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  • Father that experienced an awful feeling of losing a daughter   BSA SUCCESS by #165732  5y   7,869  Cross-post
    Dear Sirs, ... ... I am a Romanian engineer and a father that experienced an awful feeling of losing my daughter. ... ... Working in Mozambique together with my wife, we were blessed by having a daughter Andra Maria, born on 03 Sept. 1982. ... ... Coming back to Romania in 1984, our daughter had a lot of health problems. She was always tired developing flu, fever, cough, adenopathy, nightmares, etc. Each night we had to treat her by aspirin to lowdown the fever and pains. ... At 5 years (1987), she developed some swelling bosses on the skull. We thought that this might come from falling and hitting. ... ... Pass ...   [retrieve this message]
  • My Story, Once More   BSA SUCCESS by UserX  7y   5,071
    Four years ago I nearly died. I couldn’t turn my head. I was wheezing with every breath. My skin was turning yellow. My abdomen was swollen and wearing anything around my waist was unbearable. I wasn’t hungry and barely ate anything, but I was gaining weight. The arthritis in my shoulders was so bad I couldn’t lift my arms to put on a T-Shirt. I had to wear blouses with buttons. Something was stinging my esophagus and waking me up. I was sleep deprived. It felt like I had a red ant living in my chest, that didn’t want me to sleep. It would sting me over and over and over all night long. Th ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Video Embedded Alien Fibers: Morgellons Disease - ABC's Nightline   BSA EDUCATIONAL by elan164  3mo   1,080  Cross-post
  • Video Embedded worms in face video (:   BSA EDUCATIONAL by rygar.  7y   46,215  Cross-post
 ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Comments: ... ... ... ... efxtive: ... you all %¤#&!§-s!!! i’ve tried this type of medication in seremban, malaysia. I look closely, YES! the worms come out from my pores...not from the lipas stomach! ... ... ... nkey82: ... They r lying, by using cockroach to the face. the worms dat appear on the face r from the cockroach’s stomach. ... ... ... michaelclement: ... does all human being have WORM on thier faces? is there any classification or type of cockroach you use?may i know?how to preserve that belly?how many stage or treatment?for example once a week/once a m ... [Video Embedded Here]   [retrieve this message]
  • An Archaeological Perspective on Parasites   BSA EDUCATIONAL by Rabbitears  8y   3,194  Cross-post
    I’ve been doing some reading on the history of parasitic diseases and what doctors did to help their patients. I came across a series of interesting articles, from an archaeological perspective. A leading parasitologist has taken a historical look at the issue from millenia, to new settlers into the Americas, up to present day. Here is the first article in a series which is rather interesting. ... The Sickness Of Mummies - research on parasitic diseases ... ... Discover,   Dec, 1998  by Heather Pringle ... ... To learn about grisly parasites that have afflicted North an ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Acne finally cured - thanks to liver flushing and Humaworm   RN 100% CURE! by londonUKgirl  81d   1,465  Cross-post
    Just wanted to report that after a year of cleansing - 3 courses of Humaworm and 10 flushes - I got rid of acne, I have not had a breakout for over 3 months now. I suffered from acne for 14 years, visited countless doctors, tried all medications available, none of them helped, took 4 courses of tetracycline 3 months each throughout the years which helped at the time but acne always returned. I was on contraceptive pill for a year as doctor said it would help acne but never helped. ... For the record, the acne I used to suffer from: ... Acne on my back and chin ... Cystic acne on my neck, at least 5 ...   [retrieve this message]
  • one organic success story   RN SUCCESS by onehumanexperience  4mo   1,434
    Hello All and Good luck on the fight for your health! ... ... I wanted to share somethings that I have been doing that has caused IMMENSE relief and success. I do realize that I am not completely CURED, but the load has been lifted 70% and that is AMAZING to where I started when I made my initial posts on this site. ... ... I am going to share my regimen and hopefully you can take some things and use them in your arsenal as well. ... ... FIRST THING is DIET CHANGE. No amount of herbs or medications are going to eradicate a systemic infection of parasites. It may ”control” or ”lessen” but it will not stop ...   [retrieve this message]
  • This REALLY Does Work!   RN SUCCESS by #172516  9mo   1,642  Cross-post
    OK. I found this posted on CZ the other day, from years ago, by a CZ poster who claimed it would work wonders. She used limes and organic sunflower oil, with storebought organic eggs. I used what I had on hand: fresh, organic eggs, from my own chickens, olive oil and fresh lemons. ... ... The results were AMAZING to say the least. I passed tons of disgusting crud, this AM, mostly flukes. Whether is it die-off from my last de-worming a week ago with Exodus, a pyrantel paomate equine wormer, or an actual liver ”sweep” I have no idea. ... ... All I know or care about is all this crud is OUT of my bo ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Coffee enemas - My psoriasis is fading away!! :)   RN SUCCESS by #172884  10mo   2,669  Cross-post
    This is amazing! A totally unexpected benefit of enemas and coffee enemas, that I had never even imagined would happen, especially since I have had psoriasis since I was 10 years old and nothing has ever worked! I’m 40 now and I have had only 4 coffee enemas. ... ... I had psoriasis on my elbows, hands, knees, legs and feet. The patches on the hands are gone, and the patches on the rest of the body parts mentioned is very thin now, fading with no excess cell development. ... ... Has anyone else had this happen? Or have you heard of someone getting rid of psoriasis this way? Is psoriasis really para ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: AHA! Found a Remedy for Scalp/Skin Problem (aka: Killing the Mites ...   RN SUCCESS by horsezan  7y   49,266
    I’ve been moving so I haven’t checked this site in a while. Sorry I’m late getting tot his. ... ... ... ... I’m personally under the assumption that the weird-folliculitis, for me, is mites, in my case anyway. I’m not sure what sort, because I haven’t actually been ”officially” diagnosed (I’m just not in the mood to go to doctors anymore for this, since I’ve had NO success that way thus far), but it seems to fit the description of mite symptoms as well as reacting like mites. ... ... (I’m not sure how we got them, but my whole family got hit with a weird red ”dot” sore around the same time...and someo ...   [retrieve this message]
  • AHA! Found a Remedy for Scalp/Skin Problem (aka: Killing the Mites that...   RN SUCCESS by horsezan  7y   51,344  Cross-post
    BORAX! Yes, the laundry detergent Borax! ... ... ... This guy used this on his dog (mange is from mites, which is very similar [if not the same] to the problems mites cause in humans). Guess what I’m buying at the grocery store today? :) This is actually something affordable that I can do to my whole family--me, a lot, and them a couple times just for safety’s sake, since I’ve been battling this since March on myself. ... ... I also found a picture of a lady who caught mange (she worked at an animal shelter) and her skin looked EXACTLY like mine...large zit-like things, bright red, painful and sl ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: TELEVISION DOCUMENTARY on Unidentified Skin Parasites   RN SUCCESS by #25392  10y   12,153
    Caroline, ... ... Yes, this is a real physical condition. I had this infection several years ago and beat it. It was an agonizing experience, and if you can encourage more scientic, objective research into this condition through your programme, you will be doing a very good thing for all sufferers past and present. ... ... My infection set in after an encounter with lice in a hotel room while traveling. The lice were eradicated within one day but the resulting infection remained. After a few months of seeing several doctors and dermatologists, I pursued help through a nutritionist. My mai ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Feces wraped into mucosal biofilm. 23000 biofilm entries on pubmed   RN EDUCATIONAL by White Shark  3mo   828
    Sorry, no visible worm there. ... ... To me, it looks like feces wraped into mucosal biofilm. ... Unfortunately, some people have invented phrase ”Rope Worm” and keep calling biofilm and feces the ”Rope Worm”. ... ... Nowhere in the medical literatur will you find anything that resambles ”Rope Worm”. ... ... ”Rope Worm” on pubmed: ... ... Not a single entry. ... ... ... While the med. literatur is loaded with pictures and explanations on what biofilm is, that knowledge is constantly ignored on this forum. ... ... ... 23000 entries on pubmed related to biofilm: ... http://www ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Video Embedded Is this for real?!!!! Not exactly a parasite, but holy cow!   RN EDUCATIONAL by bvgpsupt  5y   2,537  Cross-post
 ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... [Video Embedded Here]   [End]
  • You don't have to look in the toilet   RN EDUCATIONAL by Rabbitears  8y   4,130  Cross-post
    Hi Folks: ... ... Since stool lab tests are virtually useless and costly, you could try another method. I just remembered something from last year by a poster (unfortunately, I don’t remember who), that could prove to your doctor that you have parasites. Instead of fishing through the toilet searching for lochness monsters, you can do this simple experiment! I have not personally done this nor do I have an interests because I’ve seen enough. The poster though was very convincing. ... ... ... Supplies: 1 q-tip, 2 very small ziplock bags or vial, and 1 label. ... ... According to the posters, he/she took a g ...   [retrieve this message]
  • losing hope   RN by hopeful27  9mo   1,374  Cross-post
    Realistically... will herbs actually work? ... ... So over a decade ago I spent a year in Egypt, working with international students from around the world. Not long after I got back, I got very very ill to the point that upon going to the doctors they quarantined me for a period of a time. It took less than a day to have my first MRI. ... ... Although I heard many different guesses as to what made me so sick, including brain worms, the final guess was multiple sclerosis. I just wanted an answer and accepted it and the $2500 a month in medications they put me on. After one year of horrid health, no ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Crypto Outbreak   RN by ForeverGirl  7y   5,551
    Four weeks ago my 6 month old became ill with a fever and diarrhea which persisted for weeks in spite of garlic in his milk, probiotics, elderberry syrup, kefir and yogurt, garlic enemas and poultices... everything we could think of. Then I and the other children became ill with the same symptoms. The stools had a lot of mucus and some blood. We also experienced painful lower intestinal cramping and low fevers. ... ... Because of a dream my daughter had several months ago it occurred to me to try raw pumpkin seeds (I had no logical reason why) and sprinkled Oregano heavily in our food. All of u ...   [retrieve this message]
  • deworming humans   RN by zooii  7y   8,637
    Info from humaworm site. Hope it´s ok with humaworm ... ... HISTORY ... For thousands of years, humans used herbs for worming purposes. THINK about this – if these herbs didn’t work or were harmful - those folks would have died. Since man has entered into modern times, these age -old remedies have been replaced with modern medicines and chemicals. However, most parasites have adapted themselves to this and are harder than ever to destroy. Parasites, like roaches, have been around since the dawn of man and will continue to plague us due to their tremendous adaptability. ... ... Many older people rem ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Three articles with links.   RN by cora  7y   1,697
    ... ... ... ... ... Bacterial Protein Shows Promise for Treating Intestinal Parasites ... ... New Haven, Conn.—Scientists at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) and Yale University have discovered that a natural protein produced by Bacillus thuringiensis, the bacterium sprayed on crops by organic farmers to reduce insect damage, is highly effective at treating hookworm infections in laboratory animals. ... ... Their discovery, detailed in this week’s early online edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, could pave the way for ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Cry5B & Bacillus thuringiensis (slight edit)   RN by cora  7y   5,883
    Very cool info, Ana. I’ve read a bunch on this since the post a couple weeks back and have gone to pretty extreme measures to get my hands on some. The only product I found was at a nursery, and it most definitely has a petroleum base, but has the strongest amount (15%) available without a license. Believe it or not I did swab some, and tried to neb it. The neb didn’t really make it vapor, or it was a bad attempt on my part (the way I poured it in? not sure). I realize I’m probably doing something really awful in the process (if nebbed), so I haven’t proceeded beyond the failed effor ...   [retrieve this message]
  • They're here--the photo's/Edited by Ana   RN by shroom  7y   2,772
    Go into the parasites pictures files and look at [greqfiles] click on the pics and you will see close-up of parasite in blood. The following two are pics of [1] stool sample, and [2] direct from culture plate after 4-5 days growth. This shows the same parasite which exists in blood and other body fluids {and possibly tissue} also emerges outside the body through scalp. The culture was taken of scalp debris, and grown for 4-5 days. As you can see, the potential for growth outside the body is huge. The culture plate was taken at very low magnification, whereas the blood was twice that. There ...   [retrieve this message]
  • How Far I've Come   RN by UserX  7y   2,197
    Three and a half years ago I got a crick in my neck that wouldn’t leave. Within six months I was pooping yellow, peeing brown and wheezing with every breath. Warts and moles all over my body were itching like crazy. Something was stinging my throat at night and waking me up over and over. I couldn’t turn my head or lift my arms to put on a T-Shirt. I had to wear shirts that button. My spine was frozen and I had to turn my whole body to look behind me. I was seeing dozens of floaters, and a big one in my left eye was blocking my vision, making everything blurry. ... ... All those symptoms are e ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Effects of parasite cleanse?   RN by PoppyCane  7y   1,591
    It has been life changing. ... ... I had digestive problems ever since early childhood. My mum says I had worms as a young child (pinworms I guess). ... ... I’ve always found life an effort, have fought depression since childhood, the list goes on and on. ... ... I kept saying there had to be more to life than this..... ... ... Things really came to a head a couple of years ago, I started to research the prescription tablets i was on, diet, the GI tract...... which just led from one thing to another. ... ... I’m still learning, trying to impart what I have learnt to those around me isnt easy, I try not to say too ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Back to the scalp mites   RN by shroom  7y   5,657
    I have confirmed that the boric acid has immediate effects on the long standing chronic symptom of my prostatitis [inflammation of the prostate] ... This has enormous implications, too detailed to go into right now. These scalp parasites are probably the precurser for all the rest. I have microscopic implications of blood-borne sub-types as well. ... The mites {?} carry plaque forming bacteria, which is also ”head-line news” material in my humble opinion. ... I am corresponding with someone on the subject of mycoplasma bacteria, which is also very significant content. ... Hold on to your butts, people ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Video of Parasites   RN by MentalNomad  7y   2,413
    ... ... ... ... Watch this! Ewww! It shows a video cam of parasites in the colon, it made me want to go put my zapper on right away for ”just in case”!!   [End]
  • How other People's Fecal Bacteria Hitchhikes into Your Home.   RN by boldyloxx  8y   4,742
    The following is from a free newsletter I get from ... ... documenting just how we can pass other people’s fecal bacteria and who knows what else right from our purses and briefcases, lunchboxes, etc to our kitchen tables!: ... ... ... ... ... Women Beware! ... Your Purses Could be Making You Sick ... by ... ... ... ... The first order of business after returning home from a day at the office or out shopping is to plop down your purse (or briefcase), often on the kitchen counter or table. Your kids do it too, with their backpack or lunchbox. ... ... purse germs ... ... Your purse is y ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Plaque and Colons and Colonoscopy's   RN by megan  8y   1,915
    Laxatives won’t take plaque off the walls, it’s stuck on their like cement, which is why it’s so hard to get it loose. ... ... Those colons that are cleaned out for colonoscopy are free of waste inside the colon, but the walls still have the plaque on them. It adheres so closely to the wall that it’s mistaken for being part of the mucosa (wall covering). Richard Anderson explains this in his book Cleanse and Purify Yourself, how during colonoscopy, colons that are free from plaque show the tiny blood vessels clearly on the surface. Whereas colons covered in plaque initially look the same, but t ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Wormwood: Artemisia annua fight vs malaria   RN by LCD  8y   4,653  Cross-post
    Wormwood: Artemisia annua fight vs malaria ... ... URL: ... ... ... ... Tuesday December 12, 2:07 AM ... ... Fakes, bottlenecks hobble herb’s fight vs malaria ... ... (This story is part of a package on malaria being issued on Dec. 11 ahead of a White House summit) ... ... By Tan Ee Lyn ... ... ... ... HONG KONG, Dec 11 (Reuters) - Li Guoqiao was a village doctor in China’s southwestern Yunnan province in 1974 when the government asked him to try using an herbal drug, artemisinin, to treat malaria patients. ... ... What followed was one of China’s first clinical trials using the herb, an ...   [retrieve this message]
  • My trip to the GI Doctor today... oops, i mean GI Businessman   RN by wallace777  8y   2,660
    haha, I had gone to a GI doctor today, and spoke with him for a good 15-20 minutes about my condition. Honestly, I felt like the doctor/teacher, and he the studen/patient. In street word terms, i put his ass to check! He listed to every single word I said and after I gave him the information of all the MEDICATIONS that I know about and the effects of it and how they have not helped me because I DO NOT HAVE ULCERATIVE COLITIS, even though I was diagnosed by 2 different doctors, i mean businessman. My syptoms are strictly flukes/parasites, just like we all agree. ... ... Anyways, I also showe ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded There here! Pics   RN by shroom  8y   2,405
    I have my photo’s downloaded in the picture gallery! Go to parasites section and look for me..shroom. ... The first pic is of the most common guy--the carrier of mysterious ”organism”. And the second ones are the ones that only come out during reproductive stages. The last one is found in semen, although, I have not decided if it is a premature sperm cell or not. The parasite is almost identical to those. Now you guys will see what I beleive is a real culprit that annoys many, and is always over-looked by the labs! ... Keep in mind, my hospital laboratory tests [best labs in the country I was to ... [Image Embedded Here]   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: FYI: all flukes are not created (or treated) equally   RN by boldyloxx  8y   7,570
    Good information! ... ... My 2 cents worth is-- I got sheep fluke over a year ago, and noticed I was gaining weight for no apparant reason, became unusually constipated as well as a sudden distended stomach. I was also strangely fatigued. (Symptoms vary in each individual) ... ... Reading in a magazine an article from an interview with some doctor that a healthy colon is the key to general health, I began a series of psyllum husk with water (and squeezed lemon) drinks two times each day. I stopped eating meat and desserts and I ate alot of raw fruits and vegetables. ... ... My bowel movements bec ...   [retrieve this message]
  • FYI: all flukes are not created (or treated) equally   RN by #55213  8y   8,042  Cross-post
    very TECNICAL READING.But make no mistake if you have these you should read this regarding the infection, characterisitcs and treatnebt option ... ... ... Helminthic Infections: Trematode Infections ... ... Paragonimiasis (lung fluke) ... ... Humans acquire paragonimiasis after consumption of raw, salted, or wine-soaked crustacea (freshwater crabs or crayfish) infested with the metacercarial stage of lung flukes belonging to the genus Paragonimus (the life cycle of Paragonimus is illustrated in the CDC PHIL [ ]; photograph 3415). It is estimated that 20 million people are infected ...   [retrieve this message]
  • This is a Must Read for people on this forum!!!   RN by coffee-cup  8y   7,210  Cross-post
    Hi Everyone, ... ... I came across this article which was dated November 3, 2006. In my opinion the implications of this data is mind boggling. This takes parasitic invasion to a whole other level-especially in reference to mental illness and alzheimers. Enclosed is the web site address ... ... Let me know what you think about it. ... ... ... THE OVERLOOKED RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN INFECTIOUS DISEASES AND MENTAL SYMPTOMS ... ... By Dr. James Howenstine, MD. ... September 13, 2004 ... ... ... Psychiatric disease should be diagnosed only after careful exc ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Pathologist Speaks on Parasites   RN by Rabbitears  8y   4,089  Cross-post
    Below is an interesting article and the only one I’ve seen of its kind, on a pathologist. I had it among my collection and forgot that I had it. Finally a doctor speaks out about the problem! ... ... ... ... Parasites Not Just ’Foreign Objects’ ... ... Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, at home or abroad, it is important to guard against parasitic infection. Both domestic and foreign travel can present special infectious hazards warn two experts on parasitic infections, members of the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASC ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: I am very excited--oil pulling   RN by Rabbitears  8y   7,582
    Below is something that I posted on the OP forum several days ago, which I think applies to your hypothesis. ... ... **** ... Glad you made the post about plasma and bacteria because I would like to add to this. I’ve known for a long time that in order to be healthy the bloodstream and colon need to be purified. ... ... Although it has been stated that OP is a mystery, in regard to health benefits, the plasma/blood cells would be the link. To explain further, in my early 20’s I had several bouts of tonsilitis. At one point, I didn’t want to have antibiotics but my doctor explained to me that infections ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Please HELP ME! I'm desperate! Respond ASAP   RN by Josie Jo  8y   6,209
    Hi, ... ... Like I wrote before,I had this feeling in my throat for years, after I cough it up, in 2004 (the first time) it healed. ... I put it together. The way she handled the proceedure and her body language told me she saw something that she could not tell me. I believe deep down she saw the worm, her actions, her tone, her body language, then not charging me. I had to go hummm at that time of the proceedure, I knew there was something in there and I didn’t eat something that got stuck. It was the feeling of a bur, you know one of those plant burs that stick to everything. ... ... The body languag ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Picture (graphic) what is this?? Help!   RN by #48031  8y   5,401
    ... ... ... I am currently on day 7 of a juice fast. My colonic therapist said I passed parasites yesterday after LF. Tonite decided to do coffee enema. I have never seen this before in MY toilet but have during colonics. First time I actually passed solid poo during an enema during a fast. ... ... ... ... What do you think?? ... ... ... ... My eczema came back for the 1st time in 6 months (I thought it was because of bad eating a week prior) May be it is because of this?? ... ... ... ... Inputs?????? ... ... ... ... [Image Embedded Here]   [End]
  • Re: Scabies??????-wormwood and heavy bleeding   RN by hopinso  8y   9,602
    Your sister-in-law should not use wormwood, one of its main uses in herbal lore is to start menstruation. I would advise her to begin with liver flushing. Believe it or not, a congested liver can lead to hormone imbalance, especially with Estrogen. My periods uses to be so heavy I was almost housebound with them. After a half dozen liver flushes things balanced out and they became normal. Now, I am entering into menopause with much more ease than a lot of my friends. ... ... There is a product called Rascal, made by Hanna Kroeger Herbs, that has no wormwood or Black Walnut hulls. It is a good p ...   [retrieve this message]
  • parasite cleansing   RN by nowhealed  8y   3,364
    Hi I happened on your site because I have been doing liver cleansing. I just wanted to write and encourage you all in the finding and ridding your bodies of parasites. ... My experience happened over 10 years ago. I kept have nausea and abdominal cramping so I went to my doctor at Kaiser ( a health plan I had kept from my father’s work). They ran over 50 tests to see what was wrong. Even injecting radioactive chemicals into me to see if I had a kidney disorder. After not ”detecting” anything they said it was in my head and they would give me some anti-anxiety medications. ... My husband a ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Any Opinion?   RN by boldyloxx  8y   5,109
    Hi, believe it or not- we all do. ... ... I never believed it, until I did a colon cleanse using Super Colon Cleanse. I took it every day and night-- as my stomach was bloated and I had gained unexplainable weight. ... ... My mother just told me that when you get in your 40’s, its common to put on weight in the stomach before menopause. ... ... After the colon cleansing, my stomach flattened out and I noticed black lima bean shaped things -- all uniform size floating in the toilet bowl after a bowel movement. ... ... Everyone insisted it was probably some ’undigested lima beans from years worth of eating ch ...   [retrieve this message]
  • A Great Idea!   RN by happygrrl  8y   2,783
    Not long after my niece returned from africa she started showing signs of IBS... she has been doing all sorts of stuff with doctors to no avail. Over the holidays I found this site (THANK YOU!) and was convinved that she had a parasite. Doctor’s tests continued to reveal nothing. ... ... Here’s the kicker! Her mom went to a doctor (for another reason) and noticed the beautiful accent of the nurse and asked if she was from africa... turns out she was from namibia (sp). When she heard about my niece’s symptoms she knew imediately the parasite my neice had, and wrote down the names of several af ...   [retrieve this message]
  • new guy here   RN by wrayc  8y   2,756
    Hello all ... ... I have had ongoing GI issues for YEARS... namely gastritis and IBS ... to no avail. I had a history of working with public water (sewage) and so began my sega. Dr after Dr ... test after test .. all types of weird allergies... fatigue ... digestive probs... no answers. At one point I was have so much touble with ”asthma-like” attacks that I demanded my PMD do something about it... which he did .... STERIODS. I almost died. I was in the ER with in 3 days. Tachy cardia , numb hand and feet etc... but everything else was fine at my own peril ... still not having actually been dia ...   [retrieve this message]
  • A treatment plan for newbies....   RN by linkin  9y   3,952
    Found this practical plan, perhaps of value for newbies out there ; ) ... ... ... ... No GP will ever tell you that the cause of your illness is a parasite. ... ... And certainly none would ever be so trivial as to tell you a parasite was the cause of your cancer. ... ... But yeast infections like candida, fungal infections, microbes, amoeba, tapeworms and flukes are all parasites. ... ... And the fact that GP’s never even test for these inhabitants is tantamount to negligence. ... ... ... 1:”I can’t have a parasite!” ... ... Think again. You’ve eaten imported fruit, you’ve been abroad, had ice in your drinks, you’ve tried ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Most amazing experience!   RN by daveeg  9y   3,343
    Hi! Wanted to share my experience. I am 27 year old male and have been suffering with many illnesses for the past 7 years. I was always tired and had low on energy like i had the flu. My face was always breaking out into a rash and spots would appear all over my body and face which were very uncomfortable and unsightly, my ears would constantly be blocked and my mind very distant making it hard to perform tasks at my work and social life, my heart rate would increase and i would struggle for air when ever i consumed food, altogether i was depressed and lacked self-confidence because of the ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: DO ANY REAL MDs OR GASTRO DRS. ADVISE ON THIS BOARD.   RN by beht  9y   1,875
    I’m not sure how you did mean it - maybe MD’s just for the sake of having someone more professional to answer the questions. If they were holistic MD’s (which I guess could be possible) it might be okay, but most MD’s will not be highly impressed with a lot of the stuff here. ... But for myself, it’s been following MD’s advice that has brought me here, meaning my health deteriorated due to following the advice of MD’s in my 20’s (taking tetracycline, having my gallbladder removed, using cortizone - all of which address the symptoms of a problem and not the problem itself). It might sound stra ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Games Parasites Play   RN by lydia3  9y   2,667
    Hi All, ... ... I found this interesting link today. I found it very helpful :) ... Not much to update you on my treatments, going into 3 weeks now..Things are the same, I have bursts of energy then I am wore out! ... GOD BLESS^j^ ... Lydia   [End]
  • Diabetes worm!!   RN by lydia3  9y   4,925
    Hi all, ... ... One of the worms I have is called a EURYTREMA P. The natural Dr said this is the diabetic causeing worm.I haven’t developed diabeties yet, but If I don’t get this darn thing out along with its babies and larve I could develope Diabeties. I put this in google and Dr Hulda clarks says this too. ... I am only passing on information here from what I have learned. Google tells us all. ... God bless ... ^J^ ... Lydia ... Happy Fourth   [End]
  • No progress with pineapple so far   RN by bh  9y   9,722
    I have a pork tapeworm or two still left after deworming a bit. So I thought I would try pineapple fast. It is not working. I still see segments in my underwear. This sucks. I have finished two days and two pineapples, starting on a third and have a fourth left. ... I have swallowed 200ml of MH Dewormer before this at once and I am still shedding. I have maybe 150ml left. I feel confident that I have killed some weak ones just starting the cleanse just eating vegetables some garlic and taking dewormer morning and night. ... ... After this I will probably go to try a CoQ10 megadose and maybe grapef ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Hi Midge and 40837!   RN by Boldyloxx  9y   6,226
    Thanks for your kind words. ... ... Guess I love hang’n out at Curezone so much, after it helped me through many health issues! I started coming here right before Thanksgiving. I was a mess. Wow, did I learn so much! and I continue to keep learning and feel so blessed to have this info available . I pray that forums like Curezone will still continue to remain available for people- and that big organizations like the FDA will keep their jaded paws off of it. Seems like there are alot of ”forces” out there eagerly seeking to take away the ”masses” rights to true health other than DRUGS ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Ascaris an pineapple   RN by zooii  9y   9,811
    An old article on pineapple for ascaris ... ...,10987,762680,00.html ... ... ... ... Pineapple for Worms ... ... Oct. 9, 1939 ... ... Seven inches long, first cousin to the earthworm but with livelier ambitions, Ascaris lumbricoides is one of the commonest parasites found in the intestines of man. The worms, which usually plague children more than adults, enter the body in infected vegetables, may cause diarrhea, colic, convulsions. Standard anthelmintic (worm-killer) for ascarids is bitter oil of chenopodium (wormseed oil), usually given in capsule form. Last week in S ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Info on parasites in 1833   RN by zooii  9y   4,672
    Here’s an article from 1833, it’s from Gunn’s Domestic Medicine, Year 1833, and describes various worms which can infest humans and their treatment. Seems the doctors were better educated then... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Historical Research Information only. This Re-print is from the year 1887 Universal Formulary Encyclopedia. No liability or warranty, express or implied, is assumed by the author or any distributor of this antique book re-print. This entire text must always remain as it is now, no additions or deletions ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Some interesting info,   RN by shopgirlnw  9y   4,442
    I had to go back to the docs today to make sure my kidneys wern’t damaged from the IVP w/contrast, they were a little. But the good news is that since I have started the parasite cleanse and colon cleanse, my hematuria and proteinuria has changed for the better. NO proteinuria and only trace hematuria was found, before my counts were well into the 30’s and 40’s. So this is proof enough to me that it is making me better, I am sticking with it! ... ... On another note, I had lunch next to the head nurse of surgery, she was very nice to chat with. I asked her about my kidney problems and i ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Went to docs today, unbelievable   RN by shopgirlnw  9y   5,296
    Hi, ... ... Had to go for the yearly female check up thing. Asked what my doctor had been up to other than work, he said he is starting a natural health clinic near Palm Springs. So while he was doing his thing, I said, can I just ask you if parasites can live inside our vagina and uterus? He looked shocked that I asked and then he laughed, and said yes, I see them all the time, but we as psysicians in general do not acknowledge them unless they are really bad, as it could have serious emotional and psysicological (sp) impact on the patient, so we treat their ailments with modern med ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Pumpking Oil and Amazing Results!!!   RN by #39020  9y   2,935
    First of all, I want to THANK YOU Gardeninginthefog, LNdolls, Hanna, bluandyelo, Luz, Flowerchild for the support, encouragement and sharing the information with me!!! I needed all of that!!! ... ... Well I started my 2 LF with an enema (2 liters of distilled boiled water, 1tbsp of cranberry juice, 1tsp of salt, temperature of the water should not be more than 20C) @ 8:00pm ... ... @ 1:00 am I had small (100 ml) garlic enema (put 1 clove of garlic in hot water and let it stay for a couple of hours until it’ll cool off) ... @ 2:00 am I drunk 80 ml of Pumpkin Oil plus 125 ml of Grapefruit juice and 20 d ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded You have got to see these pictures!!!   RN by Ev  9y   3,429
    Okay - this is gross, but I guess it is a possibility! ... ... This poor guy was minding his own business & he felt an eye irritation. ... ... Thinking that it was just regular dust, he started to rub his eye, in an effort to remove the dust. Then his eyes got really red, so he bought some eye drops from the pharmacy. A few days passed and his eyes were still red and seemed a little swollen. Again he dismissed it as dust & continued rubbing, hoping it would go away. As the days went by, the swelling of his eye got worse & the redness increased until he decided to go and see a doctor for a check up. ... [Image Embedded Here]   [retrieve this message]
  • liver flush and parasites: I feel incredible!   RN by reservoir  9y   2,976
    today, ... I posted this on the liver flush forum, but thought I would post it here too..I did my 2nd liver flush, with lots more large broad bean size green stones..a few hrs later I noticed how great I felt, like really great! incredible in fact! this feeling didn’t happen on the first flush. My story goes back six years ago, when I got some parasites in Mexico...I did a heap of colonics last year and herbal cleanse and passed lots of worms and other stuff, but are convinced the liver flush’s have really helped. Reading about what Hulda Clark has to say about parasites and the liver and h ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Results! (heyjude)   RN by #35289  9y   2,444
    Wow! My herbalist put my on digestive enzymes along with castor oil. I began my third week of Clarkia and I’m zapping with an Orgone zapper. I am seeing major results, huge worms are exiting the body. What has changed is the addition of the digestive enzymes and the castor oil. Maybe it’s a combination of all of these things, or just the latter, I don’t know, but I just wanted to report! I’m so happy! The enzymes are definately helping with elimination, so I think they are crucial.   [End]
  • Weird worms/bugs in tub after taking bath   RN by Audrey12  9y   12,403
    I am new to this website. So here goes I started myself on Paragone about a week ago after looking up info on the computer about my 4 year old grinding his teeth and having nightmares and my constant muscle pain. I had no idea this might be related to parasites. ... ... I started get the creepy crawlies on my skin all over and bad muscles twitches. It feels like things trying to bury into my skin or come out and its constant -worse than the muscle twitches. So again I find info. on bed bugs because I think maybe its that. I find this page on this woman that takes all the herbs that alot of y ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Parasite sighting...!??   RN by Miss Scarletwhiskers  9y   2,731
    Hello Everyone, ... ... I’ve frequented these boards for quite some time. I am finally breaking through my denial about the fact that my candida, chronic fatigue, multiple food allergies, and digestive problems are parasite related. ... ... I’ve had numerous health practitioners and intuitives tell me this, but I just never really could get myself to fully wrap my head around it and really FACE the problem full force. There was a time period when I was taking P&B shakes for about eight months and the last few months of it I was taking Schultze parasites cleanse and I started to feel much better f ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: HEY JUDE! I am interested in your personal story   RN by heyjude  9y   1,458
    Emma, ... I have been very blessed. ... I figured out I might have parasites by reading books and coming to the web and finding sites like these. ... My family knows what has come out of me these past two years. My poor husband, I make him come see each time as my witness!!!! ... (I also started taking picture of the larger ones.) He now cleanses to, at first all the money needed to go for my cleansing being as sick as I was. ... ... Parasites can be passed from your mother, and my mother was very, VERY sickly,(my sister’s and I figure she started us out with these, as I probably have my daughter) and end ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Unbelievable stool this morning...and I didn't even do any parasite clea...   RN by MidlothianGirl  10y   9,368
    So this morning I have a b.m. and go to flush the toilet and what do I see? Long white strands in my stools. Hmmmmm.....I think to myself. I wonder if that’s mucous. I’ve been taking Colosan a lot lately. So I go get a plastic fork, pull on the white thing and it’s a worm about 12 inches long. There are more of them in the rest of my stool. ... ... So what got these critters out? I’ve long supposed that I had an infestation, and even got two out almost a year ago after doing lots of cleansing and colonics. I have a theory that I have some impacted mucoid plaque that is harboring some cr ...   [retrieve this message]
  • White stringy worms in bowel movement   RN by karen ann  10y   35,089
    Last night I took a pill for the removal of worms (i live in asia) and this morning after i did a enema three long white strings came out that looked knotted together it looked exactly like string even to the point of it looking notched Also long green thickish stuff came out that looked like earthworms The white stringy stuff didnt look mucousy though, more like it was dry Are these worms? Has someone ever seen this sort of thing? ... ... Thanks for your help ... Karen   [End]
  • Re: Mike, everything is a poison!   RN by asdfgh_is_me  10y   35,283
    Hi there, ... ... I don’t think any harm was meant by Dusan’s message, and I feel bad if you feel you’ve been insulted. ... ... I think the nature of the post was directed more at the inaccurate or riduculous claims websites make rather at you personally. A lot of websites do tend to blow things out of proportion, and even I myself am a bit weary of everything I read despite being new at this. ... ... The H20 thing was just an example of how far this ’toxic mania’ can go, considering there’s nothing safer than water. However, every one of those H20 claims are true, and if anyone saw that on the web they’ ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: MH - What's Orange Juice Fast?   RN by MH  10y   8,165
    113 is most likley a child, in ancient times, maybe 150+ years ago, you were not considered an adult unti age 125 and didn’t consider getting a mate until that age. ... ... The sicker an animal is, the quicker it must mate. With humans, this has excellerated to the point that children can have babies. This is a medical term called ”Quickened”. Nature knows the life spand will be short, so babies must come early. When man lived well past 250 years old, it would be simple to see why they had no interest in mating until 125. Medical books state that a healthy female has zero wishes to mate and ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Mike, everything is a poison!   RN by Spirit  10y   35,798
    Mike, ... You are right, you are very ”new” to parasite cleansing. ... ... ”Everything is a poison -- it just depends on the amount” ... ... If you consume appropriate amount of Vitamin A daily, you will never suffer from vitamin A deficiancy, it will promote your health. ... ... But a quick googling of the internet reveals that there are severe risks of consuming Vitamin A. ... ... Take too much of vitamin A and you may die. ... ... I suggest you to go to every single forum on the web and post a warning about dangers of Vitamin A, cause I am 100% sure that every single person reading those forums have consumed so ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: MH - What's Orange Juice Fast?   RN by MH  10y   8,847
    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... ... Did you ever ask alot of the right questions. ... ... What is an orange juice fast? It was a cure all about 100-70 years ago. I have a version where I mix the best of 2 doctor’s clinic methods, you get this FREE in my booklet, it is a result of many years of study and spending thousands of dollars on books. I use to have a herbal type store, once I learned the old medical methods my store went down to a couple of shelves and I make 80% less than I use to when I sold all the gimmicks, such as vitamins, supplements, all the electronics (zappers of all kinds, etc.)magnets, and ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: I didnt know about l-cysteine   RN by krupaclassy  10y   2,510
    Okay, here goes!! To start, my health has been bad and going done hill. The doctor’s weren’t helping, they were willing to diagnose me with IBS and leave it at that, I insisted on a stomache scope. The surgeon found a polyp, scary thing is there’s stomache cancer in my family history. That all lead my husband to look into holistic treatments as traditional was just getting me worse. First he found ambertose (glyconutrients) and the Dr. Clark’s regimne. One of the case studies, 2nd book I think, was my stomach word for word so I was convinced to try it. We did the zapper, the l-cyste ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: new to this forum and have a few questions   RN by MH  10y   1,656
    Greetings, ... ... That is quite a mixture of herbs your taking there, I wonder if they know what all those herbs are suppose to do!!!! Anyway, you are not normally going to have crawling worms come out, odds are they will not let go until dead and they will be part of the bowel movement and not noticed. When you do a liver flush 6-10 days after taking the dewormer and lower bowel capsules, you will then see who has been having you for a 24 hour per day snack most likely since you were very little. ... ... A lesson to learn, if you have parasites after a 30 day treatment the something is not right, ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: What REAL benefits are there from killing parasites?   RN by megan  10y   3,412
    Hi there...well, this is my view anyhow, or one that I believe... ... ... The body is very adaptable and able to handle toxins and stress for a little while. That is ’handle’ in the sense of, we don’t know anything is amiss and feel well. We can be unwell without being aware of it for a very long time. Often people believe they suddenly got sick. That’s not true, it’s been there for a very long time, much before the overt signs of disease have occured. Diseases like atherosclerosis are called ”silent killers”. We feel well and don’t know we are not. But actually, there are signs, we just ignore ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: New Epidemic? Morgellons   RN by MH  10y   1,762
    Greetings, ... ... The parasite world is enormous, in herbal school they teach that the human body is made up of 20% human (large) cells and 80% bacterial cells, needed to keep our human fluids clean, so we don’t suffocate in our own waste. ... ... The story of getting parasites from new underware seems like lice information and much of the parasite information. Parasites only survive or enter a ailing body with out proper defenses in place. ... ... This story most likely starts with a severly ill person, even if he didn’t know he was ill. Healthy humans live in a parasite world and we need each other, ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Is this an egg from a parasite?   RN by #33269  10y   12,833  Cross-post
    Hey guys and gals, ... ... Recently I passed what looked like an egg in my stool and I had never seen anything like it in my life. 3-4 weeks later I passed another one and it was the exact same size, shape and color. It looked like one of those big jelly beans. I went to quick clinic doctor and he didn’t find any parasites, then I went to a gastro doctor and he looked clueless. I’m trying to find out if anyone has seen anything quite like it. You can see a picture of it at this address. ... ... Thanks! ... ... ... ... ... [Image Embedded Here]   [End]
  • Image Embedded Mysterious strings of eggs (my cleanse results)   RN by Deborah Lockett  10y   19,031
    This is my parasite cleanse diary and results – can you help me trace the missing parents of 2,500 strings of eggs ...? ... ... Sorry it´s so long, but Webmaster said to be as detailed as I can, and I’ve done my best to comply. ... ... First of all I’d just like to say to anyone planning a parasite cleanse – make it easy on yourself, don’t use the toilet - sit on the side of the bath and hold a bowl under your bottom. That way you can gyrate the bowl and thoroughly inspect the contents without putting your head down the toilet or putting your hand in the BM in the toilet. ... ... If you use the toilet ... [Image Embedded Here]   [retrieve this message]
  • Re:   RN by #28514  10y   2,790
    n/t ©†ƒ……•™¼‡_Original_Message_¾€š½ž¢«»¬ï°© ... ... This is gross. ... ... I passed these weird things which at first I thought were parts of unchewed tomatos, but gosh darn it, there’s no way I would swallow something THAT big! ... ... My question is: ... ... How, or rather with what do I clean it and how do I store it? I don’t want it to decompose or shrivel up. ... ... ... I will be taking photos of it and when I figure out how to post a pic on this site, I’ll share it with you (you might want to cover your eyes) ... ... Thanks! ... ... Adahlia   [End]
  • Re: Need some parasite success stories ...   RN by helenadams  10y   5,533
    Hello ... I started with my first liver flush 2 1/2 months ago. It seemed to work pretty good so I thought oh good no parasites (yeah right) ... Second I started a commercial liver/kidney/intestine cleanse and the stones just kept on coming. ... ... So I decided as I already had the wormwood, I would do the parasite cleanse (Hulda Clark make your own capsule kind) ... ... Stuff just kept coming and coming. I would get very sick every few days and have pain under both sides of my ribs. I took some epsom salts and felt better within an hour. Within 2 hours I would be expelling all kinds of ugly stuff. A ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Need some parasite success stories ...   RN by flowerchild59  10y   6,817
    I did my first parasite cleanse last year and I used Paragone. It was readily available at my healthfood store. ... I passed hundreds and hundreds, if not more, thin transparent to creamy colored worms, about 4-6 inches long. They were round worms I believe. ... I used two sets of paragone last year. ... I just started another round a few days ago. I am doing the master cleanse and liver flush. I thought It would be a good time to do another parasite cleanse. ... I have not passed anything this year that resembled the stuff from last year. ... And one time I passed about 25 half inch globs that ...   [retrieve this message]
  • ya'll have me freaked out! please help a newbie!   RN by MeOhMy  10y   3,920
    Ok, several days ago I had diareah & there was this long (well, about 4 inches or so) stringy lookin thing in the toilet. I’m a lil embarassed to be typing this- as my husband wanted to know why I was lookin in the toilet....just kinda looked down for some reason. Anyway, I got grossed out & thought ”what the heck is that” but I thought it had broke apart when I flushed the toilet and figured it was nothing. ... Well, a lil later on I go empty my son’s potty in the toilet & see the greenish worm like thing in the toilet, kinda looked like a string bean, kinda like a worm without a head. It ob ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Need help! Passed lots of worms, what next?   RN by #30451  10y   3,417
    I am on Dr. Hulda Clark’s parasite clense program as well as kidney clense, liver and bowel clense and liver flushes every two weeks. I’ve passed a tapeworm, Ascaris and Fasciolopsis buskii (I had them tested on a synchrometer to confirm). I’ve been doing these clenses for 2 monts now (I have cancer, so I’m taking many more herbs too) and also taking ozonated olive oil, L-Cysteine and oregano oil. I’m doing 2 enemas every day (turmoric and coffe). I do see imrovment for sure but all this clensing has made me a bit weak as well. Do I need to slow down at some point of time or take a bre ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Wormwood info repost   RN by Wrenn  10y   1,928
    ... ... it actually was traditionally used to counteract poisoning from toadstools, hemlock and bite of poisonous fishes. ... ... to cure drunkenness, and also to make beer (increase the headiness .) ... distillers made this eventually in such strong doses that it became an addictive narcotic liquid that became notorious for damaging brain and nerves, and ended up being almost totally banned in the 19th century for this reason. ... ... the herb was once called by the chinese as wermuth (does vermuth ring a bell? ) ... and was considered a preserver of the mind. ... vermuth sold today often still has a touch of w ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: parasite treatment fear of wormwood?!   RN by copperhead  10y   3,534
    I have read 2 of Clarks books and my girlfriend, myself, and 2 male friends all used the following herbs by Hanna Kroeger. Wormwood blend that has balck walnut, cloves, and wormwood in it so you dont have to buy all 3 seperatelly. We also used Kroegers ”Rascal” herb blend that has pumpkin seed in it. We all had varying symptoms from eye pain, coughing, and flu like feelings. Im replying to your letter because you mentioned you had concerns about losing weight from the cleanse ,well my G.F. is also small and was losing weight and after 2 weeks on the herbs her appetite came back, my higher ...   [retrieve this message]
  • GOOD LINKS /for keeping parasite free/   RN by Wrenn  10y   2,229
    hope these links help you as you plan your journey: ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Re: New to this and worried about being conned (long)   RN by Spirit  10y   2,128
    ... ... Estimates of ... current numbers of human helminth infections ... ... ... ... ... ... ... The species shown in red are considered to be the ”commonest helminths or ... ... those judged to have [the] most general public health significance.” ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Helminth species ... ... ... ... ... ... Numbers ... ... (millions) ... ... ... ... ... ... Distribution ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Ancylostoma duodenale and ... Necator americanus ... ... ... ... 1,298.00 ... ... ... ... Worldwide; developing countries ... ... ... ... ... Ascaris lumbricoides ... ... ... ... 1,472.00 ... ... ... ... Worldwide; developing countries ... ... ... [Image Embedded Here]   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: New to this and worried about being conned (long)   RN by NewUk  10y   1,984
    Are in the UK? That kind of clinic is exactly what I am looking for!! I dont think I would be afraid to pay out for these standard anti-parasite herbs(though you might be able to get them cheaper on the net) or a blood test. Nothing is going to be more conclusive and set your mind at rest. ... I have self medicated for some time now and I have probably saved money but now recognise that the right medical help is a good thing. On the other hand if you want to save money - pumpkin seeds are a good vermicide (and anti-depressant). (2 or 3 tablespoons of Raw green organic pumpkin seeds ground up ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Are these parasite herbs safe???   RN by krupaclassy  10y   9,416
    Being someone that is extremely sensative to just about anything I took wormwood with blackwalnut with great caution. It has stopped the awful arthritis pain that I’ve had for 12 yrs. I have stopped both anti-inflamitory meds and have never had a problem with any of it. I would be cautious about using them when pregnant and nursing. Blackwalnut hull is good for drying up breast milk. ... ... I do start anything new very slowly going from a very small dose and moving gradually to a higher dose. Being so sesative I’ve learned that slow and stead increase means a better reaction to the herb ...   [retrieve this message]
  • worm in the toilet, 2x's   RN by chrissy5050  10y   2,391
    I had been to the bathroom, flushed and over an hour later someone found a small inch long worm brownish with a darker tip (you can really see through the body but not from afar)wiggling around in a Crystal C. bowl. A stool sample came back normal and I had no symptoms.. However, two weeks later same thing happened. Clear bowl, over an hour after and someone else found the worm. I read another story expalining the same worm and I would appreciate any adivce. My doctor has been less then helpful. Could this be comming from the water or is it falling out of me? And why is there nothing ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Same exact thing with me MrCooties   RN by MidlothianGirl  10y   1,482
    I did many, many parasite cleanses over the years, and never saw anything. However, once I started liverflushing, I got 3 liverflukes out. Also, once I did colonics, took Primal Defense, I started removing white worms, even when I wasn’t on any parasite killing stuff.   [End]
  • Re: what do you use for parasites?   RN by MrCooties  10y   1,843
    Hi hm ... ... Are you getting ”The Cure for all Diseases”? I used it to do the basic liver flush and used some of her parasite cleanse tips. She does get very detailed in some of her protocols. ... ... I did a cycle of Parastroy, and took black walnut extract and grapefruit seed extract. Never did see any worms or anything come out. Never tried a zapper. ... ... The only time I saw parasites leave my body was when I did a liver flush. I got those rhizoid mucous balls that most people refer to as rhizoid stage candida. ... ... I think I do have have candida so I do a ”garlic bomb” and probiotics a few t ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Parasites - won't go away until you fix the core problem   RN by allergymeister  10y   4,642
    Hello all, ... I’ve not posted in a while, because I’ve been busy fighting the parasites and trying to figure out everything else I need to do. But I did determine some interesting things I learned through my journey that I will share will all of you. ... ... 1. Parasites will keep coming back until you fix the core problem. I’ve cleansed and zapped for more then a year, and I found until you find the core problem, they will return. Once you find the core problem with your immune system, it will destroy the parasites. I mean, we have lived with them for thousands of years. Our bodies know ho ...   [retrieve this message]
  • RE: DiSco Reply about How I got rid of Systemic Candida Tropicalis:: Old...   RN by Sassy  10y   4,901
    OXY-POWDER ... ... I recommend Enemas to help ”Wash” out the Dead Cooties... ... ... ... Good Luck ... Sassy ;) ...   [End]
  • Image Embedded Got a Parasite,Ate some Pesticide! Oops you could have a disfigured baby   RN by Anunnaki - ENKI  10y   1,081
    I noticed some information on parasites and pesticides causing the deformations currently noticed in amphibions right now. I guess the zappers have to definately stay on and activated. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... http://www.npwrc.usgs. ... [Image Embedded Here]   [End]
  • REALLY hard to accept: squirmy wormies in 4yo's poo   RN by silador  10y   2,009
    Ok, i have come to terms with the zoo i am working to expel from my own body, and when they have come out they have been manageably dead, but i was not prepared for this: ... ... except for the baby, my kids are all pretty independant about the bathroom, so i dont see what comes out very often, but occasionally my 4 year old doesnt flush, and this was a very loose stool, just before flushing, i took a good look at it, out of my new habits, and did a huge double take ... the toilet was swimming with all these moving beasts. mostly there were two types, one looked large and furry, about 1cm long ki ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: flukes expelled   RN by flowerladyne  10y   2,068
    I was using the Clarkia for 3 days 5-7 drops 2 times a day. I had really achy flu like symptoms for 2 days and then they went away and I feel much better. I was amazed at the critters that were living in me. BUT NO MORE I won’t share myself with them!!!! I am feeling so much better after feeling so bad for several years. I have more energy and alot less pain in general.   [End]
  • I found flukes!!!   RN by flowerladyne  10y   2,208
    I have been taking the clarkia since tuesday and felt like i had the flu but today i got rid of 2 flukes and peices of them or other ones and found other stuff that i could not identify. Now I know why I have felt bad for so long!!!!!!   [End]
  • Lyme disease related parasites....graphic pictures   RN by Blueduck  10y   3,724
    My friend Larry at got this site from one of his groups. ... ... Blueduck ...   [End]
  • Significance of waking between 2-4 am   RN by shelleycat  10y   7,407
    This kind of insomnia is due to the body - kidneys and liver, mainly - cleansing. :) the major organs work extra hard at this time (3-4 am usually) and it interrupts other functions such as sleep, especially if you have other co-factors such as what you ate for dinner, how much water you didn’t drink, low salt, candida, etc. ... ... Chronic insomnia is a warning sign of a congested liver, as the liver is where the metabolism of tryptophan etc. into melatonin/seratonin takes place. :)   [End]
  • New to this   RN by roan21  11y   2,317
    Hi all, ... ... I’ve been lurking round your discussions for weeks, fascinating to read what came out of whom each day. The only thing more exciting round the Cure Zone than a juicy parasite story is that incredible mind boggling urine therapy discussion! Got started over on the Master Cleanse board when doing that regimen. I lasted 12 days, didn’t lose any weight or really note any significant improvements except my back pain went away til I started eating again. Two interesting things did happen though. During the cleanse on 2 or 3 different days I found strange transparent strands of ??? ...   [retrieve this message]
  • results   RN by ketchup  11y   2,250
    After using only virgin coconut oil and garlic, I saw this morning little worms, crescent shaped, about 4mmm in size. Amazing! My allergis sensivities have improved. ... At the root of most food allergies and chemical sensivities, I am sure there is parasite infestation. ...   [End]
  • Image Embedded Invasion of the Bodysnatchers   RN by NewUK  11y   3,675
    ... Invasion of the Bodysnatchers ... ... ... ... ...   ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Tapeworms can grow to over a metre ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... When Tanya Andrews returned from a recent family holiday in Costa Rica, she had no idea she had ... brought back a gruesome souvenir. ... ... A month later she developed an extremely painful lump on her head. ... ... At first, she thought she had an abscess, but then it wriggled. ... ... At the Hospital for Tropical Diseases they recognised the problem straight away - it was the ... living maggot larva of a botfly. ... [Image Embedded Here]   [retrieve this message]
  • ME vs TAPEWORMS-The Battle Is On!   RN by hopinso  11y   2,456
    I finally made it in to see my Chiropractor/Naturopath last night (yes, night). I told him about my liver stone parasite, and the spontaneous passing of an 18” long tapeworm. I also mentioned that I had ordered and started taking Parastroy. He was amazed at the size of the worm, but very supportive about my cleansing and my choice in product. He also gave me two additional things to take. One is a homeopathic parasite medicine containing Allium cepa,Allium sativum, Cina, Croton tiglium, Lycopersicum, and Tanacetum vulgara. I know nothing about homepathy or what these ingredients do; but Do ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Oh, My Goodness Again   RN by hopinso  11y   3,392
    I’ve been feeling really rotten this week, ever since my last liver flush. I’ve had a bad headache, severe lower back pain, abdominal cramps, and vague feelings of heaviness and discomfort in the liver/gallbladder area. Last night I started doing some enemas. Tonight I did one and passed what I’m 90% certain was an eighteen inch tapeworm. It wasn’t mucus, there was a definate body. ... I actually got the nerve to fish it out and look at it. Gross! ... I’ve ordered a parasite cleanse that should be here Monday. I’m going to do that, and then take a large dose of co-enzyme Q10. Does anybody have a ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Another great link!   RN by beabetterperson  11y   11,788
    Okay....last one :) ... ... Tiff ... ... from: ... ... ... ... ... How to keep parasites at bay ... ... Overview ... ... Parasites are more common than you might think … in fact, the majority of us are infected. Children are more susceptible than adults to infestation. The most common parasites include pinworms (1cm long), tapeworms (up to 10m long) and ringworms. These parasites live off the host organism (us) and affect the whole body. They thrive in the mucous membranes of the intestinal tract, thereby severely taxing the body and decreasing immunity. ... ... They may live ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Do Parasites Rule the World? (Discover Magazine Article)   RN by SqueakyClean  11y   6,475
    DISCOVER Vol. 21 No. 8 (August 2000) ... ... Do Parasites Rule the World? ... New evidence indicates our idea of how nature really works could be wrong ... By Carl Zimmer ... ... On a clear summer day on the California coast, the carpinteria salt marsh vibrates with life. Along the banks of the 120-acre preserve, 80 miles northwest of Los Angeles, thousands of horn snails, their conical shells looking like miniature party hats, graze the algae. Arrow gobies slip through the water, while killifish dart around, every now and then turning to expose the brilliant glint of their bellies. Fiddler crabs slowl ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Flush Surprise   RN by alisaun  11y   1,962
    OK, so I’m re-posting this here because of”surprise” that I ended up discovering. This was previously on the Liver flush forum but was suggested to post it here too. ... ... ... ... OK, so I’m doing a liver flush. It’s my third one. I did the Dr, Schulze one the first two times. The first time was good, got stones. The second time the fasting didn’t work out for me and my whole system just kind of shut down so nothing was moving. ... ... So, on the tail end of this third time, I decide to shake things up a bit by doing the Clark cleanse too. While perusing this site, I review the para ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Parasite cleansing for kids   RN by hayley3  11y   2,561
    Hi, ... We have a pinworm epidemic at my house. We went the shortcut route and took the medicine from the doctor to get rid of the worms, although I’m not sure they are all gone. I feel like I’ve poisoned myself, I’ve had so much of the stuff. ... Anyway, I’ve ordered an herbal colon cleansing packet for me but I can’t seem to find one for my 7 year old. Does anyone know of one? ... She also has a yeast infection caused by the worms, I guess, and I’ve heard mention of a candida cleanse....where could I find info on that? She has been so run down, that she has had all sorts of infections and jus ...   [retrieve this message]
    I’m on paracan and have been seeing some strange results since day 2. I was aware of possible parasitic infection back in 1987 when I was in the carribean, I was singing in the show on a cruise ship and so I was on the ship for a year. The last 3 months I had something in the heel of my foot that made me limp in pain and dig into my heal and soak my foot every night. The ship doctor couldn’t get it out and said he thought it was an ameoba. ... After picking at my heel night after night before going to bed and soaking my foot until I fell asleep with my foot hanging over the side of the bed ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Global Parasitic infections reaching epidimic proportions!!!   RN by TeraLuna  11y   3,090
    Greetings fellow humans, ... I have been doing a lot of research lately about many health problems that I’ve been having for many years now, specially fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue/pain, vitiligo skin disease, high blood pressure, weight gain with appetite loss, and strange chest pain, and it seems there is a similarity in everything I find to read, after doing various searches through the search engines about many different aliments, illnesses, syndromes and diseases, parasites and an imbalance in the bodies system due to the parasites and bad toxins they release is the similarity. ... ... I’v ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Dr. Clark parasit tincture enema result   RN by Rosebud  11y   2,567
    Dear all, ... ... well, I did the Dr. Clark trio tincture enema last night followed by a coffee enema. ... MY result.....very disapionting...only a about 5 or maybe more small entertwined parts of what looks like disintergrated worms. I also passed the smelly dark spots as well as the white rice like eggs or worms. Next time, I think I will do a stronger strenght b/c I think in my case, I often need to triple the doses that might work for the average person. ... After the coffee enema....I feel really GREAT BUT only the dark poop visible. ... I took dose #3 of 3200mg Co10 w/out the caps and golden seal ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: great minds???   RN by yemaya  11y   2,500
    my boyfriend passed a worm head.. we think it was a tape worm..and he is really skinny!...... soooo? Im one of those people too that eat and eat and eat... without gaining weight... maybe not after i pass my worms!!! :)   [End]
  • n/t   RN by a  11y   5,724
    i appreciate the kind words and thank you for responding. ... it was really strange but it hasn’t happened since. i do still feel a little sore (very little) in my chest. i haven’t had a bm since early this morning before the burning & all so i haven’t seen any parasites. if i dont go by bed time i may do an enema because i usually go at least 2 times a day. ... anyway... will keep pressing forward. ... thanks bunches, emmy   [End]
  • BBC TV and Tapeworms   RRR Educational by Kolt Quinn  74d   386
    Continuing BBC Four’s Natural History Season, Dr Michael Mosley turns his body into a living laboratory by deliberately infecting himself with some of the most extraordinary, powerful and surprising parasites of them all. ... ... Almost every animal on Earth has its own parasites – and humans are no exception. These strange creatures will feed on him and even make his body their home. ... ... ... ... ...   [End]
  • Man pulls nematode out of his mouth   RRR by kasima  6mo   974
    Freakish. I wonder how many he has still in his body? ... ...   [End]
  • What I’ve Learned (Battling Intestinal Roundworms)   RRR by Lucid.Dream  9mo   1,551
    Hi all, ... ... I am contending with a long-term intestinal roundworm infection that has ravaged my gut and left me with severe digestive problems. I’ve learned a great deal in my journey toward recovery from this strangely nightmarish condition, and much of what I have learned came from these amazing forums. I wanted to take the time to share my experiences, in the hope that this information can help others. I also wanted to extend my sincere thanks to the veterans of the parasite wars who have come before me, sharing their stories and responding to questions on these forums. Without this ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: For the raw food proponents and for the natural hygiene proponents   RRR by david1o1  11mo   893
    [quote] ... It wasn’t until I bombarded my system with high doses of herbal anti-biotic concoctions that I was able to make any headway. Regardless of what I choose to eat they come back. I tried strict macrobiotic for 3 years. Then I went Raw. Couldn’t tell any difference. I can tell that my body loves Raw food and it is easier for me to digest, so I prefer a predominantly raw diet. But I can’t tell it does anything to reduce or prevent the parasites from recolonizing. ... [/quote] ... Same thing here, a few years ago, i was not able to appreciate anything because my body was so constipated and in ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: 9 Months Later The War Is Nearing A Sad End or Me.   RRR by peggyaus  12mo   1,381
    Do not give up hope. ... ... 5 months ago, I had a painful migration of worms up the body and into my neck. Living with it has been a nightmare so I totally get your anguish. ... ... Amazingly, last night in bed, I felt maybe 3 long worms leave my head, go down my neck down my body to where they came from. It was hidiously painful but the slithering movement was distinct in the same fashion they came up, they went back down. ... ... I’ve been zapping, taking lots of herbs, and using some praziquntal in recent weeks, but in the last 3 days I took 4000 mg’s mega doses of coq10. I have no idea whether th ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: QRA Finds Parastites, after 15 months of pain!!! Hopeful   RRR by OneSicko  17mo   1,286
    How the f*** do you know the results I achieved? How do you know I didnt already try to do the flushes first? How do you know my system could handle the side effects of supplement flushes? You dont know shit! Your advise is so harmful. Some of us are so f***ing sick we cant tolerate ANYTHING, let alone harsh chems and supps. Your such an a**ho** I have to quit this forum. People like you are dangerous. Go sell your shit to someone else. I would have paid 100 times what I did for the amazing results or I could have suffered through your advise with ”no pain, no gain!”. What great advise...I ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Helpful info   RRR by #144623  18mo   922
  • Re: Reliable Parasite Testing Centers or Doctors - Please post!   RRR by glaxony  19mo   1,026
    Although in most cases it is much easier to defeat an enemy you know well, parasites may be the except to that rule, as they evolve so quickly. I would recommend gaining an understanding of parasites in general, by reading ”Parasite Rex” by Carl Zimmer who is an award winning science writer for National Geographic. He has interviewed parasitologists all over the world, and the information he shares will give you valuable insight. ... ... Taking a silver bullet approach to parasitic infection rarely works because the different species work in tandem and cycles. You can be tested at one time of ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Which Cleanse Do I do Next?   RRR by glaxony  19mo   1,422
    it could be partially digested sunflower seeds that you are seeing in the toilet ... but that doesn’t mean you are not killing off parasites ... ... yes you can drink some kidney tea ... it would be a good idea ... you are in control of how badly you want to smell ... yes do clarkia on the full moon ... ... pay attention to how you feel ... if you feel worse temporarily, then a whole lot better than before your cleanse ... then you are getting rid of them ... upward slopes and feeling better means progress ... downward slopes and getting worse ultimately means ... your protocol isn’t working ... ... i avoid kissing these days but ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Re: day 3 of humaworm and I still feel something crawling in my neck   RRR by CLEW  19mo   2,325
    Keep doing what you are doing, but also try using the parasite paste around your neck and clavicle area. You CAN draw some of them out that way and it will help relieve that choked out feeling. There’s more than one way to make it, so I’ll repost both. It’s pretty cheap and if you make it right, it works! ... ... Quickdraw Parasite Paste: ... It’s cheap, easy to make, all natural and most ingredients are probably around your house already. You can be on any protocol and still use this paste. I’m no science whiz but I believe the paste creates a chemical reaction that the ”debris” cannot stand. I’ ... [Image Embedded Here]   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Mebendazole slated to be discontinued!   RRR by #140506  29mo   5,845
    Mebendazole, from what I’ve read, is only used in the most extreme cases because of the horrendous side effects. I wouldn’t take it unless I was dying and nothing else worked.   [End]
  • Re: Getting Frustrated!   RRR by linenup  4y   2,788
    Diagnosing is always a problem. Proper testing should be done (MetaMetrix is the most reliable test and if you test thru them use panel #2105 which will save you $). Every pathogen requires a different protocol so knowing what you have is half the battle.   [End]
  • Re: What are these parasites i found?   RRR by #31447  4y   7,845
    this will probably be deleted for going against the grain. I don’t know what the small white things are but I would wager my next 4 weeks paycheck that you are looking at tomato peel and tomato seeds. tomato skins are like corn, their outer shells don’t digest.   [End]
  • Re: How long before people on de-wormer see parasites coming out?   RRR by LoricaLady  5y   56,936
    I do not know about Barefoot’s product, but I had tons & tons of parasites come out with Humaworm and also with just black walnut, colloidal silver (some use clove tincture instead, for killing the eggs - if you make colloidal silver be sure to use distilled water or you could turn blue!), & wormwood. ... ... ... They started coming out within days of the Humanworm and I saw them for about 3 months using those other products also. ... ... ... If you want to know if you have tapeworms, take about 1/3 tsp 2-3 times per day of cayenne powder in whatever you may wish to cool it down with. Within a few days ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Dr Hulda Clark passed away on the 3rd   RRR by Newport  5y   1,834
  • Image Embedded Clinical Parasitology - McGill Centre for Tropical Disease   RRR by Newport  5y   2,307
    LECTURE 1 Introduction and Intestinal Protozoa     Notes ... ... LECTURE 2 Malaria        Notes        ... ... LECTURE 3 Systemic Protozoa        Notes  ... ... LECTURE 4 Intestinal  Helminths      Notes  ... ... LECTURE 5 Filaria and schistosoma            Notes    ... ... LECTURE 6 Other trematodes and cestodes   Notes  ... ...   ... ... Great pics just like this: ... ... [Image Embedded Here]   [retrieve this message]
  • My experience (Clark's program)   RRR by quark101  5y   3,582
    Just wanted to share my experience with you folks. ... I did Hulda Clark’s cleanse 3 months ago followed by 2 months of parasite maintain program but had little positive or interesting results. ... ... My Next treatment i started 2 weeks ago, im now one wormwood day away from finishing it and this was quite a trip, i can tell you that. ... ... My first days were absolutely fine and i felt no different for 1 week, after finishing my black wallnut tincture ( i drank full 2 tsp in 1/4 glass of water for 6 days ) and finishing up with the cloves i continued to do take my wormwood pills from which point i d ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Blastosis hominis cure with H202   RRR by Bythc  6y   13,003
    Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: ”Your observation on this link of acid reflux with blastocytis hominis appears to be related. Blastocystis hominis is due to eating contaminated, food particularly when you eat out, where sanitary conditions are obviously less controlled than home cooked food. Infections occur due to feces much similar like the e.coli found in meats. The common symptoms for eating hominis which you described is a diarrhea. I think this blastocystis hominis, to be a new class of microbes all its own known as Blastocysteaas class. It is neither a fungus, or a yeast, I pref ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: When I First Started Cleansing   RRR by UserX  6y   1,485
    around five years ... ... i was really really sick ... near death ... i feel better now than i did in high school ... ... buit I also understand that once you have been inoculated as a host, you are extremely vulnerable to re-infection, and if I don’t do regular routine maintenance due diligently, I will be sick again poste haste... ... ... getting well, staying well, preventing reinfection is a life long commitment   [End]
  • Mainstream Diagnosis   RRR by UserX  6y   5,189
    The entire human race is heavily infested with Parasites and mainstream medical doctors are afraid to tell people the truth about this because 1) they have not been trained to help people eliminate them 2) the drugs they push are designed to manage symptoms, not cure people 3) they lack faith in their patients ability to understand ”advanced” concepts like ”process” and ”herxheimer” and stay the course long enough to get well 4) they have been told that pharmaceutical drugs concocted in a few years by eggheads in laboratories are superior to the herbs that nature spent billions of years de ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Where to find me if I disappear-   RRR by ParaZapper  6y   1,790
    The webmaster needs to ponder this carefully. It will not be a very good reflection of the curezone overall if it becomes a defacto exchange for illicit or illegal drug traffic. ... ... Anyone who wants pharmaceuticals for parasites can visit their local doctor as a legitimate avenue to access this solution. ... ... This forum should be to support alternatives for which a recognized avenue does not exist. ... ... Otherwise, the webmaster might set up another forum for pharmaceutical treatment of parasites if so wished. ... ...   [End]
  • More thoughts on the conspiacy level   RRR by smuse  6y   1,928
    What I have learned here with my microscope and many hours of study, is unfortunately that we are all animals, and thus are host to many. ... ... We always worm our pets and yet we were never taught by any doctor that we our selves need to do this on a regular basis. Why are we so aragant that we think we are immuned to these things. ... ... So for the rest of my life I will be de-worming and, anti-microbialing, and anti-bacterialing, just like I do for my pets. And liver cleansing to get rid of their hiding places. 43 years went by and no one ever told anyone around me that we must give our bodi ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: To Those Who Are Using Pharmaceutical Drugs   RRR by tek  6y   3,219
    Wow. Sorry to join this discussion late. I love some of the comments posted in this thread, as well as the idea of separating into two forums. ... ... I believe the motto at the top of this Curezone website is ”Educating INSTEAD of medicating.” ... ... I feel people ought to get a fighting chance to cure themselves holistically. There are so many great natural alternatives available that actually BUILD health, instead of breaking down liver and immune function. And they WORK. ... ... WHY on earth support Big Pharma when you don’t need to? ... ... ... ... ... ...   [End]
  • Re: To Those Who Are Using Pharmaceutical Drugs   RRR by jessesmom1987  6y   3,171
 ... off of ebay is the one Parazapper recommends as being effective without being costly. You can read my post of using the Simple Zapper that I originally tried because of a flu virus coming on- the directions for it were out of the Hulda Clark book- no electronics- just wires hooked to a 9 volt battery on one end, and hooked to copper pipes for handles on the other end. ... Holding one copper handhold in one hand, and tapping with the palm of the hand on the other copper handhold was surprisingly effective- not only did the headache from the flu virus go away, bu ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: regarding Shroom's testing   RRR by jessesmom1987  6y   3,571
    :) No- zapping doesn’t hurt...and it really helps to ward off the die off symptoms when you are killing them with the herbals. The ascaris (round worms) have been the toughest for me to get cleaned up- zapping definetly made the difference in getting ones that thought they were walled off from the herbals--it reminded me of the electric probe we used to put in the ground to make the earthworms surface. I’m positive I would never have gotten them with the herbals alone. I started killing them just from using a simple 9 volt battery/lead wires/alligator clips/copper pipes for handles- and ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Thank you for saying what I've been thinking Glax   RRR by featherbutts  6y   3,331
    I agree with Glax too. Last year I went to my regular Dr and told her that I have parasites and gave her my symptoms. She would only prescribe Menbendazole. She said because I have fatty liver, enlarged liver, and Hemochromatosis that this was the only drug she would agree to prescribe for me. It’s the weakest one. She was afraid of harming my liver. She looked up different parasite meds side effects in one of her medical books and said there’s no way she would give anything stronger than that because it would be extremely hard on the liver. ... The Menbendazole did nothing for me. I had alre ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Thank you for saying what I've been thinking Glax   RRR by jessesmom1987  6y   3,197
    Thank you for that post Glaxony- because this forum has gotten to the point that I don’t even like to read here anymore, let alone participate. Any suggestions or advice given for herbals/zapping has been shot down as being ridicuolous and ineffective because it doesn’t work NOW. I had no idea when I started parasite cleansing/liver flushing that I had as much gross stuff in me as I’ve had- but seeing it effectively being cleansed out of me through the use of herbals/zapping, and flushing out the liver, along with making consistent changes towards doing what I can nutritionally/supplemen ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: To Those Who Are Using Pharmaceutical Drugs   RRR by #87980  6y   3,306
    The posts and the debate on this forum has been really useful for me, I basically agree with you Glax, and my husband is quite sure that if I go to an MD, and get a pill everything will be just wonderful overnight. ... ... It is my intuitive feeling that most of the prescription meds on the market today have a short term positive effect, but may have a long term destructive effect. Almost all of the medications that I’ve looked at that have been on the market for any length of time that kill worms are really hard on the liver. So I take the heat, and go the natural route. The one time I trie ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: To Those Who Are Using Pharmaceutical Drugs   RRR by Bythc  6y   3,273
    When I was on all the antibiotics, steroids, fugus, and parasite meds from the mds, I turned yellow as well. I have no kind of hep. I did have some results from a horse wormer, however decided I didn’t want to worm myself every six weeks. It’s a long climb up the natural road to health, and wouldn’t it be nice to take a magic pill and be well. Kind of what the mds like you to think. It’s a pretty fast decline in health if you take the md route, at least it was for me. ... ... As for me, my latest gain has been useing high dose vitimin A, eating mustard greens(for some reason the worms hate ...   [retrieve this message]
  • To Those Who Are Using Pharmaceutical Drugs   RRR by UserX  6y   3,396
    As you all know, I am of the opinion that God is infinitely more creative and resourceful than the scientists in lab coats, who are getting paid big salaries to synthesize natural molecules, so big pharmaco monopoly can milk sick folk’s insurance policies for mega bucks. ... ... I hope you are all carefully reading the list of contraindications and potential side effects of the drugs you are taking that are listed on the package inserts. Even over the counter pinworm medicine comes with a warning on the label: ”Do not take this medicine if you have been diagnosed with impaired liver function or ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Cloves do kill eggs - EDIT   RRR by Newport  6y   19,019
    from: ... ... ... ... - Wormwood works it helps to take out lead and kills malaria as well as critters throughout. The problem is finding high Artiminisin content wormwood and of course the body stops absorbing it after about three weeks of use unless you add grapefruit juice to it. ... ... Could be that repeated use of wormwood also requires grapefruit or a mix that contains the enzyme needed for absorbtion.   [End]
  • Re: Cloves do kill eggs - EDIT   RRR by Newport  6y   19,263
    9x500mg capsules of good cloves works wonders, I recommed these: ... ... ... ... BTW: Their Artemisia/Wormwood Combination test best of all in artiminisin content. ... ... Also those using wormwood have to remember to drink grapefruit juice to allow absorbtion of wormwood past the initial 3 weeks. ... ... EDIT: Also keep in mind, if the herbs are irradiated as they are by some US carriers they are useless.   [End]
  • Re: Cloves do NOT kill eggs   RRR by megan  6y   18,782
    it’s frustrating this isn’t it...I know. I can’t know for sure if cloves kills eggs as it claims, however, I can say that it did effect some parasite stage for me, because when I took it in high enough dose, my facial swelling went away and palor, and never returned. if you search on clove research, there have been studies done that showed euganol (from cloves) as killing worm larvae and inactivating eggs. does it get enough of them inside us though, I don’t know. it, along with the array of other herbs I’ve taken, has not cured me. I still have a parasite problem...however, it has helped, ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Cloves do kill eggs   RRR by Newport  6y   18,964
    First the cloves need to be NON irradiated, bet most just buy them at the grocery store. Second they need to actually reach the eggs which with some isn’t possible since some critters have left the GI track. And third re-infection especially pinworms for someone with a lowered immunity due to parasites is quite huge. ... ...   [End]
  • Re: Drontal dog dewormer report - not recommended   RRR by UserX  6y   4,122
    Bloodroot will go after the ascaris better than anything. I even took Ivermectin for pigs and cattle. Didn’t bother with abendazole because Rabbit Ears said it just made hers scatter, and they developed resistance. Besides, pharmaceuticals are hard on the liver, expensive and difficult to get. ... ... Bloodroot is a liver cleanser. It works much better than Ivermectin and it won’t make you see white flashes of light and wreck your car into the garage door. ... ... But Bloodroot is not for sissies. It is serious medicine, not a gentle healer. It’s herbal chemotherapy. It will make you nauseaus and ex ...   [retrieve this message]
  • My husband's letter to his doctor   RRR by getting well  6y   4,681
    My husband wrote this letter to his doctor last week. We are waiting for a reply. Thought you all would be interested. After so much pain he is finally feeling better. ... ... February 25, 2008 ... Letter to Robert . . . , M.D. ... ... CONFIDENTIAL - NOT FOR MEDICAL RECORDS ... ... Dear Friend, ... ... I write to you as a friend of 30 years and as my medical doctor for almost as long, to offer an apology for my thoughtless response to your kind inquiry on Feb 8, 2008, about my long ongoing complaints of persistent rectal itching. It was not my purpose to offend you with a blunt reply. As I will ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Hard reading stuff....but important   RRR by Newport  6y   2,105
    Wow what a mix of dangerous crap, including the fluoride pushing cipro special. ... ... How about something different? ... ... Frequencies: ... Gulf_War_Syndrome_v - 7755, 6007, 5419, 2688, 1370, 1365, 975, 866, 837, 771, 714, 639, 633, 578, 533, 435, 392, 255, 253, 136 ... ... ... ... ... ... also the Researchers Worldwide have found Borellia (Lyme) and Human T lymphocyte Virus2 in the Gulf War Syndrome: ... ... ... ... ...   [End]
  • Hard reading stuff....but important   RRR by shroom  6y   2,168
    So, I have been doing some figur’in, and have contemplated on some interesting concepts. ... ... During the first Gulf war, there is some speculation of the release of biological or chemical weapons within conventional exchanges with the enemy {released by enemy}. Some of these agents were mycoplasma type agents, among many other forms. Sensitive detection equipment was not always deployed. Anyhooo, the destruction of storage bunkers did release all sorts of nasty stuff. ... ... So, soldiers come home and many start becoming ill with chronic fatigue, and a multitude of symptoms. ... Many did not report ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Candida   RRR by UserX  6y   1,582
    Here are three things that will help you keep vaginal Candida in check. One is to mix a tablespoon of povidone iodine with a tablespoon of distilled water, saturate a sea sponge with the mixture, insert vaginally and leave over night. That kills off the candida and related bacteria, such as haemopholis. Then fill a small dropper/baster thingy (the kind you use to give babies a dose of liquid medicine) with plain yogurt, and infuse your vagina with the yogurt. This will replace the candida with good bacteria. Your vagina will love it. And, before you have sex, insert an extra virgin coconut ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Re: Does anybody know if I need to go to the doctor today?   RRR by #69242  6y   1,627
    It is so weird to me that, even though there are airplanes, and even though every parasite known to infect humans has been found right here all over the US of A, diagnosis is still made by the ”where have you been” method. People in India with my symptoms are treated for leishmania. Here these symptoms are treated with antibiotics, anti-depressants, and amphetamines [ADHD? Then how is it that I don’t even MOVE if I don’t take this medicine?] My exposure is not recent. However, if they had paid attention when it WAS recent, instead of saying I was ”depressed” [progressive depression?] t ... [Image Embedded Here]   [retrieve this message]
  • best article on parasites   RRR by #80180  6y   4,636
    Everybody is sick ... ... In North America today, almost everybody is ill. If you look at your family, friends, and co-workers, and question them very carefully (because so many people deny there is anything wrong with them), you will find that virtually everybody has a health challenge, many of which are significant. How many of the people you know over the age of 45 are on blood pressure medication or medication of some sort, to balance their blood sugar - perhaps even on insulin? How many people do you know in their 20’s and 30’s, who are suffering from chronic fatigue, and many of them may ...   [retrieve this message]
  • liver flush   RRR by megan  6y   4,906
    I felt so much congestion in my liver and upper intestines, I thought I’d have some life threatening blockage from moving stones out. I know what you mean about fearing them. ... ... but I’ve found them to be very safe, if you prepare properly. even with all my parasites, and liver full of stones, I didn’t have a problem. there were some flushes that I had quite a bit of pain and nausea, but that was all. and another dose of epsom salts resolved it. I’ve only done hulda clark style flush. ... ... I passed a lot of stones doing them. I still do them a couple times a year, but don’t get stones out any ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Newport-Full Moon alert?   RRR by Newport  6y   1,345
    Worm and parasite symptoms worsen for 2-3 days during the full moon (this is when they are sexually most active and propagate – with accompanying immune reaction). Patient feels relatively well during new moon ... ... from: Clinical tips from Dr Klinghardt ... ... ... ...   [End]
  • Simple 9 volt battery zapper works!   RRR by jessesmom1987  6y   20,079
    I have wanted to buy the $169 zapper to be using along with the herbal dewormers, and have never had the extra money, so it’s just been a want. Dr. Sutter had been telling about just using a 9 volt battery, the small square one, and putting a wet, one layer of paper towel on one terminal, and tapping the other terminal with a wet finger, for 7 minutes on- 20 minutes off; 7 minutes on, 20 minutes off- and one more time 7 minutes on. ... ... Along with that, I just bought the Hulda Clark book, and was showing my husband the instructions for how to build your own zapper...I didn’t know she also h ...   [retrieve this message]
  • bowel cleansing/killing parasites/liver flushes   RRR by jessesmom1987  6y   7,717
    Sorry about not seeing your post sooner Tek, they’ve been going to my bulk mail. ... ... Yes, I do liver flushes--but I don’t do the Hulda Clark one now. I did them before I knew to parasite cleanse, and did ok for a time or two...and I can tell you from experience that Hulda Clark is right in parasite cleansing for 3 weeks before liver flushing. Dr. Sutter says at least 2 week sof parasite cleansing before flushing. I got SO sick in the middle of the night, not once but twice. On the bathroom floor, running at both ends sick. It was enough to scare my husband off from ever trying a liver ...   [retrieve this message]
  • What I stumbled on so far....P4   RRR by Newport  6y   6,587
    For those that have read the prior ones please go to "End of Part 3": ... First read Hulda Clarks book, you can get a PDF online for free. Fluke disease is very relevant now, if we go back to the way cultures lived before us and we single out kosher we find rules for treating animals that require no pork and no blood vessels in the meat cuts. This is most likely an early attempt to keep flukes out of our system. Here and now we have a whole different ballgame, the body is polluted daily with halogens and heavy metals, each building up inside the body and being used as weapons again ...   [retrieve this message]
  • A couple of edits from my last post   RRR by jessesmom1987  6y   6,538
    There’s an Oxygen Therapy support forum here on Curezone, and it’s Ozoneman, not Ozonator--his name is Paul, and he is also where the ... ... site is from. AND what I bought was the ”lightly ozonated olive oil”, which is ozonated 6 hrs, which is even longer than what Hulda Clark says to do. ... ...   [End]
  • I think my 76 yr old dad has a head tape worm. Tests?   RRR by jessesmom1987  6y   4,890
    I was just reading last night old posts from several years back, by Megan, Rabbitears, and Glaxony and others, talking about this very thing- the sugar water and warm sweet milk enticing tape worms/ascarids to come out after fasting. ... ... Has anyone on the forum actually done this with success? ... ... I’m concerned that my 76 year old father has a tape worm in his head too, I haven’t said that to him, but I am pretty concerned. He was on Barefoot’s dewormer for almost 2 months, and did have success is blasting what I am sure was a tape worm. It was like mine, the mucousy/stringy/dark brown/bla ...   [retrieve this message]
  • What I stumbled on so far....P1-3   RRR by Newport  7y   2,981
    ... First read Hulda Clarks book, you can get a PDF online for free. ...   ... ... ... ... ...   ... ... ... ... Fluke disease is very relevant now, if we go back to the way cultures lived before us and we single out kosher we find rules for treating animals that require no pork and no blood vessels in the meat cuts. This is most likely an early attempt to keep flukes out of our system. ...   ... ... ... ... ...   ... ... ... ... Here and now we have a whole different ballgame, the body is polluted daily with halogens and heavy metals, each building up inside the body and being used as weapons against us. Worse ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Similarities between ALS and Parasitic Infection   RRR by UserX  7y   4,597
    On one hand, if it ain’t broke, why fix it? ... ... On the other hand, we worm our cats, we worm our dogs, we worm the livestock, but we don’t worm ourselves. ... ... It is important to listen to your body and do what is right for you. ... ... Five years ago I was afraid I was going to lose the sight in one eye because the floaters were getting so big, and my vision was getting blurry. Parasite cleansing cleared that up for me. ... ... These are the symptoms of ALS: ... ... * muscle weakness in one or more of the following: hands, arms, legs or the muscles of speech, swallowing or breathing ... * twitching (fascicula ...   [retrieve this message]
  • tapeworms that glow in the dark   RRR by #87980  7y   2,015
    I will say that both jessie'sm   [End]
  • Gardeners are Natural Scientists   RRR by UserX  7y   1,286
    The majority of the individuals involved in the medical profession are good hearted and well intentioned, both doctors and pharmacists. But they have been brainwashed and bought into a system that was flawed from the beginning because it was inspired by a desire to maximize profit. And many are still currently in a state of denial, unwittingly pushing pills that will never work as well as the medicine nature designed, trusting in the FDA to eliminate the competition. ... ... Question is, how far is the government willing to go to make sure people get prescriptions from doctors when they are sic ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Important petition   RRR by ParaZapper  7y   1,512
    We have raised a few thousand names and a few hundred comments on our petition to congress in regards the Hulda Clark Zapper, but we need more. Please read this petition and join it if you have not done so already. ... ... It is important to express your opinion. ...   [End]
  • Re: The more you know the more parasites you get rid of....   RRR by #87980  7y   1,650
    Opps, I wanted to put this in   [End]
  • Re: WormLearn Images List   RRR by Newport  7y   2,286
    ... ...   [End]
  • Helping Others   RRR by UserX  7y   1,622
    One way to help others, in addition to posting your experiences and giving advice, is to click on the ALERT GOOD MESSAGE button whenever you read something that was helpful to you. This will notify the mods that a member thinks the message should be recommended reading.   [End]
  • yay! got more of big tape worm out today! Edit   RRR by jessesmom1987  7y   3,756
    YAY! I got a bunch of the granddaddy out of there- I thought the first one I got was the granddaddy, it was nothing near as big as this one had to have been. This is the 3rd day of passing it- and I even had gotten more out yesterday with enemas! I’m still looking for the head to come out. ... ... AND the left side ”wiggles” are GONE! THAT IS what it was for sure! If Dr’s say there can only be one big worm, they are definetly wrong- this is the biggest- didn’t come out intact for sure, so I don’t know how big it was, but after passing 3 days worth of getting him out, he had to have been a b ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Understanding the epidemiology of chronic illness   RRR by shroom  7y   2,338
    I dare not get too deep into the subject, but I would like to approach some philosophical aspects. ... Many of us here on the forum are actively researching their own conditions, and sharing the experiences. ... This includes thousands and thousands of dollars spent on consultations, drugs, herbs, shipping costs! We have done tests, seen specialists, and invested thousands of hours of time. ... Does anyone realize the power of this? WE are making a very significant contribution to the education, treatment options, re-examining failures, and so on. ... WE have posted pictures, video, radio shows, sough ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Constipation, scary die~off and parasite cleansing, recommendations?   RRR by megan  7y   2,682
    dr schulze intestinal formula #1 ... ... 2 parts cape aloe leaf ... 1 part senna leaf ... 1 part cascara sagrada bark ... 1 part barberry root bark ... 1 part ginger root, or peppermint leaf, or fennel ... 1 part garlic bulb, or goldenseal root ... 1 part african bird pepper, or the hottest cayenne or black pepper you can find. ... ... ... dr christopher lower bowel balance ... ... 1 part barberry root bark ... 1 part lobelia ... 1 part red raspberry leaves ... 1 part ginger root ... 1 part turkey rhubarb root ... 1 part fennel ... 1 part goldenseal root ... 2 parts cascara sagrada ... ... ... ’part’ is meant as volume measurement (not weight), usuall ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Have you tried using a Netti Pot?   RRR by Doomed  7y   3,692
    number one, i assume you have been seen by a traditional medical doctor and that you are now just looking for alternative medicine to compliment her/his treatment plan for you. ... ... [please note: i am not a physician so take my advice for what it’s worth which is absolutely nothing until you cross-check my suggestions with a health care professional/a medical doctor. should any irritation result from any of these treatments,stop using them and contact a physician immediately!] ... ... ****************************************************************************** ... ... 1- try a netti pot*... try a g ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Another post from humaworms site   RRR by zooii  7y   3,245
    posted 16 July, 2007 12:01 AM ... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ... A bit about Parasites – ... ... As I heard it a couple of years ago: ... ... And please do not ask me for the research verification --- this is just real stuff coming from a real doctor’s office treating real people, and I am merely passing on what I learned during my own disease process and recovery. ... ... Probably the most overlooked area in medicine is the worms in people. That’s what Dr. K. says. The worms are a double-edged sword: 90% of people have them without knowing it. When somebod ...   [retrieve this message]
  • FAQ: How to Select an Effective Parasite Formula   RRR by UserX  7y   1,944
    Deciding which parasite formula to buy can seem overwhelming with all the products on the market. Read the labels and compare the ingredients. Any product that contains Wormwood, Green Black Walnut Hull and Cloves will probably work just fine. ... ... Ask the clerk at the store which brand is the most popular and how long they’ve been carrying it. Sometimes a product will become popular temporarily because of sales hype. Some products are popular for years and years because they are effective. ... ... If it has the three main ingredients, and it’s popular, the store has been carrying it for a long t ...   [retrieve this message]
  • This is what I do to get Ascaris out of me   RRR by heyjude  10y   3,710
    Ascaris are the hardest to rid your body of in my opinion. ... I have had some huge ones, they are so thick-thick as a pencil. ... My longest ones have been 15inches. Just tonight I got a 4inch ... one out and 2 that were 1 inch. I feel so much better every ... time I get some of these out. These are the ones I can feel ... scurrying all over my body just under my skin. Each time I get ... some out I have less of this terrible crawling. They have races ... up and down my legs (sometimes I win)This gives me chills, like a fever, hard to get rid off, I will be freezing until they stop racing. I feel them moving ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Pinworms come out at night, and you can feel them moving in your anus   RR Educational by White Shark  7mo   666
    Pinworms come out at night to lay eggs around anus, expecting you to scratch and to spread microscopic eggs in your environment, or to re-infect yourself. ... ... ... ... ... The female adult worms leave the anus in the middle of the night while the person is sleeping to deposit her eggs around the skin of the perianal region. ... ... The eggs become infectious within a couple of hours after being deposited and can survive for about 2 weeks outside the host. ... ... Many people may be asymptomatic. In others there may be rectal itching and e ...   [retrieve this message]
  • at a disheartening loss for words   RR Help Me! by onehumanexperience  6mo   2,247  Cross-post
    It seems my story is nothing out of the ordinary these days, though for me it is a living hell. I have been feeling sick for most of my life and I remember being a small child and telling people i feel things moving in my body and no one believing me. I am now 24 and literally at my witts end. ... ... Long story short I was very sick and realized I had a candida infection my entire life and sought out ways to treat it. The best thing i found was diet change and various herbs. I changed to a totally organic paleo diet and lost 25 lbs in 3 months, I was 130 and now i am 108. I am very health co ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Die off hell   RR by glaxony  8mo   708
    Once a month on the full moon for the rest of your life would be a good start. If you have the constitution to catch them and host them once, you have the constitution to catch them and host them again every time you come in contact with an egg. Parasites are ubiquitous to the environment. They are everywhere. The eggs of some species float in the air. You would have to wear a sterile space suit 24/7 like the bubble boy to avoid re-exposure. Routine maintenance is the only way to keep them from recolonizing for most people because the work of strengthening the immune system to an invincibl ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: We've Lost a Very Helpful Member!   RR by glaxony  8mo   918
    I will look into this matter. There is no reason for SD to be banned as far as I can tell.   [End]
  • Re: turpentine for deworming   RR by #133453  9mo   582
    Turpentine OIL is very differe   [End]
  • Re: Identification help needed!   RR by stilljillofark  12mo   2,419
    Here you go my friend! :-) ... ...   [End]
  • Re: Cannot cure pinworms... losing hope   RR by glaxony  13mo   2,638
    Rarely does anyone just have one species of parasite. They work together. And when they leave (APXR said) he had observed that they tend to leave in pairs. In other words when he was searching for them with a microscope, two types at a time disappeared. At least that was my understanding of what he was conveying. As always, I reserve the right to be wrong. ... ... I suggest that you read the book Parasite Rex buy Carl Zimmer to gain a clearer understanding of what you are up against and don’t waste any more money on prescriptions or doctors. Also let your body guide you as to how much you need ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Has anyone ever been cured?   RR by glaxony  13mo   1,056
    I have heard a few anecdotal tales of people who have ”known” when the cancer or parasites left their body because it felt like they were being stung with thousands of needles all over their bodies and then a sense of peace came over them. This is called a full body spontaneous die off. ... ... I have also heard of people getting clean AMAS tests. I presume it was after they felt a full body spontaneous die off. I have been warned to go very slowly because a full body spontaneous die off can also kill the host. I have felt like I was very close a couple of times and had some pretty weird visio ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Eosinophils in blood AFTER parasite cleanses?   RR by sd2345  16mo   520
    From what I have learned and observed for some time now, it seems like any sickness is caused by bacteria, virus, pathogen/parasite, fungi. Which really all can be in the parasite catagory. ... ... It does not have to be worms or something similar, some parasites can’t be seen with the naked eye but cause many health issues. Maybe the cleanse stirred up the pathogen, but didn’t kill it. If it were me, I would keep cleansing. Not everyone agrees, but I don’t believe in the 30 day cleanse, 90 day break.   [End]
  • Re: Evidenced that American Doctors Know Nothing About Parasites   RR by JesseCured  16mo   738
    ... I agree. I’ve been through the ringer, if you haven’t seen a couple of my other posts on here. Autoimmune disease starting in 2001, did herbal cleanses then and found I had parasites, the fluke type. Used the herbs for years, but every time I would stop using the herbs after using herbs for months, they would re-populate. Developed cancer in 2006. Had breast removal, chemo and radiation. Chemo was killing me and then I learned that vitamin C infusions can save you from dying from the chemo. Many other things I learned about cancer, what to do and what not to do. I was lucky to ha ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Missing something?   RR by OneSicko  16mo   549
    Glaxony...You are putting your words in my mouth... ... ... I said most people are not EFFECTED by parasites. And as I have repeatedly said, my cold laser treatment was not done by a medical doc nor has any of the success I have had come from traditional medical treatments. You appear very mis-informed. Sure, most of the population has parasites, but not to the point of effecting their daily health. We are in the minority. Also, parasites can be eradicated to a point of normalcy, in my opinion. You obviously feel there is no cure. But just because you have found no cure doesn’t mean it isn’t ou ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Genetically modified mosquitoes release in the millions with no risk ass...   RR by mu-shen  17mo   1,475  Cross-post
    Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Release in the Millions with No Risk Assessment ... ... 11 November 2012 by Mike Barrett ... ... In case you didn’t know, genetically modified mosquitoes have been unleashed numerous times on planet Earth. Thus far, millions mosquitoes were released in various locations; Cayman Islands, Malaysia, and Brazil. Now, the GM mosquito creator Oxitec may release millions of genetically modified mosquitoes in the fields of crops, including olives, citrus fruits, cabbage, tomatoes, and cotton. ... ... A UK-based company, Oxitec is the maker of all genetically ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Confused about how to take ingredients to get rid of ascaris to stop...   RR by Rainie  18mo   745
    You might visit the Ask Barefoot forum. I think he’s got some herbal lung formula tinctures. Tell him about your breathing issues and see what he thinks about taking one along with a cayenne tincture.   [End]
  • Re: Pork Tapeworm   RR by Rainie  18mo   1,383
    L-ornithine goes a long way in helping with brain swelling and with sleep on your way to getting rid of the beasts. Helps the anxiety as well. It’s an amino acid that converts the toxic parasitic ammonia byproducts so your body can release them. It was a godsend for me.   [End]
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