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  • Re: Beginner   by lauray  11mo   248  Fasting: Water Only
    Amen!   [End]
  • Re: Who wants to start a 50 day fast with me tomorrow!! And how much wou...   by lauray  11mo   363  Fasting: Water Only
    i support you and I’m in with you. Have you started fasting? I have just begun a fast I hope to do for at least 14 days. The others who responded to you are incorrect. It’s all very false thinking/mistaken ideas. Do fast, ... it will help and heal you... the only thing you have to make sure and do is commit to living and eating differently after the fast. It is in this sense that a lack of realism in your thinking may hurt you. Make sure you have a lot of support to change. Do you want to lose the weight permanently, or just temporarily? If you return to your old foods, the weight ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Report on Day One: Preparation for Fasting, Low Calorie Intake   by lauray  11mo   782  Fasting: General  Cross-post
    I have kept it down to 694 calories today, Friday , may 17th... goal being to do 500 a day for a week, then 1200-1500 daily for a week, then 500 for a week, alternating, and cleaning up my diet on a permanent basis during all this so that eventually, I will be committed permanently to a diet which is non-addictive and thus makes giving up food (fasting) much more possible for me, if not exactly easy. ... ... I think this is a good plan for me, the alternating of weeks of low calorie and ”normal” intake. My body desperately needs to fast and since my being stuck in food addiction prevents this ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Progress toward fasting: DAY ONE! 500 calories a day Raw Foods   by lauray  11mo   971  Fasting: General  Cross-post
    Tomorrow Friday May 17th will be my first day of doing a therapeutic low calorie diet. I will have no more than 500 calories a day, raw food only. This i will stick to until I have gotten some healing. It is sort of like a fast. I hope the diet phases into some fasting. ... ... I always feel much better when I do low calories. I look forward to feeling better. Really my body would like to fast but my food addiction is intense and my emotions as an addict prevent me from totally abstaining from food for a sustained period... and after brief fasts I sort of binge... I don’t like this, so , ...   [retrieve this message]
  • more about raw foods   by lauray  11mo   770  Fasting: General  Cross-post
    I wrote another letter to someone on Curezone about how I am using a raw-only diet to stop my bingeing and achieve a ”fasting way of life” (i.e., a way that includes regular fasts). The person asked about a high fruit and low fat diet as a specific strategy for doing raw food only diet. ... ... Here is the letter I just wrote: ... thanks!!!!! ... ... I appreciate the good wishes, ... ... Interestingly, when I was on raw food only for 2 years, May 2008 to May 2010, I sort of naturally followed a diet of much fruit/low fat. I was starting to be successful with fasting, just a bit, at the end of that period, ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: hi, anyone else fasting, want to be buddies?   by lauray  11mo   712  Fasting: General  Cross-post
    hi, again, ... someone wrote asking me about my going raw. ... here is what i wrote back: ... ... hey... ... great to hear from you ... ... i actually have gone raw as of 8 days ago and am committed to it now as a life choice... i have 8 days , almost in day 9 raw now. ... ... i need to fast in order to heal generally (depression, liver issues, anxiety) and going raw is (has always been) the first step... next comes kicking calorie-dense/high-calorie/fat/sugar ”raw binge foods”/raw ’junk’ food out of my diet permanently... i am a severe chronic entrenched ”comfort eater” in spite of severe serious consequence ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: hi, anyone else fasting, want to be buddies?   by lauray  11mo   749  Fasting: General  Cross-post
    hi!!! ... let me hear from you again! ... ... i started a fast but lost it on about day 3 due to inexperience/lack of focus/not checking in for support.../having other stuff going on... ... ... still, i have some good news... ... ... i have now after a lot of struggle achieved a committed raw food only diet for life and this took a lot of work. for 3 years i was eating processed food, relapsing from a ”food sobriety” of raw foods only diet that i had maintained for 2 yrs prior to that (may 2008 to may 2010... then may 2010 to may 6 2013 i ate processed foods, with may 6 of this yr -- 8 days ago -- being the ...   [retrieve this message]
  • hi, anyone else fasting, want to be buddies?   by lauray  12mo   942  Fasting: General  Cross-post
    hi, I am fasting and seeking someone to post with or message daily-ish. ... ... more info upon request! ... ... I’m fine with posting it, just rushed at the moment. ... ... Fasting to address depression and some kind of liver issue. Primarily these arose from compulsive overeating/food addiction. ... ... I love fasting! ... ... Aiming to make it a regular part of my life. ... ... Let me hear from you!   [End]
  • day 12 now, actually day 13 as of midnight   by lauray  12mo   796  Blog: Lauray’s Success in
    it has just become day 13 of food sobriety ... lots to say ... ... biggest thing is making the move now to clean up my diet all the way ... ... i am in search of a truly viable ice cream substitute that doesnt involve bananas since that is too heavy a food to be included in my permanent diet. and for gods sake most of allsome way to stop needing the ice cream experience ... ... how will i ever figure out a substitute ... ... and the biggest thing also is: just seriously committing to and not falling off of the truly sober diet ... ... truly sober diet is nonstarchy nonfatty sprouts and then fruit/veg 9 cal per oz o ...   [retrieve this message]
  • it's day 7 now, almost day 8   by lauray  12mo   355  Blog: Lauray’s Success in
    hurray ... ... i have conviction ... ... my goals are necessary and valid ... ... this is the key ... ... this conviction ... ... i need to really articulate all i realize about that. ... ... ... ... i have a permanent diet cleanup plan ... ... 3 weeks ... 3 stages ... at end of 3 weeks i will have achieved permanent adherence to BGLO 11, i.e., bitter green living only diet (bitter sprouts nonstarchy ones) plus any fruit/veg of 11 calories per oz or less. ... THESE ARE THE LEAST PROCESSED FOODS ... OTHER FOODS EVEN IN THEIR NATURAL STATE ARE PROCESSED SINCE THEY ARE PROCESSED BY NATURE ... for example a tree puts the bud or starting eleme ...   [retrieve this message]
  • April 5, 2013: 6 days now of food sobriety, and first Fast   by lauray  12mo   342  Blog: Lauray’s Success in
    food sobriety is: 1100 or fewer calories per day, ... and ... raw food only ... ... ... today will be day 6 of this. ... ... started march 31st, easter day. ... ... I need to fast weekly 1 day per week. ... ... I will incrementally increase the lengths of my fasts. i’ve succeeded this way previously. ... ... i am committed to the low calories per day and this is the key to my basic/minimum-level well-being. this is a real accomplishment. ... ... my real healing will only come with fasting. ... ... i must and will achieve a 40-day fast annually. ... ... Real sanity will only come with a committed abstinence from food that is in ANY degr ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Starting a 10 day water fast, support needed!   by lauray  13mo   330  Fasting: Water Only
    hi, ... I really empathize. Sending a PM to share further. Or maybe it will all go in this post. ... ... I wanted to share where I was coming from vis-a-vis food addiction, and share some ideas which I am using to help myself. I hope you don’t feel invaded. Keep in mind, I am really writing this for my own sake. ... ... Now to the ideas. ... ... ... First: this is confused and poorly edited , sorry, but maybe it contains some clear ideas. ... ... ... So: ... First: ... ... It’s not satisfying/doesn’t feel validating to me to think about food addiction in terms of ”impulse control,” because my dignity-needs demand an abs ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Mon.3/25: Compulsed to Eat, Though Eating IS NOT OK WITH ME   by lauray  13mo   567  Blog: Lauray’s Success in
    Needed to note that I have this chronic condition and I am in it now and IT IS NOT OKAY WITH ME ... ... HOW can I EVER stop acting like this? -- Being MISERABLE and KNOWING eating IS THE WORST MOST WRONG MOST HORRIFICALLY SELF-VIOLATING THING I COULD POSSIBLY DO and yet still being compulsed to go through the hideous charade of going to the store . Getting fude. Slamming stuffing it into myself. ... ... My drug dealers, the stores, MUST know how I feel ... ... THE F U C K I N G NIGHTMARE of it all is that they would just SIT there and F U C K me telling me I had to be FORCED to ete -- that ti wasn ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Monday, 3/25, Day ONE food-sober. But not yet fasting: WHY?   by lauray  13mo   213  Blog: Lauray’s Success in
    this post is supposed to be an analysis of why I fell off my fast last night and just before midnight ate 1900 calories’ worth of processed fude. ... ... ... I had lost a fast after 54 and 1/4 hours and decided , well, i will jsut fast again. 60 hours this time. ... ... What made me lose my first fast? ... ... shying away from this question ... ... I want to narrate my whole recent story of day counts and trying to get into fasting ... ... Right now going to figure out my exact calories ingested the past few days and write it in my fude notebook, it’s just been noted in my regular notebook (agenda and to do lists)   [retrieve this message]
  • Monday, March 25th, 2013: It's Day 1 of My Food Sobriety   by lauray  13mo   193  Blog: Lauray’s Success in
    as outlined in previous posts: ... ... ... ... 800 calories a day ... ... raw, fresh, whole, LOW-CALORIE-DENSITY foods ONLY ... ... raw unprepared fruit/vegetables of 11 calories per oz or less ... ... and/or ... ... raw nonstarchy non-oily living green-colored low-calorie-density sprouts. ... ... ... ... That is it ... no salt, spices, juices, or condiments ... ... ... ... ... I have been suffering hideously on processed food. I am in such an unhealthy state it is urgent for me to stay all raw as above FOR LIFE ... ... at the same time i don’t think ppl get motivated by urgency or threats. And it seems really important I understand this chang ...   [retrieve this message]
  • The Fear-/Shaming/Discouraging Voice Says I Can't Change Yet   by lauray  13mo   306  Blog: Lauray’s Success in
    Need to write about this. ... ... i so need to write about everything I have gone through in the past several years and tried to get support for on these forums. ... ... Also. ... ... What I mean when I say the fear-voice is: that feeling that says: wait. i ... don’t feel ready to commit to this new diet or this fast... ... ... Part of this voice says some very ugly things. These are the echoes of people screaming at me, shaming me for being ... in control? ... ... Telling me my control was not real, valid, or acceptable? ... ... Making me feel I had to earn the ”right” to be in control as I wished to be, and that TH ...   [retrieve this message]
  • My New and Better-, More-Strict-Than-Ever Food Sobriety   by lauray  13mo   233  Blog: Lauray’s Success in
    I’m committed to whole, fresh, LOW-CALORIE-DENSITY raw foods ONLY, unprepared in ANY WAY -- not even cut up by someone else. For the past 2 years and 10 months I have repeatedly had bouts of eating processed food. I have been UNABLE TO STOP. I have sworn it off many, many, many times. Part of the purpose of this Blog is to write about my commitment to this raw diet. I am committed now because of my health. ... ... ... (***edit note: Resistance arises here! I don’t want to be committed! This is terrifying. I have to work through this. I need to believe that these things can be worked thro ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Started the 2nd Fast the Next Day,Sun. Ate 1174 cal for Sun.   by lauray  13mo   233  Blog: Lauray’s Success in
    Dates of Fasts are: ... ... Thursday, March 21st to Saturday, March 23rd, 2013, First Fast... ... ... First Fast was 54.4 Hours: from 4:40 am on Thurs. 3/21/13 to 11:04 am on Saturday, 3/23/13... ... ... and... ... ... Second Fast was/will be.... Sunday, March 24th to Tuesday, March 26th, 2013... ... ... THIS FAST IS GOING ON AT PRESENT: ... ... This fast began at 12:33 a.m. on Sunday 3/24/13 and will NOT end BEFORE 12:33 pm on Tuesday, 3/26/13. It is now 3:12 pm on Sunday, 3/24/13. ... ... REVOLTING not to be taking a 40-day fast but I have to work through my RESISTANCE to this. In following posts. I really believe I ca ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Lost the First Fast on Saturday. Ate 1518 Calories for Sat.   by lauray  13mo   205  Blog: Lauray’s Success in
    **************************************************************   [End]
  • And I am Here on This Blog to Figure Out Why I Lost the Fast   by lauray  13mo   185  Blog: Lauray’s Success in
    ***********************************************************   [End]
  • I Lost the First Fast, of 54 and 1/4 Hours. I Lost it.   by lauray  13mo   181  Blog: Lauray’s Success in
    *************************************************************   [End]
  • And Now I am Fasting 60 Hours   by lauray  13mo   194  Blog: Lauray’s Success in
    **************************************************   [End]
  • First I Fasted About 54 and 1/4 Hours...   by lauray  13mo   207  Blog: Lauray’s Success in
    ******************************************* ... ******************************************************** ... **********************************   [End]
  • In My Re-Entry into Food-Sobriety and Fasting...   by lauray  13mo   300  Blog: Lauray’s Success in
    ******************************************************** ... ******************************************* ... **************************   [End]
  • More Expression of Rage   by lauray  13mo   231  Blog: Lauray’s Success in
    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ggggggggggggggggggg hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   [End]
  • I'm Fasting 60 Hours Right Now   by lauray  13mo   268  Blog: Lauray’s Success in
    I have written several blogs here. ... ... I have just skimmed them all. ... ... I had REALLY important things to say and work through and no one f u c k i n g helped me. ... ... F U C K. YOU. F U C K I N G. ALL -- F U C K . EACH. AND. EVERY. F U C K I N G. SELFISH. F U C K I N G. BRUTAL. F U C K I N G. ONE OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... ... I am crushed and devastated by the brutality with which I was treated on the water fasting f o r u m in about 2007. How this basically ruined my life when I was so fragile. F u c k i n g. F U C K E R. F U C K F A C E S. F U ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Starting Day 6 ... Rash around breast questions   by lauray  13mo   768  Fasting: Water Only
    I just read the post again where she says ”eyes on the prize,” and it WAS powerful. She adds that the prize is GREAT HEALTH. You I think add that our mindset is the only way to get past obstacles. How true this is for me, I guess. I know my obstacles seem to be all mental. I am VERY prone to thinking that fasting isn’t ”worth it.” I really desire to understand this mindset. And come up with a mental approach that works through it in a way that is lasting and satisfying. What words are my negative impulses telling me -- how would I put these negative ”quit the fast” impulses? They l ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Into Day 3. Intense Detox.   by lauray  13mo   498  Fasting: Water Only
    I can type now, so that shows that the sickness is not as bad. ... ... I am very scared I will lose my motivation and eat. ... ... No. Please don’t let that happen. ... ... I was literally unable to get out of bed for 3 hours but now i feel pretty ok. ... ... ... I have to go to my class today. I’ve been staying at home out of the fear that if I go out anywhere i will eat. I don’t want to be so fragile in my motivation.I am terrified about going out to class. ... ... ... I wondered why my detox -- it started at hour 40, true to my old pattern! so at least I predicted correctly -- lasted only 3 hours. I thought mayb ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Starting Day 6 ... Rash around breast questions   by lauray  13mo   770  Fasting: Water Only
    Hold on to your fast. Don’t let go. You are brilliant. ... ... I wish I knew something about rashes. The only thing I knwo to tell you is -- some ppl are ”skin types,” meaning they express their personalities primarily through the triple warmer meridian of the body (chinese medicine concept) which is associated with the skin. And skin types tend to detox more via the skin than other types i think. The skin type personality is childlike and a healer/athlete personality. common habits that indicate to me a person is a skin type are: loving fresh air, sleeping with a window open/driving a ca ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: It's Day Two of my fast!   by lauray  13mo   269  Fasting: Water Only
    thank you. ... ... can you elaborate on this to make it more accessible? ... ... Nice of you to write. ... ... I feel terrible emptiness and loneliness. ... ... I hope this doesn’t sound flippant, but do you know any mantras for that? ... ... ... Best regards. ...   [End]
  • Re: Day 5, painful, burning, frequent and scarce urination   by lauray  13mo   414  Fasting: Water Only
    I’m really glad you posted. I meant to write you back earlier today -- sorry. I hope your symptoms are clearing up. How are you feeling now? Please post again to update!   [End]
  • It's Day Two of my fast!   by lauray  13mo   353  Fasting: Water Only
    I feel very well. Last night I did feel slightly foggy and stiff/fatigued/unable to move about, but this was very light and didn’t prevent me from walking around or doing simple things. ... ... I feel 100% better than when I was eating, in fact. ... ... My body has just needed this fast for a long, long time, probably since I was about 2 years old, in fact, but most especially in the past 3 years, when for reasons i’ll have to get into later I ate processed foods repeatedly. ... ... i have really come into a different mindset about fasting. I can do it now. I can fast. ... ... Yesterday... I was genuinely ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Day 6 - with odd detox symptoms?   by lauray  13mo   423  Fasting: Water Only
    That was a great message, and it really helped my motivation. thanks very very much. ... ... Today is day 2 -- yayyyyy ... ... I love how great this fast is for you. I have the same feeling of operating at ”low capacity.” I wonder how I will start to feel around day 6 when as you say some fog is likely to lift. ... ... This will also be my first time fasting beyond 4 days! ... ... I am not suffering that much so far, though i did have the feelings of being in detox last night: just a little slow and tired, like moving through a fog. But of course with the sense that this was a healing or, more precise ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: I am looking for someone to fast with   by lauray  13mo   280  Fasting: Water Only
    hi, i started today. So i am almost 24 hours in. ... have you started? ... I can have food any time... I really feel that now! Thsi is helping me stay committed. ... Please feel free to post or PM me. ... I feel like we should try to gather this group of people starting to fast now and all maybe post on a common thread every day or so???? ... ... best wishes! I’ll pm you also. ...   [End]
  • Re: Day One of my Fast! Anyone from yesterday's posters on this forum up...   by lauray  13mo   334  Fasting: Water Only
    Hi, it is really great to hear from you. Thank you for writing back. It is true that I wrote a lot in my post. ... Do you feel better on day 4? ... Congratulations on making it so far! ... I feel finally able to take a fast of at least several days in length. This is a real breakthrough for me. It is pretty much the breakthrough of my life, since now that I can fast, my health problems will finally start to be healed. (depression, anxiety, liver issues resulting in fatigue) ... I’m a thin person, too, but I am not worried. I have read about fasting for a long time and have some experience of it a ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Day 6 - with odd detox symptoms?   by lauray  13mo   451  Fasting: Water Only
    hi, congratulations on 6 days! ... I’m aiming to come up right behind you. I’m on day one. I still have to pass through the difficult part you describe. I hope it gets easier for me as it has for you! I don’t know whether this is going to happen, haha! Right now I’m just trying to get through Day One by staying in a state of being happy about fasting and excited about it/feeling rewarded by it. It’s mental at this point. This is a VERY big challenge for me. The idea comes to me to read fasting narratives or success stories, but I may need just to relax. ... I wrote to say I think there use ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: self-love, self-love, self-love   by lauray  13mo   297  Fasting: Water Only
    Thank you, mommytofour!!! ... ... How are you doing today? I’ve read your posts on this forum recently. I remember you. ... ...   [End]
  • Day One of my Fast! Anyone from yesterday's posters on this forum up for...   by lauray  13mo   371  Fasting: Water Only
    yay!!! I really feel I am going to succeed at this fast. Everything fine. Going to post here about the fast as often as necessary. ... ... I noticed some people yesterday posting that they were all about to start a fast. Is anyone still using this forum for support? Maybe I will write to y’all on the emails you publish... ... ... I may stay in today and may go out. I haven’t decided what to do. First I will post here, then I need to sleep a little more. I know from experience my detox ”weakness” symptoms will be intense from about hour 40 to hour 48, and I haven’t hit that time yet. At tha ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Lauray, do WHATEVER u want....   by lauray  13mo   541  Fasting: Water Only
    again, please go away! you are so utterly arrogant and disrespectful! go away now!!! you are ridiculous. you are harassing me. goodbye! I will not write to you again. i hope never to hear from you again in my life! Goodbye.   [End]
  • Re: Oh, Lauray, u are still the same and Still around! :D :)) n/m   by lauray  13mo   554  Fasting: Water Only
    please go away! thanks! you are a hindrance to my health. goodbye!   [End]
  • self-love, self-love, self-love   by lauray  13mo   362  Fasting: Water Only
    starting a fast. ... doing it because I LOVE MYSELF ... I thought about it and this is the motivation I need. ... I need to care enough about myself to keep with my fast. ... ... The benefits of the fast need to matter to me. ... It’s hard to stick with something when you feel the benefits ”don’t matter” or ”aren’t worth it.” Sometimes it’s hard to stay committed to HEALTH when that doesn’t seem like an exciting goal... when the short-term, short-lived ”rewards” of eating (escape, release) seem much more ”rewarding” and enjoyable and ”worth it.” ... ... I need to love myself enough somehow to negotiate with th ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: I am looking for someone to fast with   by lauray  13mo   307  Fasting: Water Only
    hey, everyone, ... It looks like we have a group for a fast... ... I am starting today 3/21/13 ... ... I want to go as long as I can. Ideally 40 days but trying for a few days to a week to begin with. ... ... I really need serious motivation, really need to care about myself and my life enough to do this. Can anyone recommend helpful thoughts/spiritual assistance/self-love exercises?   [End]
  • Re: It feels good going into Day 4   by lauray  13mo   332  Fasting: Water Only
    Thanks for another great message. I am getting more and more comfortable with and confident about fasting as I read what you write.   [End]
  • Re: Need nausea advice. Day 22 of 1st fast.   by lauray  13mo   533  Fasting: Water Only
    hi, this is an awesome post, and I wanted to acknowledge it. I think this is the first time I have ever seen someone post about these techniques on this forum. What are some of your sources for this information? Please be in touch and keep posting. Are you doing a fast any time soon? Best regards.   [End]
  • Re: Is this normal... extreme water fasting weakness?   by lauray  13mo   332  Fasting: Water Only
    hi, i appreciate this post and am similar to you. Soon, not immediately, but soon, I will be doing some fasting. Do you want a fasting buddy, or to talk further about these fasting challenges via pm?   [End]
  • Re: Finish Day 2 onto Day 3   by lauray  13mo   288  Fasting: Water Only
    yay!!! .. keep going! Keep posting. I’m encouraged by reports of people actually doing fasts. I’m trying to get back into fasting right now. How did you arrive at the decision to fast? Is it a regular thing for you?   [End]
  • Re: Day 27 of Water Fast. Should I stick it out to day 30?   by lauray  13mo   428  Fasting: Water Only
    hi, i just want to congratulate you on a long fast, and say hello... do you have any general advice on fasting???   [End]
  • Re: Another Fast for Thyroid Health   by lauray  13mo   419  Fasting: Water Only
    stick with it, thanks for the message, hope to see you post again... your message helps me get moving toward doing my own fasting. It was nice how you acknowledged the pain but treated it as normal and to be tolerated!   [End]
  • Re: Oh, Lauray, u are still the same and Still around! :D :)) n/m   by lauray  13mo   563  Fasting: Water Only
    :) thanks... i don’t know who is writing, but that was nice. Hoping I’ve made progress and hope to make more through fasting... and hope to post about a fast soon. Great to hear from you. Give us an update about your stuff!!! post or pm... ... ... btw, getting this message is helping me stick with my recently-achieved diet goals too i hope... I have actually gotten away from a lotta foods that were just not ok with ME... ... ... i should post about these diet achievements since they are integral to my fasting. And, through fasting, to healing my liver issue which it will be so helpful to have h ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Need nausea advice. Day 22 of 1st fast.   by lauray  13mo   562  Fasting: Water Only
    hi, fastinganne, i appreciate your posts. i’m getting back into fasting. i’ve heard many times of the coffee enema. could you possibly tell how to do it and any tips? i’d love to hear from someone experienced. don’t worry about ”tmi!!!”   [End]
  • Re: might not be emotional eating   by lauray  16mo   602  Fasting: Dry Fasting
    words such as those literally kill. ppl die from eating when they NEED to fast. I need ppl to respect my need to fast and my judgment. i have seen 2 friends of mine forcefed to death. doctors and others ignorant of how the body really works, forcefed them in their illnesses. And they actually died. From being poisoned by the food. Nobody in any part of the world where food is abundant is ”lacking” nutritively. We are dying from TOO MUCH FOOD. any other idea is a hideous delusion. Besides, ”lacking in nutrition” is not a grammatically correct phrase, even. I NEED FASTING, SO NO MOR ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Need Support to Fast   by lauray  19mo   1,046  Fasting: Water Only
    Hi, I just need support to really stay with a fast, of at least ten days. Is anyone available to be with me through this? ... ... I need to really be serious and say no to the food. ... and say no EVERY TIME, until the fast is fully complete... The food should not be something I think of as an option for emotional self-management. it does so , so , so much harm to me to think ”oh it doesn’t matter. I’ll just eat this or that, to ’feel better.’” It DOES matter, it NEVER makes me feel anything but 100 times as bad, and emotional eating is ever more quickly destroying my health! ... ... Please em ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Need Fasting Support   by lauray  19mo   1,726  Fasting: General  Cross-post
    Hi, I just need support to really stay with a fast, of at least ten days. Is anyone available to be with me through this? ... ... I need to really be serious and say no to the food. ... and say no EVERY TIME, until the fast is fully complete... The food should not be something I think of as an option for emotional self-management. it does so , so , so much harm to me to think ”oh it doesn’t matter. I’ll just eat this or that, to ’feel better.’” It DOES matter, it NEVER makes me feel anything but 100 times as bad, and emotional eating is ever more quickly destroying my health! ... ... Please em ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Fasting support, please?   by lauray  19mo   912  Fasting: Dry Fasting
    Hi, I just need support to really stay with a fast, of at least ten days. Is anyone available to be with me through this? ... ... I need to really be serious and say no to the food. ... and say no EVERY TIME, until the fast is fully complete... The food should not be something I think of as an option for emotional self-management. it does so , so , so much harm to me to think ”oh it doesn’t matter. I’ll just eat this or that, to ’feel better.’” It DOES matter, it NEVER makes me feel anything but 100 times as bad, and emotional eating is ever more quickly destroying my health! ... ... Please em ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Getting Started   by lauray  20mo   492  Fasting: General
    hi, i just wanted to respond because although I don’t have tips per se, I definitely feel you. ... ... i guess you are saying that you try fasts and fall off them, and are tired of this? ... ... It seems to have taken a lot for me to get in touch with how I REALLY feel about fasting. At the start I’m not aware that after about 48 hours I will want to quit... lately I am more aware of this. I now need to work through it. But any attempt is worthwhile and good and will be rewarded. I shouldn’t hold off on trying to fast just because I’ve failed before. Message me if you want to try and work throug ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: on to day two. =]   by lauray  30mo   669  Fasting: Weight Loss
    hi, RedRoses90, ... here is some support coming your way. I was really relating to you about the weight being unbearable and glad to read of someone in a situation similar to what mine was in the past -- weighing too much while not being obese. It was really upsetting to begin with and then people would dismiss my pain. I would be in agony and feel I had nowhere to turn. I need only have insisted my pain was valid, but I did not have the courage at the time. I’ve been thin for many years now but I have never been so miserable as when I was over my desired weight. It was horror! Well, de ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Completed My First Fast in Series! Yay! 31 Hours   by lauray  32mo   839  Fasting: Water Only
    Thank you, skyegrey. It is really great to hear from you. It was really hard to write that and after the effort of doing the writing, it didn’t really express what I experienced. I am very inhibited writing on this forum. I hope to get at, in writing, the things I am dealing with, better, later. Thank you very very much for the support. Yeah, I am excited, too. It is extremely, extremely difficult to face the reality of really being food-sober and really fasting and I do need to say that. It feels like life is terrifyingly flat and disappointing... but I will have no health if I co ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Completed My First Fast in Series! Yay! 31 Hours   by lauray  32mo   1,040  Fasting: Water Only
    No time to write right now but I have done it!! It was so much easier than I thought it was going to be. I was actually happy fasting. I was content and resigned to practicing this necessary virtue of not eating. Maybe this was because of starting school. This gave me a sense of purpose??? and also necessary tasks??? and so maybe my life didn’t feel so empty and maybe for that reason I didn’t go to the food for that false and so-destructive illusion of structure and comfort. It was hard, emotionally, but toward the end fo the fast I was feeling better emotionally and physically. I e ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Trying again, 10-day water fast   by lauray  32mo   692  Fasting: Water Only
    awesome, it was good to hear from you so promtly! You are welcome any time. Yeah, breathing through the right nostril apparently sort of revs you up and the left calms you down. I have total anxiety issues (so much that I would totally never, ever breathe through my right nostril! the idea of trying that gives me the horrors in a funny way :) )and the left side breathing really has helped me. Then there’s alternate nostril breathing, nari shonda (sp.) you probably know that one. ... congrats on day two. I am glad you invite me to join. I will post about my fasting later maybe tonight.   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Trying again, 10-day water fast   by lauray  32mo   784  Fasting: Water Only
    hi, I have a thought: dizziness caused by hyperventilation? I get that sometimes. Deliberately exhaling and holding does help me. As does breathing through the left nostril only (an anti-anxiety yoga trick). Are you fasting now? I’d love to join you.   [End]
  • Re: Starting a fast on Sunday.....   by lauray  32mo   542  Fasting: Water Only
    PS, so, Reb, are you fasting now? And Anastasia? I’m on a plan to initiate some long therapeutic fasts. If you want to all be in touch in the process of our fasting, maybe we could be. Anastasia, I understand about the juice, in one sense better than I would like to and another sense less well than I would like to, or need to. It takes me a lot of courage to settle down to a plan that is workable. One thing I do think is that trying, trying again really does succeed in the end.   [End]
  • Re: Starting a fast on Sunday.....   by lauray  32mo   532  Fasting: Water Only
    Reb, thank you so much for this message. I really need to get into that mindset. Any further hints as to how to do foster that mindset in yourself/”somehow get through that time when you think you have to have juice?” Thanks again.   [End]
  • Figured out my FAsting plan!   by lauray  32mo   750  Fasting: Dry Fasting
    I mentioned in my last post I was making a definite fasting plan... so here it is, and I am going to report each week on my experiences carrying it out! I like that I am going to have reports that I and others can anticipate ... I fast to try to finally eradicate my food cravings and urges to overeat. Like cleaning the addiction finally out of my body -- and cleaning all its ugly consequences out, too, the neurological effects of anxiety, fatigue, depression. I have always just needed to get that little bit more spiritually committed to my ”food sobriety” and fasting, so that I could ac ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Fasting Plan: yaaaaaaaaaay   by lauray  32mo   674  Fasting: Water Only
    I mentioned in my last post I was making a definite fasting plan... so here it is, and I am going to report each week on my experiences carrying it out! I like that I am going to have reports that I and others can anticipate ... I fast to try to finally eradicate my food cravings and urges to overeat. Like cleaning the addiction finally out of my body -- and cleaning all its ugly consequences out, too, the neurological effects of anxiety, fatigue, depression. I have always just needed to get that little bit more spiritually committed to my ”food sobriety” and fasting, so that I could ac ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: back again. no choice. really let myself go,   by lauray  32mo   614  Fasting: Weight Loss
    hey, lots of support! I fast to maintain a long-term weight loss so I know where you are coming from. Now I fast to try to finally eradicate my food cravings and urges to overeat. Like cleaning the addiction finally out of my body -- and cleaning all its ugly consequences out, too, the neurological effects of anxiety, fatigue, depression. I have always just needed to get that little bit more spiritually committed to my ”food sobriety” and fasting, so that I could achieve this full healing, which is still incomplete though I can maintain the loss of weight. I like your spirit and want ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Building up my fasts (incidentally starting w/dry fasting)   by lauray  32mo   685  Fasting: Dry Fasting
    I’ve done a lot of work and I’m at last going to ease myself onto the Paul Bragg format of fasting as follows: (Paul Bragg’s plan has always appealed to me intuitively) ... ... Bragg’s plan has you fast 1 1/2 to 2 days per week (I’ll make it 40 hours) , then every 4 weeks instead of the short fast, a 3-day fast; then every 3 months instead of the 3-day fast, a 7 - to - 10-day fast. ... I want to achieve a 20- to-30-day fast , at some point, some series of longer fasts like that for true healing and hoping to experience true hunger. My body is VERY diseased and needs such a fast right away re ...   [retrieve this message]
  • (Bragg)Plan for Building up Fasts weekly, monthly, quarterly   by lauray  32mo   1,377  Fasting: Water Only
    I’ve done a lot of work and I’m at last going to ease myself onto the Paul Bragg format of fasting as follows: (Paul Bragg’s plan has always appealed to me intuitively) ... ... Bragg’s plan has you fast 1 1/2 to 2 days per week (I’ll make it 40 hours) , then every 4 weeks instead of the short fast, a 3-day fast; then every 3 months instead of the 3-day fast, a 7 - to - 10-day fast. ... I want to achieve a 20- to-30-day fast , at some point, some series of longer fasts like that for true healing and hoping to experience true hunger. My body is VERY diseased and needs such a fast right away re ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: day three of dry fast   by lauray  32mo   2,030  Fasting: Dry Fasting
    thank you, but no, it is not stressing out or trying to do the impossible or beating myself. I’m not ”denying myself” if I am merely trying to protect my health by trying to achieve a state of not doing what my body can’t handle. I am truly, unbearably suffering as long as my diet is not absolutely clean and as long as I am not fasting as I need to in life. I DESPERATELY need support to be as ”strict” as I know I need to be to have even a basic/acceptable level of health. (really, what you imply is ”strict” is actually for me the MOST GENTLE way of living) ... that’s why I’m writing ba ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: day three of dry fast   by lauray  32mo   1,983  Fasting: Dry Fasting
    hi, ... ... I am really with you, similar age, and body type. ... ... I too find it frustrating that fasting relieves my issues only temporarily. I am actually struggling to even get fasting again right now. I know I will get there. Not really struggling -- I’m on track -- I just get terrified about the TRACK!!! -- hard to explain what I mean. Like I get feelings of not having been ”satisfied” on the bad foods I HAVE eaten in life and of HAVING to have more binges of them. Anyway my strategy is to take my process of diet-cleanup slowly, to persuade myself to make the changes permanent. I still ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Dry fasted 22 hours Total Fast 33 Hours   by lauray  32mo   770  Fasting: Dry Fasting
    ... just checking back in. A very short fast and I don’t quite know how to get around the emotional reasons that made me lose the fast last night. I hope to work on this today and start a new fast soon. I SO NEED to fast. ... I actually got thirsty around 22 hours and water actually seemed to help. ... ... My downfall came I think not DIRECTLY because, but partly because, I drank sparkling water. This was last night. When fasting , sparkling water always makes me ”feel sick.” I don’t know if this is a healing that just feels unpleasant, or if it is really an undesirable result. ... So, I was ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: 3.5 days into Dry/Water-only Cascade Fast   by lauray  33mo   1,467  Fasting: Dry Fasting
    mIGHty, I just wanted to say you are great and I look forward to fasting with you. I really apreciate that you always put down exact data. It makes me more comfortable with my own symptoms fasting and also with how slowly time goes sometiomes. To read your facts and figures so detailed from the very beginning stages of your fasts will help me to take my beginning of a fasts more seriously and not eat for emotional reasons just because I haven’t been fasting for very many days or hours at the point where I am tempted or compulsed to eat.   [End]
  • hi, everyone! 10-day fast, partly dry   by lauray  33mo   455  Fasting: Dry Fasting
    hi, pleeeeeease email me if you are able to offer support. I would really appreciate it. ... ... I’ve been working so hard on my ”food sobriety” and have achieved a freedom from bingeing and a commitment to raw foods that I pray is lasting. ... ... I really really really really NEED to fast. ... ... Hope all are doing well. I’m trying to read fasting forums right now I guess for support. I still have all the old emotional extreme attachment to food and tendency to get extreme depression and eat over it. ... ... I know fasting is the cure to the depression but this doesn’t convince me to keep fasting when ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Fasting today   by lauray  3y   614  Fasting: Water Only
    Thank you so much. i got your earlier message on the dry fast forum in response to my talking about the astral travel book; thank you. It helps to have someone affirm my sharing! ... I so know it is so exactly the right approach for myself and it really helps when someone validates it. ... ... I’m going along okay and am committed to abstaining from sweet fruit. I don’t feel great, but I am getting better. i took a 21-hour fast this week. This is far too short but better than nothing. I am in a condition of desperately , really desperately needing to fast, but of being gripped in my addict ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: starting week 2   by lauray  3y   565  Fasting: Water Only
    Vidda, ... thanks for your posts!!!! I am getting into fasting now via a process. I love reading you!!! ... Can you talk about the 50 pulse? How did you find out about that? I read in Paul Bragg, I think, about slow breathing/breath control being very anti-aging. I guess a slower heart rate is the same? ... ... Looking forward to reading more from you -- please post a lot!! It is helping me get to my goal of starting to fast.   [End]
  • Re: day 10 of fast   by lauray  3y   617  Fasting: Weight Loss
    awesome. your message is so positive and helpful, thanks.   [End]
  • Now Fasting Again: Support??   by lauray  3y   859  Fasting: Intermitten  Cross-post
    hi, ... I have had a bad year that I ultimately can’t really explain... I ate processed food out of an uncontrollable compulsion to do so that followed all the known stages of addiction. ... ... I’m back on raw food only now for some time. I was able to decide not to let my relapse last for a full year. Still -- as every addict is ambivalent -- I am ambivalent about my decision to end the food addiction and clean up my diet all the way (getting off sugary fruits, ultimately, and anything raw but starchy: though these items are raw, they actually are not OK with me)... I need to talk about my cra ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: tomorrow, day 1   by lauray  3y   756  Fasting: Water Only
    Hi, email me if you like, or private mesSAGe me pour mon email addresse, si tu veux. J espere que ca va bien chez toi! Or you can write here, whatever. Email might be slightly easier on my /pas chouette/ phone! Oh, here it is: L c a t h f a t g m a i l d o t c o m.   [End]
  • Re: tomorrow, day 1   by lauray  3y   826  Fasting: Water Only
    Oops: wrote whole post in space for /key words/ . Maybe stilL readable theRE /posting from my phone/ Anyway, it s Day One of Seven.   [End]
  • Re: Happy Day 2!   by lauray  3y   516  Fasting: Water Only
    What an awesome post. this really helped me. i identified so much with you in many things you said. EAting relatively clean but being an emotional eater; not finding the food in itself actually tempting but other things about it. your positivity about learning better, non-food ways to deal with stress has given me support to do the same. I just took a fast of (2 hours short of) 3 days and am fasting again soon, all as part of a process to get some health at last and some recovery from my chronic fatigue. And I’ve sworn to stop my binge eating. I count it as a binge if it is just too mu ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Fail! Day four   by lauray  3y   659  Fasting: Weight
    Great to hear from you. I am also a never-giving-up person. I look forward to posting more later. Trying to figure out how to start my next fast and when. Possibly quite soon. I need to fast more than 3 days this time. 4 days? 5? I’ll see. I need to be comfortable with it. I feel , I don’t know, strange, almost ”deprived” about suddenly succeeding in a long fast -- as though I weren’t satisfyingly in control of the process. As though I were missing something. I need to look into this thinking and understand it.   [End]
  • Fasted Almost 3 Days   by lauray  3y   884  Fasting: Weight
    This length of time, without rehearsal/lengthy building-up to it, is huge for me, and it was really, really difficult emotionally/mentally. As I fasted, I was feeling really seriously desperate at moments (I’m so alone... this is so bleak... how can I endure reality??) because my life lacks things besides food that I am engaged in. I am really a serious food addict. I am glad i see that I am in this condition, which is physical and emotional. ... ... I fasted 70 hours and intend to take another fast soon, building on this length of time. I fasted almost 72 hours, which is 3 days. ... ... I actual ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Fail! Day four   by lauray  3y   705  Fasting: Weight
    P.S. By the way, just to reassure you, i will let you know that when I had this incident I went to the ER right away, and the doctors there felt I would be fine. just making that clear. Thanks for listening. Lauray   [End]
  • Re: Fail! Day four   by lauray  3y   732  Fasting: Weight
    Heyyyyy, Silverleaf, ... ... I feel TERRIBLE for not posting on your thread earlier. I feel like it is my fault your losing your fast because you didn’t have the support you needed. ... ... I actually had, while eating my final meal before the fast, a crisis/accident which I was afraid would make me lose my own fast, so I didn’t want to come onto the forum reporting my fasting... I’m not sure why. ... ... I haven’t lost this fast... yet. I am actually afraid to eat, because I might have damaged my GI system with this accident (sort of a choking-type incident) and know fasting is the best treat ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Feeling disgusting. Starting a fast today.   by lauray  3y   2,104  Fasting: Weight  Cross-post
    All my support. Love love love to you. I feel like fasting heals my bingeing and even when a person’s weight is not at absolute clinical morbidly-obese levels, there is a real, central problem to be healed in the bingeing/eating-when-eating-is-not-okay-with-you. I feel like for health to be obtained, really subtle signals have to be obeyed, ”stop-eating” signals and ”don’t-eat” signals. I know I feel better when I can follow these signals. I feel like my body is so significantly damaged by the decades of compulsive overeating that although I control my weight now, it is absolutely crucia ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: New fast on Jan 15th   by lauray  3y   610  Fasting: Weight
    Welcome and i’ll be posting later when I figure out my plan. I’ve been trying to get started fasting for a little while... my reasons for fasting: stop the bingeing habit, maintain weight loss, other things...   [End]
  • Re: New fast on Jan 15th   by lauray  3y   652  Fasting: Weight
    HI, Silvia, ... I will join you. I will start on the 15th also. I want to fast as long as possible, too, water only. I do intend to eat on the 15th but will mark the beginning of my fast at the time I stop eating (sometime in the afternoon). Love and blessings, ... Lauray   [End]
  • Re: Where to buy bulk organic food in Santa Clarita, CA?   by lauray  3y   2,346  Food and Mood  Cross-post
    Errrrrrm, I am sorry of this is very obvious, but I know I’ve been to a Whole Foods Market in the Santa Clarita area. i live in LA... maybe that isn’t a store that meets your needs .. I don’t know. I thought it had a bulk section. just google whole foods market   [End]
  • Re: Day 4   by lauray  4y   1,053  Fasting: General  Cross-post
    Jenilin, ... Congratulations on your fast! I was moved by your post so thought I would comment. Good work. How’s it going? Lauray   [End]
  • Re: New Day Count: Gradually Lengthening Fasts   by lauray  4y   1,012  Fasting: Water Only.
    stop responding to my posts. yuo are ignoring everything I am saying and wholly disrespecting me. i feel sorry for you that you feeel you have to act like this. I can only hope you learn to refrain from violating others. Good luck.   [End]
  • Day 6 of Intermittent Water Fasting: Fasting 36 h, STARTING GROUP   by lauray  4y   1,084  Fasting: Water Only.
    Hi - I have Day Six of being committed once more to lengthening my fasts steadily. I am on the 36-hour fast, to begin I think tomorrow. After this I want to jump straight to the 48-hour fast. I want to progress rather quickly since I think this is better for the body. ... ... In between fasts is my new focus area. i am really committed to refraining from anything my body could possibly construe as overeatng. i am getting ultra-gentle with myself. I am tired of the pain. ... ... I really also want to begin fasts without inner conflict or doubt. i want to give time to really prepare for fasts, ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: New Day Count: Gradually Lengthening Fasts   by lauray  4y   933  Fasting: Water Only.
    i think this is a tragic misconception that the food-addicted culture has developed. my need is to fast, not to eat this or that. please read ... actually, physicians themselves (see ny times articles, search in have lately been alerting the public as to the dangers of over-nutrition (citing this as the major problem publicly, and rejecting earlier notions that the overweight were somehow ”malnourished”) and the food-addicted public has resisted this. their words, not mine... With respect: i need supoprt to fast. this is the purpose of this forum. i a ...   [retrieve this message]
  • New Day Count: Gradually Lengthening Fasts   by lauray  4y   988  Fasting: Water Only.
    ... Hi -- here is a letter I have just written to a person I am trying to get in touch with as a support contact. I hope soemone who has had trouble learning to fast past 1-2 days and has overcome this will respond and tell me how he/she did it. Sincerely, Lauray ... I am writing because I need to come to see the way into water fasting at greater length. I am someone who is so in need of a long strengthening fast. I do 1-2 days and then, emotionally needy and unequipped to deal with the ”emptiness” of my life that becomes apparent and overwhelming (but which might be totally manageable if I ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: 10day Fast for new Life   by lauray  4y   881  Fasting: Water Only.
    Crispypear, i so hear you on what you write about: low energy... the high efficacy of the raw diet.. the total impossibility of having ”just one cheat day.” I am so tired of being so ill all the time and am ready to really open up to people and correspond so as to really come to know myself and that way get a grip on my compulsive overeating -- first, by fasting, which restores my body to a stae in which I do not crave to eat if eating is not Ok with me. ... i’ve emailed you and hope to hear from you! I am trying to build up my group of fasting support contacts. Love, Lauray   [End]
  • Re: 10day Fast for new Life   by lauray  4y   847  Fasting: Water Only.
    Coffeejunkie, LET’S GET PAST DAY 5 TOGETHER!!! It doesn’t matter how often we have to restart. let’s just keep on trying and not quit till we achieve it. We will learn how to do it if we only just keep the fasting a priority and keep on trying to do it. We just can’t let ourselves stop trying. We will succeed if we just pick ourselves up immediately each time we slip , and start again. We will get ”Tired” of ”failing.” We just have to get used to the idea of succeeding. We CAN become comfortable with success! It IS important enough. Our health and vitality matter enough for us to ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: 10day Fast for new Life   by lauray  4y   800  Fasting: Water Only.
    Yes, Eggcream, that is encouraging. Thanks very much for replying. I would like to be in touch. Lauray   [End]
  • Re: 10day Fast for new Life   by lauray  4y   785  Fasting: Water Only.
    Fujiko, thanks so much for your message! I have e-mailed you - XOXO Lauray   [End]
  • 10day Fast for new Life   by lauray  4y   1,068  Fasting: Water Only.
    hi, I have jsut moved back to california and am in day 2 (jsut passed the 24-hour mark) of what i aim to be a ten-day fast supporting my new life here. ... I have posted here before and my issues with fasting are that I am not really emotionaly strong enough to get through times wehn i ”just need comfort” or ”just can’t stand it” -- whatever ”it” may be at the time. Ususally the lack of purpose, ”boredom,” loneliness, ”bleakness,” for which there seems to be no other ”solution” than food.. I have done some work on connecting to my life purpose and want to go further with exploring the exact ...   [retrieve this message]
  • FAsting and Controlling Eating Habits: 48-hour to 10-Day FASt   by lauray  4y   1,084  Fasting: Water Only.
    hi, everyone, ... I am too tired to really post right now but have had many adventures and have success now in limiting the size of my meals and spacing my meals properly ... so I am not bloating any more... ... ... I will have 2 years on raw foods only as of April 2010, ... ... ... and I am even progressing beyond this in cleaning up my diet, to get off fruit / processed-raw food; and onto living (sprouted) foods only... jsut for me -- this is what I need for healing... ... ... ... yesterday I got off sweet fruit, which had plagued me a long time -- just for me, this was not an appropriate food... ... ... I am ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Thanks!   by lauray  4y   866  Fasting: Water Only.
    Tiger lily, ... so glad to hear from you! Let’s be in touch. ... I am in a process of eliminating the more tempting/triggering foods prior to starting a major fast Jan 13. my Birthday is Jan 14. ... ... before the 13th i will do 2 short ffasts. one i have just started it’s 42 hours. and i have eliminated sweet fruit from the diet. By the time of the major Birthday Fast I will be having only living foods (sprouted items). My 42 hour fast goes from abt. 6:30 tonight (Friday till noon Sunday. ... ... If you want to send a private message we can exchange emails or if not we can keep talking here! Best ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Studying up on my soon-to-start water fast   by lauray  4y   855  Fasting: Water Only.
    Congratulations on your diet cleanup. I am working up to fasting in more or less the same way. For me it has to be a life-choice commitment to refraining from overeating and abstaining from foods that are at all triggering. ... ... Would you like a fasting buddy? i would really like to be in touch with someone in my process. ... ... I have a major birthday coming up, in about a week. I have thus incentive to really get ”food-sober” in a committed way -- just make the choice and stick to it -- and also take a longer fast (more than 5 days ) for the first time. i would like to really recognize my ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Please read and support me - My fasting story and weight loss...   by lauray  4y   721  Fasting: Water Only.
    hi, lots of love and support your way - and congratulations on your fasting. ... ... would you like to be in touch/have a fasting partner/buddy? ... ... I would be very interested in writing back and forth about our process. I have sruggled to learn to fast for a long time. It comes down to that I have to let go of my overeating habit in order to fast. I have to clean up my diet and stop overeating so I am not food-dependent and then I will be able to sustain a fast. Otherwise it is too hard -- i am too emotionally and physically addicted to food. I need also, crucially, to come off the fast p ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Day 6 - horrible head cold with headache and indigestion.   by lauray  4y   3,034  Fasting: Water Only.
    hi, I just wanted to recognize your achievement, fasting 6 days. Are you still on the fast? Fasting for me has been a struggle to learn. Breaking the fast properly, and not going back to old habits, is the hardest and I think requires the most intensive work and support. This is the essential healing of fasting , i think -- that it prompts the letting go of these harmful eating habits in our non-fasting times. For me it is a real letting go. I am in the process of really getting willing to change my old habits. It takes a lot of strength and support and focus, for me. I think that ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: 42-Hour Fast for Healing: Buddy needed   by lauray  5y   1,868  Fasting: General  Cross-post
    Gal! ... Thanks for the great message. I really appreciate the support. i have been through hell trying to learn to fast and have a spiritually more well way of life. That sounds dramatic and negative and I am sorry. ... ... So, you are fasting -- great. I want to fast with you as a buddy, ... ... I really want to affirm with others that I want to do what it takes to change my life... I have a lot of self-acceptance to practice but the process will give me what I need , without a perfect result instantly, ... ... So, I would love to be in touch, ... I will send you my email in a private message just in c ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: 42-hour water fast: seeking a Buddy!   by lauray  5y   913  Fasting: Water Only.
    hi, ... thanks for the meditation help. ... i would love to be in touch by email and am at an address i will send you in a private message if I can, ... ... Mostly I need people to fast with as buddies... I find this supports my fasting best. ... ... Meditation enables my fasting, too. ... I need people to share my process with first of all... ... Hope to be in touch, ... yes, we have spoken before. ... thanks again for replying. ... Sincerely, ... Laura   [End]
  • 42-Hour Fast for Healing: Buddy needed   by lauray  5y   1,881  Fasting: General  Cross-post
    Hi, I haven’t posted here in a while but have been in a program of steadily lengthening my fasts. I’m looking for a fasting buddy, especially a person who has trouble with self-trust and feeling ”safe” fasting due to others’ negativity/mistrust of his or her instinct to fast... ... My goal is to achieve a 10-day fast and the practice of fasting 10 days at a time 4 times a year/plus 1 day fasting each wk./plus a 3day fast monthly (the Bragg program). ... ... I am thinking of starting my 42-hour fast Friday morning at like 3 am or 4 am. I have to make these funny hours in order to make the fast easi ...   [retrieve this message]
  • 42-hour water fast: seeking a Buddy!   by lauray  5y   988  Fasting: Water Only.
    Hi, I haven’t posted here in a while but have been in a program of steadily lengthening my fasts. I’m looking for a fasting buddy, especially a person who has trouble with self-trust and feeling ”safe” fasting due to others’ negativity/mistrust of his or her instinct to fast... ... My goal is to achieve a 10-day fast and the practice of fasting 10 days at a time 4 times a year/plus 1 day fasting each wk./plus a 3day fast monthly (the Bragg program). ... ... I am thinking of starting my 42-hour fast Friday morning at like 3 am or 4 am. I have to make these funny hours in order to make the fast e ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Water fasting and Period???   by lauray  5y   941  Fasting: General
    hi, ... I know there is a book entitled ”Is Menstruation Necessary?” which suggests that, no; that is, western medicine misunderstands and always pathologizes missing periods but that it should not... ... ... anyway, do you need a fasting buddy? do you want to email about your fast? How’s it going? ... Lauray   [End]
  • Re: Finishing Day 10 - should I continue   by lauray  5y   927  Fasting: Water Only.
    hi, ... congratulations on your 10-day fast. 10 days is my goal. i’ve just begun a fast. ... ... did you get some healing from this fast? do you want to do another one any time soon? i could use a buddy, ... Lauray   [End]
  • Re: Going into Day Two of Fast   by lauray  5y   916  Fasting: Water Only.
    with respect, you have to respect that I am indeed hurting myself even tho I am eating raw-- I am in real pain otherwise I would not be posting here. i need to STOP and push away the food and I need real support to do this. Not people telling me to stop ’beating myself.’ i am not beating myself , I am crying out my very real pain. I am reaching for a better way. and I did say i was acknowledging my progress. sorry, don’t mean to lash out, just want to really say where I am coming from and what i need. when people react by saying don’t beat yourself up i get really frightened cause i ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Going into Day Two of Fast   by lauray  5y   906  Fasting: Water Only.
    Truckerman, ... thanks for your reply! ... I have been a long-term struggler to fast. ... I have gotten up to 4 days before but gradually. ... I still need to really commit to not overeating between fasts. ... Every time i overeat I get so sick, and it has got to stop. ... Fasting helps stop the overeating. ... ... I am trying to start a day count of real food sobriety, for that will really support my fasting. I feel so frustrated. i want to count days of being in a real pattern of good bejhavior. I can feel myself getting perfectionsitic -- but it isn’t satisfying to do it halfway. I mean, to just be partwa ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Going into Day Two of Fast   by lauray  5y   911  Fasting: Water Only.
    hi, ... it has been a while since I have posted regularly here but I still need fasting more than anything in my life and am still trying to learn it. ... ... I got up to 4-day fasts for a period unfortunately ending last April. I made a Day Count of being in a mode where I lengthened my fasts gradually, making each one longer than the one previous. ... ... Then I guess I was made unable to continue cause I changed living locations... this sort of traumatized me and I used it as a way to justify not taking care of myself... plus losing my connections made me less accountable to people... ... ... Now it is ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: day 20 progress   by lauray  5y   1,005  Fasting: Water Only.
    truckerman, I would love to be in touch as I am trying to achieve a longer-term fast such as you are doing, ... ... thanks so much for sharing your story and for not being afraid of the fasting process, even the thinness (this scares me due to childhood emotional abuse by my parents.. who, though I was never really skinny, and moreover an overeater, always kind of screamed their fears at me... I intuitively tried to fast as a child and this would have been safe.. I know infants and animals fast intuitively... I think the fear of thinness really interferes with my fasting and I am committed to ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: day 20 progress   by lauray  5y   1,026  Fasting: Water Only.
    Jasmine, thanks for your lovely story of a long fast. these are my favorite types of posts to read on the fasting forums. ... ... Please be in touch , I am trying to cultivate contact with successful long-term fasters ... ... Lauray   [End]
  • Re: Day 7 of a water fast, extreme depression   by lauray  5y   1,176  Fasting: Water Only.
    I really feel for you. I congratulate you for sharing that you are depressed. For me this is a very powerful way to gently deal with depression. If I assert myself to someone I am with and say ”I am depressed” when I am most afraid to say so, it is very relieving for me. i have horrible depression and yes, colonics do help me with it too... asserting / voicing myself is a really good technique ... I am really writing all this to myself, so hope you are not pained by unsolicited advice.. I wish you the best. ... am moving back to southern california myself shortly: then I’ll have sun, ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: water fasting   by lauray  5y   774  Fasting: Water Only.
    i got up to 4 days using this method of lengthening my fasts gradually... I’ve done this twice in my life ... ... I agree it is hard, but i simply cannot suddenly succeed at a longer fast due to my extreme emotional dependence on food. am an emotional eater/food addict/compulsive overeater. i’ve worked out what works for me. You are right, the process I am going through is not ”ideal,” but it is what I can manage. i think we all do waht we can and any effort is a lot better than none at all. there is no need for perfectionism, and perfectionism hurts anyway, gets me farther from my goal of ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: water fasting   by lauray  5y   771  Fasting: Water Only.
    hi, I am starting a water fast and glad to support. ... ... I am doing the fast for 42 hours. i want to start after eating tomorrow morning. ... ... I am lengthening my fasts gradually. I have a day count of being in a program of lengthening my fasts. This is day 10. I’ve fasted 24 hrs, 30 hrs, and 36 hrs within these 10 days. My fasts will become less frequent as they become longer. I am concentrating on fasting fearlessly if possible and on not overeating between fasts. Hard. ... ... I’ve gotten up to 4 days before. ... ... Lauray   [End]
  • Cleaning up Diet, Trying to Start Fast   by lauray  5y   985  Fasting: Water Only.
    I have struggled for a while (2 plus years ) on this forum, other forums, and in my live/in person support groups, to learn to fast at some healing length (like the Bragg fasting program, 10 days 4 times per year, with shorter fasts in between). I have been doing my raw-foods-only diet for a little over 1 year and 5 months now. ... ... I have now (as of last night!!) succeeded in giving up all sweet fruit, which I think I am committed to; it seems to be an overeating-triggering food for me.... something that just sort of confuses things for me and which I don’t need... ... ... I have still to make ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Day at a Time Fasting (edit)   by lauray  5y   830  Fasting: Water
    thanks, Steve. How are you today?   [End]
  • Re: Day at a Time Fasting   by lauray  5y   896  Fasting: Water
    thanks, mouseclick. it seems like a good idea to me, too, to take everything one day at a time or just to take one day of life at a time. i have a very difficult time understanding what that might mean. ... I have stuff to report but feel a bit vulnerable to do so as yet but may later if I figure out how to phrase it. I do think what I have to say is acceptable and valuable but sometimes I get reactions that I for whatever reason can’t handle . ... ... Hope your day is going great. You are right to observe about the hot weather. i’m in London today and found accommodation for the week I ne ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Day at a Time Fasting   by lauray  5y   995  Fasting: Water
    Hi -- I have begun a fast which, for the first time ever with fasting, I am taking a day at a time. I am not telling myself I must fast for any definite period. This seems to be better psychologically. My psychological challenges with fasting are the major challenges I face. Physically, fasting has never really been hard for me - I just have a really, really dependent emotional relationship with food. I need social support, therefore, to fast; but my emotional difficulties with others have gotten in the way of my asking for or receiving this. ... ... I feel really positive and healthy in t ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Congratulations on your progress   by lauray  5y   1,052  Fasting: Water
    Steve, thanks for the great message. I really appreciated it so much. A lot of positivity; thanks. ... I would write more but am on the (surprisingly enjoyable) task of seeking (ultra-budget) accommodation in London for the next 7 days... urgent, and difficult, but I will see what I can do. ... I’ve started a fast today, actually. I have done, and did today, a decent job not overeating before it. I did eat a bit much for the final prefast meal but I did not get bloated. I did have pain, but it was not that really horrible, worst sort of bloating pain. I still can’t quite obey the ”stop ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Congratulations on your progress   by lauray  5y   962  Fasting: Water
    Steve, thanks for reply. Thanks for acknowledging our previous interactions and the misunderstandings. I really appreciate this. It’s important to me to express myself and have a community. This helps me learn how to fast. To learn how to fast I have to learn how to manage my addictive nature, and get to its roots/deal with what is standing in my way; and socializing my process is essential to that. ... ... Thanks for validating the idea of engaging in something that takes your mind off food. When I get in a certain space, I feel like nothing could take my mind off food. This is the t ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Progress in Fasting   by lauray  5y   1,181  Fasting: Water
    Hi, I am just checking in, ... I am doing well with my goal of not overeating between fasts -- of ”pushing away the food” when it is not OK with me to eat. I’ve had a few breakthroughs and started to write a play and a documentary about attitudes of fear surrounding fasting/refraining from forced eating/paranoia about ”getting enough nutrients.” ... ... I came here to this forum a while ago and am not sure it is really a good place for me but want to see if I can make some better contacts now... ... ... I have done raw foods only for about 15 months continuously now. ... ... I do need to lengthen my fast ...   [retrieve this message]
  • long post, no obligation to read full thing, just working some things ou...   by lauray  5y   1,369  Fasting: General  Cross-post
    Dear mamaducky, ... Thanks for the message and for your appreciation. What you referenced was the core of my understanding of my problem. ... ... This is the beginning of my articulation of what it is that I am doing wrong. ... ... I am glad someone affirmed my self-assessment. ... ... I need to go farther with my self-assessment now and get it all clear and then from there figure out the steps to solve it. ... ... It was really important to me to receive your message today because today I got little affirmation and moreover some fear. ... ... I wish I had access to a constant source of listening and wit ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Presentation of My Orientation to Fasting   by lauray  5y   1,143  Fasting: General  Cross-post
    hey, thanks for, again, a thoughtful reply. ... ... I appreciate your acceptance... I am basically just interested in learning to fast so I can get healthy... unfortunately this process has been very challenged by fear issues... I have just been trying to vent some of the fear issues that have gotten in my way in the past... thanks so much for reading and responding.   [End]
  • Prep. for 3Day Fast, Breakthrough   by lauray  5y   1,383  Fasting: General  Cross-post
    I am going to take a 3-day fast this week, possibly starting tomorrow, possibly wednesday or thursday. In my process of learning to fast I have been working toward also refraining from overeating in life generally, so that I am being healthy during non-fasting times also... I offer this update on my progress to refraining from overeating: ... ... I am suddenly doing really well right now. I have been struggling to achieve a kind of sobriety and done are my thoughts, which I offer as **optional** reading -- please don’t feel obligated -- I just thought it could possibly be of interes ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Presentation of My Orientation to Fasting   by lauray  5y   1,138  Fasting: General  Cross-post
    hi! ... ... Thanks for your accepting message! I am really relieved and glad to find people able to hear what I just had to express. ... ... I have not joined ana/mia communities because although I think it is good that they exist, I don’t feel I want to place myself in them, so far out of the main stream. I believe my thinking is capable of being accepted by the main stream, if I just work at how I present it and if I work at fully acknowledging myself what the main stream has to say. I really want to do this -- I want to comunicate with the main stream. ... ... Another thing is I dont ever want to a ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Presentation of My Orientation to Fasting   by lauray  5y   1,182  Fasting: General  Cross-post
    Hey, Littlepeace, ... i really appreciate your message. I am really relieved someone was open to what i just needed to express. I think I really know where you are coming from. I would really like to be in touch. I support you 100% in your fast. I am starting a 3-day fast on Tuesday night. Until then, I am living in the pain of being very compulsed to eat when it is not OK with my body -- let alone OK with me... and suffering such GI pain as the result... I cannot seem to connect the uncontrolled eating with the pain and stop the uncontrolled eating... only of, primarily, tomatoes, but ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Fasting to Stop Compulsive Overeating (progress!)   by lauray  5y   3,638  Fasting Debate
    Hi, all, I have been on this forum before and started here to succeed in fasting and thus start the long process of recovering my health... in the past 6 months I have developed the ability to fast almost 5 days straight. THis has had wonderful effects for my health. i am especially emotionally and mentally healthier, confident, clearer, able to engage with others more, to participate in groups/follow group conversations/ ”get the joke” instead of wondering what people are finding so funny... an unusual citing of benefits of fasting but an important meantal healing for me.. and of course ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Presentation of My Orientation to Fasting   by lauray  5y   1,262  Fasting: General  Cross-post
    I wrote a huge maifesto and lost the first half of it, alas. The purpose was really to clarify things for myself. The crucial issue is that I become somehow really willing to stop engaging in anything that may be termed compulsive overeating behavior, as I pursue learning how to fast. ... ... The first half of this essay I wrote said things to the effect that (1) I am mainly concerned, in life, with achieving the ability to fast sufficiently at will and at sufficient length to restore my damaged dignity (damaged by years of compulsive overeating) and (2) I am opposed to pathologizing thinness ...   [retrieve this message]
  • progress lengthening fasts   by Lauray  5y   3,912  Blog: Lauray's New Fasting
    I am so scared and I have been so brualized and I have to succeed at this fast I have to ... ... I will succeed at it ... ... I am also starting a day count of pushing away the food truly honestly. ... ... No e...   [End]
  • Re: Day 6   by lauray  5y   664  Fasting: Water
    hi, congrats on 6 days. i have just completed a 4-day fast. ... How long did it take you to stop feeling the fatigue/lethargy/dizziness/nausea/whatever that comes in the initial part of a fast? ... congratulations again. ... Lauray ...   [End]
  • Day 40 of Lengthening Fasts: Day 3 Post 78 H Fast   by Lauray  6y   1,642  Blog: Lauray's New Fasting
    I am scared. I can't write a lot now and have gotten such b.s. on this whole website that it is hard but I am just going to vent or make a gesture at venting. ... I got a particularly toxic comment j...   [End]
  • DAY 37! Got my Day Count Back   by Lauray  6y   994  Blog: Lauray's New Fasting
    No time to post in detail as I want to but what a beautiful success. I am giving myself back my Day Count of increasing lengths of (weekly or biweekly or triweekly) fasts. ... ... Want to post soon, ...   [End]
  • Day 33:Lost Day Count. Changing My Habits to Suceed at Fasting, Making ...   by Lauray  6y   1,523  Blog: Lauray's New Fasting
    The title says most of it. ... I just can't write it all out right now. ... I am just going to say that I am sad and lonely. ... I lost my fast, my 3 1/4 day fast. After only 40 hours. ... ... I didn't like w...   [End]
  • Hard Time. But starting 3 1/4 Day Fast Tomorrow   by Lauray  6y   987  Blog: Lauray's New Fasting
    ... The most important thing about this fast is that after it, I have to eat ONLY 600 cals. per day for 3 full days. ... ... ... I really need a firm plan and commitment to do this. ... ... I have been ...   [End]
  • DAY 28: Pain, Confusion, Need to Commit to Sitting Down and Planning   by Lauray  6y   992  Blog: Lauray's New Fasting
    well - maybe it is not so bad as I portray it. It's just that today is a day of forcing down more food than my body can deal with. Yesterday was the first day I used enema to enable overeating si...   [End]
  • Successful 3-DAy FAst. Post-fast Update   by lauray  6y   1,222  Fasting: General
    Working to stay sober in between fasts, some progress. ... ... Date: 12/6/2008 6:35:58 PM ( 7 s æ ) ... viewed 0 times ... ... I need to sit down and work out how to stop eating when eating is not OK with me. ... This is the source of all my bloating, all my symptoms, and all the destruction in my life. ... The resistance even to looking at this is vicious. ... I don’t want to hurt myself. ... I want to respect my wariness. My wariness says: there’s something a little scary about this. I am scared that if I actually start pushing away the food when eating is not OK with me, I will paradoxically be forced so ...   [retrieve this message]
  • DAY 27: Successful 3-DAy FASt; Progress Against Overeating/Bloating   by Lauray  6y   1,971  Blog: Lauray's New Fasting
    I need to sit down and work out how to stop eating when eating is not OK with me. ... This is the source of all my bloating, all my symptoms, and all the destruction in my life. ... The resistance even t...   [End]
  • DAY 22: In 3-Day Fast!!!   by Lauray  6y   999  Blog: Lauray's New Fasting
    Well, this is a breakthrough, even though the f***ers on the water fast forum have raped and finally annihilated me. I am sad as I write that. i want to write somethign strong. ... ... My main focus b...   [End]
  • **moderator, please remove my posts***   by lauray  6y   1,148  Webmaster Support
    my posts were taken from another forum and without my knowledge let alone consent auotmatically posted up on this forum. ... ... this is unethical in the extreme. ... ... please remove my posts from this forum immediately. ... ... lauray   [End]
  • 72 hour fast   by lauray  6y   491  Fasting: General
    going fine, thanks for leaving my posts where i put them   [End]
  • Re: In 72 Hour fast (EDIT)   by lauray  6y   1,282  Fasting: General
    what do you want to know? ... ... Re.: short fasts, see Paul Bragg and see Allan Cott, MD. Bragg sez: one should do a short fast weekly. and he speaks of a community in a desert that fasted 48 hours weekly then ate 5 days. It worked for them. I have met a lot of people who do frequent short fasts. See, different things work for different people. I and all prof’ls. including natural hygiene profls. I have ever consulted have confidence in my sense of my own body. Please respect that. ... Re: refeeding. I have always said that as my fasts get longer the thing to do is wait a longer time in b ...   [retrieve this message]
  • 72 Hour Fast Progress   by lauray  6y   1,229  Fasting: General
    No one in natural hygiene (which I have consulted) or any other discipline has ever deemed what I am doing ’dangerous.’ FYI. ... ... I am doing well in my 3-day fast. This is a great breakthrough for me. I am also committed to a restrained eating program afterward. I have to sit down and plan it out exactly, but I will do this. This is great progress, too. I could not really conceive of eating lightly after a fast -- for all my plans to do so. But I have hope of actually not bloating myself now. As fasts get longer there will be more time in between them and longer ’refeeding’ periods of ...   [retrieve this message]
  • In 72 Hour fast   by lauray  6y   1,638  Fasting: General
    I have started a 72 hr. fast as of 12:30 pm today, sunday. ... With commitment to post-fast eating plan that is very small amounts of food until my body can really tolerate more. a plan to avoid bloating. Both these things are breakthroughs. I felt lots of healing after my last fast (66+hrs) and know my healing will continue with this one. ... ... And with a lot of improvement this week. So much improvement. Looked at quantities consumed and bloating experienced and these are reduced both. ... ... No,my behavior is not harmful. It’s actually quite mild compared to the behavior of most. And it’s im ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Preparing for 72 H fast   by lauray  6y   1,102  Fasting: General
    I have to write about my most vulnerable fear today, so it’s hard... First, I should state my purpose in writing. First: I am totally sincere. I do not appreciate rude responses -- many are not directly rude but I have to protest against abusive language -- ”crazy,” or similar... very unfair to post my blog here, too... I am setting down this detail re. my life so as to get clear and accountable about some long-standing problems. I said this at the outset: I was going to post until I ”got it.” I need to learn to fast, at length, healthily, the right way, since fasting will heal me. T ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Successfully Fasted 66 Hours!   by lauray  6y   1,097  Fasting: General
    Hi, Mydecember, ... Thanks for the message. It makes me feel good to have my posting appreciated. I really believe in the power of sharing in a safe forum. I think when a person states what is happening with him or her, this is always positive and starts the process to whatever solution is best for him/her. The solution bcomes clearer to the person when that person ”hears himself” or sees what s/he has written. Just being witnessed in this process sometimes helps more than any feedback or advice-giving since each one knows best, deep down, what is right for him. Others may react in ways ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: lauray: liver flush recipe   by lauray  6y   677  Fasting: Water
    thank you, l u l u. happy holidays - Lauray   [End]
  • Better Day Today: Day 19 of Lengthening Fasts   by lauray  6y   1,569  Fasting: General
    Well, yesterday was relatively bad (not bad compared to say 1 year ago but no longer acceptable!). Today is really better. After I posted yesterday I did an enema to ease the pain and bloating. This worked. As soon as I was done I realized in what agony I had been all day, and all through the time when I was writing my post yesterday. I was disappointed because I had up to this point, post-fast, avoided enemas. And -- truth: really I was just doing the enema to enable myself to slam down an evening food fix. I am going to be honest about this. I am saying it out loud here, because ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Made it throught the holiday on day 12 - Anyone end fast with Liver ...   by lauray  6y   758  Fasting: Water
    Go, Jason! Congratulations on 12 days! I like these flushes, too, though I am scared to do them. But I am interested. Where do you get the ’recipe’? I met someone once who did these kinds of flushes and recommended them. I am curious about them.   [End]
  • Post-fast update. DAY 18 of lengthening and keeping committed fasts   by lauray  6y   1,009  Fasting: General
    oof. I waited a good long time to eat today but it was not long enough and just after 1 pm I ate 600 cals. which is not TOO much but WAS too much for my body. I ate: one mango. 2 apples, small. 1/2 lime. few leaves baby greens. two 6-oz. packages raspberries. One medium/medium/large tomato. Hmmm. Too much, hunh? When I look at it, it really is. Probably more than 600 cals. I hurt. NO, it is NOT ”food combining.” It is COMPULSIVE OVEREATING. I really, truly, sincerely, and responsibly believe the science of foodcombining arose to enable compulsive overeating. I am bloated now - ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: 83 hours now   by lauray  6y   833  Fasting: Water
    Hey, Jason, thanks for your messages. It sounds to me like you are doing well and starting to develop an understanding of fasting for yourself! I hope you keep posting and getting well and discovering fasting. Happy Thanksgiving! Lauray   [End]
  • Re: Successfully Fasted 66 Hours!   by lauray  6y   1,325  Fasting: General
    Archus! ... Happy Thanksgiving! If you are American. Thanks for the nice reply! I appreciate that you congratulate me and your saying you feel for me. Yeah, I am finally able just a little bit to apply the kind of rationality you describe when I think of overeating. But it’s a breakthrough. It has taken years (decades) of work and suffering to get able to actually be present to and consider the thought process that leads me to overeat. I will eventually work through this thought process in posts here. The basic thought process that forces me into ovvereating is kind fo the same one tha ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Successfully Fasted 66 Hours!   by lauray  6y   1,259  Fasting: General
    Hurrah for me. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... I am going to record my progress because I know I am helping people. ... This 66 hours -- though a brief fast -- was significant for me because I have such an attachment to using food daily to repress my habitual feelings of loneliness, boredom, lack of engagement, depression. 66 hours is almost 3 days! So I learned/practiced coping skills to cope with almost 3 days away from my drug of choice, food! ... ... Even with such a comparatively short fast I have had healing effects. ... I feel emotionally more positive. I got some real ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Anya, I appreciate yr. posts. thanks. n/m   by lauray  6y   1,746  Fasting: General
    Anya, I appreciate yr. posts. thanks. n/m   [End]
  • Re: Day 3   by lauray  6y   925  Fasting: Water
    Jason, thanks for this very strengthening post! It was helpful for me to read about fasting being easy once one has ”made up one’s mind.” I think it bears elaborating on how exactly to ”make one’s mind up.” If you ever choose to write about this, know that I and many others will appreciate it! Thanks for your support for fasting as a healing modality that can help all (”’skinny’ or not”).   [End]
  • success in 66 h fast   by lauray  6y   1,032  Fasting: General
    no offense to all, but the ED discussion is way off topic, totally misses what is actually going on with me. Please, with respect, I ask you to just knock it off. ... ... I do appreciate your efforts to, at times, be gentle with me and respectful. thanks. But you are barking up the wrong tree and I must protest against the labeling ”ED” and so forth since I really, truly, FROM THE HEART believe that sort of labeling and language is ALWAYS damaging and certainly in my case not accurate.... people are ASSUMING that certain behavior is going on that isn’t or assuming risks are being taken that ...   [retrieve this message]
  • DAYS 1 - 14 of Lengthening Fasts: 66-Hour Fast!   by Lauray  6y   1,646  Blog: Lauray's New Fasting
    I have a day count now on being in a mode of lengthening my fasts. ... Finally I am succeeding in learning to fast at length, which will result in healing. (only -- perhaps not in the way I imagined!...   [End]
  • Re: This is the 21st century   by lauray  6y   1,951  Fasting: General
    With respect to all: you are not doctors or qualified to diagnose ED. I have never stated I had ED and do not have one. Secondly: I have definitely not been saying the same thing 19 months. I have made a lot of progress as I’ve posted here, especially recently. Many have noticed this and responded to me, both privately and on the forum. Thanks for keeping your future posts positive and respectful! Lauray ... ...   [End]
  • Succeeding! 66 Hour Fast   by lauray  6y   1,110  Fasting: General
    Just checking in again. Fasting until Tues. midday. Doing well. It’s not fun, exactly, but it is the right thing to do.   [End]
  • In 66 Hour fast, checking in   by lauray  6y   2,037  Fasting: General
    ...augh!!!!! I am so bored and so don’t want to do this. It is really difficult mentally-emotionally. I am checking to let off steam. Thanks. Lauray. ... P.S.:I am trying to start my novel about my food addiction/healing through fasting experience. THis is quite impossible as well. Aaaaaughh!! Help: any fellow-sufferers out there?   [End]
  • Re: Broke my water fast   by lauray  6y   880  Fasting: Water
    Hey, Chris, ... Thanks for responding! ... Have you come across anyone in your library who talks about the role of intestinal bacteria in fasting (bacteria in colon... and how fasting redresses colon bacterial balance)? ... I’m very interested in this. I think maybe Isabelle Moser or other Natural Hygienists said the large intestine is virtually sterile/bacteria-free? after a long fast. .. it leads me to believe you have to allow time for intestinal bacteria to grow back? THis isn’t so much for digestion as for elimination -- but elimination is so important, if the body is not to be poisoned, no? ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Broke my water fast   by lauray  6y   876  Fasting: Water
    Donn, I have just read this post of your on breaking fasts/ I am especially interested in this issue lately. I really intuitively agree that ”it takes longer than you would think” and that you really need to give the body time and a very light diet after a fast, be very slow and gentle. This is so hard! ... Do you have any further thoughts on this subject, advice on how to succeed in not overeating after fasting? I will e-mail this message, also, in case you don’t see it on the forum, but please publish any response on forum, too! I would like to see a discussion of the necessary dis ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Day 14 of Lengthening Fasts, In 66H Fast   by lauray  6y   525  Fasting: General
    Today is Sunday, and as of yesterday afternoon, I am in my fast of 66 hours -- almost 3 days. I will fast until Tuesday midday. This fast keeps my day count of lengthening fasts, since my last fast was 60 1/2 hours. So for 14 days now I have been in the mode of, in taking my regular, short fasts, fasting each time a little longer than the last fast. The point is that I will by degrees achieve the ability to fast longer and consequently with real healing accomplished. I will increase my lengths of fasts until I reach about 10 days and then just fast regularly according to the Paul Brag ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: This is for me!   by lauray  6y   957  Fasting: Water
    Rah, Rainy Day. I totally support you to fast and totally believe in fasting for what you are dealing with, whatever you or others choose to label it. I really, sincerely, soberly, responsibly believe this, after decades of reading, research, experience (though I struggle to fast long term myself, I know I will get there), interviewing, corresponding with fasters. Your posting this makes my day. Love, Lauray   [End]
  • Re: Day 11 of Keeping & Lengthening Fasts.Made 60.5H Fast   by lauray  6y   977  Fasting: General
    Hey, Rainy! ... Yeah, it finally is really happening for me. I still am not expressing myself as vulnerably/freely here on this particular forum, as I would like to, and THAT (self-expression) really is a key to healing for me; but look at me, I have an actual conversation going with you! This is progress just as my ability to push away the food today, a day when my body needs a rest/healing, is progress; and just as my finally-achieved ability to keep fasts I set out to take is progress. ... Thanks for the support on the novel. Yes. I would like it to be a best seller. I have an idea of re ...   [retrieve this message]
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