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              Re: making alcohol
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              Date: 1/26/2006 8:12:00 AM   ( 8y ago )
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              What is the truth? There are 100 peope standing side by side. If each were to drink a glass of wine, some would quit at one glass, some would quit at two, and some would never quit...For some that can not stop at obe glass of wine...demons might haunt their days and nights every day and every night until ultimately they die and for still another that one glass of wine might save their life. What is poison for me might not be poison to you. The same could be said for a piece of bread or a hand full of almonds. For many, a handful of almonds or a piece of bread is a toxin that causes all kinds of heath issues but for another a handful almonds added to their diet each day could prevent a heart attack and a piece of bread to a starving child might give them anther day of life. It all depends on who you are and what your body, soul, and mind needs.

              Listening to our body, soul, and our mind is critical. The same could be said about truth. Truth is a funny thing. Sometimes when I tell the truth it cuts like a knife and helps some and hurts others and for still others, my truth is not their truth and when they read my words, it is like poison to their mind. When I speak from a place of judgement for what is true for me, I will always have this same mixed result. Never trust "my truth" to be "your truth" if it has one shread of judgement in it. When I say "my truth" with judgement it is often like gasoline on an open flame. Our soul is another thing. If I speak from a place of divine love and there is no judgement in it then that is a substance worth breathing in and drinking in but often I fail to speak from this place. Sometimes I speak from a place of judgement because I see what someone says is said to intentionally harm others. It is still judgemental. But I am human and every choice I make is a judgement. In any case, my judgements will judge me.

              What we put in our minds may affects our body so we should all be careful about what we allow into our body and our minds. Every time I attempt to say "my truth" with judgement in it, it may be true for some but for others it is a poisonous toxin that may collect in their liver. I hope you will purge my words when they are a toxin and not divine love. Our mind is a battle ground and what we put in it is important for the same reasons. I hope anyone who reads anything I say in CureZone will forgive me when I speak from a place of judgement and find that handful of truth that makes sense to you. I hope for each person to find their and take what works for you and leave the rest behind. Read with caution anything you read in CureZone and only then,listen to your body, soul, and mind.

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