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  • Passing along thanks to Dr. Bailey   RRR by justme83  3y   1,202
    Dr. Bailey, ... ... My husband received his package in Afghanistan just fine, and has been cleansing for about a week and a half. He had been getting hassled and told that he would not be promoted because his stomach was too fat (he runs at least 5 miles a day and eats healthy), and he knew it is because of the parasites. He says he has already lost 8 lbs., and his stomach has flattened out significantly. His brain fog is lessening and his cravings for sugar are almost completely gone. ... ... As far as die-off goes, he says he feels okay as long as he drinks a lot of water. He says he has started ...   [retrieve this message]
  • 13th HW Cleanse and feeling great!   RRR by matchmaker  3y   1,012
    This is for all you newbies that have joined us. ... I just finished my 13th HW cleanse and I have ... To say that I feel like I am getting younger rather ... Than getting older. ... You can read my testimony under the BSA ... At the top of this forum to see how sick I was ... 4 years ago. ... I have happy tears flowing down my face right ... Now just thinking how sick I was back then and ... How healthy I am today. ... I have not had the time lately to come in here ... Because I have been making Cheer Leader bows ... And selling them at my granddaughters Cheer Gym. ... Hailey is 6 years old and I have her 90 percent of ... The ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: testimonials   RRR by fledgling  3y   1,478
    You want to talk to Matchmaker. Donna has had great successes with Humaworm...and she’s a peach. ... ... Lowrie had a die-off crisis we’ll never forget. Proof positive that we’re all different and that our bodies each do things in different ways, in their own sweet time. Our Joyce knows, and is here for everyone she can help. ... ... How about herpes gone after the twelfth round? The event has been worth waiting for, believe me...and now I know more than ever before. ... ... This is a lifetime process, hon. ... ... I remember R.G. saying that he had never had a crisis, but then he started at age two and n ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: testimonials   RRR by Terrylee5151  3y   1,934
    I don’t know if you will consider my blog a testimonal, but I post a lot about Humaworm. Right now I am not posting so much about Humaworm because I just finished a parasite cleanse and am in the middle of a candida cleanse. ... ... ... ... I have many posts about Humaworm on my blog and I feel Dr Bailey has saved my life. ... ... If you check my blog, scroll down until you come to cleansing on the right side. That is where you will find the Humaworm cleanse reviews.   [End]
  • Looking Forward to Starting My 3rd Humaworm Cleanse Tomorrow   RRR by #69242  3y   922
    I did two Humaworm cleanses a few years ago with pretty amazing results both times. Looking forward to doing it again. ... ... I will post my results. ... ... The first time I did the cleanse it was pretty obvious I was infested. The first day of the cleanse I started getting a tickle in the back of my throat in the evening after my second dose. That was actually pretty traumatic because it took a while for me to figure out what it was and once I figured it out, it scared the crap out me. It was such a strange sensation. I realized it was some type of worm trying to come up my throat. I did go ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Help in Sweden!!   RRR by banderson  3y   1,315
    Dr. Baily, ... ... I’m so distraught over the new EU ban against herbal products. I’ve been fighting it with all of my heart and strength, contacting our local representatives in Sweden, signing and sharing petitions, etc. ... ... I’ve been using Humaworm for 7 years now, and can truly say that your products saved my health after modern medicine had nearly destroyed it. My battle with parasites has been long and terrible, but Humaworm has slowly restored hope. ... ... What will I do now? I need to order the Candida Cleanse + Colon Cleanse. Just finished my 10th round of Humaworm, but I’ve been feelin ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Message to Sunshine, Matchmakers testimony   RRR by matchmaker  3y   1,401
    SunShine ... Maybe you can think about coming to the United States twice a year on vacation and doing your Humaworm cleanse! ... I hope everyone believes us when we say that Humaworm saved our lifes. ... I would not be here today if it were not for Humaworm ... I was so sick. Most everyone knows my testimonies. If not you can click on my user name and go back to my first Humaworm cleanses and see my amazing journey. I also have my testimony on the BSA award above. ... ... I went from having to live with my parents because I was too sick to take care of myself. That was the beginning of the year of 2007 t ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Thank You Humaworm / EU Ban   RRR by sunshine p  3y   2,005
    Just wanted to say thank you to Humaworm for helping me regain my health over the last 4-5 years. I was extremely ill with mercury poisoning. My whole body, every nook and cranny was poisoned in the most terrible of ways. Everything was broken. Life broke down as my body fell apart and nothing seemed to help. In desperation I tried a parasite cleanse from Humaworm. I didn’t think it would work. I had been tested many times, in many ways and I didn’t think I had a parasite problem. But I was desperate and out of other options. Everything else I tried had failed, so I thought may as well try ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: We will no longer ship to....   RRR by comsat2  3y   1,166
    This is bizarre! Why would they ban your products? All of them? Do they provide a reason? Do they lay out sensibly and logically why your herbal remedies are unwanted, undesired, or dangerous or whatever? That’s a most horrible development. ... ... After having had to see so many useless medical practitioners (across three continents, no less) and having had to listen to a shedload of bulldust from them, I came across Humaworm by my own research. And since I had nothing to loose anymore, I wanted to give it a try. While I’m not where I would love to be, Humaworm is the one thing that got me bet ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Clostridium difficile Colitis (c. difficle)...have seen a lot of these c...   RRR by drbailey  3y   1,572
    From ... ... Clostridium difficile Colitis - Overview ... What is Clostridium difficile colitis? ... Clostridium difficile (also called C. difficile) are bacteria that can cause swelling and irritation of the large intestine, or colon . This inflammation, known as colitis, can cause diarrhea, fever, and abdominal cramps. ... ... You may get C. difficile colitis if you take antibiotics. C. difficile also can be passed from person to person. The infection is most common in people who are taking antibiotics while in the hospital. It is especially common in older people in hospitals and nursing ho ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Dr Baily update from joyce (UK)   RRR by lowrie24  3y   1,200
    Good evening all, Thats me coming up to 2 weeks into my third cleanse. ... Thought id got tapeworm head last time but im not too sure. ... I have bad backache and bowel cramps at moment with slight grumblings, think its the tapeworm hanging on again but lower down in bowel.Feels like its struggling again. ... Im on extra strength this time and still have a few weeks left so hopefuly this time it will be zapped. I had a few tapeworm skins in my stools today so humaworm still doing its job. ... Have been getting quite a few hot flushes due to the toxins but nothing i cant handle. The huma tea as usual h ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: question for humaworm   RRR by Terrylee5151  3y   1,135
    You need to read my blog. I was sure I was allergic to gluten... come to find out the parasites caused this. I was in pretty rough shape when I started the Humaworm Cleanse... I am so, so much better. Not out of the woods yet.. but much, much better. ... ... Here is the Review of My Humaworm Parasite Cleanse ... ...   [End]
  • Re: To cuzjay 420   RRR by matchmaker  3y   1,411
    I had a pain management dr. Tell me 20 years ago that I did not have a parasite. If I had only found out about Humaworm when I was young like you I would not have had to suffer like I did for years. Your body will start to heal once you get the infestation of critters out of your body. You will have a long healthy life ahead of you. Don’t get impatient. It takes time. Dr. Baileys father Rg said slow is better because if you kill off every critter in your body at one time, when they die they poo and it is very toxic. All the toxins put into our bodies at one time would kill us also. If yo ...   [retrieve this message]
  • To cuzjay 420   RRR by matchmaker  3y   1,500
    Hi, ... I have been using Humaworm for almost 4 years now and will never stop using it. It gave me my life back. One thing out of several things it did for me was to get rid of my breast cysts!!!!! ... My breasts were almost completely covered with cysts to the point that they hurt. I think it was my third Humaworm cleanse that I took that dissolved the breast cysts. I had a heavy ascaris round worm infestation. Up until I started taking Humaworm the cysts grew larger every year that they had to do an ultra sound on me after my mammogram which hurt so bad. It was worse than the mammogram. I s ...   [retrieve this message]
  • In between formula   RRR by #55367  3y   1,337
    i really like the inbetween formula. It is keeping my hair so clean and I just love it! I look so different than I did even last July when I did my first humaworm cleanse. Thank you HUMAWORM! You are literally giving me my life back. My mom is on it too -- age 82 went to the hairdresser who commented how incredibly thick and different her hair is. I didn’t quite mention parasites because people aren’t always receptive to it. Maybe next time.   [End]
  • Re: Lots of "Restless Leg Syndrome" Lately   RRR by incis  3y   1,928
    It is true! ... My partner used to have horrible restless leg syndrome for years - every evening and right through the night. Nightmare for him, ’on the edge of sleeping in seperate beds’ for me... ... ... Ever since we did Humaworm parasite cleanse and other cleanses his syndrome was gone! A plain miracle for him! ... It is returning though at times (to much lesser extent of course) - just to let him know it’s time for another cleanse..!   [End]
  • OMGosh! I am Pooping Worms. Dr. Bailey..What are these?   RRR by Terrylee5151  3y   3,862
    It has only been 3 days and already I am pooping worms. ... ... Could someone go on my blog and tell me what these are? Holy Cow!! I didn’t really think I had parasites. Wow!! ... ...   [End]
  • passing sea monsters (day 14) thank you Humaworm!!!   RRR by #136628  3y   1,371
    Dr Bailey, ... ... It’s day 14 of Humaworm and I think I just passed a tapeworm head. Whatever it was it was nasty, but I am healing!!!! I am still cranky and irritable because of the detox, but there have been some significant improvements in my health. I just wanted to take the opportunity to let you know how your product is helping me. I have been sick for over 15 years and have been seriously parastite detoxing for over a year; and things are finally taking a major turn for the better. I have been passing dead tape worm segments for two or three months now, but if you don’t get the head th ...   [retrieve this message]
  • wow humaworm!   RRR by Tene  3y   1,343
    For the first time in 2 YEARS after countless rounds of antibiotics including metronidazole, ciproflaxin and doxycycline... and countless doctors visits to 3 neurologists, an infectious disease doctor, 2 gastroenterologists and a really awesome rheumatologist who was willing to send me to Mayoclinic. I have had 2 days of normal bowel movements and less systemic pain than ever before. For me this is a miracle. Even if this is only temporary relief... I am praising God for leading me to Humaworm. To all who are suffering-give Humaworm and healing some time. It can be a process. I finally fee ...   [retrieve this message]
  • My girlfriend could not eat Garlic or Onion   RRR by matchmaker  4y   2,080
    This is to the poster that said they were allergic to garlic, cinnamon, etc. ... We are now 55 years old. Growing up with my friend, I seen how sick Garlic and Onions made her. She could not use any seasonings, all of her food had to be bland. She could not even stand to smell Garlic. ... She had a high liver count if you were around to follow my posts three years ago. I know Fledgling was. ... Thank the good lord that she followed what I did with taking the Humaworm and doing the plain liver flush. We all have done around 11 Humaworm cleanses and my friend and I are due for another one next mont ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Dr. Bailey or any experienced humaworm takers   RRR by Maysaa  4y   1,960
    First off thank you Dr. Bailey & your whole entire family. I feel like I would’ve possibly been rottening away for the rest of my life without you guys. Since 2005 I have seizures with no cause to be found & I’m always cold all the time, drained of energy, hungry like mad but lost 24lbs in 2wks. So I am hoping that Humaworm will do something significant here for me. ... ... My question is how fast does Humaworm work? I asked because approx. 10mins after I took the pills; I had a bm & saw 1/4 in. red worms & small pieces of beige lasagna looking things about 1/2 - 1in long. For a few months now ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Who I am...What I do...& Why...Response to criticism   RRR by drbailey  4y   1,395
 ...   [End]
  • Encouragement:)   RRR by smiley100  4y   1,126
    Hey everyone, ... ... I just want you all to know that Humaworm really does help get rid of parasites! And, to encourage you all to hang in there! Yes, die-off symptoms can be HORRIBLE..but man, it is SOOOO worth it in the end!!! ... Yesterday and the day before I didn’t feel great: headaches, stomach not great, feeling like vomitting. This morning I was feeling heaps tired- groggy tired even though I slept like 9 hours! I have had 3 BMs today- and wow! the stuff I got rid of! I had pain in my lower tummy before my last bm..but there’s a reason for it. Toxins - yuck! parasites- yuck! I got rid of ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Tired of these "blanket" diseases!   RRR by drbailey  4y   1,692
    Spoke with a couple from California late yesterday. Their 20 year old daughter was diagnosed with Chrone’s disease. At 18 she went on a senior trip to Uganda, came back sick and has most recently received this diagnosis after much testing. They could not pinpoint what was going on, so they just stuck this label on her. ... ... She does not have Chron’s, she has a microscopic parasite that she picked up overseas! She has ALL of the classic symptoms. ... ... A list of some of the blanket diseases: ... ... Fibromyalgia ... Leaky Gut Syndrome ... Irritable Bowel Syndrome ... Chrone’s Disease ... Multiple Chemical Se ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Fiber is bringing out lots of dead parasites   RRR by #132938  4y   1,723
    Dr. Bailey had said that towards the end of the cleanse, a lot of the parasites that died in the upper colon and further up would finally start being seen in the stools. Well, let me tell you, I must have had most of them in my upper body. ... ... I am writing this so those who just started won’t get discouraged by not seeing parasites in their stools at first. I knew that I had heavy infestations in my sinuses and probably my stomach, but I was not prepared for this! ... ... I have been eating a lot of fiber lately trying to scrape the dead parasites off the sides of my colon and get them out, to ...   [retrieve this message]
  • lessons learned and statement of gratitude   RRR by peepers360  4y   1,564
    October 7 2010 Thursday ... Day 1 ... 90 day phase begins with gratitude ... ... Here are my observations from the 1st Humaworm cleanse: ... I had felt as though something was wrong for many, many, many years, and then in the past 3 years, my poor health got significantly worse and I broke down emotionally. My hair began to fall out, I couldn’t remember words. I could not sleep through the night, going to sleep at 10 or 11pm, waking up for 2-3 hours regularly at around 2 o’clock in the morning, when I have to be at work at 9am. ... ... I had a few episodes at work and also with friends where I cried uncontr ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Cleanse Giardia...   RRR by bindii  4y   1,274
    I feel fine! After a week into my first HW cleanse and an on going bout of Giardia i think HW kicked in! No side effects, except a feeling of a little dye off now and then, which makes me a bit moody but i think it kills that little critters. Wow i feel better day by day. And best of it all my toilet dash is getting back to normal. :) This after traveling for years in India and South Asia and having had all sort of critters in the past!   [End]
  • This is amazing!   RRR by #132938  4y   1,574
    I have had swollen lymph nodes on the right side of my throat for over 20 years now. In recent years, my entire throat has swollen, and the doctor said I had a goiter which could only be cured by removing my thyroid. I also have chronic sinusitis, and have not been able to breathe through my nose since I was a small child. ... ... After only 2-1/2 days on Humaworm, the swelling has gone down considerably in my whole throat area, and I can now breathe through my nose perfectly well. I have probably had parasites since I was 5 years old, and never knew it. ... ... I’m passing a lot of weird stuff, som ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: My first HW arrived, nervous!   RRR by matchmaker  4y   1,166
    I agree with Skye. ... ... Humaworm is the best out there in my opinion. ... ... My neighbor thought is you paid more for a parasite cleanse then it would work better. ... ... She paid 250.00 for hers and that included tax and shipping. ... ... I paid 46.80 that included tax and shipping. ... ... She had to drink these nasty shakes plus take capsules. ... ... I only had to take two capsules in the Morning and two capsules in the evening and drink plenty of water. ... ... She had to do hers for three months. ... ... I was done in 30 days. ... ... My cleanse was far superior than hers. She seen NO results. ... ... I got my HEALTH back. ... ... M ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Gluten intolerance (not celiac)   RRR by Skye75  4y   2,249
    Hi all - I’m hoping Reba or someone else on this thread might be able to suggest an answer to this one. ... ... A few years ago my husband got really bad tummy troubles. He had a combination of diarrhea and constipation, going from one to the other. We went to an accupuncturist to try for a baby, and she said he’s probably not digesting gluten well, and took him off it. Anyway, three years later (and one baby later - gotta love accupuncture/chinese medicine!), we all started Humaworm. Hubby passed so much rubbish on the first one (normal strength), he had to spend a couple of days on the co ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Sister-in-law's success   RRR by #121991  4y   1,442
    Hi Huma, ... ... Just wanted to let you know my parasite-cleansing has sparked my brother and sister-in-law’s interest. My sis-in-law just texted me this evening to tell me, on day 3 of her first ever Humaworm parasite clenase (or ANY type of parasite cleanse) she passed a nasty LIVE worm in her stool - yippee!! I had a good giggle because she was COMPLETELY grossed out by the stories of people ’digging around in their poo’ (as she puts it) that she read here on curezone, and now SHE’S the one digging :) I’m thinking of buying her some chopsticks for Christmas - HA HA HA!! ... ... Thanks again - ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Heat intolerance, cracked feet, and bloating   RRR by Healingz  4y   2,259
    I’m halfway through the Humaworm cleanse, and today I had a wonderful surprise! For the first time in years, I didn’t feel like I wanted to die outside in the heat. The air conditioner in my car isn’t working right now, and living in Florida without air conditioning in the car is usually pretty unbearable. Today I drove my car in the heat of the day and felt fine! Unreal!! Does this mean that parasite infestations also screw up our ability to regulate our body temperature? I’m also finding that I don’t need the house air conditioner quite as cool, either. This is truly miraculous! ... ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Glad to be back   RRR by matchmaker  4y   1,338
    Hi RG, ... ... My life has not been the same since I started your Humaworm three years ago. I still have so much energy, but my problem now is setting my boundries. I do way too much in a given day or week. I just can’t believe it. for someone that was so sick (not able to drive, write a check, not able to bath myself, deep depression. fibromyalgia, whole body shaking that they thought I had Parkinsons, Not being able to get two words out.) ... ... I now take care of my grandaughter Hailey who is now 5 years old and in tiny competition cheerleading. I am going to do concession stand work for the gi ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Humaworm report- To give others hope   RRR by dreamextreme  4y   2,094
    Hello everyone, ... ... I have been battling many health problems for years. Years back I did a few rounds of parasite cleansing but now I know that I was apparantly more infested than I previously thought, and those rounds, while a start, did not completely cure me. ... ... I let a year go by without cleansing. During that year, I knew something was wrong. I felt the crawling feelings, the deep intuition of what was going on that I ignored because at that time I couldn’t face doing more cleansing. I wanted to live and feel normal. After awhile, the crawling feelings began to spread. Before long I h ...   [retrieve this message]
  • ew and hooray story! getting rid of parasites   RRR by smiley100  4y   1,460
    Hi all, ... ... Just wanted to report that this morning I got rid of a 5cm parasite..I think it may’ve been tapeworm- but not all of it. It was thick; and a creamy dirty looking colour. I’ve been taking humaworm (my 3rd round) and also in my cereal, I have pumpkin seeds- think these may be helping a lot. It’s no wonder I was quite sick for 2 years! since I’ve passed several parasites (thread worm, round worm, parts of tapeworm, and liverflukes)since taking humaworm. Each round- I’m getting better and better!!!:) Thank you RG for supplying your herbs worldwide!! ... ... Kind regards, ... Smiley.   [retrieve this message]
  • DAY 16 Feeling better than I have in years!   RRR by kwlo  4y   911
    Day 16-after seeing evidence of what appears to be hookworm and other unrecognizable parasites (they looked like pin and liver flukes but I am not an expert and lean toward flush don’t look too much) I just breezed by my first full moon in at least 10 months without any obvious symptoms which I had suffered with before. My gas and bloating have disappeared. My sensitivity to my belly button has disappeared -I am able to move my bowels consistently twice daily after many yrs of constant constipation. I am thrilled I ignored my doctors and started HUMAWORM--thank you for giving me back my wa ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Humaworm and Candida cleanses   RRR by #117423  4y   1,939
    I did the Humaworm cleanse 2 months ago and I’m now doing the Candida cleanse. I’ve noticed that my muscle spasms has stopped. For years I got muscle spasms a lot in my toes and calf of my leg. I know that the parasites take the nutrients before the body does. I think that the parasites was taking my nutrition, such as minerals and vitamins, from my body so my body wasn’t getting any. My doctor prescribed a test and the test came back that I was deficient in Potassium. He prescribed Potassium but I didn’t take it. I wanted to get to the source of the problem. I believe that now, sinc ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Hungry faster after humaworm?   RRR by surferwoman1  4y   1,983
    With me it was just the opposite. I think maybe you still might have some parasites left. Maybe Humaworm can suggest something for you. This is my last day of Humaworm. I was loaded with parasites. Before I started taking Humaworm parasite cleanse, I knew something was very wrong. I was always hungry and I never could get full. I was always eating. I know now it was the parasites wanting me to feed them. I actually felt them biting me inside to let me know. I never felt like that before so I knew something was not right. I also had an itchy rash that went away in 10 days after I starte ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Relief has arrived but still a ways to go.   RRR by catfish369  4y   1,453
    Middle of week 3 and radical itching and extreme fatigue has finally subsided. Mental fog clearing up too. I’ve tried for months to jump start my brain but to no avail. I am back in school and found my normally scary memory bank barely able to recall the simplest things. Thanks to Humaworm I am finally able to think clearly. The herbs help to drain the nasal cavity which must be the reason behind the lifting of fog. ... ... Thanks again to the folks at Humaworm. There is light at the end of a thing long tunnel. Can’t wait to begin the colon cleanse. I need something to help my distended ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Humaworm working!   RRR by #41561  4y   751
    I feel much less movement in my nasal passages and behind my eyes and no more stinging or biting feelings all over my body! I am halfway through my course of humaworm and feel very different, I think I am killing most of them off now! I am happy I still have half a month left on the herbs to make sure they ALL are gone. Thanks humaworm!   [End]
  • Great Results!   RRR by metochoi  4y   848
    I first want to apologize about something. I tried to phone and email Humaworm about two months ago, but I did not receive an answer. I became very upset and posted some negative comments about the company on this forum. I regret having done so, and I want to apologize. I can tell from reading this forum that the company has integrity far beyond that particular failure. I would that all companies would care about the welfare of people as much as this one does! Also, the product is extremely effective. ... ... My wife, daughter, and I all did the Humaworm parasite cleanse. We passed a lot of nas ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Already gaining benefits from Humaworm   RRR by #112103  4y   1,645
    This is my first round of Humaworm but I just want to say that I will be a customer for life! I haven’t even finished the round yet and am already noticing some great improvements. The first one is related to sleeping. I have never really had too much of a problem falling or staying asleep at night but when I woke up in the morning it would feel like I only slept 3 or 4 hours instead of 8. I would feel so exhausted and have the most non fulfilling sleep but when I wake up now I feel completely refreshed. It’s not as hard for me to get out of bed when my alarm goes off anymore. ... ... I also no ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Brilliant cream RG!   RRR by fonthill  4y   698
    Just wanted to say my wife has suffered from cracked heals for ... years and after just a week of using RG’s medicated cream, hey presto, no cracks, feet as smooth as silk, Just a brilliant product, congratulations!   [End]
  • Wonderful discovery   RRR by bagsy  4y   1,444
    For as long as I can remember (years and years and years), I’ve had a white film on my tongue (candida most likely?!?). I just realized this past week that it is completely gone. I kept checking each day to make sure it wasn’t just an odd occurrence. ... ... For those who didn’t read my posts, I had a TERRIBLE time with the Anti-Viral formula. It gave me severe migraines, and I had to cut the dosage way back. I have since finished that and just finished the lung cleanse (with only very minor problems) yesterday and started the kidney formula today. ... ... This makes me think that maybe the Anti ...   [retrieve this message]
  • finally...   RRR by momobaba  5y   1,588
    Dear RG, ... ... Awhile ago, I mentioned about my mother(74), who was having severe itching, before, during, and after humaworm. Well, she did ’see’ some unusual things. But, what was so hard on her, was the itching that continued for 3-4 weeks after finishing the humaworm. Yes, she did do Hu mana Tea, and also went thru 2 of RG’s cream(Thank heavens I had extra to give her). ... ... I just wanted to tell you, how she’s doing now, and to encourage anyone else, who may experience this, that the itching is FINALLY gone. I know that she ended up doing several CE’s to assist. But, she is doing wonder ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Finished Round 1 of Humaworm!   RRR by maya1005  5y   1,617
    I just finished round 1 of Humaworm today! Hurray! ... ... Just a few observations of my 30-day journey: ... ... 1. I definitely saw tapeworm segments, but not sure whether I got the head this time. RG, if I’d gotten the head, does it mean I shouldn’t be seeing any more segments? I have noticed a decrease in floaters in my eyes. ... ... 2. I only saw the red tomato-like things once, and that was the day after I’d eaten tomatoes. Whilst I had eaten the large tomatoes and the skins I saw are considerably smaller in size, I can’t say for certain that they were young adult liver flukes. But I strongly ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Viruses, Herbs, The Flu, Herpes & Cancer LONG POST   RRR by humaworm  5y   1,674
    Viruses are so tiny that they do not posess a cell - they must first infect a cell so they can replicate (make an exact copy of) themselves. The copy thens goes on to infect neighboring cells and the process continues. ... ... There are basically 3 types of viruses - the first causes the host cell to die (as in the flu) - the second can infect a host cell and lie dormant for a very long time before causing problems (as in herpes) - and the third causes cancer (as in HPV). ... ... Most viruses fall under the first catagory - natural herbal chemicals attach to and remove the dead, virus infected cell ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: About dewormers   RRR by kbcountrymom  5y   1,279
    Staying on a parasite cleanse forever is a matter of question. I would like to ask you, how often should you brush your teeth? The answer is it depends on how many you want to keep. Just because you do something for the rest of your life does not mean you are ”hooked” on it. Humaworm doesn’t ever claim that you need to stay on it for the rest of your life, as a matter of fact, they say you must take at least a 90 day break in between. They recommend you do a parasite cleanse twice a year once your clean so as to keep you clean. Isn’t that what the dentist recommends also? You don’t ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Wonderful update   RRR by britelite  5y   1,357
    ... That is great to hear that the original poster is regaining their health! ... ... I agree on the positive results - need more posts - here goes! ... ... I just finished my second cleanse as well with Humaworm and could not be feeling more confident in any product! ... ... Now - after following Dr. Schulze natural healing protocols and using Humaworm That first cleanse was a real miracle by getting some large liver flukes out of my bile ducts that were literally killing me! I feel like I am regaining health at a rapid rate. It has not always been an easy journey, progress can be slow but it does work a ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Wonderful update   RRR by ajs03k  5y   1,328
    Hi, this is my second round on HumaWorm. Before I started cleansing I thought I would have to go on disability as I could hardly work. I drank about 40 ozs of coffee a day. Today I pop out of bed ready for the day. I am down to 12 ozs coffee a day. I sleep all night. I could eat and eat and eat but body only wants nutritious stuff. Every time I eat junk I get sick or don’t want it after first bite. I feel like I could start exercising again (used to be a runner). Feel glad to be alive and grateful. ... ... Have been passing a lot of worms. Hard to look at but jump with joy with every o ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Day 8 & "MASS EXODUS OF WORMS" continues!!!   RRR by Chaya  5y   4,200
    I had another set of 3 BM’s today.  Thank you, Mother/Father God!  And thank you, HUMAWORM!!!  ... ... I am posting the pics, as I would truly like for others to help me identify what is here: ... ... In the morning, this one.  I think I can be certain now that Ascaris is part of my problem. ... ...     ... ... 2nd one, when I came home late this afternoon.  Note how many different shades of green and brown.  Is this all ascaris?  Is canine tape in there, too?  And what about the fourth image there, with the round head end and three flang ... [Image Embedded Here]   [retrieve this message]
  • Thanks Humaworm   RRR by #77746  5y   524
    This is just a follow up to a question I asked back in late August. I mentioned that shortly after finishing my last parasite cleanse in June, I had gone on vacation & for over 2 months afterward, I was having alternating runs and constipation. I asked if I could start another parasite cleanse. You said that I had probably picked up a microscopic bacterial parasite infection while on vacation. ... ... Well, you were evidently right! After a less than a week on Humaworm, I am FINALLY having normal bms again. Amazing. Thanks a lot!   [End]
  • Re: OMG IS THIS POSSIBLE... I just took my first dosage today and....   RRR by oompa_loompa  5y   1,856
    I know I’m replying to my own question but I just had another bowel movement and again...this white/transparent thing resembling a worm or the shell of a worm in the toilet... ... ... I dont get it I only took one dosage of Humaworm... a few hours ago.. that is FAST EFFECTIVE   [End]
  • OMG IS THIS POSSIBLE... I just took my first dosage today and....   RRR by oompa_loompa  5y   1,876
    I received my Humaworm in the mail yesterday well about 5 hrs ago i took my first 2 pill dosage.. (I’m at work right now) teehee ... ... Well I just had a bowel movement and looked down and this stringy worm shapped thing was floating in the toilet. ... ... Is it possible that effects can start so quickly.. it was gross but more than anything exciting   [End]
  • Re: 1st time user of humaworm scarred   RRR by matchmaker  5y   1,279
    You and your family are so lucky that you came to this forum. Humaworm is going to make your families immune systems strong. I wish that I knew about Humaworm in my younger days and when my children were young. I now have my whole family, friends, and neighbors on Humaworm. They all seen how sick I was in the past and now they see how much energy that I have and how healthy that I have become since my first Humaworm cleanse. I have completed 6 Humaworm cleanses now. I started over two years ago. I don’t know if I would be here today sharing this with everyone if it weren’t for Humaworm. I ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Polyps and Biofilm   RRR by matchmaker  5y   2,492
    Chaya, ... ... I am one walking testimoney to having Humaworm clear up my sinuses. I have had sinus problems since I was in the 5th grade and now I am 54 years old and my sinuses are in check. I was put on antibodic after antibodic in my lifetime and I was one miserable mess. I have done 6 Humaworm cleanses now and this is another thing that I have to do EVERY NIGHT. I take a Q-tip and swab just a tad bit of RG’s medicated cream up my nose as far up as I can get it. I no longer wake up with headaches, I no longer have polyps in my nose. I can breath. It only takes a little. I had Ascaris infest ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Humaworm helped my ear infection   RRR by HarmonicCharge  5y   1,489
    Hi! ... ... I never reported back, but I think Humaworm helped to heal a sinus infection I had. ... ... They gave me 3 different types of eardrops, none of them worked; my eardrums still looked abnormal to the doc and the Flonase didn’t seem to help one bit, although people rave about it. ... ... I took Humaworm for one round and when I went back to the doc he said my ears were normal and they had no fluid in them. ... ... Wow! ... ... Coincidence or Humaworm? ... ... At the very least I got dewormed. Thank you!!!! :)   [End]
  • Thank you Humaworm for helping my daughter's eczema.   RRR by Healthy67  5y   1,676
    ... My 8 year old daughter has been suffering from eczema for about 4-5 years. The last year was really bad and I have tried everything. I probably spent about $1000 on lotions and potions that didn’t help much at all. ... ... I finally ordered your humaworm for kids and started seeing results within 2 weeks. The results have been amazing. I don’t know what took me so long to order. She still has some on the back of her legs; but barely itches and I will be able start her on another round in October. ... ... I regret not taking before/after pics of her. ... ... Thank you so much for your wo ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Want to cleanse my 17 yr old.   RRR by justhear  5y   1,367
    Hi, ... I wanted to encourage you and your daughter. I am just starting my 6th Humaworm cleanse. For me it is nothing short of miraculous. I had a ton of digestive allergies, weight problems, bloating, constipation. Sleep issues, insomnia, needing a lot of sleep. Thyroid issues..I no longer need thyroid meds. Not even mentioning issues with depression and anxiety. And skin issues, I too had cystic acne...for 25 years! ... ... Finally after my 4th (I think) cleanse (after a lot of my other symptoms disappeared. My acne started to clear. I now have it under control, with minor outbrea ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: antidepressant, testimony from Matchmaker   RRR by matchmaker  5y   1,567
    I didn’t need mine anymore and it has been almost two years now that I have been off of them. I was on almost every antidepresant in the book and was on a test program for Cymbalta. They were trying Cymbalta on me for my Fibromyalgia and depression. ... ... At that time not much helped me. ... ... When I started taking the Humaworm, my Fibromyalgia pain and my depression started going away. My journey with Humaworm is all posted. ... ... Today I am full of life and energy and well being with NO DEPRESSION! and, No Medication! ... ... I trust RG when he tells you that you may not have depression after your H ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Extremely IMPORTANT! Please EVERYONE Read! Spread The Word!   RRR by humaworm  5y   2,098
    It has come to my attention that the Animal Planet Channel is starting a new 6 week series called ”Monsters Inside Me”. The shows delve into the human parasite world with real pictures and stories of folks who have suffered from parasite infections. ... ... Here is the link to the show topics and schedule. ... ... ... ... ... The series starts tomorrow night (July 1st at 9pm E/P time) and will run each Wednesday night until August 5th. ... ... PLEASE spread the word here at CureZone and to any and everyone who might benefit from this information. It wi ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Is Humaworm hard on liver?   RRR by matchmaker  5y   1,478
    Hi, ... ... My girlfriend had a high elevated liver count for several years and her doctor told her that she had 5 years to live if she didn’t do something to get her liver count down. ... ... My girlfriend has done 5 Humaworm cleanses and 4 plain liver flushes and her liver count is now NORMAL. ... ... Just remember when you are cleansing to drink plenty of water to help flush out the toxins. Donna   [End]
  • Nice to be back   RRR by matchmaker  5y   1,857
    RG, ... ... A while ago you asked us to start composting and to plant our own garden. Two years ago I would have thought that I would never be able to plant a garden due to my severe Fibromyalgia and Depression. ... ... I want to tell everyone that I have totally landscaped my front and back yard digging out lots and lots of heavy clay soil out for my plants and fruit trees and planting them plus bringing in beautiful quarts crystal rocks from my sisters land which is in Jamestown CA. I took a pick and took out 50 yards of sod by myself. I get outside at 6:30 am and end at 12 midnight and I have be ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Liver Flukes - Long Living and Tough...A MUST READ   RRR by humaworm  5y   4,305
    Liver flukes can each live to be over 20 years old - inside the human body. They are hard to get rid of because they LIVE in ACID. Yep - they are born, raised, live in and die in the liver - which we all know contains both blood and bile. Bile is comprised of digestive enzymes - acids. ... ... This is the reason why liver flukes can be so readily identified when they are killed and come out in the stool. They are whole because the digestive tract CANNOT break them down. They are immune to the acids. ... ... In many cases - the flukes are killed by parasite cleansing - BUT - it will take them so ...   [retrieve this message]
  • I'm on Day 6 of Humaworms "AntiBiotic Cleanse"....   RRR by OmegaJerico  5y   3,261
    This is a Powerful cleanse guys. I did the ”Liver Cleanse” last month and I think the ”Antibiotic Cleanse” is more powerful.. ... ... I took my First 2 capsules @ work. I was sitting at my desk and the 1st capsule gave my tongue a ”burning” sensation. I swallowed both capsules and within seconds a HEAT wave went through my entire body..I kid you not..Heat was coming out of my arm sleeve and out of my neck collar. I checked my office thermostat to see if a co-wroker turned up the heat and it was on ”cool”... ... ... My body was kicking out heat due to those garlic-capsules sending a punch to my body. ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded HW results Round 2   RRR by msuggitt  5y   1,716
    Here are some results of my second HW round (day 29) ... ... Killed off lots of liver flukes including some large ones ... ... What I suspect are tapeworm segments are now being seen (after day 20) ... ... And below is a bunch of flukes I got out this past week - there is also a large thing in the bottom left which somewhat resembles a liver fluke only this has a distintive snake skin texture - ... ... ... ...   ... ...   ... [Image Embedded Here]   [End]
  • Skin itching, raised bumps &/or Eczema almost gone after "Liver Cleanse"...   RRR by OmegaJerico  5y   4,769
    I finished my first 15 day dosage of HumaWorm’s ”Liver Cleanse” formula 2 weeks ago and I’m still passing Brown Flukes. Seems like hundreds. The skin itching (eczema, raised bumps) on my arms and side are 90% gone...I say 90% because every blue moon since I finished the ”Liver Cleanse” I’ll itch on my arms and then I’ll pass more Flat Flukes in my stool within another 24hrs or less.. ... ... ”Liver Cleanse” is part of the answer I was looking for..I think my Liver is a host for tons of Flukes and the ”Liver Cleanse” sent a SHOCK wave and killed those Brother-suckers. I am so glad I can lay down ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Day 10-ish Update - Foot long worm - Great Product!   RRR by #69242  5y   781
    I think I am on or around Day 10 of the Humaworm. A couple of days ago I saw a white worm that was over a foot long. Around the same time I saw some orange fluffy cloud-like things. Would love to know what those are. ... ... Anyway, I can be more pleased with Humaworm. It’s working! I did have some die off symptoms of severe depression and anxiety for about a day, but those are gone now. ... ... Thanks Humanworm for a great product. I have some friends that will be ordering from you soon as well. ... ... Leela   [End]
  • If you can't read this whole forum, from page 1...   RRR by fledgling  5y   864
    ...Then here is the list of all posts here by R.G., himself... ... ... ... ... ... ...Eye-openers, every one...even the ones that are brief. ... ... ... ... Google the whole of CureZone for ’Humaworm’, if you want to see what others said on other forums. ...And, what he contributed. ... ... An education, if I ever saw one! ... ... F.   [End]
  • Just Updating...   RRR by humaworm  6y   2,187
    I have not had any time to be here with you all. I have not even had time today to read much of what has been going on here - but I have seen enough to say this... ... ... #1 I know we are still slower around here at HUMAWORM than we were. This will be fixed soon as I have hired and have been training new production staff members to help fill in the gaps. Some of my employees had to get other jobs to support their families after the fire which is totally understandable. Each person can only make so many orders per day. Period. There is no way to speed this up other than hiring new employ ...   [retrieve this message]
  • TODAY! November 19th, 2008...noon!   RRR by fledgling  6y   890
    As I posted below: ... ... Ladies and gentlemen, my husband just handed me a parcel delivered by our Canadian postal system. I am hugging it to my chest. ... ... I recognise the handwriting of the little lady who hand-addresses every envelope. (R.G. told us her story on this admiration.) I bless her, and even save the envelopes for a while, just because she wrote our address...our third since we became Humaworm customers. ... ... There is energy in my packet. I can feel it. ... ... I just put on water to heat. I’m having my first ’toddy’ of my fifth round, six months and some days after the last da ...   [retrieve this message]
  • refund received!   RRR by #70108  6y   4,819
    OK, SO I am the one who was so upset about not getting their order since JULY 3rd. I seriously thought they had cheated me out of my money. However, I was calling the bank of my debit card and was going to see about what I could do only to find out that they had obviously issued a refund! I have NO idea when they did that. I am mostly surprised that they would not have just sent me the herbs that I wanted so they could have the business, and I would think they could have emailed me back or called or something to notify me. ... ... Anyway, I am thankful that they issued the refund. At this ...   [retrieve this message]
  • WHOOO HOOOO!!! Humaworm is NOT a scam!!!!!!!   RRR by Willow753  6y   6,466
    I have never in my life ordered from Humaworm before. I ordered on 11-01-2008 - I did not receive an e-mail telling me that my order was on the way. Today I just received my order-boy am I happy! Obviously they CAN be trusted and are a legitimate business! Everything I ordered is in the package complete with instructions. I just waited patiently and it came just out of the blue-I was actually waiting for an e-mail so what a nice surprise it was to find it in the mail.:)) ... Perhaps those of you who have not received your orders from back in July should e-mail Humaworm and put ”Order not rece ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Humaworm   RRR by rfmommy  6y   2,335
    I am looking for a very mild liver flush that can be done without fasting and would be good for the kids. My family is doing humaworm parasite cleanse now and doing well. ... ... Hubby is having a hard time with dizzyness and massive die off even though he is only taking 1 capsul. Went to feed the chickens last night and felt dizzy, sat down and woke up sometime later. Called me and said he felt weird and had been sleeping with the chickens, could I come home. Very funny now but he didn’t think so last night. ... ... He has produced many white worms that he has described as wirey and bubbles comi ...   [retrieve this message]
  • In the news: Parasites in Phoenix swimming pools   RRR by getting well  6y   2,309
    Phoenix swimming pools still closed, may open this weekend ... July 16th, 2008 @ 5:13pm ... by Sandra Haros, Kevin Tripp/KTAR ... ... Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon said city workers are taking all necessary steps to clean up the city’s pools before they open to the public after nearly 30 people reported getting sick. ... ... ”We have taken the step of closing down every one of our 29 public pools and hyper-chlorinating them with double the dosage recommended by CDC and triple the time,” Gordon said. ... ... City Manager Frank Fairbanks said a parasite, which causes diarrhea in humans, was found Monday at the Starl ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Lung Cleanse   RRR by JoanJim  6y   3,388
    Hi, ... ... My husband just finished the Humaworm Lung Cleanse and benefitted tremendously. He had been a smoker for a long time who developed COPD and emphysema. He felt he gained more from the Lung Cleanse in 15 days than any of the various medications he had been prescribed over a 5 year period for hospitalizations or at home care for pneumonia (51 days), bronchitis, or simply long colds. ... ... Our quesion is, do you recommend he do the Lung Cleanse again, and if so when? How often can he do it? ... ... We have subscribed to Hulda Clark’s methods in dealing with parasite for 5 years now, do a liver ...   [retrieve this message]
  • A few questions for R.G. about my daughter,humaworm & autism   RRR by charville  6y   2,389
    We have been using HUMAWORM for about 2yrs now.My daughter is autistic.I cannot believe the improvements I see in her each time we have used humaworm.For about the first week of use,her symptoms usually escalate then they start to subside.By the time we have completed the humaworm she is so much better.Unfortunately,about 2 weeks later her symptoms start coming back. ... I had her muscle tested by a local chiropractor & found some food intolerances.So I put her on the gluten-free casein-free diet.We were able to see improvements in just a matter of days.She never was able to sweat before this ...   [retrieve this message]
  • That's four things we don't discuss in polite company   RRR by fledgling  6y   1,785
    ...Politics ... ... ...Religion ... ... ...Gardening...(Because it can lead to fist-fights.) ... ... ...Parasites...(Particularly not ’our’ parasites!) ... ... ... Parasites are a taboo subject. People will likely shrink from us if they think we are ’infested’ in any way. Maybe we are ’dirty’...or ’catching’. ... ... Although, there is food for thought in the fact that ’we’ are doing something about it, and, what are ’you’ doing? ... ... ... Kids get pinworms and head lice in school. Everyone knows. I remember the dear young teacher who had to write me a note that my boy had ’crawlies’ in his hair...soon after Hat Day. ...   [retrieve this message]
  • 1 week After 1st Round of Humaworm/Humccleanse   RRR by angelbaby26  6y   1,962
    I was feeling pretty ill before I began the cleanse. I was desperate to receive them in the mail and began the day I received them. I experienced very little die off symptoms but the times I didn’t feel well, I was shocked to see several ascarias worms in my stools! Yuck!!! I am so glad I got them out. Since they can migrate to the lungs, I was beginning to feel creeping sensations in my chest and throat area to the point where it felt like something may crawl up and out of my mouth! It was frightning! Since I began the cleanse that sensation has disappeared! My entire family did the clean ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Round 1 Humaworm done, liver flush done! Happy days!   RRR by gctaylor  6y   1,577
    R.G., I can’t thank you enough. You have given me back my life, and even if I am not completely cured yet, I have seen definite improvement and plan to continue at least 2 more rounds. Oh, and thanks for the in-between herbs formula capsules, I’m one of those people for whom putting spices on food is a chore. ... ... After 3 years of not being able to do the simplest things due to the severe fatigue of fibromyalgia, yesterday I was able to vacuum and mop the whole house! \o/ It may seem trivial and a bit crazy that that is what I chose to do with my newfound energy, but it means a great dea ...   [retrieve this message]
  • i love humaworm!!!   RRR by Ro2myrr  6y   1,867
    I have been dealing with chronic fatique/fibro/thyroid type problems the last few weeks. I just knew that something was supressing my immune system so I started a regimen of drinking several glasses of freshly made organic vegetable juice each day and eating lots of raw veggies, and taking an occasional enema. Then, 3 days ago I started on my 2nd Humaworm Cleanse. The previous cleanse helped me to get rid of a thread worm infection. But this morning was a shocker. I passed a worm between 12-15 inches long (sorry but I wasn’t about to bring it out and measure it exactly). This tells me ...   [retrieve this message]
  • New FORMULAS & CLEANSERS Now On The Website   RRR by humaworm  6y   722
    They have been waiting for me to come up with ”catchy names” for these - but I just figured we would leave their names as is. Much easier for me :) ... ... Liver Cleanse ... Lung Cleanse ... Kidney Cleanse ... Lyme’s & Syphillis Formula ... Herpes Formula ... Anti-Biotic ... Anti-Viral ... Blood Pressure Lowering Formula ... Blood Sugar Lowering Formula ... Cholestrol Lowering Formula ... Nerve Calm Formula ... Pain Relief Formula ... ... ... ...   [End]
  • Really good results THANK YOU!!!   RRR by #87980  6y   1,042
    Hi, ... ... I’ve been on the colon cleasne and humaworm for about 18 days now, and I’ve gotten really good results. I’ve had a bad worm infection since I drank water in a restaurant in Texas, and I’ve been REALLY HAPPY with your herbs, because I’ve gotten rid of a lot of big round worms. ... ... I’ve gotten rid of two large batches of round worms, very uncomfortable, I’m itchy in places,and I have boils on my arms right now, but I can actually suck my stomach in and stand up straight, and although my stomach still hurts, it’s hurting less than it did. I had a big eye floater, and that’s going away ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Update on my girlfriends blood test results   RRR by matchmaker  6y   1,351
    Hi, ... ... For those of you that have been following my girlfriends elivated liver count she had fantistic results from the Dr. yesterday. I got my girlfriend on Humaworm the end of last year after her doctor told her that she had 5 years to live if she didn’t reduce her liver count. She found out after doing her second Humaworm cleanse a few months ago that her liver count had dropped to a normal range which blew her doctors mind. She told me yesterday that she took a second blood panel and seen the doctor yesterday to be amazed with great results! Her doctor told her that her cholestrol came ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Why stop at 30 days??? - Resistant Parasites AKA - "Super Bugs"-edited   RRR by humaworm  6y   2,338
    Parasites (and roaches) have been around since the dawn of man and animal. Parasites (and roaches) have the ability to become resistant to the very poison that once could kill them. ... ... The parasite catagory includes bacteria - you know that bacteria can become resistant to anti-biotics. There are many strains of common bacteria that are now resistant to any known anti-biotic - these are called ”super bugs”. These are created by the overuse and misuse of anti-biotics. ... ... The same thing happens with roaches - roaches - like bacteria - can change their genetic make-up to become resistant t ...   [retrieve this message]
  • I have got to find my camera!!!   RRR by life is hard  6y   853
    I just started enema and let me tell u what is filling up my commode----some pretty nasty alien looking things---and white seeds (I have ate no seeds)....globs of something with legs or tentacles.....I am infestated! and sheets of oh man___I have Morgelons so Im super infested but to see it like this---it is a wonder I am still alive....thank u God!   [End]
  • WSW was right! It was me that posted the fluke photo's, and more. Please...   RRR by matchmaker  6y   2,328
    Hi all, ... ... It is amazing to see other’s post their photo’s and what they are showing is the same things that came from your own body! I have seen it over and over from sticking around this support forum for so many months now. Boy you sure learn alot. ... ... First click on my username which is Matchmaker and you will see all of my posts. Scroll down to the 7 months section and look for Did my first Hulda Clark Liver Flush by Match Maker. There you will see gullstones that came out by the tons all morning long along with chaff that was stuck to the sides of the towlet. When I did my second Live ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Lichen Planus - Humaworm finished - Results are in! Did it work?   RRR by Sunshine P  6y   5,206
    A couple of months ago, I asked for a helping hand to sort out my mother. She had these strange very itchy bumps on her hand, legs, arms and various doctors had no idea what it was. Nothing worked and they had no clue and offered nothing to help. She has had them for a couple of years and the last 4 months it had become much worse, a nightmare of itchiness and unsightly bumps. ... ... I asked here and we thought it may be scabies? ... ... Anyway, long story short, after many hours of researching and discussing options I convinced my mother to do a round of Humaworm. ... ... She was totally not expecting ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Testimonial...from the Fledge and her husband   RRR by fledgling  6y   2,135
    We are seniors who just finished their rounds of Humaworm January third and hubby’s first. ... ... I see that drooling on ones pillow is a symptom of parasites. Dh has had that ever since long before we began sharing a the 1980’s. I thought that might have been from his practice of leaving a ’suckable’ (a hard candy) in his mouth while falling asleep. ... ... (He thinks people who ’crunch’ are misinformed.) ... ... He gave up most ’suckables’ long ago, but continued to mark his pillow, until now, some time after finishing his first round of Humaworm. ... ... I gave up ’crunching’ at night, ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Cleanse Ending, but not 100%   RRR by fledgling  7y   1,540
    Andy, ... ... I’ve been following some of your posts, and I think I can understand some of your questions. ... ... When a person has a heavy load of parasites it is quite difficult to cleanse quickly...thank goodness...because it is the toxins from dying critters that throw us into ’die-off’. I don’t think most people can identify just what their body has been protecting them from for a long, long time. ... ... The body always wants to eliminate toxins of all kinds, however, it is sometimes hampered by inefficient elimination systems, and so must ’store’ stuff. ... ... The biggest trouble with our eliminatio ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Answer for Ailsa   RRR by matchmaker  7y   1,619
    Hi Ailsa, ... ... Yes, I have had Fibromyalgia since 1994 and it is very painful. I too went to a pain management specialist and all that they did for me was to put me on tons of pain medications. At the time I thought it was great because all the regular doctors won’t prescribe vicodin or methadone, soma and more due to getting addicted to it. I payed the price of taking the pain medications. I first did a colon cleanse for a month before I found out about Humaworm and Curezone. I still had the pain after the colon cleanse. I found out about Humaworm from a gal that worked at the vitimin store ...   [retrieve this message]
  • It is good to do a Liver Flush after the Humaworm   RRR by matchmaker  7y   1,001
    Rg has said to do a Liver Flush before and after Humaworm. The epsom salts opens up the bile ducts and releases gullstones and chaff which is very good for your liver and in turn is excellent for all of your organs. Try the liver flush that is recommended by this forum. I have several people doing it now. My girlfriend has just started on her second Humaworm cleanse. We both did a liver flush together two weeks ago. She went to the Dr. having an elivated liver count to have it checked out. The Dr. told her that her liver count was normal and she has not had a normal liver count in years. H ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Quetion for Mackenzie   RRR by mackenzie1  7y   1,718
    Hi Indianajones! ... ... I had amazing results with Humaworm when I tried it in April 2007, for my skin yeast infection, which I came down with in November 2006. In fact, it totally cured me of candida, and I haven’t had a recurrence since. Prior to that, I had been on Difulcan, then Nystatin, then Difulcan, then Nystatin. Although my infection seemed to be getting incrementally better each month, by April 2007, I was probably only one-half cured. My original infection was so bad, though, that I knew that it might take me a very long time to get to the goal line of being candida-free. I wa ...   [retrieve this message]
  • weight loss,parasites   RRR by steven41  7y   2,288
    From the time iwas young,About 5Yrs.Old I Battled Weight.The First issue is the Blood.Everything your parent has in their blood,you have.#2.What ever you parent eats,they fed you.#3What ever parasites your parents had,you have,and so on.I know there are exceptions to the rules,so hear me out!Once a person gets overweight,They stretch their Stomach/colon/Intestines,Like blowing up a balloon.The first time,its hard to blow up, but from then on,it gets easier after that.So now the stomach mussels are weakened,creating a large storage TANK.Now,put that together with wrong diet,such as breads,w ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Ta Da, I finished!   RRR by mamahuhu  7y   1,584
    All done with my first round of Humaworm. I had planned on doing another one in 90 days but now I’m not sure I need to, since this seemed to really clear me up of many things quite nicely. ... ... I believe my oral herpes virus is dead, that was a 2 week battle that was incredible. My boss, also taking HW, had the same thing happen to her. ... ... The wart on my thumb that I had for about 10 years dropped off. I was very happy with that and am so happy to have the function of my thumb back. Doesn’t hurt now everytime I hold or grasp anything. ... ... The ringworm on my foot isn’t quite gone yet, but ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Prostrate cancer in check   RRR by matchmaker  7y   1,767
    My dad has prostrate cancer and his psa level was 7 1/2. He went through 39 treatments of radiation and had one shot of hormone’s. The Dr. told him that he would have to come back every 6 months for a hormone shot. His gleason score was also an 8 which is very high. Anything over a 7 suggests that it has a high chance of spreading to other organs. Anyways, my dad just completed his first Humaworm cleanse and he went to the Dr. this Tuesday and his doctor was very amazed to report to my dad that his psa level was ZERO!!!!!!! My dad said are you going to give me the hormone shot? and the Dr. ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: RG Finished 30 days of Humaworm - now what   RRR by fledgling  7y   1,976
    John, ... ... If I may, I’d like to say my take on what happens with Humaworm. ... ... The capsules are not ’pills’ as we have come to know the term. The herbs only come in gelatin containers for convenience. ... ... The herbal combination slowly saturates all of your tissues, until, at the end of thirty days, your whole body is a very unfriendly place for all ’critters’...while your organs are being supported, and digestion/elimination is being encouraged. ... ... You will remain in this state for weeks, if not longer, until your body begins to eliminate the herbals as well. ... ... There is just no safe place f ...   [retrieve this message]
  • I feel like a Hilton Hotel Convention For Alien Life Forms Host.   RRR by mamahuhu  7y   2,076
    Oh my goodness! The creatures from the bar scene in Star Wars were living inside me for years and years and I didn’t have a clue. ... ... It’s day 12 for me on Humaworm, and I can tell you that the word, ”surprise” doesn’t even begin to inform me, or you, of the critters that I have eliminated using this product. ... ... In my dunny bowl, using my trusty chopsticks to probe, I have discovered a world I did not ever think existed in my body... ... ... Short ones, skinny ones, fat ones, long ones, red ones, black ones, brown ones, round ones, square ones, clear ones, ones that look like empty grapes but w ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Doing Humaworm as Maintenance- Twice a year   RRR by boldyloxx  7y   1,795
    RG thanks-- I ordered enough Humaworm the last time so that I could do my maintenance cleanse this Fall. I started a little over a week ago with the batch I ordered during the Spring. I noticed that I passed some fluke worms during the first or second days., and , again, my stomach has flattened out more and the intestines are less bloated. I will be doing this maintenance all the remaining years of my life while I can still get my paws on your product. ... ... As another poster mentioned before, herbs have been used for centuries. What I DO GET negative side effects with are those lab ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Will the second time be just as bad? ...afraid! some questions   RRR by mackenzie1  7y   1,859
    Hi Trysten! ... ... I’m like you in that I was so scared to do the second cleanse after the first. I’m now in the third week of my second cleanse, however, and I’m not scared anymore at all because it’s been a breeze. It wasn’t like that with my first cleanse, though, which I took because of a difficult skin yeast infection that six months of medical treatments could not cure. My first cleanse was very difficult when the Humaworm forced yeast out of my body through my skin, which I treated with topical antifungals. Luckily, however, when it was all over, the first Humaworm cleanse cured me ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Candida overgrowth gone   RRR by fledgling  7y   2,140
    Two rounds of Humaworm, more than 90 days apart, finished August 26th, and now (end of September) there is no crusty, salty deposit at the corners of my mouth any more! ...Not first thing in the morning, or anytime. ... ... (I’ll have to check if the little downward-pointing shadows at the corners of my mouth have disappeared. Wouldn’t that be grand?!) ... ... I feel so much more clean...and young! ... ... Thank you, Humaworm! ... ... Fledgling ... ...   [End]
  • more on:...the in-between herbs   RRR by judy-c  7y   1,513
    i saw my chiropractor today... he is very much into cleanses and such... ... i showed him my list of these herbs and mentioned that maybe they helped move these last buggers out on saturday. ... he can’t believe i am still letting these things go... he said he’s never heard of anyone having this many. but; then he said he’s never known anyone else doing this for as long as i have. ... i told him; if these are all original parasites; that i may have had these for more than 53 yrs. i just turned 54. ... we both agreed that i am most likely your avg. ’joe/ess’ ... i am sure i am no different from an ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Beware of Undercooked or Raw Fish   RRR by humaworm  7y   2,240
    From the ... ... website: ... ... 1. Anisakis simplex (herring worm), Pseudoterranova (Phocanema, Terranova) decipiens (cod or seal worm), Contracaecum spp., and Hysterothylacium (Thynnascaris) spp. are anisakid nematodes (roundworms) that have been implicated in human infections caused by the consumption of raw or undercooked seafood. To date, only A. simplex and P. decipiens are reported from human cases in North America. ... ... 2. Nature of Acute Disease: Anisakiasis is generally used when referring to the acute disease in humans. Some purists utilize gener ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Another update + photo   RRR by verysugar  7y   2,815
    More than 6 weeks since completing second Humaworm cleanse... ... ... I did another Iodine enema last night. I also tried eating a pomegranate (they taste awful, especially the pith!!) ... ... Took photos this morning: ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... One end is extremely frayed. It appears that a once robust creature is on its way out. ... Total length here in these photos: at least 15cm. ... I feel very light today and stomach is very flat. I had a horrible day yesterday with low energy and anxiety. ... With me, it really does seem that parasite activity is related to my moods/energy. I have noticed this time and time a ... [Image Embedded Here]   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded A bit about parasites (posting from lymenet)   RRR by bytheway  7y   2,663
    GiGi Frequent Contributor Member # 259 ... posted 16 July, 2007 12:01 AM                       A bit about Parasites – As I heard it a couple of years ago: And please do not ask me for the research verification --- this is just real stuff coming from a real doctor’s office treating real people, and I am merely passing on what I learned during my own disease process and recovery. Probably the most overlooked area in medicine is the worms in people. That’s what Dr. K. says. The worms are a double-edged swor ... [Image Embedded Here]   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: A Question for Fledgling and Humaworm   RRR by humaworm  7y   1,848
    Hello - Not to put down any other product out there, but I have never recommended using DE for internal parasite removal. Here’s why: DE is actually ground fossilized sea urchins - it is microscopically razor sharp - it works on external fleas, ticks, spiders and the like. They crawl over the DE - it slices them - they dehydrate and die. I personally use it in my yard and around my barns and it works well - until it rains. When DE gets wet, it is no longer effective - even the bag instructions will tell you to reapply. ... ... It will not work on soft worms - they are too ”slick” for it to ...   [retrieve this message]
  • The Post You Have Been Waiting For...SCATTERING   RRR by humaworm  7y   4,161
    First of all, this whole scattering thing has become a personal thing from a poster towards me. In case you don’t know this, my personal experience in the parasite cleansing field is very long and very complete. My great-grandmother was full-blooded Choctaw Indian - her father - my great-great grandfather was the tribal ”medicine man”. My own grandmother was half Choctaw and she possessed CENTURIES worth of herbal knowledge. This is how I learned what I know. ... ... Through the years I have dealt with ALL aspects of parasites and their removal. Not only have I helped pull tapeworms - I hav ...   [retrieve this message]
  • The Exact Detailed HUMAWORM Formula   RRR by humaworm  7y   1,034
    Herbs can sometimes be confusing, especially if you’re new to them! We have tried to break down our herbal information to be better understandable. Many of the herbs in the HUMAWORM formula serve more than one purpose. (Take a look at Barberry – it helps in ALL 3 areas of parasite removal!) REMEMBER - just like coffee contains caffeine that perks us up - the following herbs contain components that do wonders for our bodies too! ... ... There are three categories of herbs in our formulas. The first is the herbs that have the ability to kill parasites, their larvae and their eggs. Different ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Types Of Parasites - The Tremaodes & Cestodes - (Flukes & Tapeworms)   RRR by humaworm  7y   9,938
    From the ... ... website: ... ... THE TREMATODES (FLUKES) ... ... The flukes are the hardest parasites to get rid of as they can stay in the human body for 10-20 years with each adult fluke living for one year. Flukes come from raw fish, undercooked water plants (such as watercress) and are also carried by dogs, cats and other fish-eating animals. They are also found in beef, chicken, pork and unwashed vegetables. ... ... __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ... ... LIVER FLUKES- infect billary ducts and gal ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Types Of Parasites - The Nematodes (Roundworms)   RRR by humaworm  7y   1,168
    From the ... ... website: ... ... THE NEMATODES (ROUNDWORMS) ... These are what most people think of when it comes to human parasites. They are the pinworms, the whipworms, and the hookworms. They are of course bigger than the one celled protozoa, but they are all round and small and can cause a staggering amount of damage. It is a big misconception that we actually eat worms to become infected – we actually ingest the microscopic eggs which then hatch in our bodies. ... ... _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ...   [retrieve this message]
  • How Humans Get Parasite Infections   RRR by humaworm  7y   848
    From the ... ... website: ... ... HOW WE GET PARASITES ... ... First, you need to understand that you’re not actually eating worms to become infected – you’re getting infected from the microscopic parasite eggs that can be virtually anywhere. If after reading this section you’re thinking ”If parasite eggs are everywhere and are so easy to obtain, then why aren’t we ALL infected?” The answer? 90% of us ALREADY ARE. Here are some examples of how easily you can become a parasite host: ... ... CONTAMINATED WATER ... ... Water is the primary way parasites infect humans. For example, over ...   [retrieve this message]

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