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    • YouTube? do you get the audio/video box...   unyquity   7y
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        • Howdy Lady Cora :) ... ... ’Just a ”quickie”...   unyquity   7y
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          Re: YouTube? do you get the audio/video box to show up?... IRe: Ain't no talkin' to this man...
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          Date: 5/5/2007 5:05:38 PM   ( 7y ago )
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          Howdy Lady Cora :)

          'Just a "quickie" here...time is short (as always) I've spent more of my "CZ allotment" than I had planned :)

          <Webmaster was able to generate the "actual" and replace the URL from posted video, etc.<<

          I don't think the webmaster (himself anyway) actually does anything on each post...but I can't understand how people manage post an audio/video that start playing immediately when one clicks on the post. When I put a URL into a post and then click on the post, all I see is the URL/link :( I'm sure I'll get it figured out in time...another cyber-mystery for now.

          >>Scale of 1-10, Uny: How are you "outside" the forum? Keeping up w the biz? Need to get my rocks research in, now that you've provided some leads.<< Excellent! And thank you VERY much for asking. I have layed all past issues (spoken of privately) totally to rest (or I killed them, lol). I've been doing a lot of rearching/experimenting with Zeta Potential and in the last few days I've been able to push my Iodine levels much higher than I've been able to before (BIG YAY!).
          Read about Zeta Potential here:

          (Basically -it seems to/for me- that by raising my ZP, hence changing my blood from thick sludge to thinner/cleaner blood, that the ability of my kidneys to function to remove the toxins released by the iodine has increased 100 fold. I'm testing more this weekend and hope to be posting the details/results early next week.

          This is HUGE for me, because I know my body is desperate for more iodine...but the detox symptoms kept kickin' my butt. But the last two days (50mg) I've had NO detox 'anything'...I'm doin' 100mg staring today.

          >>I know this bothers you, and others, but I do wish we could take a different perspective when reviewing some of these posts. Not the one from the anon, which you amply responded to/rebutted. Just seems like there's more to (P.#'s) posts and suggestions than meets the eye sometimes. If AGAINST Lugols, etc, why here (there: I/F)? If someone could come right out and explain what I am missing, I'd be grateful. I love learning I am wrong.<<

          Lol...'wouldn't touch that with a TWENTY foot pole :) My 'politically correct' response? The truth is the truth; a lie is a lie. Each of us has our own 'calling', experiences, reason to be born when/where we are, and reason for living/continuing to live - we attempt to use those as wisely as we are able. Others that don't share the same knowledge or purpose, can't always see the others' knowledge or purpose...yet the truth is still the truth, and a lie is still a lie.

          :::grin::: that was a whole LOT of 'something', or a whole lot of nothing :)


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      • Re: YouTube? do you get the audio/video...   wombat   7y

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