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        • Long: how & why I got here   RN just_peachy   11y
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          Long: how & why I got here
          Date: 8/10/2003 1:23:05 PM   ( 11y ago )
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          > Tell me, what kind of symptoms were you guys having that lead you to this website and on this particular journey?

          I loathe doctors and have all my life. Friends and family laugh that it's easier to drag a reluctant dog to the vet than to drag me to a doctor and they're mostly right. Aside from my optometrist and opthamalogist, I try to avoid doctors. I spent one night in the hospital when each of my children were born, and basically only agreed to going in the first place because I knew I had a weak back and didn't want to take unnessary chances with my babies. Modern medicine has almost ruined, has ruined, and just outright killed many of my 'kith & kin'. The stories are too long to go into here, maybe one day I'll put some of them over on the 'Bad experiences with doctors' forum.

          Skip over preteen though early 30's alcohol and drug abuse for unfaced emotional issues and finally getting sober and dealing with the root issues of those 2 addictions (really cleaned out the emotional basement, so to speak.) I started smoking at 11, was addictively hooked by 14. Growing up in the country, I learned to love and cook fresh veggies, but I also learned to think that it wasn't a meal without meat, starch, and bread. I loved to bake, in fact, my biggest dietary weakness is a bakery.

          Over the years I've had cluster and migraine headaches during high stress. Mom finally convinced me to have a few CAT and MRI scans done but no "medical" reason was found so I just kept taking ibuprofen when they hit. Then, I moved from country well-water and a lot of home grown and home cooked food to big city chlorine flouride 'water', Sugar filled pastries, and anything microwaveable. Coffee consumption increased to at least 10 cups a day. For some mysterious reason, I stared getting sicker and for longer periods of time. My teeth started breaking. I started getting styes or painful pinkeye more and more often. The cluster headaches went from maybe one every other year to one every other month. The migraines increased in severity and duration. My allergies went from a few sniffly days a season to a full month or more of flu-like symptoms. My work forced me to get a doctors excuse for being absent so often which resulted in a round of 3 or 4 different antibiotics, none of which seemed effective. Eventually, I drug back into work and kept going.

          Each year the pattern repeated. I basically ended up throwing a temper tantrum about no-nothing quacks, throwing out the remaining medicine, doctoring myself with herbs and dragging myself into work. Thereafter followed a cycle of attempting to treat symptoms with herbs - at least it was more effective and less invasively harmful than allopathic medicine, but it obviously didn't fix the real problems. I was tired all the time. I hurt all the time - back, shoulders, neck, hips, stomach, gut, head. I chalked it up to aging, the stress of hating my job, and bad city air and kept going.

          Then I fell down the stairs and severely aggravated an old stress fracture in my lower spine (spondylolysis) enough to actually break the bone apart (I have the x-rays and MRI's that show the little dangly tail part just floating in space.) Before I knew it was broken, I tried to keep going as usual (I have a rather high pain threshold) but I finally just had to give in and look for help. I started by asking around for a good, honest chiropractor. He took the first set of x-rays and managed to make my life bearable until I could get scheduled for surgery. Whether I liked it or not, this time there was really no logical reason for avoiding medical care.

          One metal cage, a slew of antibiotics, and a seesaw ride between 2 very powerful narcotics later, I felt miserable. I had to quit smoking before the surgery, but started back 6 months after it. I'd gained an extra 30lbs during my sedentary year. Basically, I lay in bed and surfed the internet (I'd never allowed a network connection in the bedroom before, but this was rather an exception.) I found Curezone, read the site (I had nothing else to do, hehe) and thought all these people are from slightly to very whacked.

          I quit the narcotics the same way I quit alcohol - cold turkey - withdrawal was ... unpleasant. I had no energy, no strength. One eye grew a large, ugly chalazion, the other kept getting pinkeye. My allergies came back again. I had a hard time concentrating on anything for more than a few minutes. Thinking was ... fuzzy. I started getting odd rolling/pinching sensations around my stomach/liver/gallbladder area. My bowels were completely inconsistent and I swung from constipated to diaherra and back, over and over again. For the first time in my life, I couldn't drop the extra weight. I'd never had weight issues before - in fact, I'd always been on the very lean side. I was struggling to get well with just herbs and feeling more depressed and more exhausted every day.

          I found The Doctor Within and read every word and finally watched the veil lift. I found Curezone again and reread all the articles and illnesses and news and a lot of the forums (it's a big site.) This time, I thought: "What have I got to lose?"

          I started drinking clean filtered water - lots of it. I quit smoking - again, finally. Ditto for coffee.We added a LOT more fresh/raw food to our diets. I started cooking again instead of just popping something in the microwave. We switched to buying clean (antibiotic and chemical free) meats and eating less of them. Raw salads and fresh fruit are now becoming habit instead of treats. We removed everything we could find that contains high-fructose or sugar or enriched flour or canola or soy or hydogenated or anything unpronounceable by non-scientists. We started reading labels instead of just comparing prices. We weren't milk drinkers, but we said good-bye to icecream.

          I did my first Liver Flush and saw hundreds of itty-bitty green stonelets. Wow! I felt better. I had to have the chalazion removed, but the pinkeye went away. The cigarette cravings were gone. I had more energy. I could think again! After about a week, I started feeling a little rundown again, so, I started P&B shakes and we scrapped together enough to buy a cheap juicer (better than none.)

          After my second flush and another lot of stones, this time even bigger ones, I feel even better, have even more energy and am thinking clearer than I have in at least a year. I talked my husband into flushing - he couldn't down the OO/GF mix and what he took he threw back up, but he still saw stones the next morning. We added a parasite cleanse to the P&B shakes and daily juices. I tried the MC because I would really like to lose some of this weight and do a really good flush of the rest of my system, but I can't stand lemons/limes. I didn't last a day. Oh, well, maybe I'm not supposed to move so quickly. It took me a few years to get this way, so what if it takes a few extra months to clean it all back out.

          That odd rolling/pinching feeling is just faintly coming back and my energy is dipping again, so it's time for my third flush which I'll do either tomorrow or Tuesday. My first full-moon flush, so I'll see how it goes.

          Cancer has taken almost every one of my passed relatives on both sides of my family. I hadn't been diagnosed with it and hope I never am. Hopefully, it's not too late for me to reverse all those years of damage, and cleansing and eating healthier will help me to avoid that fate. Yes, the people at curezone may be crazy according to the illogic of the fastfood mainstream society and allopathic medicine, but this kind of crazy suits me just fine.

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