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  • Re: can't we all just get along?   by #118839  3y   947  Webmaster Debate
    All Hv has to do is stop debating in support forums and no one would have much to say to him at all! Its his choice to take interfere with other peoples healing choices.   [End]
  • Re: he! where is our posts   by #118839  3y   1,208  Alkaline/Acid Debate
    New rules! Enemies of this support foum are not to be challenged! ... Those who believe in this protocol and defend it are subject to censorship and banishment. Watch this post will disappear shortly ans so will I more then likely! But at this point in time Curezone is not a place to go to for honest information!   [End]
  • Re: clearing up diet confusion around alkaline and acid ph and candida   by #118839  3y   700  Peeling Lips
    Try to remember the triple R rating by Hvergerthi is rated by Hvergerthi himself , and don’t forget the conflict of interest and his total lack of experience in this protocol which causes one to ask ,what is his agenda! $$$$$$$$   [End]
  • Re: Proof that these ARE gallstones.   by #118839  3y   3,428  Liver Flush Debate
    Common sense would tell one never to fly in a plane unless the pilot has at least some experience! Common sense is not impressed with 20 dollar words ,common sense tells one that they have no idea how many people have been turned away from a successful healing mode because they now unnecessarily fear something for no reason at all! But I can understand your enjoyment in the entertaining aspect of all this fruitless bickering.   [End]
  • Re: Proof that these ARE gallstones.   by #118839  3y   3,342  Liver Flush Debate
    Actually these debates are totally asinine. So much misinfomation from two people who have zero experience and and a conflict of interest dominating the discussion with an obsessive compulsion to establish their authority. ... This only confuses people and instills fear in them! Nothing more then a spectacle of egos parading as knowledge.   [End]
  • Re: Ban domineering forum owners from the debate forum webmaster!   by #118839  3y   3,484  Liver Flush Debate
    Would someone please tell me why there is such intense debate over what the ”stones” are made of? ... ... ... Profit, these cleanses heal taking monies away from those selling products! Follow the buck it’s that simple. ... ... Eliminating forum owners selling products would easily solve the problem of these none productive and foolish threads.   [End]
  • Re: Ban domineering forum owners from the debate forum webmaster!   by #118839  3y   3,477  Liver Flush Debate
    ... Running scared! lol! That’s delusional. I haven’t seen you convert one person on these forums and the liver flush support forum is still Curezone’s most successful forum. ... Actually I think your just a desperate herbalist trying to make a living selling products sold by a thousand other herbalists where being an unknown is synonymous with poverty. ...   [End]
  • Re: Ban domineering forum owners from the debate forum webmaster!   by #118839  3y   3,548  Liver Flush Debate
    Well then why don’t you just voluntarily ban yourself because I have seen no proof from you or any of the other medical trolls on this forum! But those who sell products that compete with the liver flush should not be allowed to dominate this forum with their deceptions and lies!   [End]
  • Ban forum owners from the debate forum   by #118839  3y   3,782  Liver Flush Debate
    And stop this conflict of interest causing personal attacks and thread disruption destroying productive discourse. ... Curezone take this forum back from these abusers.   [End]
  • Ban all forum owners from the debate forums   by #118839  3y   730  Liver Flush Debate
    Eliminate distractions, thread derailment ,personal harrassment, belittlement and false information. ... If one looks at the past history of the debate forums there is a forum owner at the center of every dispute including all kinds of TOS violations that are constantly over looked! They apparently have special privileges and are protected by forum moderators! Ban these forum owners and take OUR debate forums back!!!!! ... Notice the deception and harrassment from the above forum owner! She violates TOS getS her post deleted ,only to go on and continue the deception and harassment! THIS KIND OF ...   [retrieve this message]
  • More forum owner intimidation   by #118839  3y   3,755  Liver Flush Debate
    Ban all forum owners from the debate forums! End intimidation distraction name calling and threats.   [End]
  • Forum owner intimidation   by #118839  3y   673  Liver Flush Debate
    So a moderator had one of your posts deleted(TOS violation) so now you are on the hunt hey spud! This is the type of intimidation these forums do not need and another reason to have forum owners ,who seem to think they own these boards, banned from all debate forums.   [End]
  • Re: The only intimidation, is in your own mind.   by #118839  3y   856  Liver Flush Debate
    This is typical of a forum owner, double speak and denial. ... These forum owners need some accountability,they run rough shod all over Curezone without any responsibility except to themselves! ... Look at the response ”intimidation is only in your head”!!! Is that how a strong arm thug would excuse his actions while robbing you???It’s all in your head! lol! ... Let me see where would feeling intimidated belong, besides in your head. And is this supposed to make it okay to intimidate, I wonder?   [End]
  • Forum owners and personal attacks, another problem!   by #118839  3y   839  Liver Flush Debate
    Just think how productive this forum could be without this type of intimidation.   [End]
  • Re: This is a debate forum!!!   by #118839  3y   891  Liver Flush Debate
    Yes it is ,and it has been destroyed by constant bickering from forum owners. Regular members can’t have an opinion or ask a question without some forum owner stepping in as an authority figure or expert and taking the thread over. ... We don’t need any self appointed authority figures dominating the issues here.   [End]
  • There is a forum owner at the center of every dispute.   by #118839  3y   840  Liver Flush Debate
    Ban the bums. Who needs these constant distractions.   [End]
  • Re: The majority disciplined...?... Re: Forum owners should be banned fr...   by #118839  3y   915  Liver Flush Debate
    Not good policy for you or any other forum owner perhaps, but good for Curezone and its regular members. Forum owners have their very own platform and bullhorn, isn’t that enough. I don’t see the value added in the debate forums for the all knowing self important experts and all their baggage. ... Quite the contrary actually ,one of the most successful of all Curezones forums has no expert at all! Just people helping people. ...   [End]
  • Re: The majority disciplined...?... Re: Forum owners should be banned fr...   by #118839  3y   883  Liver Flush Debate
    Don’t think of it as discipline ,think of it as good policy. Has Curezone not been the advocate for the people and not the expert,why should the average person have to deal with some polished sales ready expert, shouldn’t these forums belong to the people instead of the expert with whatever their agenda may be.   [End]
  • Forum owners should be banned from the debate forums   by #118839  3y   935  Liver Flush Debate
    A simple matter of conflict of interests. Sure there are some forum owners who don’t abuse their positions but as is noted in this forum there are those who do and will continue to abuse them. There should be some kind of accountability to those who have been giving special privileges here at Curezone ... to help keep it honest and above board.   [End]
  • Re: Common Knowledge: Scans not full-proof for detecting gallstones   by #118839  3y   3,918  Liver Flush Debate
    Pearls before swine befurther, hand the man the genuine item and he exposes his lack of knowledge by his very denial. It is only science if presented by the proper authority! lol!   [End]
  • Re: First hand experience and a knowledge of anatomy and biology.   by #118839  3y   3,853  Liver Flush Debate
    Is it not pathetic that those who attempt to set themselves up as an authority make grand claims that they have no proof of and is contrary to what they present. Any child can make a claim they understand something, but expose their ignorance on the subject as soon as they open their mouths. ... Funny how many of these types infest society,people who go around telling others what doesn’t work or can’t be done or is too dangerous to those who are doing what they claim is impossible. It does make for pretty good comedy though.   [End]
  • Re: A liver flush is not a bicycle.   by #118839  3y   3,801  Liver Flush Debate
    Is there really anything more pathetic then watching someone try to set themselves up as an authority figure on a subject they know very little about ? Fortunately for some Curezone provides a platform and a forum for just such people, but how unfortunate for the rest of us.   [End]
  • Just more fear mongering.   by #118839  4y   3,887  Liver Flush Debate
    No experience no first hand second hand third hand knowledge of the protocol,just hear say copied from unreliable and untrustworthy sources.   [End]
  • Pointing out alarmist misinformation is not ,,   by #118839  4y   3,807  Liver Flush Debate
    a personal attack ,which you and HV spend so much time trying to establish. Like I said some people will do or say anything to establish authority ,including eliminating any and all opponents! What drives such great animus I wonder?   [End]
  • Re: Fearmongering +, bikes are   by #118839  4y   3,907  Liver Flush Debate
    As we can see from most of your post that you assume many things , I know of course that these assumptions are meant to bait your opponent so I won’t bother with such silly things. But let me just tell you spuds ,everyone is on to them. ... Yes I have an agenda spuds ,that is to defend something good ,something everyone with health issues should know about to escape the waste of time from so many other pricey and useless protocol . So now what is your agenda , you gave your warning, that everyone already knew about, so what drives you to hinder peoples health decisions with misinformation?   [End]
  • Re: A liver flush is not a bicycle.   by #118839  4y   3,822  Liver Flush Debate
    People are a thousand miles ahead of you spuds, ! This is the problem with you people ,you want so bad to prove your authority that you prove how little you know every time you open your mouths. ... And yes HV the liver/gallbladder flush support forum is doing great things in the alternative healing arena, a much more successful protocol then useless over priced herbal concoctions have ever done.   [End]
  • Re: Dislodging gallstones with liver flushes.   by #118839  4y   3,838  Liver Flush Debate
    Spoken like a true alarmist pro med advocate! And how do you know this spuds, have you tried it once? lol.   [End]
  • Fearmongering +, bikes are   by #118839  4y   4,087  Liver Flush Debate
    Notice how spuds keeps noting the so called demeanor of other posters ,as if she has another agenda other then what she claims she is here for! HIV does this same thing, as if they can tell what state a person is in through a few words. I think they are more concerned about discrediting their opponents then the gall bladder flush because they efforts are a complete a waste of time and have accomplished nothing. ... ... And yes if they had read the information about liver flushes, or new anything at all about them they would know that warnings come with them just like riding a bike ,and just l ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: A liver flush is not a bicycle.   by #118839  4y   3,911  Liver Flush Debate
    I’m not wasting time proving you people are wrong and pointing out your lack of credibility on a subject that has been proven to be valuable to so many. It’s not hard either ,neither of you have come close to changing peoples mind’s. As you may have noticed the Liver/Gallbladder flush support forums are still helping people just as they have for many years. And pointing out someones lack of credibility is only insult if they truly lack credibility, which in reality is only a debating point in any normal debate.   [End]
  • Fearmongering   by #118839  4y   3,873  Liver Flush Debate
    Some people will say anything to attempt to gain credibility. ... Fortunately these childish ploys almost never work.   [End]
  • Re: Bicycles are a joke, they do not work.   by #118839  4y   3,840  Liver Flush Debate
    An analogy is not an assumption. ... But I am surprised that someone who fears a little epsom salts combined with a little olive oil and juice would ever get on a big old dangerous bike.   [End]
  • Re: Are there any other explanations why the liver flush works?   by #118839  4y   3,862  Liver Flush Debate
    B&G I think you are just a guy who can’t ride a bike and don’t know who to believe. It suits your ego to say that bikes don’t work because you are afraid to try or try again ,but somehow you just can’t ignore those people out there riding bikes right in front of your face. And that’s about it and that’s why you don’t want to hear about it. There is a simple solution for that.   [End]
  • Re: A liver flush is not a bicycle.   by #118839  4y   3,904  Liver Flush Debate
    Please, do you really think you are a reliable source, especially when you people refuse to accept anyone elses testimony! This is ludicrous.Can’t you see that???? lol   [End]
  • Re: A liver flush is not a bicycle.   by #118839  4y   3,916  Liver Flush Debate
    I can’t say I have once seen a single thread of legitimate evidence from you HV not once. Propaganda is not evidence. ... And how many times have you claimed testimony is biased and unacceptable,well spuds evidence is biased to begin with and completely unprovable and unacceptable. Funny you want me to accept testimony from one person as legit yet you denounce hundreds of testimonies! lol I love the double standard you people set up for yourselves.   [End]
  • Re: Bicycles are a joke, they do not work.   by #118839  4y   3,823  Liver Flush Debate
    lol! Have you ever heard of something called an analogy ?   [End]
  • Re: A liver flush is not a bicycle.   by #118839  4y   3,874  Liver Flush Debate
    I haven’t insulted anyone. Just like you I think certain things are pitiful and sad. And I don’t particularly care to take advice from someone with no experience whatsoever about certain subjects. To do so would be quite foolish.Wouldn’t it? ... You simply can’t learn to ride a bike from someone who knows nothing about them.   [End]
  • Re: Bicycles are a joke, they do not work.   by #118839  4y   3,902  Liver Flush Debate
    I think its sad when two people who cannot ride a bicycle, haven’t got a clue about how bicycles work and for some unknown strange reason hate bicycles, spend half their live’s trying to tell people who know how to ride a bicycle that they don’t work! That is really sad and really weird.   [End]
  • Bicycles are a joke, they do not work.   by #118839  4y   3,977  Liver Flush Debate
    Think of a bicycle, hundreds of thousands of people have found them useful except two people who claim they don’t work. ... One never even tried to ride the bicycle the other one tried it once and failed,,,yet they swear and complain hysterically that these bicycles don’t work. What do we now, scrap all the bicycles on the planet because of these two incompetent people who where either unwilling to try or incapable, or do we just laugh at or ignore these two failures?   [End]
  • Re: Sure, why do it unless you need to.   by #118839  4y   4,030  Liver Flush Debate
    But try to remember dogbert,, Simom says , ... ... ”feeling better does not mean something is working or beneficial.’” ... ... lol,,, Funniest thing I have ever read on Curezone   [End]
  • Re: Are there any other explanations why the liver flush works?   by #118839  4y   3,924  Liver Flush Debate
    ”science shall be the new religion” ... Bertrand Russell ... ... Invoke the name of science and they shall kneel before you!   [End]
  • Re: Are there any other explanations why the liver flush works?   by #118839  4y   4,001  Liver Flush Debate
    I completely agree Lisa! it recalls a humorous yet applicable statement from a very wise man that said ... ... ”who you going to believe ,me or your own two eyes!” ... ... But aside from this humor this is exactly what the authority type wants you to do. But if people really want to take responsibility for their own health this is last kind of advice someone on an alternative health site should be force feeding people. It is disturbing and it does limit the potential for taking responsibility for ones health and it also limits ones potential for healing.   [End]
  • Re: Are there any other explanations why the liver flush works?   by #118839  4y   3,993  Liver Flush Debate
    ’... feeling better does not mean something is working or beneficial.’ ... ... Like this flew right over everyone’s head also. This is hilarious. lol! But please keep posting this very entertaining material.   [End]
  • Re: Are there any other explanations why the liver flush works?   by #118839  4y   4,023  Liver Flush Debate
    I find it incredible that someone can honestly compare drinking a little olive oil, fruit juice and epsom salts to chemotherapy. Laughable actually.   [End]
  • Re: Opposing Moreless Drink   by #118839  4y   1,630  Ask Moreless: pH
    My son and I use it on cuts and abrasions saturating the area around them without ever feeling a burning sensation! Simple mis statements like these make me wonder about the validity of someones claims and I wonder what misinformation has influenced their hysterical reactions!   [End]
  • Re: Opposing Moreless Drink   by #118839  4y   1,732  Ask Moreless: pH
    ”I mean you can’t even touch it without burning yourself.” ... ... An obvious false and hysterical statement which brings me to the conclusion that the rest of your statement is false!   [End]
  • Re: Dismissive, disrespectful, argumentative language   by #118839  4y   1,513  Ask Moreless: pH
    Pardon me if I’m wrong, but it sounds like you are describing your own posts.   [End]
  • Re: ---Facts of Life---God's children   by #118839  4y   1,363  Ask Moreless: pH
    I find it particularly strange that advocating for a child’s life to be labeled pontificating. How contemptuous.   [End]
  • Hvergerthi has that effect on people,,,   by #118839  4y   3,737  Cancer Support  Cross-post
    just the same I hate to see you leave Karen , I feel you have much to offer Curezone , but no doubt that Curezone has turned into a place where the bad get more support then the good!   [End]
  • Re: The pronoun "I"   by #118839  4y   338  Personal Conflicts
    Sorry rasc, I cannot decipher exactly what you are trying to say, except it does appear to me that you are trying to insult me. That’s fine, but a little clarity and decent grammar would go a long way to improve your attempt to do so.   [End]
  • Re: The pronoun "I"   by #118839  4y   358  Personal Conflicts
    Notice the subject matter of this egomaniac and his sidekick trolls! I have noticed that its true, the ratings have gone down and peculiarly enough they correspond within a time frame shortly after the entrance of this group of people. ... As you can see their attempts to discredit Curezone have been consistent and more aggressive as time goes by. ... By allowing these people to have their own forums the webmaster has given a bullhorn to these two particularly hate filled members of Curezone. ... To allow Curezone to be compromised and discredited to such an extent surely must have its effects and ...   [retrieve this message]
  • "wow, is this kindergarten?" now this is a form of belittlement and name...   by #118839  4y   2,409  Liver Flush Debate
  • False accusations !   by #118839  4y   2,417  Liver Flush Debate
    I didn’t call anyone any names, just exposing your intentions of first putting words in my mouth and misrepresenting what your transparent intentions are and your attacks on the moderator here! I’m defending against your attacks on those who oppose your friends plain and simple! And your intentional flaming and attempting to have me banned its so transparent I hope the moderator sees through what you are blatantly attempting to do ! ... If you can make these clam show them to me !   [End]
  • Re: Anyone here recall "'The Arrow and the Song'?   by #118839  4y   2,333  Liver Flush Debate
    Maybe you should request a forum moderator position then you can moderate it the way you want! I think this forum moderator has the right to enforce the TOS as he/she sees fit! ... I have no problem following a few common courtesies, I don’t see why you and your friends have such a problem with it!   [End]
  • Re: anyone hear here?!   by #118839  4y   2,416  Liver Flush Debate
    lol That’s a very funny misinterpretation of what I said ! Your biased implication that your hero friends are being unfairly persicuted is what I am responding to ! This is a debate forum, if someone disagrees they have the right to say so ! Is that so difficult to understand? ... You first post you acted as if you where addressing the restriction that this forums moderator has decided to enforce, why don’t you stick with your so called concerns instead of cheerleading for your poor misunderstood friends!   [End]
  • Re: anyone hear here?!   by #118839  4y   2,377  Liver Flush Debate
    Funny how people that have no interest in this forum in the past join the scene based on their connection and biases towards certain members. ... However over the top and redundant scare tactics are of no real use ! Curezone has a survey of the many people who have safely done these flushes and all the possible dangers which are rare are discussed in the introduction and explanation sections! Life has its dangers, are you going to stand in the street all day and night warming people they may get run over by a car if they cross it??? ... What is particularly funny to me is your parading these fri ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Liver/Gallbladder flush and the fecal soap fallacy!   by #118839  4y   3,159  Liver Flush Debate
    but I can tell you that the person who did the flush reported wonderful results. ... ... Isn’t this what its all about,the results of better all around heath with these cleanses DQ? I guess the medical establishment can go on and on about the impossibilities of these cleanses and little balls of soap but the real fact is they obtain marvelous results from multitudes of people! That is success!   [End]
  • Re: Liver/Gallbladder flush and the fecal soap fallacy!   by #118839  4y   3,179  Liver Flush Debate
    The bile ducts are not the size of quarters to baseballs, which are the sizes of some of the soap stones that people have photographed and posted? Actually the bile ducts are nowhere near that size. ... ... Quarters to baseballs?? Have you ever done a L/G cleanse the only green balls I have seen are no larger then BBs larger stones are almost any color but completely olive oil green! ... ... ... Well I can’t except that 10 to 20% of fat goes undigested this suggest an absorption disfunction or pancreatic failure! ... ... ... ”In the small intestine, dietary fat (primarily triglycerides) is digested by enzym ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Liver/Gallbladder flush and the fecal soap fallacy!   by #118839  4y   3,633  Liver Flush Debate
    Liver/Gallbladder flush and the fecal soap fallacy! ... ... Riddle me this Fecal soap promoters! ... How is it possible for an oil or even an animal fat to make it through the digestive tract and still be not only in tact but in convenient little balls about the same size as the bile ducts in the liver? ... Fat being a very highly absorbable food is stored in the stomach and dissolved by hydrochloric acids and digestive enzyme into what is called chyme, a thick semifluid mass of partly digested food that is passed from the stomach to the duodenum. This chyme then passes through the small intestine w ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Great article of here say and bashing!   by #118839  4y   2,188  Liver Flush Debate
    The problem is HV is you have not proven anything !There are millions of anti alternative articles and falsified and biased and inaccurate studies on the net but none of them are proof unless you consider the medical establishment and the pharmaceutical industry to be beyond reproach! Prove that to me and others that everything you read from the medical industry is the absolute truth! Now thousands and thousands of people with nothing to lose or gain have shown they do work, no profit motive no reputation to protect yet they would swear on the bible that the cleanses work! I think I will b ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Andreas Moritz on why bile stones do not show on CT scans   by #118839  4y   2,714  Liver Flush Debate
    You asked for proof that the pathguy is pro medical pharmaceutical and I don’t think anything proves it so much as supporting these deadly vaccines! So I supply some proof and you change the subject ! Why is that HV?   [End]
  • Re: Andmor offers scientific proof!   by #118839  4y   984  Liver Flush Debate
    Another personal attack?   [End]
  • Re: Andreas Moritz on why bile stones do not show on CT scans   by #118839  4y   2,858  Liver Flush Debate
    A pro vaccine article by pathguy with particular focus on discrediting anti vaccine advocates!These guys spend unreasonable amounts time trying to discredit others and promoting themselves then any real good they do! ... ... ...   [End]
  • Re: Pathguy anti Alternative healthcare   by #118839  4y   1,484  Liver Flush Debate
    It doesn’t matter what I think, the facts are in on the pathguy , he is beyond any doubt a spokesman for the medical/pharmaceutical establishment the same one responsible for some three quarters of a million iotrogenic deaths a year! The same one responsible for untold harm to children from the vaccine industry! These facts can’t be denied! ...   [End]
  • Re: Andreas Moritz on why bile stones do not show on CT scans   by #118839  4y   2,860  Liver Flush Debate
    Spud: ... ... I am not trying to persuade others from trying whatever they please, this is their choice, but people do need to know the possible risks, and the false information put out by people such as you, and the other evangelists on this forum. ... ... Yet spud has posted 42 times in two months time attempting to discredit the liver gallbladder cleanses. ... ... ...   [End]
  • Andmor offers scientific proof!   by #118839  4y   1,067  Liver Flush Debate
    Which of course was ignored and belittled by the so called skeptics here on this forum! ... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ... ... Spud, ... ... We can send you pictures and you can for yourself. ... ... Also, we rather rely on laboratory tests that oncologists and gastrointerologists send us than on someone who obviously has no experience with liver flushing. It is easy to make derogatory comments about other people’s work. We recommend you try it out yourself and then post your results here. Otherwise, it sounds like you are having a different agenda than helping others in their quest of helping themselves heal. P ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Andreas Moritz on why bile stones do not show on CT scans   by #118839  4y   2,833  Liver Flush Debate
    So completely true Lisa,, you can see this through their posting history,, they start the attacks then they claim foul when one reciprocates ! The pattern is continuous over and over throughout Curezone!   [End]
  • Re: Pathguy is anti Alternative healthcare   by #118839  4y   1,476  Liver Flush Debate
    Wow I honestly thought you where going to try to defend this xxxxxxxxxxx to the hilt! Its hard to deny pathguy is no different then stephan barret in his intentions!   [End]
  • Re: Plain old lies   by #118839  4y   2,841  Liver Flush Debate
    Don’t let the BS fool you lisa This is the caliber of people who like to promote the medico/pharmaceutical industry and bash one of the protocols that brought Curezone into the spot light and to the attention of those who have much to lose every time someone successfully heals themselves with one of these cleansing protocols!   [End]
  • Re: Silly explanation of soap stone formation   by #118839  4y   3,600  Liver Flush Debate
    Same here Lisamarie what does HV call them, a word he made up to promote his authority, ”fecal stones or fecal soap” ? Pretty funny!   [End]
  • Re: Pathguy is anti Alternative healthcare   by #118839  4y   1,435  Liver Flush Debate
    I know I got you when you use the desperate acronyms instead of reason! You know just as well as I do the the pathguy is anti alternatiuve healthcare and pro pharmaceutical medicine! Can you honestly deny that! He is pro cut burn and poison, he is pro vaccine, for infants , he would be all for bleeding the patient if it was a 100 years earlier! B   [End]
  • Re: Pathguy is anti Alternative healthcare   by #118839  4y   1,401  Liver Flush Debate
    This isnt a court of law! I am simply informing others that the pathguy is a devoted anti alternative health guy and part of the quackwatch type websites popping up all over the internet. Him and Stephan Barret are like peas and carrots,same agenda same unscientific anti alternative health ... lol !   [End]
  • Re: Great article of here say and bashing!   by #118839  4y   2,100  Liver Flush Debate
    Can’t take you own medicine HV ! It seems your agenda here is becoming an obsession along with your personal bashing. Ive noticed you spend more time here then you do at your own forum, so many unanswered posts and you here trying to establish your authority with nothing but unscientific paid opinion articles , why is that HV?   [End]
  • Re: Great article of here say and bashing!   by #118839  4y   2,156  Liver Flush Debate
    As your past posting history will prove you are the one who dismisses everyones anecdotal evidence or personal testimony. are we now suppose to make an exception for you? I think not!   [End]
  • Re: Pathguy is anti Alternative healthcare   by #118839  4y   1,523  Liver Flush Debate
    I suppose because this guy has papers his word is godlike! he is on Barretts website thats close enough for me and others I’m sure! Fact is all your proofs are just someones opinion I see no proof of anything! None of your cut and paste amount to anything at all!   [End]
  • Re: More Related silliness   by #118839  4y   3,636  Liver Flush Debate
    More useless opinions ! Not worth considering!   [End]
  • Re: Silly explanation of soap stone formation   by #118839  4y   3,628  Liver Flush Debate
    Farcical ,laughable worthless misinformation!   [End]
  • Re: Great article of hearsay and bashing!   by #118839  4y   2,208  Liver Flush Debate
    Nothing more,just personal insulting opinions, no science and in fact no link or reference from an author ,very untrustworthy!   [End]
  • Pathguy is anti Alternative healthcare   by #118839  4y   1,506  Liver Flush Debate
    A real doctor wow! Yes and connected directly to stephan Barret the criminal medical/pharmaceutical agent!   [End]
  • Re: Gallstone Flush   by #118839  4y   2,649  Liver Flush Debate
    I speak from experience ,you repeat propaganda from the most deadly medical industry ever devised!   [End]
  • Re: Gallstone Flush   by #118839  4y   2,716  Liver Flush Debate
    Hmmm let me see, the cost of a few tablespoon of epsom salts plus the cost of a few table spoons of olive oil plus the horrendous cost of a grape fruit ! ... ... ... Gallbladder extraction $14,000.00 !!! ... ... ... ”The world is full of crooks. It’s your money.” ... ... This is the mentality of a professional quack like the pathguy!~lol I think this says it all!   [End]
  • Re: Information about my protocol(s)   by #118839  4y   4,129  Cancer Support  Cross-post
    Curezone used to be a place where people shared their experiences openly and unencumbered without opposing attacks, these new forum owners with products for sale should be limited to their own forums ,I mean what more do they need to present their opinions, must they attack everyone they dont totally agree with on every issue? I wish the webmaster would shackle these over opinionated control freaks and limit their argumentative input to their own empires!   [End]
  • Re: Paging Sara...Sara 123   by #118839  4y   641  Politics Debate
    Censorship the great cry of the left wing lunatics, throw in a little character assassination the race card, out right lies etc. and the cherry on top, a little indignation to justify trampling the rights of free speech and you got your modern day neomarxist in action.   [End]
  • Re: Diet while taking MMS for HSV 2????   by #118839  4y   7,515  MMS Support  Cross-post
    what does this have to do with homeopathy???why waste peoples time with mindless cross posting?   [End]
  • Obama’s Infantile NASA Muslim Outreach Program Or Is Obama on Crack Coc...   by #118839  4y   286  Politics Debate
    In a far-reaching restatement of goals for the nation’s space agency, NASA administrator Charles Bolden says President Obama has ordered him to pursue three new objectives: to “re-inspire children” to study science and math, to “expand our international relationships,” and to “reach out to the Muslim world.” Of those three goals, Bolden said in a recent interview with al-Jazeera, the mission to reach out to Muslims is “perhaps foremost,” because it will help Islamic nations “feel good” about their scientific accomplishments. ... ... ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Did anybody hear this before -- OBama orders hit on 2 Americans   by #118839  4y   753  Politics Debate
    I love how Incharge always has these leftards pissin all themselves! Obaaaaaama!lol!   [End]
  • Re: Did anybody hear this before -- OBama orders hit on 2 Americans   by #118839  4y   799  Politics Debate
    Obama is president he is the guy not Bush or any other repub lican the buck stops at him as far as who to critique ,will you people ever stop using the bush card and stand up to your messiah once and for all!   [End]
  • Re: Did anybody hear this before -- OBama orders hit on 2 Americans   by #118839  4y   769  Politics Debate
    Your inner tiki is showing, lol!What a pair!   [End]
  • Re: Did anybody hear this before -- OBama orders hit on 2 Americans   by #118839  4y   824  Politics Debate
    Dave ??? lol, You are a dim light tiki ! And its not a label when one fits the definition! You offer nothing except your personal harassment of InCharge, this is a troll or at least a violator of TOS ! I never see any of you liberals post anything in support of your belief system only flaming and baiting of others, this is not debate tiki, this forum has become to you just a place where you can come and attack someone else !   [End]
  • Re: Did anybody hear this before -- OBama orders hit on 2 Americans   by #118839  4y   751  Politics Debate
    If tiki is not a troll then what is she it’s all she does here! How about a personal attack dog to InCharge ,she offers nothing except her personal attacks on InCharge like you just did! ... But I understand InCharges claim on your redundant message it becomes little more then an irritant or flaming actually!   [End]
  • Re: Did anybody hear this before -- OBama orders hit on 2 Americans   by #118839  4y   773  Politics Debate
    oops you’re both ic in this case I am referring to inner calm!   [End]
  • Re: Did anybody hear this before -- OBama orders hit on 2 Americans   by #118839  4y   787  Politics Debate
    Inner Calm are you joining the troll team of tiki and count blah now? ... If you have a problem with the right being over represented or supported here well post something that supports your leftist position! ... Attack the message not the messenger!   [End]
  • Re: Did anybody hear this before -- OBama orders hit on 2 Americans   by #118839  4y   819  Politics Debate
    The corporations don’t dictate my moral and ethical values, however those that drink pop cultures(msm) kool aid fall right into that trap. There are makers and takers, those on the left take those on the right make!   [End]
  • Re: Did anybody hear this before -- OBama orders hit on 2 Americans   by #118839  4y   830  Politics Debate
    There is a wide gap between conservative and liberal moral and ethical values I think inner calm thinks guys like Rush Limbaugh and Kieth Olberman or Bush and Clinton are representative of the two factions. Big mistake.   [End]
  • Re: you am not an innocent   by #118839  4y   537  Politics Debate
    Count Blah blah blah likes to hear himself talk but really has nothing to say!   [End]
  • Re: middle eastern, greeks, meditereaneans prove liver flush   by #118839  4y   2,171  Liver Flush Debate
    You are obviously desperate to prop up your misinformation. Within 10 to 15 minute a have a bowel movement this clears the bowel of all fecal matter, in less then an hour, 25 to 45 minutes yes minutes I have on occasion produced stones ! Your conjuring up the term fecal stones is hilarious and just something you made up to promote your lies, you are transparent as glass HV, and only put off or delay healing in so many who could benefit from these flushes, you should be ashamed of yourself.   [End]
  • Re: middle eastern, greeks, meditereaneans prove liver flush   by #118839  4y   2,189  Liver Flush Debate
    lol is this all you can come up with ? Fecal fetish ,this term shows your ignorance on the subject no one has to dig through fecal matter to see stones ,you are desperate to come up with something to substantiate your misinformation aren’t you Hv?   [End]
  • Re: Kagan Won't Admit Writing Memo She Admits is in Her Handwriting   by #118839  4y   537  Politics Debate
    You can twist your words all over the place count less but you are not fooling anyone but yourself! I would be willing to bet a large sum of money that if you where not coerced into handing over up to half of your income but asked to voluntarily you would laugh and walk away! If you say yes you are either a fool or a liar ,I think the latter ! You have to grow up sooner or later count. ... A tax and spend government is doomed to fail as is happening right in front of our eyes if you should ever choose to open them. ... ... ”as soon as the voters realize they can vote themselves money, the republ ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Kagan Won't Admit Writing Memo She Admits is in Her Handwriting   by #118839  4y   561  Politics Debate
    ”conservatives, people like us, see the Constitution as an outline of our rights and a check to government intrusion upon them.” ... ... Like the right to slavery,economic exploitation, ... ... I never seen a liberal who understood the Constitution ! ... Slavery has been illegal since the end of the civil war count duh and you cannot exploit a free man if he doesn’t want to be exploited! ... ... ... Conservatives are predators,Liberals are altruists, both are willing to do whatever they can get away with to further their views. ... ... Actually the predator is the liberal who takes the money from the taxpayer now ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Pete Stark (D-CA): "Our borders are quite secure, thank you."   by #118839  4y   765  Politics Debate
    This is as bad as the liberal wing nut from Milwaukee who argued that Arizona didn’t border Mexico. ... Illiterate liberals are everywhere running or should I say ruining the country bit by bit.   [End]
  • Re: Kagan: its Fine if The Law Bans Books Because Government Won't Reall...   by #118839  4y   697  Politics Debate
    Incharge’s years long streak continues, still not one substantial or even intelligible rebuttal from a liberal.   [End]
  • Re: so much for hv credibility... testimonial from woman with MS   by #118839  4y   2,657  Amalgam Debate
    lol I saw his character assassination on the webmaster forum taking things out of context and getting that guy banned. Ive watched HV bash Tony Issacs with nothing but name calling and childish ridicule for standing up to him!A pitiful display of childish rhetoric. ... Is spud your real name are you not also hiding behind an alias? These are just frivolous attacks on the messenger because you really don’t have any proof for discrediting a protocol that heals and flies in the face of conventional grade school science or defending yourselves against this onslaught of misinformation. ...   [End]
  • Re: so much for hv credibility... testimonial from woman with MS   by #118839  4y   2,542  Amalgam Debate
    it’s obvious people feel threatened by HV and chose to use their user number instead of user name for their own protection here at Curezone! And to keep people like you who attack the messenger instead of the message!   [End]
  • Re: so much for hv credibility... testimonial from woman with MS   by #118839  4y   2,511  Amalgam Debate
    What a lame rebuttal this same thing could be said about any of you people,, how do we know you dont work directly with the pharmaceutical industry that you seem to parrot and emulate so consistantly through out Curezone! Hv does the same thing calling people frauds and liars who testify and share their successes!   [End]
  • Re: Kagan: its Fine if The Law Bans Books Because Government Won't Reall...   by #118839  4y   700  Politics Debate
    You really have these liberals pissin all over themselves InCharge,,, keep up the good work. I haven’t seen one decent rebuttal to any of your posts from all these half literate liberals in years!   [End]
  • Re: middle eastern, greeks, meditereaneans prove liver flush   by #118839  4y   2,139  Liver Flush Debate
    ? ... The best misinformationist is truthful 80% of the time its that 20% that is enough to keep others from attempting something like the LG flush which is difficult enough as it is with support let alone being constantly misinformed. ... Look a the LG flush support forum and the constant positive results that people receive.   [End]
  • Re: middle eastern, greeks, meditereaneans prove liver flush   by #118839  4y   2,175  Liver Flush Debate
    Same ridicule and name calling,ignoring the questions posed, challenging peoples credibility, creative double speak ”fecal soap” hilarious and a persistent agenda to discredit a protocol that has helped so many since the advent of Curezone.   [End]
  • Re: middle eastern, greeks, meditereaneans prove liver flush   by #118839  4y   2,152  Liver Flush Debate
    ... I can’t help but laugh when they say ”in their experiences” well what experience is that,Id like to know.   [End]
  • Re: middle eastern, greeks, meditereaneans prove liver flush   by #118839  4y   2,230  Liver Flush Debate
    Well Im no ism at all at least not that I know of, but I do believe humans can and should transcend the herd mentality, should realize the gift of free will and seek the truth. ... I do have a problem with those who place them selves on a pedestal and dictate to others what is right or wrong, especially when they are wrong. I think at some point even a child would come to the realization that their logic is flawed and need to humbly rethink their position. It seems to me only those with an agenda would do other wise.   [End]
  • Re: middle eastern, greeks, meditereaneans prove liver flush   by #118839  4y   2,427  Liver Flush Debate
    My point exactly ,I myself have experience stones within minutes of consuming the epsom salts without consuming any fats or oils and Hv has been confronted with this before and just ignores it then continues on later with his saponification double speak. Why he persist in this pursuit is is beyond reason, these flushes saved me my gallbladder and a $14,000.00 medical bill for a recommended removal of my gallbladder. Follow the bucks as the old saying goes.   [End]
  • Re: middle eastern, greeks, meditereaneans prove liver flush   by #118839  4y   2,381  Liver Flush Debate
    First of all most people are not weird and obsessed enough to be picking through their feces to dig out small pieces of saponified olive oil. So this occurs a lot more frequently that people think, but most people don’t dig through it and just flush. ... ... Lmao !! Apparently you are ! . If you have never tried a Liver/gallbladder flush you are speaking out of pure ignorance. Which to any who has is so obvious. ... And just what do you say to those who have gotten stones without the olive oil ????????? .   [End]
  • Re: Gallbladder cleansing, Lab test& ultrasound   by #118839  4y   5,070  Gallbladder Remedies  Cross-post
    ”preventing people from achieving maximum health.” This seems to be the goal of these antagonists.   [End]
  • Re: i cant believe the truth in medicine forum!!!   by #118839  4y   2,745  Amalgam Debate
    I agree ,guys like this are here to do what they can to make sure as little healing as possible is accomplished, him and his crew that troll these boards!   [End]
  • Re: Obama urges illegals: Rat out your bosses! 'Every worker in America...   by #118839  4y   763  Politics Debate
    lol!!! The lack of any intelligence or common sense in the Obama cabal is astonishing. Is this witless ploy not going to be a wake up call to irresponsible employers that maybe illegal help isn’t so cheap after all and becoming a shackle around their necks? ... With this administrations lack of gray matter the legal worker will look more and more attractive as an employee then the Fed supported illegal worker.   [End]
  • Re: have you gotten out a fist sized stone?   by #118839  4y   1,043  Liver Flush Support  Cross-post
    I think people like spud like to hear themselves jabber even though they haven’t got a clue~ There have been consistent testimony like this one that have appeared on these boards since Curzone’s conception yet we get these self proclaimed experts discouraging others from finding relief from their problems! People like this are little more then trolls with nothing better to do with their lives. What a pity we have to put up with them. This is just one of many testimony of the success of the liver gallbladder flush it’s real it works and it helps those who wish to return to the path of good ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Poll shocker! Majority wants Obama records Maintain president shoul...   by #118839  4y   658  Politics Debate
    A cut and paste for the inner scum of scudly poo! ... ... ... Gotta Love It!! ... ... ... ... Short Spelling Lesson ... ... The last four letters in American.... .....I Can ... ... The last four letters in Republican.. .....I Can ... ... The last four letters in Democrats... ....Rats ... ... End of Lesson. ... ... ... ... Test to follow in .........November. .......STUDY FOR IT. ... ...   [End]
  • Re: Poll shocker! Majority wants Obama records Maintain president shoul...   by #118839  4y   673  Politics Debate
    Liberals,,,Attack the person not the message!   [End]
  • Re: Maybe Obama should give credit to Bush/Cheney for creating the terro...   by #118839  4y   814  Politics Debate
    lol Speculation from Ron and ellen and a bunch of government links mean nothing. Fact is no sky scraper in history has ever gone down from fire, most lasting indefinitely and burning for days to weeks before fire fighters extinguish them. ... All one has to do is compare the twin towers and a planned executed demolition and you cant help but notice the same exact series of events taking place. Unless you are blind of course or a fool.   [End]
  • Re: We The People   by #118839  4y   656  Politics Debate
    fact,,obama 71,000.00 mccain 37,000.00   [End]
  • Re: In a relationship with a younger man....I need help.   by #118839  4y   1,264  Relationship
    dump em   [End]
  • Challenge ST. Darwin pay the price..   by #118839  4y   984  Evolution Debate
    ... Isolation And Defamation - ... The Cost Of Thinking Differently ... Interview with Michael Behe on intelligent design ... Kourosh Ziabari ... 5-17-10 ... ... ... Michael Behe is an American scientist and biochemist. Being an intelligent design advocate, he serves as a professor of biochemistry at the University of Lehigh in Pennsylvania. He is also a senior fellow at Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture. ... ... Behe has controversially challenged the evolution theory of Charles Darwin which underpins the ideology of western though with regards to the material life and universe. ... ... In his 199 ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Neanderthal Genome Shows Evolution; Humans interbred with Neanderth...   by #118839  4y   1,730  Evolution Debate
    Opinions and conjecture ,no proof what so ever! Almost all species share genes this is a common fact known by most anyone , this shows this is just another piece propaganda to support a dying unscientific theory called evolution!   [End]
  • Re: Couldn't be a matter of skin color, could it?   by #118839  4y   2,355  Conspiracy Theories
    The good old race card , a sure sign of the lack of substance on the users side in a debate. Yet in this case just a continuation of attacking the messenger due to the inability to address the message!   [End]
  • Re: I wanna be loved   by #118839  4y   1,424  Relationship
    Glaxony I love you too! xoxoxoxo! We all do!   [End]
  • Re: I Love   by #118839  4y   1,447  Relationship
    Okay its Ptree I think she has had so many aliases I get confused! I just want to hold her in my arms and tell her everything is going to be alright! I miss her!   [End]
  • Re: I Love   by #118839  4y   1,422  Relationship
    Isn’t love a beautiful thing ?   [End]
  • Re: I Love   by #118839  4y   1,398  Relationship
    I love you too LuellaMay I can feel your heart from a thousand miles away!   [End]
  • Re: I Love   by #118839  4y   1,478  Relationship
    Meet me in the ally behind the VFW ,be armed! Do the letters LOL mean anything to you butthead!   [End]
  • Re: I Love   by #118839  4y   1,455  Relationship
    Do the letters mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mean anything to you! ... Your humor has given me a whole new respect for you! I always new you never hated me!   [End]
  • Re: I Love   by #118839  4y   1,480  Relationship
    I am fantastic my friend , can I say life is sweet one more time? Thanks for sharing !   [End]
  • Re: Gosh!!   by #118839  4y   1,429  Relationship
    LOL! Oh you are a sweet one Ms.Kat ,bless you dear, you know who I am and thank you for being there for me all these years I have a so much heart for you!   [End]
  • Re: i love being loved.   by #118839  4y   1,490  Relationship
    Pardon moi my friend! Weirdo is a little vague,perhaps egotistical eccentric may hit that bulls eye in the ass for you! But I would still like to chew on a turkey bone over the table with you, anytime McCain !   [End]
  • I Love   by #118839  4y   1,629  Relationship
    Alikat Gracey Tony Luella May Southern Belle Wombat Trapper ... the a**ho** Vulcanel Refreshed Inner calm and Rudy I really love Rudy, Rude Insky, John McCain wierdo, InCharge, tiki and all those numbered people ,Black an Gold cuz he really is, and I even love Tomi I love the Griz cuz he really iz!And Ms Peachtree Oh man do I love her even though she hates me! ... I even love Dushan Mr. Asleep at the wheel ... I know I forgot a few of those Curezone people but it’s just because Iam living beside myself, its a wonderfu; place to be! ... Chime in people those that I love I have been booted so many ti ...   [retrieve this message]
  • I Love you people! N/M   by #118839  4y   239  Christianity Debate
  • The Vulcan rules   by #118839  4y   1,153  The V Forum
    He has love in his heart!   [End]
  • It is Essential   by #118839  4y   691  Relationship
    You have to go to hell before you can get to heaven! ... ... ...   [End]
  • Re: Echo chamber culture of the quack movement.   by #118839  4y   2,612  CureZone Experts Deb  Cross-post
    Logically impossible my educated beyond his intelligence friend ! One cannot make up facts! Think about it, let the mind relax. If it is a ”fact” how can it be ”fabricated”?? You need to get out of the little box you have built around your mind! Take control of your own mind, don’t allow it to be used by those who wish to can knowledge and parcel it out to the highest bidder!   [End]
  • Re: Echo chamber culture of the quack movement.   by #118839  4y   2,626  CureZone Experts Deb  Cross-post
    Yah well that was always Corinthians excuse for his lack of convincing evidence! ... He just couldn’t seem to understand anything that didn’t come out of a high school chemistry book. he just couldn’t grasp new concepts, no matter how much people wasted their time explaining things to him! ... It was a terrible handicap, self inflicted mostly!   [End]
  • Re: Echo chamber culture of the quack movement.   by #118839  4y   2,641  CureZone Experts Deb  Cross-post
    This link is part of a thread that shows how well Corinthian dealt with losing these debates, which he did consistently! Notice the reasonable posts by the other posters and Corinthians typical response! He seemed to think he could bully others to cover up for his lack of debating skills! A pathetic human being ! ... ... ... ... ... ...   [End]
  • Re: Echo chamber culture of the quack movement.   by #118839  4y   2,668  CureZone Experts Deb  Cross-post
    BTW Why does blackngold keep calling everyone Corinthian? ... ... Well there was this really ignorant troll who tried to convince people that he was some kind of authority in Alternative health. He claimed to have a couple of degrees and claimed he knew all their was about everything! But it was so obvious the guy was a complete m*o*o*n! Most every one he challenged put him to shame and used sound scientific evidence to do so! Yet he just never could get it. He turned into this troll who couldn’t win a debate so he turned to name calling, ranting and raving and generally making a complete fool ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Echo chamber culture of the quack movement.   by #118839  4y   2,666  CureZone Experts Deb  Cross-post
    All science is theoretical and subject to change, if not it becomes a religion! Science based knowledge should be called scientific theoretical explanations! Science and knowledge are two different categories, knowledge is known fact science is the field of the skeptic, those who challenge authority, such as religion, in search of truth! ... When mankind knows everything imaginable science based knowledge may be applicable! Until then only those who wish to promote a religion or a for profit agenda would use such a term! ...   [End]
  • Re: A visit to the Moreless web site...   by #118839  4y   1,812  CureZone Experts Deb
    I would imagine a guy like moreless is more then pleased to be rid of this type of everyday petty chit chat. ... Curezone has become a place where ordinary pedestrian advice is nurtured while real alternatives that clash with conventional wisdom is discredited. ... I have always said that Curezone’s success will one day be neutralized by the dominance of the mediocre majority. ... This is a natural phenomena that occurs to success, without vigilance all things good become gentrified, so to speak, by the untalented middle class self important mob.   [End]
  • Re: Sex and Marriage (long... need advice please)   by #118839  4y   2,031  Marriage  Cross-post
    This is just a theory or speculation my friend, much the same as the other advice given you! You can use it or discard it, this is your choice.   [End]
  • Re: Sex and Marriage (long... need advice please)   by #118839  4y   2,147  Marriage  Cross-post
    You have entered the second stage of marriage ...raising a family! They say that most marriages today end up in early divorce because the first stage of marriage,,lustful sex has passed and have made no plans or effort to enter the second stage, thus you are beginning to see each other as impotent and the wondering eye mind takes over whether you are aware of it or not!   [End]
  • Re: Distilled water and hair loss / thinning hair...   by #118839  5y   2,904  Ask Barefoot
    it’s so easy to blame a lifetime of self abuse on an isolated incident! People like Dr Mercola do themself a great disservice pointing fingers and blaming distilled water for his failure to adequately provide nutritional sustenance to his clients! It only shows s how ineffective his entire protocol really is!   [End]
  • Re: I want bigger TAXES!   by #118839  5y   1,118  Politics Debate
    I’m with you #117 ,this is a fun thread , so lets be fair ,I think only liberals should have to pay taxes, they love taxes so they can pay for everyone else ! If you voted for O’taxman you will be taxed 90% of your income. There now everyone is happy!!!   [End]
  • Re: vote out all democrats in 2010...every last one.   by #118839  5y   1,012  Politics Debate
    Maybe spiteful is a better word.   [End]
  • Re: vote out all democrats in 2010...every last one.   by #118839  5y   842  Politics Debate
    As opposed to some one like you tiki who spews hate all year long?   [End]
  • Re: Acetaldehyde ?? Molybdenum...Hveragerthy??   by #118839  5y   3,864  Candida Support
    When acetaldehyde is converted into alcohol in the liver, the body is depleted of magnesium, sulfur, hydrogen and potassium, thus reducing cell energy. As mentioned, the body chelates uric acid and other toxins with fats, raising LDL cholesterol. In a similar balancing act, the body reacts chemically to neutralize uric acid by binding it with minerals such as potassium, magnesium, sodium, zinc, and calcium. ... ... ...   [End]
  • Re: No sure about which ph....   by #118839  5y   1,711  Candida Support
    Candida albicans can survive in any pH environment of course but its the acidic low oxygen environment that causes it to produce acetaldehyde a toxin that anyone who has experienced a hangover can relate to. ... Alkalizing minerals oxygenate the body, the way it should be in a healthy person. ... ...   [End]
  • Re: Overacidity feeling   by #118839  5y   2,034  Candida Support
    ... ... 09/30/2008: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: ”The issue I encountered is really simple, most fungus simply grows in an acidic environment where much of the problem is eating acid forming foods such as sugar, meats, bread, and sodas. These provide food for the fungus. Most candida proliferate if we eat acid forming food. More alkaline formin foods discourage their growth such as vegetables for example. High mineral waters with large amounts of bicarbonates are alkaline buffers which tend to discourage their growth. There is more than enough literature even in agriculture in the u ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: I am experimenting with do-it-yourself Allergy/Asthma immunizations!...   by #118839  5y   3,472  Asthma  Cross-post
    . This does not mean ”Foolishness not Medicating ... ... ... One mans poison is another mans lunch! ... ... This reminds me of a time when I took my cat to the vet and thought I would get his opinion on the new flea collars on the market and wanted to now what he thought about the many toxins they contained ,,, his reply was simply that the toxins in these flea collars take 10 to 15 years before they become carcinogenic,, cats don’t live that long!   [End]
  • Re: I am experimenting with do-it-yourself Allergy/Asthma immunizations!...   by #118839  5y   3,417  Asthma  Cross-post
    Well many might believe what you call a success is in actuality a complete failure to correct the situation in 22 years and are daily having to deal with the consequences. ... I assume you work under the assumption that the possibility of actually curing your problems are not possible and that a maintenance program of pharmaceuticals is your only choice. ... ... However these are your choices, I will leave you be. And oh yes good luck once again. ... ...   [End]
  • Re: I am experimenting with do-it-yourself Allergy/Asthma immunizations!...   by #118839  5y   3,508  Asthma  Cross-post
    What toxic drugs? Almost all pharmaceutical drugs are accumulative creating a toxic environment that must be dealt with by the body, the liver in particular. These toxic drugs in fact only mask symptoms and often contribute to the problem. ... I think people are ignoring you because they are kind and don’t want to offend you, I have been hesitant to address your issues for the same reason. ... Have you noticed the motto of Curezone perchance?   [End]
  • Re: I am experimenting with do-it-yourself Allergy/Asthma immunizations!...   by #118839  5y   3,419  Asthma  Cross-post
    Sounds like you are in desperate need of a liver cleanse. All allergies are only a symptom of a congested liver. ... Of course you just may want to consider that all the toxic drugs you take contribute to the problem. Oh yes ,good luck !   [End]
  • Re: How to Alkalize distilled water ?   by #118839  5y   5,397  Water Support
    Minerals with a negative electrical charge are attracted to the H+ ion. These are called acid minerals. Acid minerals include: chlorine (Cl-), sulfur (S-), phosphorus (P-), and they form hydrochloric acid (HCl), sulfuric acid (H2SO4), and phosphoric acid (H3PO4). Minerals with a positive electrical charge are attracted to the negatively charged OH- ion. These are called alkaline minerals. Nutritionally important alkaline minerals include calcium (Ca+), potassium (K+), magnesium (Mg+), and sodium (Na+) ... ... magnesium sulfate is the perfect acid/base balance containing magnesium an alkaline mi ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Corag(carvedilol) Contraindications etc.!   by #118839  5y   9,344  Heart Palpitations  Cross-post
    carvedilol, ... an alpha-/beta-adrenergic blocker. ... indications It is used to treat congestive heart failure and essential hypertension, either alone or in combination with other antihypertensives. ... contraindications Known hypersensitivity to this drug, bronchial asthma, class IV decompensated cardiac failure, second- or third-degree heart block, cardiogenic shock, or severe bradycardia and pulmonary edema prohibits the use of carvedilol. ... adverse effects Life-threatening effects of this drug include atrioventricular block, bradycardia, congestive heart failure, pulmonary edema, and thrombocy ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: How to Alkalize distilled water ?   by #118839  5y   5,404  Water Support
    A small teaspoon of epsom salts is all I use! Cheap and effective! But I’m sure I’ll be attacked for saying so!   [End]
  • Re:More info   by #118839  5y   985  News  Cross-post
    This is an atrocious abuse of government involvement in our health care industry. But then you say you want more government involvement in health care??? ... Why anyone would want the two most abusive systems in our country to combine their evil forces is beyond me.   [End]
  • Re: The arrogance of clergy   by #118839  5y   2,087  Religion Debate
    What a stupid video! Was it supposed to be comedy or entertainment of some sort or just bad taste?   [End]
  • Re: Candida thrives on Lemon Juice   by #118839  5y   598  Candida Support  Cross-post
    lol! Hard to take you serious with your profile pics acerbic grin   [End]
  • Re: Why Moreless was banned(TOS violation)   by #118839  5y   789  Webmaster Support
    Oh oh! I better run they are taking names and numbers.Iiiiiiiiiiim out of here.   [End]
  • Re: Why Moreless was banned(TOS violation)   by #118839  5y   803  Webmaster Support
    More fodder for the public trash can? Must be garbage day.   [End]
  • Re: Not removed.   by #118839  5y   962  Webmaster Support
    Personal Conflicts & The Public Trash Can ... ... Moved to The public trash can, how appropriate. Well done webmaster.   [End]
  • Re: can i alkalize without causing heartburn or upsetting bowel ph?   by #118839  5y   1,258  Alkaline/Acid Suppor  Cross-post
    ”Oh, another ML supporter. No wonder they are hiding behind an identification number so we don’t know who is making these ridiculous statements.” ... ... ... No But I am a fan of honesty and truth in helping others find some relief and would never use a health site for some personal vendetta you seem to be pursuing. ... ... ... ”Excuse me, but support includes warning people of dangerous practices. If you saw someone reading a magazine while walking that is about to unknowingly step out in to heavy traffic wouldn’t it be supportive to warn them? Or do you think it is supportive to let that person get i ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Ionized is almost synonym for carcinogen.   by #118839  5y   2,069  Energized Water
    It’s unashamed ignorance like this that causes so many to seek out the expert MD. In spite of any attempt to find real answer to health problems they are constantly confronted with countless mindless opinions from those too lazy to seek out real information.   [End]
  • Re: How many here really miss Michael Jackson?   by #118839  5y   2,604  Ask CureZone  Cross-post
    lol! That’s even funnier. The guy was a pervert and a child abuser and a druggy with personal issues that expressed themselves in morbid ways, look what he did to his face, gruesome. Nothing I would want my child to emulate. I felt sorry for the guy because it was obvious and verifiable that he was a victim himself and suffered greatly I am sure, but to idolize a guy because he could sing and dance is well childish to put it plainly. ... Besides Lassie was every bit as entertaining.   [End]
  • Re: How many here really miss Michael Jackson?   by #118839  5y   2,576  Ask CureZone  Cross-post
    you people are really serious. This is disturbing , nah it’s just funny! I miss Rin Tin Tin and Lassie myself, the world has become a lonely place without them. lol!   [End]

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