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Re: Raw flax seed: poisonous!!
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  • Raw flax seed: poisonous!!   Needtoknow   11y  C
    • Thanks for the information! n/p   Mrs. Lightning   11y
    • Re: Raw flax seed: poisonous!!   R joybells   11y
      • To the m*o*o*n who has apparently ”researched...   DrNick   32mo
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        Re: Raw flax seed: poisonous!!
        Date: 1/29/2012 10:47:03 PM   ( 32mo ago )
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        To the m*o*o*n who has apparently "researched" the devastating effects of flax seed oil. Nice try. I suppose you are one of those under cover "Big Pharma" propaganda retards...You know? The ones that say "DON'T EAT FLAX SEED OIL" or "FLAX SEED OIL IS A Conspiracy FOR BIG PHARMA TO SELL EVEN MORE NON WORKING TREATMENTS..."

        Cold pressed flax seed oil is not more refined than White Sugar you actually work at a Flax Seed Oil company? You are probably the idiot that tampers with the oil adding Anti Oxidant 319 so that everyone becomes brainwashed into believing your retarded article...

        Why am I writing all of this? Because it worked for me and I'm healthier than you'll ever be. Maybe not mentally but physically I am.

        This article angers me because it will turn away potentially thousands of people in need misinforming them that it doesn't work when in actual fact it does. Have you even tested it yourself? This "research" you claim of, anyone can rip out pages of some Havard student walking down an alley or perhaps you wrote it whilst on the toilet. My bad, bathroom in the Uniyted Stayes of Gould ole Amerika...

        You probably drank half a litre of flax seed oil and got annoyed that it didn't work so you wrote a huge bitch session to try and get people to stop using it..Oops I forgot you are a USDFA Big Pharma anti cure agent aren't you...aren't you....

        Nice website idiot, look at how run down and simple looking yet hard to navigate this is..NObody is going to take you seriously. I laughed when I read the whole article because for one, you haven't tried it to see if it does work and 2 you got your research from an episode of Scrubs...Post pictures, show charts, show you tube videos. DON'T JUST SAY YOU RESEARCHED WHEN ITS BLEEDIN OBVIOUS YOU DIDN'T

        Yes you hit a nerve because it does work and you probably don't have the guts to leave my post unmoderated because god forbid it actually does work and you want to suppress that information....
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