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  • My energy conservation dream this morning...   Tracey   10y
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              • Hands   Tracey   10y
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                Date: 11/18/2004 9:00:17 PM   ( 10y ago )
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                Thanks for the information into hands...what really resonates with me is the creating and manifesting and SHAPING your life with your hands. Yes, the energy has been cut off - I definitely feel like I cannot create, do, make, sculpt or shape my life right now...

                Interesting...because Blue Hand (the first day in my wavespell - which is totally significant - first and last days seem to be verrry important) is the first day of my wavespell and is called MANIK (very close to mano!)...interesting...

                I think maybe I'll read through Manik (blue hand) as the first day of my wavespell and see if something know, in late August when I actually had the first day of my Wavespell with Blue Hand was when I got notice from the bank that we were pre-approved for a mortgage (I was happy - we were going to manifest/create/shape our little warm-modernist house on an 11-acre property!).....unfortunately the seller raised the price by $30,000 and was a total deceiving flake (hmmmm) it all fell through. I guess I experienced a type of miscarriage...since then the Blue Hand energy has been totally cut off...

                Hmmm....I feel like I'm getting somewhere with this...

                Because I felt kind of betrayed! Also confused. Why was it all coming along so beautifully (creativity was flowing blissfully through our home and within our relationship as we designed our house together...we were really equal)....and then is torn out from under me? I thought it must have meant to be that way - and perhaps we weren't even meant to stay together..maybe I was deluded....ack.

                Anyway, thanks for getting me on the Hand-creation manifestation route...I'll do some reading and thinking.

                I've had crustaceans in dreams before (crabs, lobsters and abalone with spikes) and they always arrive in my dreams when I'm feeeeeling something but have this hard protective shell around my feelings...I don't like feeling pain!! So, I have to examine that. But I don't feel that they are lower forms - I think they represent my emotions and watery-spiritual instincts (they live in the ocean, these animals)...but these emotions contained. The mud is allllright in one way because at least there is water/moisture! (I've been in a desert dream lately - and had another one where I met a guy that liked me who's name was Duncan Waters!! Dunk in dreams have been lacking water) So, yeah, the muddy earth is at least adding water/spirituality/emotions to the hard reality of things (earth) - but, everything is BOGged down and my emotions are totally muddied and unclear....but what is clear is that these emotions/pain are coming up from the 'underground' (you should have seen the muddy fissures and the crustaceans making their way to the surface!)....verrrrry Plutonic...compulsive stuff that I've ignored coming up to bite me!!

                That is verrrrry interesting that Iraq/Babylon/Mesopatamia connection! To me, what you're saying sounds very Plutonic again - very FIRST/PRIMAL essence.

                When you said: Do you know the secret of ancient mesopotamia?

                I couldn't believe it!!

                Do you know how close that is to one of the questions my guides a few years ago asked me? He was ticking off everything I'd learned and got to the last item and asked me: "Do you know the story of Sumer & Babylon?"

                I had to admit I didn't - since then I've done some research!

                So...verrry interesting.

                Thanks Anthony for the insight - I have alot to think about...

                much love,
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