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Re:yogurt... goat's milk versus cow's milk
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          Re:yogurt... goat's milk versus cow's milk
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          Date: 7/26/2006 3:44:39 AM   ( 8y ago )
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          If you're getting pasteurized yogurt from your regular grocery store...
          you are cheating yourself out of a good quality therapeutic food.
          Let me say it again...
          Yogurt should be raw and organic and preferably from grassfed goat's milk

          Kefir is much better
          Here are some of the differences for Goat milk vs cow's milk ...

          Whereas COW's milk requires up to three hours to be absorbed, goat's milk requires only twenty minutes. At half the size of those in cows milk, the protein molecules in goat's milk have thinner, more fragile membranes. For that reason, they are easier to absorb through the wall of the small intestine. Other advantages, goat's milk is less allergic than cow's milk because it doesn't contain the protein complexes that are in cow's milk which stimulate allergic reactions. Children who have allergic reactions to cow's milk have seen their allergies improve after switching to goat's milk.
          Goat's milk doesn't as readily produce gas or bloating because it's digested quickly doesn't remain in the small intestine and ferment. It contains seven precent less lactose that cow's milk. It's high in the medium chain fatty acids that inhibit candida - It's not mucous forming It is a rich source of selenium. This mineral is believed to be an immuno-rugulator. It quickens a sluggish immune system but quiets an overactive one. In this way, selenium keeps the immune system in tune and well balanced. It doesn't contain the Mycobacetrium avium subspecies paratuberculosis _MAP_ mircroorganism.
          The goat is the healthiest domestic animal knwon. Goat milk is superior in every way to cow's milk. Goat milk is the ideal food for babies, convalescencts and invalids, especially those with weakened digestive powers. Goat milk is the purest most healthful and more complete food known. The fat particles in goat's cream are five times smaller than those in cow's milk and much less hard on the liver, says Dr. Jensen. he adds, goat's milk is sometimes superior to mother's milk, because goat's milk contains food elements that mother's milk does not contain. Source patient heal thyself. Also I made a transition from vegan diet to raw organic goat milk, without complications. many people warned me of diarreah and all sorts of problems and I experienced none, its' as if i was drinking it all my life. I also experienced a general sense of well being after drinking it. I should add that I no longer drink goat milk... I drank it while I was transitioning from vegan diet to normal diet... Now I drink goat milk kefir... no longer need to drink it.
          Good health to all Denise
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      • Re: I thought I was allergic to acidophilus a...   Jras   8y

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