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  • Re: Colostrum and Lactoferrin.   by gu3vara  4y   1,193  CFS, ME, CFIDS
    I still hope Iíll have the same results you have, thatís pretty cool! ... ... I had to stop lactoferrin after 2 weeks, I started herxing like hell. Iím only keeping the colostrum for now, still have swollen lymph nodes. It certainly is doing something to my digestive tract, I gained some weight, which is great for me. ... ... I donít know how disabled you were when you started, but I might be more affected than you, canít walk more than short distance, Iím mostly housebound and have lots of cognitive problems. Many other symptoms as well. Have hypothyroidism also. ... ... Still hoping it will improve my ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Oil pulling simply rocks!   by gu3vara  4y   2,321  Oil Pulling
    Iím still doubting about the bacterial load theory. ... ... Donít you think an alcool mouthwash would do the same thing? Perhaps oil pulling goes deeper in the mouth flesh to pull those bacterias out? ... ... What do you think?   [End]
  • Re: Proper diet and neuroimmume disease   by gu3vara  4y   7,435  CFS, ME, CFIDS
    I agree with all of this, that makes perfect sense BUT... ... ... In the case of CFS, things seem to turn out itís cause by a retrovirus, the body is mostly clueless on the way to keep those viruses at bay. This one (XMRV) doesnít even seem to generate a immune response in many carriers, the system donít even know itís an invader (itís different than VIH, who keeps mutating continuously, the reason why it canít be controlled naturally.) So you might create an hostile environment for them to reproduce with an alkaline diet, but harm is done, the retrovirus is now part of some of your cells and t ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: warning!!!!   by gu3vara  4y   7,652  CFS, ME, CFIDS
    Well true CFS (the neuro immune disease, not being chronically tired) is a serious disease that appears now to be caused by a retrovirus, like AIDS is. Thatís not to be taken lightly and eating healthy alone wonít get you anywhere with this, no one was cure of AIDS by eating healthy, the only natural cure that seems effective for AIDS is the Beck protocol. ... ... I do have a really healthy diet too and it doesnít do anything to CFS. ... ... The Beck protocol would perhaps help to heal CFS but I think our detox pathway are too messed up to tolerate the huge die-off from it. ... ... Lactoferrin is a poten ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Colostrum and Lactoferrin for CFS/ME   by gu3vara  4y   7,519  CFS, ME, CFIDS
    I have a question regarding lactoferrin, how did you figure the dose to take, it seems like a high dose to me, I was planning on taking 500 mg a day ... ... Thx!   [End]
  • Re: Colostrum and Lactoferrin for CFS/ME   by gu3vara  4y   7,668  CFS, ME, CFIDS
    Yes, on empty stomach before lunch (maybe not totally on an empty stomach before a couple hours after eating still) and at bedtime with room temp water. I think we cannot overdose on it, bodybuilders take as much as 60 grams to grow muscles! ... ... did you hear the warm water matter? ... ...   [End]
  • Re: Some doubt it, but I think toxins are really pulled out   by gu3vara  4y   1,465  Oil Pulling
    I had constant metallic taste in mouth before starting OP, now never :D   [End]
  • Some doubt it, but I think toxins are really pulled out   by gu3vara  4y   1,852  Oil Pulling
    I had a funny experience recently that makes me think the oil pulling is really pulling out toxins from saliva or blood. After 2 months of OP I didnít feel the oil was becoming ĒfullĒ as fast anymore. ... ... I started taking colostrum about 2 weeks ago and after a couple days on it I started to realize that the oil was becoming full after a couple of minutes, something was different. I believe colostrum is causing the die-off and oil pulling appears to mop up some of the junk quite fast. ... ... Itís not scientific but I thought I should share. Seems like there is more than killing pathogens in th ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Colostrum and Lactoferrin for CFS/ME   by gu3vara  4y   7,482  CFS, ME, CFIDS
    So that everyone know, we already spoke about it together, Iíve been taking 6 grams of colostrum a day for 2 weeks now and Iím experiencing die-off, with swollen lymph nodes, twitching and weakness. ... ... In my gut, I know itís a good sign. For the first time in years it seems my immune system can fight infections :) I didnít catch a cold in all those years of CFS. ... ... Iím hopeful Iíll gain energy from it eventually, once the harsh die-off is over. My head is much clearer than it was already.I will add Lactoferrin as soon as I get my delivery. ... ... Colostrum seems like a pretty awesome product f ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Does OP kill beneficial bacteria in the mouth?   by gu3vara  4y   3,483  Oil Pulling
    I like your answer, thx for that! ... ... I was suddenly worried that we could leave an open door to some pathogens that would normally be killed by those good bacterias in the mouth. I didnít realize that the constant flow of saliva keeps the mouth in balance. ... ... I agree with you on the oregano oil, using it all the time seems a bit overkill to me. ... ...   [End]
  • Does OP kill beneficial bacteria in the mouth?   by gu3vara  4y   3,569  Oil Pulling
    Hi, ... ... I just had this thought popping out of my mind after 2 months of OP. Am I killing beneficial bacteria from my mouth that would be protecting me somehow? ... ... Considering good bacterias are everywhere in the body, could it be a problem to remove them from the mouth with OP? Are they protecting in any way? I couldnít find the answer anywhere. ... ... I am not even considering stopping my OP routine, I love it, but Iím curious if you have any knowledge about it ... ... Thx guys :) ... ...   [End]
  • Re: Transparent teeth from Oil Pulling?   by gu3vara  4y   2,585  Oil Pulling  Ü Cross-post Ü
    Donít know if itís a miracle cure or not but itís certainly doing something good for the body, after 6 weeks on it I have to reduce my thyroid hormones cause iím a bit hyperthyroid now, it was stable for months before that. ... ... Guess itís helping my thyroid heal itself. Letís hope it continues this way, Iíd like to be pills free! ... ... My hypogonadism is fixed also, Iím off testosterone shots :) ... ... Add that to a better mood, no more white coated tongue and better gums, I can only be please. I believe is it fighting my CFS now, letís hope it improves. ... ... OP rocks the house ;) ... ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: is it an herx from oil pulling?   by gu3vara  4y   1,672  Oil Pulling  Ü Cross-post Ü
    Thx for the answer Molly! ... ... I reduced to 2x daily, letís see if constipation improves. ... ... Iím pretty sure this symptom is cause by detox, I had no problem before (except problem with undigested food in stool which is still there). ... ... I started digestive enzymes with each meal and will try colostrum soon to improve my gut and hopefully my CFS. ... ... Will also check my thyroid, I doubt oil pulling changed anything to my hormone requirements but itís safe to check considering constipation could be cause by hypothyroidism. ... ... I have that I have to take those hormone pills, I canít do bowel clean ...   [retrieve this message]
  • is it an herx from oil pulling?   by gu3vara  4y   1,944  Oil Pulling  Ü Cross-post Ü
    Hi, ... ... Been on oil pulling for a month now and like what I see, better mood, much better skin, pinker gums and my tongue is totally pink instead of white at times, great stuff :) ... ... However, I feel generally weaker than before I started (I have CFS and thyroid problems) and Iíve been having really hard stools requiring the use of glycerin suppositories. I havenít been able to go on my own for 2 weeks now. ... ... Iím worry that Iíll get addicted on laxative, but on the hand, I donít want to stop oil pulling (Iím quite sure those are from the oil pulling, it fits in time, havenít started anythin ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: wear oil, eat oil, swish oil   by gu3vara  4y   1,078  Oil Pulling
    Thx to both of you ... ... I just unsure about what they say about polyunsaturated oil like sunflower oil. Some say itís bad for the thyroid and that it causes cancer while other think itís healthy ... ... Sometimes itís confusing to be sure whatís rigth or not.   [End]
  • wear oil, eat oil, swish oil   by gu3vara  4y   1,468  Oil Pulling
    Simple question, I know which oils are best to OP with, but what about eating oil. Apart from olive and coconut oil, are there any good choices? Are sesame and sunflower oil good choices? ... ... btw, OP works, really, REALLY well! ... ... thatís the first natural therapy that brings me relief of symptoms, eczema and vitiligo is disappearing, major mood enhancement, better sleep, pinker gums. All that after 2 weeks of 3 times a day OP. ... ... Iím impressed, for sure something Iíll never stop doing :)   [End]
  • wear oil, eat oil, swish oil   by gu3vara  4y   785  Ask Trapper
    Simple question, I know which oils are best to OP with, but what about eating oil. Apart from olive and coconut oil, are there any good choices? Are sesame and sunflower oil good choices? ... ... btw, OP works, really, REALLY well! ... ... thatís the first natural therapy that brings me relief of symptoms, eczema and vitiligo is disappearing, major mood enhancement, better sleep, pinker gums. All that after 2 weeks of 3 times a day OP. ... ... Iím impressed, for sure something Iíll never stop doing :) ... ...   [End]
  • Re: What is the recommend dose for chronic disease?   by gu3vara  4y   747  Iodine Supplementati
    are you using cyanocobalamin shots? ... ... Iíd like to take the hydroxy form as itís a powerful detoxifier, but I just canít get the stuff in Canada, shame ... ... taking cyanide in shots appears really odd to me   [End]
  • Re: Oil Pulling gives Fat. Liver stones caused by Low Fat Diet.   by gu3vara  4y   4,712  Liver Flush Support  Ü Cross-post Ü
    Iím now a believer in good fats. In a little bit more than a week of oil pulling, my eczema on my hands kinda peeled of and now itís barely visible, without any hand moisturizer. I had that for 15 years at least, itís almost gone! ... ... Thatís amazing, I can only imagine the good it will do to my body. I was totally fat deficient for all major EFAs on a nutrionnal blood test I did last years. Now Iím eating plenty of coconut oil, olive oil and I oil pull 3 times a day. ... ... Donít know if it will help my CFS, but it certainly help my skin :)   [End]
  • What is the recommend dose for chronic disease?   by gu3vara  4y   843  Iodine Supplementati
    Hi, ... ... I never went over 50 mg of iodine, thinking that more would be overkill. Now I read that 50 mg might not be enough for people with chronic diseases. I plan on ramping up to 100 mgs. ... ... I have hashimoto thyroiditis and CFS. ... ... Things that seem to help so far : ... ... I started oil pulling recently and think Iím getting results my eczema is clearing and Iím hoping for more symptoms relief to come. ... ... I also have a bit of an energy boost from using B-12 shots btw. Unfortunatly, Iíd like to have the methyl or hydroxy form for injecting instead of the cyano form. ... ... Am I correct to think tha ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Interesting, but a question   by gu3vara  4y   3,077  Iodine Supplementati
    Thx for posting that, thatís interesting. ... ... I will go back to higher doses of iodine I guess, Iím now only taking 25 mg a day. This time Iíll try to go to 100 mg, never went over 50 mg. ... ... I have a question about how to get proper levels of b2 b3 and magnesium. I donít like taking vitamins and supplements, itís quite expensive and Iím short in money. I also donít believe much in synthetic vitamins. ... ... What are you taking to ensure you have plenty of mineral and vitamins? I eat a good diet now which much provide some good things but what should I take in case itís not enough? minerals from ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Please, would need guidance,sick and confused   by gu3vara  4y   1,548  Ask CureZone  Ü Cross-post Ü
    Thx for the reply! ... ... what about cleansing, would it help at this point? Doing parasite cleanse, bowel cleanse and liver flushes? ... ... I think flushing helped you quite a bit in the past right? I saw your history here. ... ...   [End]
  • Re: Please, would need guidance,sick and confused   by gu3vara  4y   1,532  Ask CureZone  Ü Cross-post Ü
    what is your history of antibiotic and other pharmaceutical use? took antibiotics maybe 5times in last 15 years, took antidepressants for 2 years when I first became sick. try not to take anything now. I wasnít much of a pill user before, no tylenol etc.. ... ... history of caffeine use/addiction? a couple of coffee everyday, stopped for 4 years now ... ... history of alcohol use/abuse/addiction? I use to drink a lot during the weekend for several years, stopped 4 years ago ... ... history of sugar use? yes, but not much of a sweet tooth. I only eat fruits now, no sugar. ... ... history of fast food/junk food ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Please, would need guidance,sick and confused   by gu3vara  4y   1,526  Ask CureZone  Ü Cross-post Ü
    Iím interested in EFT also, I just got some videos ... ... I take iodine as well, lugol. I also take armour thyroid because my thyroid is dead. My results are stable that way. Hopefully, over time, it will help fix some things, I think Iíve been hypothyrodid for many many years before diagnosis. ... ... What do you suggest to replenish minerals? I was think of doing the moreless drinks, with molasse, lemon etc.. ... ... Iím a bit scare of taking gold btw ;) ... ... Thx!   [End]
  • Re: Please, would need guidance,sick and confused   by gu3vara  4y   1,514  Ask CureZone  Ü Cross-post Ü
    Thx for the detailled response! ... ... Where do you buy those bitters to help liver? This sound interesting!   [End]
  • Re: Please, would need guidance,sick and confused   by gu3vara  4y   1,520  Ask CureZone  Ü Cross-post Ü
    I wouldnít touch MMS or MMS2 with a 10 feet pole sorry ;)   [End]
  • Re: Please, would need guidance,sick and confused   by gu3vara  4y   1,549  Ask CureZone  Ü Cross-post Ü
    Thx for the answer! ... ... The only thing that concerns me here is that all those treatments are patches over the real cause of my disease, donít you think? I would rather go the cleansing way,   [End]
  • Re: Please, would need guidance,sick and confused   by gu3vara  4y   1,563  Ask CureZone  Ü Cross-post Ü
    Thx, will try magnesium again   [End]
  • Re: Please, would need guidance,sick and confused   by gu3vara  4y   1,565  Ask CureZone  Ü Cross-post Ü
    ... ... Is the eczema around the nasolabial folds (smile lines between the cheeks and mouth), over the bridge of the nose, eyelashes eyebrows and ear? No, itís mainly in the palm of my hands and on the genital region a bit ... ... Do you get sore slits in the corners of the mouth? no ... ... Is your nose always feeling semi-blocked or running or alternating between these states? almost always semi blocked (but since I started oil pulling, much better) ... ... Are your  feet thin without hardly any fat? I would say they are normal, with some fat ... ... Do you have a strange difficult to describ ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Please, would need guidance,sick and confused   by gu3vara  4y   1,841  Ask CureZone  Ü Cross-post Ü
    Hi, ... ... Iím dealing with severe CFS, autoimmune thyroiditis, acne and anxiety that are making my life quite hard. Iím 30 and canít work or have a real social life. ... ... List of symptoms is long : ... ... Fatigue, canít recover from exercice ... Headaches ... Itching all over ... Twitching all over ... Muscle pain/weakness ... Nausea ... Anxiety ... Depression ... Irregular heartbeats ... Dizzyness ... Brain fog ... Acne ... Ezcema ... Ringing in ears ... Sensitivy to noise, light ... ... ... Fortunatly, I have a wornderful girlfriend that has been there all the way with me...! ... ... I would like to have guidance on what I could do to at least impro ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Colostrum for CFS/ME   by gu3vara  4y   1,347  CFS, ME, CFIDS
    Iím curious about it, how is it supposed to help with cfs? ... ... What brand are you using? Can I buy it on iherb? How much are you taking? Iím willing to try anything that can help! ... ... I have pretty bad CFS for 4 years also, recently started oil pulling and was thinking of doing regular liver flushes soon.   [End]
  • Re: OMG,OP...I'm a believer!   by gu3vara  4y   1,670  Oil Pulling  Ü Cross-post Ü
    Yup, I truly feel the antidepressant effect, good stuff!!! :D   [End]
  • Re: why am i NEVER getting stones flushed?   by gu3vara  4y   4,860  Liver Flush Support  Ü Cross-post Ü
    Sorry to hear about your problems, I have my fair share of problems too dealing with CFS and thyroid problems. I have eczema but nothing compare to what you are living with. ... ... Have you ever tried oil pulling? That could be a good way to take the load of your liver, some says it works like a mini disposable liver. After a week, I can see an effect on my eczema, the skin is peeling as if I had a sunburn, strange! ... ...   [End]
  • Re: OMG,OP...I'm a believer!   by gu3vara  4y   1,783  Oil Pulling  Ü Cross-post Ü
    Yup, we will defeat it, itís important to believe we can! With a better mood from oil pulling already, itís easier to believe it. ... ... I think liver flushing, oil pulling and iodine will be the major part of my protocol. I heard many great things about liver flushing for fibromyalgia and as well as CFS. Itís a known fact that detox pathways are compromised with those disease so a little help to the liver might pay.   [End]
  • OMG,OP...I'm a believer!   by gu3vara  4y   2,823  Oil Pulling  Ü Cross-post Ü
    Iím stunned...Only 6 days after starting to oil pull 3 times a day my gums have turned from red to pink, first time in YEARS! ... ... I wasnít flossing much in the past years, fact is I did it for 2 months last year and didnít have much success to heal my gingivitis so I stopped and thought that gingivitis wasnít a big deal. ... ... Now with oil pulling and flossing once a day, itís healing! No way the flossing alone is responsible. ... ... Also, think my mood is better on it and what makes it obvious itís doing something on my body is that have been having eczema/ dry hands on my hands for decades and ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Hi there, newbie with CFS starting the oil pulling   by gu3vara  4y   4,972  Oil Pulling
    Honestly, I was thinking it was a small nerve of something like that, otherwise I would have really freaked out :O ... ... I remember thinking, itís fun, I have something in my mouth I can play with, I was an healthy, stupid and careless guy back then :P ... ... ... But thinking about it, why would I have a loose nerve in my mouth, that would hurt like hell!! Iím starting to think lot of worms are living inside me, THAT is freaking me out now!!   [End]
  • Re: Hi there, newbie with CFS starting the oil pulling   by gu3vara  4y   5,033  Oil Pulling
    Hi Molly, ... ... nice to meet you, you seem to do quite a good job on the forum! ... ... I saw the episode about CFS at Dr Oz too, they were talking about a new retrovirus found in all CFS patients from one study in the US called XMRV. Some others researchs came back negative but were mainly done in the UK where there is a strong belief that CFS is a pure psychiatric disease that require only exercise and behavorial therapy. Itís total crap... ... ... I became ill after I caught some flu-like virus 6 years ago, it took 3 years before I became disabled, things went slowly in my case, but I started havin ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Question about humaworm preservation and other stuff   by gu3vara  4y   744  Ask Humaworm
    I will buy another kit anyway because I plan to do it another time after the 90 days wait. ... ... But of course I would like to use the one I already own so I donít have to wait! ... ...   [End]
  • Question about humaworm preservation and other stuff   by gu3vara  4y   771  Ask Humaworm
    Hi, ... ... I would be finally willing to try a parasite cleanse and Iíve been having a quit of humaworm in my house at room temp for 2 years now /* POST UPDATED : I had the humaworm on DECEMBER 2008, so 15 months and never opened the sealed baggies */ and wonder if itís still fine to use? I donít really care if itís lost a bit of potency, better than nothing! ... ... I have CFS and I would like make sure I donít hurt myself with such cleanse though, I know my liver isnít working great, a have a white coated tongue also... ... ... I plan on starting liver flushing but i read I should use a parasite clean ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Hi there, newbie with CFS starting the oil pulling   by gu3vara  4y   5,603  Oil Pulling
    Hi, ... ... Someone talked to me about oil pulling recently and it reminded that was something I tried for like 4 days without believing in it a bit when I started being ill from chronic fatigue syndrome / hypothyroidism/anxiety a couple years ago. ... ... Iíve also been trying some alternative techniques, taking lugol for a long time (still am), tried colloidal silver but I didnít like the idea of taking it for long time (using it for colds flus, works great!), tried MMS (couple days, awful experience, I was uninformed and desperate :P). I did a couple Liver flushes and coffee enemas, never on a re ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Detox Priorities   by gu3vara  5y   890  Ask Trapper
    Thx, glad to hear Iím on the right path. ... ... Should I continue on frequent coffee enemas for a while? I was thinking about once a week but Iím not sure itís enough with a chronic disease like mine ... ... I saw some references to The Detox Book on a CFS sufferer blog and it helped her a lot, so I think Iíll order it, knowledge is power :) ... ...   [End]
  • Re: Finally starting to cleanse, where should I start?   by gu3vara  5y   983  Ask Trapper
    I will give it try for sure trapper, thx for that. Wish I could give B12 subcutaneously, damn IM shots :( ... ... I never went over 50 mg of lugol, probably an higher dose would have done much more detox. Now that I know that I can reduce some of the lugol with vit C and take much higher doses of iodide this way, I will experiment with this also. ... ... What about colloidal silver, think I should wait on it? I would like to kill the candida also, I donít know what iodine does for that. ... ... ... ...   [End]
  • Re: Important Cheny Alert   by gu3vara  5y   991  Ask Trapper
    I want this book!   [End]
  • Re: Finally starting to cleanse, where should I start?   by gu3vara  5y   1,004  Ask Trapper
    Yeah, I remember reading this article in the past. I never took high enough dose to see the benefits. Iím taking sublingual methyl-B12 now 5000 UI once a week, canít say how much is really absorbed this way. ... ... So you did inject yourself with 1000 mcg of B12 everyday for 2 weeks? That must be a pain to do, I do once a week my testosterone shot and I freaking hate that day...! ... ... Funny things is that Dr Cheney has now totally changed his mind on CFS, he says itís a diastolic heart dysfunction that cause too high level of oxygen for the cells. b12, vitamin d, ribose, whey protein, basically ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Finally starting to cleanse, where should I start?   by gu3vara  5y   964  Ask Trapper
    Hi, ... ... Been trying many things to get better from my thyroid problems and CFS for a couple years now and still havenít succeeded getting better. Big problem is that I never committed to change the way I eat totally. Iíve always been a big gluten eater and was eating crap about once a week during the weekend. ... ... Funny thing is that I started seeing a pretty good energy healer since october, he helped some of my friends a lot, and since then I have severe detox symptoms / liver congestion. My white is more coated than ever, I passed white junk in my stool a couple times, Iím always nauseous ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Cortisol replacement and Candida.   by gu3vara  5y   703  Candida Support
    HydroCortisone in physiological dose is supposed to strengthen the immune system, not depress it according to some doctors, mainly holistic and DO. ... ... I think it can be of great help if your salivary cortisol levels are low. It can reduce anxiety in fact. ... ...   [End]
  • Candida diet when taking meds, is it ok?   by gu3vara  5y   389  Candida Support
    Hi, ... ... I must start to do something with candida soon because it keeps getting worse and worse. I have a major trush now and several GI symptoms, major brain fog and dizziness etc... ... ... I reacted very harshly to colloidal silver without changing my diet so I will stop for now, think I must do thing correctly and change the diet first otherwise it will be impossible. ... ... Iím taking meds and I wonder if itís ok to take them while doing the diet, itís hormones and they contain cornstarch in it, I canít really do without them. it must not be a huge amount of cornstarch however. ... ... Think itís a ...   [retrieve this message]
  • SSKI in canada, any chance?   by gu3vara  5y   1,086  Iodine Supplementati
    I want the stuff, badly :( magnescent iodine would be awesome too... ... ... I wonít have a prescription for it, I wonít even try to ask a doctor. ... ... Any idea how I can have it? I know Trapper is not shipping outside US. ... ... Thx!   [End]
  • My CS batch developed an unpleasant metallic taste   by gu3vara  5y   1,923  Colloidal Silver
    Hi, ... ... Was wondering if itís normal that a batch tastes like metal, i wouldnít say a strong taste, but not light either. ... ... It is still crystal clear though. ... ... It was almost tasteless during the first day and a week later, the taste changed a lot. I had a trip and I brought my bottle with me and I wonder if the cold in the trunk of the car or the shaking from transport could have affected it. ... ... Iím not sure if I should keep taking it or not, anyone has advice? ... ... Thx!   [End]
  • Re: Improved sleep on CS and a question about absorption   by gu3vara  5y   996  Colloidal Silver
    Trapper on the iodine forums mentioned that it should be best to reduce lugol to iodide only by mixing it with vitamin c. Itís a precaution to take when taking CS to be on the safe side, though nobody is sure if mixing those two is good or bad. That would minimize the formation of silver iodide that you would have from taking ionic silver and iodine (not reduced to iodide). ... ... Iím taking lugol in the morning and CS later, but I prefer not to take more than a couple drops of lugol while doing CS in higher dosage. ... ... ...   [End]
  • Improved sleep on CS and a question about absorption   by gu3vara  5y   1,009  Colloidal Silver
    Hi, ... ... Itís been a week that Iíve been taking CS and I donít know if itís a coincidence but I am sleepy like a baby now. I donít remember sleeping 7 hours in a row for the past 4 years and itís been 7 days in a row that I donít wake up at night :) ... ... Donít know if anybody else experienced that but itís great to have that. Iím taking CS right before bed. ... ... A couple of question about absorption for you : ... ... 1- If taking CS at bedtime, say 10pm, how long is it suppose to take before it makes itís way into the bloodstream? I read that silver ion will precipitate in the stomach and absorption ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: What can I do?   by gu3vara  5y   846  Iodine Supplementati
    I bought a silverpuppy and Iím quite please with it. You can also buy a silver pulser that is use in the bob beck protocol. There are some other brands but I donít know much about them. ... ... If the distilled water from the market is less than 4 uS (buying a meter with the CS maker would be a good idea), your CS will be just fine.   [End]
  • Re: What can I do?   by gu3vara  5y   907  Iodine Supplementati
    How much colloidal silver have you taken? Itís suppose to be one of the best for candida. ... ... You might need a pretty heavy dose to get rid of candida, somewhere around 8 oz daily.   [End]
  • Just tested my distilled water, too high?   by gu3vara  5y   840  Colloidal Silver
    Hi, ... ... just received my meter from silverpuppy site and the distilled water tests at 5uS. I read itís a bit high and lower than 3 would be good. Thatís the only supplier I have around here and Iím not yet interested buying my own distiller, maybe someday. ... ... Is this distilled water a waste? Iím currently doing a 30 oz batch to test and its been 2 hours and a half on swap mode and still running, water is still crystal clear. ... ... If the puppy stops after several hours and the resulting product is clear, can I assume itís ok to use it? Maybe the meter is not properly calibrate... ... ... I donít w ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: taking thyroxine, i read it can interact with CS, plz help   by gu3vara  5y   1,830  Colloidal Silver
    Well Iím gonna be a guinea pig and Iíll retest my TSH periodically when doing silver to see if there is any truth in that. I doubt it, I just wonít take them at the same time. ... ... I know that heavy metals like mercury can cause thyroid problems, but thatís a different thing, it inhibits thyroid function. I donít think thyroid hormones floating in the blood stream significantly bind to silver or other metals.   [End]
  • Re: Sterilizing glass jar before doing a CS batch?   by gu3vara  5y   874  Colloidal Silver
    Thx to both of you, Iím gonna make sure I rinse it well with distilled water   [End]
  • taking thyroxine, i read it can interact with CS, plz help   by gu3vara  5y   1,108  Colloidal Silver
    Hi, ... ... I started on CS recently and now I donít feel totally safe cause I read on many sites that thyroxine (and some antibiotics like tetracycline) can interact with CS. Some sites mention absoprtion problems and others are less specific. ... ... Makes me wonder about the real risk of it. I was planning on taking CS at bedtime and maybe at noon too and take synthroid at 6 AM as usual. ... ... My understanding is that silver donít really stay long in the stomach and the intestines so I should have no thyroxine absorption problems if I take them apart. Once the thyroxine is in the blood stream, thatí ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Sterilizing glass jar before doing a CS batch?   by gu3vara  5y   926  Colloidal Silver
    Hi, ... ... Iím about to make my first batch with the silver puppy and I have a question about the glass jar. How should I clean it before, is plain water with soap ok? Should I rinse it with distilled water afterward? ... ... Might be a silly question, but I figured I should ask!   [End]
  • How expensive are the machines used in this protocol exactly?   by gu3vara  5y   1,004  Dr. Beck
    Hi, ... ... I recently bought a silver puppy to make my own CS but Iím wondering about the whole beck protocol thing. Where do you buy those? I saw a site once when I was doing a bit of research and it seemed extremely expensive. ... ... Most important question to me : ... ... How expensive is it to buy all those machines for blood electrification and stuff? ... ... I have CFS, hypothyroidism and hypogonadism and Iím still looking to find relief. ... ... Secondly : ... ... Would taking hormones be a problem on this protocol, my thyroid is near dead by Hashimoto thyroiditis so I just canít stop. ... ... I know you canít take ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Does high dose MSM sulfur interfere with colloidal silver?   by gu3vara  5y   1,294  Colloidal Silver
    I found many testimonials on the colloidalsilversolutions, those two seem to work great together so Iím going to keep doing both. ... ... Thx JAB ... ... If anyone had positive experiences using both at the same time, feel free to let me know   [End]
  • Does high dose MSM sulfur interfere with colloidal silver?   by gu3vara  5y   1,379  Colloidal Silver
    Iím taking 3 grams of MSM a day and plan to take 6 grams. I started CS also and I wondering if the detox effect of MSM could void the positive action of CS? ... ... I read that MSM can bind to CS and help argyria so Iím wondering what it does to CS when the goal is not chelating the silver out of the body. ... ... Any experience with this? Should MSM be stopped when using CS? ... ... Thx!   [End]
  • Re: Starting on colloidal silver, can I continue Iodine at the same time?   by gu3vara  5y   1,172  Iodine Supplementati
    oh, my bad!! I see now! ... ... That sounds like a great plan, I was thinking about it this morning and was about to ask if it could be a good idea ... ... Thx!   [End]
  • Re: Starting on colloidal silver, can I continue Iodine at the same time?   by gu3vara  5y   1,146  Iodine Supplementati
    Thx for the answer Trapper ... ... So I should reduce my vitamin C dose as well? Iím only taking 1000 mg a day right now. ... ... Iím also on high doses of MSM (the organic sulfur, not to be confused with the MMS shit...!) for detox and candida, think itís fine with colloidal silver, I never heard of possible problems between those two, have you?   [End]
  • Re: Starting on colloidal silver, can I continue Iodine at the same time?   by gu3vara  5y   1,143  Iodine Supplementati
    Thx but no I didnít try sski, I donít have access to it in Canada easily. ... ... Considering I just spent money on a CS generator which is supposed to be among the best thing for Candida Iím going to try this protocol. I donít mind stopping iodine for a couple months, I just donít know if itís necessary. ... ... If anyone knows (Iím sure trapper does!), please let me know :)   [End]
  • Starting on colloidal silver, can I continue Iodine at the same time?   by gu3vara  5y   1,326  Iodine Supplementati
    Hi, ... ... I finally decided to take the dive and buy a CS generator and Iím quite thrilled. Iím hoping to sort my candida problems with it. ... ... Been taking Lugol for almost a year, had some success with it but not with Candida. My tongue is still quite white coated and Iím itching all over a lot. My tears are also burning during those itching moments and my muscles are tingling. Iím thinking candida, might be wrong. ... ... Does CS and iodine go well together or should I interrupt iodine while Iím doing CS in higher doses for a couple months? ... I was thinking of taking CS on an empty stomach when ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: silverpuppy questions   by gu3vara  5y   696  Colloidal Silver
    Thx JAB, I just ordered one this morning, Iím really excited about the potential of it. ... ... Iím quite sure I have a Candida problem to take care of and I think that silver and MSM will help me (I just started it and Iím building up on it slowly). Since the beginning of this year, my tongue has been more white coated than itís ever been. I have itching all over everyday and my muscles are always tingling. Iím hoping this is the cause of my chronic fatigue who didnít resolve. ... ... Been taking iodine for several months and balancing hormones (have hypogonadism due to an unknown recurring infecti ...   [retrieve this message]
  • silverpuppy questions   by gu3vara  5y   762  Colloidal Silver
    Hi, ... ... Iím going to buy the silverpuppy soon and Iíd like to make sure I donít miss something important. ... ... 1 - Should I take the one with the magnetic stirrer for 145$ or the 130$ would do the job? (I donít plan to make huge batch of it, max 32 oz at a time, and it still seems like a lot at once. ... ... 2 - Is it important to buy a PPM meter (cost 55$ or 30$ for a less convenient model) to ensure of the concentration of the ionic silver? I donít want to throw unnecessary money away. ... ... 3 - I have fibromyalgia / CFS, do you think it can help those conditions, I read some good testimonials of p ...   [retrieve this message]
  • New to rife machine, could it help my CFS \ Fibro   by gu3vara  5y   1,316  Rife  Ü Cross-post Ü
    Hi, ... ... Can rife machine help CFS? ... ... I seem to have a recurrent infection that cause orchitis, possibly mumps I read as it never responded to antibiotics. Possibly the cause of CFS... ... ... Could it help me? What should I use? Can I take it even if Iím taking medications (all hormones though, no synthetics) ... ... Thx!   [End]
  • Re: iodoral not working   by gu3vara  5y   3,433  Iodine Supplementati
    I wish I could get it in Canada, I would have ordered a long time ago personally ... ... Borders suck!   [End]
  • Re: Nails after io supplementing   by gu3vara  5y   1,360  Iodine Supplementati
    I hope you are right, chronic fatigue syndrome is starting to get me pretty discouraged, I spend all my days with muscle twitching all over, fatigue, anxiety and major weakness... sucks :( ... ... I sometimes wonder if I should increase my dose over 50 mg.   [End]
  • Re: Nails after io supplementing   by gu3vara  5y   1,428  Iodine Supplementati
    I was I had the same success, itís been 4 months now on Lugol 50 mg. My nails are still weak and my TSH didnít drop a bit (it was at 3 before iodine, still is) ... ... Sadly, iodine alone doesnít seem to be a magic bullet for me. I have plenty of hormonal imbalances adding to thyroid though.   [End]
  • Re: tips for tough times. OT   by gu3vara  5y   1,639  Iodine Supplementati
    Aspartame also acts just like an SSRI, thatís disturbing. ... ... I thought it was initially developed to be an AD rather than ant poison, but you are right on this. ... ... Either way, thatís crap   [End]
  • Re: Iodine when taking Fludrocortisone (fluoride in it)   by gu3vara  5y   1,318  Iodine Supplementati
    I totally agree with you on that, but this case is particular, you canít easily removed florinef from an Addisson disease patient without putting in serious trouble. It acts the same way as aldosterone, which canít be produce in enough quantity in late stage Addison disease. At this point, I doubt Iodine alone can fix that but who knows. ... ... There are bio-identical hormones for cortisone replacement but thatís not as easy for aldosterone replacement, half-life is about 30 minutes, so you have to take something with a longer half-life, thatís what florinef does. ... ... The fluoride atom sucks, f ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Iodine when taking Fludrocortisone (fluoride in it)   by gu3vara  5y   1,329  Iodine Supplementati
    Hi, ... ... I have a friend who would want to try Iodine supplementation to help his health issues. He has thyroid and adrenal issues. ... ... Only problem I see with him trying it is that he takes fludrocortisone for hypoaldosteronism. It contains a fluorid atom and stopping it is not an option atm. ... ... Considering Iodine is so good at removing fluoride and bromide from the body, Iím concerned that using lugol could void florinef action. ... ... What do you think about this, I just donít know where to stand. If it was an AD like Celexa, I would say taper it slowly if you can, but this case is more seriou ...   [retrieve this message]
  • swine flu   by gu3vara  5y   1,286  Iodine Supplementati  Ü Cross-post Ü
    The virus seems to be spreading now. ... ... Do you think iodine is a good defense against this flu?   [End]
  • Doing coffee enema when taking medication, ok?   by gu3vara  5y   690  Enema & Colonics
    Hey, ... ... Iím thinking of doing coffee enemas to help my liver detox, I have a fat absorption problem and would prefer doing enemas rather than the awful tasting epsom salt liver flushes, yuck! ... ... My only concern is that Iím taking some natural hormones, Armour and Cortef orally and DHEA and Testosterone in a cream form. ... ... Will the increasing liver enzyme activity provoked by the enema cause the meds to be flushed out of my system faster? I remember seeing that st john wort increase the excretion rate of meds from increase enzyme activity, so I figured it would apply here as well. ... ... And co ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Having shortness of breath from iodine (iodized salt)   by gu3vara  5y   1,195  Iodine Supplementati
    First, I honestly have to say I thought this post was a joke at first, as I never heard of someone detoxing on iodized salt. ... ... Iodized salt has a poor bio-availability so you probably canít even exceed 150mcg (the official RDA) by taking an important amount of it ;) ... ... Secondly, if you are planning to address your thyroid problems with Iodine, you should consider taking a better form of Iodine (like Lugol) and another type of salt, an unrefined sea salt, instead of iodized salt. ... ... There is plenty of info on this forum to get you started. Just click on the link under Iodine. ... ... I doubt io ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Should I take DIM with iodine for hormones imbalance?   by gu3vara  5y   1,679  Iodine Supplementati
    Thx for the answer, think Iíll wait before adding anything   [End]
  • Re: Does Chlorine Dioxide displace Iodine?   by gu3vara  5y   1,079  Iodine Supplementati
    Even drinking too much water can kill you, doesnít prove anything...   [End]
  • Re: Does Chlorine Dioxide displace Iodine?   R by gu3vara  5y   1,071  Iodine Supplementati
    I wouldnít put a drop of MMS in my body anymore, thatís just non-sense to me. I was probably desperate enough and uninformed enough to try it for a few days in the past and thatís nothing else but a poison to me. ... ... The detox (or intox to be correct hahaha) was unbearable to me, I kept vomiting and feeling like I was going to pass out. ... ... I wonder what will happen to those taking it on a long-term basis, I donít want to see that... ... ... I thought Curezone was about hollistic remedies, not about ingesting industrial sanitizers :/ ... ... Thank god Iím over it   [End]
  • Should I take DIM with iodine for hormones imbalance?   by gu3vara  5y   1,932  Iodine Supplementati
    Hey, ... ... I made some research on the forums and on many web pages to figure out what to do with my high estradiol levels and low t levels (Iím a 30 years old man) ... ... I see some members here have knowledge about it so any input would be appreciate. ... ... I read that high estradiol inhibits iodine uptake in the thyroid and would want to make something to help it. ... ... So I was thinking about DIM to lower estradiol, anyone had positive results with it? I know thereís a chemical (Arimidex is I remember correctly that does that but Iím synthetic meds free and want to stay that way) ... ... Is iodine a lon ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Does Chlorine Dioxide displace Iodine?   by gu3vara  5y   1,010  Iodine Supplementati
    You are missing the most important point, you need iodine to live, you donít need MMS   [End]
  • Re: Does Chlorine Dioxide displace Iodine?   by gu3vara  5y   1,037  Iodine Supplementati
    Oh come on, donít tell me Humble didnít make a fortune out of it...!   [End]
  • Re: Does Chlorine Dioxide displace Iodine?   by gu3vara  5y   1,159  Iodine Supplementati
    I donít have any scientific point to back this but I would stay away from MMS whatsoever.   [End]
  • Re: Off Topic/ I got a letter from Mannacrap!   by gu3vara  5y   794  Iodine Supplementati
    I would be really rich...I spent money on a countless amount of crap without any benefits ... ... Now I enjoy my 10$ bottle of Lugol who last 6 months ... ... Enjoy your vacation ;)   [End]
  • Re: Off Topic/ I got a letter from Mannacrap!   by gu3vara  5y   829  Iodine Supplementati
    Why are they refunding you? ... ... A court judgement finding them guilty of fraud or something? ... ... Iím curious! ... ... Congrats for the big check ;) ... ... Poor me spent 1000$ on Goji Juice crap, wish they could refund me too :D   [End]
  • Re: Thyroid-misleading TSH levels   by gu3vara  5y   962  Iodine Supplementati
    Wow, what a great finding ... ... Thatís reminds me of a problem I had at first with my thyroid. Somehow, there was no possible way of lowering my TSH below 5. My T4 and T3 were above the upper limit and the endo was totally confused with this. ... ... I removed my amalgams and it resolved by itself in a couple months ... ... Coincidence? I donít think so ;)   [End]
  • Thx, there is another thing that intrigues me, if I may   by gu3vara  5y   863  Iodine Supplementati
    Thx all for the answers! Iíll check the post history for more details. My gut feeling was telling me 400IU wasnít near enough. ... ... another thing i seek answer for is that I found an hair analysis I did last year when I was not taking any iodine that has some strange results on it. ... ... I thought my iodine would be low and surprisingly itís way over the range ... ... Does hair reveal anything regarding our true levels in the body? I really doubt that I would have had excess of iodine after all I learned it. ... ... Anyone has experience/info regarding that?   [End]
  • Re: Ladies - Did iodine affect your periods?   by gu3vara  5y   1,113  Iodine Supplementati
    I really hope my wife will have less painful periods with iodine, itís been only 2 weeks, too soon to tell ... ... Iíll keep you all informed ... ...   [End]
  • O/T : Vitamin D deficient, what should i do?   by gu3vara  5y   901  Iodine Supplementati
    I just had my last results and Vitamin D is on the low side. My doc put me on a strong multivitamin (which contains 400IU daily) ... ... Do you think itís enough? I see conflicting information on the net, some say over 600 IU is too much and other say 1000 IU is just fine ... ... Do you think Iodine will solve that over time? ... I wonder why I have such absorption problem, my thyroid problem are probably related ... ... Thx!   [End]
  • Re: iodine on top of my microwave, is it bad?   by gu3vara  5y   807  Iodine Supplementati
    thatís what i wanted to hear, thx! ... ... will have to negotiate the murder of the microwave oven in the days to come now   [End]
  • Re: iodine on top of my microwave, is it bad?   by gu3vara  5y   840  Iodine Supplementati
    Well putting it that way, it looks stupid :P ... ... Fact is, I donít use the microwave anymore, but i canít keep my wife from using it (yet! but she is taking iodine now which is a good start) ... ... What if my iodine has turned radioactive and i destroy my thyroid :P ... ...   [End]
  • iodine on top of my microwave, is it bad?   by gu3vara  5y   932  Iodine Supplementati
    I let the iodine bottle sit on top of the microwave a couple times, in a box with other supplements ... ... I was wondering if it could have change iodine properties?? ... ... I never thought about that before today, could it be bad? ... ... Thx!   [End]
  • update on iodine results, my nodule is shrinking   by gu3vara  5y   835  Iodine Supplementati
    On iodine for 2 months now, taking 50 mg for cfs and hashimoto. Iodine donít affect me negatively anymore, which is cool, I might increase to 75 mg in a couple weeks to experiment. ... ... Good news, my cold nodule (about 1 cm on the side of my thyroid) is disappearing. Normally, I can find it easily by touching my thyroid and this morning, surprise, looks like something is missing and my thyroid size seems reduce :D ... ... Iím no doctor and I can be wrong, but looks like something is changing in my thyroid! ... ... /me love iodine :)   [End]
  • Re: Thyroid results - Very confused   by gu3vara  5y   1,055  Iodine Supplementati
    I would guess that iodine simply uncovered the hypothyroidism you previously already had, it can be masked by blood tests for a host of reasons. I read that from some Dr Brownstein case studies. ... ... If you feel better, my intuition would be to say donít change anything, it will probably settle with time.   [End]
  • Re: ok to recommend that Lugol dose to my healthy wife?   by gu3vara  5y   981  Iodine Supplementati
    alright, weíll stick with 50 mg then ... ... she is taking it in 2 doses in a gelatin capsules to avoid the taste, iodine seems to melt it down quite quickly, so absorption shouldnít be affected   [End]
  • ok to recommend that Lugol dose to my healthy wife?   by gu3vara  5y   1,055  Iodine Supplementati
    Hi, ... ... I wanted to make sure Iím not harming my girlfriend by convincing her to take Lugol (50 mg) for her general health. She is always taking the companion supplements. ... ... She isnít sick at all, but she does have mood swings during PMS though and wish she had a tad more energy/motivation and could lose weight more easily. Her basal temperature is a bit low and she often has 90/50 blood pressure, which seems low to me. ... ... No matter that, she feels good overall. ... ... Itís been 3 days, no reaction whatsoever, unlike me who reacted strongly. ... ... Is it overkill to give here 50 mg or should she j ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: all my levels of fatty acids are close to zero, what the heck does t...   by gu3vara  5y   1,017  Iodine Supplementati
    no doubt about that hehehe   [End]
  • Re: all my levels of fatty acids are close to zero, what the heck does t...   by gu3vara  5y   1,111  Iodine Supplementati
    thatís good to know, i took coconut oil for a couple months a year ago, i know i should have stick with it, but i wanted to save money, poor me ... ... is it more easy to absorb because it does not require bile production from the liver?   [End]
  • Re: all my levels of fatty acids are close to zero, what the heck does t...   by gu3vara  5y   1,240  Iodine Supplementati
    thx for that ... ... My testosterone is a gel of bio-identical hormones made by a compounding pharmacy, not the synthetic androgel or a pill, so iím ok with that, the DHEA is a pill though ... ... my stool looks quite normal since i take iodine and iím no more constipated ... ... the mitochondrial dysfunction is a possibility though, but i prefer taking baby steps right now to see what makes me feel better, on the long run, iím sure iodine will do a lot for me ... ... ... will have to keep all that in mind   [End]
  • Re: all my levels of fatty acids are close to zero, what the heck does t...   by gu3vara  5y   1,169  Iodine Supplementati
    thx for the input guys, Iím surprise to learn the challenge test isnít telling much about metal toxicities, dammit...! ... ... Iíll have to keep in mind the cutler protocol for the future, will concentrate on iodine loading for the time being ... ... As for the blocked bile flow, I donít know, I did a couple of liver flush in the last year and I threw up a generous amount of bile (sorry for the details...!) every time, yuck...will read a bit more about that ... ... Hope the enzymes will help assimilating them from now on ...   [End]
  • all my levels of fatty acids are close to zero, what the heck does that ...   by gu3vara  5y   1,325  Iodine Supplementati
    I just add a large blood and urine test done by an holistic doctor and he found out a couple things ... ... All my fatty acids are nonexistent, omega3, omega6 etc.. name it, itís low. I took supplement for a year now...! ... ... My androgen hormones are all very low (dhea, testosterone, androsterone) ... ... ... He has me on : ... ... 50 mg lugol (Iím on it already) ... 50 mg bio-identical testosterone ... 30 mg dhea ... switch from 75 mcg synthroid to 90mg armour thyroid ... a massive dose of all fatty acids with an enzyme to help absorption ... ... I had a DMSA challenge test for heavy metals and Iím all clean (except a littl ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: iodine hasn't, unfortunately   by gu3vara  5y   8,748  Iodine Supplementati
    and lugol isnít ok for that? ... ... all old members seem to not be taking lugol, i wonder why??   [End]
  • Re: 3-4 weeks on Lugol's, so far so good! Comments and observations on c...   by gu3vara  5y   2,264  Iodine Supplementati
    ĒLugol will only work for few months, unless you keep uping the dose, you may need to change to organic or nascent iodine, and also try some trappers SSKI iodide, I just got mine today and I took 950mg, I feel its doing somethingĒ ... ... I seriously doubt that... ... ... If you have an iodine deficiency to begin with, Lugol wonít stop correcting it after a few months. period ... ... If you arenít feeling 100% good with it, check for something else, check your hormones levels and look for other mineral deficiencies. ... ... This statement is misleading imo and you should make sure you are giving real advices ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: O/T Long post...major rant enclosed!   by gu3vara  5y   1,002  Iodine Supplementati
    Iím also quite sure iodine will balance hormones in the long run. Iíve been on iodine for two months now and i still have hormonal issues (low testosterone, low dhea, low cortisol and low thyroid) ... ... Iím guessing all that will be history in a couple of years, but i believe that supporting your system with bio identical hormones (if they are low) can help recovering faster while you are fixing the root problem with iodine and general detox ... ... I will be starting DHEA and Pregnenolone soon, but my doc said itís a temporary measure   [End]
  • Re: O/T Long post...major rant enclosed!   by gu3vara  5y   876  Iodine Supplementati
    You might want to check your hormones, maybe some kind of imbalance is preventing you from healing   [End]
  • Re: Struggling a bit after first day   by gu3vara  5y   931  Iodine Supplementati
    Regarding the rapid heartbeat : ... ... I also am hypothyroid (with Hashimoto) and I realized something recently that might interest you. I had to stop iodine for a while because my holistic doctor wanted to run various test (hormones, toxic metals etc..). When i started back the iodine, i decided to take only 2 mg (one drop of my 2% lugol) and work up to 50 mg again ... ... I experienced abnormal heart rhythm (not dangerous, but annoying) and chest pain. So i was quite afraid of increasing my dose, thinking it would worsen this problem. ... ... But i said screw that, no pain no gain..! I took 50 mgs the ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: unless...   by gu3vara  5y   823  Iodine Supplementati
    yummy :D   [End]
  • Re: Want to start supplementing; have questions   by gu3vara  5y   980  Iodine Supplementati
    unrepairable thyroid tissues from taking thyroid hormones for too long and antibodies damage would be my guess   [End]
  • Dr. Brownstein on Iodine in the treatment of autoimmune thyroid   by gu3vara  5y   3,349  Iodine Supplementati
    Hi, ... ... I found a great video of a conference Dr. David Brownstein made last year about Iodine (on P2P network, donít tell the feds hehe ;) ). It lasts an hour and a half and though i didnít learn many new things, I had the confirmation that heís now totally embracing Iodine in the treatment of Hashimoto and Graves diseases. ... ... An interview made by Mary Sholmon with him exists on the web and, at that time, he was considering taking high dose Iodine with Hashimoto was like pouring oil on a fire. It must have been made some years ago (there is no date on the article) before he experienced it ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Hashishmoto's   by gu3vara  5y   2,661  Iodine Supplementati
    I understand, i have Hashimoto myself and I would like to be followed by an iodine doctors for that condition to be sure iím doing the right thing with iodine ... ... but where i live itís impossible to find one sadly   [End]
  • Re: Hashimoto's   by gu3vara  5y   3,129  Iodine Supplementati
    It seems there is a chapter about iodine benefits for Graves and Hashimoto in his book, so i doubt he is against it now : ... ... Iodine: Why You Need It Why You Canít Live Without It ... ... ... ... ĒMyth Number two: Too much Iodine above the RDA of 150 mcg is not safe. ... ... In reality Iodine supplementation is very safe. The average Japanese diet contains 12 mg per day which is 100 times the RDA in the US. In the event of a nuclear power plant accident, the government gives everyone 50 mg. of Iodine to prevent thyroid cancer. ... ... A chapter is devoted to iodine deficiency and fibrocystic breast disease an ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Source for lugols   by gu3vara  5y   729  Iodine Supplementati
    so whatís the best place to order reliable lugol then?? ... ... i got mine from alpha omega without problem, they charged my credit card correctly ... ... is it inferior quality iodine?   [End]
  • confirmed with severe adrenal fatigue, i don't know what to do with my i...   by gu3vara  5y   851  Iodine Supplementati
    I got my adrenal salivary testing results friday and the results are clear, my adrenal glands are really weak, no wonder i feel that much fatigue ... ... the morning analysis is below the normal range and the three other readings are close to 0 ... ... my dhea is under the range, testosterone way under (iím a guy btw!) and my estradiol is over the normal range ... ... i donít know what the heck is going on with this and Iím waiting to see an holistic doctor in 2 weeks ... ... Now Iím wondering if i should stop or reduce my iodine and have my adrenals stronger before an heavy iodine detox, i took 12,5 yesterda ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Has anyone gained better sleep...   by gu3vara  5y   3,836  Iodine Supplementati
    Been on iodine for a month now and unfortunately, i have to say that my sleep quality is worse on it, i wake up often during the night and i feel anxious sometimes, when i take a day or two off iodine, i sleep like a baby ... ... the detox is harsh on me so far, Iím sure it can help on the long run to improve insomnia, but not as a short-term solution ... ... i donít really care about bad sleep since i know i can sleep well when i take a day off, but i know what you are living, i had sleep problems during a couple of years when i became sick, now i sleep without any meds or supplements ... ... ornithine ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: chia seeds :)   by gu3vara  5y   2,356  Mercury
    yeah, great idea, though i find it not really enjoyable to eat!   [End]
  • Re: Br   by gu3vara  5y   719  Iodine Supplementati
    thatís what i call science! ... ... poisoning Alzheimer patients with bromine will certainly help them a lot, millions of ĒcuredĒ patients to come :-/ ... ... O/T ... ... i saw on TV yesterday that they did a study to lower bad cholesterol with chemotherapy recently, my ears were literally bleeding from hearing such atrocity! ... ... where the f*** is medicine going?   [End]
  • Re: Iodine for thyroidless person   by gu3vara  5y   2,159  Iodine Supplementati
    i know i wouldnít hesitate to do it if i had my thyroid removed and was still feeling bad ... ... iím doing it with hashimoto thyroiditis however   [End]
  • maybe a partly removed thyroid grow back with proper iodine intake?   by gu3vara  5y   2,182  Iodine Supplementati
    maybe a partly removed thyroid grow back with proper iodine intake?   [End]
  • Re: Iodine for thyroidless person   by gu3vara  5y   2,364  Iodine Supplementati
    Hi, ... ... hereís a blog from a patient of Dr Brownstein (an iodine doctor) ... ... ... ... ... she had cancer and many relapses, she has her thyroid removed and lots of radioation ... ... she got her life back with armour thyroid, iodine and some other supplements for detox ... ... i believe there is no problem at all supplementing with iodine with a removed (or partly removed) thyroid ... ... it could lead to a reduction of thyroid hormone meds to take, because the hormones would work better with iodine ... ... hope this helps!   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: heart palpitations   by gu3vara  5y   931  Iodine Supplementati
    i canít give your an answer but i can tell iím living the same thing ... ... iím having arrythmia, a bit of heart pain and shortness of breath ... ... i had those symptoms when i first get sick, they passed over time during my illness ... ... thatís telling me the junk is getting out, which is good, though iím thinking of lowering my dose for comfort for a while ... ... detox is pretty rough on me right now, but iím quite sick with cfs, thyroid and depression issues ... ... i do believe iodine is the most important thing to get my health back and i hope it will help you also :)   [End]
  • Re: i'm having a though time with my mood during detox :/   by gu3vara  5y   1,436  Iodine Supplementati
    but donít you think chelation and starting iodine at the same time would give me too much detox symptoms? thatís what i was afraid of   [End]
  • Are all mental problems caused by toxicity and iodine deficiency?   by gu3vara  5y   1,664  Iodine Supplementati
    I saw somewhere that the majority of depression have no physical basis (except excessive stress) and can be corrected with therapy and a change in your way of dealing with things in your life ... ... I always had some doubts about that, how come a great amount of persons taking antidepressants and doing therapy canít ever successfully wean off antidepressants or relapse in more then 50% of the time even when the stressors are out of their lives ... ... My guess is that depression/anxiety always have a physical cause, that was probably initiate by stress, which has to be fixed in order to be totally ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: i'm having a though time with my mood during detox :/   by gu3vara  5y   1,478  Iodine Supplementati
    thatís interesting you mention that, i feel a lot of emotions and unsorted things i had in my childhood/teenage coming back since on iodine ... ... i never went close to that in therapy, not bad for a 7$ bottle :)   [End]
  • Re: i'm having a though time with my mood during detox :/   by gu3vara  5y   1,442  Iodine Supplementati
    thx you both for the answers! ... ... i will get some calcium carbonate then with my vitamin c and see if it helps ... ... those heavy metals are a pain in the ass really :/ ... ... iím also glad i removed my 13 silver fillings last year, i did chlorella after that, but that did nothing noticeable, guess the iodine was the ingredient missing in the picture ... ... i feel so odd on iodine, something is clearly going on, thatís encouraging but oh so uncomfortable!   [End]
  • Re: i'm having a though time with my mood during detox :/   by gu3vara  5y   1,585  Iodine Supplementati
    iím a bit confused about this lead toxicity thing ... ... considering iím struggling with hypothyroidism (hashimoto), my goal was to detox bromide, fluoride, mercury with iodine ... ... wouldnít that be enough to focus on iodine detox for a while? ... ... i had a hair analysis done last year and my lead level was very low, however, aluminium and arsenic were high, but i heard hair analysis was useless soon after, so i donít know what to think about all this   [End]
  • Re: i'm having a though time with my mood during detox :/   by gu3vara  5y   1,444  Iodine Supplementati
    thx for the answer, will have a look at this! ... ... however, i think i need something to go through the detox, i donít want to reduce the iodine dose, i want the halides and metals to come out fast ... ... do you think a Ēband-aidĒ temporary solution like st-johnís wort is useless if the symptoms are from detox? dealing with anxiety and panic is harsh :/ ... ...   [End]
  • i'm having a though time with my mood during detox :/   by gu3vara  5y   1,641  Iodine Supplementati
    Been on iodine for a few weeks, on 50 mg Lugol right now, but iím struggling with fatigue depression and anxiety ... ... itís now chronic in my case (since iím taking thyroid meds) sadly and i hope this will get better after detoxing. ... ... I manage my symptoms without drugs (except synthroid that i will change for armour soon), i donít want to take anymore pharma crap, i tried too many already, it was always hell for me... ... ... iím feeling really shaky and weak with twitching, irregular heartbeats now and iím pretty sure i have some kind of adrenal fatigue, iím waiting for the test to come back ... ... ...   [retrieve this message]
  • any iodine doctors in Canada?   by gu3vara  5y   876  Iodine Supplementati
    I was wondering if the iodine doctors were only found in the US atm ... ... Iím in Canada (near Ottawa) and i would like to see someone like Dr Brownstein who believe in iodine but iím pretty sure it doesnít exist (yet) ... ... I have cfs and thyroid issue and iím already on iodine since 3 weeks but i would have liked to see a competent holistic doctor like him to guide me to recover my health ... ... i donít want to see yet another AD pushing jerk that canít figure was the heck is wrong with me ... ... any clue? i donít know if itís worth paying for that or simply continue with what iím doing and wait a bit   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Question to HighOnWater about synthroid reduction   by gu3vara  6y   756  Iodine Supplementati
    thx for this reply, i really appreciated ... ... gives me some strength to keep on fighting and to maintain a positive attitude :)   [End]
  • Question to HighOnWater about synthroid reduction   by gu3vara  6y   851  Iodine Supplementati
    Hi, ... ... i donít know if iím allowed to ask a question to someone specially on this forum but just tell if itís not ok! ... ... I saw some of your posts, saying your TSH was of 200 at some point if i remember correctly, that you were on synthroid before iodine, and now meds free ... ... i have a couple question about that ... ... how much synthroid were you taking? ... ... did you stop it completely when starting iodine or reduced it gradually? ... ... do (did) you have hashimoto disease? ... ... iím thinking of trying to cut my synthroid in half(iím taking only 75 mcg so i guess itís not late to save my thyroid) ... ... iím ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Hypothyroid Question-EDIT ADDITION   RR by gu3vara  6y   1,384  Iodine Supplementati
    iím also aware of the new range for TSH ... ... iím on synthroid, with a TSH of 1, and still have many symptoms of hypothyroidism / cfs unresolved after 3 years, the reason i recently started on lugol ... ... i think you should consider giving time to iodine before starting hormones, i know thatís what i would have done if i had known about iodine at first ... ... with synthroid hormones, you will most likely end up with a totally dead thyroid after a couple of years, thatís what i want to reverse before it is too late, iím at 50% functionning right now ... ... this whole iodineís theory for thyroid disease m ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: could this be a strange die-off reaction to iodine??   by gu3vara  6y   852  Iodine Supplementati
    thx for that, iím taking selenium 400 mg at the moment, i will increase my iodine soon after christmas, donít want a strong healing reaction during the parties!   [End]
  • could this be a strange die-off reaction to iodine??   by gu3vara  6y   904  Iodine Supplementati
    Hi, ... ... iíve been on iodine for about a week and a half, iíve ramped up to 30 mg without noticable bad reaction except constipation. ... ... however, this morning, i wake up with one my testicule swollen and really painful, i had problem with this little bitch since iím a kid, i had episode like that maybe 5 times, but things were resolving after a couple of weeks (one time i had two antibiotics for it, didnít resolved faster) and it didnít happen in the last 10 years (though it was often a little bit painful but not swollen), i think itís not just a coincidence, that iodine is causing some kin ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: if the salt push kicks out bromide, what about iodine   by gu3vara  6y   1,464  Iodine Supplementati
    thx for the fast answers, this place is cool ... ... everything i tried in the past 2 years failed with loads of money wasted on stuff, now iím convinced the iodine will be the answer for my hashimoto / cfs / depression problem ... ... took my lugol for the first time this morning, iím kinda hoping for a detox reaction in the weeks to come to confirm it is doing something ... ... iím gonna keep you inform of my progress :) ... ...   [End]
  • Re: Do it in stages   by gu3vara  6y   3,304  Urine Therapy Suppor  Ü Cross-post Ü
    thx for the reply! ... ... i think thatís what iím gonna do for a while, concentrated on Iodine and putting a hold on UT for a couple weeks or months and see the results ... ... my main problem is hypothyroidism and Iodine seems like the right thing to do right now ... ... i will keep on doing enema during this time, but iím not sure if iíll do coffee enemas or urine, because i have the same concern here, if there is a load of bromide in the urine from iodine treatment, not sure i want to put it back in my gut   [End]
  • if the salt push kicks out bromide, what about iodine   by gu3vara  6y   1,529  Iodine Supplementati
    this is some kind of stupid question but iím new to iodine and have still a lot to learn about it ... ... considering the halogen family have elements sharing some properties, i was wondering if the iodine would also be affected by a salt push? ... ... what makes iodine different to fluoride and bromide so it wants to stay in the body when salt is used? ... ... should i wait before taking salt after taking the iodine? iím drinking salt water during the day following the water cure but i only wait 30 minutes to drink it after the iodine, am i dumping my iodine in the toilet by doing that? ... ... i am so insec ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Do you think iodine can help me with my condition? Thx   by gu3vara  6y   985  Iodine Supplementati
    thx for the replies, it gives me hope! ... ... i read the faq yesterday and listened to the 2 hours interview with dr flechas, that is making a lot of sense to me ... ... iím waiting for my lugol to arrive, should be here be the end of the week ... ... i took like 2,5 mg of colloidal iodine yesterday and felt very hyper and had trouble sleeping, hope lugol will be easier to tolerate ... ... iím not exactly sure if i should cut back on synthroid a bit at the beginning of not, if i keep getting hyper like symptoms, think iím gonna give it a try ... ... btw, i have a math question... the bottle i ordered is : ... ... 1 fl ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Do you think iodine can help me with my condition? Thx   by gu3vara  6y   1,162  Iodine Supplementati
    Hi guys, ... ... iím new to this section and have to admit it looks quite active, so iím guessing people really do get good results with iodine! ... ... so iím starting iodine, i currently use a bottle of colloidal iodine (150 mcg a drop) while iím waiting for my lugol bottle to arrive, iím taking 10 drops (2 times X 5 drops = 1,5 mg) atm and working up everyday ... ... my condition is the following, i have hashimoto, currently taking 75 mcg of Synthroid and my TSH is 2 ... ... was diagnosed with depression and anxiety + cfs soon after starting this damn treatment that was supposed to fix me, i basically alwa ...   [retrieve this message]
  • iodine and urine therapy, i wonder if this is right   by gu3vara  6y   3,744  Urine Therapy Suppor  Ü Cross-post Ü
    Hi, ... ... i started doing UT a month ago and iím really happy with the results so far, better sleep and eczema is gone ... ... ... i still battle with cfs, hashimoto and mild depression though and iím quite impressed with was i read about iodine and selenium and want to give it a try, so i order lugol few days ago ... ... i am currently drinking my midstream 1st morning urine and i would like to continue that while on iodine, i was thinking that since i was only taking in the morning and taking iodine like an hour after, it would left plenty of time to excrete bromine and other crap during the day, right ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: i had success on ut but need help   by gu3vara  6y   1,413  Urine Therapy Suppor
    iím not an expert user of UT but iíve been on it for 3 weeks with good results so far, my insomnia is gone, my eczema is fading, i feel more calm... so iím really happy of using it ... ... i also make sure to drink a lot of water with a pinch of unrefined sea salt (1/4 teaspoon per quart) to ensure proper hydration, it has mad a big difference for me ... ... i read somewhere that uric acid can cause dehydration, so itís important to provide enough fluid to compensate ... ... hope this help, if you arenít doing it already, think it is worth a try   [End]
  • my tongue has more white coating since starting UT, is it normal?   by gu3vara  6y   2,796  Urine Therapy Suppor
    like the subject says, i seem to have more white stuff (candida??) on my tongue after 2 weeks on UT, i also have nausea and constipation, more than usual ... ... iím guessing i have a die-off reaction, iíve been really sick with thyroid, depression and cfs for the last years and i probably have lots of crap in me ... ... i can say that i now sleep without meds fo the first time in 4 years so iím really happy of this cure so far, also my eczema is starting to fade away :D ... ... ... so, do you think i should be concern about this whiter tongue since doing UT? ... ... thx guys! ... ...   [End]
  • Re: Enjoy urine enemas with a stethoscope   by gu3vara  6y   1,519  Urine Therapy Suppor
    i was wondering, does urine enema clean your liver like a coffee enema would do? ... ... the idea of putting coffee in my gut isnít very appealing to me, i canít tolerate caffeine so iím affraid of using it   [End]
  • Re: Urine Enemas for 2 months now   by gu3vara  6y   1,467  Urine Therapy Suppor
    thx for the update ... ... how often do you do the enema, once a day? ... ... i did it 2 times a week for 2 weeks, still waiting for some results, my tongue is quite white also so i hope it will help   [End]
  • i saw food in that i ate 4 hours before an enema, is it normal?   by gu3vara  6y   1,898  Enema/Colonics
    Hi, ... ... iíve been doing salt water enemas for a couple of days now and i can see some undigested food particules everyday, i didnít worry about it, figured out it was normal ... ... however, today, i clearly saw quinoa grains after the enema and i ate it only 4 hours before the enema, last time i ate some was more than a week ago so itís not from a previous meal ... ... does my food pass too quickly?? iím kind of freaked out by this...! ... ... Thx! :)   [End]
  • drinking all urine, isn't it dangerous?   by gu3vara  6y   2,512  Urine Therapy Suppor
    I read some articles on the net recently that suggest drinking all passed urine during the day to cure chronic disease ... ... thatís just doesnít make sense to me to do so, drinking all urine + water everyday would drink more an more urine every day on this regimen, until you explode! lol ... ... if you never let go some liquid, how can you do that? do you reduce the amount of water ingested to do so? ... ... i read somewhere else that 4 cups of urine was the maximum daily ... ... ... so whatís the maximum quantity you can ingest daily safely?? ... ... thx :) ... ... ... ...   [End]
  • Re: UT and parasite cleanse, can you do both at the same time?   by gu3vara  6y   1,205  Urine Therapy Suppor
    make sense, thx for your input ... ... i think iíll give a try combining them after my body adjust to a couple cups of UT first   [End]
  • UT and parasite cleanse, can you do both at the same time?   by gu3vara  6y   1,282  Urine Therapy Suppor
    Hi, ... ... iím starting the UT for chronic fatigue, eczema, mild depression and hypothyroidism, iím on day 3 so far of taking about 1 ounce and no problem so far, i will get use to the taste i guess! ... ... however, i ordered an humaworm kit (parasite cleanse) that should arrive here in 2 weeks...should i stop doing UT when doing a parasite cleanse? i was wondering if worms and stuff would be excreted by the kidneys, i certainly donít want to drink those nasty parasites ;) ... ... thx guys ... ...   [End]
  • Re: What should i do next to help me?   by gu3vara  6y   1,198  Adrenal Fatigue
    Thx for your reply, lots of information in it! ... ... i will look at dr wilson book for sure, looks interesting ... ... my problem is that my actual general doctor think we did enough testing and now say my problem is a psychosomatic disorder, i really doubt it, even the psychologists i saw arenít convinced of that at all ... ... i might have to change dr to have testing for lyme and other viruses ... ... i believe i will have good results with goji however to boost my immune system, the naturopath that recommended it to me cured his crohn disease in 8 months using it, so i will give it a serious try ... ... iím ...   [retrieve this message]
  • What should i do next to help me?   by gu3vara  6y   1,340  Adrenal Fatigue
    Hi, ... ... Iím a 29 years old man who have been struggling with health problems for 4 years now, the last 2 years were the worse and i finally had to stop working ... ... all this started with hypothyroidism, now under control with synthroid and depression, fatigue, pain, insomnia etc... ... ... during the time my thyroid was checked, i also had many adrenal hormones blood test which always showed normal cortisol level and very low dhea level for my age, with low level of testosterone also ... ... ... my endocrinologist put me on androgel for testosterone and i quit after 2 months, not benefits and i donít wan ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: mms , constipation and feeling toxic   by gu3vara  6y   3,142  MMS Support
    thx guys for your response ... ... i lowered my dose to 7 drops X 2 and constipation is gone ... ... i will increase now very slowly from this point, maybe 2 drops a week and i hope i will be able to go higher ... ... i feel way less toxic since lowering my dose   [End]
  • Re: mms , constipation and feeling toxic   by gu3vara  6y   3,300  MMS Support
    thx for the input ... ... however, i drink a lot of water already and eat veggies ... ... i just added fiber with psyllium yesterday so weíll see ... ... i managed to evacuate a bit with some glycerine but stools were really pale, unusual for me ... ... i think i will lower my dose tonight to 6 drops and will see from there, iím not sure i want to quit it completly, i want to give it a good try ... ... thx again!   [End]
  • mms , constipation and feeling toxic   by gu3vara  6y   3,513  MMS Support
    Hi, ... ... i would need some help ... ... iím at 10 drops of mms at night since a couple of days and 7 drops am ... ... iím experiencing a lot of constipation lately and feeling somehow toxic ... ... i know many experience diarhea but i see just the opposite ... ... do you think i should lower my dose until constipation passes? iím confused with this, i donít want toxins to stay in my gut too long, so i did a couple of enema, but don,t want to do this too often ... ... thx guys!   [End]
  • Re: Am I doing this wrong?   by gu3vara  6y   1,332  MMS Support
    I donít think dilution change anything to the effectiveness of the product, you end up taking the same amount of ClO2 anyway ... ... From what iíve read from some members here, you donít have to be sick while taking MMS, dituing the mms in enough water with be just as effective with less nausea ... ... Anyone can confirm getting good results with more water? Iím only at my second week on MMS, so itís too soon to tell, however, i know the product is doing something in my brain, i get very emotionnal when upping my dose and i do take half of a quart of water with it ... ... hope this helps!   [End]
  • Re: mms for treating cancer in dogs   by gu3vara  6y   1,457  MMS Support
    wow that,s great! ... ... and that in only 4 days moreover ... ... hope things will continue improving :)   [End]
  • Re: MMS and Honey?   by gu3vara  6y   1,354  MMS Support
    For me, itís not only a taste problem ,but also a stomach irritation problem ... ... Following Silverfox recommendation is way easier to drink MMS and to tolerate it ... ... I take MMS in 6 drops dose only in enough water so it doesnít even taste chlorine and things are far better this way ... ... i do not need to mix it with anything, i like water ... ... i plan to go at 18 drops a day in 3 dose, but iím not there yet ... ... i would never take 15 drops at once, way too much for my system   [End]
  • Re: Bad experience on MMS this morning :(   by gu3vara  6y   1,264  MMS Support
    yeah, i will resume slowly with MMS when nausea will drop off completly ... ... and avoid peanut butter, i also thought that didnít help, it was the first time i ate it close to the mms ... ... thx! :)   [End]
  • Bad experience on MMS this morning :(   by gu3vara  6y   1,383  MMS Support
    I did a liver flush that went very well 2 days ago (although i puked during the night :/) ... ... so i decided to keep it cool yesterday and not take mms to rest a bit, so iíve been off mms for 2 days ... ... this morning i resumed to 6 drops (where i was before the flush), waited one hour and ate a toast with peanut butter as usual and added a pill of digestive enzyme (which i don,t do usually ... ... i had pain in my stomach and liver 30 minutes after that and severe nausae, i decided to pop vitamin c to stop the mms and 2 jours later iím better but still not great ... ... ... do you think i should wait longe ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: do i need to drink apple juice for a week first?   by gu3vara  6y   632  Liver Flush Support
    i didnít eat apples and it still worked really well for me   [End]
  • Re: Epsom salts have no (laxative) effect on me whatsoever.   by gu3vara  6y   1,089  Liver Flush Support
    well i did my first flush yesterday and i didnt seem to have any effect from epsom salts even after the last dose in the morning ... ... i took an enema and it worked to start the process, i paased many stones all day long ... ... maybe you could give it a try   [End]
  • Re: My first flush didn't go really well, would need advice please   by gu3vara  6y   981  Liver Flush Support
    Damn i wouldnít want a stone to be stuck because i took less olive oil..! ... ... it worked really well after all, i passed 100 stones and i do not have nausae anymore ... ... Think i will do the same thing next time hoping it will be easier on my system ... ... i thought at first vomiting cancelled the action of olive oil, but considering the amount of stones i saw today, it clearly doesnít!   [End]
  • Re: My first flush didn't go really well, would need advice please   by gu3vara  6y   905  Liver Flush Support
    Thx, indeed, i just saw aroung fifty in the toilet few minutes ago :) ... ... i thought vomiting after 2 hours had killed my liver flush! ... btw, i did a parasite cleanse with mms 2 weeks before the flush so i should be ok with that, i did the flush because i was experiencing some pressure on my liver lately ... ... should i consider taking less olive oil next time? ... ...   [End]
  • My first flush didn't go really well, would need advice please   by gu3vara  6y   1,053  Liver Flush Support
    Hi, ... ... I did my first flush yesterday using the clark protocol, except i replace the grapefruit by 3 lemons, everything was doing well (except the awful epsom salt taste!) when i fell asleep at 10h30. however, at midnight, i woke up with huge nausea and had to throw it all up. At lot of bile went out with the OO mix and i managed to get to sleep after all and didnít throw up after ... ... After the third dose of epsom salt this morning, still no bowel movements, so i did and enema to clear the mess out ... ... i noticed only 2 green soft stones that are maybe a quarter inch large ... ... so iím disapoint ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: depleted white blood cells - any ideas?!!   by gu3vara  6y   1,681  MMS Support
    maybe you donít believe in that, but at this point, have you consider calling an energetic healer ... ... my aunt kidney were shutting down, doctors and family were expecting her to die in 24 hours or so, the healer came and she was out of the hospital two days later ... ... i think it can be of great help for an acute problem like that and it does not compromise the medical treatment ... ... just an idea   [End]
  • low dose mms effectiveness ?   by gu3vara  6y   1,449  MMS Support
    thx for replying guys! ... ... however, i just wonder if i still can get any significant results if i do not ramp up to more than 6 drops a day ... ... i donít seem to be able to go higher than that, and it freaks me out to do so after all i read in the debate forum ... ... any input?   [End]
  • Re: diluting the mms in an higher amount of water   by gu3vara  6y   1,219  MMS Support
    sorry about that, i missed it ... ... thx :)   [End]
  • diluting the mms in an higher amount of water   by gu3vara  6y   1,322  MMS Support
    Hi, ... ... i have a hard time taking the mms as directed, feels like my stomach is burning since i took 6 drops ... ... this morning, i took 4 drops in 1 liter of water, it felt better to my stomach ... ... is it ok to dilute the mms that much or iím losing it effectiveness? ... ... Thx :)   [End]
  • I'm totally new to the zapper thing, neep help thx :)   by gu3vara  6y   1,083  Zapper Support
    Hi there, ... ... Iím thinking about zapping because iím dealing with multiple health issue ... ... chronic fatigue ... insomnia ... eczema ... bad brittle nails ... itching all over ... twitching ... anxiety ... ... i have hypothyroidism under control to ... ... Where can i look to buy the right thing to zap? ... ... is this zapper any good : ... ... ... ... could it help my condition? do i have to take other things like herbs with it? ... ... i did the mms (Miracle Mineral supplement) for a few days and got scared seeing the debate section about it, though i thought the pathogens killing possibility were impressive ... ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Mechanisms Of Toxicity Of Chlorine Oxides Against Malarial Parasites   by gu3vara  6y   2,748  MMS Debate
    well i might be wrong but i do believe there is a risk with every medication or alternative treatment you take ... ... iíve been on several meds for the past years and when i asked my doctors what was the risk of long-term use of them, they always said that there was not much documentation about that because it was on the market for only few years and countless other reasons ... ... take for example wellbutrin, science can harldy explain his way of action on the body, they ĒsupposeĒ it works by elevating reuptake of dopamine, they arenít even sure of the mechanism that help depression ... ... iím trying ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: mms & liver flush   by gu3vara  6y   1,512  MMS Support
    i also have hashimoto and i will keep you inform if i cure it using mms, iím on day 4 right now and everything is going allright, are you taking synthroid for it and not yet? iím taking synthroid 88 so iím curious to see if my dose will have to be lowered with this procedure ... ... i plan to do a liver flush soon while taking a one day break of mms, make sense to stop the mms the day of the flush, the flushg is already a big stress on the liver, no need to add more to it   [End]
  • btw, strong urine smell with mms, is it normal?   by gu3vara  6y   3,013  MMS Support
    Another question ;) ... ... urine is smelling a lot since i started the mms, each pee smell like first urine in the morning, which is unusual for me ... ... is it a good/bad sign, or a coincidence?   [End]
  • Re: Taking MMS with sleep meds and with alkaline water, is it ok?   by gu3vara  6y   2,442  MMS Support
    Iím taking it two times a day, before breakfast and at night ... ... This morning i took 3 drops and no side effects so far, so iím happy i can tolerate it! ... ... Itís pretty awful tasting and 3 hours after taking it, i still can smell the clorine, i wonít smell it next time...i know the activator works, no need to smell after 3 minutes hehe! ... ... i will keep you inform of my story, hopefully things will get better for me, no treatments seemed to help my health so far ... ... i understand itís ok to take my vitamins during the afternoon then, i find it more convient to take mms in the morning (while at h ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Supply in your Area?   by gu3vara  6y   966  Liver Flush Support
    thx for the info, the link is what i needed :) ... ... btw, i started MMS yesterday i slept well with a really low dose of sleep meds, so iím confident i will be able to dump this med soon with the help of both mms and ornithine   [End]
  • Re: Taking MMS with sleep meds and with alkaline water, is it ok?   by gu3vara  6y   2,537  MMS Support
    i took half of my sleep med two hours before the mms and did sleep very well ... ... i think i will try a lower dose tonight, would be great to stop this pill :) ... ... when you mention to go slowly CdnFarmgirl, iím increasing from 1 drop at each dose like i read on jim humble site, is it too fast?   [End]
  • Taking MMS with sleep meds and with alkaline water, is it ok?   by gu3vara  6y   3,282  MMS Support
    Hi, ... ... I just received my MMS bottle today hoping that it will help my poor health (which can be described as fibromyalgia, poor sleep, major itching, headaches etc...) ... ... i plan to take my first dose tonight but iím still taking a sleeping pill (remeron) in a very small dose, iím in the process of weaning of it right now ... ... is it ok to take sleep meds with mms, should i take it like an hour before of after the mms maybe? ... ... i donít want to waste the mms by taking it with a drug but i donít really have the choice right now. ... ... tried some gaba, 5-htp, plants without success, and i canít hav ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Doing a liver flush at night with sleep meds, is it ok?   by gu3vara  6y   958  Liver Flush Support
    damn, i cannot buy ornithine in canada :( ... ... i tried to purchase some on ebay but this is blocked for shipping to canada ... ... i wish i could try it...!   [End]
  • Re: Doing a liver flush at night with sleep meds, is it ok?   by gu3vara  6y   923  Liver Flush Support
    Thx for the tip, i will try the ornithine tomorrow, maybe iíll finally be able to stop this damn pill i take   [End]
  • Doing a liver flush at night with sleep meds, is it ok?   by gu3vara  6y   1,056  Liver Flush Support
    Hi, ... ... Iím thinking of doing a liver flush soon but i have just one problem, the mixture is typically taken before going to bed and i have to take some low-dose of remeron to sleep (iím weaning out slowly but cannot still sleep without it) ... ... is it ok to take the olive oil / lemon juice with the sleeping pill (or just 1 hour apart maybe) or it will make the flush useless then? ... ... I donít want to make the flush in the morning, itís much more convient to do it at night for me ... ... Thx for your help :)   [End]

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