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5 months post reply/update on my daughter
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  • Almost 5 months post, Advice please?   AJ22   29mo
    • Hello, ... I am also 5 months post removal. T...   AshleyAW   29mo
    • 5 months post reply/update on my daughter   hailey56   29mo
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      5 months post reply/update on my daughter
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      Date: 3/26/2012 9:28:46 PM   ( 29mo ago )
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      Hi AJ, good to read your post, and sorry you're still having problems. My daughter is also now 5+ months post, and though she is doing much much better, she still has good days and bad. The most common complaints recently that seem to plague her are horrible migraine headaches and this strange jaw pain that she didn't develop regularly until post removal (she says it feels like someone is pulling her jaw down and trying to detach it from her face, the pain/pressure is so severe at times, and we have to put ice packs on her face/jaw and try to numb it). She has experienced bouts where she 'can't catch a breath' and finds it difficult to breathe, though it seems to have improved in the last 5 months. Her hair is no longer falling out, and she a lot of new hair growing in, her hairloss was so excessive it was honestly frightening. The anxiety has improved, and the neuropathy in her legs/feet/hands is not as frequent or severe, but still flares up at times, but we've found that Biofreeze helps with that a little, and she continues to take 25 MG Savella 2 x daily which is used to treat Fibromyalgia. Her symptoms are worse around her period, but also flares up at other times too, you just never know. I tell you what, the Mirena really did a number on her, but day by day she is getting her life back, and the good days are out numbering the bad days. I remember the last year and I can't remember ANY good days, so that is a huge improvement. She recently went to a Rheumatologist, a female doctor, who seemed receptive, interested and didn't discount the Mirena being the cause of all this. She took 11 viles of blood to do all sorts of tests and we go back in a few weeks to find out if she came up with anything new, or an explanation. There are too many women having the exact same side effects and none of them are listed as warnings/symptoms by Bayer/Mirena, but if you look at the FDA reports, and this website among others, there are thousands of women suffering from the same debilitating symptoms. It's so frustrating. Well please hang in there and keep posting and know that you are not alone. Thank goodness you and everyone else figured out that it was the Mirena causing this, I just wish it didn't take us all so long. I tell anyone/everyone I talk to about it to educate and warn them, as I would never want anyone to go thru what my daughter has. urgh. xoxo Best wishes and keep in touch everyone, Hailey
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