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         Re: Metabolic Typing and Mental Health
        Date: 12/7/2004 3:33:17 PM   ( 10y ago )
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        Hi, thanks for your post.
        I have mainly tried the supplementation route, including omega-3s, B vitamins, vitamin C, and mineral supplementation (for a while it was a multimineral multivitamin thing and now some minerals like manganese, calcium, magnesium, and zinc).
        I have been tested for imbalances and have found that I have high mercury, low histamine, a zinc deficiency, and also, malabsorption.
        I have seen signicant improvement with the vitamins, but problems remain (I have mild hallucinations and social anxiety). The social anxiety is probably mostly a psychological thing.
        Most recently, I am also using progesterone cream because of some hormonal imbalances. I know that this can also improve mood.
        Anyway, I am interested in trying metabolic typing because I am also hypoglycemic... and also to improve my mental state.
        I was wondering what other therapies you have done that you have found helpful for your mental state. And what anti-candida programs have you done? I take acidophilus and bifidus. I used to take Primal Defense until I found that it seemed to have some scary side effects.
        I also wonder whether metabolic typing can help the body remove heavy metals. I don't know if you have any experience with removing heavy metals, but it seems to me like if you improve the functioning of the body's systems, like for example by balancing your blood pH, then it will be better able to remove toxins. (There are, of course, chelation therapies, but I find them frightening!)
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