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Re: gallbladder cleanse while breastfeeding
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         Re: gallbladder cleanse while breastfeeding

        Date: 1/12/2002 9:04:00 PM   ( 12y ago )
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        > I am a young, nursing mother who has been in pretty intense pain for about 6 1/2 hours tonight so far. I guess I would like to know when I need to be worried, if the gallbladder cleanse is safe for a barely 3 month old baby, and if so, is there something you can mix with the oil to disguise it more? I hate the taste of olive oil even in extremely small amounts. I'm afraid I won't be able to even get it down, let alone keep it down.

        Hello Beenie,
        welcome to forum.

        Liver cleanse can be taken without any problem, 2 - 3 weeks after birth.

        Both Epsom Salt and Olive oil are OK for baby.

        Your body will absorb the amount of epsom salt that can not harm you, or your milk.

        The rest of the epsom salt that is not absorbed will only cause diarrhea for you, while baby is safe.
        Many people have done it.
        If you are using Dr. Hulda Clark liver cleanse, then you are suppose to drink only 1/2 cup of oil mixed with 1/2 cup of freshly pressed grapefruit juice.

        It does not taste oil, it tastes more like fatty grapefruit juice.
        You should also know that there are many kinds of Virgine Olive Oil , and some of them taste better, other worse.
        Any cold pressed (expeller pressed ) Olive oil, first pressing, is Virgine Olive Oil.

        Olive oil presed from August 15th to Sept 15th is the strongest (worst) tasting. A lot of antioxidants.
        Great for the skin treatment.

        Olive oil presed from Sept 15th to October 15th is milder tasting.
        Less antioxidants.

        Olive oil presed from October 15th to December 15th is even milder tasting.
        Far less antioxidants.

        Olive oil presed from December 15th to January 15th is mildest in its taste. Minimum antioxidants.

        I guess, you should try to get one that is from December.

        There is a woman who did cleanse while breastfeeding, and she posted her experience.

        I copy her story here.

        From: Lisa
        Date: Thu Aug 31, 2000 9:54am
        Subject: Re: gallbladder cleanse

        Hello Diane,

        I too have much g.bladder liver pain and attacks. I am currently breast
        feeding my 10 month old baby and did the g.bladder flush last night, she has
        had no diareha stomach cramps, crying spells or anything since last evening.
        I only took two epsom salt dosages last night at 6pm and 8 pm then at 10 took
        the olive oil/g.juice.
        I skipped one dose (took a cup for the 2 doses) I had done these flushes
        before I was pregnant for about two years until there was no more stones
        coming out. My liver hurts so very much I felt like I had to do something I
        was successful in getting out a lot of stones out so far, one as big as a

        I find a coffee retention enema very helpful also, I feel better not so sick
        to my stomach and headache.

        It is nice to read of others b.feeding and trying to determine the balance of
        what to take and not to take. I too feel the strain on my digestive system
        and liver but am so pleased with my babys health and the bond that has taken
        place. if any other mothers out there have any other tips or comments please
        speak up the support is wonderful.

        Take care,
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