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Re: Weight loss and exercise reduce cancer markers in women
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         Re: Weight loss and exercise reduce cancer markers in women
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        Date: 5/7/2012 2:02:13 PM   ( 29mo ago )
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        While your response "seems" logical, it really isn't.  In another "news" post I've made about a very recent study in Denmark that covered a 30 year period of time, light jogging for anywhere from 1 to 2 1/2 hours a week increased the lifespan in males by 6.2 years and in females by 5.8 years.  There was no correlation with food ingestion at all.  None!

        Americans in particular have an oral fixation - for a couple of reasons.  #1 is that the vast majority of us (myself included) were never allowed to do such a "horrible" thing as suck on a tit.  In American culture we still have the stupid idea that the breast is a sexual object (it isn't) and there are stories almost weekly of women being forced to move or cover up while breast feeding in a public place.  #2 is that with the bottle readily available when a small child starts fussing the rubber nipple is jammed into their mouths to keep them quiet.  Very few of us were properly fed as children which allows all the fast food and other food advertising to get to us.

        In the study you are responding to, it was shown that diet for weight loss along with exercise reduced cancer markers and the incidence of all disease well beyond cancer alone.

        "The findings "reinforce the importance of weight control on biomarkers that not only have strong associations with cancer, but also with other prevalent chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease," said Wendy Demark-Wahnefried, of the University of Alabama Comprehensive Cancer Center in Birmingham, who was not involved in the study."

        When a person here on CZ asks for help in dealing with a physical issues they receive many different ideas for "taking something" to improve their condition.  That's our oral fixation and you do it all the time.  Nowhere is there a voluntary standard here on CZ to even provide information that every physician receives (but not chiropractors for example) on a routine visit for health issues and those things are: weight (Body Mass Index); activity levels; tobacco usage; alcohol consumption; and of course even gender - all of the information that an MD uses before even talking to a person.  But no - CZ responders all have an oral fix for every poster and many of them even conflict.  

        Again the OP in this thread was showing that losing weight and exercising significantly reduce cancer markers.  And like unto it, the study in Denmark about jogging indicated a 6 year life extension for doing so.  There was no mention anywhere in either of those posts about what the study members ate.  Jogging not only produces life extension but the endorphins produced by jogging gives a sense of well being that pills/oral ingestion cannot provide.  I'm just as lax as others because my knees wore out about six years ago and I had to quit joggin, but I can still walk and I still do.

        So - Jim Fixx and others have died while running.  So what!  Bet you a bundle that he was one happy camper when he went.  Nobody but nobody's body is immortal and if we can face death and laugh in its face we would all be better off because someday it's going to take you and me and everyone else on the Planet.

        Getting off your butt and moving whether it is walking or running will do far more than anything else to benefit your health.

        Here's a great story related to this thread:

        Obesity In America: 42% Estimated To Be Obese By 2030, New Data Shows

        05/07/12 12:10 PM ET

        WASHINGTON -- More bad news about Americans' waistlines: They're only going to get bigger.

        Already, about a third of people are obese. By 2030, it is estimated 42 percent of the population will be......

        (more at the site)


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