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Re: Need guidance for parasites and systemic candida/couple of other things
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               Re: Need guidance for parasites and systemic candida/couple of other things

              Date: 1/8/2012 7:28:52 PM   ( 2y ago )
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              Hi Pioneer,

              I appreciate your responses. Thank you!

              In searching for info. on Cure Zone I came across Copper Toxicity Syndrome (Wilson's Disease). I started reading up about it as I did a hair analysis 10 years ago and it showed I had it. I don't think I did the treatment plan for it because it was really expensive and would take a long time to see results. I was on disability then and just didn't have the money. Also I didn't know if the program would work as it seemed too easy just to take a bunch of vitamins and minerals etc. I had already done that without feeling any better. How could that program drastically help me? (Now I know some of these particular supplements taken in the right quantities/dosages help to chelate the copper out of your system and some help to balance it). I then looked into other things (sometimes getting sidetracked) and always tried to treat my problems with no results. When you have copper toxicity it affects your thyroid, adrenals and you have yeast problems among other things. I also got melasma years ago though it has faded quite a bit. So maybe I'm not getting better because of the copper. So after finding out a protocol on Cure Zone I have to try it cause deep down inside this might be the answer. Though I've felt the same thing about other things. Maybe this is why I'm hypothyroid in the first place and why taking meds makes no difference. The same with adrenal exhaustion and definately candida. It's a bugger to get rid of and I've never been successful. So now I'm reading a popular book from the library about it. I think back in 2001 there wasn't much on the internet about it either. Dr. Wilson (not named after the disease but another Wilson who was a Neurologist in 1912) has a protocol you follow from the hair analysis company he deals with and who I used or you can follow Cutler's protocol found on Cure Zone and in his book
              which is what I'm going to do. (BTW I had my mercury fillings out but didn't feel any better). I have yet to read the supplement recommendations from Louis Gittleman's Why Am I Always So Tired? (which is the book I'm reading right now). Just thought I'd put these references in for anyone else who may come across my post who may have my problems/CFS/FM and isn't getting better. I would look into it. It's like someone is telling me (since I kept coming across it on CZ) to try it and see if it helps.

              So my plan is to try and detox the copper from my body and then do a cleanse. Not sure if I'll do Humaworm and then start Barefoot's Dewormer or just Dewormer. I'm considered Humaworm's Candida cleanse too and do Kefir. Then when I'm cleaned out I will add nutritional stuff. I totally agree a sick body has to do with a balance of nutrients and PH etc. If the body has the right things it can heal. Sometimes I've wondered about that cause I've done so much to try and heal myself but sometimes things are happening in your body that you aren't aware of or maybe aren't sure it's as big of a problem as it is.

              I still am nervous doing the coke liver cleanse. I know you said 4 oz isn't much but when you do 10+ cleanses it kinda adds up all that sugar. So you're sure it's OK? Is there another cleanse that is just as good and tastes OK and is gentle?

              Thanks for the other stuff you recommend. I will look into them.
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