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        • Different methods?   arn   2y  1,059
          • About private forums on CZ + response...Re: D...   unyquity   2y  1,082  
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            About private forums on CZ + response...Re: Different methods?

            Date: 2/22/2012 3:06:37 PM   ( 2y ago )
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            Since I noticed you've been posting for over a year on CZ (with posts in several of the private forums), I assumed you knew there is a difference between the hundreds of 'general CZ forums' and the handful of 'private forums'...which are dedicated to certain healing protocols & methodologies. This is a private forum; you can tell which forums are private by the header under the title of the forum name.

            >>>So are you suggesting, if I know a method which works, but is different from that used by Dr. Christopher & Dr. Schulze , I should not share it?<<<

            There are many herbs & methods that Dr. Christopher/Schulze didn't use that we use on this forum, but everything we use fits into the basic premises and tenets of what they taught on how to heal & restore the body (and how to do it safely & effectively). As the forum owner, I do my best to ensure the advise offered here fits in line with those premises & tenets.

            Since your suggestion of oregano oil externally & internally did not come with information on it's potential for harm & how to avoid harm when using it, and did not address the importance of identifying & dealing with the cause of toenail fungus...then yes, I am suggesting that you not share what "you know that works" on this forum. Of course, you can share whatever/wherever you want to share on the hundreds of CZ forum that aren't private.

            What you "know that works" could have resulted in severe gastric distress and topical burning (something you didn't even mention)...and of course (as I mentioned previously) lack of oregano oil is not the cause of toenail fungus.

            On this forum (and in all truly *natural* healing methodologies that are not based on the allopathic model of medicine), we know that we must address the cause of the problem, not just bandaid/blanket the symptoms.

            If ever you're inclined, here's a link to our Forum FAQ 's
            you can learn more about the methodology of Dr Schulze, Christopher (and their counterparts), as well as many of the various protocols & healing information they taught & utilized.



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