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Re: Eradication period of unknown skin, mucosa, and intestinal type of parasites?
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    • It seems a good idea to check out the Morgell...   LoricaLady   30mo
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    • This does sound a bit like morgellons...I hav...   Bluerabbit   30mo
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      Re: Eradication period of unknown skin, mucosa, and intestinal type of parasites?
      Date: 1/27/2012 3:30:35 PM   ( 30mo ago )
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      This does sound a bit like morgellons...I have a mild case of it, the tiny, silvery worm-like things, sometimes they sparkle like glitter, you can see them on the floor, on your skin, etc., the fluid in my eyes seems to glow. I get feathery white fuzzy things coming out of my skin on my face and neck and cold-bite feeling things under my skin. Some with morgellons have much worse symptoms than I do, I lead a normal life. I'm on a protocol found at "". You should email Mel Freidman, the owner of the site. He works as a volunteer helping people who have contracted morgellons. It's possible that you have morgellons and other problems, as someone stated above, but knowing what you have is key. Read Mel's story and through the forum to see if anything there rings a bell for you. If it is morgellons, the good news is, you can get rid of it according to those that have suffered for years and now they are healthy. Oil of Oregano - the King of Herbs...take the Gala brand if you can afford it, I tried a cheaper brand once and was disappointed. I take mollecular silver and MSM in juice, vitamins/minerals and CoQ10. When I went on Albendazole (prescribed by my doctor) it really helped me, but the natural remedies have helped most. Flush the toxins out of your body and work on building your immunities. Hang in there!
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