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  • Re: water cure, how much is too much?   by bambam945  8y   1,311  Ask Barefoot
    Just an added note, for every litre (32 oz) of water consumed, you should also ingest a 1/4 teaspoon of unrefined sea salt or other natural salt. Iíve heard himilayan salt is good, but Iíve never tried it. ... ... The salt can be added to your food, or just toss it on your tongue and chase it down with some water :). ... ... Peace, ... ... Bambam   [End]
  • Re: Liver flush, BO and pain in rib cage   by bambam945  8y   676  Liver Flush Support
    Hi JSO, ... ... I cannot guess what the pain on íyourí left side might be. ... ... However, the BO is a common problem and as with pretty much all ailments or diseases is caused by toxicity. Clean diet and all types of cleansing will help this... colon, kidneys, liver and general detoxing should be undertaken (in that order). For general detoxing Iím a believer in juice fasting (I love the oj fast that MH recommends!). Until youíre able to solve the problem through cleansing, you can use chlorophyl supplementation to help keep the BO in check. ... ... Peace, ... ... Bambam   [End]
  • Re: A good way to start is reading Andreas Moritz book   by bambam945  8y   1,295  Liver Flush Support
    I agree wholeheartedly with Hanna. Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation is THE best book Iíve ever read on health. There are a couple others up there on my list, but this book is definitely my fav! ... ... A quick note for Texas... ... ... Sorry, I know this isnít specifically liver flush related, but I wouldnít recommend doing candida cleanses. Candida will only thrive in a toxic environment and is actually doing your body a favor by digesting and eating toxins. Once the body is clean, candida levels will balance on their own. Killing it off before your body is ready will only fill your ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: To anyone flushing to get rid of allergies!   by bambam945  8y   1,366  Liver Flush Support
    Iíve used something similar to naet I think - bioresonance. Worked great - for a few monthes then all my allergies started coming back again. The key to getting rid of allergies is a healthy vegan diet and cleansing the bowels, kidneys, then liver in that order. The cells can be reprogrammed with naet or whatever, but unless the body is cleansed, the allergies are likely to return as the cells get clogged up with debris and toxins again. ... ... Just based on my own experience I would recommend to save your money and just start cleansing and eating properly. The allergies will abate if you ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Skins on or off oranges??   by bambam945  8y   582  Ask Barefoot
    Hmm, Iíve always read that orange and grapefruit skins are toxic while lemon and lime skins are ok... ... ... Bambam   [End]
  • Re: Why Orange Juice?   by bambam945  8y   659  Ask Barefoot
    Are you drinking fresh juiced or store bought orange juice? The store bought oj is pasturized which kills the enzymes in the juice and also makes the juice more acidic. ... ... I cannot drink the store juice either, but fresh juiced - no problem at all, and soooo much better tasting. ... ... Bambam   [End]
  • Re: does candida clear up on rawfood diet?   RN by bambam945  8y   11,554  Candida Support
    Hi 35048, ... ... Others here may disagree with my opinion, so please read this as well as others opinions and see what resonates with you... ... ... Candidaís role in the body is to act as a sort of waste disposal. When our bodies become to toxic for the traditional detox pathways (liver, kidneys, colon, lungs, skin) to handle the detox load, our body may respond by allowing candida to spread and thrive. Candida in itself digests toxic matter in the body. ... ... Changing your diet to raw is one of the best things you can do. Raw food brings life and balanced nutrition to the body, and if you can aff ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Well said!   by bambam945  8y   625  Blog: One
    Well said Lapis! ... ... I spent close to 2 years looking for ícuresí to some nagging health issues - oddly enough, candida being one of them. I have MH to thank for showing me that the cure is our food - nothing else. Natural raw fruits and vegetables combined with occasional juice fasting for accelerated cleansing and healing. Iím still working towards becoming 100% raw, but even the small changes Iíve made already have made dramatic improvements. ... ... As I continue to work on my diet, Iíve also started studying spirituality and practicing meditation and Iím now finding itís bringing more pe ...   [retrieve the message]
  • Re: effective chemtrail detoxing   by bambam945  8y   1,772  Chemtrails Debate
    Great post idea! ... ... I personally try to eat as close to 100% raw as I can. No meat, grains, or dairy and very limited amounts of cooked foods. ... ... Occasional juice fasts are great for cleansing the body. Colon cleansing, kidney cleansing, and liver flushing are as well. ... ... Daily walking, and tons of pure water. ... ... I also use orgonite and try to meditate daily. ... ... If I could afford one, Iíd also get an infared sauna. Fantastic tool for deep tissue cleansing. ... ... Blessings, ... ... Bambam   [End]
  • Re: Black under Eyes...   by bambam945  8y   2,743  Ask Barefoot  Ü Cross-post Ü
    I canít give you a quote here because Iím going off memory. But I believe dark circles under the eyes are mainly caused by congested liver. I used to have them pretty bad but as I continue to cleanse and do liver flushes they have improved dramatically. ... ... Bambam   [End]
  • Organic vs. non-organic   by bambam945  8y   1,177  Ask Barefoot
    I know one article doesnít define the be-all and end all, but an interesting article nontheless... ... ... Check it out. ... ...   [End]
  • Re: those dual purpose towers   by bambam945  8y   862  Ask Barefoot
    Studies have been done on neutralizing RFID tags and injectibles. It seems that aluminum foil works at blocking the radio frequencies. You might be able to use in on a larger scale to block larger signals. ... ... Maybe there was something to those aluminum foil hats we used to see pictures of the ícrazyí people wearing to protect themselves from ímind controlí devices. ... ... Check out the RFID blocking wallet :) ... ...   [End]
  • Re: Why do Asian Men Has less Lung Cancer then American Men   by bambam945  8y   3,471  Quit Smoking
    Diet! Americans diet in general is horrible leaving the body susceptible to disease.   [End]
  • Re: speaking of eyes   by bambam945  8y   703  Ask Barefoot
    I have read of people correcting their vision through cleansing and fasting. If you search around the net, there are also exercises you can do for your eyes to train them not to need glasses. ... ... For myself, I would choose the above over surgery. In the last year, my vision has improved somewhat on itís own since I cleaned up my diet and started cleansing. I may look more into the eye excercises in the future... ... ... Best, ... ... Bambam   [End]
  • Re: Crash & Burn   by bambam945  8y   467  Ask Barefoot
    MH, Iíve done a few short 2-3 day fasts in the past where I had more than 8 oranges/day and found the days to go by fairly easy. However when I recently started doing a fast restricting myself to 8 oranges/day I had extremely low energy and had a difficult time concentrating. Would it be very detrimental to the fast to have more than 8 oranges/day? ... ... Part of the problem might be that I am overweight (6í3Ē and ~225 lbs)? In the last year Iíve dropped over 40 lbs just by eating much more human foods and giving up a lot of the garbage I used to eat. ... ... Thanks so much for sharing your wisd ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Day Four!!!!   by bambam945  8y   624  Ask Barefoot
    Well, I broke the fast this evening. I found out that I have a job interview coming up and the fast was making me feel pretty tired and just sort of out of it. I wanted to be fully alert for this so I decided to break the fast. ... ... Sorry folks! I wish those of you who are still going all the best. Iím going to have to wait until things have stabilized a bit for me before I give it another go. ... ... Blessings, ... ... Bambam   [End]
  • Re: Day Four!!!!   by bambam945  8y   647  Ask Barefoot
    Iím still with you to! ... ... This being my first serious fast these experiences are all new to me. ... ... My LBB arrived last night and thanks to that I was able to go to the bathroom twice today and get rid of some of those toxins that were being all stirred up from the fast. ... ... Still feeling fatigued today though. Finding it tough to work. Although Iím grateful that the hunger is now starting to fade. ... ... Stay strong fellow fasters. Your body will love you for it in the end! ... ... Blessings, ... ... Bambam   [End]
  • Re: MH: Liver query in relation to orange juice fasting.   by bambam945  8y   669  Ask Barefoot
    MH, ... ... Iím doing the oj fast right now. Should I be taking a tablespoon of olive oil nightly to prevent stone formation? I wasnít sure I should be taking the oils while fasting? ... ...   [End]
  • Re: Happy Day One   by bambam945  8y   651  Ask Barefoot
    Day 3 here to! Felt tired today, but from what Iíve read, most people start picking up around days 4-5. ... ... That reminds me, Iíve got to go pickup some more oranges at the store :). ... ... Blessings, ... ... Bambam   [End]
  • Re: HD TV's   by bambam945  8y   5,985  Electro-Pollution
    Boldyloxx, ... ... Try looking into using orgone (cz has a forum dedicated to it) to help minimize the magnetic pollution. The orgone is supposed to absorb the deadly energy and break it down into positive energy. Since I made up a batch and put them around all my electronic devices and in my car Iíve noticed an improvement in how I feel.   [End]
  • Re: Happy Day One   by bambam945  8y   774  Ask Barefoot
    Iím feeling a little under the weather today, but not horrible. Hunger hasnít become a major difficulty yet. ... ... Yea for day 2!!! :) ... ... Bambam   [End]
  • Re: Happy Day One   by bambam945  8y   716  Ask Barefoot
    Iím oj fasting as well. So far just a little tired (I was up late last night for New Years), but not overly hungry yet. ... ... Iím hoping the LBB I ordered comes in this week! ... ... Best, ... ... Bambam   [End]
  • Parents forced to...   by bambam945  8y   488  Conspiracy Debate
    Immunize, send kids to public school, and stop feeding their kids healthy living foods! ... ...   [End]
  • It's a sign!   by bambam945  9y   737  Ask Barefoot
    Iíve been planning on starting an OJ fast January 1st for a few weeks now. And today of all things I get a flyer in the mail advertising oranges on sale for $0.49/lb (Cdn $, I live in Ontario) starting tomorrow! How awesome is that :). Iíll be stocking up tomorrow morning!   [End]
  • I'm with you!   by bambam945  9y   623  Ask Barefoot
    Kimber, ... ... Me too! Iím planning on starting an oj fast on 1/1 as well. My wife is still thinking about it, but Iím all gung ho and very excited. Iím aiming for 21 days, but will take it as it goes at that point. If the fast is still going well Iíll keep pushing on! ... ... Iím hoping the LBB and dewormer I ordered will be in before then or shortly after I start. ... ... Best wishes on your fast! ... ... Bambam   [End]
  • Re: How can your body use Glutathione?   by bambam945  9y   5,780  Glutathione
    Take N.A.C. instead of glutathione. ... ... NAC (N-Acetyl-Cysteine) is an altered form of the amino acid cysteine which gets converted to glutathione in the liver. Fully usable by the body as a potent anti-oxident. ... ... Read ĒDetox or DieĒ by Sherry A. Rogers M.D. It has tons of info on how glutathione works in the body. ... ... Bambam   [End]
  • Pope goes public supporting the NWO   by bambam945  9y   799  Conspiracy Debate
  • Re: MH, ? about upcoming fast   by bambam945  9y   507  Ask Barefoot
    You can download the 108 pages booklet for reference anytime you need it :). ... ... Just right click the link below and choose the ísave así option to save it to your harddrive. ... ... ... ... Blessings, ... ... Bambam   [End]
  • Re: MH, ? about upcoming fast   by bambam945  9y   594  Ask Barefoot
    M.O.G. ... ... Itís not a good idea to flush while fasting. You need the liver to be full of bile for the íflushí to occur when you drink the olive oil mixture. While fasting for extended periods you do not have much bile in the liver which will make flushing difficult to do. ... ... Try doing a flush just before you start your fast as directed in the 108 pages booklet. Then wait until youíve completed your fast to do anymore flushing. ... ... Blessings, ... ... Bambam   [End]
  • Re: thank you, but since when is polyester "organic"? n/m   by bambam945  9y   1,804  Orgone
    I havenít figured that one out either. Iím only regurgitating what Iíve read. Donít take my word for it though. Read through the link in my above post and the one below and see if it resonates with you. ... ... I can say that I do believe the orgonite works so iíve just accepted that the resin attracts energy. It doesnít really matter to me if itís íorganic materialí or not. ... ... Hereís a another link to a pdf file that also explains how orgone works: ... ... ... ... Blessings, ... ... Bambam   [End]
  • Re: more question   by bambam945  9y   1,803  Orgone
    The resin usually used is polyester resin. I find you can get much better deals if you buy it online then if you buy it out of a local store. The key to orgonite is the combination of organic and inorganic material. The organic material (resin) attracts energy, the inorganic material (metal) repels energy. The energy is attracted by the resin and directed by the crystal. As the energy flows through the resin, it gets bounced in all sorts of directions and gets íbroken downí to a basic pure state by all the metal shavings. So it could be either positive or deadly energy that is attrac ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Dry Skin   by bambam945  9y   1,452  Apple Cider
    Donít worry too much about rules and regulations. Listen to your body. If the ACV makes you feel great, keep taking it! ... ...   [End]
  • i'm curious too...   by bambam945  9y   1,339  Ask Barefoot
    iíd also like to address a leaky gut issue which I believe I have. ... ... Iím planning on the oj fast starting in January but would like to understand the slippery elm gruel alternative to follow up the fast with. ... ... Thanks! ... ... Bambam ... ...   [End]
  • OJ fast help liver stones?   by bambam945  9y   527  Ask Barefoot
    I was wondering if the oj fast would bring the immune system to such a state that it could/would start to break down and dispose of liver/gallbladder stones? Or is the only way to get rid of them through the liver flush? ... ... Just curious, ... ... Bambam   [End]
  • Re: liver flushes with leaky gut?   by bambam945  9y   1,881  Leaky Gut
    This is generally not recommended. Iím just finding this out myself after 14 liver flushes so far. Every one of them made me feel kinda ill for a few days. Many of the toxins that flush out of the liver will leak back through the íleakyí intestinal wall and back into your system for your liver and kidneys to have to deal with again. The best bet would be to heal up the leaky gut first then move into flushing the liver. Save yourself from making the same mistake I did. ... ... My plan of attack will be L-glutamine, slippery-elm tea and licorice root extract, and Iíll combine those with an o ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Me too   by bambam945  9y   658  Liver Flush Support
    North, ... ... I havenít been able to kick the nasty coffee habit yet either. Iíve cut down to average of one cup a day (BIG deal for me). ... ... Iíve found the coffee hasnít affected my flushing in any negative ways and Iíve done 14 so far. In fact Iím just finishing up # 14 today. ... ... Go for it, and good luck! ... ... Bambam   [End]
  • This is just a ploy   by bambam945  9y   341  Blog: Collective Disease I
    The patriot act expiring and Bush authorizing the NSA to spy on americans becoming public knowledge is just a ploy. The elite are encountering resistance to the police state by the American public. By going public with these two items (patriot and NSA spying), they will both be brought to a halt and quickly. ... ... However, the govít will then bemoan the fact that they no longer have these ítools to protect Americans from terroristsí. What an oppurtune time to launch another íterrorist attackí. When that happens the govít can then say. Ēwell, we didnít have the proper tools to protect you ...   [retrieve the message]
  • Re: Is curezone a hidden "message center" for the promotion of the scien...   by bambam945  9y   1,697  Conspiracy Debate
    Donít lump me in with yourself! ... ... I personally do believe in things like the elite, the jesuits, population culling, etc, etc. ... ... Why are you even here? Stick to the areas you agree with. You donít find most of us going into other forums we may not agree with and trashing everyone in there.   [End]
  • Re: Is curezone a hidden "message center" for the promotion of the scien...   by bambam945  9y   1,832  Conspiracy Debate
    Ē#2)Are some of the people that are routinely offering direct medical advise to others on this form medical doctors? If not, isnít it against the law for Jane Doe the amateur researcher to be suggesting medical protocols for others?Ē ... ... One of the fundamental ideas behind curezone is that we should all be taking our health into our own hands instead of walking into the doctors office, shutting our brains down and bowing down in thanks and gratitude for the prescription of poison they just wrote for us. Iím not saying all medical doctors are bad. Most mean well. The problems stems for th ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Sources   by bambam945  9y   900  Vitamin C Support
    If you research Dr. Linus Pauling, one of the vitamin C pioneers, youíll find that he did many of his experiments using ascorbic acid. The body can readily use it. However, it can make your digestive tract acidic so I would suggest using sodium ascorbate which is neutral (non-acidic) if you can get it. ... ... Bambam   [End]
  • Re: What Does This Mean??   by bambam945  9y   757  Zapper Support
    That does sound like a nasty die-off scenario. ... ... you have to be careful that youíre doing more than just zapping. you have to make sure the elimination channels are all clear - aka - colon cleansing, kidney flushing, liver flushing. If those arenít clear, all the toxins youíre stirring up from the zapper just keep floating around in your body causing all kinds of problems. ... ... Iíd suggest easing up on the zapping until youíve had a chance to start cleansing the elimination organs. ... ... Hope that helps, ... ... Bambam   [End]
  • Re: HELP...please get me started!   by bambam945  9y   641  Ask Barefoot
    Hi mountainluvr, ... ... Welcome to the real world of health! :) ... ... Youíve got a lot of questions in your post that would be difficult to answer all at once. Generally speaking, every ailment whether itís constipation, acne, allergies or cancer, is caused by toxicity in the body. Obviously diet, lifestyle choices and environment are the main contributers to toxins and these are the things that need to change. ... ... I suggest you read through to get a good understanding of how to cleanse the body and move on to a lifestyle that will keep you disease free for many long yea ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Strange liver flush experience   by bambam945  9y   598  Ask Barefoot
    I just asked this same question on the liver flush forum, so sorry if anyone is reading this in duplicate. But I thought I would ask here as well since Iím a believer in MHís methods... ... ... Anyways, here goes, sorry for the graphic imagery ;) ... ... ... I just finished flush number 13 yesterday, passed about 100 or so stones, largest one around grape size, all very dark green in color. Then something strange happened. I had a BM closer to the end of the day, and all that came out was this little bit of very pale BM that crumbled as it sat in the toilet bowl. Then, today I had another BM which ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Similar experience   by bambam945  9y   675  Liver Flush Support
    Wow, I just had a similar experience and was coming on here to ask the question! ... ... I just finished flush number 13 yesterday, passed about 100 or so stones, largest one around grape size, all very dark green in color. Then something strange happened. I had a BM closer to the end of the day, and all that came out was this little bit of very pale BM that crumbled as it sat in the toilet bowl. Then, today I had another BM which contained about 50% of this same ímaterialí, and as it sat in the toilet bowl, I watched it crumble apart. Anyone have any thoughts on what the heck this was??? ... ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Chemtrails-- and Public Law, you wont believe this confirmation!!   by bambam945  9y   845  Ask Barefoot
    Before you click the link below, donít get me wrong. I absolutely believe in the chemtrail program. But if you read the entire public law including the additional subsections that quote is not quite the smoking gun... ... ... ... ... Bambam   [End]
  • Re: I think I might be a hopeless case.Do I give up?   by bambam945  9y   1,060  Liver Flush Support
    Hi Hildie, ... ... Iím very sorry to hear what you are going through. As has already been said, your body CAN cure itís own illness and disease. Anything from allergies to cancer can be corrected and many people on the curezone forums can attest to this. ... ... Definitely go through the bowel cleansing, kidney flushing and liver flushing. You may also want to look into oregano oil and olive leaf extract which are both superb immune boosters. Try to get some light excersise every day if your able - walking is the best. And try to go on a completely raw fruit and vegetable diet. These foods are ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Candida   by bambam945  9y   890  Ask Barefoot
    I think Iíve read MH recommending valencia oranges before. I personally use whatever oranges are available in the organic section of my local grocer. I havenít gone as far as the 21 day fast yet, just a few 2-3 fasts here and there since Iím still working on flushing my liver clean. ... ... My prior lifestyle was extremely toxic. Weekend warrior alcoholic, smoking, heavy coffee consumption. That combined with hitting the gym all the time then sucking back gallons of whey protein powder that has been super processed and sweetened with artificial sweetners. All that and an extremely ídeadí d ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Candida   by bambam945  9y   1,520  Ask Barefoot
    MH can correct me if Iím wrong. But candida is the bodieís garbage-men. You get candida when you become to toxic and your body cannot get rid of all the toxins on itsí own so it ícreatesí the candida which helps íeatí the toxins in the body. ... ... ĒOne cure cureís allĒ - I believe you outlined a great program in your post! Get rid of the reason for the candida (toxic body) and the worst of it will go away. Your body needs some candida to survive so it will never totally go away. ... ... I personally donít think the oranges will hold back any progress with candida. They help cleanse and alkanl ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: How long is FRESH?   by bambam945  9y   806  Juicing Forum
    Usually the enzymes start to die off within a few minutes of juicing. Most juices youíll want to aim to drink them within about 10 minutes if you can. ... ... Another option is to use mason type jars. When you make your juice fill them right to the very brim. Make sure theyíre so full that when you put the lid on, a bit of juice runs over the side of the jar. In this way you can keep juice fresh for up to 48 hours if you keep it in the fridge. ... ... The reason the above works is that the juice is kept from being exposed to any air (oxygen) - this prevents the enzymes from breaking down. ... ... Hop ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Are "time release" formulas okay to use when flushing?   by bambam945  9y   800  Vitamin C Support
    I would be surprised if 250 mg of C gave you the loose stools. Although I should be cautious saying that as everyone is different. I would hazzard to guess that there may be a binder or something in the tablet that you might be allergic to other than the vit c itself. Give the powder a try and see how it goes. ... ... I would also suggest following journís advice to start SLOW and build up slowly, 1-2 grams added per day. ... ... Bambam   [End]
  • Re: Sooo tired   by bambam945  9y   655  Liver Flush Support
    Wow, I had the same thing. Since my last flush (#9) Iíve been really weak and tired. Iím planning on doing #10 tonight - 1/2 hr till the OO/GF mixture :). ... ... By the way - thanks for the tip in the post above regarding the bitters. Iíll have to give that a try! ... ... Blessings, ... ... Bambam   [End]
  • Re: Am I getting all the vit C?   by bambam945  9y   765  Vitamin C Support
    Supposedly psyllium interferes with absorption of nutrients. This may be because of the swelling action it takes in the intestines where nutrients are absorbed into the body. ... ... I personally donít know for sure, but to be safe, take journís advice and take the vit C in divided doses and try not to take it at the same time as the psyllium. This will ensure that your body is taking as much of the C as it can. ... ... Blessings, ... ... Bambam   [End]
  • Re: Just another month,,,But whose counting??   by bambam945  9y   534  Ask Barefoot
    Hippychick, ... ... Have you looked into Bowen Therapy? There is a naturopath in my city that does this therapy and Iíve had it done to realign my jaw. Itís very gentle and very natural. ... ... Iíd look into it and see if thereís anyone in your area that does it before going ahead with the procedure you describe above. ... ... Also, Iím not sure how much this brace is going to cost you, but I found the bowen treatments to be fairly inexpensive. ... ... Blessings, ... ... Bambam   [End]
  • Re: The BAREFOOT Adventures The "BIG" step!   by bambam945  9y   967  Ask Barefoot
    Wow MH, ... ... I also work in the automotive industry (air conditioning components) and just recently found out that Dana is putting their a/c fluid transport division up for sale as well. ... ... I think things are going rough for everyone in North American automotive right now. GM and Ford are having financial trouble. Delphi has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Sales are down. It doesnít bode well at all. ... ... Letís all hope and pray that someone is able to stand up to the oil industry and release a hydrogen powered vehicle. There has to be an end to money doing all the talking whe ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Want to cleanse my liver but am too allergic to clean out parasites....   by bambam945  9y   1,428  Allergies & Intolera
    Welcome to Curezone! ... ... If you were chock full of stones back in 72 already, I would imagine that your liver is really congested by now! ... ... You donít really need any supplements to do a liver flush. Parasite cleansing is recommended, but it wonít make or break a flush. Iíve done a few flushes without the parasite cleanse and they all went fine. ... ... As long as youíre not allergic to olive oil and grapefruit juice you should be ok. ... ... You may want to look into more than just liver flushing though. The colon, kidneys, liver and just general toxicity can all contribute to allergies. Colon c ...   [retrieve this message]
  • added note   by bambam945  9y   888  Ask Barefoot
    Just got off the phone with my parents. ... ... They JUST got back from a mediterranean cruise. Theyíre both coughing and wheezing as well....   [End]
  • Re: Anyone else suffering Cough/Respitory problems?   by bambam945  9y   961  Ask Barefoot
    2tuff ... ... I live in Ontario, Canada. A lot of people around here have been hacking and coughing lately. Iím just at the end of it myself. Iím still at the kidney and liver cleansing stage and havenít gone into a full scale oj fast yet. So my body is not yet cleansed and renewed enough to fight off the many viruses that are floating around. ... ... Iím not sure if itís from some sort of chemtrail soup or if it is the start of the íbird fluí. But I can say that many people here have and have had a nasty cough, but most of them have gotten over it.   [End]
  • Re: Need answer asap. Juices for dehydration?   by bambam945  9y   988  Juicing Forum
    Oh! I didnít know it was for your dog. Maybe just try a different water? My dog is weird. She prefers tap water to reverse osmosis. Although I hate giving her all the poisons in the tap water (chlorine, flouride and who knows what else).   [End]
  • Re: Need answer asap. Juices for dehydration?   by bambam945  9y   1,166  Juicing Forum
    I wouldnít advise juice for dehydration. Drink water and take salt!!! unrefined natural salts (himalayan or unrefined sea salts) are best. ... ... For every litre (4 cups) of water you drink, take a 1/4 teaspoon of salt. To calculate how much water you need a day, take your bodyweight and divide it in half. the number you get is how many ounces of water you need a day. For example - 200 lb person needs 100 ounces water per day. Follow the salt rule above. If you take any caffeine or alchohol, add an equal amount of water to your base daily need. ... ... This is critical. You need the salt to ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Any info on the Jack La Lanne juicer?   by bambam945  9y   713  Ask Barefoot
    Iíve got this juicer. It does work with centrifugal force, but the juice certainly isnít heated. Iíve found it to work quite well for the price. Not overly noisy. Cleanup isnít to bad, and it does extract quite a lot of juice from the fruits and veggies, as the pulp is fairly dry. ... ... Now that Iíve experienced juicing and discovered how much I love it, Iíd invest more money next time around. but if funds are tight and you canít afford the $200 plus juicers, Iíd highly recommend the Lalanne juicer. ... ... Bambam   [End]
  • Re: What should one do if forced to take a vaccination by military Gunpo...   by bambam945  9y   1,040  Ask Barefoot
    I personally donít believe it will be a vaccine. More likely itíll actually be a shot of the bird flu virus itself to further spread the disease and help fulfill the eliteís depopulation agendas. ... ... Youíd be better off to head to jail my friend then take a vaccine forced on you at gunpoint.   [End]
  • Re: Liver cleanse & allergies   by bambam945  9y   573  Liver Flush Support
    Beka, ... ... My personal experience was that the allergies improved for a couple of days, then came back. However, with each succesive flush they get a bit better. ... ... I think it was Hulda Clark that said you need to pass at least 2,000 stones before you see big improvements in allergies. ... ... Bambam   [End]
  • Re: Overwhelmed finanacially and very sick...   by bambam945  9y   1,233  Oxygen
    It sounds like your liver is in very rough shape. The sickness you felt from your last flush could partially have been due to a large amount of toxins being released. This will improve over time as you continue to flush. If youíve been doing the parasite cleanse for at least a week you should be ok to go for another flush. ... ... Hereís another ílow costí alternative to help you detox and of course rehydrate. The water cure. Most of us are clinically or sub-clinically dehydrated. Simply take your body weight in pounds, divide it in half and the number you get is how many ounces of water ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Overwhelmed finanacially and very sick...   by bambam945  9y   1,198  Oxygen
    If you have a fatty liver, I would strongly suggest you start liver flushing to get all the stones, fatty tissue, and chaff out of the liver. The liver is íthe generalí of the other organs. Itís critical to keep it in good shape.   [End]
  • Re: liver flush or juice fast?   by bambam945  9y   621  Ask CureZone
    I agree the hanna. Go for the liver flushes first! You should clear out your liver before you consider doing any fasting. I believe MH (barefoot herbalist) suggests this as well, but I just started reading through his booklet 108pages. Juice fasting may be helpful for a day or two before/after each flush, but I wouldnít try an extended fast until your liver is in better shape. ... ... This is not to knock fasting by any means - itís a great method for cleansing the digestive system and detoxing/renewing the body, but you need your liver functioning well to accomplish this. ... ... You might also ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Some alternatives for constipation...   by bambam945  9y   1,321  Bowel Cleanse Suppor
    Hereís a couple of natural remedies you may want to try for constipation... ... ... 1. water cure - drink 1/2 your bodyweight in ounces of water per day (ie - 200 lb person would need 100 ounces of water). For every litre of water (4 cups) you need to take a 1/4 teaspoon of unrefined seasalt. If you consume any sort of diuretic (caffeine, alcohol, etc) add an equal amount of water to your base daily need. ... This should rehydrate the body and help keep things moving. ... ... 2. Cayenne pepper - take 1 teaspoon in hot water 3 times/day. It has a healing effect on the digestive system and is also v ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Vegetable juice recipes for candida - whats your favourite   by bambam945  9y   2,236  Candida Support
    cabbage and celery. Certainly not very tasty but effective at alkanalizing. ... ... kale and carrot - so nutritious and yummy too! ... ... I also enjoy apple and beet. Good for the liver.   [End]
  • Bush - bathroom break?   by bambam945  9y   767  Conspiracy Debate
  • Re: Um, Advice please?   by bambam945  9y   653  Ask Barefoot
    Just wanted to add glutathione and selenium to the list of detoxers. As an alternative to glutathione you can take N-ACETYL-L-CYSTEINE (N.A.C) which is a precursur to glutathione. ... ... If youíre interested, Iíd recommend the book detoxify or die by Sherry Rodgers ... ... ... ... The book is poorly written (ie, you want to scratch your eyes out while youíre reading it), but the information is great. It explains the many, many, many sources of toxins in this world and how they affect the body. ... ... Bambam ... ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Body building and colon cleanse   by bambam945  9y   757  Bowel Cleanse Suppor
    This may be counter to mainstream thinking (but then again, so is most alternative health). But try doing 75% raw diet while doing the cleanse. Stick with raw fruits and veggies. Stick with chicken and fish for any meats if you must have them. ... ... Think of it this way. Most people consider the bull to be a muscular, powerful animal. The bull lives off of vegetables alone. You donít need excessive amounts of protein to grow muscle. ... ... Most of the protien powders out there contain a ton of chemicals that you shouldnít be dumping in your body anyways. Youíll get better results from a cl ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Dilute Stomach Acids, poor digestion   by bambam945  9y   2,155  Water Support
    Personally I havenít food the water cure has adversely affected my digestion, but everyone is different. ... ... Unfortunately, a friend has my book by Dr. B, but I do recall reading in there that the water would help digest your food. I would need the book to get the full scientific explanation though. ... ... If stomach acid is a concern, try taking 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar with each meal. Not only is it good for you, itíll help digest your food and help alkanlize the body. As an added bonus, the stuff is quite cost effective :). ... ... ... ...   [End]
  • Re: My 19th flush   by bambam945  9y   992  Liver Flush Support
    NP :). ... ... It doesnít just take antibiotics and sweets to cause candida. If heís ever eaten a lot of non-organic meats or consumed a lot of tap water, this could also create an environment condusive to candida. The antibiotics in the meat and the chlorine in the water will both kill the good bacteria in the digestive tract leaving it open to yeast overgrowth. From there, simply eating grains or fruits will provide enough ísugarí for the candida to move in. ... ... Something else you might want to look into is the water cure. Itís supposed to help a lot of symptoms. ... ... A quick rundown is this ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Amount of olive oil--can it make a difference?   by bambam945  9y   704  Liver Flush Support
    I find I get better results using more OO/GF mixture. The last 3 flushes I did I used 1 cup of each and got more stones than I did on my first few flushes. ... ... Bambam   [End]
  • Re: My 19th flush   by bambam945  9y   1,038  Liver Flush Support
    Your bfís issues could be caused by candida. Head fog and body aches are both classic symptoms. Liver flushing will help candida, but probably wonít cure it. I wonít offer a suggestion on getting rid of candida b/c theyíre are lots of different opinions out there on how to do it. Iím still trying to find the best way for myself. Oxygen therapy is next on my list :). ... ... Anyways, a simple test he can try to see if he has yeast problems is shown on this website: ... ... ... ... Hope that helps, ... ... Bambam   [End]
  • Re: Replenishment Rate   by bambam945  9y   608  Vitamin C Support
    This would depend on a many factors and what is causing your body to need 45 grams/day. If this issues are minor then they should correct themselves fairly quickly, whereas more complex issues could take longer. ... ... My initial titration was about 35 grams and it took me about 3-4 monthes to get down to around 16 grams/day.   [End]
  • Re: family history of gallstones   by bambam945  9y   662  Vitamin C Support
    Vit C should not negatively affect gallstones, or create them. ... ... Bambam   [End]
  • Re: Extra-virgin olive oil anti-inflammatory-scientists   by bambam945  9y   705  News
    Look for organic extra virgin cold pressed olive oil. It should come in a dark bottle (not clear) as light can damage the oil. The oil itself should be an opaque green colour.   [End]
  • Re: Sans Sucre please   by bambam945  9y   945  Candida Support
    stannarad, check out the forum on vitamin C for lots of info. You canít jump right into mega-dosing. You need to work up slowly. Try starting with 2 grams per day and add more gram each day. When you start getting loose stools youíre getting close to your bodies tolerance level. The loose stools are your bodyís way of saying that itís getting enough vitamin C. Back off about 2 grams from the point where you get loose stools and use that as your daily dose. ... ... I use ascorbic acid from Bronson ( ). You can buy 1 kg containers for around $35. I split up ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: 30+ flushes...   by bambam945  9y   1,017  Liver Flush Support
    Hoppy, hereís a couple of suggestions you might want to look into. In my experience Iíve found that a multi-pronged approach has yeilded the best results. These three things in addition to flushing and bowel cleansing have done wonders for me. ... ... 1. Water Cure - See any books by Dr. F. Batmanghelidj. Or his website is at Many of us think weíre getting enough water, but arenít. Try taking 1/2 oz of water for every lb of bodyweight. For example, a 200 lb person would need 100 ozís of water per day. In addition to this you need to supplement 1/4 teaspoon of ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Allergy help...   by bambam945  9y   1,290  Allergies & Intolera
    See my other post: ... ...   [End]
  • Re: kevin trudeau--natural cures....never get sick again????   by bambam945  9y   886  Conspiracy Debate
    Actually, in his book, Kevin Trudeau reccomends about 100 different things to prevent illness, but he doesnít elaborate on a single one of them. To get more info you have to go to his website and pay a monthly fee to get more info. ... ... This guy has spent time in jail for fraud. Iíd be a little leary in putting a lot of stock into what he has to say. ... ... Bambam   [End]
  • Re: Help! Question on Sodium Ascorbate   by bambam945  9y   1,020  Vitamin C Support
    In my research on Vitamin C, I have not come across anything that indicated that Vit C would lower your potassium levels. Go ahead and dose up! :) ... ... Bambam   [End]
  • Re: Red swollen itchy eys - help!   by bambam945  9y   1,461  Allergies & Intolera
    Nat, ... ... Allergic reactions could be caused by many different root problems. Check out another post I did in this forum for information. ... ... ... ... Also, keep in mind that 5 liver flushes may not be enough to clear allergies. You should aim to get rid of at least 2000 stones before you start seeing improvement in your allergies. ... ... Bambam   [End]
  • Re: Can I use as much oil as I want?   by bambam945  9y   495  Liver Flush Support
    I find I get much better results taking 1 cup of OO and 1 cup of GF juice for my 10 pm mix. ... ... Iíve read other posts as well where people have adjusted the amount of mixture without adverse affects. Tinker with it and see what happens. ... ... Bambam ... ...   [End]
  • Re: Second flush a success! But a question.   by bambam945  9y   728  Liver Flush Support
    Iím not sure, but Iíve always considered the ísandí to be chaff. Always a good thing to be clearing that stuff out as well. iíve read that the chaff will eventually turn into stones. Not sure how true that is, but either way, itís congesting the liver. ... ... Good flush results, but Iíd be careful not to skimp on the epsom salts. The salts are what relax the bile ducts to allow easy passage of stones. Skimping on them might lead to problems during a flush.   [End]
  • Excellent post   by bambam945  9y   742  Candida Support
    I heartily agree. An excellent post! Cleansing, nutritious diet, exercise, and hydration. Those four things have brought me a long way in the last year!   [End]
  • Re: The REAL cause of Allergies? (good article)   by bambam945  9y   1,120  Allergies & Intolera
    Steve, ... ... Iíve tried the meridian therapies only to gain temporary relief. It wasnít long before the allergies I was treated for came back. It wasnít until I started cleansing the internal organs that my allergies have started to retreat, not yet to return. ... ... Besides, I find cleansing to be more cost effective. :) Some olive oil for liver flushes and psyllium and bentonite for bowel cleansing. ... ... Iím not knocking the meridian therapies, they worked, but it just wasnít a permanent fix for me. ... ... Cheers, ... ... Bambam.   [End]
  • Re: 17.1 gm bowel tolerance ????????????   by bambam945  9y   1,451  Vitamin C Support
    Not trying to argue here, but why would you consider 17 grams high for a first time titration test? Reading the stories of others in CZ and understanding how the bowel tolerance for Vit C drastically increases the more ídamagedí the body is, many hit bowel tolerances of 50 grams or more on their first titration test. 17 grams for a first time test would seem to indicate that their is very little ídamageí inside the body. ... ... My own first time titration resulted in over 30 gram bowel tolerance. thankfully now I get loose stools if I take more than 15 grams a day. Based on what Iíve read, ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: My Allergy, question   by bambam945  9y   1,462  Allergies & Intolera
    I doubt the low cost vitamins are the source of your allergies. However, I would stop buying them after you finish off what you have. I wouldnít recommend Centrum either. A local health food store should be able to recommend a reliable quality brand or talk to a herbalist or naturopath. ... ... Alternatively Iíd say youíre better of getting your nutrients from good quality organic fruits and veggies. ... ... For starters, try giving up wheat, sugar and dairy. None of these are good for you anyways and those are the foods people are most often allergic to. If after 1 week of this you donít notic ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Forget the zapping part - clarification.   by bambam945  9y   937  Liver Flush Support
    Sorry, I should clarify that Iím talking about the zappers based on Hulda Clarkeís design. Iím not overly familiar with other types. ... ... Bambam   [End]
  • Re: Forget the zapping part   by bambam945  9y   1,008  Liver Flush Support
    most zappers run on 9V batteries and the average level of current that goes through the electrodes is around 5-6V. Itís enough to give you a mild sensation if you touch your tongue to both terminals. ... ... Of course, everyone is entitled to their opinions, but if you want more information on zapping, Hulda Clarke highly recommends them and discusses them in her books, Don Croft is another proponent: . Iím sure if you googled or checked the zapping forum on cz youíd also find tons more info. ... ... Zapping has done wonders for helping get my candida under co ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Mineral Water, Distilled Water.   by bambam945  9y   1,250  Water Support
    If you read Dr. Bís books, he says any water will do. Although tap water in general is not that great for you, it will work for the water cure. If your tap water is clorinated, just fill up a jug and let it sit for a few hours before drinking. This time will allow the chlorine in the water to evaporate. ... ... This would be your most cost effective route.   [End]
  • Re: Severe Allergies "need help"   by bambam945  9y   1,057  Liver Flush Support
    I agree with the above post. That was my experience as well. Horrible allergies and liver flushing wasnít helping much. Moving to the candida diet, taking some antifungals and mega-dosing vit-C has pretty much cleared them up. ... ... You might also want to look into apple cider vinegar and possibly zapping. Both of these have forums dedicated to them. Zapping and vitamin c will also dramitically help with any infections you might have going on. ... ... Bambam   [End]
  • Re: Very thirsty....Can I drink more water on cleanse?   by bambam945  9y   802  Liver Flush Support
    As I say this, please keep in mind that everyone is different. However, I find that I can bend the rules to a certain extent and still get excellent flush results. ... ... I usually continue to plenty of water up until about 1 hour before the first dose of epsom salts. From that point I usually drink a bit of organic apple juice after each dose of epsom salts - to wash the taste out of my mouth. I also take 1.5 to 2 times the amount of the recommended OO/GF mixture. I find I get more stones out when I do. ... ... I read about other bending the rules as well. If youíre really thirsty you can try ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: 17.1 gm bowel tolerance ????????????   by bambam945  9y   1,502  Vitamin C Support
    17 grams is pretty good for a first time titration test. Your body must be in pretty good shape! ... ... Anyways, for daily maintenance drop down 2 or 3 grams from your tolerance level. If you find that over time your developing loose stools, your bowel tolerance is probably dropping, take another 1 or 2 grams off your daily dose if that happens. ... ... You can also occasionally do further tolerance tests to see if your daily requirements are changing. ... ... Bambam   [End]
  • Re: I need a flush protocol?????   by bambam945  9y   723  Vitamin C Support
    You should read through some of the previous posts on this forum. thereís lots of tips on how to determine your bowel tolerance, along with many of the other uses and benefits of Vitamin C. ... ... another rule of thumb you might try is 1 gram per 10 lbs of bodyweight - this should be around where your daily maintenance dose is. Just make sure to build up to this amount SLOWLY - try starting with 2 grams and add just 1 gram per day. Split your dosage up and take it throughout the day rather than all at once.   [End]
  • Re: Vitamin C   by bambam945  9y   893  Candida Support
    Christi, ... ... Take a read through the Vitamin C forum, itís a wealth of information. Other authorities to read through are Dr. Linus Pauling and Dr. Tom Levy. You can also check out: ... ... ... ... ... If you read through the many studies done, Vit C does not cause kidney problems. It has tremendous health benefits and itís impossible to overdose on it as the body will just eliminate what it doesnít need. ... ... This is observable even in myself. I can take about 20 grams per day as a maintenance dose of Vit C. If I exceed that ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: How to spread the word easily....   by bambam945  9y   468  Conspiracy Debate
    A Warning To The World ... ... Prison Planet | July 12, 2005 ... By Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones ... ... The London bombings are a clear indication that the Globalists have not changed tactics and are getting ever more desperate to advance an agenda based on a simple time tested manipulation of fear. ... ... ... It is now time for all governments who still operate outside of the control of the Globalists to come forward and join humanity in unveiling the real terrorists who are attempting to deform the world into a prison planet. ... ... The message is clear, if you do not surrender all national sovereignty an ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Vitamin C bowel tolerance test? Anybody ever do it?   by bambam945  9y   3,006  Ask CureZone
    There are specific directions for the C flush here: ... ... ... ... Also, as noted in the above posts, the C forum has LOTS of great info! ... ... Blessings, ... ... Bambam   [End]
  • Re: How do I do this?   by bambam945  9y   697  Vitamin C Support
    See this website on how to Vit C flush: ... ...   [End]
  • Re: Vitamin C   by bambam945  9y   979  Candida Support
    Mega doses of Vit C shouldnít make you feel ill. In fact, they should help your body deal with detox symptoms along with helping the whole detox process. Generally as a daily maintenance dose, you should be able to take 1 gram (1000 mgís) per 10 lbs of body weight. Build up to this amount SLOWLY - ie - add 500 mg to 1 gram each day. And spread the doses out throughout the day. If you bump up your doses to quickly or take too much in one day, it will generally cause gas and cramping or possibly even the runs. As a side note, a Vit C flush is a great way to help detox and clear up any ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Phlegm question   by bambam945  9y   6,514  Candida Support
    no problem - I hope they help :). For some good info on Vit C. Check out Dr. Linus Pauling and Dr. Tom Levy. Also, here are a couple of great websites: ... ... ... ... ... You might also want to consider trying organic apple cider vinegar. The cider vinegar will not only help kill off the candida, but itíll also help you digest your food and itíll help alkanalize your body. Candida has a much harder time thriving in an alkaline body. Take 1 tsp in some water before each meal. ... ... Bambam ...   [End]
  • Re: Phlegm question   by bambam945  9y   6,632  Candida Support
    You may want to consider adding some further anti-oxidents to your regimen. NAC (N-Acetyl-Cysteine) gets converted into glutathione in the body which is a heavy duty anti-oxident. Glutathione also helps your body to reuse Vit C & E. Alpha-Lipoic-Acid and Selenium are also powerful anti-oxidents. Couple this with mega-doses of Vit C (see the Vit C forum) and youíve got a powerhouse of detox going on. A good detox system will also help boost your bodyís own immune system which will help it fight the candida. ... ... Iíve combined the above regimen along with some anti-fungals, zapping (termi ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Supplements are in big danger   by bambam945  9y   568  Candida Support
    Codex will reach North American shores unless by some miracle we all are able to speak out in a unified voice in the next couple of weeks. ... ...   [End]
  • Re: Try seaweed for your thyroid problems, Mousitsa.   by bambam945  9y   1,183  Vitamin C Support
    I agree totally with Owen on the cleansing. Start with the bowel cleanse then move onto liver cleansing. I wonít suggest which one is best because different things work for different people. There are forums for both here on CZ. ... ... Iíve found since Iíve started cleansing, taking mega-doses of Vit C and improving my diet (I still slip up on the diet from time to time) Iíve lost weight, and improved energy levels dramatically. Recently I also was diagnosed as having a fungal overgrowth (candida) by my naturopath. Since I started cleansing that out as well, the improvements in my health ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Vitamin C Guidance Please   by bambam945  9y   1,280  Vitamin C Support
    Iím with Journ on slowly increasing your Vit C intake. I take anywhere from 12-20 grams per day (depends on stress levels and what else is going on in my life). I break up my C intake over 4 doses per day, and I take my final dose of Vit C right before I go to bed. It hasnít bothered my sleep at all and I figure my body can use all that wonderful Vit C while Iím sleeping to repair and recuperate. ... ... For the aches and pains and chronic fatigue you may want to check into a candida test, if that comes up negative, try liver flushing and colon cleansing. ... ... Blessings, ... ... Bambam   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Getting Ready for 1st Flush Scared!!   by bambam945  9y   503  Liver Flush Support
    Hey, I think most of us íveteransí have been there James. Relax - no worries. Itís an easy painless process if you follow the directions.   [End]
  • Re: I can't cure my allergies Can anyone please help?   by bambam945  9y   2,330  Allergies & Intolera
    I agree on the bowel cleansing, but I would also recommend sticking with the liver flushes. You should target removing at least 2000 stones before you start seeing improvements in allergies. ... ... Common causes of allergies: ... toxic, congested liver - see the liver flushing forum ... toxic, congested colon - see the bowel cleansing forum ... immunization - the more youíve received, the more íwhackedí your immunse system can become - my naturopath told me this. ... poor adrenal function - liver flushes will help this, there are herbs that can help as well. - see the adrenal fatigue forum ... ... Iím like yo ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: uuummm...   by bambam945  9y   1,056  Chemtrails Debate
    Check out these webpages for some more info, you might change your mind... ... ... ... ...   [End]
  • Re: starting 3rd flush today and....   by bambam945  9y   588  Liver Flush Support
    As long as the grapefruit is fresh, the OO/GF mixture tastes pretty good. I find actually shaking the mixture in a shaker really improved the taste. The first 2 flushes I did, I only stirred. ... ... On the other hand, the epsom salt mixture is only tolerable to me. Canít say I enjoy it. ... ... Blessings, ... ... Bambam   [End]
  • Re: crystals   by bambam945  9y   742  Vitamin C Support
    Same here. 20 grams a day over 4 doses of 5 grams each. If I feel a cold or something coming on I up it to 40-50 grams per day for a couple of days and the symptoms are usually gone before they amount to much. ...   [End]
  • Re: Uh-huh   by bambam945  9y   1,016  Chemtrails Debate
    Whoa - letís go easy on the personal attacks! Iím very new to all of this myself. It took me awhile to be convinced of the chemtrails. After reading ALOT and seeing pictures from all over the world, and now actually seeing it with my own eyes, Iíve become convinced. However, the theories of chemtrails and whatís behind them are open to intrepretation by everyone. ... ... Iím not the moderator, but the idea behind curezone (at least I think) is that weíre all here to help each other. Please present your thoughts and ideas, but if they donít jive with your own thoughts just say so and why. ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: It was just starting to get sunny and clear...   by bambam945  9y   735  Chemtrails Debate
    Can you post a link(s) with more information on whatís going on and how to make these cbís? Iím very new to even knowing about the whole chemtrail thing and Iím looking for more information on whatís going on and why and of course what I can do to help ífight backí.   [End]
  • Re: It was just starting to get sunny and clear...   by bambam945  9y   727  Chemtrails Debate
    Yeah... theyíve been spraying in Ottawa almost every day. They just keep going, trying to ruin the lovely weather for everyone :( ... Canít wait to get my CB made to help put a wrench in their evil plot! ... ... bomo*   [End]
  • It was just starting to get sunny and clear...   by bambam945  9y   863  Chemtrails Debate
    It was just starting to get sunny and clear here in Southern Ontario. On my way back to work from lunch I noticed them starting to make chemtrails above me!   [End]
  • Re: how to find out why I have allergies...   by bambam945  9y   935  Allergies & Intolera
    Matt, ... ... If you take the time to read through many of the forums on this wonderful website, youíll soon learn that it isnít normal to have allergies. Allergies, like pretty much any illness, disease, or symptom are a sign that something is íoutí or íwrongí with our bodies. Generally speaking, these problems are due to a build up of toxins in our bodies. If you cleanse the body, the symptoms of allergies, sickness, or disease often disappear. ... ... Iím fairly new to this whole journey myself, but in a few short monthes of improved diet, supplementation and cleansing the liver and colon Iíve ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Did you have to have crowns done what did you pay pertooth?   by bambam945  9y   864  Amalgam Support
    I had composites put in, so I did not have any crowns done. Iím not sure if the cost will help you as a comparison as I live in Canada.   [End]
  • Re: All amalgams removed today!!!   by bambam945  9y   939  Amalgam Support
    Yup, I went to a holistic Dentist. 3 amalgams were removed and composite fillings were put in.   [End]
  • All amalgams removed today!!!   by bambam945  9y   1,007  Amalgam Support
    Wow, I had 3 large amalgams removed today. Itís only been about 4 hours since the procedure was completed, but I already feel a bit better. I look forward to further improvements as my body starts to clear out the mercury thatís been hanging around in there!   [End]
  • Re: Vitamin C flush question   by bambam945  9y   2,154  Vitamin C Support
    Thanks Again Owen. ... ... I look forward to the benefits of mega-dosing Vitamin C. I have already noticed some small improvements since I started a week ago. ... ... My problems are not serious. I have more of a general malaise. Always tired. Feel íout of ití a lot, and mild asthma and ongoing allergies. I just never feel ígoodí. Iíve already greatly improved my diet - eating mostly organic and a lot of raw foods. I still eat meats (organic white meat) and I find I do well by them. Iíve started liver flushing and colon cleansing back in January. And now Iíve added the Vitamin C to my regi ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Vitamin C flush question   by bambam945  9y   2,366  Vitamin C Support
    Thanks Owen! Iíll try building up my doses a little slower :). Itís not actually my first day of mega-dosing. I got my kilo of sodium ascorbate powder from Bronson a little over a week ago. Since then Iíve taken up to 20g. in a day without any signs of bowel trouble. Of course, this dosage was split up over 4 seperate doses of 5 g. throughout the day - with breakfast, lunch, dinner and before bed. ... On the positive side of this experience, I woke up this morning with a bad headache, since my flush Iím finding thatís it is starting to dissapate. ... Thanks again for the advice. Tomorrow I ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: 70 flushes does not make sense.   by bambam945  9y   1,325  Liver Flush Debate  Ü Cross-post Ü
    Gayle, ... ... Iím sorry this isnít related to liver flushing. But I read about your problems with your eyes. If you havenít already you might want to check out the Vitamin C forum. Vitamin C plays an important role in the function of the eyes. I know I was having some minor problems with my eyes (dry, puffy, irritated, occasional íblack spotsí in my vision), but most of that has cleared up since I started mega-dosing vitamin C. ... ... You have to do whatís right for you, but if you havenít, at least check it out and see if it resonates with you. ... ... Wishing you good Health.   [End]
  • Vitamin C flush question   by bambam945  9y   2,268  Vitamin C Support
    Hi all, This is a question for those familiar with the Vitamin C flush. I tried my first one today and followed the directions on a website that recommended 5 g. every 15 minutes if youíre in poor health (which I thought I was - maybe Iím not as bad as I thought). ... ... Well, I hit tolerance in 1 hr. 15 minutes (25 grams). ... ... Iím wondering if this is accurate? Did I take to much every 15 minutes? Might my tolerance have been higher if I took less per dose, ie. spread the dosage over a longer period? ... ... Thanks for any tips! ... ... Wishing everyone good health!   [End]
  • Re: #94 Next   by bambam945  9y   1,236  Liver Flush Support
    WOW! Congratulations Giz. It sounds like youíve been through a long journey to get to where you are today. Iím always glad to hear success stories like yours, I will use it as inspiration to continue on with my flushing and cleansing. I hope your story will inspire others as well! I look forward to hearing updates as you close in on your goal! ... ... Best!   [End]
  • Re: burning from flush?   by bambam945  9y   986  Liver Flush Support
    Thanks for the tips and info! It isnít enough to stop me from doing more flushes, but Iím certainly glad to know that it should improve each time. ... ...   [End]
  • burning from flush?   by bambam945  9y   989  Liver Flush Support
    Iíve just finished my second flush (not nearly as many stones this time - I got maybe 100 with only a couple bigger then 1 cm.). For both my flushes I had severe íburningí sensation around the anus after going to the bathroom (íbutt peeí). Has anyone ever had this? Can you offer any suggestions on how to deal with it, or better yet, avoid it? ... ... Thanks!   [End]
  • Re: Kidney stones and vitamin C   by bambam945  9y   1,092  Vitamin C Support
    Owen, you said in your message: ... ... ĒDoctor Thomas Levy and others ... suggest that you do not take vitamin ... C in the form of calcium ascorbate.Ē ... ... Is that correct. They DONíT recommend calcium ascorbate? I just want to be sure because I just ordered a large container of ascorbate from Bronson. Iíve tried the ascorbic acid and it does end up giving me some mild heartburn. ... ...   [End]
  • Re: Vit C for Candida?   by bambam945  9y   1,366  Vitamin C Support
    Can I ask how much youíre taking and how you think itís helping with the candida? Is it helping with the symptoms or do you think itís helping to control the yeast overgrowth?   [End]
  • Vit C for Candida?   by bambam945  9y   1,486  Vitamin C Support
    Has anyone ever read anything about using mega doses of Vit C for treating candida? Iíve got my first big vat of vitamin C coming from Bronson. My wife has candida and I was wondering if mega dosing the vitamin C might help her out?   [End]
  • Re: Toning while fasting????   by bambam945  9y   1,724  Fasting: Weight
    If your body is in a caloric deficit state itís unlikely that you will be able to build any lean muscle mass (toning). The more likely scenario is that you will lose significant muscle mass while fasting due to the inavailability of protein (and calories) which is required for muscle cell repair and growth. ... ... In basic terms that is how muscles grow or become toned. They must be worked beyond what theyíre used to. For example - weight lifters adding a little bit more weight to the bar each time they go to the gym. This íoverworkingí causes small micro tears in the muscle fibers (the ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Need answer Please:)   by bambam945  9y   521  Ask CureZone
    DT, ... ... Iím not on the curezone team, but you should not mix the OO/GF with the Epsom salt/water mixture. Just mix the OO/GF together and drink that. You donít need anymore of the Epsom/water mixture until morning.   [End]
  • Re: 1st LF - great results   by bambam945  9y   608  Liver Flush Support
    I wasnít planning on it. I donít have any of that equipment. ... ... Iíve been colon/parasite cleansing with Colonix for the past month and will be starting my second month tomorrow.   [End]
  • Re: who was it that beat it with severe allergies?   by bambam945  9y   723  Candida Support
    Just my two cents, and Iím just regurgitating other information I read. But I agree with the previous post, allergies are related to a dysfunctional liver. Liver flushes and liver support herbs should help. Also, check out the vitamin C forum. A few people claim to have cured their allergies (and asthma) with mega-doses of Vitamin C. ... Iíve got bad allergies and mild asthma myself so Iím trying both approaches. I just did my first liver flush yesterday/today and Iím also starting to mega-dose the vitamin C. Only time will tell if it works for me. ... ... Best of luck!   [End]
  • 1st LF - great results   R by bambam945  9y   799  Liver Flush Support
    Well, I finally took the plunge and did my first LF. Results so far are fantastic. Iíts about 12:30 pm now and so far Iíve passed maybe 400 stones (guessing of course). Several of them were larger then 1 cm! ... ... The whole procedure went quite well. I didnít mind the epsom salts but found the OO/grapefruit juice mix fowl tasting. I slept horribly but had minimal nausea. ... ... Iím tired today but look forward to seeing how this flush makes me feel. More LFís in the future for me!!!   [End]
  • Re: Colonix   by bambam945  9y   871  Bowel Cleanse Suppor
    Iíve been on colonix for about 3.5 weeks now. The first two weeks I had some occasional mild headaches and what sort of felt like mild ínauseaí in my bowels. It has worked great so far though. Iíve passed a lot of ígunkí and Iím starting to feel more energetic now! ... ... I would recommend the program myself. I plan to start supplementing the colonix with bi-weekly liver flushes as well. ... ... Best wishes on whichever bowel cleanse method you choose. ... ... Cheers!   [End]
  • Re: to toxic to flush?   by bambam945  9y   593  Liver Flush Support
    Thank you for your support! I was planning on taking the plunge and flushing today, but I picked up a cold yesterday. Iíve read you shouldnít flush when your sick so Iíll have to post pone yet another week. In a way, this might be a blessing, I had bought all the ingredients but now I wonder if I have the epsom salts for baths. I didnít know there was more then one kind. How do you know which one you have?   [End]
  • Re: irritability   by bambam945  9y   793  Parasites Support
    Hi, Iím doing the Colonix program as well. If your still having hard stools, are you sure your drinking enough water? Lots and lots of good quality water are important during this program. I would try increasing your water intake before adding steep time to the tea bags.   [End]
  • to toxic to flush?   by bambam945  9y   675  Liver Flush Support
    Hi all! ... ... First I just want to say how great this forum is!!! I love all the information sharing and how helpful everyone is. Iím so glad I came across this forum. I hope someday I can be knowledgeable enough to offer suggestions to others! ... ... Iím planning on doing my first ever liver flush. I was going to do it last weekend but couldnít get all the ingredients together. However, after doing some more reading Iím concerned I might be to ítoxicí to jump right in. Iíve got puffy, irritated eyes almost constantly and also have skin problems (very dry, chaffed). Should I be concerned th ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: first colon cleanse ever - ok to flush as well???   by bambam945  9y   511  Liver Flush Support
    Thanks again Johanna. Iím a little nervous never having done any cleanses before, but the whole idea of cleaning up my body to help me become healthier is to exciting to hold me back.   [End]
  • Re: first colon cleanse ever - ok to flush as well???   by bambam945  9y   500  Liver Flush Support
    Thanks Johanna, ... ... Iíll try cutting out the additional psyllium. ... ... I want to try the Classic coke liver flush and was thinking of doing it this weekend. 3 Questions - do you mix all the ingredients together and drink them like a shake, or can I just follow one after the other? Also, you mentioned not to take the Colonix the day of the flush. Does that mean the day that I take the olive oil mixture, or the following morning when the stones should start coming out? And lastly, will I probably be feeling ill the next day and expect to be ílaid upí? ... ... Thanks again! I really appreciate e ...   [retrieve this message]
  • skin getting drier during bowel cleanse   by bambam945  9y   519  Bowel Cleanse Suppor
    Iíve had dry skin for years. Iím currently doing my first cleanse ever and have been doing the Colonix program for just over 2 weeks now. The problem Iím encountering is that my dry skin problem is getting worse. From what Iíve read it should improve with a bowel cleanse. ... ... Has anyone else ever encountered this? Could this just be a íget worse before it gets betterí kind of thing? ... ...   [End]
  • first colon cleanse ever - ok to flush as well???   by bambam945  9y   587  Liver Flush Support
    Hi all, Iím new to the forum and very new to cleansing. Right now Iím about 14 days into my first ever bowel cleanse. Iím doing the Colonix program but also supplementing that with two servings/day of 1 tablespoon of psyllium with 2 cups water. Getting some good results so far (no ropes yet, but lots of gross slimy stuff). ... ... My question is, is it ok to do liver flushs every 2 or 3 weeks while Iím working on a colon cleanse? As I mentioned above, Iíve never done any cleansing before and Iím guessing both my colon and liver probably have lots of nasty stuff to get rid off. Iím concerne ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: colonix   by bambam945  9y   1,743  Bowel Cleanse Suppor
    No, no parasites that Iíve seen yet. Iíve read that only 30% of parasites are actually visible to the eye. Lotís of other ístuffí though. I wish you the best on the cleanse! ... ... Cheers   [End]
  • Re: colonix   by bambam945  9y   1,741  Bowel Cleanse Suppor
    It shouldnít take to long to arrive. I also live in Canada (South-Eastern Ontario area) and the product only took about a week to arrive after they had shipped it.   [End]
  • Re: colonix   by bambam945  9y   2,440  Bowel Cleanse Suppor
    Hi all, Iím new to the forum. ... ... Iím currently on day 12 of the colonix program and I have to agree, the first few days to a week were tough. I still find I feel a bit rough, but my BMís have certainly started to increase now and Iím starting to pass some mucus like stuff. I only ordered 2 monthes worth of the colonix but Iím thinking I may try the BP shakes once I run out of the colonix. ... ... Iíve never cleansed before and I want to be sure I clear all the gunk Iím sure is probably harbouring inside of me. Iíve put my body through quite a few years of heavy abuse and now Iím feeling t ...   [retrieve this message]

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