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Re: Thigh Cramp last night, is anyone familiar with this a product
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            Date: 2/5/2012 8:18:01 PM   ( 2y ago )   Hits:   2371

            Your knee jerk reaction noted as is your lack of comprehension of the context in which the issue was addressed based on what the original posters question which was related to leg cramps >>>WHILE DOING THE MASTER CLEANSE<<< and the response given by WS. In my previous post I included a comprehensive explanation that leg cramps are a common occurrence when fasting and what the wisdom is regarding addressing detox reaction when fasting. In no way shape or form did I allude to any cure for leg cramps oral or otherwise.

            In your overzealous misguided lack of comprehension you took this opportunity to soap box and regurgitate some spiritual psychobabble that is completely irrelevant when the IN YOUR FACE pragmatic fact is that what it takes is not some belief system but experience and knowledge to interpret any of these body signs as I went on to explain. The real world pragmatic reality is that the vast vast majority of people that come here asking question neither have the experience or the knowledge to interpret these signals and they certainly will NOT be helped by your useless irrelevant belief system......nor will baseless fear mongering that can keep an individual from addressing issues to heal themselves.

            You further show your ignorance by discounting the well known fact that most cramps can be caused by a chemical imbalance which can also be related to a nutritional deficiencies. This is not to discount the "humongous importance" to >>>any<<< health oriented protocol that exercise/stretching and activity play. I'm not going to elaborate because it's irrelevant to the gist of the original intent of the post but I can tell you without reservations whatsoever that personally I just addressed an issue involving muscle cramps and pinched nerve that after trying all kinds of therapeutic exercises and even inversion therapies that my cure only happened when I dealt with it through oral/nutrition means. This blows your ignorant overzealous self indulgent BS statement about the "teat in our bottle fed society" right out of the water...........

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