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Re: Worm indentification?
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  • Image Embedded Worm indentification?   IrishGuy77   31mo
    • It’s probably roundworm. I know that other p...   sd2345   31mo
    • might have can for the sewer itself maybe a c...   hypertapeworm   31mo
    • Looks like a worm alright, though I don’t kno...   LoricaLady   31mo
    • It looks similar to a strongyloides, a roundw...   MENDOMAID   31mo
      • its definitely not strongyloides. Adult stron...   China49   31mo
        • Yeah, I’m beginning to think it was just an e...   IrishGuy77   31mo
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          Re: Worm indentification?
          Date: 2/19/2012 2:43:00 PM   ( 31mo ago )
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          Yeah, I'm beginning to think it was just an earthworm crawled into the toilet - would have to happen at one of the wrost moments of my life ..

          Sick 25 years and at one of weakest points ever.

          Can barely stand up with weakness. I wake up out of breath, limbs jerking a twitching.

          All started when I was 13 and started having difficulty digesting foods for one reason or another, then got lots of pin worm infections.

          Years later was diagnosed with the usual Candida and so fought that for ten years but hit the floor in 2000 and was bedbound for five years with "CFS" but always the main sysmptopns prevailed:

          Tissue depoists in neck like thick crystals that make crushing sound with I break them by manipulating my neck joint (they usually reappear hours later, or minutes depending on how ill I am).

          Rectal crawling ALL the time - although I alsways put this down to Candida or Undigested Food as it's worse fater eating.

          Facial twitching and contorting non-stop when bad and really out of breath, Sugar tends to stop it but only short term as sugar flares my gut.

          I'm back on a Paleo diet right now but the depression with low-carb I get is hell - no two ways about it.

          I am so sick of it all, fighting all these years since a teenager and now I'm almost 40 and all the reasons I wanted to get well are gone, most anyway.

          I try not to lose hope but it really is hell, lying here so damn weak just hoping strength will return.

          It's climbing mount everest everyday only to keep waking up the next day back at the bottom.

          I have no medical help and doctors just want to label you 'stressed' and when I was young, I didn't care what they said, as I was young and had the resolve to fight, but I don't have that no more.

          I think the deposits are too do with my gut not absorbing minearls too well and so almost everything makes me acidic and sucks the magnesium out of me (along with B vits, protein etc) and so it's hard to get on top of it all.

          If I go all alkaline that would mean fruit and I guess that would just make me wrose with regards to adrenals and LGS. Starving the body of sugar is not good either though and so a Paleo balance with berries, coconut oil etc is all I can come up with.

          Worms/Parasites I am not too sure about but just thought I'd try it and see what turns up. Have no money (live alone on welfare) and so Stool Analysis and the like are out of my reach.

          So many theories out there on diets and why people get this way. Lyme, CFIDS, Mycoplasam, Overly Acidic, Parasites, Candida, LGS, Copper imbalances, SIBO, Adrenal Insuffiency, Lack of HCL, Pancreatic Insuffiency etc etc etc - is it any wonder people are confused.

          I just don't know anymore - tired of thinking about it all.
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        • Yeah, I agree, not strongyloides. IF it actu...   sd2345   31mo

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