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  • Does the above average aware eater get enough   by boobies  6y   1,663  Diet Discussion
    vitamins and minerals to sustain a healthy body without supplementation   [End]
  • Re: Health and non nutritional food   by boobies  6y   1,738  Food and Mood
    It could be ... ... I breast fed my husband ... ... He was curious ... ... Is this a proposal?   [End]
  • Re: Men - have more sex! Also helps with   by boobies  6y   1,621  News  Cross-post
    prostrate function   [End]
  • Re: Health and non nutritional food   by boobies  6y   1,743  Food and Mood
    More meals more times ... ... Just as baby who is breast feed will eat more times a day since digestion is easier ... and more complete compared to a child drinking cows milk formula who eats every 3 hours and takes much longer to digest   [End]
  • Re: You are not all that meets the eye little Zoe   by boobies  6y   1,350  Webmaster Support
    ”I have so much on my mind” ... ... Your puer peeks out and says ”It’s me, and I don’t care what you think” ... ... I really don’t care what you think either ... ... If you are not the webmaster, and not ana, wrenn, Johanna, Joanna, and not accountable for anything ... ... all innocence ... ... but is anything but innocence ... ... Quite good but I feel a psi view coming on ... ... Cheers little bon vive-ant   [End]
  • Re: There is already a DQ on CZ   by boobies  6y   1,903  Webmaster Debate
    But simething just hit like a quarter going down the slot ... ... You will be receiving a remote view tonight ... ... I think I will be illuminated by your ”lone ranger” act ... ... Where, and Why ... ...   [End]
  • Re: There is already a DQ on CZ   by boobies  6y   1,904  Webmaster Debate
    But simething just ghit like a quarter going down the slot ... ... You will be receiving a remote view tonight ... ... I think I will be illuminated by your ”lone ranger” act ... ... Where, and Why ... ...   [End]
  • Re: ...the WM...   by boobies  6y   1,882  Webmaster Debate
    If you had answered the question: ... Did you make the Iodoine yahoo group- ... And Zoe said: No ... ... Then I would be left with two options ... to believe you ... or not to belive you ... ... But you did not answer directly ... ... You went to figers and swords- nice effect tho   [End]
  • Re: Sounds like~~   by boobies  6y   1,278  Webmaster Support
    as I have said it is a lot more than that ... ... but why hide things that are nothing? ... ... To delete to demonstrate show dominance to kcik the dog abnd yell at the wife ... Because you can? ... ... Who is the Webmaster? ... ... Don, Dusan, Ana, Andreas, BOB, johanna, Richard, BOB, Edward, paulete, Mcburney ... ... who has the time ... ... My guess no one and certain things happen oncertain shifts- ... ... whose shift is it today?   [End]
  • Re: Dear Zoe- I am NOT referring to you   by boobies  6y   1,997  Webmaster Debate
    why would you think such a thing ... Unless you are the weekend webmaster? Perhpas the weekend global moderator ... ... I’m assuming you are straight why would you be wooing me or destroying my writings? ... ... Interesting that reponse ... ... I do know that at times there are certainly other babysitting webmasters than Dusan ... ... ANA? ...   [End]
  • Zoe   by boobies  6y   1,911  Webmaster Debate
    needless violence done by a person whom I knew well ... who felt in entertaining to woo and destroy under separate id’s ... ... Hiding behind the veil of obscure perpituity ... ... Whom do I call by name? ... ... And Now after all this nonsense ... We have made it to the tip of the icerberg ... ... What lies underneath is by far darker and has more mass ... ...   [End]
  • Re: Want to get my curezone blog back up. I last posted about 24 months ...   by boobies  6y   1,911  Webmaster Debate
    WM is exactly who? ... ... As with my talent for reading posters from there postings ... ... I see that there are several webbers and they are not grilling ... ... What is the name of the webmaster   [End]
  • Re: Sounds like~~   by boobies  6y   1,301  Webmaster Support
    Only that you psoted (now deleted-POOF) that you did not want to go back in the past and figure out (although you are on the blog issue) ”where the beef” is but to graze on the puer green grass of CZ healthy knowledge ... ... Why do you think that post is missing? ... ... I thought you had dial up, isn’t the picture psoting rather time consuming?   [End]
  • Re: Want to get my curezone blog back up. I last posted about 24 months ...   by boobies  6y   1,879  Webmaster Debate
    Yes I know THAT, they are alphabetically listed under the Blog index ... ... Where are the pages that are missing? ... ... and how do I access the ones that are left ... ... There in lies the conundrum ... ... I found the missing one in an old link- there are several pages missing destroyed (but still in residence) by all those ”great gals” of CZ ... ... it is umportant for them to address this FINALLY   [End]
  • what? non sequitir   by boobies  6y   498  Webmaster Support
    what? non sequitir   [End]
  • Re: Want to get my curezone blog back up. I last posted about 24 months ...   by boobies  6y   1,879  Webmaster Debate
    munificent- which was changed to give me access to them ... ... They are mine and Dusan has stated he does not own the blogs therefore he does not moderate them or is not repsonsible for them ... ... Yet this has not been my experience ... ... check under Y for yogaPath   [End]
  • Re: Pandora's Box is Open   by boobies  6y   859
    your mind is sucking up your energy ... whirling around in stuff you may ignore ... that is not so helpful or even productive ... ... anchor in the body ... stay in the physical and ... try and quell that busy bee brain ... ... You are spending more precious resources on thinking about ... than doing about ... ... Ground, whatever your practices are to ground ... do them ... ...   [End]
  • Re: Want to get my curezone blog back up. I last posted about 24 months ...   by boobies  6y   1,826  Webmaster Debate
    YogaPath, Quantum Intelligensia, Financial Fluidity, Cold Water Blog, there are a few more ... ... Go look for the past history of these ... ... Thank you very much Zoe   [End]
  • Re: Integrity would indicate you have a grasp on an   by boobies  6y   1,309  Webmaster Support
    If you’d like to know I will take it off line and share candidly with you ... ... Here’s the CZ mantra, Oh, I don’t want to know! ... ... I’ve heard that from O and Zoe ... ... The body polotic at cz want to argue and comment but not talk about it an get it rectified ... ... It is easier to defame, and cast asperations than to take responsibility as if it will never land on a numbers or alias’s doorstep ... ... Short term thinking ... ... Not to mention the actions taken are against the law, a small consideration? ... ... Pork, huh are you a jewish, Trapper?   [End]
  • Re: Who could forget? You like boobies?   by boobies  6y   1,210  Webmaster Support
    Re: Who could forget? You like boobies? ... ...   [End]
  • Re: Healing Schrizophrenia   by boobies  6y   3,419  Ask CureZone  Cross-post
    a split to the other planes of creation ... while still on this one-physically ... ...   [End]
  • Re: He must not have had the card - he's gone now (yet still here too)   by boobies  6y   1,472  Webmaster Debate
    Oh Gee Tony don’t let it bother you- this has gone on for years ... ... in fact ususally flaming verbage accompanies the votes, consider this a milder version of abuse ... ... Or all your writings are destroyed and the links broken ,poetry disappears ... ... And they call me nuts ... ... There are very posessive and controling personalities behind the Zone ... ... with little in the way of true ethics or morals Christian or not ... ...   [End]
  • Re: You Need To Get Your Facts Straight About Moderators   by boobies  6y   1,403  Webmaster Debate
    I am held to standards ... I hold myself to standards ... ... I am tired of being banned for wanting my situation dealth with   [End]
  • Re: Inbox questions - replying to messages and deleting messages   by boobies  6y   939  Webmaster Support
    ... ... ... ... The idiot addresses your message   [End]
  • Re: I have been banned from sending private messages?   by boobies  6y   741  Ask CureZone
    Zoe, if so much insider funny business was not carried out on this site ... and I am sure that you have nOT experienced, but just bear with me here ... It does exist, albeit outside your realm of experience- ... No one would bother to mention glitches in any way other than that frame- ie a glitch ... ... So much CRAP does take place at this web site, that the webmaster/webmistress may be INVOLVED in, have generateand have given approval of ... d on their watch ... ... it always loops back to an extreme lack of common sense that pervades this site based on,perhaps one person, (or more-gang like tendancies) Extre ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: You are talking greek? Sorry the word used was   by boobies  6y   593  Webmaster Support
    not correct-forgive me ... ... I mean that you exposed the leaking of your medical information to Tony and Luells (dissed was the WRONG word) through Donna in Waco ... ... It was a misnomer, but even that should get you banned in the Zone? capice? ... ... ... I’m not sure what the informant piece is about, I don’t recall using that term nor that intimation   [End]
  • Re: that is very beautiful   by boobies  6y   1,357  Webmaster Support
    do you see the eyes closed expression on the mama bear? ... ... I remember while nursing my children before the let-down effect could take place one needed that exact feeling-of the look that is on mama bears face ... ... It is almost impossible 9for me anyway) to breast feed uptight   [End]
  • Re: :} I think your old one would be appropriate!   by boobies  6y   1,242  Webmaster Support
    Re: ... :} I think your old one would be appropriate! ...   [End]
  • Re: Conspiracy theory   by boobies  6y   902  Webmaster Support
    since i have been punished several times for speaking the truth I can tell you my own e-mails have said I do not accept replies ... ... I cna guarantee you I did not set that preference ... ... 1. Is it so a consensus cannot be reached ... 2. Is it yet one more suspicsious prgram error ... ... Webbananda will not tell ... ...   [End]
  • At one time James (I believe he was Qunithius then)   by boobies  6y   527  Webmaster Support
    sent me a trojan adn keylogger in an e-mail and I reported it-this could have been accidental? ... ... But after I was tipped off (whether true or not is a whole nother conversation) James relationship to Wrenn maybe it was the prelude to the break in on my computer ... e-mail programs...and the perps had a sense of humor albeit cruel and twisted, and Wrenn’s fav poster Lapis well then it begins to make sense ... ... Gee imagine the ones that fit that descriiption, One thing troubles me about you- why are you not banned? If you were not an insider you would not be allowed to diss Tony and Luella and ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Health and non nutritional food   by boobies  6y   1,954  Food and Mood
    EXCITING CHIROPRACTIC RESEARCH NEWS ... ... A single meal can lead to good (or bad) health— ... In a study published in Journal of the American College of Cardiology (January 22, 2008; 51:249- 255), researchers found that it takes just one “bad” meal -- a cheeseburger, fries and a soda, fried chicken and biscuits, a slab of chocolate cake and ice cream -- to do damage to your body, according to new research. The good news, however, is that eating just one good meal will start to repair the damage. ... ... This occurs because, when you eat, your body breaks down the food into glucose (sugar), lipids (fa ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Khalsa Chiropractic   by boobies  6y   861  Stress  Cross-post
    Spring 2008 ... Dear Patients and Friends, ... ... The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that 85 percent of diseases have an emotional element. Ryke Geerd Hamer, M.D., former head internist in the oncology clinic at the University of Munich, Germany, has done research indicating that the most common cause of cancer, heart attacks, and many other serious illnesses is emotionally stressful events. Renowned physician and author John Sarno, M.D. has helped numerous chronic back pain sufferers fully recover just by examining them and convincing them that they are healthy and their ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Love God, Do Good, Go Home.   by boobies  6y   2,618  Sylvia Browne
    Good to hear little G ... ... Hey, do you believe that we can connect with God without an intermediary ... such as a priest or guru or even saint such as Buddha, or Jesus? ... ... Or is it necessary to have a middle person between God and Man?   [End]
  • Self Dealing w/in corporate or seciritized structure   by boobies  6y   1,174  Courts & Justice
    Ex-CFO Settles Self-Dealing Fraud Charges ... Former president and finance chief of Natural Health Trends, along with a unit executive, come to terms in SEC civil case. ... Stephen Taub - | US ... September 4, 2008 ... ... ... The former president and CFO of a Dallas health-product marketing company, along with another one-time executive, settled Securities and Exchange Commission civil charges that they engaged in a fraud arising from undisclosed related-party transactions. ... ... Mark D. Woodburn, former president, director and CFO of Natural Health Trends Corp., agreed to pay a $60,000 penalty, whi ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Securitized financing and self dealing penalties   by boobies  6y   924  News  Cross-post
    Funny this one occured in a family owned health product business, and it really is a warning to those tho securitize their financiang and then get creative with the money. Since it is a public entity the money is not the owners to do with as they like, they have fiduciary responsibility to other regulatory rules ... ... ... Ex-CFO Settles Self-Dealing Fraud Charges ... Former president and finance chief of Natural Health Trends, along with a unit executive, come to terms in SEC civil case. ... Stephen Taub - | US ... September 4, 2008 ... ... ... The former president and CFO of a Dallas health-product m ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re:EDIT Reverse vector, Interesting concept or verbage   by boobies  6y   1,574  Law of Attraction
    Basically it is the feeling of not deserving that is, most likely, interfereing ... ... Also you may confound the reverse vector and feel good whether you got what you wanted or not ... ... It is about the feeling, nopt outcome ... ... But the outcome is coming it may just not look like what you have perceived it would and you ignore the opportunity because the literal or linear path is not available nor obvious   [End]
  • Malpractice Insurance is a booming business   by boobies  6y   2,978  Quackery Debate  Cross-post
    and I think LCD’s point is chiropractic is treated as as conventional allopathy since they are being sued for malpractice as are the all. doctors ... ... Law suits are equal opportunity   [End]
  • poof, ugly   by boobies  6y   820  Poetry
    Poof!!! ... ... For all the ... Talk of Conspiracy ... with a Capital C ... ... The Poof Pansy ... Is every bit ... the same ... ... If the truth relects ... badly on the the ... Powers that Be ... Even small ones ... ... Then Poof is ... the Protectoret of ... Censorette ... ... Every bit as bad ... as those Poof criticizes ... Predictable, I guess ... ... Since those whose passion ... is Power ... They exhibit this behavior ... and Execute ... well themselves! ... (Professional Courtesy?) ... ... Disinformation becomes such ... a worry, and conspiracies ... abound- ... While truly, still, ... It is the old tedious ... lack of connection ... in a new dress! ... ... And Shouldn’t the new dress ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Yes and heal- 125.00 cool ones per session   by boobies  6y   1,094  Acupuncture
    and in the end more damage was done by the practitioner than the thousands of dollars I spent on therapy ... ... ”Her therapy got her no where” ... since the practitioner was ... more interested in money ... than values or ethics ... or true care of the patient ... ... and the referral from this ... ”entitled” one got me here ... and with the king of predators   [End]
  • Unfortunately your stats are old, Doctors (yes!)   by boobies  6y   1,003  Cancer Support
    are finding more and more elevated 2+ PSTs in men 40 years of age. ... ... There was a belief that it was more prevalent in 50+ which is true but much of that trigger age (50+) was just when the men were tested positve, when Mike Miliken (the arbitrage bond trader ws diagnosed at 40+-he spearheaded a public awareness campaign on diet and early detection. (Has a great cookbook) ... ... It turns out one of the reason older guys were more likely to test positive ( as so often with allopathy) is this is when they were first tested, after Miliken’s diagnosis and campaign for prostate disease awareness, ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: What is your PST level?   by boobies  6y   1,611  Cancer Support
    Re: What is your PST level?   [End]
  • Re: Integrity would indicate you have a grasp on an   by boobies  6y   1,409  Webmaster Support
    entire situation and are making comment based on intact, whole, complete, perfect and honest grasp of a situation ... ... I can guarantee you, let me emphasis this, I can guarantee you do not have this grasp, or you do and then the whole integrity issues is OUT. (as in: out of integrity) ... ... I care to give you the benefit of the doubt and say you don’t know the whole story, but I could be 100% wrong ... ... Here u go: ... ... Compound form *-tag-ro-, “untouched, intact” (*-, negative prefix; see ne). entire, integer, integrate, integrity, from Latin integer, intact, whole, complete, perfect, honest. ... ... 3. ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: You are a rare thing of beauty and humor   by boobies  6y   817  Ask Barefoot
    Re: You are a rare thing of beauty and humor   [End]
  • Re: U R sooo full of it, that I love you   by boobies  6y   826  Ask Barefoot
    You make me laugh ... ... and if you are the age you have intimated the thong may be ”hanging” low ... ... Oh no I don’t WANT that picture ... ... haaaaaaaaa!   [End]
  • Re: ehi ado-nis- a well told tale!   by boobies  6y   4,903  Ask Barefoot
    Re: ehi ado-nis- a well told tale!   [End]
  • Re: Your mention of lymphatic fluids   by boobies  6y   1,015  Ask Moreless: pH
    My mistake it is Barefoot and Adonis sorry   [End]
  • Daisy Chain of cause and effect   by boobies  6y   2,285  Quotes  Cross-post
    cause and effect ... ”In the spiritual life, every cause is also an effect, and every effect is at the same time a cause.” -Aldous Huxley (1894-1963) ... ... Is it proper to call this the daisy chain effect? ... ...   [End]
  • Always   by boobies  6y   1,351  Webmaster Support
    Herein lies your weakness   [End]
  • Shadow   by boobies  6y   993  Yoga  Cross-post
    ”Between cause and its so-called effect there falls, as it were, a cosmic shadow and out of this shadow man can accomplish a transfiguration of his own, participating, however minutely, in an act of universal creation, and something effective that no cause all alone and purely out of itself could have produced.” -Laurens van der Post (1906-1996) ... ...   [End]
  • Re: Your mention of lymphatic fluids   by boobies  6y   1,095  Ask Moreless: pH
    these clean the system through the lymph glands? ... ... Is Lymphatic massage of any value do you think ... ... Yes I already eat ”in season” ... ... Actually I eat very little I am living on energy I think ... ... Who knows ... ... So when I buy food I pick a few pieces of fruit or cook a simple soup ... And that is all ... ... I love ADonis ... ... wacky and funny and full of good humor and hisself ... ...   [End]
  • Yoga if performed properly and with meditation   by boobies  6y   1,080  Yoga  Cross-post
    opens up and balances the engertic vortexes ... ... The body and the mind are more able to withstand onslaught of whatever natures plaugue goodness ... ... Greed, immorality, addictions, name it you have ground when you have a discipline or a practice. ... ... God loves his creations and their ability for resiliance   [End]
  • none can make a fool of a man   by boobies  6y   1,350  Webmaster Support
    Only he can do that for himself   [End]

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