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your scars CAN heal!
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    ozone bubble
    your scars CAN heal!
    Date: 2/3/2007 2:47:18 AM   ( 7y ago )
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    i am living proof! i have many scars all over at varying depths and they are ALL healing just from doing cleansing and flushing. in fact they are healing before my eyes!

    i have some raised keloid scars that are shrinking day by day and just a few days ago, one has started to smooth down to the level of my normal skin. i just looked at it the other day and noticed a section in the middle that was TOTALLY FLAT - and now the rest is following! i was under the impression that keloid scars never heal - this is not true!!!

    on top of this, my deep scars are becoming filled. one scar that i was sure would never heal as well as the others is now healing the fastest! previously it was deep and never filled properly, lots of holes and 'texture' in the healing but now it is filling up with brand new tissue!

    other scars that were previously filled quite well are changing colour from white to skin colour to match my skin! and those that were already skin colour, the very superficial ones, are blending out of site.

    looking at my scars makes me understand what my body was doing when it created them - it was healing as best it could with the resources and energy it had at the time. cleansing and flushing has given my body the time, resources and energy to finish the job properly. trust me - your body never leaves a task half finished if you just give it the chance to do what it needs to do! this is all you need to do, and your skin will finish healing. i thought my scars were permanent - i never realised they were WORKS IN PROGRESS!

    even more amazing to me is that i do not put a single thing on my skin except for 100% natural soap and sometimes olive oil. not even moisturiser and definitely no scar treatments! in fact the healing i am witnessing is working at least 10 times as fast as the most successful scar treatment i have used in the past. that is no exageration!

    so keep cleansing, keep flushing, be patient and you will see your body's own amazing capacity to heal right in front of your eyes! you dont need to spend your money on expensive treatments - if your body is not ready to heal it will be hard for these treatments to work!

    AND what is better than seeing your skin come alive and beautiful again is the feeling you get that maybe we are actually really lucky to be able to witness such a striking visual demonstration of active healing. for those who believe, it really is a sign from God!
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