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  • Image Embedded Re: long time infection of threadworms??   by #73917  7y   101,082
    Photo of mine! I zoomed the camera in. It will look larger here. ... ... [Image Embedded Here]   [End]
  • long time infection of threadworms??   by want2beclean  7y   94,154
    In other posts, I have talked about what I have seen in my poo - I am a poo-watcher :). In one, you mentioned that what I may be seeing is threadworms. I am on my second parasite cleanse, and what I am seeing has changed. I saw liver flukes and pieces of flukes - all bright red - and some very long brown stringy things,as well as the little brown threads, but now, on day 6 of my 10 day cleanse, I am noticing very regular looking poos with quite a number of little short brown ĒthreadsĒ coming out of them or being inside when I break them apart - sometimes they are whitish - but mostly br ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: long time infection of threadworms??   by humaworm  7y   89,194
    Those pinworms from your childhood were more than likely ascaris. Pinworms will not cause the life-long symptoms you have described - BUT ascaris will. I think this is what you have been seeing in your poo. ... ... Ascaris larvae are small and can look like pinworms - when they are older they look like white earthworms and when they are fully grown, they tend to get stained various shades of brown (from the stool). They can cause extreme hunger with weight gain - especially when they are well established in the body. ... ... Your body is responding well to the cleanse. Just finish the 30 days - ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: long time infection of threadworms??   by White Tiger  7y   87,286
    Threadworms are very thin like pieces of sewing thread. ... When you are infested with a lot of active threadworms, they cause itching at night when you are still, moreso than the daytime. They are very active at this time and crawl out of the rectum and into the closed cheeks. When they crawl out enough to reach the air, they retract back away from the open air. ... This movement then causes itching, and causes the desire to scratch your butt, and the microscopic eggs can get under your nails. Since you are taking humaworm, it also contains cloves which prevents parasite eggs from hatching if t ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: long time infection of threadworms??   by want2beclean  7y   87,041
    I think I am just getting confused because on different posts I read people passing white earthworm ascaris, and I have passed a couple of dead? brown things and all the little threads. Not bundles of worms or stuff like I read, just a couple of brown long stringies and lots of little threads. Yuck   [End]
  • Re: long time infection of threadworms??   by porscha  7y   86,878
    Maybe you are seeing threadworms along with a type of roundworm. Iíve got no idea!   [End]
  • Re: long time infection of threadworms??   by want2beclean  7y   86,824
    Sewing thread was the best way to describe it... thanks - this morning seemed to be liver fluke morning - red pieces of fluke throughout - I seem to break them down or something - or they just arenít really big - but they sure look icky to me... ... ... I am a little depressed to read the posts about people worrying about superparasites - what if I stop at the end of the cleanse and I create giant threadworms and liver flukes???? ... ... My experiences cleansing have really been nothing but positive. I have less appetite, no sugar cravings, better digestion and assimilation, clearer skin, better ene ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: long time infection of threadworms??   by humaworm  7y   86,810
    You will not create super parasites by doing a 30 day cleanse. Itís doing too many cleanses that will create problems - or not enough. Here is a post about sper parasites: Please read: ... ... it will explain more.   [End]
  • Image Embedded Incredible!!!   R by Chaya  5y   63,718
    It is no wonder I was feeling so depleted over the weekend.  It was all the worm pee getting me, temporarily. ... ... Considering I am doing a full cleanse, and will do the HUMAWORM again, in three months time, I have only just begun, but I cannot thank you enough, RG.  It is soooooooo very goooood to know I am getting these life draining parasite out of me!!! ... ... I passed three stools today.  I wish I could have taken a photo of the first two.  I could not, as the first came just before leaving for work (no time) and the second came while at work.  Each of the first two ... [Image Embedded Here]   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Incredible!!!   R by matchmaker  5y   63,491
    Chaya, ... ... I am so proud of you!!!!! Your pic looks like Ascaris Roundworms to me. Most people donít want to look and see what is coming out of them. I feel the same way that you do. How are we ever going to know what we are infected with if we donít research what is coming out. I had headaches for years and years. I am 54 years old and I had them since highschool. After 6 Humaworm cleanses, I no longer get headaches like I did before. I also use the medicated cream up my nose with a q-tip. The first time I did it my nose itched really bad and in about 10 mins or so I pulled out this white ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Incredible!!! - Roundworms LONG POST   R by humaworm  5y   63,372
    This looks like ascaris roundworms to me. They are too round to be canine tapeworms. The other picture you posted below (the one with the long skinny parasite) might have also been of an ascaris . If it was ĒroundĒ it was a roundworm - if flat - like a ribbon - it was a Ēflatworm - or tapewormĒ. ... ... They can all ĒclumpĒ together when they are dying - they do this to try to protect themselves from the ĒpoisonĒ. But when the HUMAWORM kills them - they can all dump out together in a big ball - just like what your picture indicates. Each adult ascaris can measure up to 12 inches for the fe ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Incredible!!!   by Chaya  5y   63,188
      ... ... It may be hard to see, but atleast one of those was 3" and there were several that were certainly 2".  That is why I was some squeamish about touching them.  I could not believe that these things were inside of me!!!  Mortified is a good way to describe it!  Some of them were also balled up. I am sure if I had unfolded them, they likely might have measured 2" also. ... ... Momo, I am made happy to read that your neck is no longer congested with your second cleanse.  Happy for you, and looking forward for me, too! ... ... Oh, goodness, is TH ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Re: Incredible!!!   by Chaya  5y   63,118
    Hi Donna, ... ... Well, it sure may be roundworms, considering I did íseeí two boluses full of them in my stools of earlier in the day.  Especially the balled up ones in my images in this thread (may be the round worms).   I guess a worm carcass, coiled up, and decomposing, could have congealed together to give an other than classic wormy appearance.  But some of the pieces were definately flattish and wide. ... ... What you say regarding finding a parasite remedy that works and "STICKING WITH IT," with discipline, resonates with me.  Our s ... [Image Embedded Here]   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Incredible!!!   by Chaya  5y   63,029
    Okay, I just found this old post from here on the HUMAWORM forum, regarding the mucoid plaque: ... ... ... ... Woo Hoo!  I amma happy! ... ... Thanks for cueing me into this, Momo. ... ... Ehhh...but I still think it is more like TARTAR!  Smiles.  ... ... And, yes, as this thread speaks of, it is like rubber.  I did handle it and was mightily suprised!  That is why I called it durable!  ... ... Best, Chaya ... who is "CLEANSING ON!" ...   [End]
  • Re: Incredible!!! (To Momo)   by Chaya  5y   63,007
    I meant to say: Momo, I think all that I have shared regarding my cleanse since last week means that my dream of the mass exodus of worms is coming true! ;) ... ... Best, ... Chaya   [End]
  • Re: Incredible!!!   by matchmaker  5y   63,003
    Your welcome Kristi! I am loving your posts. Donna   [End]
  • Re: Incredible!!!   R by Hidden Username  5y   62,979
    I read that someone passed 3 inch liver flukes, I got rid of a couple that were all of 2 inches, and was mortified. You mentioned about your neck, and that is one of the major symptoms that I too have been dealing with over the past year. since this 2nd round, it has disappeared. And, the black tough stuff that you wrote about, is what I always thought was mucoid plaque. That is what Iíve been seeing this time around. Cleanse ON! momo   [End]
  • Re: And, Oh...   by Chaya  5y   62,973
    I forgot to ask. Does anybody know what the black skins are? I have not eaten anything black. I started seeing them over the weekend. They are durable, of a comparitively tough skin. ... ... Best, ... Chaya   [End]
  • Re: And, Oh...   by matchmaker  5y   62,972
    It may be mucloid Plaque. I seen a lot of that with my cleanses also. Itís a good thing to get out. Donna   [End]
  • Re: Incredible!!!to matchmaker   by matchmaker  5y   62,971
    Thank you Momo, ... ... I am enjoying your posts along with Chayaís. You both are going to have great success with Humaworm. Lotís of love and encouragement to both of you. Donna   [End]
  • Re: And, Oh...   by Chaya  5y   62,938
    It is UNBELIEVABLE feeling. Even as I ĒdumpedĒ this load, I knew it was not pooh, because it felt nothing like pooh coming out. And when I touched it with my hands (I am one of those close inspectors), I ĒKNEWĒ it was all worm bodies! It was the first time I almost did not want to touch. ;) ... ... I thought I wahsed my hands a lot at work!!! (Health field.) Now, I am washing them at home just as much!!! ... ... Best, ... Chaya   [End]
  • Re: And, Oh...   by readytorun  5y   62,934
    I canít wait for someone to reply with an answer to what they are because my bowel movements look exactly like the pictures you have posted. UNBELIEVABLE!!   [End]
  • Re: Incredible!!! (To Momo)   by Hidden Username  5y   62,832
    I believe you!!!!!!!!   [End]
  • Re: Incredible!!!   by Hidden Username  5y   62,814
    Your above pic, is a perfect example of much of the stuff that I too have been dumping over these past 30 days. And, yes, I do beieve that mucoid plaque is very black and of different thickness, depending on your age(Iím 53, )and past diet. Your description of Tartar, is a good way to present it. Yeh, I am really new to all this stuff too. Like you and Maya have declared, I too will plan to stay with this single protocol of parasite cleansing. I have more energy just in this past summer. Itís so good to have this strength and motivation again! many blessings momo   [End]
  • Re: Incredible!!!to matchmaker   by Hidden Username  5y   62,809
    Did not know what they were, but you say, íacaris roundworms?í I must have a very heavy infestation of a variety of parasites. ... ... Today is my last day of 30. ... It makes me sad. ... ... I donít use the in between herbs. But I do plan to drink my fresh pineapple juice, and increase the cayenne and garlic during that time... CEís too. ... ... The last part of Dec or beginning of Jan will enable me to start my 3rd round. Enjoy hearing and learning from, all that you share. momo   [End]
  • Re: how do you know you have parasites? - SYMPTOMS   RN by humaworm  7y   47,842
    Most folks DONíT know that they have parasites until they accidently knock one loose through a bout of severe diarrhea. Then again, 70% of parasites are microscopic and folks wonít know they have these until they get tired of being sick and try a parasite cleanse - usually as a Ēlast resortĒ. Here is a general list of symptoms: ... ... ... HOW & WHY PARASITES MAKE US SICK ... ... Before you read over the following list of symptoms, you need to understand how and why parasites make us sick. Parasites are the HIDDEN DISEASE, they can occur anywhere in the body, in every organ, in all tissues, and in ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Incredible!!! - Roundworms LONG POST   by ciccio  32mo   45,733
    Hi All, ... I read your posts here, ... itís incredible what can happen. ... I write to you because I am worried. ... I donít feel good since a long time, ... always tired, sleepy, dizzy. ... some days itís bearable, some days I feel exhausted, ... I literally crawl to go to work. ... I have heartburn since years and ... I usually go often to toilet also 6 times a day and the stool is like puree. (I have also some periods which are normal! with their shape!) ... but one week ago I have discovered something strante in my stool which I got with my camera. ... It really looked like the roundwormd you talk here but ... I took th ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Help - what is this in my stool???   R by stompetower  7y   36,717
    Hello! ... ... Using humaworm and ozone therapy (rectal onzone insufflation) I got this in my stool: ... ... ... ... ... ... A few days later I got this: ... ... ... ... ... ... I got more stools which are alike. First I thought: ĒIs this Candida?Ē I know that I have a candida problem. But I am not sure what candida looks like when it comes out so massively. Can it be a parasite? If so, which parasite is this? ... ... I am really curious. My symptoms are chronic fatigue, foggy brain, blurry vision, bad digestion, constipation, sleeping problems and more. ... ... Thanks for any comment! ... [Image Embedded Here]   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Help - what is this in my stool??? - Flukes & Ascaris   by humaworm  7y   32,049
    The dark things are liver flukes - old ones judging by the color. The sringy ones look like ascaris - common roundworms. Good Job! Much better out than in :)   [End]
  • Worm in sinus or nose???   by dariushsweden  6y   29,394
    Hi HW thanks. ... ... Second question what kind of worms inhabit the nose/sinus area? ... ... Its day 15 on 2nd round of HW for flukes, and sometimes I can feel something wiggle in my sinus cavity, incidently I have chronic sinus problems... but not sure if its dying. ... ... May be a huge tapeworm I have which has broken through the intestinal wall and moves freely in the body. It is many feet long and has totally encompased the length of my body. HW dosent seem to affect it that much. It lays many eggs I think thats why I STILL got ALOT of eye floaters which when I stare into light I can clearly see as ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Worm in sinus or nose???   by humaworm  6y   29,232
    Acaris roundworm larvae and pork tapeworms are the two species that love to live in the sinus cavity. Ascaris eggs incubate and hatch in the lungs - they are then coughed up in phelm and swallowed. This is how they reach the intestines - but sometimes a larvae will get into the sinus cavity. ... ... Pork tapeworms live in the muscle tissue of hogs - but get confused when they enter a human body and go straight to the head area. The adults only get to be 1/4 inch long and they can live in the sinus cavities too.   [End]
  • Re: Fecal odor smells like MOTHBALLS!   by humaworm  8y   29,133
    Hello - First of all, I want you to read this post about healthy stool: ... ... Secondly, I think you could be having a problem with parasites or toxins. They can cause constipation and foul smelling feces - but so can other things. Please go to the HUMAWORM website and read the info there - you donít have to buy anything, but it will explain more: ... ... Let me know if I can help further!   [End]
  • Re: Worm in sinus or nose???   by #88426  6y   29,052
    How big do they get? I have blown my nose, and a tiny ascaris came out once. Wondered if that was a baby?   [End]
  • Re: Worm in sinus or nose???   by humaworm  6y   28,963
    They can grow to be about 12 inches long in the intestines.   [End]
  • Fecal odor smells like MOTHBALLS!   by #41709  8y   28,748
    Okay, so in the last couple weeks, my digestion has just been thrown for a loop. Iím constipated on and off, and when i do go, itís very little. Before this I would have 2-3 healthy AND odorless movements a day. NOw, i have awful smelling gas, acid indigestion, and my movements-when i do finally go- smell horrid! Like a box of mothballs exactly! I was so sick of the stagnant situation, i did a coffee enema, and lots of fecal matter came out, but whoa, did it ever smell. Does this sound like a parasite? Or do I just have to take some herbs to help clear me out down there? Iím so confused, b ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Fecal odor smells like MOTHBALLS!   by #41709  8y   28,682
    Thank you for the response, although i still feel in the dark as far as what may be going on in my bowels. Simply because a coupld weeks ago i had healthy movements, and now they are bad. little to nothing coming out, or very soft, sometimes straining, and very foul smelling... gas, some indegestion... iíve become very active in watching my diet in the last few days, cutting out wheat and most sugars, and eating much more fiber, grains and vegetables. I did the enema, and that seemed to help things a bit, as alot of fecal matter came out that iím sure was just building up and rotting in th ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Fecal odor smells like MOTHBALLS!   by sapphire7  8y   28,498
    Yes, that makes perfect sense. Thank you 41709!   [End]
  • Re: Fecal odor smells like MOTHBALLS!   by #41709  8y   28,490
    oh, hereís something i found from humaworm.... ... ... When parasites live in your body, they create toxins - toxins are their feces, their urine (which is 100% ammonia) and their dead bodies. These toxins cause MANY MANY health problems all over the human body. You body tries to remove these toxins through the purifying organs - the liver, the skin, the bowels. ... ... maybe thatís your answer?   [End]
  • Re: It's probably ammonia/parasite waste....   by #41709  8y   28,486
    hmmmm, very interesting. ... iím not on a cleanse, but the mothball smell is strongly there, as is the stinky gas. you would concede though that itís most likey parasites that have thrown off my bowels so strongly in the last couple weeks? i canít reckon what else it may be... thanks for your input!   [End]
  • It's probably ammonia/parasite waste....   by Just D  8y   28,412
    Are you on a cleanse? ... ... I remember that smell and I thought the same thing - mothballs!   [End]
  • Re: Fecal odor smells like MOTHBALLS!   by sapphire7  8y   28,293
    What about stools and gas that smells like ammonia? What the heck could that mean? It seems to happen when im doing the P+B shakes.   [End]
  • Re: Fecal odor smells like MOTHBALLS!   by #41709  8y   28,292
    hmmm, not sure. all iím knowin is mothballs. maybe you could search to see if anyone else has had that same symptom. good luck to you~   [End]
  • Re: It's probably ammonia/parasite waste....   by Just D  8y   28,284
    Not sure if that is all that is going on, but the tale-tell smell is sure a dead giveaway there is probably some parasite activity going on.   [End]
  • Image Embedded How bad is this?   by terrybogard  5y   25,561
    Here is a picture ... ... ... ... Iím not even sure which parasites those are, but Iíve never seen so many white spots in my stool before. I have seen them before, just not as much. I am starting humaworm tomorrow. Can anyone identify from the picture? [Image Embedded Here]   [End]
  • Re: How bad is this? - Food   by humaworm  5y   25,303
    A lot of parasites can look like food - corn, peanuts, rice & black pepper - are canine tapeworm segments ONLY IF a person is parasite cleansing and has not eaten these foods. ... ... Liver flukes look like rolled up tomato skins - and they will pass during a cleanse (if a person is infected with them) even if that person does not eat tomatoes. ... ... Itís more of a common sense call - if a person eats a lot of tomato slices with skin attached - and they then pass undigested tomato skins and they are not parasite cleansing - it is probably just undigested food. ... ... BUT - on the other hand - if a pe ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: How bad is this?   by matchmaker  5y   25,298
    They look to me like Canine Tapeworm segments. They die from the tail up to the head. The segments from their tails start falling off first. We must get the head out also because the head will grow a new body. Black specks are also tapeworm segments. The segments can look like white rice or corn kernals or cashew nuts or black specks. Good job!!!!! Now go for the head. It is always good to research your bm. Gross but true. Heavier flukes fall to the bottom of the bowl so you may not see them and roundworms (ascaris) hide in the bm so you wonít see them either if you donít research. ... ... Whe ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Old-Time Remedy For Large Tapeworms - Weird But True   R by humaworm  8y   25,268
    I had all but forgotten this story from my youth until I responded to another poster about tapeworms. Thank God there are better alternatives these days as I NEVER EVER want to witness anything like that ever again! ... ... ĒThis absorption action is why black walnut works so effectively against them - it contains tannin (organic iodine) juglandin, juglone and juglanic acids. It also oxygenates the blood which parasites donít like either. I know full well how tapeworms attach and feed, but there are cases, albeit very few and very far between, where a LARGE tapworm will try to migrate. In my ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: How bad is this?   by Iolite  5y   25,062
    Eggs???   [End]
  • Re: How bad is this?   by humaworm  5y   25,031
    Yep - canine tapeworm segments. Good job!   [End]
  • Re: How bad is this?   by chrissmith33  5y   25,006
    Iíd be interested to know what they are too, as Iíve started spotting these. I used to think they were nuts or seeds or something, but i donít think they are as iíve not been eating nuts lately. ... ... I hope RG gives some input into this   [End]
  • Re: How bad is this?   by Hidden Username  5y   24,997
    Did you drink milk? ... ... I swear every time I use oxypowder after drinking milk, I see those white speck things.   [End]
  • Re: How bad is this?   by #69520  5y   24,895
    Canít that just be undigested food?   [End]
  • Re: Crevice in Tongue   by squarecurls  7y   24,644
    Hi again :~) ... ... Hereís a link with a tongue map on it. ... ... ... ... ... ... Your crevice is probably right there at the stomach area as is mine. What that other fellow said about digestion used to fit me to a T. Much less so these days though. ... ... In addition to the castor oil packs, Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother greatly aided my digestion. A brand such as Braggís is what I use. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) from the grocery store is not the same stuff. ... ... Start with a 1/2 tsp of ACV, add a little honey and top with water. I also add it to my ap ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Old-Time Remedy For Large Tapeworms - Weird But True   by hopinso  8y   24,013
    What a frightening story! I was pretty freaked out when my 18 inch tapeworm exited the opposite end. It was hard to imagine that thing living in me. I canít even imagine having that come up through the mouth. ... ... I was going to make this a separate post, but it is on the subject of tapeworms. I am close to the end of my second week on Humaworm. My terrible headache is a little better, but my joints are swollen and hot to touch. I noticed I passed dozens if not hundreds of rice like bits. At first I wondered if they might be rice since I had some brown Basmati rice a week ago; however close ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Old-Time Remedy For Large Tapeworms - Weird But True   by #40679  8y   23,946
    thatís so traumatic seeing worms exiting through your butt and swimming around you... ... no thanks   [End]
  • Re: Old-Time Remedy For Large Tapeworms - Weird But True   by curlyzone  8y   23,906
    I had heard a similar method for removing intestinal worms. you fast for 2 days.. and take some laxatives to completely empty your bowels. then you fill a small tub with milk and LOTS of sugar.. then sit in this tub naked for a few hours.. the worms will start coming out of your anus to feed themselves.. ... ... the point of fasting is to starve the worms.. you take laxatives to empty your bowels so that the worms can later try to reach the milk/sugar solution without any barriers.. ... ... I never tried this method but I guess it must be worth trying.. and it maybe better than trying to pull worms ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Old-Time Remedy For Large Tapeworms - Weird But True   by humaworm  8y   23,674
    Hello hopinso! I think you are expelling tapeworms - most are only 1/2 inch long and are are a grayish white color. The joint swelling could be due to larvae and eggs being killed and/or toxins being removed. Hang in there buddy!   [End]
  • Re: Old-Time Remedy For Large Tapeworms - Weird But True   by humaworm  8y   23,640
    Hello curlyzone - I think out the rear is less tramatic to a personís mental state of health! I am glad you have heard of this too - I had another poster in another just about scream ĒQUACKĒ at me and I was trying to defend myself with the post I copied here. I had told a very scared lady that what she MIGHT have trying to come up her throat and nose was a tapeworm. It does not happen very often that they get very, very big and decide to travel - but it DOES happen. Thank you!   [End]
  • Re: Old-Time Remedy For Large Tapeworms - Weird But True   by humaworm  8y   23,635
    I have been groomed all of my life to help folks. I always loved picking and gathering herbs - grinding them and finally growing up enough to actually mix formulas! I have always been facinated with how the body uses natural foods including herbs. The other kids in my family viewed it as a chore, but I always viewed it as a priviledge!   [End]
  • Re: Crack in Tongue - Toxins   by humaworm  7y   23,626
    Toxins can cause sores and even cracking on the tongue. A white coating is from candida. Parasites cause toxins and could be why your tongue is giving you problems.   [End]
  • Re: Old-Time Remedy For Large Tapeworms - Weird But True   by humaworm  8y   23,608
    Hey - I remember you! Bless your heart! I bet this thread DID gross you out. I have a younger sister that you remind me of - she is as sweet as can be , but she just does not deal well with ĒwormiesĒ. In fact, when she parasite cleanses, sheíll call me everyday just to get through it and sheís been parasite free for over 40 years - never has passed a worm! Good to hear from you and donít read the WEIRD posts!   [End]
  • Re: Old-Time Remedy For Large Tapeworms - Weird But True   by boldyloxx  8y   23,586
    Wow Humaworm, that gives me goosebumps! yikes, that poor guy. I read alot of soldiers pick up parasites during wartime-- including round worm. ... ... They had to feed alot of the soldiers powdered Kelp during World War II to control round worm infestations amongst them because their wasnt enough SeaWeed available. ... ... A co-worker of mine recalls seeing her mother trying to pull a large tapeworm out of her fatherís mouth-- with the doctor on the phone directing. Her dad was always a sickly guy. ... ... You were being groomed at a young age for your Calling in life in Parasitology and the HumaWor ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Old-Time Remedy For Large Tapeworms - Weird But True   by daycare  8y   23,563
    I remeber a longgggggggggggg time ago a friend passed a large worm into a large glass jar they put something in there to draw it she was 12 at the time I saw the worm in the jar it was white and big   [End]
  • Re: Old-Time Remedy For Large Tapeworms - Weird But True   by stemmy  8y   23,541
    Thank you HM; your products seem to be the only ones working on me right now, plus garlic and cayenne supplements!! Iím 4 days into the Cleans....   [End]
  • Re: Old-Time Remedy For Large Tapeworms - Weird But True   by #35289  8y   23,522
    So putting a jar of molasses near his mouth made the tapeworm come out?   [End]
  • Re: Old-Time Remedy For Large Tapeworms - Weird But True   by humaworm  8y   23,520
    stemmy - I am so happy for you! Keep it up and let us know how itís going!   [End]
  • Re: Old-Time Remedy For Large Tapeworms - Weird But True   by #40679  8y   23,516
    yep, that me :-))   [End]
  • Re: Old-Time Remedy For Large Tapeworms - Weird But True   by boldyloxx  8y   23,458
    Humaworm, Ive read that it does happen occasionaly- And my co-workers father had one trying to come up his throat. She remembers her mom on the phone with their doctor., and her mom had a hard time pulling it out. I donít know the details-- but she did say he was choking alot and it was very distressing for him, and her mom. ... ...   [End]
  • Crevice in Tongue   by #86097  7y   23,426
    Thanks for all the responses. ... ... Squarecurls, youíre right, itís more of a crevice or fissure than a crack. Sometimes my tongue looks pretty good but most of the time it seems to have this crevice about an inch or so long in the center of my tongue (not too deep though) and a few on the other parts of it. I also have teeth imprints on the side. I actually used a castor oil pack a few weeks ago but only did it a couple of times. I guess Iíll try that again. Iím assuming that you meant to apply the castor oil pack to the abdomen area. You said you were on your 2nd round of 3 day applica ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Crack in Tongue   by #86097  7y   23,235
    I have a crack in the middle of my tongue that has been there for several months and seems to be getting worse instead of better. Can this be caused by parasites? If not, does anybody have any suggestions on how to heal it.   [End]
  • Re: Crack in Tongue   by squarecurls  7y   23,176
    Hi, ... ... I have read through my various studies that the tongue displays the health of the digestive system as well as other body systems. ... ... I donít know exactly what you mean by crack, other than possibly a crevice? I donít know if this is a parasite induced problem or not, but! apparently it is a bug of some sort that causes us health problems. The medical industry just gives them fancy names with an íitisí on the end to indicate inflammation. Anyway, RG will be along to say what he thinks about it. ... ... The reason Iím writing though is to tell you of something that helped me. I had an open ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Crack in Tongue   by fledgling  7y   22,962
    I think I remember something about ícracksí in the tongue surface on the Ask Shelley forum...or her new site. ... ... And, perhaps Squarecurls means Shirleyís Wellness Cafe. ... ... Castor Oil could very well be useful for this does a lot of other good things. ... ... Iím working on fresh-ground flax seeds, with cottage cheese, and hemp seed ínutsí (hearts?), for the original source Omega 3 oils, with soft-cooked eggs, for the lecithin. And kelp, for the Iodine and Vitamin C...and so on. ... ... I should go check my tongue... ... ... Thanks for the reminder. ... ... F.   [End]
  • Castor Oil   by #86097  7y   22,935
    You might want to check the castor oil therapies forum for more in-depth information. Hereís a good place to start ... ... ... ... I am sure there are several brands of good castor oil available in health food stores. The brand I purchased is called Home Health which is cold pressed and cold processed. It is also hexane and paraben free. I bought the 16 oz which also came with the flannel. Best of luck. Hope it works for you. Iím going to do one again today, too.   [End]
  • Re: Crack in Tongue   by squarecurls  7y   22,904
    Fledgling, ... ... Yes! It was the Ask Shelleyís new site! Good call! :~) ... ... That new site is, I believe, referenced at the now dormant Ask Shelley forum here on Curezone. ... ... Castor Oil has done a huge number of wonderful healing things for me. I fully endorse itís nickname: Palma de Christos... the Hand of Christ. ... ... I donít know if I can recall the number of things Iíve used it for with great results. ... ... SC ... ...   [End]
  • Re: Crack in Tongue   by #71845  7y   22,867
    ... ... It means you have a weak stomach and your digestion is not what it should be. You are most likely nutrient-depleted. Are you bloated after eating and do you get energy slumps in the middle of the day, especially after lunch. Do you lack energy? ... ... Take an digestive enzyme with each meal, learn how to food combine. Eat soups, stews and blends-foods that are easy to digest. Millet porridge would be ideal. Donít guzzle fizzy drinks and donít drink liquids at meal times. Foods to nourish the tummy. Artichokes; Avocados; Carrots; Millet Sprouts; Parsnips; Rice; Squash; Sweet potatoes ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Thank you for the links and info   by itstime123  7y   22,809
    Iím currently doing humaworm and posted my first post yesterday titled diareah. I still feel so sick, wonder if this is die-off. Anyway, in reading this thread thought Iíd mention I have a white coating on my tongue, a scalloped/ridged tongue on both sides, and sometimes little white circles/spots on my tongue; sometimes a reddish line going across tongue; tongue burns as if I burned it on hot chocolate or something, and itís painful. My candida tests always come back normal. ... ... Where do you buy castor oil packs? How are they made up? How are they used? etc. or maybe you can point me t ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Crack in Tongue   by roooth  7y   22,779
    All good suggestions so far for health... I wonder if Oil Pulling would help directly? Maybe you should post this question on the Oil Pulling forum.   [End]
  • Thank you for the links and info   by #86097  7y   22,731
    Thank you so much for taking the time to respond with more info and the links. I have never looked up the tongue map so that was pretty interesting. I have been using the Braggs ACV almost daily for several years after reading the Braggs ACV book. As I was reading your post, I was also sipping on some hot lemon ginger tea with honey that I made from fresh ingredients. Time to get off the computer and read my coconut oil book while I use the castor oil pack.   [End]
  • Re: Thank you for the links and info   by squarecurls  7y   22,669
    LOL~ Enjoy! ... ... Itís been a pleasure. ... ... Best Wishes, ... SC   [End]
  • Re: Liver fluke symptoms   R by yellowbirdmom  7y   21,371
    Hi ... ... I am on my second Ēextra strengthĒ humaworm cleanse. I started a little over 3 weeks ago. The first two weeks brought out some really big liver flukes and lots of cloudy water and chopped up bits of stuff. Now it is just mostly cloudy water without the bits. ... ... What I meant regarding the liver flushes is 4 years ago, when I first started with liver flushing, I tried a parasite cleanse. I used the Hulda Clark wormwood one. Nothing came out and there were no signs of anything. So I figured I didnít have any problems with parasites. Three years into the liver flushing, and gettin ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Old-Time Remedy For Large Tapeworms - Weird But True   by ragalee  24mo   20,625
    I am NOT good with worms and things either, it grosses me out so much to know that they are in there, and I would probably die if one tried to crawl out of me alive! ... ... Please tell me this does not happen often??   [End]
  • Re: How bad is this?   by lukisz17  3y   20,192
    Hey, ... ... I found the same white spots in my stool. ... I have no idea what it could be. ... ... Did You find out (identify) what it exactly was ? ... I donít know what kind treatment should i do. ... I add that i have also stomachache and diarrhea. ... ... ... ...   [End]
  • What A Healthy Adult's Normal Stool Should Look Like   R by humaworm  8y   20,188
    This is information that everyone should know. Lots of folks have digestion problems - constipation, diarrhea, thin stools or light colored stools, foul reeking odor - ALL of these ailments are not normal! ... ... A healthy adultís stool should be the length and width of an infantís arm - this is the size of a healthy, well functioning colon. Smaller sized stools indicate that much waste is accumulating on the colon walls. Pencil thin stools are a super red flag warning that the colon is in serious trouble! ... ... It should be various shades of brown - the liver enzymes are green (AKA bile) and ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Bugs in my urine!   by biometal33  4y   20,161
    Hey guys, ... ... So Iím really freaked out. Iím only on the second day of the cleanse. This morning I urinated, and thought i would glance at my urine to see if the herbs had changed its color or anything. ... ... To my surprise, there were about 10 little tiny bugs in my urine! They looked almost like tiny tiny ants, although i have never seen an ant so tiny. They were dark brown in color, translucent. ... ... I tried not to freak out in case they were already in the toilet bowl. I drank a ridiculous amount of water, and had to urinate a couple hours later. THIS time, I scrubbed the toilet all clean be ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded *Photo Warning* Worms or Mucus?   by #77407  7y   19,518
    I am on day 4 of humaworm and I passed these beauties. There were more of them(all attached to the stool), but these came out nicely. They seem too "Formed" to be mucus and yet too "gummy" to be worms. Any thoughts? I also passed them after doing a rectal insufflation donít know if that had anything to do with it or not. ... ... [Image Embedded Here]   [End]
  • Re: humaworm is a scam!   by Bella40  6y   17,707
    HI ... ... I totally understand your anger and frustration. This seems to be a huge mess for the humaworm people. It also sounds like they are in a bit of denial as to how bad a mess their business is in. There have been legitimate offers of help to them and they have not responded back to those people. It is a real shame because it sounds like people have been really helped by this product. I havenít checked my credit card statement to see if my payment has been reversed if it hasnít then I guess i will be going to pay pal as well. ... ... Good luck and take care ... Bella   [End]
  • Re: Old-Time Remedy For Large Tapeworms - Weird But True   by peggyaus  16mo   17,627
    I have one in my throat too.... ... ... I am not sure whether it is a tape worm or ascaris...actually I think/am pretty certain there is more than one. ... ... When I hit it with treatment it vanishes up into my sinuses and into my head... ... ... Its awful living like this. Does it spew larve down the back of your throat? Mine does :( ... ... How is your appetite? I have none... ... ...   [End]
  • Re: Old-Time Remedy For Large Tapeworms - Weird But True   by g0ddessw  16mo   17,623
    hi ... ... can you please tell me HOW they pulled the worm out. i tried years ago with one ive had my whole life in my throat (my son has one too). i almost did after weeks of trying with a peg, but it became very slimy and went back in. how did they grab it? i would REALLY appreciate help on this. im sure its very long by now and i feel it in my heart in reaction to things i swallow, i can touch it with my finger. i have other small worms that show up at times. ive other health issues and dont want this to win! ive been using wormwood complex for about a year, which helps minimise effects but ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Dr.Oz On Oprah yesterday - parasites (plus a note to RG and Southern...   by cbjmmb2007  7y   17,340
    Hereís the website for the Oprah show with Dr. Oz - ... ... ... ... ... ...   [End]
  • Re: Old-Time Remedy For Large Tapeworms - Weird But True   by peggyaus  14mo   16,880
    Hi there ... ... Mine is still there... despite trying all sorts of things too... nearly coughted it or they up this morning - it feels thick and slimy... but it just goes back down. It lays alot of eggs and larva comes up because of my GERD symptoms along with undigested food. ... ... I still donít know the species.... Iíve read you can get liver flukes up there as well and Iím starting to wonder if it is a fluke/s... Sometimes it is behind the tonsils.. some times it feels like it is in the airway, sometimes around the ear like you... sometimes they moves up into the head.... its just revoltin ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Old-Time Remedy For Large Tapeworms - Weird But True   by peggyaus  14mo   16,678
    Hi there ... ... What is CDS? I canít work that one out. ... ... I ordered MMS and see whether the worm likes it or not... ... ... It just sits at the base of my throat waiting for food and laying eggs.. it is so damn disgusting! ... ... I canít believe we have to live like this. Iíve been to doctors and the worm moves when they try and find it. There are lots of hidey holes so it feels very helpless. ... ... Iíve learned that garlic can relax your esophogeal valve which isnít great if youíve got ĒstuffĒ travelling up your throat so you might want to reconsider taking large amounts even though it is a great wor ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Old-Time Remedy For Large Tapeworms - Weird But True   by g0ddessw  14mo   16,672
    its strange that you mention BREASTBONE specifically because i mentioned my chest and dont think i wrote that here, but yes, i have had severe hard lumps form and grow in my breastbone and it was that pain increasing to the point of getting out of a chair that made me finally give in to doing the mms properly. ive just now tried cds, which was supposed to lack smell but it does smell. not the same depth of aftertaste is all. it makes me feel nauseus but the lumps and itching and crawling sensations subside and withdraw and i feel it working on my body. i had heard that a short while ago ab ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Old-Time Remedy For Large Tapeworms - Weird But True   by g0ddessw  14mo   16,659
    hi sorry i just saw this. mine has been in there for as long as i can remember, at least 20 years. it hides when i open my moutb to bright light (i can feel it with my finger and it hides or squirms). it reacts to hot drinks etc.. i tried so many things, i once pulled it out as far as my tongue after days or trying with a clothes peg but it creates a lot of slime like a slug would when you pour salt on it and i couldnt get a grip on it. i did that a few times, tried cotton gloves to grip it but in the end had to give up. ive tried so many things over the years. this past 2 weeks ive felt m ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Old-Time Remedy For Large Tapeworms - Weird But True   by #161328  14mo   16,656
    hi what did they use to actually pull the tapeworm with?   [End]
  • Re: How bad is this?   by annasea  3y   16,607
    How many canine tapeworms would it take to do this? ie. Produce so many segments? ... ... I think I have the same thing. ... Please reply Mr. Humaworm. Thanks.   [End]
  • Re: Old-Time Remedy For Large Tapeworms - Weird But True   by g0ddessw  14mo   16,487
    here is a place to buy cds cds is the mms already made so the gas is diffused into distilled water and bottled. it still has a smell but doesnt make you feel nauseous so you can take it more often etc.. its supposed to be more powerful too. ive used it for just over a week now and it keeps symptoms at bay but not sure how well its working since theres less reaction (thats another plus). my lumps are steadily shrinking still, i believe they are parasitic cysts. the one in my throat doesnt make me spew eggs, i cant imagine but once i brus ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Old-Time Remedy For Large Tapeworms - Weird But True   by peggyaus  14mo   16,474
    Yes I got it.. I hope you got my reply in the previous message?   [End]
  • Re: Old-Time Remedy For Large Tapeworms - Weird But True   by g0ddessw  14mo   16,463
    hey i wrote a long reply but it said it was full or something ... ... i dont know how to check the thread but cant see it up. did you get it?   [End]
  • Re: Old-Time Remedy For Large Tapeworms - Weird But True   by peggyaus  14mo   16,437
    Thank you so much yes I did get your message. ... ... I did order and it did arrive about 4 days ago. ... ... Iím already on 14 drops as I didnít have a reaction working my way up. Iím not sure why... I wondered maybe the Australian version of MMS isnít as strong? I followed the procedure of mixing the MMS with the citric acid solution.. it smells pretty bad but I get it down. ... ... Its hard to say whether I am improving yet.. but its only been 4 days. How long did you take it for before you felt like something was changing? ... ... Thanks for the link on the CDS. Do you feel its much better than the r ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Dr.Oz On Oprah yesterday - parasites   R by aggiepoke  7y   16,285
    Dr. Oz (I like him) was on Oprah again yesterday. They spoke about parasites and Dr. Oz said...(what we know from Humawormís site)...that 90 percent of people will have/do have parasites. He pulled out a nasty, puke inducing tapeworm that he made Oprah hold up with was many, many feet long!! EEKK!! Then he showed pics/talked about hookworms..etc... ... ... Anyway...some more fabulous exposure for our issue. :)   [End]
  • Re: *Photo Warning* Worms or Mucus?   by poppycane  7y   15,726
    Definitely NOT mucus. ... ... P   [End]
  • Re: *Photo Warning* Worms or Mucus?   by #67299  7y   15,693
    definately alien not mucus   [End]
  • What A Healty Adult's Stool Should Look Like   by humaworm  7y   15,661
    I have posted this before, but I think it is worth re-posting. The size and shape and smell of your stool indicates what the inside of your lower colon looks like and how well your body is. ... ... A healthy adultsís stool should be the length and width of a small infants arm. ... ... It should be a nice shade of brown - this indicates that your liver is functioning like it is supposed to - bile produced from the liver is green, which mixes with waste - this results in the brown color. If the stool is consistently pale colored - this is a sign of liver problems. It is actually one of the first si ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Bugs in my urine!   by humaworm  4y   15,423
    Parasites can live in any organ in the human body - including the kidneys and bladder. Also - when cleansing - toxins can come out of every bodily fluid - mostly in the feces and urine - but also in sweat, tears, vaginal fluid, semen, etc. ... ... Keep hydrated to help flush out the toxins and dead parasites better and faster. I would also recommend that you do the Kidney Cleanse after your HUMAWORM is done just to cleanse and repair your kidneys and bladder after all this hard work they have done.   [End]
  • Image Embedded mystery solved!   by magma  7y   15,348
    Humaworm: thanks so much for your response, is HUMAWORM available in europe? I doubt it would make it through customs via mail, I canít even get a bottle of vitamins through, Iíve lost hundreds of dollars in shipping and purchasing trying to get stuff here, but would love to deworm. My sister is coming from the states in december though, possibly could bring something in. How long do the herbs last (shelflife)? ... ... OK now, Iíve determined what the worms are. I thank everyone for responding and apologise for taking up your time, guess Iíve read too many curezone cleansing posts. take a loo ... [Image Embedded Here]   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded identification?   by magma  7y   15,342
    first two are canine tapeworm ... ... ... ... ... hereís beef tapeworm (i think) ... ... ... ... ... or maybe these? ... ... ... [Image Embedded Here]   [End]
  • Image Embedded found worms in food, need help   by magma  7y   15,278
 ... ... I posted this on the other parasite forum but havenít had many answers. Basically I made a pot of pinto beans, tomatoes and ground beef, and then after everything was added (see ingredients in other post), a small amount was tasted by me and my 2 yr old. Then, and this grosses me out, I found the worms. They appeared to be cooked well, but I donít know if that really gets rid of the problem, do the eggs live through cooking? If it sounds risky, what kinds of symptoms would we observe and when? We know the date of ingestion (yesterday). Ií ... [Image Embedded Here]   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Dr.Oz On Oprah yesterday - parasites (plus a note to RG and Southern...   by humaworm  7y   15,250
    Thank you honey - for your kind words and your support. I donít think HUMAWORM was mentioned by name - most of the calls and emails just say that Dr. Oz was talking about parasites on the show. ... ... The more folks get to talking about the issue - the better!   [End]
  • Good Lord - Don't I Know It....   R by humaworm  7y   15,243
    The phone around here as not stopped ringing and poor Cristina - the girl who processes the orders - has not been away from her desk since she got here! ... ... YYYEEEAAAHHHH! This is GREAT!   [End]
  • Image Embedded Re: found worms in food, need help   by magma  7y   15,158
    thanks for your responses ... i do not feel totally revulsed, though iím having trouble doing anything but researching about what they could be and how to cure the possibilities. i do feel worried until i hear a definitive answer about how to deal with it in case itís a problem, i donít want a 2 meter tapeworm growing inside me and baby in a period of 2 weeks! yikes! ... ... they look so smooth to be maggots, they are more like worms or egg sacs ... they do not appear to be either beetle or moth larvae, and the beans looked fine, no signs of insects, webs, powder at bottom of clear bag. None of thes ... [Image Embedded Here]   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: What kind of tapeworm was that?   by Charly  7y   15,104
    I saw the show... that was some tapeworm. Iím wnodering what kind it was. There are pork tapeworms, and Iíve read those are the most dangerous. There are also beef and fish tapeworms - probably more kinds. ... ... Health experts donít always agree - but Iíve read that if you eat sushi you probably have a tapeworm... What do you think Huma? ... ... I was so happy to see a regular medical doc talking about this!! I had the feeling that he knew a lot more about it than he was saying... and he wanted to tell more, but was introducing the topic and would wait for the reaction before saying more. ... ... ... ... ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Dr.Oz On Oprah yesterday - parasites (plus a note to RG and Southern...   by cora  7y   15,103
    ... If anyone can locate a clip (online) from this episode - please post!! I missed it, was looking for it when someone posted yesterday - but couldnít find Miss O anywhere on my tube. ... ... Huma - get in touch with the Harpo production team. I SO wish you, or one of your staff members would. Also wish Paulette would. I realize everyone has a life, career, family, etc., and Iím thankful for what you both are able to contribute to this relatively small population called Curezone. ... ... But the WORLD needs you - those still in the dark need you. Iíve yet to stumble upon anyone better positioned ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: found worms in food, need help   by AilsaRose  7y   15,058
    Yes, those look like eggs that a fly has laid. The maggots are the larvae from the eggs. ... ... I worked as a vet tech in another life and there was a cat who had an anal sac abscess. By the time it was realized that this cat had a problem (cat lived outside and the abscess had busted on its own) flies had íblowní the wound. The wound was raw and full of eggs. ... ... I canít tell the size of what is in your first picture that you posted but it could be the eggs from a fly, that would if hatched become the maggots. Seeing as how the maggots have sections and what you posted is smooth. ... ... I don ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: found worms in food, need help   by Wheatgrass Yogi  7y   15,057
    Iíd say the worms were in the Ground Beef. Throw it all out and clean-up your Kitchen. If you eat meat, donít let it get íoldí.....WY   [End]
  • Image Embedded Re: found worms in food, need help   by magma  7y   15,037
    thanks all for your responses, even if this is disgusting and embarassing, it feels good to hear your feedback on it. ... ... if they were fly eggs (still gross) thatíd make me feel a bit better. i cooked the meat separately way beyond red undercooked phase, and also in the pot of beans simmering. i suppose fly eggs could be laid, and not necessarily thrive in refrigeration (in other words, it doesnít need to be an ideal environment at that stage to still appear as eggs in my food), and make it reasonably well through a grinding process, which may have chopped off a few ends to make them blun ... [Image Embedded Here]   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: found worms in food, need help   by magma  7y   15,030
    thanks WY ... the meat was fresh from the store, expiring nov. 20, there were two packages to pick from and i chose the freshest. i donít know how the worms made it through the grinding process to be intact, unless they can grow from eggs in refrigeration. if this doesnít turn me into vegetarian, iím not sure what will! ... ... i cleaned kitchen like a crazy woman til 3am, will throw out cutting board. ... ... weíve saved samples (triple ziplocked!) and will pursue the beef producers via the store we got it from. iíd still like to know what they are, whether the eggs or worms could survive the cooki ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: mystery solved!   by magma  7y   15,026
    hi, i believe my original Ēwormy beansĒ were if anything, over-cooked pinto beans, iíd soaked them closer to 18-20 hours and then cooked them probably 2.5-3 hours(when the package says to only cook about an hour.. doesnít make sense because they are not that soft after an hour), trying to get them close to refried bean state, nice and soft so my baby would not say ĒnoĒ to eating them. the photo in my ímystery solvedí post was from another batch of soaked beans, pre-cooked. somehow even after cooking a few hours, those little worm shaped things were still intact. i should have broken some ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: found worms in food, need help   by fledgling  7y   15,021
    Dear Magma, ... ... When we were children and found a bit of grit in our food, my dad used to say, ĒYou have to eat a peck of dirt before you die,Ē and we believed him. The only exception was that I very much dislike chewing grit, and will avoid it whenever I can. ... ... Out of his attitude, however, I learned to expect that our immune systems took care of the rest. ... ... But I do know about revulsion. Mine was about mice from the age of three, and earwigs later on...with opportunities on garter snakes, moths, and mosquitos. And one long black hair in a purchased salad. ... ... The other day I learned t ...   [retrieve this message]
  • A guess...   by fledgling  7y   14,994
    Iím thinking that your critter may be some form of weevil larva. As I say, this is just a guess. ... ... Weevils get into dried food stored in our cupboards. I believe they come to us through storage and shipping of dried foods. Flours are known for this. Once in our cupboards, they spread. ... ... Thorough cleaning with heat (steam) is one very good way to eradicate them. I love my hand-held steam cleaning machine for this purpose. ... ... Weevils develop into small moths, I think. I also believe that they donít live within us...wrong environment. ... ... One way to spot weevils is to keep all your dri ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: mystery solved!   by MadameZelda  7y   14,964
    Undercooked beans, while not parasites, can make a person very ill, especially if theyíre kidney beans. How fortunate that you only undercooked pintos. Soaking helps. In fact, unless you have a pressure cooker/canner, I would always soak dried beans for at least 12 hours before cooking them. Freezing, as someone else mentioned, also helps in killing any ĒbugĒ that might be present in dried grains and legumes. ... ... In general, cooking is a great thing. It banishes all types of ills. Iíve never confused an undercooked bean with any of the specimens you presented.   [End]
  • From O's official site, some tidbits from yesterday's show.   by cora  7y   14,956
    ... ... ... ...   [End]
  • Re: found worms in food, need help   by humaworm  7y   14,954
    Your 2 year old - if at least 30 poundsa can take HUMAWORM for Children. You can take the in-between herbs (except for sage - it dries breast milk). After weaning - go ahead and take the regular HUMAWORM. Hang in there!   [End]
  • Killing parasites within food.   by summerhaunt  7y   14,951
    For flour, Iíve always heard if you put the flour in the freezer until anything inside is good and frozen it will kill anything like weevils. Then you can take it out, put it in an airtight, critter resistant container in your cupboard. ... ... Also, I just received a press release from the university extension here (Iím a editor) that says for venison, to freeze it first before cooking, which should kill tapeworms and other deer parasites. They also recommend cooking to 160įF internal temperature, or 165įF for soups/stews. If doing jerkey or sausage, again freeze and cook the meet first. ... ... Ca ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: What kind of tapeworm was that?   by fledgling  7y   14,940
    Maybe the best kind of tapeworm is the dead, and out, kind. ... ... Not to be sarcastic, but a critter to show and tell begs the question, doesnít it? ... ... ...How the heck did you get it HERE...dead and finished? ... ... I mean, thatís a very old did you get it out of its former cosy home? ... ... Wouldnít it just be fine if one nasty old critter, dead, were to shoot down any ideas about limiting access to herbs and home remedies? ... ... Wouldnít it be exciting to reward all the íbush medicineí people who have labored long and alone to discover the things we need to know? ... ... Think of all the mom ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: mystery solved!   by humaworm  7y   14,938
    We have many many customers in the UK. The shelf life is 1 year freezer, 6 months or more in fridge, 3 months in a cool dark cabinet. Just store them away from light and heat.   [End]
  • Another guess...   by fledgling  7y   14,913
    Salt, especially sea salt, whole, may be another anti-parasitical. ... ... ...Which is another guess why I find the good-salt bath so attractive. ... ... ... ...   [End]
  • Was Humaworm actually mentioned or was it just the anticipated phenomeno...   by cora  7y   14,906
  • Re: found worms in food, need help   by AilsaRose  7y   14,890
    Hi magma, ... ... I donít know what you found in your food, but from your pictures it looks like maggots to me. Sounds horrible, and I donít see how they could make it through the cooking process. ... ... ~~Ailsa   [End]
  • Very Long Tapeworms Are...   by humaworm  7y   14,885
    either fish or beef - they can grow to over 30 feet. Pork tapeworms are very very small, while dog/cat tapeworms are only about 7-12 inches long.   [End]
  • Re: Bugs in my urine!   by biometal33  4y   14,842
    Thank you for your responses guys :) ... I hope we figure it out soon and best of luck as well.   [End]
  • I had a feelin.....!!!! n/m   by cora  7y   14,833
  • NO, HW was not mentioned :(   by aggiepoke  7y   14,770
    But that TOTALLY rocks that youíre getting calls. Maybe when she does íthe showí on parasites they will tap in to our FABULOUS RG and company. :) ... ... I was just so tickled that a DOCTOR speaking to THAT large of an audience speaking the truth of parasites. ... ... GET A TAPE FROM HARPO --- also, Oprah mentioned that Dr. Oz has a section on her webpage...check that out too! ... ... Parasite love, ... AP   [End]
  • Re: What kind of tapeworm was that?   by hopinso  7y   14,723
    I was so happy to see a regular medical doc talking about this!! I had the feeling that he knew a lot more about it than he was saying... and he wanted to tell more, but was introducing the topic and would wait for the reaction before saying more. ... ... One thing I really like and respect about Dr. Oz is that he is not afraid to admit that alternative, or as he called it, Eastern medicine has a lot of validity. I wish more medical doctors were open enough to combine both Eastern and Western healing modalities. I know the doctors around here seem to be owned body and soul by pharmaceutical com ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Bugs in my urine!   by #86431  4y   14,706
    Hi Bio, ... I have had parasite stuff come out in my urine for a long time now. ... Iíve been fighting parasites for 3 yrs now, with highly recommended herbal stuff, liver cleanses, zapper, etc. ... I have not gotten anywhere and suffer with much movement and biting every day/night. ... The stuff in my urine looks either like a gummy piece of white cotton (perhaps candida or a piece of worm), or just a small white worm up to 1-1/2 inch or so, or small pieces of worms. Also ones that are as small as commas. Often with some dark red (my blood, perhaps where they were attached?) in them. ... ... I have foun ...   [retrieve this message]
  • My husband's letter to his doctor   RR by getting well  6y   14,355
    My husband wrote this letter to his doctor last Tuesday. We are waiting for a reply. Thought you all would be interested. After so much pain he is finally feeling better. ... ... February 25, 2008 ... Letter to Robert . . . , M.D. ... ... CONFIDENTIAL - NOT FOR MEDICAL RECORDS ... ... Dear Friend, ... ... I write to you as a friend of 30 years and as my medical doctor for almost as long, to offer an apology for my thoughtless response to your kind inquiry on Feb 8, 2008, about my long ongoing complaints of persistent rectal itching. It was not my purpose to offend you with a blunt reply. As I wi ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Dr.Oz On Oprah yesterday - parasites   by gibby  5y   13,816
    Has anyone tried the Ēultimate Parasite CleanseĒ that Dr. Oz has endorced?? I am thinking of trying it. It is the #1 rated.   [End]
  • Re: Bugs in my urine!   by MattP  4y   13,813
    Hi Paws, ... ... I know how you feel, Iíve been to several infectious disease doctors and they all refuse to treat because I donít have a positive result. Find a doctor who will send your samples to Metametrix, apparently they are the gold standard in testing for this kind of stuff. From what I understand they do DNA analysis of the microbes in your stool.   [End]
  • Re: Worm in sinus or nose???   by dturner  3y   13,619
    Ok, well what do you do if you think you have this? Because I do!   [End]
  • Image Embedded White worm, black tips - what is it?   by bestisnow  4y   13,495
    Today is my 17th or 18 day on Humaworm, and I am extremely upset about what I found in the toilet today. There were MANY of these worms. At first I thought it was a tapeworm segment, but it doesnít really look like the pictures. All of them are the same - about 3/4-inch long, white in color, with a black tip at each end. Actually, they look like maggots. ... ... I think if I wasnít so upset, I would be able to find a matching picture of these to identify them, but Iím not able to find any. Can you help? ... ... [Image Embedded Here]   [End]
  • eczema, pain, parasites, itch, rash, candida, depression, wrinkly skin, ...   by holavender  6y   13,446
    so for the past year i have been off work sick, its been hell you dont realise how important your health is till it goes wrong. i went travelling aged 19 and i knew i had a parasite in peru as my poo was white and i kept going to the toilet after even a bit of something. i explained the best i could in my bad spanish with a lot of sign language and they gave me some tablets which seemed to do the job...they stopped all my symptoms. On arriving home after going to ecuador, india. laos and thailand (no dout i had other parasites) i came home to the dr and asked for any medication i may nee ...   [retrieve this message]
  • threadworm / roundworm   by porscha  7y   12,977
    Does anyone know how to get parasite larvae out of the body? I have a serious infestation of threadworms and roundworms (I believe). ... History: ... ... - june 0: had enlarged lymph node on neck, ever since then: ... indigestion symptoms: burping, nausea etc so the doctors put me on reflux tablets (nexium) which made me feel worse. iíve had excessive weightloss, headaches and nausea every day. ... ... - november: i saw a naturpath who gave me ĒintestaclearĒ. After taking I saw worms that looked like white cotton threads, the chemist suggested I take combantrim. I did just that and have had to take a 3rd ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Liver fluke symptoms   by rpnj  7y   12,940
    Hi. ... ... I just passed liver flukes after having done a liver flush. So now Iím planning on doing a parasite cleanse, because there must be more, I am sure. ... ... Question: What are the symptoms resulting from having liver flukes? I am a generally healthy person, so the flukes surprised me. But I do have insomnia, lethargy, and general malaise, or mild depression. ... ... I read your website about the parasites, but couldnít find what symptoms liver flukes cause. Thank you so much. ... ... ... ...   [End]
  • Re: eczema, pain, parasites, itch, rash, candida, depression, wrinkly sk...   by matchmaker  6y   12,804
    Hi Holavender, ... ... My name is Donna and I feel your pain. I had the same thing that you have to the tea! You are more lucky than I was because you have found Humaworm which will help you. I was out of work for 14 long years before I heard about Humaworm. I suffered so badly. I had severe depression to the point that I was not able to drive a car, write a check or bath myself. I wanted to end my life but thank the good lord I am a christian and I knew what I would be facing if I did that. I was on tons of pain meds, sleep meds, antidepresant meds, antibodics all the time. I was a complete me ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Came out of my nose and Testimonies   RR by matchmaker  6y   12,526
    Hey, ... ... RG says that Ascaris (round worms) live in your sinusis and they are white in color. ... ... When I first got my first jar of RGís medicated cream, I put some on a Q-tip and put it up my nose. Both sides and then I noticed that my nose started itching really bad and then to my amazement when I tried to itch my nose this clearish white thing came out. I also was able to streach it and it didnít break apart. I got several out over the course of a few months. I also put the cream in my ears because I didnít want the critters running for their lives to my ears. ... ... This is another thing that ...   [retrieve this message]
  • No more Eczema, No more Fibromyalgia, I have Tons of Energy   BSA SUCCESS by matchmaker  7y   11,999
    For me, ... ... At first I didnít look, I was afraid of what I might see. Just the thought grossed me out! My second cleanse, I started looking and using a chop stick! lol. If I didnít dig around then I would not have known that I was getting out ascaris (round worms. They hide in the stool and are kind of the same color. my longest ascaris was 13 inches long. I had several 6 inchers come out. Tons of flukes of different varieties. Two tape worms and the heads. Now that is gross. Last year I was dying, headed for a dead end street. Started Humaworm last February, second Humaworm cleanse was in ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Came out of my nose and Testimonies   by matchmaker  6y   11,698
    Let us all know of your results. The Humaworm and the cream also got rid of my psoriasis which I battled since high school and I am now 53 years old. It took me 4 Humaworm cleanses to finally get rid of my candidida which contributed to my Fibromyalgia. My pain would go away with each Humaworm cleanse but then to return right before My next Humaworm cleanse was due. I just started my 5th Humaworm cleanse and I had NO Fibromyalgia pain right before I started this time. Being pain free and Drug free feels so good! Donna   [End]
  • Re: Came out of my nose and Testimonies   by doopie  6y   11,504
    Same here, am definitely going to do it... right now! ... ... lol, my cream came in on Friday and I have been using it on the little itchy bumps that surfaced onto my hands. ... ... But for years I have not been able to breath out both nostrils at the same time, so you have given me hope! ... ... While on HUMAWORM I have seen so many parasites come out of my little body it is amazing how ill I really am. ESPECIALLY CANDIDA!!! Iíve had severe acne and sinus problems for years, and they have subsided so much and I am on my second week taking HUMAWORM. ... ... ... Cheers!   [End]
  • Re: wow...   by matchmaker  6y   11,491
    No, I donít have pics of it. I didnít think to take pictures, I wish I did. I posted pictures of my critters and the gallstones but didnít think of that. It was only on my scalp and in my ears but anyone that suffers with it knows that it is aweful. I tried everything from Tea Tree Shampooís to Prescriiption creams and also Listerine Mouth Wash if you can believe that for years. My scalp was completely covered. It itched and then it burned when I scratched it. I was a mess. ... ... Yes, I used and still use RGís medicated cream on my scalp and ears if I begin to see a little come back. I use i ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Came out of my nose and Testimonies   by amarie9  6y   11,475
    Thank you matchmaker that makes a lot of sense I am going to buy the cream... I hope to be rid of these nasty things in my nose and ears soon.   [End]
  • Re: Came out of my nose and Testimonies   by matchmaker  6y   11,454
    I donít know the answer to putting it on your dogís paws if she is licking it off. You said it calmed her down? Then I think it is working. Have you tried putting doggy booties on her while she is asleep or a knee high cut down to size or any kind of wrap to keep her from licking it off? I would not think that this would be a long term thing, just long enough to get her healed and more comfortable. I am not a doctor or RG, so these are just suggestions. ... ... As far as your nose goes. Donít put that much of the cream on your q-tip and make sure that you swab it all around and I try to go up a ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Link between low white blood cell count and parasites/bacteria etc??   by justhear  5y   11,436
    I am scheduled for my 4th HW cleanse. ... I had been struggling with hormone issues (PMS but with fatigue) and had a blood test done. My white blood cell count was really low, my glucose was sort of low. My TSH was 2.3 (the same as when I was on thyroid meds, but I do not tolerate thyroid anything, another autoimmune thing??) However, I do not have antibodies in the blood (dr says it is due to the low WBC count) ... My ND says it is autoimmune, and has started treating it. ... ... However, I am wondering what is going on. I ask the ĒwhyĒ would I have autoimmune? (which I have suspected for a while). ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Came out of my nose and Testimonies   by gctaylor  6y   11,436
    Iíve tried putting the cream in my nose, but it makes me sneeze and then I blow it all out. How do you counteract this? ... ... Iíve also put it on my dogís paws when she was biting at them a lot, and it seemed to calm her down. Problem is, I donít know if it will make her sick to lick it off, so I stopped. Instead I dipped them in some lukewarm tea, since I read that the tannic acid tends to help dry out the skin instead of keeping it moist. Moist is bad when the skin is inflamed.   [End]
  • wow...   by imaxfli  6y   11,407
    Would you have before and after pictures of psoriasis....also did you use the Cream on it????   [End]
  • Re: Oh more thing about my arms...   by amarie9  6y   11,387
    So I thought that I would grapefruit seed extract (it was full strength) I was sneezing and looking like I was going to die. The night before last I did not sleep cause every five seconds I was blowing nose and sneezing. I put some in my ears and my left one is still a little clogged. Last night I decided to go a different route and put some fully ozonated olive oil in both my ears and nose this morning I blew my nose and another worm came out!!! I think that I am gonna try the olive oil it does not make me sneeze or cause inflammation. By the way you are not supposed to use the grapefruit ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Oh more thing about my arms...   by bagsy  6y   11,365
    You probably are using the grapefruit seed extract in your ears, but I have to warn you NOT to use it in your nose!!! I have learned this from experience. I put some with distilled water and sea salt in a neti pot and rinsed my sinuses with it. Holy crap did it burn!!!! I swear my sinuses burned for several hours. It was worse than the nasal spray I have with capsian pepper in it. Well, the pepper burns more, but it didnít last nearly as long. ... ... Iíve also put hydrogen peroxide in my ears. I didnít get any worms from it, but it really helped when my ears started clogging and feeling ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Yes, Yes, Yes, only the tiniest bit!!!   by matchmaker  6y   11,362
    Yes, Yes, Yes, you only use a small amount. Just enough to put a very very very thin and I mean thin layer around my nasel passages. I even use the same q-tip to do both sides. My nose did itch but I think that was a die off reaction because after the worm was out then the itching was gone. ... ... This morning I did it and my eye was itching and then I scratched the corner a little and out came this white thing. Dead of course. As I am typing I am feeling that same kind of itch in the corner of my other eye where the tear ducts are located. OMG, they are everywhere. Better out than in as we ...   [retrieve this message]
  • But only the tiniest bit!!!   by fledgling  6y   11,349
    ...A mere *hint* of it!!! ... ... If you sneeze, youíve used too much. ... ... So, just now, I opened my jar and sniffed it. ... ... It smells nice and clean, but thatís enough for now, I think. ... ... :D ... ... F. ... ...   [End]
  • Help! Coagulated Semi-hard Balls of Phlem   by godmadeusperfect  5y   11,342
    I have been coughing up semi-hard balls of phlem. They are coming from behind my nasal passages as well. These balls are light brownish yellowish in color and are more like flat disks. Last night there was a huge one that was at least an inch in diameter that came from the lungs. Then this morning there were about 4 small ones just under a centimeter in diameter from the lungs, and 4 from the nasal passages. I am wondering if they could be parasites or eggs? Is this my body violently expelling parasites? ... ... I have had the weirdest, most violent symptoms for a couple days that felt like ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Twitches As Well   by godmadeusperfect  5y   11,332
    Thanks for your reply. I will definitely keep you posted. I was so desperate last night with the symptoms that I had my husband whip up 3 drops of MMS which immediately helped. I later passed the balls of phlem. It is interesting to note that this morning I had twitches in many areas of my body. I had a couple twitches in a couple places that were repetative this morning, then when I put my feet in the ionic foot bath, I got a twitches in my foot, leg, and elswhere. Very strange. After the footbath the twitching is gone except for one or two here or there. I also took 5 more drops ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Donna, do you think a little on the outside of the nose...   by fledgling  6y   11,331
    ...On the outside of the nostrils, would do any good? ... ... ... Iím thinking of the inhaled vapors. ... ... I know, Iím the biggest chicken around here. (Get it? Fledgling chicken! :) ... ... ... R.G.ís ointment has such a nice clean smell. ... ... ... I also donít know what would happen if it was licked...but Iím pretty sure if it was sneezed out immediately it would still have effect. ... ... ... Iím seeing great good effect on both the skin of my arms, and the formerly enlarged veins on the backs of my hands and arms. ... ... :D ... ... Someone seemed to say that these enlarged veins were a sign of a tendency to diabetes. I ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Help! Coagulated Semi-hard Balls of Phlem   by PP  5y   11,329
    wow, interesting syptoms, sorry, havent ever had symptoms like this or got rid of anything like this. ... ... It would be interesting to ascertain whether it is something to do with sinuses have such balls of hard phlegm. ... ... i have had one round of HW and have the second round sitting in the fridge. I cant seem to muster up the nerve to start taking them as im worried it may affect my daily work life, ie : the die off reaction. ... ... My first round seemed quite successful with a certain amount of nasties being expelled and some days of heavy die off. ... ... Could you keep posting to let everyone know ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Time frame..   by imaxfli  6y   11,328
    How long after putting the Cream on your nose did the ĒwormsĒ come out????   [End]
  • Oh more thing about my arms...[More added]...   by fledgling  6y   11,327
    ...After a while, and a few applications of R.G.ís ointment, the crusty íyeast spotsí dry up and flake off. ... ... I get these on the higher areas of my wrists. Eventually they dry up and leave a small area of white scar...but I was surprised the other day when one came away, thin, dry, and intact. ... ... Usually it takes months or years for them to come off, even if I scratch at them. (Though they arenít itchy.) ... ... I did ask the doctor about them, one day when she was hurrying me out of the office, to get to the next patient. She looked, without concern, and I quickly added, ĒIs it anything to ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Time frame..   by matchmaker  6y   11,291
    The same day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It works fast. I only seen one at a time though. You will see that it is not dried mucus, it is much different. It might make the inside of your nose itch like it did mine. Donna   [End]
  • Re: Donna, do you think a little on the outside of the nose...   by matchmaker  6y   11,283
    Fledg, ... ... You are such a wonderful chicken! hehehe. I just love you so much. I suppose that the cream would work on the outside of your nose but it might not work as well for the ascaris because I think they are living up higher in the nasel passages. Wait until RG comes back and ask him about putting it in your nose. It has not done anything bad to me yet except expel some worms and keep my headaches away especially this time a year for me. It also keeps my sinus inflamation down. It does feel a little cooling. I donít really smell it, I guess because I put very little on the q-tip. If yo ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Update on Strange Symptoms   by godmadeusperfect  5y   11,281
    So, I believe that some of the parasites must have been carrying some bad virus or something and when they died off they released it into my system. I think it is called spirochetes or something like that. It was so bad I even reached for the MMS that I have shyed away from since my severe die-off debacle. Thank god I had it, I donít know what I would have done, it really lifted the heavy rain clouds and now it is more like a overcast drizzly day than a tornado. I am still fighting it but it is not all consuming anymore thank goodness. I have had a ton of little twitches all over my b ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Oh dear should write a book   by fledgling  6y   11,281
    Sweetie, ... ... You have found me out! ... ... I write on CureZone, from my heart, and for practice...and to be well. ... ... ... Once upon a time I thought a person had to ímake upí stories, to write. I tried to write a fantastic dream I had. ... ... The story took turns I had not dreamed and ended up being íThe Mortgage-Lenderís Daughterí, in a little town that never was, where a stranger comes to the village that doesnít know economics, and teaches buying up all the things they make and take to the city. ... ... Luckily, a mortgage-lender has just built a fine house there, too...and he ha ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Ears   by fledgling  6y   11,274
    Hi, Bagsy, ... ... Point taken about NO grapefruit seed extract in the nose, even well diluted! ... ... I havenít used any, but someone said a while back that the smaller containers of it seem to contain a preservative of some kind. I donít know. ... ... ... I did, at one time use a fine, Young Living, helichrysm oil around the outer end of the ear canal, for tinnitis...just a touch on the tip of a finger. ... ... I did that daily for about two weeks. ... ... Then one evening I was looking at TV, lying out on the sofa with my head propped on a hand. ... ... Suddenly all the ringing stopped in my right ear, and nearly st ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Oh dear should write a book   by matchmaker  6y   11,263
    Dear Fledg, ... ... You have such a beautiful way of teaching us all and making us laugh at the same time. Why donít you write a book on The Day and the Life of Humaworm products. It will be a best seller. The way you write your posts is so professional. I love reading them. I am not good with words. I try to give my knowledge with a loving honest heart, I just wish I could write like you do. Your the best Fledgling! I think RG and others will agree with me also. Thanks for being there for everyone while RG has been away. Donna ... ...   [End]
  • Oh dear have me smiling and laughing.   by fledgling  6y   11,242
    ...I can just see you, arms and legs aflying, slurping into a hottubful of this lovely ointment. ... ... R.G.could rent out ten minutes at a time. Clients would come out all pink, or rosy brown, and other delicate colors...tip to toe! ... ... ... Iíll bring the ice wine! ... ... You bring the cucumber sandwiches. ... ... Weíll all rest on paisley cushions, beside gentle fires...content. ... ... Love, ... ... Fledgling   [End]
  • Re: Help! Coagulated Semi-hard Balls of Phlem   by #79767  5y   11,240
    Sounds like you may be paranoid about parasites. It sounds to me like youíve just done too much dairy in your day and have tons of phlegm to show for it.   [End]
  • Re: Oh more thing about my arms...   by matchmaker  6y   11,237
    This is good to know Fleg...Donna   [End]
  • Re: Twitches As Well   by PP  5y   11,220
    sorry not heard of scattering before, although i seem to recall having kind of itching / twitching amongst many other die off reactions as well. ... ... I am sure that these reactions will ease and you will feel better. ... ... I am considering taking 2nd round soon. ... ... Regards ... ... PP ...   [End]
  • Re: Update on Strange Symptoms   by fledgling  5y   11,211
    Hi, Godmadeusperfect, ... ... Reading your descriptions, I keep thinking about my own íeventsí where very odd things have passed from unexpected places. ... ... I have called them ídepositsí...and felt they had built over long periods of time. ... ... When you say íhard balls of phlegmí I think about dehydration, drying of mucus, either from natural evaporation, lack of moisture in the air or body, or from some kind of heat, perhaps a little inflamation in one area, or the house a bit warmer than your body would like. ... ... Wind, even cold wind in winter, can be drying. ... ... I know that, when I have had a col ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: I did it!!!   by fledgling  6y   11,205
    It may be that eyebrow ache is connected in some way to the liver. I donít know. ... ... Apparently the Chinese feel that any ailment on the right side of the body is connected in some way to the liver. ... ... I am too inexperienced, yet, to know for sure. ... ... :D   [End]
  • Re: White worm, black tips - what is it?   by Johny Apple Bomb  4y   11,200
    Looks like maggots. Maybe you ingested some fly eggs if it is possible for them to survive in the intestines. Maggots only eat dead or infected tissue so you should be ok. ... ... Could be some other unknown type though.   [End]
  • Re: Oh dear Fledgling...I felt your heart   by matchmaker  6y   11,168
    Fledg, ... ... I am sitting here after reading your post and happy tears are rolling down my face. I really felt your heart and I give mine everytime I post here. This is an incredible forum to come to. I was away for around a month because I was the cordinator of my 35th highschool reunion and I really felt the need for myself to get back here. ... ... It keeps me focused on my health because I NEVER want to go back to being as sick as I was. ... ... Hey I was thinking of something else to add to the list that we should tell people that are thinking about doing the Plain Liver Flush. ... ... If it is your fi ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Up the nose???   by imaxfli  6y   11,157
    So you put the cream ĒUPĒ the nose for the roundworms , not on the outside???   [End]
  • Cold Symptoms and Cleanse   by godmadeusperfect  5y   11,145
    Iím definitely paranoid about parasites. I saw a million of them excreted out of me and their still going out! So yes, for sure! I have been on a parasite cleanse at the same time as the symptoms, so I am pretty sure the two were related. After all this, I do think the phlegm disks were just dried phlegm. I did freak out about nothing in terms of that, but I think the accompanying extra salty mucous in my opion was foreign matter isolated and drained, perhaps of candida. I am definitely more calm about it now that the symptoms have dissapated thank goodness. Thanks.   [End]
  • Re: Oh dear Fledgling...I felt your heart   by fledgling  6y   11,129
    Oh what a good idea for the bathroom...a squirt bottle! ... ... Mine has a pinch of Himalayan crystal mineral salts in it...sterile, and it keeps forever. ... ... We put it on fine spray during the hot weather, and cooled ourselves. ... ... ... But I never thought to use such a thing in the bathroom. ... ... You are one smart cookie, Donna! ... ... :D   [End]
  • I did it!!!   by fledgling  6y   11,117
    First few days I just smelled it...very pleasant. ... ... The next few days I put a tiny bit around the outside of the nostrils, and a couple of times on the top of my large íheatí. ... ... Then I put some IN my nose... ... ... Well, it didnít burn or sting. It was a little cool, not much. I had no trouble fact, I think breathing was some easier. Matchmaker was right...R.G.ís ointment CAN go in the nose, with no immediate unhappy reactions. ... ... Then I sort of forgot about it, except that I did wonder if there would be a critter come from my sinuses. ... ... ...Not tha ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Strange Symptoms   by godmadeusperfect  5y   11,115
    Thanks Fledgling, I guess you could tell I was freaking out a little bit, huh. Thanks for you heartfelt response with personal antedotes, it made me feel better mentally. I actually am feeling a lot better physically as well. I hope that after the remainder of the symptoms lift that I will have reached another plateau of health. Thanks for you kind reassurance, it was very appreciated! ... ... We actually donít have our heater on, it is temperate here. It could have been a strong cold, but I really think it was my body expelling ascaris or candida, not to be gross, but it was very salty, l ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Oh dear Fledgling...I felt your heart   by matchmaker  6y   11,067
    Thank you Fledg, ... ... I love the Himalayan crystal mineral Sea Salt. I use it all the time for soaking and on my salads and such. ... ... I didnít know that it would make the water sterile forever! Wow. Talking about being smart! Love, Donna   [End]
  • Um, there is a worm swimming in my toilet!!!!!!!!!!!   R by askingandknocking  8y   11,026
    Hi humanworm,i started your product 9-10 days ago and have had very little side effects and no u.f.o.s[unidentified floating objects] until TODAY!!!!!!!!!1 Had a bowel movement and watched a live worm taking a little swim.The worm was about 1 inch long,brownish-tan in color and floated.Would you please tell me what this was and whatis itsí does to my body[health].Your forum is great, and so is your customer service. Thanks for work you do here and continued success.   [End]
  • Re: Um, there is a worm swimming in my toilet!!!!!!!!!!!   by humaworm  8y   10,932
    THANK YOU for being a customer :) Your ĒswimmerĒ sounds like an ascaris (roundworm)- it was living in the lower bowel area - thatís why it came out whole and a bit sickly, yet still alive enough to swim. They are white, but can be stained various shades of brown from stool. ... ... Other ascaris that are farther up in the body will come out more unrecognizeable because once they are being eliminated, the body will break them down as they are on the way out. If you happen to start coughing up ANY plelm during your cleanse - SPIT IT OUT! Ascaris incubate in the lungs and the new larvae are co ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Link between low white blood cell count and parasites/bacteria etc??   by 10selection10  5y   10,828
    Yes a low white blood usually means a chronic infection. This is a good website used by doctors to quickly look up causes: ... ... ... ... ... ... # Causes: Severe Neutropenia ... ... 1. Bacterial Sepsis (especially Gram Negative Bacteria) ... 2. Infectious Mononucleosis ... 3. Hepatitis B Virus ... 4. Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) ... ... # Causes: Viral Infections ... ... 1. Infectious Mononucleosis ... 2. Hepatitis B Virus ... 3. Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) ... 4. Measles ... 5. Mumps ... 6. Rubella ... 7. Roseola ... 8. Malaria ... 9. Leishmaniasis ... 10. Cytomegalovirus ... 11. Colorado T ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Essiac Tea...   by humaworm  8y   10,826
    The original herb mix is Burdock Root - 16 parts, Sheep Sorrel - 1 part, Turkey Rhubarb Root - 1 part (or native Rhubarb root - 2 parts) and Slipperly Elm - 4 parts. This is brewed in a special way and can be made to produce liquid amounts as needed. Preventive dose is 2 ounces per day - treatment is 4 punces per day (taken twice per day) for 12 weeks. ... ... I do have the herbs and I can help you make your own - but youíll have to brew it yourself - it is not a hard process, but you have to follow the exact method. Email me and let me know if you are interested. ... ... If you ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Symptoms & Diagnosis of Anisakis Worms   by humaworm  8y   10,806
    Great information about Anisakis worms that infect humans - it comes from raw or undercooked seafood. While reading the following article from the United States Center For Disease Control - pay careful attention to sections 3, 4 & 5. Thanks! ... ... 1. Name of the Organism: ... Anisakis simplex and related worms Anisakis simplex (herring worm), Pseudoterranova (Phocanema, Terranova) decipiens (cod or seal worm), Contracaecum spp., and Hysterothylacium (Thynnascaris) spp. are anisakid nematodes (roundworms) that have been implicated in human infections caused by the consumption of raw or undercoo ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Um, there is a worm swimming in my toilet!!!!!!!!!!!   by askingandknocking  8y   10,795
    Thanks for your quick response and information.One other experience i had was, that i recently had a b.m. and i casually looked in the toilet as it was flushing, and saw what appeared to be a reddish-orangesh-pinkesh like object that looked like maybe the size of a penny or-so,and reminded me of a jelly been in its coloring.Have you ever seen or heard of something like this?Thank you very much and hope to talk with you soon.   [End]
  • Re: White worm, black tips - what is it?   by bestisnow  4y   10,791
    I am really not wanting that to be a maggot, but it looks just like one. Could a maggot really hatch and grow to that size gastrointestinally? ...   [End]
  • Re: White worm, black tips - what is it?   by drbailey  4y   10,782
    Thankfully no, they are not maggots.   [End]
  • Stomach and throat from hell   by John2008  6y   10,700
    Hi, my name is John. I am a 21 year old male that is slightly overweight with no pre-existing conditions. Ever since June 6th Iíve suffered mainly a tickling throat and a constant cough sensation, accompanied by shortness of breath and many other symptoms. All of this started after drinking gin for the first time in the form of half a bottle. 5 shots of brandy that morning on an empty stomach and a lot of Brandy the night before did not help. ... ... Some things to remember when looking at my situation: 1. This type of hard liquor binge drinking was not a normal thing, I was having a lot of str ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Um, there is a worm swimming in my toilet!!!!!!!!!!!   by askingandknocking  8y   10,688
    Thanks alot for the info.How do liver flukes interact with the body and effect ones health?Also just found out last night my 72 yr. old mom has a tumor at her thyroid.So i started looking on line for info and possible actions to take or not take.Was interested in your knowledge,experience and opinions on essiac tea?If we decide to use essiac or something like it i need some advice. Lots of conflicting marketing, like, some people say to use the premix liquid and some say this is a no-no. Some say if you buy the herbs that they have to be seperate, while others are all mixed together.Prices ...   [retrieve this message]
  • stool picture - please read and help identify - i am freaked   by #141716  3y   10,638
    OK So two days ago I was having a really hard day. Very emotional. I finsihed the Humaworm Parasite clenase 12 days ago and I am currently doing the lung clenase day 13. Today I went to the bathroom and I noticed this. I broke up the stool in the toilet and I notices small stringy things. The red broke up as well. It did not soak into the toilet paper like you think blood would but seemed pretty much itís own product in the stool. Is this liver flukes or some other parasite, bacteria, candida, or something that would have come out due to the clenasing and if so what the hell is it? It is p ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: White worm, black tips - what is it?   by lastninja  4y   10,638
    Thereís this show íMonsters Inside Meí about parasite infections, cool show, one ep this girl had a flyís egg get into her eye after a fly landed on her eye briefly. A maggot hatched and ate away most of one of her eyes, leaving her mostly blind in that eye   [End]
  • Um-m-m...I'm trying it   by fledgling  6y   10,548
    I began this morning with only a good pinch of Epsom salts in less than a glass of water. ... ... Then I waited a while, and made up a batch of olive oil with some grapefruit juice dh squeezed for me. It was half a pink grapefruit and about half a cup+ of olive oil. ... ... I shook the potion in a jar, drank it down by the bed, and lay still on my back for twenty minutes. ... ... I heard very small bits of the gurgling, twice, and I may have felt ísomethingí in the middle of the midriff or a bit lower. ... ... I added in some kinesiology hand moves, some gentle massage, and I spoke fondly to the organs...all ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Liver fluke symptoms   R by yellowbirdmom  7y   10,540
    Hi ... ... I agree with RG about the symptoms. I have/had a really bad infestation of liver flukes. I did my first parasite cleanse May/June and am on my second- extra strength -cleanse now. About half of the symptoms are gone. I still have alot of trouble with bloating but it seems to be settling down a bit. No more headache, which is nice. My digestion is getting better. And, my skin couldnít get any nicer. ... ... This cleanse brought out big buggers, but not allot of them like the first cleanse (I got out no less than 7+ pounds of them on my first cleanse). This time there is a whole lot ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: is this picture mucus or worms? Ascaris.   by Bugboy  7y   10,527
    If you are having any respitory problems at all - strange coughs, chest congestion that comes and goes, and phelm - then I can just about guarantee that it is ascaris. These respitory problems will cycle along with the cycle of the ascaris eggs hatching. Also, if you ever feel any ĒwigglingĒ sensations in any parts of your body - then it is ascaris. They like to travel around inthe body and are quite mobile. ... ... Hmmmm--interesting. I have both symptoms listed above, chest congestion/nasty phelm, and a ĒwigglingĒ sensation in my lower legs that I never had until I started parasite cleansings ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: What A Healthy Adult's Normal Stool Should Look Like   by persianmelon  8y   10,526
    There is so much information here for a newcomer to start to absorb. Iím sure you have answered this many times already, but I am wondering what advice you could give to a person getting started. Do a liver cleanse first or try the humaworm first? What liver cleanse program is the most effective? I would like to try the parasite cleanse first because I am sure I have some nasty little buggers living in me. Any help and suggestions would be great ... Thanks   [End]
  • Liver flush without Epsom Salts???   by tuliprunner  6y   10,524
    I hope someone can help. My boyfriend is very against me consuming epsom salts at all, because heís read about some people who have died from eat epsom salts. Does anyone know a recipe that I can do minus the epsom salts? Iím about to embark on taking humaworm, but I donít want to do it without flushing out all the critters! I would greatly appreciate your thoughts. Thank you! :)   [End]
  • Re: Bugs in my urine!   by JeriSue  21mo   10,481
    Have you tried food grade Diatomaceous Earth. It is shell flour. Is minerals and wont hurt humans or any animal with a digestive system but hurts insects. The shape of the molecules cut. The bugs dehydrate and die. The flour contains minerals that are good for you. Helps bones and arthritis. mix in milk or yogurt. Things you donít have to chew.   [End]
  • Re: Liver flush without Epsom Salts???   by gulfgirl  6y   10,466
    Go to the ĒAsk Dr. SutterĒ forum. He has one that involves drinking a lot of apple cider mixed with phosphoric acid for a few days before the flush instead of Epsom salts to relax the liver and gallbladder ducts. A lot of people seem to like it better than the standard Hulda Clark one. Iím thinking about trying it because the Epsom salts and fasting with the standard one do leave me feeling very weak and washed out! I am worried about the large quantity of apple cider, though. I have candida issues and Iím worried about so much sugar feeding the fungus.   [End]
  • Re: How can I tell if I still have roundworm?   by #132938  3y   10,463
    If the results of my Humaworm treatments are to be believed, I had roundworm, tapeworm, liver flukes, intestinal flukes, pinworms and threadworms. Itís a myth that you canít gain weight with parasites, because I canít lose weight. Iíve gained 25 lbs. in the last 3 years, and the only way Iíve been able to lose it so far is just by starving myself by doing lengthy Master Cleanses, which I donít do anymore...really unhealthy to do too many.   [End]
  • Re: How can I tell if I still have roundworm?   by cuzjay420  3y   10,451
    one way to tell is if you cant gain wieght no matter what you do, roundworms keep you from gaining or even sometimes losing wieght. Alot of people say you can gain wieght with worms, everybody I know with worms has lost wieght lol even my dog, i find it hard to believe the whole gain weight from worms statement. ... ... Other ways you can tell if you still have roundworm are: loud stomach noises, clear mucuos in stool (even hard formed stool), gas and bloating. ... ... Or you can order a DNA stool test from, tests your stool NOT for eggs and parts BUT for the DNA of the worms.HOPE T ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Grinding teeth   R by white tiger  8y   10,439
    Hi lula183 ... ... Parasites can cause teeth grinding, which can lead to other problems such as such as seriously wearing down your teeth, loosening the teeth, gum reduction, headaches, jaw joint problems and aching jaw muscles. Bruxism is the medical term for teeth grinding. ... Parasites such as pinworms is a common parasite that can cause teeth grinding. A large percentage of the population has some form of parasitic infestation. ... ... I think a parasite cleanse is in order, especially if he has not had one in a long time. ... I would also suggest adding these supplements. ... Another cause of teeth gri ...   [retrieve this message]
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