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Re: End of my Rope - 25 and falling apart.
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        Re: End of my Rope - 25 and falling apart.
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        Date: 2/5/2012 11:40:16 AM   ( 29mo ago )
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        I feel as you do and thought maybe I had wrote this. Im in such a dark and desperate place I cannot imagine my life with this digusting skin I have on my face. I have also been to medical drs, and naturopaths and no one can help me or tell me what exactly is happening to me. A brief rundown...44 yr old women who has always had skin issues in some form. In the last two yrs it went from bad to worse. I know have full blown rosacea, seborrheic dermatits, clogged pores and welts/hive like bumps that rear their head whenever they feel like it. I have changed my diet radically a year ago and when I saw no improvment in my skin, I started to add some foods back in as I was painfully thin. People started to talk around town and I was no closer to solving my problems. I still eat well. I generally avoid fruit and eat good grains like quiona, brown rice and lean meats and tons of greens and veggies. I do allow myself 1 cup of coffee a day and only drink water. I use stevia as my sugar for everything and eat no processed foods. My occasional treat is a gluten free almond cookie, once a day. I discovered I had a parasite called hookworm last year.I went thru treatment and no change and the parasite is gone. Im taking lots of good supplments...a multi vitamin, Vitamin C, D, A, Evening primrose oil, zinc, Betaine HCL digestive enzyme, and a good probiotic.. I dont take fish oil because at one point I thought this was giving me the hive like bumps I would get every day. I have developed a food phobia as a result of the hives because I just dont know what is giving them to me...My family doesnt know what to do with me and im ruining my marriage and losing myself and my children over this. can someone pls offer me some hope and an idea how to change this?
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