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Re: High Biounavailable Copper, but Zinc causes spider veins
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        Re: High Biounavailable Copper, but Zinc causes spider veins
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        Date: 3/15/2012 12:54:45 AM   ( 30mo ago )
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        Chemical sensitivities and mineral imbalances are a pretty clear sign of an overloaded liver and immune system.

        I think you should consider herbs, fulvic acid as a chelator and alkalizer, and a water distiller, as well as saunas and a great deal of exercise.

        What do you think is causing copper to maldistrubute in your body? And what is causing the other minerals to do so? You have a toxicity burden by years of accumulated offensive compounds from your air/furniture/paint/vehicles/clothing/shampoo/food etc. This could literally be 100,000 unhealthy chemicals.

        It cannot just be copper for so many key liver pathways to have gone errant. Manipulating copper, is a downstream approach, when there is an upstream cause. You need to get to the root. A virus like HHV-6 is probable, as well. I would not bet on a titer or past tests 100%. It may not be EBV, etc. - does not mean you are not fighting off a chronic infection you are unaware of. Skunk test - looks, walks, smells like a skunk...its a skunk.

        Turmuric, coptis, gentian, bupleurum, burdock, and gold coin grass. Sauna, Liver Flush w/ epsom salt, 20+ hours a week of exercise.

        Circulation cannot be poor. Immune function cannot be poor. So you will want the exercise, and some strong doses of immune modulators like reishi, chaga, lion's mane for the CNS, marshmallow.

        Look at these examples of tests at, in addition to your ARL/HTMA.

        Copper sequestration is a symptom of an overarching pathology that disrupts many minerals. To address that pathology, you will need to detox intensely. Mainly with immune, circulation, and liver strategies.
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