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Re: What are some other Recovering Alcoholic Support Groups?
Forum: Addicition: Alcohol ... Alternative Alcohol Addiction
  • What are some other Recovering Alcoholic Supp...   #35615   10y  1,073
    • I can’t say that there is specific support gr...   Grog   10y  1,247
      • Part of the problem is that he does not have ...   #35615   10y  830
        • Remove all toxins from your environment ,incl...   Grog   10y  1,399
          • I am really trying hard .. we talked about it...   #35615   10y  990
            • Well good luck ! the headaches aquired by dea...   Grog   10y  1,033
              • Yeah its definately a trial to get into a pro...   #35615   10y  813
                • I understand and there is a problem if you ha...   Grog   10y  1,126  
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                  Re: What are some other Recovering Alcoholic Support Groups?

                  Date: 12/5/2004 1:46:17 AM   ( 10y ago )
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                  I understand and there is a problem if you have to have proof of treatment for insurance or work particulars ! But it can be done in a weening type of process not that I am suggesting that you should consider it at this point but for the sake of others ! I my self alowly decreased the amount and the type from hard alcohol to beer and such ! However I do realise that something like one in ten die from alclohol withdrawel ! So that must be taken into consideration!
                  However I found that trying to do the same with painkillers was actually worse becoming addicted to them also ! I quit one time with codiene but when I ran out of my prescription I was addicted to them and not being able to get more I reverted back to alcohol with a vengeance! It only put me back even further! When I decided to quit the final time I had switched to beer but wound up to a case(24) a day !
                  And decided my only recourse was to go cold turkey! I beleive I sat in my front yard for two weeks almost comatose for two weeks! It was herendous and I really dont recommend it, but at some time you just have to give it up ! Or die any way! Hard liquer is a sure fire way to the gates of hell and I honestly think it should be outlawed! If beer and wine isnt entertainment enough for someone that should be a sign right there, but to sell alcohol in deadly strenghts right on the supermarket shelves is criminal in itself and the people who sell it should be put in treatment center s for their criminal intent !
                  Another thing also as I reread your post and Ativan I beleive you mean if Im correct are very dangerous and known as suicide enablers geesh I cant believe they pass those things out still , be aware of this they also cause people to self mutaltate they are an anti inhabition drugs that takes away the normal twinge you would otherwise feel at such drastic and sick actions! The same with Xanex horrible killer drugs! Please be careful with these poisons! Grog
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