grocery store junk. Juice wheatgrass sprouts, oatgrass sprouts, brocolli sprouts ( best ). juicing fresh tomatos, kale, brocolli, cauliflower, and other fresh raw vegetables. ( some carrots and purple beets are allowed but they have sugar ). Freshly made apple juice contains pectin but also has some sugar, so use the less sweet apples. Lots of garlic, onion, and I strongly suggest plenty of hot peppers. Don't like it? Choose nutrition or death from malnutrition.

      5) Supplement: Ubiquinol Start with 800 mg daily along with PQQ, spread out over several doses. Full Spectrum E, Vitamin D3 ( not D2 ) 5000 to 10000 IU daily but monitor blood levels for optimum, Vitamin C, Vitamin K2, NAC -n-acetyl cystein boosts liver function, ALA - alpha lipoic acid helps detox. MCP modified citrus pectin.

      6) other foods, Flax seed with cottage cheese, Essiac Tea ,

      There have been many posts and suggestions on this and other Cancer Forum s i the past. read and study them all. Just use caution Everything that I have mentioned above is safe, provided it is done reasonably.

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