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  • Re: Chronic, severe constipation . . worse than ever   by foxsolrblue  24mo   2,211  Constipation  † Cross-post †
    HI, ... The things that work for me the best to get my bowels moving is a big glass of prune juice in the morning before eating or late at night, also a goopd warm soapy enema and try to retain it for a few minutes to soften up the contents of the colon, senna pills work for me also but the prune juice works fast and best...   [End]
  • Re: Constipated and considering surgery - please help!   by foxsolrblue  24mo   915  Constipation
    myself if i was constipated like that i would always use a good warm soapy enema and retain it to soften up the contents of the colon, i also and still use prune juice because it always works, no surgery, the direct aproach always works..   [End]
  • Re: Need a mild daily herbal laxative   by foxsolrblue  3y   3,844  Candida Support
    HI, ... I have a friend online that uaes triphala daily and she likes how it works in her system. You just have nice easy to pass eliminations every day.   [End]
  • Re: I need to cleanse but the headaches are horrible!   by foxsolrblue  3y   538  Ask CureZone  † Cross-post †
    HI, ... I never used anything like oxypowder, to me it dont sound good for the system, use natural things like prune juice, the oxy powdermay contain lot of sodium making the throbing caused by elevated blood pressure. If you want your system cleaned, use the old method, a 2 quart enema with warm soapy water, and repeat it until theresults are clear. Just take your tme doing them.   [End]
  • Re: Stool Softener   by foxsolrblue  3y   1,960  Enema & Colonics
    You can use the stool softeners 3 times day, if you dont think theyre working, i would take a regular 2 quart warm soapy enema nice and slow, a 4 ounce enema retained overnight usually will be absorbed. A fleet enema will work on your bowels in about 5 to 10 minutes which is better than a overnight one.   [End]
  • Re: Need a mild daily herbal laxative   by foxsolrblue  3y   3,966  Candida Support
    Hi, ... I found that senna laxative pills are very predictable and work very well. Ive used them so i know. Another alternative is a 8 ounce glass of prune juice in the morning or late at night will make you go good also.   [End]
  • Re: oh boy!   by foxsolrblue  3y   647  Candida Support
    HI ASHLEYANN, ... Maybe you need to eat more, i use a fiber powder andit fills me up more and i dont have that problem, where are you pushing on your bowels, on the lower left side you will feel full if you havent eliminated, you may even feel a little pain, just try eating a little more and try using the fiber powder for a week, it should help, dont worry about a little sound like that.   [End]
  • Re: Yes, I also think we are being misled!   by foxsolrblue  3y   4,629  Bowel Cleanse Debate  † Cross-post †
    HI, ... This is what ive learned and have expierenced. I use a product called EQUATE, from walmart, very in expensive and effective for giving you a large and easy to pass predictable movement daily. And after using it i gave myself a few enemas and my result was a very clean elimination. Ive been to a few colonic clinics and the results were the same, your large intestine dosent have a build up of un digested foor from years past! no way! I just went in for a colon test and with the prep i used i saw the monitor and my large intestine was squeaky clean and im 66. Your all being misled, i n ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Epsom salts for detoxification and constipation   by foxsolrblue  4y   5,429  Candida Support  † Cross-post †
    Hi, ... I have used epsom salts as a laxative and found it to be good, its rather gentle but a good system cleanser. Just 2 teaspoons in a glass of water. You can also use regular table salt the same way using just one teaspoon in a glass of water, most effective in the morning on an empty stomach.   [End]
  • Re: Do you believe in test results???   by foxsolrblue  4y   3,045  Candida Support
    HI, ... I have an interisting one, i take enemas a lot and one time i had a pain in my lower right side, i stopped the water ect. It was about 2 years from that i had a colon test, the DR said they found something, went for a follow up checkup and the DR said the report was ok,,now over 3 years, the DR wants to do the test in dec, he said the results were good, why are they giving false reports to my DR? Now im expierencing discomfort and some pain and the DR playes it off as a muscle strain, it’s time for some legal action, dont you think?   [End]
  • Re: Enema for 6 yr. old - please advise   by foxsolrblue  5y   982  Enema & Colonics
    HI, ... When my daughter was constipated, the fastes way i found for her was to give her one of those fleet enemas, they work good and theres no heating up water, or you could give your son a small glass of prune juice that will cean his system without any problems.   [End]
  • Re: Problem with enema   by foxsolrblue  5y   898  Enema & Colonics
    HI, ... I think part of your problem is the positions..Start off on your left side-take one thire of a 2quart bag, go on your back and take the other third of the badGand massage the abdominal area as the water fills the colon, finish the remaining water on your left side, it always works for me. ... BILL.   [End]
  • Re: Question for debate re: colonics & enemas   by foxsolrblue  5y   2,829  Bowel Cleanse Debate
    HI ROOOTH, ... Ihave tried both colonics and enemas, im now using metamucil BCS my med causes constipation and the metamucil woks well, one tablespoon a day or night and u go easy and a lot. I will still take an ocasional enema and the results are much cleaner any questions,   [End]
  • Re: can doing enemas help get rid of pinworms?   by foxsolrblue  5y   2,132  Bowel Cleanse Suppor
    I GIBBY, ... I never ad pinworms or paasites. Maybe its from some type of meat your eating, stop the Red meat all together. I would take half a bottle of citrate of magnesia to clean my ayatem out internally, u will be in the bathroom a few times after taking it. Then take enemas a few days afte but use some soap in the water ok. BILL   [End]
  • Re: i dont know how to do an enema!   by foxsolrblue  5y   744  Enema & Colonics
    ENEMAS, ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... EASY to do an enema u need equipment a enema bag with the hose and nozzles, get it fom a drug store or online at o enema fill the bag with warm soapy water put a towel on floor to lie on, hang the bag 3 feet above ur body lube an inset the nozzle let the water flow slowly until u feel the uge to go,just relax as the wate comes out u wwill ddo ok. ... ... ...   [End]
  • Re: large bowel movements   by foxsolrblue  5y   118,436  Constipation
    HELLO, ... I dont know if ur male or female, did U know that i read a report from a doctor in a article, and it said that a normal bowel movement is to be 2 inches in diameter and 2 feet long! actually thats very healthy for U. Only thing i would suggest is to drink more liquids so it will pass out of u easily. UR large bowel will stretch to more than 3 inches in diameter. Just make sure U dont get constipated. ... Maybe some enemas would break up the stools some so they wouldent block up the toilet ...   [End]
  • Re: Need Constipation help, too thin, extremely depressed.   by foxsolrblue  5y   8,769  Constipation  † Cross-post †
    HELLO, ... I dont know if UR male or female, im taking a cholerstrol pill that causes constipation, the only thing i use is metamucil, and sometimes bran flakes cereal. If UR thin U need to eat! dont go running to doctors everytime U have a pain or constipation, i dont! I like to take enemas a few times a week along with the metamucil. Drink fruit juices,apple,prune, those 2 are the best for ur problem. ... There are agencies that will even help u with your medical bills also. ... Look at the bills and the phone njumbers on them call and ask for help.   [End]
  • Re: What do Healthy Stools look like?   by foxsolrblue  5y   3,639  Bowel Cleanse Suppor  † Cross-post †
    HELLO, ... I read this information from an article from a doctor that said. A normal bowel movement should be 2 inches in diameter and 2 feet long im guessing thats is a daily movement. Imagine what and how much food U will have to eat to produce a stool like that every day! ... ... ... IM taking lovastatin for chlorestol and causes constipation in me so i have to take metamucil enemas and sometime a laxative to achieve a movement. ... BILL.   [End]
  • Re: I've heard multiple gurus say Psyllium damages your gut, including M...   by foxsolrblue  5y   1,362  Bowel Cleanse Suppor  † Cross-post †
    HELLO. ... IM A GURU also and have my subgirl started on metramucil now and she has no complaints whatsoever. in fact she has commented on how easily she goes from usinng it and how large and she said to me it just slipped out of me. ... She will keep on using it!   [End]
  • Re: WAY too skinny...   by foxsolrblue  8y   10,292  Fruitarians Debate  † Cross-post †
    HELLO WAY TOO SKINNY, ... As much as i like slim wwomen that pix is un healthy, she has a cute face but as for that she needs to put on a few pounds! eat!! ... BILL M.   [End]
  • Re: ~enema newbie~   by foxsolrblue  8y   776  Bowel Cleanse Suppor
    HI ROSE, ... ... First you should try to et the weight down first, i was your weight and now im 150. ... You have to subsitute, eggs-milk-butter-cheese-icecream-redmeat, and your oil for frying, use canola oil. ... I still am 150 ive been to colonic clinics and still do enemas also. ... ...   [End]
  • Re: My Candida Photos in all their glory   by foxsolrblue  8y   11,230  Candida Support  † Cross-post †
    REMI96, ... Hi i have viewed all of your photos, well your stool looks about normal, but i would stop taking all those other things and stick with the metamucill only. ... As many enemas and colonics that iv had,i was told that i had too much mucus in my system thats all. You should go to a colonic clinic and get the series of colonics only. ... BILL.   [End]
  • Re: Enema not working...?   by foxsolrblue  8y   4,493  Enema/Colonics
    courtneys, ... Hi, ... I never had that problem, it seems that the bag maybe wasent high enough to get the solution going. ... I would also try another position like on your side or with your butt high in the air or maybe you were too full for the water toenter you. ... You should have tried a few suppositories first before attempting the enema. ... BILL M.   [End]
  • Re: Not getting everything out after an enema - help!   by foxsolrblue  8y   7,700  Enema/Colonics
    PEPPAHMINT, ... Hi i just had an enema this morning and had the same problem: heres what i did, i went and fillen the enema bag up again and took it again and again until i was sure that i was all cleaned out, take your time sit there massage your abdomen it will help also, and stand up and move around and sit again, you have to get things moving inside you sometimes. ... ... BILL M.   [End]
  • Re: constipation   by foxsolrblue  8y   996  Enema/Colonics
    HI LANA, ... Your photo looks good, since your not constipated you probably wish you were, no. Maybe your juicing is a little too much and your system is really flushing itself all the time. Dont you yhink you should stop ajj the juicing and get some fiber in your system to get it back to a nice firm feeling bm for a change. Go slow with the fiber. ... BILL M.   [End]
  • Re: Enema bucket versus bag   by foxsolrblue  8y   949  Enema/Colonics
    34793 HI ... The enema bucket is easier to clean and i found out that many of my enema bags got this black stuff inside of them so i made my own bucket and its easier. ... I just syphon mine into ne that way, just fill the hose with water put it into any opened container and insert nozzle and lie down and the water flows nice and slow. ... bill m.   [End]
  • Re: How do you find someone who performs colonics?   by foxsolrblue  8y   1,302  Enema/Colonics
    HI 55143, ... Get your phone book out like i did and look for a colonic clinic in your area AND make an apointment you will like the expierence im sure as i have in the past. bill m.   [End]
  • Re: Came off cleanse and having no bowel movements   by foxsolrblue  8y   983  Bowel Cleanse Suppor
    MAGY, ... ... You have to give your system a chance to normalize after taking all those things to clean it there isnt anything for your bowels to move so just let things be for a while and stop taking all those pills and things, just relax and let your body start functioning bck yo nornal. ... BILL M.   [End]
  • Re: Maybe bowel cleansing is all hype...   by foxsolrblue  8y   1,072  Bowel Cleanse Suppor
    MIGUEL, ... Ive read a lot about bowel cleansing and have given and taken many enemas. It is all hype. If you really want to clean your system good, start using metamucil for a week aand then take enemas until the return water is clear as it went in ten you know that your clean. ... BILL M.   [End]
  • Re: What's the best starting position for enema?   by foxsolrblue  8y   2,566  Bowel Cleanse Suppor
    GINGKO, ... The way to take an enema is laying on the left side then go to on your back and then finish the water on your right side that way the water is sure to reach all through the colon for a good painless enema. ... BILL M.   [End]
  • Re: Any science behind bowel cleansing?   by foxsolrblue  8y   4,005  Bowel Cleanse Debate  † Cross-post †
    HI MICHAEL, ... Your right about what you hear, ive had numerous colonoscope examinationations. The day before the test you dont eat nothing only drink fluids. Then that evening you have to take a prescribed laxatives to clean out the loarge intestine and a few enemas. Now from what ive observrd from taking the prep for the test there is no such build up of anything in your system. These people are comming up with these cleansing remedies to sell to the general public just to get theri money because so many people are preocupied with their bowels and their movements that they spend millions o ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: can't go poo poo   by foxsolrblue  8y   993  Constipation
    hi. ... if i had yur problm i would taka good warm enema with soap in the water. ... take a good laxative.   [End]
  • Re: Poop with completely flat side anyone?   by foxsolrblue  8y   11,352  Constipation
    i think that you need more bulk in your diet that will increase the diamer of yo ... ur poop take something like metamucil and you wont be having a hard time pooping. ... i woiuld first clean myself out with a enema fist. ... bill.   [End]
  • Re: absolutley no bowel movement   by foxsolrblue  8y   7,682  Bowel Cleanse Suppor
    HEY KATIE, ... Have you consulted a colon therapist, i go to one regular basis and have no problems. Make an apointment. They can possibly clean you out and recomend a diet that will kep you regular again, they gave me something and im fine now. ... BILL M. ... ... ...   [End]
  • Re: Colonoscopy and colon cleanse   by foxsolrblue  8y   1,010  Bowel Cleanse Suppor
    HELLO, ... To me i think all that stuff your taking is just a waste of money, it’s just passing through your system and making you think there is some kind of build up in your system thats not even there! The only thing that i take is the fiber powder, and after using it for a week i take an enema and it comes out nice and clean, thats far less expensive too. Try a colonic clinic and they will tell you about what i said. ... ... BILL M.   [End]
  • Re: (HELP) Chronic Constipation (HELP)   by foxsolrblue  8y   1,364  Bowel Cleanse Suppor
    HELLO, ... Most laxatives can caus you to rely on them so you can have a bm. So theyre habit forming. The fiber bulk producing ones are actually the best, you have to drink enough water with them, my doctor said if you don’t you will get stopped up using them. I will use an enema a few times a week with ivory soap to get a good cleaning out. So drink plenty of water, i had to drink water for a test and eat nothing, and the water actually came out both ends and it didnt take very long. ... Eat nothing for a day and drink a glass of water every half hour, it will clean you out. ... BILL M. ... ... ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Is there a safe way to completely empty my intestine/colon?   by foxsolrblue  8y   74,055  Bowel Cleanse Suppor
    HELLO, ... Because of the fiber in your diet you will have gas your having plenty of good movements also. You can take a enema and make a apointment at a colonic clinic they will clean your system out good, thats whay i have done. Take a enema before going to the colinic clinic its very helpfull. ... ... BILL M.   [End]
  • Re: Okay... I am new and unsure where to start... even where to start re...   by foxsolrblue  8y   778  Enema/Colonics
    HI AMY, ... I think the nextstep for you would be some warm soapy enemas, ... using castile soap. use care inserting nozzles and use enough lubricant. ... lay on your left side have the bag about 2 feetabove you. ... BILL.   [End]
  • Re: pain after my enema   by foxsolrblue  8y   1,245  Enema/Colonics
    HELLO. ... URIN in an enema thats not too smart, no wonder you have pain. ... If i were you, i would asap flush your systyem out with some plain warm water.I would never put something that comes out of my body back into it! ... BILL   [End]
  • Re: 1st Time Enema User Questions   by foxsolrblue  8y   1,173  Enema/Colonics
    hi jasmine, ... your questions, ... yes you should lay down the whole enema until the bag is empty. ... the water should be nice and warm and soapy ... when the water comes out there should be also feces and undigested food particles. ... repeat the enema if the water is comming out too dirty looking. ... ... bill m.   [End]
  • Re: Can someone recommend a coffee???   by foxsolrblue  8y   782  Enema/Colonics
  • Re: Girl Desperately Constipated!!!   by foxsolrblue  8y   2,965  Constipation
    hello constipated, ... maybe your taking too many things to make you go. stick to only one thing and keep taking in plenty of liquids 8 glasses a day or more. i only use enemas or fiber myself. ... bill.   [End]
  • Re: What problems may occur if you dont go POOP for 4 to 7 days?   by foxsolrblue  8y   905  Constipation
    hello, ... it seems to me that your not drinking enough water even if your taking in a lot of bran and food the water will help elimination easier. drink 8 glasses of liquid a day. ... bill   [End]
  • Re: large bowel movements   by foxsolrblue  8y   118,840  Constipation
    hello, ... it sounds to me that those are the normal size for a bm to be acording to what ive read from a doctors point of view, yes 2 inches in diameter and about 2 feet long are supposed to be normal and healthy. i would increase my liquid intake maybe it will make the movements softer and squeeze smaller diameter. ... bill   [End]
  • Re: EXTREME CONSTIPATION   by foxsolrblue  8y   1,233  Bowel Cleanse Suppor
    hello, ... im my city we have a place called the cleveland clinic where people from around the world go to for various reasons. it’s in cleveland ohio. ... ... bill m.   [End]
  • Re: fecal odor   by foxsolrblue  8y   1,883  Bowel Cleanse Suppor
    cennyg, ... if i were you i would start taking some of the powder fiber mixes and after a few days take some enemas. i think it will help ... ... bill   [End]
  • Re: Hi all, still no surgery...   by foxsolrblue  8y   1,128  Gallbladder Surgery
    hi beth, ... ive had a lot of pains just like you were having and you stillhave. my very last very severe pain was from the gall bladder, it was so bad that i almost shot myself! i drove myself to the hospital and was admitted, they did some tests gave me morphine for pain they said it was my gall bladder. they would not operate because of insurance not paying for it. so i had them send me home with some strong pain meds. its been about 4 months and doctor bills to pay now but im in no pain. ... ... bill m   [End]
  • Re: constipation   by foxsolrblue  8y   1,223  Bowel Cleanse Suppor
    crusty, ... if it were me, i woulden’t take any of that stuff except for the psyllium and drink plenty of water with it, thats why your system got so blocked up. my doctor told me if your taking a bulking agent to drink plenty of water with it. ... when i was taking psyllium and then took an enema the results were very clean! ... ... bill.   [End]
  • Re: How do I know when BM's are healthy?   by foxsolrblue  8y   468  Bowel Cleanse Suppor
    hello, ... the healthyness of your bm’s start with the diameter and the length as i red from a doctors view: a normal bm should be 2 inches in diameter and 2 feet long. ... thats what ive read in a health article. bill.   [End]
  • Re: Question   by foxsolrblue  8y   625  Enema/Colonics
    hi dawn, ... your body size really dosent matter, since your full grown your insides are just as big as a regular sized person. it just matters how much and what you eat that determines how much comes out of you and how much stayes in. ... ... bill.   [End]
  • Re: Any Idea Why Enemas Feel Painful For Me?   by foxsolrblue  8y   2,769  Enema/Colonics
    hi, ... the pain you are expierencing may be due to a few things: the solution may be too hott or your trying to take it too fast or your in a hurry and you havent relaxed enough. lower the heught of the bag to 24 inches above your rectum. use warm water, you must relax dont hurry it. ... good luck. ... bill.   [End]
  • Re: Lemon Juice Enemas   by foxsolrblue  8y   2,301  Enema/Colonics
    HI ENEMAS4ME. ... Ive tried lemon juice enemas without much discomfort. Maybe you made the mixture too strong. Castile soap is effective so is prune juice. ... ... GOOD LUCK WITH THOSE ... ... BILL M.   [End]
  • Re: HOW WARM SHOULD THE WATER BE FOR A ENEMA   by foxsolrblue  8y   3,530  Bowel Cleanse Suppor
    HI KATIE, ... IVE taken enemas for a lot of years so i can tell you that the water should not be much warmer than your body temperature. Myself i like my watwe wery warm not hott! Depending on your problem, if your very stopped up a warmer water should be used with some castile soap also. ... BILL.M   [End]
  • to purplebox using everyday products   by foxsolrblue  8y   365  Bowel Cleanse Suppor
    PURPLEBOX, ... I would start by fasting, first take a laxative and then enemas for a few days juse taking in liquids juices and things. EPSOM SALTS will give you a good flushing, follow the dosage directions, i have used it myself. PRUNE JUICE is good and cheap and it works good too. GOOD LUCK.   [End]
  • to xszaui trying to get it all out   by foxsolrblue  8y   302  Bowel Cleanse Suppor
    hello xszaui, ... i would try using a small voulme warm enema first. but you have to retain it for more than 5 minutes to soften things up. if that dosent work get some senna its very strong, it should clean it out. try it and let me know ok. ... ... bill.   [End]
  • to new-me first and second colonic   by foxsolrblue  8y   876  Bowel Cleanse Suppor
    i wanted to tell you about my first colonic expierence. i went to this place and the therapist was very old. before the colonic she told me to go sit on the toilet and try to have a bm which i could not do. she got kind of upset and said to go next door and get some type of medicine. she had old equipment, o large tank that uas filled with water, i had to lay on my side and the nozzle was very large that was inserted in me. they didnt massage me, just changed positions. when it was over i went back to the toilet to expell everything. ... she was still upset and forgot to charge me for the col ...   [retrieve this message]

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