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                        • Well now it appears...   sam7777   31mo
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                          Well now it appears...
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                          Date: 2/2/2012 2:00:48 AM   ( 31mo ago )
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                          according to this mind blowingly profound website I stumbled upon...


                          I have a very long standing (10 years?) neurological impairment (neuropathy) caused at least partly by low vitamin b12. I thought my levels were ok because they were 510.

                          Well you don't conclude upon observing a river at peak flood, that it is always that high...

                          I got my b12 tested the day after I ate about 4000 calories. (it was an early b day meal, my bday was a few days away.)

                          I typically eat about 1200 calories...and I am a 180 lb 22 year old male... Well that's all can stand to eat...

                          My real b12 levels are probably lower. But I know there are a whole endless list of other issues that come along with b12, believe me I am not saying it is just b12. But this website really hit it home to me that "yea wow, this has a tremendous amount to do with fibro, autism, and CFS".

                          We are talking about metabolic diseases. Most people on curezone have a metabolic disease!

                          Another thing I was told was that my bilirubin was elevated to 2.0 over the 1.2 range. Well back in august bilirubin was fine.

                          So all those people who told me gall stones and liver issues you make a good point, but there are some facts to consider. Elevated bilirubin is differentiated by pre-hepatic, intra-hepatic, and post-hepatic. Gall stones and billary obstructions tend to come with the obvious dark urine, abdominal pain, pale stools, the stereotypical gall bladder symptoms, (granted most Gallstones are asymptomatic). Intra-hepatic is a bit rarer, and obviously has overt signs of elevated liver enzymes.
                          Pre-hepatic- and your looking at issues with the reticulocytes, and the hemolysis, or break down of your red blood cells. Gilbert's syndrome, autoimmune issues, sickle cell - some of the associated syndromes. So I could potentially have some outside chemical sensitivities causing my red blood cells to break down to quickly. But I also read that taking blood tests after a 2 day fast (which I did) causes elevated bilirubin.
                          But, I do show signs of jaundice and hypothyroidism. I am going to eventually do the liver flushes.

                          I am thinking of going for a high powered Jarrow's brand or Country Life sublingual adenosylB12 and methylB12, some methylfolate, some TMG, some SAM-e, some L-acetyl-Carnitine-fumirate, and some high strength ox bile. More probiotics, with the citrus pectin. Lots of vitamin C, D, K.

                          I am still going for the pregnenolone and thyroid glandulars, even though the labs were negative as I suspected. But I am going to be very cautious with dosing. My adrenal glandulars caused nasty palpitations for 2 days.

                          If this basic approach and (god willing a hair analysis test) can finally give me a small quality of life back, I will try to focus more on actual blood tests and diagnosis off of the online lab orders.

                          On a side note, if I have eaten unrefined celtic Sea Salt for a very long time, would it mask my adrenal fatigue? I wish I had the 24 hour cortisol test, because I have a sneaking suspicion my cortisol is not that low. Probably high at certain times.

                          Anyone have any bad/good experiences with SAM-e, B12 deficiency, that whole lot? I was not aware that the line between CFS, autism, adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism, fibro, B12 deficiency.. was so blurry.

                          Kinda illustrates the point that you really have to question doctors for putting labels on things, especially when neither you nor they have ever sat down and read the biochemical mechanisms behind metabolic and metachondrial diseases.

                          "I can subscribe you Prozac?!" ... hahaha....

                          I recommend reading Ray Peat, Barefoot herbalist, Mercola, Lawrence Williams, among others..
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