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Re: CNS symptoms in Strongyloide disseminated hyperinfection-has anyone used just herbals successfully on this?
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      Re: CNS symptoms in Strongyloide disseminated hyperinfection-has anyone used just herbals successfully on this?
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      Date: 5/17/2012 9:20:01 PM   ( 29mo ago )
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      Hi China

      Thanks for your advice. I was only reading on the Parasite Forum, now I'll go check out the Liver flush one. I do feel better since my lungs cleared up-I think you are right, it has a lot to do with getting and keeping all the body's elimination organs cleaned up and working, to handle the toxins these pests throw at us.

      I see now that there is no "quick fix"....parasites are very tough survivors that don't want to go without a fight.

      I feel a bit better today, my neck is not as stiff so I hope that was die-off symptom, although a d*mn scary one. Also less of a headache and the pupil of my R eye is not so dilated. (That was after about two weeks of putting VCO drops in my eyes.) (I am very grateful for that-by far the most terrifying symptom). I am however, going to stop the drops for a while and find out what happens. I certainly DON"T want the parasites to get resistant. It would be truly terrifying if the VCO stopped working. (I ordered Christopher's Eyebright Formula but it hasn't arrived yet. Sheesh.)

      I forgot to add to my list of symptoms that the lymph glands in my neck have been swollen for over a year...they only went down when I cleaned up my diet, started with VCO, olive leaf and other herbs & spices.

      I had allergy testing last year-I am allergic to some pollen and food but not severe enough to cause the high allergen test results I was getting, so now I know the parasites were probably causing that too.

      I'm still shocked at the wide variety of seemingly unconnected symptoms parasites cause. They must be a huge problem for masses of come they're not more generally known?

      China, you said I could PM you. That would be very helpful.

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