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Re: Follow the $$$$- it always speaks the truth!
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  • Follow the $$$$- it always speaks the truth!   babsbiltmore   8y  C
    • the Fed we all know and love. The Fed in turn...   Ohfor07   8y
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      Re: Follow the $$$$- it always speaks the truth!
      Date: 11/18/2006 12:33:30 AM   ( 8y ago )
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      Good article. Thanks!

      Among the comments within that article that triggered some of my own, is this:

      "Traders argue that manipulating the market would be difficult because of its size."

      There have long been various big lies that help to keep the good common people diverted away from certain truths as they relate to such heady matters as high finances and the markets & marketers therein; the above being classic among such lies. This and other common lies are in one part or another a derivative (financial pun intended ;) of what is and has been a massive and constantly ongoing financial scandal for the past 90 years running - the Federal Reserve Act of Congress, December, 1933. Another lie commonly floated ( ;) in our society for many years is that big, institutional money matters are things for the number crunching & shuffling experts to handle and not something for us lowly average people to understand. The job of we the little people every day is increasingly becoming more about just figuring out ways to borrow it and spend it even when we don't have it; our lot and plight in life is to be consumers, plain and simple, let the money people to figure out how to finance us. For anyone who may doubt this, try this simple test to see if you can see for yourself where there may be some overlooked truths, lies, scandals based on a lies, or not. This test is appropriate and fitting in this context since it gets at the heart of how the Fed operates in simple terms, and, the Fed just happened to be among the liars - instutitional at that, who contributed to the above article.

      The Federal U.S. Government "borrows" money from the Fed Reserve Bank, keeping in mind the latter is not and has never been an agency/department, neither formal nor informal of the Federal U.S. Government. They are no more Federal Government than is Federal Express, nor have they ever kept a "reserve" of anything of subtance like gold/silver, but they do have a large reserve of special paper & green ink, and of course numbers, they have lots and lots of numbers and my oh my the amazing things they can make their numbers appear to do and not do. To keep the test simple, lets say for the month of December, the Government forecasts it will need 1 billion dollars to "operate". A phone call is placed from the Fed Gov to the non-Federal Gov Fed Reserve Bank AKA> the Fed we all know and love. The Fed in turn arranges the killing of said trees and then procures the required amount of paper and green ink to produce 1 billion dollars worth of "notes", be they FRNs or other financial "instruments". The Fed then goes to their special minting factory poof!, a big pile of fancy paper & green ink is turned into "money". When they print FRNs - what you and I commonly refer to as "money"... dollar bills.... cash, etc, they do so on big sheets of paper, each sheet will typically comprise a hundred FRNs, be they a sheet of 1 dollar bills, 5 dollar bills, tens, 20s, 50s, hundreds, you name it. Recent estimates show that regardless of the denomination of bills printed, the total expense to the Fed is well under five dollars per sheet. I'm pretty sure this estimate per sheet was made before recent modernizations, like, putting all the additional fancy watermarks on FRNs to reduce "counterfeiting", or like the RFID chips that have been being hidden in FRNs the past few years so that the passage of this currency can be tracked.... in the interest of national security, of course. So lets give the Fed a break and concede they may actually have five dollars worth of legit expenses involved in producing a sheet of paper comprised of 100 FRNs. They then arrange said sheets, slice & dice them into producing the billion dollars the Fed Gov asked them for, and as requested, they faithfully "loan" this paper to the Fed Government so that they can carry on working the will of we the people. Oh, BTW, when this "loan" is "repaid", provisions of the Federal Reserve Act require that it be repaid, with interest, in Gold; paper will expressly not be accepted for repaying. At the end of the day, the Fed put forth perhaps a relatively few thousand dollars in legitimate expenses in tree killing, fancy paper, ink, RFID implants, machinery and labor, and in return they get back 1 billion dollars of Gold AND interest.

      Now I refer back to the quote that motivated my comments.

      "Traders argue that manipulating the market would be difficult because of its size."


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