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  • Re: need new forum - Oxalic Acid by lightstream  17mo   1,217  Oxalic Acid  Ü C Ü  
    Thereís a world of difference. ... MMS tastes like Chlorine bleach to me. Itís taste is repulsive and ingesting a lot makes me want to vomit. ... ... Oxalic Acid is a natural component of many foods. Carrots, and chocolate are especially high in OA. Pure OA tastes like lemons. Itís tart, and sour. It also tastes like pure vitamin-C. ... ... I donít believe MMS is a natural component of any food. The bodyís selective faculties, which help the body to distinguish healthful from toxic substances, find OA much more pleasing than MMS. ... ... MMS: ... NaClO2 (sodium chlorite) ... must be activated... ... ... OA: ... C2 ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Headache caused by MOLD by lightstream  19mo   617  Help Me  Ü C Ü  
    Sounds familiar? Iím a Ētargeted individualĒ and itís the gangstalkers who aredvark doing the crime of mold-attack & itís much worse elephant.   [End]
  • Re: Dr. Bruess cancer diet by lightstream  19mo   1,456  Cancer Support  
    Iíve used the HART diet with interesting results. ... I go into more detail here ... ... I could feel the EMFs effect my kidneys while full of OA. Being depleted of citric acid intake (which the body can make on itís own) and B6 caused hemmoroids for me. ... ... I admit I was lifting extremely heavy weights & most people are probably not likely to get it, but I go into further details on the connection between the two & what the OA did for me, namely, give me great energy. ... ... I think Oa activates teh adrenals, which is great for lifting weights, but it should be ...   [retrieve this message]
  • need new forum - Oxalic Acid by lightstream  19mo   1,578  Oxalic Acid  Ü C Ü  
    Iíd like to be an admin for a forum about eating Oxalic Acid for health. ... ... Can this be set up? Iíd call the forum ĒOxalic AcidĒ. ...   [End]
  • Re: swollen, tender, scabbed bottom lip: What's the cure? by lightstream  4y   4,747  Peeling Lips  
    What has helped me the most, by far, is Burtís Bees Beeswax lip balm. Itís really amazing. All those vitamins did not fix it, but after putting BB on it, in 2 nights, my lip was like normal! What a change! The problem now is, when I eat beans & rice (both organic), the right side of my bottom, & now my top lip both swell up, but the BB balm keeps it from cracking and getting sores like it used to. This is obviously some sort of yeast connection here. ... ... The ingrediants in BBLB are very powerful, esp. the come-fr. I wonder which of these is doing the most good, Iíd like to eat a lot ...   [retrieve this message]
  • swollen, tender, scabbed bottom lip: What's the cure? by lightstream  4y   4,486  Peeling Lips  
    At first it looked like little white sores in the inner section of the bottom lip. The whole bottom lip is swollen. After taking Lysine, the sores have scabbed over. The crack in the center is still open a little. cannot smile w/out feeling the crack get worse. ... ... What do I need? ... this is what I have left to try? ... ... Namibia ... A&D ointment (baby section of drugstore, generic) ... Myrrh ... E ... coconut oil ... fish oil ... eve primrose ... ... all to pricey for me. open to suggestions.   [End]
  • Cottonseed oil in our bread supply now? by lightstream  4y   566  Diet & Nutrition  
    Since when did they start adding cottonseed oil in our breads that are available at the grocery store? ... ... I went shopping for my first loaf in a long while and MY GOSH! Every single loaf in the store had soybean oil in it! The breads made by Loweís grocery store even had the nerve to put Ēsoybean/cotton-seed oilĒ. ... ... Hello? Does anyone see a problem with that? ... ... After desperately looking through the pre-made buscuits, frozen waffles, cruiscants, and EVERYTHING else, I finally found some english muffins that did not have soybean oil in them! Thank God! The only other thing was the f ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Is it just Candida or Bacteria? by lightstream  4y   810  Candida Support  
    Based on my experience w/ how Niacinamide is obliterating my own candida issues, I suspect that candida might actually be a NUTRIENT DIFICIENCY. Vitamin B3 obliterates candida! Itís amazing! I do not know how it all works, but I know it does. I need to study up on B3 more.   [End]
  • Audio Embedded Re: Niacinamide "potent candida killer" new study.. / undecylenic acid ... by lightstream  4y   15,891  Candida Support  
    UPDATE: This niacinamide is just amazing. I have needed this for so many months! Iím so glad the op (waverly) posted info about this. ... ... I listened to this also: ... ... the show the op was talking about. ... ... Looks like the niacinamide has a cumulative effect, occording to what Byron says, and I can feel this happening in my mouth too. Iíd like to get ahold of some undicyclenic acid too, but itís not at our huge suppliment store. ... ... It looks like itís very hard to OD on Bís so Iím not concerned about ODing on this sup. I looked ... [Audio Embedded Here]   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Male Candida BLISTER question: tea tree oil vs. benzoyl peroxide cre... by lightstream  4y   2,438  Candida Support  
    Niacinamide & ubdiclyenic acid(SP?) ... ... So far, the best things that have worked for my candida is the niacinamide. Iím taking a Bís suppliment and wow, what a difference. If Iíve eaten some sugary stuff, I chew up a B capsule and put the paste on my lips & tongue & I can feel the candida being eaten away! What a huge difference it has made! I can finally eat whatever I want again! I take a lot of Bís internally, swallow the pills, and I know itís working systemically, internally, and I can tell thereís a difference and Iím so glad that curezone told me about the scientific studies ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: I really need help with this problem! PLEASE!!! by lightstream  4y   8,683  Bacterial Vaginosis  
    hydrogen peroxide, folic acid, acidophilus ...   [End]
  • Re: Iodine and poison ivy by lightstream  4y   2,909  Iodine Support  Ü C Ü  
    It did not work for mine. Seemed to make it worse. Getting out in the direct sun and sweating my butt off for many hours obliterates poison Ivy in 1 day for me.   [End]
  • Re: MMS Takes On Gum Disease by lightstream  4y   7,580  MMS Support  Ü C Ü  
    Thank you, congrats, & keep it up.   [End]
  • Re: Niacinamide "potent candida killer" new study.. / undecylenic acid ... by lightstream  4y   17,404  Candida Support  
    After reading this yesterday I bought some ĒSuper Vitamin B complex w/ b-12Ē from Schiff. ... ... It has niacinamide, 50mg per tablet, as well as many other Bís, biotin, pantothenic acid, dicalcium phosphate, d-calcium pantothenate, phosphorus, choline Bitartrate, inositol, paba, & L-Methionine! ... Wow, what a suppliment, half off, I paid $8.00. Itís yeast free. Anyways, so far Iíve taken 2 tablets and I can feel the candida melt away quickly in my mouth/tongue. Itís not completely gone, but thereís a big difference. I just ate some pasta, which should stir up the candida, but instead, my ...   [retrieve this message]
  • what's helped me by lightstream  4y   572  Toxic Mold  
    OK, when I HAD to live in a mold-infested place, this is what helped me: sleeping outside, preferably about 40 feet from the building, preferably away from dirt/soil/grass. In the middle of a big tarp, or in the back of my truck are great places to sleep. Then avoid the house at all costs. A 3M mold-grade respirator works good for using the bathroom... Breathing through a towel helps, but is not good enough. the 3M mask needs about 3 days to off-gas for real use. ... The ultimate solution is to move to a mold-free house. ... ... Best of luck to fellow sufferers. Sleeping outside is GREAT! ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Lung vitamin I was talking about,cora, areddiamond1, angel by lightstream  4y   615  Candida Support  
    If it tastes that bad, itís suppressive of the lungís elimination systems, thus making it appear as if the lung issue is all healed up. ... ... Food that heals & nurtures should not taste repulsive. Panella, the mexican melted sugar-cane juice, solidified and collected in the shape of cones, with all the minerals, no bleaching, in itís most natural form, tastes yummy and it helps the lungs produce massive buggars & snot to cough out whatever needs cleaning in them. It may take a while to clean them out. Iíve eaten 1 cone a day. It also protects. Itís not too pricey and available in most co ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: stress disorders - What's the solution? by lightstream  4y   1,759  News  Ü C Ü  
    Hereís the thing with that book. The author says, in a recorded interview that he teaches the techniques for free. I had the distinct impression that they could be found on the web. They are not on the web for free. You have to buy the book or the video. I got my library to buy the book. ... ... It takes a lot of self discipline & dedication to practice those exersizes every day for so long. Unlike yoga, you cannot really do them in public or at an airport. The one that causes shaking the easiest looks perverse. ... ... Does it work? Probably. I do not know for sure. Go to any major pet s ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Chemical Sensitivities Report - MCS by lightstream  4y   542  News  
    Axe Body Stray-dog is the worst. that crap can linger months in itís previous userís room. Itís noxious, & way too strong, but media hype has tricked this idiot younger generation that itís manly and sexy! What a load of bull crap. What a sad, sick generation. How lost. I like the idea of kicking out people because they are ignorant and indifferent to the needs of sensitives. Good for you. I only wear natural essential oils and they smell good and are less likely to cause head-ache. I ingest them too. MMMmm delicious. No way would I want to ingest that Assx Bloody Slay.   [End]
  • Re: Drinking Beetroot Juice May Help Lower Blood Pressure - Beets are GM... by lightstream  4y   2,832  News  
    Dont eat that GMO beet crap at the stores unless itís organic. Now that beets have gone GMO, I hear so much about how healing and detoxing they are all of a sudden, but you never hear the warning to buy only organic and that the beets at most stores are probably GMO. So, if you want your future generations born sterile, go ahead and juice it, but as for me, I say F the monsters who put GMO food out there and probably have a hand in promoting it as natural too. Iím not accusing this poster, but Iíve seen too much of this already. Warning people, Go to Jeffrey Smithís site now & learn wh ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: The BP Disaster Continues Despite the Cheerful Happy Talk by lightstream  4y   998  Gulf Oil Spill  Ü C Ü  
    I do not eat any seafood anymore, except for when Iím really craving pickled herring. Anyone who eats seafood without a very strong craving for it is really taking a very foolish gamble with their life, health, and the health of their progeny. I do not care what the media says. Who can trust the experts anymore? Not me, they are all just corporate whores. F them all to hell. Do you want to risk that crap in your body? Itís a fools gamble. Forget it.   [End]
  • Re: Cloned beef has now entered the food supply by lightstream  4y   732  News  
    Get a rope. I hope the British have enough decent people to march in to this manís home with rope in hand and take him out in the streets with cars in bats and demand the laws reflect the will of, not the corporations, but demand, and insist, unitedly, willfully, together, that their human dignity, and that of their children, and their respect for Godís creation, as God created it, not fools who think they can do better, before out childrenís children are born sterile, before things get worse, and they will only get worse if the fires are not forged in hell against the will of the wicked. ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Solutions To Help Maintain Healthy Blood Pressure Levels by lightstream  4y   1,056  News  
    Whatís this? Did he completely leave out drinking cloudy organic ACV daily for 3 weeks, or chelation? These 2 options are major!   [End]
  • Re: Ben & Jerry's 'natural' ice cream filled with unnatural ingredients by lightstream  4y   1,728  News  
    Iím not surprised. I used to buy them a lot because they were in a lawsuit with monoSatano for saying that their ice-cream did not have GMO or rgbh milk, or something to that effect & even though they lost, Iíd like to see a lot more guys out there stand up to the big M. ... ... But Iíve always been disappointed in the taste and texture of their ice-cream. Itís quite unfulfilling and unsatisfying, just as Bryerís has become, just as Hersheyís is, just as most all of them are. Finding a good ice-cream is very tough these days. Aldenís is very good, but needs extra sweetener added. I like ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Fifty Thousand Cured of Epidemic Nerve Disorder with Vitamin Supplem... by lightstream  4y   715  The Truth in Medicin  
    I want to know the ingrediants of this multi-vitamin. How much were they? Who made them? What fillers did they have, and what effect did they have? I need more info on this.   [End]
  • All you w/ tuberculosis: what foods do you crave? by lightstream  4y   746  Tuberculosis  
    Everyone w/ TB: What foods do you crave most? ... Go make some home-made tapioca pudding, eat it & share how good it tastes. ... ... What does Mullein do for you? ... ... What does Lobelia do for you? ... ... Google-picture-search ĒlobeliaĒ and look at itís flowers. How beautiful (1 to 10) do these flowers look to you? ... ... How bad is your TB?   [End]
  • MMS should be taken with 1:3 ratio for better taste. by lightstream  4y   1,165  MMS Support  
    MMS tastes much better if you use 1 drop MMS to 3 drops activator & therefore, 1:3 ratio is better than 1:5. Jim Humble had it wrong. The better formula is 1:3. Taste is a better indicator of what is good for oneís body than some authorityís professional prescription, because the sense of taste is what the good Lord gave us to tell whatís healthy and good for us, from what is not. Taste, smell, & sight... trust your God given senses. This is why I break open my vitamin pills. This is why Iím so concerned about our pathetic fruit & veggie supply at the store. Our food is not as good ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: MMS for tuberculosis? by lightstream  4y   1,780  MMS Support  
    I just drank +20 drops of activated MMS. As I drank the final 10th of the glass, I felt powerful inner-chills of spirit-energy. You know that feeling you get when you drink fresh-juiced whheat-grass juice? That one. ... ... Well, Iíll see what comes of it. ... ... Earlier I had 7 drops. My tongue is much improved. Iím looking fowoard to seeing everything clear up, and especially my voice to return, God Willing!   [End]
  • MMS for tuberculosis? by lightstream  4y   3,184  MMS Support  
    Iíve read that MMS cures TB, but I cannot find any testimonials or further info about this. ... ... Iím seriously considering taking some big doses of MMS, because I have to pass a physical so that I can get a decent-paying job and move out of my parentís mold-infested house and support myself. ... ... If the doctor puts that scope up to my lungs and hears all the chunks Iíve been coughing up for the past few months, it would make everything much worse. ... ... Does anyone know anything about MMS & TB? Also, Iíve lost my voice for the past month too, ever since I moved in to this mold-house, and als ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Soreness in mouth, & throat after ALA, Which supplements do I need? by lightstream  4y   1,512  Supplements Support  Ü C Ü  
    Laryngitis is a symptom of TB, which is caused by vaccines. All those chunks Iím caughing up could all be related. I was dx w/ TB a few years back. Latent form, based on X-Rays & skin test.   [End]
  • Soreness in mouth, & throat after ALA, Which supplements do I need? by lightstream  4y   1,912  Supplements Support  Ü C Ü  
    Which supplements do I need? ... I have tender/sore gums, inner-cheeks, on the mouth floor, roof, tongue, inner-lips, & throat. I have laryngitis and Iím often coughing up thick chunks of green stuff from my lungs. ... I have tried zinc, magnesium, B6, IP6, Inositol, Brewerís yeast, kelp, Cod liver oil, Vitamin C, and many strong anti-oxidants like ALA. ... ... This is what lead to this condition: I was working in a place with a leaky roof. The insulation was soaked and there was a huge pile of used clothes that just set there & got leaked on. Every day, at the end of the shift I would completely ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: My Iodine experience so far, voice-loss... by lightstream  4y   2,066  Iodine Supplementati  
    After 40 mins of the huge Iodine patch to my neck, I started to feel gross in my heart chakra and light-headed, so I knew it was time to take it off. There was no brown Iodine stain after I took it off, none at all. I took 2 kelp tablets along w/ the patch also. I feel spacy, but am confident Iíll be fine. cheers   [End]
  • My Iodine experience so far, voice-loss... by lightstream  4y   1,844  Iodine Supplementati  
    Iíve been taking about 6 caps of 300 mcg Iodine, bladderwrack, kelp a day, along w/ zinc & other suppliments and my voice seems to be getting worse. I often cough up thick slightly green chunks, appearantly from my lungs. Most days, Iíll take a chelation suppliment also, like EDTA or ALA. ... ... Just now, I put some provodone Iodine on my throat for the first time since my voice-loss many weeks ago and it immediately absorbed it all. I had to swab it about 12 times and each time it absorbed it all, until the very end. Now I finally have a bit of brownish coloring on my throat. I noticed t ...   [retrieve this message]
  • tongue sores on side of tongue by lightstream  4y   4,817  Liver Flush Support  Ü C Ü  
    Iíve never had a sore like this before. I only got it recently, after working in mold-mountain for the past few months, which also caused me to lose my voice. At first, my throat started to itch and hurt, but after taking plenty of Iodine, the itch went away, and now only my voice is damaged. I quit yesterday. ... ... The sore is on the right side, on the side, all the way back near my 1st molar. Itís 2 molars long and covers the entire side portion of the tongue. It is visibly raised with red ridges and there is one blister. ... ... According to chinese accupuncture, this indicates extreme Ēhe ...   [retrieve this message]
  • lost my voice, Iodine? by lightstream  4y   992  Iodine Supplementati  
    I worked at a charity with a leak in the roof and a huge mountain of used clothes that got leaked on to. ... ... At the end of every shift, I lost my voice. When I woke up, I could speak again, but not like before. ... ... Today, I just did not go to work. They need to fix the leak and get their stuff together, and their unwillingness to do so is insulting to all of their employees. ... ... I used to get a sore throat along w/ the voice-loss, but now that I take a bunch of Iodine, the soreness is gone, except when I do not take Iodine regularly. ... ... My voice is taking a while to recover, and it does n ...   [retrieve this message]
  • antioxidants cause tongue sores? by lightstream  4y   663  Chelation Support  
    cinnamon, ALA, EDTA, taking it regularly causes my tongue to get sores. Anyone else notice this? Could it be something about anti-oxidants working too fast?   [End]
  • Re: Husband's Stomach Pain by lightstream  4y   911  Rife  
    Iíd try: ... The Revolutionary Trauma Release Process: Transcend Your Toughest Times (Paperback) ~ David Berceli ... ... Appendicitis often begins near the belly-button w/ dull pains, and only later ends up at Burneyís point on the right, lower side, but Iím not one for surgery.   [End]
  • Re: Husband's Stomach Pain by lightstream  4y   937  Rife  
    Need more details. Where is the pain located? Above belly button? To the right? To the left? Near pubic bone? Is it sharp, or dull? 1 to 10 scale w/ 10 being unbearable. How often does it come & go? Are movements regular? Was he eating or doing something unusual right before it started? Any emotional trauma around that time? ... ... Take a good picture of his irises & post them. Need more info.   [End]
  • Headache caused by MOLD by lightstream  4y   2,832  Help Me  Ü C Ü  
    Has anyone actually solved their mold sensitivities? ... If so, let me know, greenLLLL a tyah 00. c0 m. ... ... Within the past few years, I have lived in one house after another with a leaking roof, or a previously leaking roof, with rotted through roofing lumbar. Often the rot smelled musty, but not always. My current residence does not smell at all, but there is a whole plywood sheet that is rotted through on the roof, and whenever it rains I get terrible headaches. I tried staying in my room and sealing off the door and vents and opening the windows, but all that did was make my headache wo ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: stress disorders - What's the solution? by lightstream  4y   2,031  News  Ü C Ü  
    I want to know how to do Dr. Berceliís stress/trauma relieving exercises. ... ... He says that he goes to war-torn countries and teaches many people who have gone through traumatic experiences these exercises for free, but I have not been able to find how to do these exercises anywhere online. Does one have to move to Croatia to learn how to do these exercises? If you know how, can you message me? Iíd like to see if they work, and if they do, Iíd buy the book. Iíve already lost enough money on other stuff that has not worked.   [End]
  • Re: stress disorders - What's the solution? by lightstream  4y   2,011  News  Ü C Ü  
    How do you do these exercises? ... ... Thereís one where you put your feet facing each other and lift your abdomin in the air and tremble, but what are the others? There are 7 major ones, right?   [End]
  • Re: stress disorders - What's the solution? by lightstream  4y   1,997  News  Ü C Ü  
    Iíve tried BSFF, EFT, NEAT, energy healings, you know, all that stuff thatís supposed to fix the PTSD-type gastro-pain issues. Years later, itís still there, so whatís the REAL solution?   [End]
  • Pollen allergies? by lightstream  4y   1,168  Allergies & Intolera  
    Who has especially bad allergies to pollen this year?   [End]
  • Re: Monsanto Under Investigation by Seven US States by lightstream  4y   839  News  
    This is not enough. Not nearly enough. Monsanto represents one of the greatest dangers to mankindís future on earth and these states are foccusing on such minor incidental concerns.   [End]
  • Re: This is what cured my Anxiety and everything else by lightstream  4y   1,164  Anxiety  
    Iím sceptical about this, having not gone through it myself, however, Iíll try anything I can afford, which is not much at the moment. ... ... How much does his service cost? Do you believe in it enough to put your money where your mouth is? Iíd consider trying it. Iíve just already paid for so many things that were supposed to work but ultimately did not keep the pain away for longer than a few weeks.   [End]
  • Re: Xylitol by lightstream  4y   3,038  Candida Support  
    It was the Xylitol. Raw milk + cane-sugar had no bad effects. Xylitol gave me some serious diahreah. Was it a healing crisis? I do not know. I did not see any white candida stuff.   [End]
  • Re: Xylitol by lightstream  4y   3,054  Candida Support  
    I ate a lot of xylitol & raw milk recently and Iím having diarhea ALOT. I feel tired. I have had serious yeast problems and wonder if itís die-off as the roots are getting hacked. Iím in the middle of moving. I need help. This is tough. Is it the raw milk, or the xylitol? not sure   [End]
  • Raw Milk Diarrhea by lightstream  4y   1,009  Saraís Soup Kitchen  
    I drank a gallon of raw milk yesterday and 1/3 gallon this morning. It was a slightly fermented in to butter-milk. It tasted delicious and smelled good. ... ... My stomach has been squishing and sqirming and making noises and gurggling, and Iíve been having diarrhea a few times a day! Lots of brown water just pours out. The first few times it stuck bad, but now it smells mostly like water. Even as I type I hear my tummy rumbling. ... ... If this stuff is supposed to be healthy for me, why is my body getting rid of it so quickly? ... ... I feel good from it. I feel like the milk energizes my cha ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Remember when BANANAS tasted right? by lightstream  4y   933  Diet & Nutrition  
    When did it even change? How long has it been since bananas were a deliciously satisfying food? ... ... Now, they may look yellow on the outside, but they taste green. Even the organic bananas are tasteless. ... ... Were bananas always picked green, shipped to the US, gassed so they would appear edible and have yellow skin, and presented at the grocer? ... ... Even the browner bananas often just taste like very old green bananas. ... ... Was it 13 years ago? 15? when bananas could be consistently bought from the store, and the majority of them tasted very satisfying and delicious? ... ... I do not know if ...   [retrieve this message]
  • ANYONE? Oily white sheen on surface of toilet water by lightstream  4y   2,568  Bowel Cleanse Suppor  
    Guys, is it just me? I have not noticed this before. Whenever I take dump, I notice this oily sheen floating on top of the surface of the toilet bowl water. Iíve been eating a lot of antioxidants lately, and I was wondering if that had something to do w/ it. Anyone else notice anything like this? It could easily be candida, as it seems whitish in color & like mucous, and it floats on the surface of the water.   [End]
  • day 26, anyone else still water fasting for a while? by lightstream  4y   1,210  Fasting: Water Only.  
    Day 26: ... ... My tongue is really detoxing. Iíve started scraping it w/ a knife. It helps, but often it tastes gross. I cannot clean it very far back or I really dry heave. ... ... Iíve figured out that when my weight gets below a certain point, my body getís much more sensitive to toxins, especially inhaled toxins. ... ... By breathing cleaner air, Iím able to keep the headaches... under control. ... ... I no longer really desire food all that much, not like I used to, not in the past few days anyways. ... ... ... ... ... I hope this is truly healing me. I have not had a movement in about a week, and then a we ...   [retrieve this message]
  • I've reached my minimum weight threshold. by lightstream  4y   729  Fasting: Water Only.  
    This has always happened in the past. Whenever I go on a long fast, or a healthy diet/exercise regime, once I come near 205 lbs, my body starts getting very bad headaches and feeling like it has the flu. Wow, itís day 24 & Iíve gone from around 241 lbs this Christmas to 206 lbs in 24 days. Thatís a weight-loss of 35 lbs in 24 days, however I must admit that I did weigh myself after I got out of the dry sauna. Only $10 for a day at the gym which includes a dry-sauna. What a bargain! ... ... My fast will certainly be coming to an end soon, cause these headaches can get strong, and only get w ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Heavy mold, acidic condition, is spa ok w/ water fasting day 22? Sa... by lightstream  4y   1,612  Fasting: Water Only.  
    Went to the sauna. Sweated, drank plenty of water. Feel OK, but the slight mold-headache is still present. It does not hurt, but it lets me know itís there. Looking for a massage therapist now. NONE of them take drop-ins. What a pain in the rear. Are the 7+ massage therapists in this small town really so booked that they all require appointments, or are they all too lazy to stay in their store and greet walk-ins as they walk in the door? I do not need a MT 2 days from now. My body is detoxing now. Thatís got to be a great job to have. Play all day until you get a phone call & the ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Heavy mold, acidic condition, is spa ok w/ water fasting day 22? by lightstream  4y   1,617  Fasting: Water Only.  
    My apartment got heavily moldy again, and Iím feeling headaches, chills & weakness. I feel guided to believe that my system is overly acidic and needs a ĒspaĒ treatment. Whatever that is. Itís frustrating working w/ guidance sometimes, but Iím guessing itís a sauna, or hot-water treatment. Is a steam-sauna OK to do when on the 23rd or 24th day of fasting? I really do not know. Maybe massage? I need help detoxing now. My yearnings for swine are gone. I got bigger fish to fry :)   [End]
  • swine by lightstream  4y   452  Fasting: Water Only.  
    Of all the foods Iíve eaten, 1 food Iím craving a lot right now, more than the others. not cheesecake, not lasagnia, not ice-cream, no... Just BBQ. BBQ spare-ribs are so tasty, esp the ones at the chinese buffet. Sweet baby Rayís sauce is so good w/ BBQ. Pulled pork butt is so tasty. I just love it. :)   [End]
  • Re: Starting 40 day water fast today! by lightstream  4y   795  Fasting: Water Only.  
    Hunger is a cakewalk compared to the awful feeling of constant detoxing. Iíve never used drugs. Drank 1 swallow of beer, never smoked, and Iím feeling so awful on day 22. Iím wondering if the fast is even working. Long after the 3rd day, the desire for delicious foods still draws at me. I can smell my neighbors meal from 3 apartment buildings down. I wish I had more certainty that this long suffering is actually worth it. I have a giant cell-phone tower 3 blocks down, and my water tastes increasingly awful, and I wonder if how much these are interfering with the whole process. It w ...   [retrieve this message]
  • day 19 by lightstream  4y   1,143  Fasting: Water Only.  
    my dreams are inspiring me to keep on, or at least trying to. My heart chakra feels so sick, I try to vomit, but nothing comes out. Last night I had a headache. I did not know if it was the mold in my apartment or the fast. Had dreams about some parasite trying to get in through the air. My body has further to go. ... ... Been reading Braggís book on fasting. It says no more than up to 10 days w/out a supervisor, but it can be alternated w/ a clean non-meat diet, like, 10 days eat, 10 days fast, on & off again. He said it took him 2 years of this to overcome his TB. Thatís one hell of a ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Water Fast for Cancer? by lightstream  4y   3,729  Fasting: Water Only.  
    This site says that it can be cured in 1 month, but TB takes 3 months! I hope TB is not harder to cure than cancer or I could be in real trouble! 3 months of fasting! How will I survive? 3 months ainít happening any time soon. ...   [End]
  • Re: Extremely painful urination ! Advice from Chris ? by lightstream  4y   3,344  Fasting: Water Only.  
    We are in similar, but not quite the same situations. My urination problems occurred about 5 or 6 days of water fasting as well, then I stopped it immediately by drinking OJ, then started the water fast again and another 6 days later, the same urination problem popped back up. I wrote about it here if youíre interested. ... ... What I did was switch water purifiers, and drinking-water sources, as well as incline my futon. It seemed to have helped. ... ... I raised part of my futon so that I sleep on an inclined plane. My head being higher, and my feet being lower. Just a few inches seemed to ma ...   [retrieve this message]
  • I'm peeing out mercury by lightstream  4y   2,074  Fasting: Water Only.  
    I know this is hard to believe & I wouldnít believe it if I hadnít seen it with my own two eyes. ... ... This is absolutely amazing guys! ... ... I do not know what exactly is going on with my whole urination thing. For past 2 or 3 days, I feel like I can pee normally in the day time, but after 8pm or so, I feel like my bladder is painful, like itís full or something, and I have to pee every few minutes, and usually the pee comes out in small amounts, sometimes just a few drops. Yet, I usually sleep through the night fine & wake up fine. ... ... OK, so, since I had to go so often, I kept a clear glass ...   [retrieve this message]
  • day 14: Prostate is very swollen again by lightstream  4y   2,748  Fasting: Water Only.  
    Iíve finally made it to day 14. This is the minimum that some books say is required to cure appendicitis. ... ... At day 6, my prostate swelled, so I drank OJ for a day. ... ... Now, at day 13 & 14, my prostate is swollen again. I have to pee every 5 minutes, but sometimes nothing comes out & other times, a few drops if I push hard. The whole white, my bladder feels full. ... ... I intend to tough it out. I want to see this healing crisis through. ... ... By the way, I read that this is a rare ocurence during a water fast, but it does happen. ... ... I finally have a thick, yucky coating on my tongue. ... ... ... I ...   [retrieve this message]
  • day 12 by lightstream  4y   1,167  Fasting: Water Only.  
    Day 12 of water fast, w/ one day in between of OJ to fix the swollen prostate. ... ... I have a very difficult time just lying still and doing nothing. I hope this is not essential for detox/healing. ... ... The main thing I do to not be bored is read stuff from the PC, or listen to audio books. ... ... Needless to say, Iím hungry :) but Iím glad to still be fasting if it can heal my TB... ... ... My biggest fasting-symptom is a feeling of a strong acid in my stomach that seems to rise in my throat sometimes. I do not quite feel like vomiting, but I feel it. Itís almost as if it was in my throat, near my ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Fasting, day 10, too do daily enema or not? Is it TB or appendicitis or... by lightstream  4y   2,111  Ask Barefoot  
    Day 10 of water fast w/ 1 OJ day on day 6 to get rid of the very swollen prostate. ... ... How does one get clean air today? My guess is that the only place to find clean air anymore is in the high seas, or wear a good air-filter. Thatís a shame too, cause I need clean air for my TB. I can feel it especially now. ... ... Whoever said the hunger goes away after day 3 was wrong. It does not go away for me. Itís still going strong. Of all the foods Iíd like to eat, my favorite is a good old American breakfast w/ omelette, sausage, bacon, cheese, & my favorite, waffles w/ butter & lots of real ma ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Is this a healthy way to waterfast? Lay still all day w/ eyes close... by lightstream  4y   1,088  Fasting: Water Only.  
    Day 10 of water fast w/ 1 OJ day on day 6 to get rid of the very swollen prostate. ... ... Clean air, My guess is that the only place to find clean air anymore is in the high seas, or wear a good air-filter. Thatís a shame too, cause I need clean air for my TB. I can feel it especially now. ... ... Whoever said the hunger goes away after day 3 was wrong. It does not go away for me. Itís still going strong. Of all the foods Iíd like to eat, my favorite is a good old American breakfast w/ omelette, sausage, bacon, cheese, & my favorite, waffles w/ butter & lots of maple-syrup. Could that be wh ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Is this a healthy way to waterfast? Lay still all day w/ eyes closed? by lightstream  4y   1,184  Fasting: Water Only.  
    Read this page for more info: ... ... ... It says that the superior water fast involves lying still, all day, with eyes closed, meditating & praying, as much as possible. No enemas. ... ... Iíve read a similar thing in an old naturepath book. ... ... But other books say to take a daily enema & just take it easy. I like using my PC when fasting, or watching movies, but maybe this laying still w/ eyes closed & meditating fast is better.   [End]
  • Re: Sick! by lightstream  4y   611  Fasting: Water Only.  
    Yeah, great posts. Great way to quickly get rid of toxins when the other pathways might not be 100% clear. Glad you feel batter. How long were you sick?   [End]
  • End of 5 or 6 day water fast. whoa, prostate swollen big, now doing jui... by lightstream  4y   712  Fasting: Water Only.  
    I finally bit the bullet & did a 5 or 6 day water fast. Last night I told my body ĒYou can turn up the volume tonight & tomorrow & do some serious detoxing, even if it hurts.Ē Well, I woke up early w/ my prostate swollen big. I know this, cause I really had to pee. It hurt, but only some drops would come out at a time, then 10 minutes later, some more drops would come out. It was painful, BUT, I remember being in this same situation a few years ago. I used to have to wake up 2 or 3 times a night to pee. ... So, to put an end to it, at the end of the day, I bought some oranges, and now I ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: What affects our personality, diet or attitude ? by lightstream  4y   1,478  The Truth in Medicin  
    Personality, diet, attitude ... I met a woman who ate a lot of foods like Cheezy puffs, boxed artificial mac & cheese... Very few veggies & fruits. She was literally scitzophrenic & psychotic. She had a terrible temper, stole, lied, made threats, used people... She had 4 kids & abandoned 3 of them. She was slightly overweight. ... ... One of the nicest people I know, happens to eat very healthy foods. ... ... My Momís side of the family, which is quite kind, friendly, and holds good job positions, eats mostly healthy foods, but also eats plenty of icecream, pasteurized milk... ... ... Same for my Fath ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: The Overlooked Cancer Cure From Japan (inositol hexaphosphate - IP6) by lightstream  4y   4,135  The Truth in Medicin  
    Iíve been eating a lot of these IP6 & inositol pill and Iíve noticed about 3 to 4 very large bowel movements a day. Usually, itís more like 1 or 2 medium movements, but this supplement seems to really be drawing stuff out.   [End]
  • Headaches & Stopped-up nose only at NIGHT. Mold, & night-time detox of ... by lightstream  4y   2,223  Ask CureZone  
    Iím finding that I feel fine in my apartment during the day, even if I stay in here all day long, but when night-time comes, my nose starts to run alot, and then my nose just gets stuffed up to the point that I cannot breath through it. Eventually, Iíll get bad headaches. Cold makes the headaches strong and brings them on quickly, but ONLY AT NIGHT does any of this happen. ... If I go outside, where itís even colder, I feel better. If I take a hot bath, I feel better. If I turn the heat on so that Iím fairly warm at night, my nose still runs and stops up, but the headaches are not nearly ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: The Overlooked Cancer Cure From Japan (inositol hexaphosphate - IP6) by lightstream  5y   5,095  The Truth in Medicin  
    Bill Sardi is a real Gem & I wish I had his book. Iím going out to get some IP6 right now! ... ... OK, I bought some. Not too pricey with this ĒWhole Foods Premier FormulaĒ generic store-brand. ... ... It features w/ calcium magnesium phytate, IP-6, and Inositol. ... ... calcium magnesium phytate, and the IP-6 that comes from it, apparently comes from rice-bran. ... Inositol comes from nuts and bran also, so itís probably not extracted from the massed-produced garbage-foods out there, unless of course, theyíve gotten to our rice without warning anyone, which is highly possible. ... ... Unfortunately, like mo ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Unable to perform coffee enemas to ascending colon. Why? by lightstream  5y   2,287  Cancer Support  Ü C Ü  
    Iíve taken 15 minutes to drain the enema bag. I have never been able to fill the bag completely full. I have only been able to fill it 2/3 full and empty it all in my colon, whether water or coffee. Normally, I only feel major cramping when I get the coffee in the ascending colon, unless the flow is too fast. ... ... Thanks for the info.   [End]
  • Unable to perform coffee enemas to ascending colon. Why? by lightstream  5y   2,770  Cancer Support  Ü C Ü  
    I have had pain in my lower-right quadrant for a few years. At one time it seemed to be appendicitis, but later I could feel it from my gall-bladder on down to my perinium, all on the right side of the body. ... ... I tried doing a coffee enema, but as soon as the coffee made it to the ascending colon, I felt an urgency to get it out of my colon fast, like major cramping & such. This happens every time I do a full coffee enema. Iím not sure if just doing a coffee enema on just my sigmoid & descending colon would be enough to clean out the liver. I am unable to perform a full coffee enema ...   [retrieve this message]
  • $50 cancer marker test? Where? by lightstream  5y   1,214  Cancer Support  
    I heared from a great author that there is a test one can get for $50 to see how much cancer a person has. He said you just go to a clinic. They take a sample and send it off to a lab, and they send you the results. Where can I take this test? Iíve seen such tests for $100, but not for $50.   [End]
  • Re: Hydrotherapy with a hot-tub and a swimming pool by lightstream  5y   766  Ask Barefoot  
    Thank you.   [End]
  • Hydrotherapy with a hot-tub and a swimming pool by lightstream  5y   779  Ask Barefoot  
    Whatís the best way to go about doing hydrotherapy with a bromine-disinfected hot-tub and an outdoor underground salt-disinfected swimming-pool? ... ... Itís very cold outside, so the pool water is probably around 48 F, and the hot-tub can be adjusted. ... ... Iíd like to jump in completely and get the water over my head. I hope I do not pass out from shock or something. This should be very intense. I have access to these facilities just for a few days. Is it OK to do it day after day for as long as my body feels up to it?   [End]
  • Re: Second Advent by lightstream  5y   583  
    How many times as Christ returned already while you guys slept and continue to sleep? ... ... Those clouds can be a bit obscuring, eh?   [End]
  • Re: Primal Diet and Liver Cleanse by lightstream  5y   1,015  Liver Flush Support  
    Thatís amazing dude. Thanks for sharing. Keep it up. Have you been on the primal diet for long? Are you doing the whole thing including 25% veggie juice, fruits & raw meats & raw milk?   [End]
  • Re: Anyone care to chip in their two cents at Yahoo Answers? by lightstream  5y   754  Ask Tony Isaacs  
    Likewise, joining their alternative health chatroom was like an episode from freaksville! A lot of Yahooís social features are psyops, just like most other sites that get any traffic.   [End]
  • Re: Lost and Lonely, I need understanding friends to talk to by lightstream  5y   1,177  Body Odor  
    Hang in there. Pray and seek answers. Iím trying Louis Kuhneís friction baths and steam baths at the moment. Very powerful.   [End]
  • Re: AIDS truth exposed: Un-cut exclusive footage from House of Numbers by lightstream  5y   4,018  News  Ü C Ü  
    Did he not say that African women need to work on their genital hygiene? ... WTF?   [End]
  • Re: Controlled Demolition Economic Collapses by lightstream  5y   799  Conspiracy Theories  
    They always have to tag that dang moloch owl at the end... Your moloch, and the rest of em will be crushed, just as Muhammed crushed them before. False gods only have reality and power in the minds of the fools who worship them, but they will realize their powerlessness eventually. Thereís only one God. :)   [End]
  • Re: My Son by lightstream  5y   1,422  Abuse Physical/Emoti  
    Patricia Evans has some books on Ēabusive relationshipsĒ, and Ēcontrolling peopleĒ. Great books, well written. They teach a person the tactics that are used, why, and how to protect oneself. The info is helpful. ... ...   [End]
  • Re: gee, this sounds cereal! HUH? by lightstream  5y   974  Ask Trapper  
    Very Cereal. ... ... Um, what exactly am I reading here? ... I hope that the world has come together to stop the madness, and thatís what it seems like, but this is not presented in the most coherent format. Many words are used Iíve never seen before, & my vocab is not small. Iíd like to see a summary of what exactly is happening. This is the first time Iíve heard anything about Chinaís lien, but my only news source is CZ, so, I have no idea what lies & half truths are terrorizing the masses these days. Glad to have this new website source of info though. This & the pak news source w/ the dow ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Severe side effects with Cutler Protocol, please help! by lightstream  5y   11,672  Chelation: Cutler  
    I like the idea of going natural and cheap also, which is why Iím considering: Modifilan, zeolite, the affordable liquid zeolite at, chlorella. ... The products recommended by Jim Careyís wife have a lot of testimonials, google ĒGeneration RescueĒ. Many recommended products in the $100 price range. ... ... I was just considering today purchasing some human-grade zeolite to eat w/ my food. Few testimonials though. Of course, one could go wild & try cat-litter, or aquarium filter zeolite, but thatís a big gamble, cause I read that the toxic form of zeolite is often mixed in with th ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: A man & woman move to a deserted island,how many are there? by lightstream  5y   1,044  Conspiracy Theories  
    Good point, anyone else get it? Itís all about tense.   [End]
  • Re: White rice in mouth? Worms? Help! by lightstream  5y   3,235  Parasites Support  
    I get the stuff when Iím cleansing/detoxing also. Iím glad when it comes up, cause I figure itís a sign my body is detoxing, same for pimples & visible parasites being expelled. ... ... Iíd keep up whatever I was doing if it was me. ... ... They sometimes smell really bad, especially if you squish it. Sometimes you have to make that loogy-throat-scratch noise to caugh them up. ... ... I imagine itís the tonsils throwing out toxins from the lymph, but thatís a wild guess. Could also be sinus discharge, esp with all the toxins in the air...   [End]
  • Re: Help My Partner Can't Orgasm by lightstream  5y   2,479  Sex  Ü C Ü  
    Did he use pr0n before meeting you? Still use it at all?   [End]
  • Re: Healing myself inside conflicts by lightstream  5y   2,935  Spirituality  Ü C Ü  
    EFT may help plenty of people. The videos are quite convincing, however, after many days of many hours of EFT tapping & work on various aspects, I did not see any lasting improvements with my issues. Try BSFF   [End]
  • Re: Paleo diet is sick by lightstream  5y   2,031  Paleo Diet  
    Most people start it because itís known to improve health. ... ... From what I hear, the tastes and textures are eventually enjoyed. ... ... Some eat raw meats because it satisfies in ways other foods do not. ... ... It seriously build muscle fast.   [End]
  • Re: My CS batch developed an unpleasant metallic taste by lightstream  5y   1,870  Colloidal Silver  
    Most of the batches I make have that taste. I recon I need to stir it more as itís being made. Not sure.   [End]
  • Re: ????????????? - n/m by lightstream  5y   1,263  Ask Trapper  
    I understand man. Youíd be lucky if searching your place is all they do. Gangstalking is some really sick stuff. Psychic attacks are pretty bad too. ... They are good at what they do. ... Itís all about terrorizing, only, the oneís in charge are the only real terrorists, and they are terrorizing free thinkers. Itís all about intimidation and psychological torture. Trust in God. I understand. I do not think you are crazy. Wish you the best.   [End]
  • Parasite poop after taking iodine by lightstream  5y   518  Ask Trapper  
    Itís been a while since Iíve had one of these, actually, it was a few months ago when I did a liver flush that was the last time I had a parasite poop, and even then, it was just a few liver flukes. ... ... Well, I recently decided to take your advice and get some iodine. It was only about $5 for a bottle of kelp extract at the local health-food store. I took 9 drops this morning, and I was feeling very high after I rode my bike to the market. Eventually though, I had a sore-eyes-headache, which I usually have when detoxing. So I had a normal firm bowel movement an hour ago, and it was fine ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: OK. When the economy collapses what is the safest country to live in? by lightstream  5y   7,787  Conspiracy Theories  
    Yes, you are right, but I do not quite understand the code-level. Iíve experienced the astral level a few times many years back, but it seems that this is different. ... ... I remember a man, Ian?, wrote a lot about how to have precognitive lucid dreams, and thus create waking-reality in the dream-world, at will, and he said it was even possible to do it while awake. I think Ian Wilson. Fascinating stuff. He has proof too. Wonder what ever happened to him. ... ... Yeah, but these agents do seem to be controlling things at that level, or at least attempting to. They will not succeed, ultima ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: OK. When the economy collapses what is the safest country to live in? by lightstream  5y   7,961  Conspiracy Theories  
    It might be possible to hide in the large areas of uninhabited national forests, deserts, frozen-lands, and rain-forests, to live with the natives as they do, if they will have you. A community is required. No man is an island. We need human interaction. The natives know how to live off the grid and without money. There was a tribe living, hiding in the woods of America, and were only discovered relatively recently, but they did not fare well in hiding for so man generations. ... Currently, my plan is to stay informed. I see people wearing dust-masks sometimes. About 1 in 1000 people ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Does MMS remove fluoride in drinking water? by lightstream  5y   3,652  MMS Support  
    Hereís an easy experiment. Go to a nearby tree. Make sure itís not toxic in any way, and grab a small branch with several leaves or pine-needles on it and soak it in your hot bath water until the water is cool enough to take a bath in. ... ... Just join the branch with the bath water, scrub real good, use soap, and filter the bathwater when it goes down the drain with a washcloth or scotch-brite. After it all goes down, remove the branch. What do you see at the bottom of the tub? ... ... Notice any difference in the itchiness of your scalp or the rest of your body? ... ... I theorize that the fl ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: the world map according to americans by lightstream  5y   1,876  Ask Trapper  
    That was so cure. Thanks for sharing.   [End]
  • Video Embedded Re: Funkiest song ever?? by lightstream  5y   556  Ask Trapper  
    ...or by lying, sneaking carpetbaggers with an obvious OR secret íagendaí... ... ... not binding upon me, nor is it binding upon any other who chooses to refuse it. ... ... Thus (or something similar ... [Video Embedded Here]   [End]
  • Re: The Eye of the Storm-Why we dont fight back by lightstream  5y   632  Ask Trapper  
    We dont fight back because we are programmed not to defend ourselves in highscool. Does anyone else remember being told that if you hit back, you will both be punished? ... ... They tell you that if youíre jumped, run, do not defend yourself, or you will get arrested, and suspended, along with the bullys. ... ... Actually, how many teachers (authority position) have brow-beaten down a student who stands out of line, while the student has no recourse, but to let the teacher humiliate and mock them in front of the whole class? ... ... Mean teachers and mean PE coaches get away with dire insults every day, ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: I do not know if will help, but you may want to think about and try ... by lightstream  5y   3,490  Iodine Supplementati  
    Ēwell, I had been on a mostly raw diet the previous month or so and actually feeling pretty good on that otherwise.Ē ... ... bingo, me too. I was eating very healthy, and mostly raw. Being mostly raw, I ate a lot of almonds, because they have calories, when a lot of raw foods are not as satisfying, unless you eat raw meat/dairy. Maybe I should have sprouted the almonds first. But that is when the attack happened. Almonds are a very healing food, especially when I was using them, before the damned FDA forced ĒpasturizationĒ on them. ... ... I had recently done the master cleanse too. My exwife ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: If I'm going to have sex for the first time with a new guy...... by lightstream  5y   601  Ask CureZone  Ü C Ü  
    Sex before marriage is sin.   [End]
  • Image Embedded Finally, an Organic Ice Cream that's worth the price by lightstream  5y   461  Diet & Nutrition  
    Oh my God! I have been fruitlessly searching, buying one brand after another. All the organic ice-cream Iíve tried, out of so many brands, let me down, big-time. I KNEW there was something missing. ... ... Am I the only one that can recall a time when ice-cream was actually satisfying deep down and delicious? ... ... For the past few years, it all seemed so empty and missing that deep satisfying fullness. ... ... Well, I just tasted the best, BEST, icecream Iíve had in years. Aldenís Organic Ice Cream (vanilla bean). ... ... ... ... [Image Embedded Here]   [End]
  • Re: Really Mercury Toxic Girl Needs Help!! by lightstream  5y   3,532  Chelation: Cutler  Ü C Ü  
    Iíve been looking for a good mercury detox also. Itís so hard to tell whatís effective with all the misinformation agents out there, however, Jim Careyís wife has one of the best resources out there: ... ... ... Iíd love to get my hands on that PCA-RX, and some NCD. ... ... TD-DMPS (not IV), looks the most promising to me, but requires a doctorís prescription. What Iíd like to see is an online doctor who will scan in a subscription for TD-DMPS and send it in email for $10. He could really do the world a favor, but you know the AMA would probably knock down ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Gold coin grass powder -- where to buy? by lightstream  5y   4,469  Liver Flush Support  
    That looks like a bargain if itís good product. How much is it to ship it to the US? That could add more. ... ... Hereís another. ... ... ... Wish they sold the stuff locally, but itís hard to find anything of the highest value at ANY local health-food store, no matter how big.   [End]
  • Re: taste change from MMS by lightstream  5y   1,160  MMS Support  
    When you take high doses like that, the stuff permeates your body. Itís constantly evaporating from the sweat glands. You can smell it, taste it, and feel it all the time. Itís quite unique in that way. I have not noticed water tasting differently, but Iíve noticed tasting it all the time.   [End]
  • Re: Anyone know what these parasites are for sure? by lightstream  5y   1,317  Parasites Support  
    The description of a slug, and the shape of the one on the bottom, both remind me of #s 1, 2, and 3. ... ... ... They are translucent, but slightly brown. The top looks almost jagged, like it was ripped off, and the bottom is very smooth, as if it was attached to the intestinal wall, like a slug attached to a big leaf. It looks like the habaneros were involved in getting both of ours out, but the other things may have had something to do w/ it too.   [End]
  • Re: Stimulating a woman by lightstream  5y   1,512  Sex  
    Oh my God! LOL, I was really confounded with that link you gave me, but now I realize why it had so many negative reviews! ... ... That book whoís bad reviews you mentioned is called ĒHow to please a Man!Ē by the same author. The book I had recommended was ĒHow to please a Woman every time, and have her beg for moreĒ ... ... It got great reviews. ... ... Everyone knows how to please a man. Thatís a given. No wonder it got such bad reivews ;)   [End]
  • Re: Video On Eating Raw Meat for Health & Strength by lightstream  5y   2,007  Diet & Nutrition  Ü C Ü  
    Ēthe sound effects creeped me out. otherwise, i liked it. i have never eaten cows tongue. do you eat the ouside of it or just the inside muscle?Ē ... ... I eat what my gums can handle. Raw meat is very tough. I find that the inner meat is often easier to chew, and the outer tongue can be like leather. ... ... Can you tell me more about what about the sound effects creeped you out? How exactly did it make you feel? Was it the very high pitches? Dr. Tomatisí teachings on sound healing has some fascinating insights in to that. I wont be offended. Iím glad you are commenting honestly. Itís hard ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Is Candida contagious? by lightstream  5y   1,066  The Candida Expert  
    Iím somewhat certain itís contagious through anal sex.   [End]
  • Re: I do not know if will help, but you may want to think about and try ... by lightstream  5y   3,642  Iodine Supplementati  
    When my appendix was leaking and I could barely walk upright, I tried many things, but the one thing that significantly made a big difference was drinking a ĒsampleĒ-sized bottle of Tunguska Blast. ... ... After I downed that, a lot of nuts, like almonds, came gushing out my rear, and after they left me I felt much better, except for the much less severe dull-pain that is still with me every now & then. ... ... Were you cleansing or doing anything out of the ordinary when the appendix pain appeared? Going through anything emotional with a spouse or parents?   [End]
  • Re: Warning by lightstream  5y   1,460  Liver Flush Support  Ü C Ü  
    & a warning to you. Taking iron supplements, as well as not absorbing it well is a very serious thing. If it was my body, Iíd get & read ĒThe Iron TimebombĒ. At least look in to it. Iím not affiliated with it or anything else.   [End]
  • Video Embedded Video On Eating Raw Meat for Health & Strength by lightstream  5y   2,122  Diet & Nutrition  Ü C Ü  
    ... ... [Video Embedded Here]   [End]
  • Re: Stimulating a woman by lightstream  5y   1,944  Sex  
    Ē.....showing that youíre the man, youíre in charge, you have control ............... It works too, no manipulation of the clit required.Ē ... ... Thatís pretty clever. :) You are just proving my point though. ... ... ... Iíll have to check out those reviews just to see what others think. I know that personally, it has worked great, assuming the truth was told. ... Thereís more than just the clitoral orgasm for women. Some women can experience the deep vaginal orgasm, g-spot orgasm, full-body orgasm and anal orgasm. The clitoral one is the easiest. Some women, having experienced deep-penetration ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Lightstream's weird alien UFO healing sounds by lightstream  5y   1,843  Mathematics  Ü C Ü  
    Iím confident youíll tackle that one with few problems.   [End]
  • removed by lightstream  5y   1,800  Consciousness  Ü C Ü  
  • Re: rife machine by lightstream  5y   504  Rife  
    Got lots of different parasites out using a rife machine combined with hot-peppers.   [End]
  • Re: Adrenal Fatigue by lightstream  5y   3,414  Adrenal Fatigue  Ü C Ü  
    What if the message that adrenal fatigue is caused by not knowing which direction to take is true? This idea, which comes from Dr. Hamerís research, is very fascinating. Dr. Hamerís story is very interesting. From what I have gathered, Charkee is not out to make money, but to help people. Simply reading some of his other posts confirms this to me. ... ... There are good, kind, and well meaning people out there. Itís fine to disagree with the message, but to ascribe ill will to Charkeeís intentions with so little proof is uncalled for.   [End]
  • Re: Copd treatments by lightstream  5y   871  Ask Dr. Lam  
    Silicon plus looks promising for COPD.   [End]
  • Re: Is it possible to re-mineralize teeth? by lightstream  5y   1,371  Dental Health  
    MMS is hard to find, except w/ Ebay or   [End]
  • Please help, appendicitis and lower-right abdominal pain... by lightstream  5y   3,628  New Medicine  
    New Medicine, ... ... Iíve had a generalized pain in the area from below my lowest right rib, all the way down to next to my genitals on the right side, for a few years now. I may have first felt it when I lived with my emotionally abusive father for 4 years, but itís difficult to recall so long ago. ... Then when I was 28 I went through a horribly emotionally abusive and traumatic marriage and divorce that involved some members of my religious community lying against me and making the experience even more traumatic. (that community was later disbanded over this issue, even though I did not comp ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Seriously! by lightstream  5y   1,464  Relationship  
    ĒWow, you just slammed her for feeling the way she feels ....and you judged her very harshly!Ē ... ... I quoted her and pointed out to her her dangerous thought-patterns, explained why she, nor anyone else cannot know anotherís intentions, thoughts, and feelings, and offered a way for her to improve on this very serious problem. ... ... I did not ĒslamĒ her. If anything, I ĒslammedĒ the misconception that humans can do what only God can do. You cannot play god. I cannot play god. No one can play god. A manís thoughts, love, and intentions are not written on his forehead. This is the issue. ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Almost Giving UP. Will they EVER die? SYSTEMIC PARASITES Cannot be ... by lightstream  5y   2,617  Parasites Support  
    Niacin, which is vitamin B3, the kind that makes you flush, I have found to be very calming for the nerves. Combined with B2, and it helped my eyes and sinuses feel strong and resiliant. I no longer had eye-headaches or a sensitivity to light after finishing a bottle of B2 and a bottle of B3. I hear the Ēnon-flushĒ kind of niacin does not work as well, and the flush is good in a way because it lets you know how much you can take, and when to back off. ... Itís sooo relaxing & calming to the nerves. It destroys anxiety. I love that stuff, & itís a vitamin available at most any drugstore ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Almost Giving UP. Will they EVER die? SYSTEMIC PARASITES Cannot be ... by lightstream  5y   2,606  Parasites Support  
    I once at some ĒDaveís Insanity SauceĒ and it burnt my forehead. How did that happen? After eating habaneros, Iíve felt them burn in my blood, in my arms, legs, stomach, head. The inner burn can travel anywhere it seems. I wonder if habaneros could make a difference for you? Iíd eat a few of them with food if it was me. They will make one cry and drool, but 30 minutes of swirling an ice-cube on the tongue eventually makes it bearable. Serious situations can call for serious measures. Let me know how it goes.   [End]
  • Re: Is it possible to re-mineralize teeth? by lightstream  5y   1,568  Dental Health  
    Yes, certainly. There is a book out about how to rebuild your enamel, and a yahoo-group about it. ... ... ... ... Iím not affiliated w/ the book. ... ... If you buy it & use it let me know how it goes & email me on curezone. ... ... Also, what I do works great for me so far. ... I brush with MMS ($20 for a year supply). I do not dilute it much and just use it unactivated. It cannot be used completely undiluted. I tried that & my gums were sore!!! ... ... Brush w/ diluted MMS & then rinse w/ water. Then I perso ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Seriously, husbands by lightstream  5y   1,574  Relationship  
    ĒI want love, and I donít believe he has a CLUE;Ē ... ... Are you able to look inside his heart & soul and know his feelings and thoughts? I know of 2 people who can do this, and only two, and they do not include you, unless of course, you are pretending to be god, which may be the real problem here, but even still, one can only pretend to do such a thing. ... ... Does he help pay the bills? Would he put himself in harmís way to protect you if you were physically attacked? There are more ways to love someone than whatever fantasy-love is dramatized in romance-novels, or whatever other ideas of lo ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Experiences Post NAET treatments by lightstream  5y   3,629  NAET  
    yes   [End]
  • What's up with oranges? by lightstream  5y   1,061  Diet & Nutrition  
    I recently paid $6.00 USD for 5 lbs of popular-brand oranges that were grown in America, and I live in NC, America. They looked so orange, were perfectly round, and soft. Who could go wrong, right? ... ... I split it open, and the flesh inside was a pale yellow. ... It tasted nothing like the delicious oranges I grew up with. It tasted like revolting vomit!!! ... ... What happened? The only indicator that it could taste so revolting was that it was slightly undersized, and lacked much fragrance. ... ... Have you seen the oranges at the stores these days? ... ... Some of them are shaped like footballs! ... ... Man ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Dr. Horowitz gives it to Dr. Oz. by lightstream  5y   991  Saraís Soup Kitchen  
    Sara, what are you wearing in this photo? Are you from Romania, or Muslim?   [End]
  • Re: Scientists develop apple that won't rot - GMO? by lightstream  5y   1,123  The Truth in Medicin  
    ĒThe Saturn variety, which used the same gene, was introduced to the UK in 1980 but didnít catch on.Ē ... ... ĒIts name, RS103-130Ē ... ... Is this apple GMO or not, and if it is, how can it taste better than the other apples in the test, and how is it going to be sold in England? I thought Europe banned GMO foods. ... ... Also, how come so many apples at the grocery store taste awful? Heck, our local huge uncommon-looking apples that are sold by local farmers taste gross and have a gross texture.   [End]
  • Re: cayenne pepper success by lightstream  5y   980  Ask Humaworm  
  • Re: Progesterone cream question? (What Brand did you use?) by lightstream  5y   3,993  Mirena  
  • Re: Mentally abusive wife by lightstream  5y   4,705  Abused Husbands  
    Dr. Wong has some interesting things to say about estrogen-dominant women, and how to get the hormones in balance. ... ... My wife wouldnt let me sleep either, when I had a full time job and she was a house-wife with no children. Itís a really mean thing to do. I felt that it contributed to my getting sick. Our food supply is toxic, and many of our ĒfoodsĒ are addictive toxins. Many common foods are estrogen-producing substances, esp soymilk & so are birth-control pills. Estrogen dominance can lead to constant PMS. ... ... sells a progesterone cream that is supposed to help. I ...   [retrieve this message]
  • The greatest oppression is ignorance. Awaken and rise up. This is Arma... by lightstream  5y   2,761  News  Ü C Ü  
    ... South Park episode 1312, The F Word, shines a spot-light on how annoying it is to hear unnecessarily LOUD Harley Davidson bikers driving around town causing noise pollution, bothering everyone around them, just so they can try to prove what kind of bad-*sses they are, while in reality, everyone knows that they are really just a bunch of ... (insert F-word here). ... ... ... The cartoon encourages all of itís viewers to roll down their car windows and yell at loud Harley riders a derogatory term used to describe homosexuals. ... ... ... While this may be taking things to extremes, the fact is, noise p ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Itching after Blood Electrifier by lightstream  5y   1,951  Dr. Beck  
    Could you be using too much salt as your electrolyte, or the wrong type of salt?   [End]
  • Re: leaving US for Europe by lightstream  5y   1,392  Ask Trapper  
    I did a stint in AK also. That is where I got introduced to eating raw meat, muktuk, gumboots, seal, salmon eggs, salmon berries... The coldís not bad if you can stay indoors all winter! LOL Now Iím studying up on AAjonus primal diet & going to get back in to catching & eating raw meat to recover my full health. The medicine lady of the village I lived in told me Iíd be back some day. Iím not sure about that. She also told me that we are all God, so I take it with a grain of salt. Iím not in to anthropomorphism. ... ... AK is cold. The people there are all about survival. I suppose t ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Read the Koran! Black + White men are illusions. Judge people by their... by lightstream  5y   1,518  Ask Trapper  
    They are in the process of fomenting an American race war. I see hatred-messages in mass media more & more. ĒThe chemtrails are taking too long, and more & more people are becoming aware. Thereís got to be a better way. I know! Lets inject the poisonous bigotries of racial & religious hatred & pride.Ē ... ... If you want to know the truth, read the holy Koran for your self. The book is absolutely amazing and beautiful, and do not just read quotes out of context. ... ... God = Allah and He judges men by the state of their heart, & not by the color of their skin, so who are we to do otherwise? ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Video Embedded EVOO deadly conspiracy & solution by lightstream  5y   4,288  News   ~BSA
    ... Doubts are being raised about the purity of many Extra Virgin Olive Oil brands. What concerns me is that Iíve been trying to avoid eating foods like soy, cotton, corn, and canola (and now beet-sugar has been added to the list, which means all ĒsugarĒ is suspect). EVOO is supposed to be a healthy food but is now possibly another source of non-organic soy-oil in disguise. But I do not want my future progeny to be sterile, have deformed internal organs, manufacture pesticides in their intestines, or to have their genders neutered or worse! ... ... ... How many other of our natural foods are c ... [Video Embedded Here]   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: leaving US for Europe by lightstream  5y   1,556  Ask Trapper  
    America is already the poorest 1st-world nation, thanks Bush, thanks Halliburton... & of course, thanks troops. See? I support the troops! ... ... The book of Revelation for-tells what will happen to the great whore of Babylon who corrupts all the other nations. Eventually, when the world realizes that we are plundering, raping, and killing off everybody, the world will unite and put an embargo on this country. No one will trade with us. Well, itís already happening with a good deal of our food. No one wants GMO contaminated food to eat. ... ... I also look forward to the day when people put ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: tripping out on seaweed by lightstream  5y   1,260  The Truth in Medicin  
    Please keep taking a lot of it & keep us informed on how it changes your physiology. Modifilan is high on my list of things I want to use some day. ... ... My ex-wife reacted strongly to iodine, but she was ĒallergicĒ to it. It kept her up late, & seemed to make her moody, extremely moody & irritable. It almost seemed as if it had a big hand in our separation. On that tack, you may want to use it in moderation.   [End]
  • Re: leaving US for Europe by lightstream  5y   1,491  Ask Trapper  
    What are the requirements to get a work visa in Australia? I thought it was quite difficult. I did not know I could just fly there & start working. Since the average pay for unskilled workers is considerably more than here in the US, Iím surprised to here people talking about flying over there like itís an option. I read that you have to have a special skill to be able to get a work-visa there, like being an MD...   [End]
  • Re: It's sticky and IT HURTS by lightstream  5y   969  Ask CureZone  
 ... The gold-wedding band remedy looks interesting, but what I wonder is, as with most such remedies, is it just halting the bodyís elimination pathway, or is it stopping some microbe-battle with the immune system that the body could not control, or is it cleaning dirt from the body that should have been washed away as a part of keeping clean, and the body was having a reaction to the dirt, perhaps clogging an elimination pathway.   [End]
  • Re: LIQUORICE RooT. by lightstream  5y   744  Ask Barefoot  
    Now that beet-sugar is being genetically modified, all non-organic things labeled ĒsugarĒ in the ingredients lists are suspect. Man, what a downer! I miss my cinamin rolls the most!!!! :(   [End]
  • Re: Goal in regards to health? by lightstream  5y   1,039  Morgellons  
    When you look at an iridology chart (google image search), and compare it to what you see in the mirror when looking at your irises, what does it tell you? Keep in mind darker regions represent degeneration in inherent represented organs according to Jensen. Do you have colorful spots in some areas? ... ... Also, I do not recommend people do things, but, I noticed many parasites leave me when I was eating habanero peppers, which are available at the grocer store & cheap (among other things) For example: The proof is in the pudding. ... ... Email me ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: HELP!!! WHAT DID I DO TO MY SON?? tooth extraction and tumeric by lightstream  5y   2,381  Dental Support  
    Doesnt hulda clark have a detailed protocol for tooth-extraction in her book Ēcure for all diseaseĒ, in which she mainly focuses on keeping the mouth sterile? ... ... Personally, Iíve found MMS in hot water, water-picked into my gums to help a lot, but I dont know if Iíd water pick in to a socket! I personally found colloidal silver to be weak w/ my gums, well, most stuff is weak compared to MMS. $20 for a year to a 2-year supply.   [End]
  • Re: Strange Dream...Need help understanding it please by lightstream  5y   1,550  Dreams  
    Iím no expert, but IMHO one possible way of looking at it is: ... The house represents the body. The furniture inside represents what youíve learned, your morals, your emotional makeup/bagage & how you see the world- your world-view, how you judge others... Your dead mom taught you and raised you & instilled things in you, ideas that you may have outgrown, ideas whoís time has passed (cobwebs), emotions that you can mature beyond, heal, grow, gain awareness... cleanse, with the aid of perhaps divine guidance ultimately guiding you to see truth as it is and grow, and perfect more. Perhaps it ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: I have Morgellons by lightstream  5y   930  Morgellons  
    What is your goal in regards to health?   [End]
  • Re: Emphysema suuport by lightstream  5y   1,825  Emphysema  
    Dr Wong teaches that itís possible to reverse it with Zymessence. Iíve been listening to his stuff for a while, sounds very convincing. If I had empfysdfma & coudl afford it, Iíd use it & see if it worked. Let me know when it does.   [End]
  • Video Embedded Re: my difficult child. Please offer some insight by lightstream  5y   4,188  Parenting  Ü C Ü  
    While your childís diet may be better than many, the Feingold diet is reknown for turning kids around. Reading up on it will teach you a wealth of info. ... ... Even if the diet seems perfect by many standards, if youíre feeding the kid foods that contain salicylates, like oranges, apples, and grapes, or even using products that contain salicylates, like shampoo, you could be chemically setting him up for a bad attitude. Some parents had trouble until they eliminated the salicylates. You will learn about salicylates and the other known toxins that effect child-behavior by researching the fei ... [Video Embedded Here]   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: my difficult child. Please offer some insight by lightstream  5y   4,101  Parenting  Ü C Ü  
    These comments may be well meaning, but hitting children can escalate, and break their spirit. Children need a parent that they can trust to do the right thing, someone to teach them justice. Hitting, which is often done in anger teaches vengeance, and tyranny, and there are better ways to go in these modern times. ... ... The first things I would look in to are nutrition. Feingold diet for starters. Perhaps some niacin. There may be a way to test for heavy-metals using a hair-analysis. ... ... Justice and proper punishment is a very important part of raising a child, and keeping adults in chec ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: frq by lightstream  5y   736  Rife  
    I usually take a hot bath in the dark, try to stay in the dark as much as possible, perhaps take some activated charcoal capsules to neutralize any toxins and either massage my feet or request someone else to. At times like that, Iíd pay for a session. What machine are you using? Have you tried eating a few of the hottest habanero peppers you can find along with your treatments? ... ... Also, you should know that Jesus Christ has returned, and we are living in the end times right now, but few know it, because most are asleep. If you think being aware of the genocide thatís happening is alie ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Experiences Post NAET treatments by lightstream  5y   4,107  NAET  
    When I was cleared for light-sensitivity, I was extremely sensitive to light for the following 24 hours. I felt very sick, weak, with head-aches because I had to go to work and that involved being in the sunlight sometimes. ... ... I insisted on clearing the absolute maximum vials that I could hold, so I was a bit over-whelmed, and I knew that NAET was doing SOMETHING, cause the following 24 hours, I had bad headaches. There was emotional stuff too! ... ... After clearing for certain negative emotions, right after the clearing, I went to an event where I knew a lot of people, and it was like liv ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: my story and final true diagnosis- diabetes by lightstream  5y   2,464  Candida Support  Ü C Ü  
 has totally convinced me that if I had blood-sugar issues, Iíd buy his book & follow the simple diet. The author comes across to me as quite brilliant, and how he found his cure, & everything about it comes seems spot on. Let me know how it goes if you give it a try. I have no affiliation with the author, but just love his whole approach, & his info & how he presents it. He has lots of very informative videos on youtube & entertaining.   [End]
  • Re: Want to End it All by lightstream  5y   2,132  Body Odor  
    Iím probably one of the few people who do not use deodorant. It can be a source of anxiety at times. Recently, I had to be around a lot of people, so I put some MMS under my arms. I think it worked. I wonder if people thought I smelled like semen though, since it does have a slight chlorine bleach smell to it, but I could have diluted it more too. Maybe next time Iíll experiment more with dilution if I had some honest person to tell me how it smells. ... Recently Iíve done some niacin flushes, which involves consuming as much niacin (the kind that makes you flush) until my skin turns red ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: How do I prevent hemorroids due to increased bowel movements? by lightstream  5y   2,806  Bowel Cleanse Suppor  Ü C Ü  
    Iíve read that hot peppers heal that whole area. Just eat them & let them work their magic, according to a book about the healing powers of hot peppers. ... ... Another thing that might help is to get some latex gloves and keep your ass from prolapsing when youíre pooping. Pull it apart if you have to, but dont let your ass turn inside out and leave your bottom along with the poop. This helps if youíre in a really need it.   [End]
  • Re: Liver flush last night feeling ill today! by lightstream  5y   1,231  Liver Flush Support  
    The Lord gave you senses for a reason. Have some common sense, make sense of the situation & trust your your instincts. If the Epsom salts taste repulsive, that is your senses telling you the stuff is toxic and poisonous. Pay attention to what your body is telling you. Anyone who tells you otherwise is suspect. Welcome to Armagheden. We are in the end-times. The thief in the night has already left & you guys are still sleeping.   [End]
  • GMO mice appear different. video footage, have you seen it? by lightstream  5y   423  Conspiracy Theories  
    I went to the pet store yesterday and looked at a mouse. It was skinny and had a pale darker stripe along itís spine. The clerk said he worked there for many years and had not seen it before, except in that mouse, but assured me that it was a pure-bred albino mouse. ... ... Seeing this reminded me of a scene in a documentary movie about GMOs, where it showed mice that were fed with GMO corn feed, and it showed mice that were fed the control, and the mice fed GMO feed were moving around in the scene with the same scrawny appearance and the same darker-shade stripe along the back that was on th ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Has anyone ever had an addict wife and needs to learn new behavior t... by lightstream  5y   1,914  Codependency  Ü C Ü  
    As far as I know, short of locking her away, thereís nothing a husband can legally do to force his wife to come clean, & treat both of you with respect. ... ... My mom left my dad when I was 6. I hated her for it, but now that Iím older, I know what a monster he is, and Iím glad she left him. I cannot make him quit his abusive behavior either, but I can and am putting plenty of distance between us, & Iím not pretending like heís worth having a relationship with as long as he continues his abusive behavior. ... ... If there is a better way than calling a duck a duck and putting distance between ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Bullies, tyrants, and evil-doers oppress by lightstream  5y   1,121  Courts & Justice  
    These stories fill me with rage. ... ... Clearly, any rational, reasonable person can see that it is wrong for a man, a glorified LAWYER of all people, wearing a robe, sitting a few feet off the ground, to pretend that he is god and make it unlawful and wrong for every human in the US to eat almonds, a once powerful healing food, that have not been robbed of their power to heal and promote health. ... ... Same goes for the ĒjudgesĒ (in reality judged - by God the true Judge.) who send good people to jail for doing whatís righteous and good. ... ... If this does not piss you off, you need to start distill ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Judge upholds almond pasteurization law - It's gone too far. by lightstream  5y   2,542  Saraís Soup Kitchen  Ü C Ü  
  • Wisdom teeth growing in side-ways. Gums under 3rd molars infected. Wan... by lightstream  5y   8,324  Dental Support  
    My dentist said that the X-rays show my wisdom teeth are growing in sideways pointing towards my molars. I had braces when I was young, and before that, my front teeth were bucked. ... ... It hurts when I bite down on my tooth-brush with my wisdom tooth on my upper-left jaw. The pain is under the tooth. Sometimes it makes me feel like gagging, probably because of both the pain and especially the bacteria. When I bite down firmly, it bleeds. ... ... Whatís strange is, that this tooth seems to be growing out straight when I feel it with my finger. Is there a very small wisdom tooth behind it, u ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: MMS and teeth discoloration by lightstream  5y   2,950  MMS Support  Ü C Ü  
    When I first started MMS, it seemed to make my teeth more yellow. After using it for a few months, and especially now that I brush with dirty-looking sea-salt after the MMS, my teeth look normal/white. Too much of that Vitamin C is really hard on the enamel. I can especially feel it if I eat something sweet.   [End]
  • Re: Tooth infection - CS any good for it? by lightstream  5y   14,502  Colloidal Silver  Ü C Ü  
    I just brushed my teeth with black-walnut hull juice. I swished the juice in my mouth where my molars are. I bit down hard on the handle-end of the toothbrush (on the tooth that hurts, the back molar) while swishing, & then brushed some more around the gum and tooth with the juice. My molar-roots no longer hurt with hard pressure, well, not for another 12 hours or so. MMS does the same thing for me. Both are very powerful for doing what they do. ... I swallowed. ... My whole head feels like a BIG GIANT WALNUT! When I breath, I can feel walnut-fumes in my sinuses. After brushing my tongue ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Raw Products by MH by lightstream  5y   752  Ask Barefoot  
    Thank God for the mexicans & their fruit-stands. They have some seriously cheep edible weeds & ethnic foods, but, Iím not sure how organic the pesticides... are.   [End]
  • Re: Coconut oil SURPRISE! by lightstream  5y   6,853  Parasites Support  Ü C Ü  
    Google ĒAscarisĒ if you can stomach it. ... ... Mine have always appeared to have been dead & somewhat dried up before they make it out, sort of like an earthworm on the sidewalk in the sun. But they always have these crazy-looking kinks in their body, unlike earthworms. They are tangle shaped, similar to the google images, but that may have something to do w/ being shriveled up. Keep up the good work & thanks for your detailed report. I wonder what would happen if you combined some good habanero peppers w/ your coconut oil. Oil helps keep the burn down, & the 2 combined with rice & garli ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: update on stealth viruses by lightstream  5y   801  Rife  
    I find that consuming a good deal of habanero peppers and using the freqs make a powerful combination.   [End]
  • Cream & strawberries killed liver flukes (possibly) by lightstream  5y   1,393  Parasites Support  
    Last night I ate some strawberry shortcake with gluten-free buscuits, Organic Valleyís heavy whipping cream (hand-beaten) sweetened w/ Stevia & xylitol, and ripe strawberries sweetened w/ same. It tasted so yummy I ate till I could not eat another bite. I tried!! I swear I tried but I had to spit it back out. It was just sooo yummy. Well, I ate that at about 8:30pm. Then the next day at around noon I saw a few liver flukes after my toilet didnt flush right & it all just swished around. I also had a great night of wonderful deep refreshing sleep & plenty of dreams ... ... If only raw cream were ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Berries & Cream Kill liver flukes by lightstream  5y   1,603  Liver Flush Support  
    Last night I ate some strawberry shortcake with gluten-free buscuits, Organic Valleyís heavy whipping cream (hand-beaten) sweetened w/ Stevia & xylitol, and ripe strawberries sweetened w/ same. It tasted so yummy I ate till I could not eat another bite. I tried!! I swear I tried but I had to spit it back out. It was just sooo yummy. Well, I ate that at about 8:30pm. Then the next day at around noon I saw a few liver flukes after my toilet didnt flush right & it all just swished around. I also had a great night of wonderful deep refreshing sleep & plenty of dreams ... ... If only raw crea ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Round Slimeballs. Newport, Anyone? by lightstream  5y   956  Parasites Support  
    Parasite #4 on my webpage, ... shows a round ball, but it is broken open. Itís difficult, from the picture, to make out itís roundness.   [End]
  • Re: Eating Weeds to Survive e: Eating Weeds to Survive -good post by lightstream  5y   1,130  
    Great post. Thank you for this valuable info. I suspect that you are right on about being able to ID weeds, however, I also suspect that, when things get that bad, people will resort to cannibalism. So, meeting our neighbors & forming alliances ahead of time could be useful too.   [End]
  • Re: We All Paying Attention? ;D by lightstream  5y   1,289  Zapper Support  
    I need to pulse deep in to my lungs & my gut. Do you know where I can get the plans, the schematics for that 24v 2-car-battery, solenoid monster?   [End]
  • Prolapsed colon, chemical deposit by lightstream  6y   3,514  Ask Dr. Sutter  
    Doctor Sutter, ... Iíve been studying iridology recently (a fascinating science), and according to my irises, my transverse colon is prolapsed & therefore probably putting pressure on my sigmoid colon due to the domino-effect. My sigmoid colon is area has a few black-spots in it, so itís showing some massive degeneration, not my appendix, so it may be that the lower right-hand-side stomach pain was not my appendix after all. This is all speculation, & please excuse me if Iím not saying this with the correct terminology. What is a cheap, sure, & fast way to get my colon back to the correct ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Hokey Science that works somehow GREAT POST! by lightstream  6y   1,703  NAET  
    Re: Hokey Science that works somehow GREAT POST!   [End]
  • Re: 3rd flush...I don't know..! by lightstream  6y   855  Ask Dr. Sutter  
    With my body, different parasites come out depending on the parasite-killing spices/herbs I mixed in with my meal. When the meal digests and is expelled, the parasites usually leave with it. Sometimes, certain parasites, like red liver flukes, will be expelled without any digested meal (poop), but water/mucous or diarea may accompany it. ... I took a green black-walnut hull, soaked it in water & added the water to a rice dish. It was tasty, & that really got the 4Ē worms going. The habanero peppers took out other parasites. The iodine in the kelp that I add to many dishes helps also. Lo ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: 3rd flush...I don't know..! by lightstream  6y   908  Ask Dr. Sutter  
    Your liver flushes pretty much, safe. ... ... The first flushes I did didnt get much out either, except for 3 small peas, & sometimes nothing. ... ... When I did the Lewis flush, a 2Ē x .8Ē stone came out, and a lot more. I had stomes coming out 3 days later, and my butt hurt for hours after expelling them. ... ... Search my posts for more info on it. ... ... I know I got parasites galore, cause they are still coming out. My bodyís getting rid of these 2Ē to 4.5Ē long kinked up whitish straw/thread-looking worms almost every night these days. They may have a nest in there somewhere clogging everything up. ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Finally, a sucessful liver flush! Lewis flush is the best! by lightstream  6y   1,742  Liver Flush Support  
    Iíve dislike the idea of ingesting Magnesium salts, due to the repulsive taste, so I have tried the liver flushes that do not involve such salts: ... ... My first liver flush got about 3 pea-sized, pea-colored, soft stones out. ... The raw egg liver flush was not successful. ... The coke liver flush also got about 3 pea-sized, pea-colored, soft stones out. ... It is possible I did not follow the instructions exactly to the ĒTĒ, because I have not done a very powerful parasite cleanse, like humaworm, or dewormer, consistently for 2 weeks or used the zapper consistently before a flush, yet. ... ... Tonight, I ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Rhubarb kills parasites - update, 12 days later by lightstream  6y   2,275  Ask Dr. Sutter  
    Itís been 12 days since I ate all that rhubarb. My taste buds have gradually come back to this point, and it still seems as if certain flavors are still numbed out. The taste of sweetness has a numbed-out feeling. Looks like my taste-buds need more time to recover from all of that rhubarb. Iím not eating any more raw rhubarb for a while. Next time, Iíll cook it. It tastes amazing in pie!   [End]
  • Re: The Power of Ozone!!! by lightstream  6y   1,206  Healed  
    Great post!!! ... It seems this SOTA water ozonation device simply pumps ozonated air through water, thus turning the water in to hydrogen peroxide. If this is the case, it would also seem that your mother would have had the same effect by drinking diluted hydrogen peroxide. ... Is there a difference between ozonated water and diluted hydrogen peroxide? Is this SOTA device not just a device to make hydrogen peroxide? Do you smell regular ozone coming out of it? ... ...   [End]
  • Rhubarb kills parasites by lightstream  6y   2,615  Ask Dr. Sutter  
    I just ate about 12 stalks of raw rhubarb yesterday. My mouth is sore, but I got some very long liver flukes out, much longer than normal. Iíll try to get you more details later. Too much rhubarb is known to be potentially dangerous & the leaves especially can be fatal, so be safe. I feel that it can be a powerful parasite killer when used in moderation. Let me know how it goes! Itís much easier to eat than habaneros!   [End]
  • Re: New Habanero Pepper Cleanse! Many pictures of many different types o... by lightstream  6y   13,183  Parasites Support  
    ĒI donít think I would have tried habanero without finding your post. Iím still surprised that my low grade headache and ĒfoggyĒ thinking, (symptoms Iíve had for over two years) improved on the first day I took it! The habanero seems to have curbed the parasites and/or lessen their side effects.Ē ... ... What else have you tried in the past 2 years? Has anything else that you have tried (other than elimination diet) helped you as much as the hot-sauce? ... ... ... ĒSomething I noticed (side effect?), on the first night I took the pepper caps, several hours later suddenly both my hands became really h ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: frequencies? by lightstream  6y   1,405  Ask Dr. Sutter  
    My humble opinion is that a man with a physical body can know all truth, teach reality, awaken souls, and inspire hearts, and still get physically sick and diseased if he is poisoned. Such a person can still suffer greatly. His hair can loose itís color and his posture can become deformed. Even his stature can be reduced if he is placed in prison for many long years with inadequate nourishment. While he may have not been able to endure such sufferings such as torture, imprisonment and poisoning, if his earthly life were not buttressed by his spiritual connection, this great connection ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: frequencies? by lightstream  6y   1,418  Ask Dr. Sutter  
    ĒIíve never had good results with the rife machine. I owned one for a good 15 years and finally gave up on it.Ē ... ... What type did you own? Did you use electrodes, coil, or plasma-bulb, and how powerful was the amplifier? I find this interesting, because Iíve read so many great testimonials about it from ... ... It seems that some units work better than others for different people. Iíve tried using Rife w/ electrodes in the past, putting the electrodes over my appendix and zapping it w/ various frequencies. Sometimes it would feel c ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Hi Dr Sutter. I want to share this with you. by lightstream  6y   1,408  Ask Dr. Sutter  
    Iím certain that those water-logged, fatty-looking, loose craps are a sure sign that the bugs are being expelled. When I get rid of a lot of them all at once, this type of crap is usually present. ... ... If MMS is causing this, Iíd keep taking it. Just knowing that makes me more willing to try it.   [End]
  • Re: Hi Dr Sutter. I want to share this with you. by lightstream  6y   1,369  Ask Dr. Sutter  
    These pictures are great! Thereís no denying that most of those are not food.   [End]
  • Re: Hi Dr Sutter. I want to share this with you. by lightstream  6y   1,412  Ask Dr. Sutter  
    How I know itís not undigested food is because I can see a lot more detail with my own two eyes, than through a photograph. I wish my camera was better. I know what foods I ate, and what foods I did not eat, & I mentally ask myself, what sort of food could this possibly be, before taking a picture. What does not show up in the picture, often, are the tentacles, partly due to the fact that they are so fragile, and are often very stuck to actual crap, & they tear off very easily, & they are much more visible when they are moving around, being swished around, like in the flush of the toile ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Hi Dr Sutter. I want to share this with you. by lightstream  6y   1,412  Ask Dr. Sutter  
    Iím glad that you introduced me to Doctor Sutter. Heís a gem. ... ... ĒDo you not get so much result with just one or two?Ē ... Lets find out together. Let me know, but baking them, & adding oil to the dish, at least to me, really makes the heat bearable and even very enjoyable, like how Dominoís pizza is enjoyable. Yeah, itís that good, and even though it does not taste revoltingly hot when baked, I can feel itís heat chemicals in my blood, all over, in my hands, in my chest, in my skin, radiating, and itís a pleasant sensation too, like a good divine vibration, not like an unpleasant heat-fla ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Hi Dr Sutter. I want to share this with you. by lightstream  6y   1,744  Ask Dr. Sutter  
    Dr Sutter, ... Iíve been studying the effects of using very hot peppers, drinking 3 lemons a day, and rifing, on the critters that live inside me. Look at what I have found. ... This page has many pictures and no ads: ... ... ... ... ... Iíve read that you recommend your patients eat very spicy food. Keep it up. Iíll bet some of these critters look familiar to you, after all those cleanses that you have gone through when agent orange was inside you. ... ... The Ētwiggy fellowsĒ are most strange. You know whatís really weird about those guys, is that I actually found one on ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: rifing pleasure .. ah, the ecstasy by lightstream  6y   1,147  Rife  
    7 Hz is used with the following frequencies, according to the CAFL: ... ... 7 - Complete_early_crane, Regeneration_and_healing_1, Vitamag_complete_set ... 7.2 - Multiple_sclerosis_brain_infection ... 7.5 - Cancer_melanoma_1, Cancer_melanoma_2, Multiple_sclerosis_brain_infection, Trigeminal_neuralgia ... 7.6 - Backache_2 ... 7.64 - Nerves_healing ... 7.69 - Ankylosing_spondylitis, Arthritis_1, Ataxia_spastic, Cancer_astrocytoma, Convulsions_spasticity, Knee_joint_pain, Larynx, Lumbago, Paralysis_spastic, Psoriasis_ankylosing_spondylitis ... 7.7 - Arthritis_1, Backache_2, Coughing, Coughing_from_flu_vaccine_1 ... 7.8 ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Update to last post about how to get in the mood! NOT GOOD! by lightstream  6y   875  Sex  
    Everyone read íPassionate Marriageí by Shwartze (sp?) ... ... Iím grateful I did. & to think, I only purchased it because it was on sale for $1. This is the best non-spiritual book Iíve read. The best self-help book.   [End]
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