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  • Re: Kidney problem, candida toxins? by Ladywear  8mo   1,165  Adrenal Fatigue  C  
    When detoxing you need to support both the liver and the kidneys. A lot of emphasis is put on the liver but often the kidneys get neglected. I hit problems like you when I didn’t support my kidneys. I flush with cranberry to help clear out toxins. Any pain in that area indicates your kidneys are stressed...don’t ignore it, there are lots of kidney supporting supplements you can use. Hope you feel better soon   [End]
  • Re: Irregular HeartBeat by Ladywear  9mo   451  Ask Dr Eric Bakker  
    Thanks Dr Eric, I know I am short of magnesium but I haven’t taken any for a while, don’t know why but it always bloated me up...but will try that also for the irregular heartbeat. Many thanks Ladywear   [End]
  • Re: Irregular HeartBeat by Ladywear  9mo   468  Ask Dr Eric Bakker  
    would that help if the symptoms of arrhythmia are being caused by the candida die-off toxins ? I will try anything as its really horrible and scary! thanks   [End]
  • Re: Irregular HeartBeat by Ladywear  9mo   474  Ask Dr Eric Bakker  
    Thanks Dr Bakker that is very interesting to hear. I hope its not heart really beats out of sync for hours on end. I will try and chill like you said...thanks again !   [End]
  • Re: Irregular HeartBeat by Ladywear  9mo   454  Ask Dr Eric Bakker  
    Thanks I will definitely try out the salts. Blood pressure is normal. The irregular heat beat seems to be die-off which is very worrying.   [End]
  • Re: Heat/Sunshine by Ladywear  9mo   351  Candida Support  
    Interesting....I have also noticed increased anxiety in the heat/sunshine. Maybe I need to start back on my magnesium supplements. Last blood test vitamin D was very low too.   [End]
  • Irregular HeartBeat by Ladywear  9mo   485  Ask Dr Eric Bakker  
    Please could you kindly offer me some advice. ... ... Each and everytime I try to take anything to correct my candida - even low dose probiotics I end up with episode of irregular bad I have twice ended up in Accident and Emergency. How can I get well if die-off causes me such extreme reactions ? Once the die-off has cleared my heart rhythm seems to normalise but whilst this is happening I am scared my heart is going to fail, its very frightening. I take liver support to help and drink lots of water. Any advice is much appreciated. Thank you   [End]
  • Heat/Sunshine by Ladywear  9mo   446  Candida Support  
    Does anyone find that heat/strong sunshine kills off their candida or does the heat/sunshine make their candida levels grow ? After recently enjoying some sunshine, I have had candida symptoms....not sure if its die-off or the candida growing. Any thoughts ? ... ... Oh and anyone get really bad palpitations or irregular heart rhythm with die-off ?   [End]
  • Re: blue cheese update & saccharomyces boulardii by Ladywear  11mo   942  Candida Support  
    Thanks. Yes it is very hard to differentiate between die-off symptoms and those of intolerance. HOwever I am quite positive that I do react negatively to anything that is fermented or anything that is moldy. Its a shame because Stannard who used to post on here years ago regained her health by eating masses of sauerkraut. Hopefully in time I will be able to tolerate more foods and therefore include sauerkraut in my diet.   [End]
  • Re: blue cheese update & saccharomyces boulardii by Ladywear  11mo   959  Candida Support  
    So glad this is working for you but if I ate mouldy cheese or any cheese I would be in bed a week ill. Just dont tolerate half the stuff that is suggested on here.....kefir, sauerkraut ...all that fermented stuff, I react soooo badly to yeast ! All different I guess and what works for one doesnt for another.   [End]
  • Re: Ergosterol being produced by internal yeast bodies by Ladywear  11mo   261  Candida Support  
    Hi ... ... Are you saying we should not be taking vitamin D supplements ? ... ... I also am a long term candida sufferer and only this week my doctor is testing for vitamin D deficiency with the intention of giving me supplements. Am I doing the wrong thing ? Sorry if I misunderstand but this information is not something I have read before ... ... Thank you   [End]
  • Re: Enema volume/TO DR ERICBAKKER by Ladywear  11mo   357  Candida Support  
    Thank you Dr Ericbbaker ... ... I will certainly read the book with interest. I am open to suggestions since this has been my life for 20 years. Sick sick sick, housebound and a terrible way to live. I do healthy diet already and my lifestyle is that slow if I go any slower I will surely stop. ... ... Are the adrenals not infact governed by the liver - therefore once liver function is improved/cleansed the adrenals/HPA symptoms improve? What are your opinions on this ? This has been my experience in the past however symptoms do return as jorge says with the introduction of foods off the diet. Maybe ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Enema volume by Ladywear  11mo   344  Candida Support  
    Dear Ericbakker ... ... As loooong term sufferer of CFS/Candida/Dysbiosis, spending years upon years on this forum (sometimes posting, mostly watching now and again these days) please can you tell me how you address what you consider to be the underlying issue of the HPA axis dysfunction. I apologise if I have missed your posts that maybe elaborate on this issue. What supplements do you recommend and how do you introduce such supplements when the body can barely tolerate a small amount of say vit. c without a reaction ? thank you ... ... Ladywear   [End]
  • Re: I believe I had Candida and I'm Cured by Ladywear  12mo   400  Candida Support  
    Yes I remember you too. You have been on here a long time, like some of us still around here. I am so happy to hear that you have recovered. Its very nice when someone comes back to say they have got well. Good Luck and enjoy your new found health!   [End]
  • Re: homeopathy by Ladywear  13mo   216  Candida Support  
    I believe they do contain sugar but you can ask your Homeopath to give you remedies without the sugar. I dont think they contain alcohol. They didnt when I took them anyway.   [End]
  • Re: Very tired by Ladywear  13mo   461  Candida Support  
    Once again Kcirla has given some excellent advice. I would also agree you need should stop everything and concentrate on cleansing your detoxification organs. The fact that you continually pass urine like that would surely indicate that you are stressing your kidneys. This is a mistake I have frequently made in the past because often alot of emphasis is placed on supporting the liver and the kidneys get neglected. The kidneys pick up from the liver, so its just as important to support the kidneys. I find that taking liver support in addition to a daily dose of cranberry extract very benef ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: My messed up body by Ladywear  13mo   430  Candida Support  
    Pale stools can indicate a lack of bile flow and lack of bile flow can cause constipation. Coffee stimulates bile production so that could explain why drinking coffee would help you ”go”. Maybe you need to address your liver function, get it supported with adequate nutrients, drink plenty dandelion root coffee to stimulate bile flow (instead of usual coffee), or try artichoke extract which can also stimulate bile. The addition of some healthy fat can also help with bile flow and lubricate your intestines to allow the passage of stools. All the symptoms you describe can point to poor liver ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: My hair is falling me. by Ladywear  13mo   1,368  Candida Support  C  
    Hi. Kcirla is right. Hair loss can be related to candida as the toxins attack the hair folicles and try to get out of the body anyway they can. Any antifungals or antimicrobials can temporarily make the hair loss even worse until your body begins to clear toxins. Its scary but I can reassure you that it does grow back (I have even lost big patches of hair...I still have bald patches but its slowly growing back). Its not only the candida toxins that can make hair shed but nutrient deficiency too. Check your iron levels which can be low with candida overgrowth and also your thyroid to rule o ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: These people healed in week on high-fruit/low-fat diet by Ladywear  14mo   1,322  Candida Support  C  
    I am pleased that this approach worked for these people but in my own personal experience of having long standing gut dysbiosis, any fruit (even with exclusion of fat) has simply exacerbated my problems. Bananas are also very hard on the liver since I believe they can be difficult to digest causing intolerances as their skin also contains slight traces of alcohol which for any liver struggling to cope with an influx of candida toxins isnt a good idea. Thats only my own experiences, its always good to hear what has worked for other people since we are all different and what works for one do ...   [retrieve this message]
  • clarification by Ladywear  14mo   464  Candida Support  C  
    I hope you dont think I am challenging your post in anyway but I feel it needs clarifying because sometimes people come on here read things like that and get seriously terrified. I dont think you have candida or fungus in your brain - if you did you would not even have been able to write that post, you would be terminally ill - in the end stages of cancer or dying of AIDS. What you might have, like many of us on here is candida ”toxins” escaping via the leaky gut (and possibly affecting your brain function). There is a difference. If you address the imbalance in your gut the toxins will re ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: fighting with hair fall? by Ladywear  14mo   387  Candida Support  
    You could get your blood checked for low iron stores (common with candida) and thyroid. However I have found that I loose hair with die-off. Its kind of like the toxins try to find any way they can to exit the body. Rest assured it will grow back once you have eliminated the toxins but it can get worrying when your hair gets so thin.   [End]
  • Re: Die-off from peppermint oil, oregano oil on skin by Ladywear  14mo   914  Candida Support  
    I cant explain what is going on for you but I also get hypoglycemia with die-off as the liver processess the toxins (liver can put balancing blood sugar to one-side as it deals with die-off toxins). This is a big problem for me so I have to eat regular protein snacks during detoxification. However I have found that anything that is applied directly to the skin is more readily absorbed than say pills and capsules so it could be that infact you are getting die-off because the peppermint oil is being directly absorbed into your system rather than having to be broken down by the digestive sys ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Menopause and Candida - Experiences Please by Ladywear  14mo   896  Candida Support  
    Thanks Peggyaus. I really hope the HRT helps you and you start feeling better soon. Looks like its a long road and I have alot to learn. Not looking forward to all this one bit !   [End]
  • Re: Menopause and Candida - Experiences Please by Ladywear  14mo   930  Candida Support  
    Thanks Peggyaus for sharing your experience. It sounds like you had a real terrible time. Its a very difficult period in life and the body seems to be changing in so many ways. I feel kind of sad too - almost saying goodbye to my youth (not that I was ever totally well). I do think liver plays a big part - the more toxic it is the worse the symptoms which adds up since you gained benefit from liver flushing. ... ... I have been loosing weight gradually over the last two years and I am now a normal healthy weight inspite of having perimenopausal symptoms, however now I am just starting skipping ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Menopause and Candida - Experiences Please by Ladywear  14mo   949  Candida Support  
    Hi Peggyaus ... ... I am so sorry to hear how badly the menopause has set you back. Its pretty much the same for me too sadly. Its heartbreaking when you feel you have made some progress to be set back like this. I have started to skip my periods now and my body seems to be so much worse for not having that monthly cleanse. My liver symptoms have intensfied as it deals with all the hormonal changes. I have read that menopause can exacerbate dysbiosis however on a positive note I also have read numerous articles that state once through the menopause things can actually improve to a level beyond ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Menopause and Candida - Experiences Please by Ladywear  14mo   968  Candida Support  
    I guess most folks on here are not in this age bracket but I just wondered if there was anyone on here that had gone through perimenopause/menopause and would be willing to share with me how this affected your candida/dysbiosis, poor liver function and adrenals. ... ... I am finding all of the above are worsening as I have slipped into this stage of my life - this is on top of perimenopausal/menopausal symptoms which add a whole new bunch of symptoms to my already long list (as if I havent got enough). ... ... Any experiences would be most helpful. ... ... Thank you   [End]
  • Re: Milk Thistle - fatigue ? by Ladywear  14mo   1,294  Adrenal Fatigue  C  
    Ricky37 is correct when he says Milk Thistle lowers blood sugar levels. I had to give up with Milk Thistle it was having such a negative effect on my blood sugar. That could be a reason for your fatigue or could be several things, since you mention foggy brain it could also be a cleansing reaction or even an intolerance. There are lots of other supplements you can try for liver support that dont include Milk Thistle that maybe worth a try.   [End]
  • Reply to Purplepixie by Ladywear  14mo   1,183  Adrenal Fatigue  C  
    Sorry I only just saw your reply. ... ... No I havent taken the antifungal you mentioned but then I am not heavily into antifungals, they never really worked for me just made my body more toxic than it already was, putting me under further strain. ... ... I do believe in supporting my immune system in as many ways as possible, clearing and cleansing the organs by means of nutritious diet and supplements. Like you I dont specifically take any one supplement to support one area, I use a balance. My most important one is for liver support - it does support Gilberts Syndrome and the detox pathway that ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Excellent info on liver detoxification pathways by Ladywear  15mo   1,453  Adrenal Fatigue  C  
    I certainly believe in my case the candida is a result of poor liver function, I actually have a genetic defect - diagnosed as Gilberts Syndrome, which means basically I detoxify 33% slower than I should. Stands to reason toxins will build up. Interesting too that Gilberts syndrome is a common finding amongst people diagnosed with CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) or M.E. If you do get blood tests for liver function make sure you question your bile reading....often doctors dismiss the lower reading as insignificant but it really isnt. It might only be a couple of points lower than it should ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Excellent info on liver detoxification pathways by Ladywear  15mo   1,310  Adrenal Fatigue  C  
    A good informative read. Seems there is a big overlap between symptoms of liver dysfunction and candida. I wonder how many of us are actually dealing with liver dysfunction rather than candida. Although which comes first....the candida which causes liver dysfucntion or poor liver dysfunction therefore causing candida. Interesting.   [End]
  • Re: Taking an SSRI with liver problems. by Ladywear  15mo   793  Medic. Adverse React  C  
    Hi ... ... If you are severely depressed or suicidal then you definately need help and support by way of medication/drugs. ... ... However all drugs have to be processed by the liver and when you have candida the liver is already under enormous pressure so taking drugs will only add to the toxic load. I have been down the SSRI route and yes they do help lift the mood anxiety and depression but they didnt do my liver any favours. If you concentrate on cleansing/detoxing your liver and other organs etc you will probably find that your anxiety and depression will lift. The die-off is tough and can eve ...   [retrieve this message]
  • to: sans sucre by Ladywear  17mo   918  Candida Support  
    Hi Sans Sucre. Thank you for your post, I for one remembered you and all your liver posts which I greatly appreciated. I was also on here alongside you early 2000’s and am still on here but dont post much nowadays, just follow some of the threads. I am the same still struggling with liver/candida but learning alot like you with ups and downs along the way. I also believe liver is the key to regaining health, supplements never worked for me either just stressed my poor liver even more. Nice to see your post, I often wonder where people disappear to and if they are ok. (Stannard is doing a ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Need Help With Liver ASAP Please. by Ladywear  19mo   2,149  Ask CureZone  C  
    Hi ... ... You are welcome for any help I can offer and I hope my experiences help you in some way. ... ... Dr Sandra Cabots LIvertone and Livertone Plus are excellent liver supplements. I have used them myself in the past although at certain times the Milk Thistle (herb) didnt always suit me so I swopped to Liver Support by Nutri Ltd (which I mentioned I took in my original post). This doesnt contain Milk Thistle only a very very small amount but it still contains all the nutrients required by the liver to help with phase 1 and particularly phase 2 detoxification. Phase 2 liver enzymes are particu ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Need Help With Liver ASAP Please. by Ladywear  19mo   2,162  Ask CureZone  C  
    Hello Karebearkayla. ... ... Thank you and yes it feels good to be doing better! ... ... I wouldnt say eating potatoes has been a ”key” to improving, I just included them in my diet, as part of a overall healthy immune boosting diet. I ate the usual white potatoe and found it didnt feed my candida at all, however some fruits did and I had to totally exclude all fruit (apart from a few strawberries now and again - usually as a treat!). I manage to eat brown rice cakes (thats the name in UK anyway) and I do eat some brown wholegrain rice in a stir fry (veggies). I dont think I could eat brown rice ev ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Need Help With Liver ASAP Please. by Ladywear  19mo   2,179  Ask CureZone  C  
    Hello Karebearkayla ... ... Gilberts Disease is not a ”disease” as such, its simply an abnormality within the liver and the way it produces bilirubin. HOwever it is possible to get many symptoms as a result and a yellowing of the skin and eyes, weakness, fatigue, digestion problems are just a few. I have been very ill for years with CFS/Dysbiosis/Liver etc, infact when I was first on Curezone many years ago some may remember I was so ill, weak and debilitated I had to walk around with the aid of a stick, I never left my bed or my home. Its been a very very slow process but things are improving ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Need Help With Liver ASAP Please./To Blistering Fate by Ladywear  19mo   2,242  Ask CureZone  C  
    While my liver was like this i could not tolerate fats at all even good/healthy fats. As liver health improved I was slowly able to introduce more fats but I also found that fats didnt help my candida symptoms either. I suppose its about finding what works for you. I do hope you start to feel better soon.   [End]
  • Re: Need Help With Liver ASAP Please./To Blistering Fate by Ladywear  19mo   2,300  Ask CureZone  C  
    Yes its possible your skin may have a slight yellow/orangey tone...also if you pull down your eye-lids you may see a yellowish colour. It has nothing to do with AST or ALT levels as Anthony was discussing...those can all be normal readings or they can be elevated regardless of the bilirubin levels. What you need to ask for are the results of your biliribin levels (from your liver blood test). It may only be a few points raised to make a big difference to overall liver health. I am uncertain as to whether candida/dysbiosis can be as a result of insufficient bilirubin which basically means ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Need Help With Liver ASAP Please./To Blistering Fate by Ladywear  19mo   2,291  Ask CureZone  C  
    Hi Blistering Fate ... ... Yes exactly the liver enzyme results from the blood test will show a rise in bilirubin levels. Often this can be just slight, infact sometimes its so slight doctors feel it unnecessary to even mention it (although it can raise higher with die-off toxins ) . Even a slight rise can cause problems and make you feel ill. I was diagnosed with Gilberts Syndrome eventually after those levels never went back down to normal. Basically anyone with Gilberts Syndrome (constantly elevated bilirubin levels) detoxifies 35% more slowly than everyone else. And GP’s say that is insign ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Need Help With Liver ASAP Please. by Ladywear  19mo   2,454  Ask CureZone  C  
    Have you been checked for Gilberts Disease? I have dybiosis/CFS = damaged liver ( and Gilberts Disease) Gilberts Disease can present with many of the symptoms you describe and does actually get worse with any die-off you experience. It can be picked up on a simple liver blood test. I take Liver Support by Nutri Ltd (I am in UK) and this gentle supplement has really helped my liver. Its not unusual for things to get a little worse initially as you take a liver supplement depending how toxic you are. I have had dybiosis and liver probs for years as anyone who has been here a long time will k ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Noone can Answer by Ladywear  20mo   505  Candida Support  
    I would have thought a clear indication of candida overgrowth would be a die-off reaction whilst taking antifungals. Unusual you dont get die-off. Do you have all the typical candida symptoms?   [End]
  • Re: Noone can Answer by Ladywear  20mo   599  Candida Support  
    I dont really know the answers to your questions but all I can say is my white blood cell count is only ever raised very slightly bordering on normal on all my blood tests (inspite of having candida) . HOwever all my mineral tests especially magnesium and iron are very low.   [End]
  • Re: Any women have breast pain from candida? by Ladywear  23mo   699  Candida Support  
    Hi Angel ... ... Yes this has become a major problem for me. My breasts have become very very painful full of lumps and bumps, I was worried initially thinking the worst but I am sure it must be related to the candida toxins or the hormonal issues it causes.I have trouble sleeping as if I lay on my side the pain is awful. I dont know what the answer is other than keeping on trying to improve health....easier said than done I have been at this for years.   [End]
  • Re: candida die off and bad smell in nose ????? by Ladywear  25mo   1,952  Candida Support  
    Yes I have had this too many times. My feelings are its the bad bacteria dying off. It passes once the die-off is over.   [End]
  • Re: Not Sure What by Ladywear  25mo   738  Leaky Gut  C  
    Sounds like you are overloaded with toxins. Focus on liver and kidney cleansing to help clear them out.   [End]
  • Re: belly getting bigger by Ladywear  26mo   724  Candida Support  C  
    I had the same problem and only way I got rid of it was to cut out all fats. Dont know if its a liver thing or candida - probably the combination of both makes eating fat impossible for me. Not saying you should cut out all fats but it worked for me. Dont think I was digesting them too well or maybe they fed the candida either way my stomach feels better (and so do I) without fats (that includes healthy fats like nuts seeds etc).   [End]
  • Re: How to deal with family when they don't always "get" it? by Ladywear  27mo   1,303  Lyme ("Lime")  C  
    Are you supposed to boost thyroid if your adrenals are down? I tried all that idodine and thyroid boosting and I felt really ill (and not my normal symptoms either). My new herbalist said I should not have tried to boost thyroid if my adrenals are down. ... ... Sorry to hear about those unkind comments about you faking your illness. I would just disregard know you are sick and thats all that matters. You dont need to take all that negativity on board.   [End]
  • Re: How to deal with family when they don't always "get" it? by Ladywear  28mo   1,383  Lyme ("Lime")  C  
    I have found that this illness makes you feel so crap about yourself. All the toxins can cause depression and low self esteem. I also gained loads of weight and lost alot of my hair too. Not good for a woman (or anyone)to feel this way. I was with someone who didnt understand why I felt like that and that these feelings came about because I was ill. I read on here that everyone else seemed to loose weight yet I was gaining more and more and feeling worse and worse about myself. I checked my diet again and realised that maybe I was still eating things that were feeding the yeast and once I ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Has anyone had major die-off from just the diet alone? by Ladywear  30mo   4,539  Candida Support  
    Hi Angel. Yes a strict candida diet gives me all those symptoms you mentioned. I have to be strict though to get die-off like that which involves cutting out all sugars and starchy foods. I am going through a period of strong die off now from diet and probiotics (yes you can get die-off from probiotics ) after relapsing. I also feel apart from having stomach flu very nauseous. Not nice at all but I always welcome die-off as I know it means I am shoving back yeast overgrowth. Hope you feel some relief soon.   [End]
  • Re: Blue but not fatigued; Ladywear adrenals? by Ladywear  30mo   1,840  Liver Flush Support  C  
    Thanks North, yes I have read the same about adrenal fatigue causing morning fatigue. I suppose with so much going on and so many organs compromised its difficult to know for sure what is causing what. From past experience once the candida is cleared organs function better and my fatigued improved as did my depression.   [End]
  • Re: From candida to AIDS? by Ladywear  30mo   456  Candida Support  
    No candida cannot give you AIDS. People with AIDS very often have candida but you dont get AIDS from having candida.   [End]
  • Re: Blue mood in evenings: adrenals vs candida vs liver? by Ladywear  30mo   1,971  Liver Flush Support  C  
    Interesting that your depression/blue mood only starts in the evening. I have candida, liver congestion and adrenal problems and my depression and blue mood is worse first thing on a morning and gradually lifts as the day progresses. Often by evening I feel alot better. In my case I feel the toxins from the candida/liver congestion build up during the night when the liver is busy detoxing so mornings are not good until I begin to clear them (hot baths, lots of water, veggies, liver and kidney support etc). My blood sugar also tends to take a while to balance first thing and I am playing ca ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Anyone here have internal trembling/shaking and reflux? by Ladywear  3y   5,091  Candida Support  
    Yes I think I read somewhere that symptom is related to the adrenals and the blood pressure (standing up/rising and heart racing). I think from experience that adrenal fatigue gives rise to some very uncomfortable and worrysome symptoms. Are you taking anything to help the adrenals? I cant tolerate hardly any supplements to help....other than magnesium.   [End]
  • Re: Anyone here have internal trembling/shaking and reflux? by Ladywear  3y   5,502  Candida Support  
    Hi Angel. Have you considered low blood sugar levels related to weak adrenals & liver? I get this alot....and low blood sugar can cause intense feelings of anxiety, heart racing, lightheadedness, sweating. I also have acid reflux (very bad) but have never had the symptoms you describe associated with acid.Hope you find relief soon.   [End]
  • I was also thinking about Jhan and Sans Sucre?.... by Ladywear  3y   605  Candida Support  
    Both long time posters. Did they get well? I hope they did but you do wonder if people are ok when they just disappear.   [End]
  • Re: Candida Diet - Yet NO Weight Loss by Ladywear  3y   1,636  Candida Support  
    Its wierd I was always thin before I got candida...then I put weight on. I read weight gain can be a symptom of candida but is usually weight loss. I dont eat hardly any carbs, just meat fish veggies salad...absolutely no sugar and I dont tolerate much fat so dont include even healthy fats until my liver improves. I am not gaining weight anymore but just dont loose it. Shame considering my diet. Could be adrenals I dont know.   [End]
  • Re: Candida Diet - Yet NO Weight Loss by Ladywear  3y   1,564  Candida Support  
    Yes had thyroid checked....comes within the ”normal” range. I am wondering if its metabolism and the candida has interfered with it? thanks guys   [End]
  • Candida Diet - Yet NO Weight Loss by Ladywear  3y   1,751  Candida Support  
    Inspite of strict diet (which I have to stick to mostly because of intolerances) I still cannot loose weight. Its impossible. However given the amount I eat I should be a normal weight. I read on here that everyone who does the diet looses so much weight. Anyone here find it also impossible? What can I it a liver thing or adrenal problem linked to the candida?   [End]
  • Re: Who feels worse when humid or raining? by Ladywear  3y   996  Candida Support  
    I feel dreadful when it rains....I have really noticed this. Read up and it mentioned mould spores. I feel better on sunny brighter days.   [End]
  • Any Old Timers Remember..... by Ladywear  3y   360  Candida Support  
    Do any old timers around here or anyone remember the candida website ”HealthyAwareness” ? It was a wonderful source of information which still seems to be available but yet the once active forum is not accessible. Has it shut down? Thanks   [End]
  • Re: A Naturopathic Approach to Treating Migraines. by Ladywear  3y   746  The Truth in Medicin  
    Thanks that was very interesting and helpful. My migraines were hormonal nothing to do with bad posture. Magnesium in a higher doseage than I was taking originally is helping.   [End]
  • Re: Question for women by Ladywear  3y   704  Candida Support  
    Yes this can happen as you cleanse. Dead yeast cells and bacteria can be expelled vaginally since its an elimination pathway.   [End]
  • Re: Magnesium intolerance by Ladywear  3y   6,171  Minerals Support  C  
    Hi. I have found the red cell magnesium test to be quite accurate so maybe you are not deficient in magnesium and dont need it as per your test results. However as you say this is a very odd result considering magnesium deficiency is typical in cases of M.E/C.F.S and Candidiasis. I never could tolerate tablets or capsules either (although my reactions were not as extreme as yours) but I have had much success with magnesium oil spray. My magnesium red cell levels were very very low and I know I am deficient in other vitamins and minerals too. Inspite of this I was still able to tolerate the ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Bladder pain by Ladywear  3y   3,593  Adrenal Fatigue  C  
    Yes I get this sensation too. Like a burning pain in my bladder when its full. It could be toxins causing irritation. Thats what I put it down to anyway (having ruled out any bladder infections).   [End]
  • Re: Kidney Pain with Die-off by Ladywear  4y   1,091  Candida Support  
    Yes funny how we all get these wierd symptoms during die-off.   [End]
  • Kidney Pain with Die-off by Ladywear  4y   1,127  Candida Support  
    Anyone else get pain in their kidneys with die-off/detoxification? thanks   [End]
  • Re: Raw Honey and Candida by Ladywear  4y   1,429  Candida Support  
    I often read about the health benefits of raw honey. Shame because in my experience anything sweet (even fruit)causes a growth in my candida symptoms.   [End]
  • Re: Severe fog today, what the f*** is this? by Ladywear  4y   1,074  Candida Support  C  
    If your foggy head ties in with you starting to take the caprylic acid could be die-off. Brain fog cant concentrate and think straight is typical die-off. Ruffneck is right. Your liver is struggling to cope with the toxins. Go slower, drink lots of water and cut back on the cap. acid tablets.   [End]
  • Re: CFS Virus? & Blood Donations Stopped in UK by Ladywear  4y   1,155  Candida Support  C  
    Thanks everyone for your interesting thoughts links and input !   [End]
  • CFS Virus? & Blood Donations Stopped in UK by Ladywear  4y   1,347  Candida Support  C  
    Here in UK I am diagnosed as having M.E or CFS. I always believed that candida was underlying my health problems. However after periods of mild recovery I always relapse never gaining full recovery. I often wonder why some people can take antibiotics without too many problems, their immune system recovers and gut flora restores. They can eat what they want and live a normal healthy life. I cant. I have begun to question now whether there are indeed other factors playing a part in draining my immune system that stop me healing from candida and indeed promote its growth. Scientists in Scotl ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Hveragerthi Raised An Excellent Point by Ladywear  4y   928  Candida Support  
    Jorge thank you for your opinions and I do respect them. ... ... I mentioned the moderator because at one point all the posts seemed to be related to drugs (and I am not meaning you in particular). We read all these posts day after day about drugs then someone posted about liver flushing and the post got a sarcastic response (I believe that sarcastic response about the liver flushing got removed). I like to hear about liver flushing and this person was bashed on here for speaking about it. Like previous posters have mentioned it is about respect and I did say in my original post that if drugs ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Hveragerthi Raised An Excellent Point by Ladywear  4y   1,069  Candida Support  
    I havent followed the whole long thread down below but I did pick up on a point raised by Hveragerth which I have tried myself to raise with forum moderators. ... ... Here is what H.V posted: - ... ... ” Besides these boards are supposed to be about HEALING WITHOUT MEDICATIONS (”Educating without medicating”) which is why I find it so wierd that so many people are obsessed with taking more pharmaceuticals. If they want to push pharmaceuticals they need to find pharmaceutical forums to post on. Medications are what usually start the problems in the first place. Adding more medications with more side ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Anyone feel week or have a drop in blood pressure when doing the die... by Ladywear  4y   737  Candida Support  
    I have had those attacks also from die-off (candida and bacteria). Sorry to hear about the Lyme diagnosis. You have alot to deal with right now. Hope your move goes well and you get through the awful die-off. (There is alot of discussion about Lyme Disease in the archives on Healthyawareness which is very useful if you are interested).   [End]
  • Re: Anyone feel week or have a drop in blood pressure when doing the die... by Ladywear  4y   746  Candida Support  
    Hi Angel. Hope you are doing ok. ... ... Are you positive this is a drop in blood pressure? Alot of those symptoms you describe can also be low blood sugar/hypoglycemia and if you are not eating very much your blood sugar maybe dropping too low. Just a thought. ... ... Regards to you ... ... Ladywear   [End]
  • Re: How I cured Candida by Ladywear  4y   6,776  Candida Support  
    Please can you explain further about the heart racing on a night. This is something I have experienced and dont understand whats happening. Very scared I might have a heart attack. Do you have any further info. This does not seem like a normal die-off reaction to me and has made me too wary to continue supplements. Thanks   [End]
  • Re: Candida and Weight Gain by Ladywear  4y   1,858  The Truth in Medicin  
    Well I didnt have any weight problems until I got candida. ... ... Thanks will check my basal body temperature but isnt poor thyroid linked to poor liver dysfunction.....which is down to the candida???   [End]
  • Candida and Weight Gain by Ladywear  4y   2,027  The Truth in Medicin  
    Everyone else seems to loose weight. I am just gaining and gaining more and more. I dont hardly recognise myself anymore and feel ashamed of myself. I eat only veggies (including potatoes) salad, chicken. Its not enough to gain weight. Ok I am inactive because I am ill but still I should not be gaining weight. Anything that kills off the candida causes more weight gain (I have candida leaky gut). I read toxins can cause fluid retention but I dont know if its fluid or not. I dont understand what is happening to my body. I dont even think my liver is clearing any of the toxins inspite of tak ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: composite filling intolerance? by Ladywear  4y   714  Candida Support  
    Are you having an injection when you have dental work done? I just wondered because those symptoms you describe are how I react to the local anasthetic in my gums. It lasts for days and days. In my case its not the filling material but the injection. Just a thought.   [End]
  • Re: Hey guys, please help. by Ladywear  4y   4,136  Sluggish Liver  C  
    Tom - please post any info you have in regard to liver detoxification sluggish liver and how this affects the adrenal glands. Did you find by detoxing your liver your adrenals recovered. I have heard this before. ... ... I have Gilberts Syndrome which gets worse when the candida dies off and the toxins are processed through the liver (my enzymes raise higher). I havent noticed the vision problems you mention as such but in Chinese Medicine the liver is linked to vision. I have noticed when I am detoxing and my liver is working hard I have an intolerance to bright lights. I was told this was li ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: How to contact forum moderator please??? by Ladywear  4y   952  Candida Support  
    Can you not post privately anymore?   [End]
  • How to contact forum moderator please??? by Ladywear  4y   860  Candida Support  
  • Re: Dental infection - how to avoid antibiotics by Ladywear  4y   2,581  Candida Support  
    I swilled around my infected gum /tooth using peppermint oil four times per day and it worked for me.   [End]
  • Re: VERY EXTRA DARK (99%) chocolate by Ladywear  4y   4,245  Candida Support  
    I found a nice substitute at my health store. It was made from carob and sweetened with a tiny bit of vanilla extract. After two years without any chocolate it tasted not bad at all. Not sure if the vanilla will feed candida or not but I felt ok after eating it. Not the same as a nice chocy bar but there you go.   [End]
  • Re: high liver enzymes and candida by Ladywear  4y   1,055  Candida Support  
    Yes I have had this myself. Candida/Leaky gut can place a strain on the liver as it attempts to clear out the toxins. My enzymes on blood tests also raise even higher when the candida starts to die-off as even more toxins are processed through the liver. You can take supplements which I have found useful to protect the liver and help it to deal with the toxins. In the past I have found that once candida is back in check and there is less die-off my liver enzymes have normalised.   [End]
  • Re: Thining bile what is the best way by Ladywear  4y   666  Candida Support  
    I dont know about ”thinning” the bile but these helped my liver with bile production - Dandelion (really helped), Artichoke and Milk Thistle. All help increase bile production which carries toxins out of the liver.   [End]
  • Re: Allergy to yeast in cultured vegetables by Ladywear  4y   4,035  Candida Support  
    Yes cheshire....I have very similiar experiences. I am allergic/intolerant to all yeasts. I dont know whether all that cultured stuff or fermented stuff they all seem to recommend has yeast in or not but I cant tolerate any of it. Anything fermented seems to be a no no for me. I am even very very poorly when it rains here in UK - I couldnt fathom why but then realised I must be reacting to the mould spores/damp in the air. Some people with candida do seem to be able to tolerate fermented veggies/foods but I know I cant. I thought all fermented foods contained naturally occuring yeasts whic ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: best probiotic for candida/TO HVERAGERTHI by Ladywear  4y   1,260  Candida Support  
    Thanks - completely missed that link! ... ... Yes sugar would be a big problem for me but also dont fermented foods and drinks contain yeasts? I am so sensitive to mould or yeast...would kefir be a no no for me if this is the case???   [End]
  • Re: best probiotic for candida/TO HVERAGERTHI by Ladywear  4y   1,565  Candida Support  
    Sorry I am sure this has been posted a thousand times but I cant find it. How do you make water kefir and what if you cant tolerate anything fermented? Is it fermented?? Thanks.   [End]
  • Re: Fats and candida by Ladywear  4y   976  Candida Support  
    Yes my face swells with extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil.   [End]
  • Re: Fats and candida by Ladywear  4y   1,025  Candida Support  
    Never thought about the oils being antifungal. I will experiment more!!!   [End]
  • Re: Fats and candida by Ladywear  4y   955  Candida Support  
    Interesting....although I am not eating any foods that contain glucose being on the candida diet. Absolutely any fats cause me to bloat (nuts oils etc). I have had to try and cut them out my diet but its not healthy to cut out all fat.   [End]
  • Fats and candida by Ladywear  4y   1,073  Candida Support  
    I notice that if I eat fats even healthy fats then my face swells up to the size of the moon. This for me is one of my classic signs of food intolerance or that some food has fed candida. Does anyone find that fats feed their candida ? I am beginning to wonder if they do? thanks   [End]
  • Re: Feel worse after a bath by Ladywear  4y   5,817  Candida Support  C  
    I feel much worse around heat too. I cant stand the central heating on, the sun or hot baths. Seems any heat just seems to stir up a whole load of candida toxins. Is this die-off as the body temperature rises or is it that candida grows when subjected to heat? I wish someone knew!   [End]
  • Re: New At Colon Hydrotherapy...what to expect? by Ladywear  4y   2,179  Enema & Colonics  C  
    I found they dragged away my good bacteria as well toxins. My practioner did not implant any probiotics so this is something I would definately question before you undertake colonics. Good Luck.   [End]
  • Re: Hot & Cold sweats:Candida or Menopause? Which? by Ladywear  4y   6,885  Candida Support  
    I have all those exact symptoms. Hot flushes cold night sweats, hot night sweats...I began to think it was menopause but I think candida can mimik this. I went to doctor and got hormone checks and they were normal. I am sure mine is due to candida and toxic liver.   [End]
  • Re: What kind of diet do you want to eat the rest of your life???/TO SCA... by Ladywear  4y   2,278  Candida Support  C  
    Hi scarface! Hope you are doing ok? I am doing a little better than I was thanks....just slowly chipping away at the dysbiosis/candida/liver/ know what I mean. ... ... I got better before by seeing this man ... Not promoting him in anyway I have no connections. He had some pretty high tech equipment that could detect all kinds of abnormalities organ weakness and imbalances. He put me on the road to recovery but intially I felt worse (you know the worse to get better senario). I plan to go back at some point. After treatments I was better than ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: What kind of diet do you want to eat the rest of your life??? by Ladywear  4y   2,380  Candida Support  C  
    I have never done a strict anticandida diet. I dont cut out all carbs like they recommend. I eat a sensible healthy diet not a starvation diet. I have in the past recovered whilst still eating carbs (potatoes included). What I meant was I can never go back to eating junk foods or processed foods and I am happy to stay on a healthy diet for the rest of my life if it means I can get well...and stay well.   [End]
  • Re: SUCCESS STORY, from formerly sickofhives by Ladywear  4y   2,412  Candida Support  C  
    So glad you are doing better sickofhives. I remember so well how you have struggled. I do agree with you completely about the diet. If you have a severe candida problems the diet is crucial, even in the past when I have ”recovered” relapsing on the diet for any length of time has simply causes the candida to rage once again. I have accepted that my healthy diet is for life and if I want to get well and stay well its a small price to pay. Stay well and good luck. ... ... Ladywear   [End]
  • Re: Removing amalgam fillings by Ladywear  5y   8,763  Candida Support  C  
    I wonder why there are so many millions of people who have a mouth full of amalgams but yet dont have candida? If amalgams were contributing towards candida then surely everyone would be as sick as some of us on here (sorry not trying to start any debate here just trying to fathom it out!). I know so many people who have even more amalgams than myself and are healthy. I have been on the forum a long time and over the years I know of people who have had their fillings removed with no improvment in their health - infact found mercury to be a bit of a ”red herring” - whilst some have even bec ...   [retrieve this message]
  • To dwc92s4 by Ladywear  5y   1,964  Candida Support  
    What type of bran are you taking and do you tolerate it? That is problem I had with following Havegarthis protocol - it made sense but I cant tolerate kefir nor oats or rice which he recommended as a source of bran. thanks   [End]
  • Re: die off by Ladywear  5y   4,658  Candida Support  
    Could be die-off but are you sure you are not intolerant to kefir afterall it is fermented I believe. Many candida sufferers struggle with fermented foods etc myself included and some of those symptoms could be intolerance.   [End]
  • Re: Kidneys hurt by Ladywear  5y   2,397  Candida Support  
    Yes I also get kidney pain. I always think I have some sort of infection but everything always comes back normal. I have come to the conclusion that its the candida toxins affecting my kidneys - and now I keep them well flushed or else they start playing up again. I take cranberry (in a concentrated powder form) to help detox my really does help. Also if the liver is overloaded that can then affect the kidneys so I also have to make sure my liver is well supported too during detox.   [End]
  • Re: What worked for me when nothing else did! (formerly sickofhives) by Ladywear  5y   3,046  Candida Support  
    Was wondering about you and ketchup as well. So glad to hear that something has improved for you. Its always encouraging to read posts like this. So glad you are feeling better and I like your new name. ... ... All the best!   [End]
  • Re: Candida and eye floaters? by Ladywear  5y   1,286  Candida Support  
    I get them with die-off/detoxification. Taking liver supplements help and drinking lots of water.   [End]
  • Re: Kidneys by Ladywear  5y   1,197  The Candida Expert  
    Thank you dr jeff. Are you saying that the kidney infection could be yeast either in my kidneys or the systemic yeast infection affecting my kidneys? I had another urine test yesterday for bacteria and they told me again no infection no bacteria! thank you for any clarification you can give.   [End]
  • Kidneys by Ladywear  5y   1,419  The Candida Expert  
    Dear Dr Jeff ... ... I have lower back pain (very low down) so I dont know if this can be related to my kidneys? My kidneys also feel a little burning sensation now and again and I do pass urine quite alot although I dont have any burning on urination pain or discomfort. Does this sound like a typical kidney infection? I do feel ill like a drugged feeling which is relieved by drinking water. Why would my drugged feeling be relieved by drinking water? I havent been to see a doctor for any tests I am only guessing I have a kidney infection - I have had similiar symptoms before only to be told by ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: my story and final true diagnosis by Ladywear  5y   2,588  Candida Support  C  
    I was also diagnosed as being a pre-diabetic as a result of candida/dysbiosis not the other way round. I was given chromium supplements but my insulin levels were so sensitive I found it actually lowered my blood sugar levels further. After reading around I found that in some people chromium can lower blood sugar levels even further. It made me feel worse so I had to stop taking it.   [End]
  • Re: Kill the bad ones, Save the good ones!/TO HVERAGERTHI by Ladywear  5y   8,796  Probiotics  C  
    Thanks for your reply. No my response to fermented foods is not bloating its more like a drunk feeling like when I have accidently eaten something with yeast or sugar in. I feel like I cant think straight! ... ... I will certainly look for those yucca roots I really havent noticed those for sale here in UK nor the prickly pear but I can ask around.   [End]
  • Re: Kill the bad ones, Save the good ones!/TO HVERAGERTHI by Ladywear  5y   8,792  Probiotics  C  
    Hveragerthi you mention kefir as being the best way to get good flora levels up. I cant tolerate anything fermented it makes me feel absolutely awful and ill. What else can I do - I note you said probiotics are questionable. Is there anything else I can do? I dont tolerate rice bran or oats either which would be ideal for feeding my good flora - can you recommend anything else? thank you   [End]
  • Re: I really think I will die... by Ladywear  5y   2,925  Candida Support  
    How interesting. I also have all the lympth swellings and lumps and bumps. I have never heard of these therapies you mentioned but I will certainly look into them. Thanks!   [End]
  • Re: I really think I will die... by Ladywear  5y   3,005  Candida Support  
    Thank you peggyaus. I am really pleased that after three years you are beginning to make progress. I realise its a long hard battle and that each of us are different by way of what works and what doesnt. I personally really really struggle with antifungals. My liver just doesnt seem to cope with the die-off and I just become increasingly toxic therefore more and more sick. It can become a vicious circle for me. Thats good the Olive Leaf is helping you. I have read good things about Olive Leaf. Hopefully one day I will be able to tolerate more supplements but right now supplements just make ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: I really think I will die.../ruffneck by Ladywear  5y   2,970  Candida Support  
    Are you saying that the adrenal and liver tests you had were wrong or incorrect? What made you feel that? Its just I know someone who is about to pay out for the liver detoxification profile test and if its a waste of money due to inaccuracy I would hate them to spend their money. Thanks   [End]
  • Re: I really think I will die... by Ladywear  5y   3,108  Candida Support  
    Hi nonmoi. I am so sorry you are so ill. I can sympathise I have been fighting this for years and am still very ill. In my experience when you are in this toxic state the worst thing you can do is take even more antifungals/antimicrobials. You are just going to overload and overwhelm your liver even more. I havent made much of a recovery but the bit I have has been because I have strongly supported my liver. If I were you I would look into eating as many foods you can tolerate that will help your liver and try a good liver supplement. As for ”tests” - what tests? I have had them all and n ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: magnesium "oil" by Ladywear  5y   2,274  Candida Support  
    Magnesium oil is brilliant. The only magnesium that ever worked for me. My red cell magnesium levels increased with using the spray but the oral supplements never shifted the readings. My practioner at the time also recommended mag. sulphate/epsom salts but I never tried it. Sorry Cheshire has a negative effect I cant say I have noticed anything negative like that but we are all different.   [End]
  • Re: Please Help Me With My Heart Palpitations by Ladywear  5y   2,969  Candida Support  
    Thanks Lymegirl but I got thrown off Bee Wilders forum years ago because I would not follow her diet precisely even though I was intolerant to some of the food she was recommending. I agree though there is some good information on her website   [End]
  • Re: 18 months on and no better ! by Ladywear  5y   1,571  Candida Support  
    Thanks misscallie. Like you I might just follow those groups but some of the success stories here on curezone help keep you positive.   [End]
  • Re: 18 months on and no better ! by Ladywear  5y   1,546  Candida Support  
    Yes everything causes a detox/herx reaction in me! Even going on a walk or sitting in the sunshine. I am so toxic. Its a complete nightmare. I support my liver as much as possible with supplements I can tolerate but nothing ever seems to get any better. ... ... Are you still going to those CFS boards? I wonder if so if you can point me to some of those you visit? ... ... Thanks   [End]
  • Re: 18 months on and no better ! by Ladywear  5y   1,576  Candida Support  
    My hair loss is very bad and I dont know whether it is lack of vitamins which I cant take and dont (like yourself) assilimate properly or whether its toxins. My nutritionist told me candida toxins can cause ladies hair to shed and I do have lots of toxins. Maybe you dont absorb the supplements properly due to bad digestion...that could be why your hair still sheds.   [End]
  • Re: 18 months on and no better ! by Ladywear  5y   1,634  Candida Support  
    Hi misscallie ! Its been a while since you posted and I had wondered if you had recovered. It was nice of you to respond to my post. I remember too that you were/are very sick. ... ... Are you still taking those potassium broths? I never did get round to trying it. I am pleased they helped with your hair loss. Maybe the zinc you recommended might help me with that too. ... ... Thanks for your other suggestions. I will think over whether I can incorporate some of them. ... ... Good Health !   [End]
  • Re: Please Help Me With My Heart Palpitations by Ladywear  5y   3,093  Candida Support  
    Thanks Hveragerthi and Scarface. I am thinking that Coleus Forskohlii and Mulungu are herbs....I havent heard of either of them but both might be ok if I can tolerate a very very small dose. I will look them up and see if I can find them within UK. I often find I dont tolerate things very well this is most of the problem unfortunately. Its how to move forward with this when candida/bacteria are overgrown and the recommended supplements cause so many problems. I cant seem to knock the levels of candida down. I was hoping that a healthy diet and liver support alone might work but it isnt.   [End]
  • Please Help Me With My Heart Palpitations by Ladywear  5y   5,857  Candida Support  
    Thank you to everyone who responded below. ... ... I just want to try and explain my heart problems further as I dont think I was very clear in the hope someone might be able to understand. ... ... My heart palpitations only occur when I have taken anything that has a antimicrobial effect (i.e kills candida or bacteria) that can include GSE Probiotics and even such mild candida/bacteria killers like garlic leeks and onions or even if I sit in the strong sunshine (which can kill candida). I have pinned the palpitations down to this. I cant treat the candida because I react so strongly to the die-off ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: 18 months on and no better !/blues by Ladywear  5y   1,630  Candida Support  
    Do you think the heart palpitations are linked to herx/die-off or an intolerance? I tried to find if heart palpitations are linked to die-off but I cant find any information. ... ... Thanks for those suggestions. I like your idea of taking very small amounts initially. Maybe I should try that and see if I can cope any better with supplements. I will look into some of your suggestions.   [End]
  • Re: 18 months on and no better ! by Ladywear  5y   1,595  Candida Support  
    Thanks Scarface - where do I buy rice bran in UK ? I dont always do well with rice but maybe I could try again. I know I definately need something for adrenals/thyroid but again tolerance it difficult for me.   [End]
  • Re: 18 months on and no better ! by Ladywear  5y   1,645  Candida Support  
    No I havent. What will that do? Heal my leaky gut? thanks   [End]
  • Re: 18 months on and no better ! by Ladywear  5y   1,701  Candida Support  
    My diagnosis is CFS and candida. I am interested to know what is a VCO fast? I am hypoglycemic so fasting isnt a good idea I dont think. Thanks anyway   [End]
  • 18 months on and no better ! by Ladywear  5y   1,860  Candida Support  
    Infact I would say I was worse. My hair is falling out in masses every single day, headaches, backache, muscle pains, can barely walk I am so toxic, palpitations, food intolerances (no improvement), weight gain, loose bowel movements,lighheaded, dissy, CFS...the list goes on and on. I feel so ill I must surely be dying. Problem is I cant tolerate anything that is recommended. The only thing I can tolerate is a liver support tablet which does help and a little magnesium oil spray (again helps). I cant even tolerate vitamin c to try and support my adrenals or vitamins and minerals. I stick ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Lower Back Pain - Candida Toxins? by Ladywear  5y   4,214  Candida Support  
    Hi Bythc ... ... Hope you are doing better. ... ... Thanks for the tip on drinking more water. Funny but I had noticed that when I had a drink my back pain did ease. That is what made me wonder if it was toxins - but then again I do have kidney issues linked to candida so I am not sure. Do you link your back pain to toxins?   [End]
  • Lower Back Pain - Candida Toxins? by Ladywear  5y   2,967  Candida Support  
    Does anyone else get lower back pain with their candida toxins? It could be my kidneys playing up again but I take cranberry every day to keep myself well flushed.   [End]
  • Re: Liver support formula recommendations by Ladywear  5y   1,153  Candida Support  
    They both contain typical liver supporting nutrients/herbs i.e NAC, Taurine, Methionine, Glycine, L Cysteine, Milk Thistle, Dandelion etc. I mostly use Liver Support by Nutri Ltd because I dont tolerate Milk Thistle all that great and this supplement only contains a very small amount.   [End]
  • Re: Liver support formula recommendations by Ladywear  5y   1,536  Candida Support  
    Yes Konnor I have experienced a dull ache. I am not sure if it was my liver or my gallbladder but either way improving my bile flow with those supplements helped alot. I also had liver inflammation with all the candida toxins and once I took those supplements (not both together - I alternate) my liver inflammation went away (my liver blood tests went back to normal). Candida toxins can cause liver inflammation and when you start to detox this can temporarily get worse.   [End]
  • Re: Liver support formula recommendations by Ladywear  5y   1,234  Candida Support  
    Hi Konnor I am in the very same position but I have found Liver Support by Nutri Ltd and Livertone Plus to be of great help to me. They are both available from the Nutricentre. Individual supplements didnt help me but a complex works best for me. I havent tried the Digestive Bitters but I am also going to give those a try.   [End]
  • Re: Prebiotic Fibres by Ladywear  5y   999  Candida Support  
    Thanks I will try sea veggies - maybe add them to my soups. ... ... I too have had problems with FOS and bloating. Some people seem to say that FOS also feeds bad bacteria but I dont know all I know is I get bloating and pain.   [End]
  • Prebiotic Fibres by Ladywear  5y   1,256  Candida Support  
    I am reading in posts that Prebiotic Fibres are highly recommended to help feed and promote the growth of our normal healthy gut flora particularly Rice Bran, Oat Bran and FOS. Is there anything else that we can use for those of us who do not tolerate Oats and Rice? Both these foods bloat me like crazy cause painful gas and also cause me to gain weight (like most carbs seem to for some reason with the candida). Thanks   [End]
  • Re: Candida sufferers.../armond by Ladywear  5y   1,116  Candida Support  
    Hi armond I dont tolerate any gluten grains but I think that is part of having the dysbiosis. My tests didnt show actual celiac disease but maybe candida mimicks celiac type symptoms. I know when I got ”cured” before I could go back to eating gluten grains without any problems. I didnt know a reddish tongue could indicate celiac disease - thats interesting thanks   [End]
  • Re: Candida sufferers.../Scarface by Ladywear  5y   1,144  Candida Support  
    Scarface I tried to mail you too but your account was closed. I just wondered how you were doing. No I am not cured sadly - a long long way off that I am afraid but still keep trying to find answers and trying to do things very very slowly. I cant tolerate many things thats the problem so I can only just tolerate tiny doses of anything. Its improving a little though.   [End]
  • Re: Candida sufferers... by Ladywear  5y   1,113  Candida Support  
    Thanks Scarface I will look into those bitters and see if I can find those brands. ... ... Pleased to hear you are doing better and things are working for you slowly. It seems to take a great deal of time and patience. ... ... Thanks for asking over me thats really nice of you - you get to the point where you think nobody even cares some folks are so self absorbed!   [End]
  • Re: Candida sufferers... by Ladywear  5y   1,203  Candida Support  
    Hi Scarface. Hope you are doing ok. ... ... I am doing a bit better thank you for asking. Not major improvements but just very small ones which are better than nothing I suppose. My liver is still sluggish and adrenals still whacked plus I get major die-off from anything antifungal/antibacterial. No I havent tried the digestive bitters - where do you buy those from in UK and do you know if they contain alcohol? I dont know why I have never had the white tongue - however according to a Chinese Practioner I saw my tongue is pink verging on red with teeth mark indents at the sides which they said ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Candida sufferers... by Ladywear  5y   1,145  Candida Support  
    No never had a white coated tongue infact my tongue is a nice healthy pink colour but still as sick as dog with candida/dysbiosis!   [End]
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