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  • Re: floods rip through colorado   by seek2clean  7mo   128  Ask Trapper
    I am thinking the long arm of HAARP has hit my home... ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: its real simple   by seek2clean  8mo   432  Palestine : Israel
    ”if you refuse to worship the jews then you must hate them.” ... Seriously? no1cares, you cannot really expect anyone to worship the jews, and just how would that unwillingness to worship equal hate? Illogical...I hate no one, and will not worship any one, or any group, or any religion unless I so you have a little control issue? The words in this group have touched a nerve you respond to with no less malevolence than you admonish! ... ... seek2clean ...   [End]
  • Re: Mattresses/Furniture   by seek2clean  11mo   657  Iodine Supplementati
    I was a design consultant for a furniture store 2003-2004. Almost immediately in this environment I began to experience strange physical symptoms. Menstruation came to a screeching halt in the first week, mid-period. I was 50, and guessed Menopause had been kind - everything just stopped on a dime. I attributed this to new job, but then started choking when I ate lunch - felt there were small things crawling on my hair...have battled the crawling ever since, but my point is I had NO IDEA, NO CLUE what the powerful chemicals in my midst were capable of. A minimum of 8 beds were on display a ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: I've eaten a whole pineapple and papaya in the last 2 days AND   by seek2clean  11mo   620  Parasites Support
    With the ingestion of raw, fresh pineapple I have seen both - undigested pineapple strands(which I mistook for worm debris), AND tapeworm debris. Tapes do not like bromelain in pineapple, and papaya is effective as well - especially the dried seeds. It has taken time to differentiate between food matter and parasite parts - sometimes indistinguisable when worms do not always come into view in a recognizable form.   [End]
  • Re: I need a few guinea pigs, err product testers for my magnesium cream   by seek2clean  13mo   452  Iodine Supplementati
    Oh thank you Trapper!!! ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: I need a few guinea pigs, err product testers for my magnesium cream   by seek2clean  13mo   482  Iodine Supplementati
    I would love to try - maybe your formula can help my chronic skin stuff? ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: Huge Subcutaneous Hartig Net?   by seek2clean  14mo   1,453  Morgellons  Cross-post
    FINALLY!! I have searched for several years, posted many times about the chronic scalp/neck insane itch I have lived with way to long. I posted photos once, but they were not clear as I did my own photo shoot. This is very similar to my neck right now and my scalp all the time. The neck outbreaks come and go - scalp is insanely itchy....this NET is the pattern I feel, see, and hear constantly - a subcutaneous crackling - sometimes just from moving my eyes. OOOH cannot wait to try this recipe. Thank you so much!!! ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: SSKI 22 months...   by seek2clean  15mo   470  Iodine Supplementati
    Fivetoes, yes I have looked into Demodex, as it started in eye area looong ago with blepharitis symptoms, but at that point all bodily systems were in chaos. I will give Lugols time to work. It seems possible the prolific Demodex may have found my terrain hospitable - skin has changed very much in several years. While I have made great strides in regaining health I seem to have a strange random freckling, clusters - like small version of liver spots. Also I am 11 years free of alcohol, but may be dealing with the consequences of lots of whiskey! ... ... seek2clean ... (I have written much in past ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: SSKI 22 months...   by seek2clean  15mo   431  Iodine Supplementati
    Thanks Ginagirl! I will try Selsun first, but purchased RID today thinking perhaps this is a long-standing lice problem?? Not keen on RID ingredients. ... Hopefully Vit. C helps - yes I would have adrenal issues with past full of asthma, allergies, antibiotics. It seems inflammatory somehow...going on for years...started after Menopause, so could be hormonal? I am determined to be free of this, but instead of lurking I am asking for serious help once again. ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • SSKI 22 months...   by seek2clean  15mo   629  Iodine Supplementati
    I have been loving SSKI for almost two years, with companions: Mag. Malate(5 years), B-complex, Tri-boron, Selenium, - recently added the Vit. C that should have been there all along. At 10 drops SSKI daily for several months - want to add recent purchase Lugols 2%. Should I lower the SSKI dosage to add Lugols, or stay at 10 drops and add how much Lugols????? ... ... I am 59, post-Meno nine years - no HRT’s. I am fortunate to be in decent shape at my age, very little grey in healthy hair, look younger than I am, weigh 120 - NO PHARMAS ON BOARD FOR SEVERAL YEARS! I also use Triphala, sometimes B ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Iodine and mercury, is it safe to take   by seek2clean  19mo   594  Iodine Supplementati
    I have taken 8-10 drops of SSKI daily with companions for over 18 months - with 8 very old amalgams, 2 removed recently. I mentioned these amalgams when I first came on board in this forum. ... ... Are we now saying I should not be taking iodine with fillings in my mouth? ... ... seek2clean ...   [End]
  • Re: 3 kinds of Men   by seek2clean  19mo   985  Sex
    Jeeez, I wish this was Facebook, so I could share this thread with the world! LMAO ...   [End]
  • Day 4 Lots of Honeydew melon...   by seek2clean  21mo   392  Iodine Supplementati
    ...getting lots of small dark debris in urine - varieties of sizes 1/8”-1/4” and smaller - critters of some kind, with tapered end. Also upped SSKI by a couple drops - 10+ now, and cover whole body with Coconut oil daily this summer. Had a few days of a lot of Cantaloupe before the Honeydew. Is it the Vitamin C suddenly doing this? Of the companions Vitamin C is the hardest for me to adequately supplement - only Amla, no ascorbic yet. ... ... Where are they coming from? Kidneys? Bladder? I have no pain or discomfort to point to. The biggest bug almost had visible body parts. I am unfortunately ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Lots of Honeydew melon day four...   by seek2clean  21mo   372  Parasites Support
    ...getting lots of small dark debris in urine - varieties of sizes 1/8”-1/4” and smaller - critters of some kind, with tapered end. Also upped SSKI by a couple drops - 10+ now, and cover whole body with Coconut oil daily this summer. Had a few days of a lot of Cantaloupe before the Honeydew. Is it the Vitamin C suddenly doing this? Where are they coming from? Kidneys? Bladder? I have no pain or discomfort to point to. The biggest bug almost had visible body parts. I am unfortunately accustomed to passing parasites in stool, and only rarely have light colored debris in urine - this dark stu ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: survey on codependency   by seek2clean  24mo   1,415  Codependency  Cross-post
    What if you were in relationship with co-dependent addict, but were also an addict? ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: Baffled   by seek2clean  25mo   646  Iodine Supplementati
    ME TOO!!! ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: Useless Antibiotics   by seek2clean  25mo   327  Ask Trapper
    Ummm - how could I not regret ANTI-biotic use? With compromised gut flora that may never be completely restored, and its attendent health issues too numerous too list - some of mine were chronic asthma which spiralled into pnuemonia repeatedly, and were treated repeatedly with ANTI-biotics. Acupuncture/herbs succeeded where ANTI-biotics failed. And then a few years later all bodily systems went south, hence my appearance on CZ. Interestingly no lung issues - eleven years without inhaler/nebulizer life, but the end result will be a lifelong deal - especially with trying to avoid foods with ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Useless Antibiotics   by seek2clean  25mo   309  Ask Trapper
    My bad choice of word ”Useless” - it is so not the point. I am our poster child for living with results of excessive ANTI-biotic use...over 50+ rounds in as many years, so am I the carrier of the super-bug? ... I never get typically sick - colds, flu, do not happen...but if I develop something needing an ANTI-biotic, then what? This was the impetus for finding CZ ’05, staying here, learning everything the hard way with massive brain fog (try it). ... I have No Pharma’s on board for 8 years, trying to heal...meanwhile I try to warn the Anti-biotic junkies, to no avail! Some my age are wearing Os ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Useless Antibiotics   by seek2clean  25mo   341  Ask Trapper
 ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: Making SSKI   by seek2clean  25mo   484  Iodine Supplementati
    Thank you just thinking! ... The grains I have added have all disappeared, so I will continue until some remain. Wish I had known to keep what was left from last batch...this is good to know for future. I may have gone scanty this time for fear of another 1/4” at the trying to make this what is left of 125 g. stretch - barely only one 2 oz. batch left. I am pretty steadily at 9-10 drops per day. Next month it is one year since starting SSKI...will post update then. ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: Making SSKI   by seek2clean  25mo   479  Iodine Supplementati
    Yes, I added some today, maybe too late? I have been gone from home a few days - read your response this morning. I added a few grains, then a few more...dissolved right away, so add more? ... What about the 1/4” left in the last batch? Was it right to have dumped them? ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Making SSKI   by seek2clean  25mo   584  Iodine Supplementati
    ***If I used 4 T. Potassium Iodide in a 2oz. bottle, added distilled water, shook it, and there are no crystals left at the bottom is it NOT saturated solution?? *** ... ... Last time I made a batch I used too much crystal - there was well over 1/4” crystals left at the bottom, which remained. ... ... Thanks! ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: What is it about tap water.....   by seek2clean  25mo   648  Parasites Support
    Seven years ago, when I was very ill with no clue why, it was an intuitive moment that prompted me to never drink from my faucet again. There was something wrong with the water - the taste, texture, even the feel when I rubbed my wet fingers together - something told me to run away and so I did. I had just begun to search CZ for solutions to my illness, and water was a subject much talked about. I finally began buying Reverse Osmosis water by the gallon for lack of funds to install a kitchen system. It is what I do to this day - 6 gallons per week. The debate over R.O. versus Distilled is ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: **pics** Reversal of Gray hair with cleansing??   by seek2clean  25mo   1,891  Parasites Support
    I am 58. Seven years ago I had some very short MEAN grey hair - wiry, unruly, and thicker or thinner than my normal hair. I say MEAN because the stuff hurt, and I could get relief by pulling the thickest wiry ones out. I was becoming very ill as my hair was dying - thin, dull, would not grow, and my answer was to bleach it for purpose of control - short, spikey look helped mask my illness for a couple of years. If I had been paying attention my hair would have told me I was dying. ... ... After long-time cleansing and working with herbs and supplements my hair is now hanging down my back with v ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Oh My!!!!! I think I am beginning to emotionally discharge my live...   by seek2clean  26mo   742  Iodine Supplementati
    I have had similarly episodes of emotional release since starting SSKI/companions 11 months ago. Great stuff IODINE - darkness followed by increased clarity. Did not know how much liver was congested until it let go a bit and then some more...I put my body through hell with alcohol/drugs, and pent up emotional energy - clean ten years and very grateful for spiritual program as foundation for this, CZ as a whole, and Iodine Protocal. ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: How did your AF start?   by seek2clean  26mo   876  Adrenal Fatigue
    Thanks omo! Ten years one minute at a time some days. ... ... It has been a lot and is all character building/revealing. ... A bit of tenacity goes a long way. I do not have a normal, healthy life to compare it to. It was a startling moment to realize that health problems have been my lot throughout, and that other folks who may catch a cold once a year do not have a clue, anymore than I know what it is to be healthy. It seems with all the work I have done that I am getting healthier as I age - maybe my reward will be to have an easier time in my golden years than the hospice patients I have cared ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: How did your AF start?   by seek2clean  26mo   936  Adrenal Fatigue
    I was born to teenage parents who got married ”because of me” - knew this from first breath. they were spoiled, immature, both NPD - violent father -raging, controlling, perfectionist mother. Both artists - both athletes. I was neither - was scientifically inclined, avid reader and a type B personality, mellow, nocturnal child. ... ... Was not breastfed and allergic to 1953 model formulas, projectile vomited, slept all day, up all night from the gate. Very fat one-year-old subsisted on KARO syrup and canned milk, was malnourished with excessive drool and rash - wore zinc oxide on face. Nice huh ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: To Noah and Grace......   by seek2clean  26mo   519  Ask Trapper
    How BEAUTIFUL !!! ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: intestinal obstruction during cleanse   by seek2clean  26mo   1,476  Parasites Support
    might help to get things moving with small enema, and get some magnesium going on... ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: the IODINE PEOPLE MAP. We are everywhere!   by seek2clean  26mo   522  Iodine Supplementati
    Hi Cougar! ... ... We could do that - like good junkies!!! I am in Loveland - would seriously love to meet a fellow CZ member... ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: Madonna’s Superbowl Halftime Show: A Celebration of the Grand Prie...   by seek2clean  26mo   1,263  Conspiracy Theories
    It is said that Isis/Osiris created the Pyramids together with the power of their vibrational tone, with no more than their utterance... ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: the IODINE PEOPLE MAP. We are everywhere!   by seek2clean  26mo   485  Iodine Supplementati
    Map is great! I added myself - right up the road from Cougar. It will be interesting to watch this map develop - surely there are more of us... ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: I miss......   by seek2clean  26mo   676  Iodine Supplementati
    I was looking for you just yesterday - wondering why your last post was four months ago. You are hanging tough I see - will send wind to your back B&G... ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: Absence of Malice   by seek2clean  26mo   1,071  Abuse Physical/Emoti  Cross-post
    My absence of malice is how I was able to see the result of their presence of malice. Yes, eerie for sure - but typical of my life. Nothing much has ocurred that could be considered normal in my life until I changed my perspective, my thinking... ... ... It is unusual to have so many examples - I have lived long enough to have more than one man, and each was a lesson for me, each was ”not okay” in his own skin and visited upon me that which NO ONE deserves - yet I was victorious in finding the life lesson in it for me, while they went to their destiny...we do reap what we sow, and while I found ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Accountability???   by seek2clean  27mo   1,171  Abuse Physical/Emoti  Cross-post
    I have a long list for you - each person in my life who has done extreme damage to me has met with tragedy. My father, who was irresponsible for the welfare of his childen and ”innappopriate” with me, died of brain tumor at 57 yrs. - asked my forgiveness from his death bed, said he felt he was dying for all his wrongs, actually blamed me in a sidelong parting shot - it is what narcissitic sociopaths do! ... ... Various husband/boyfriend types have died - one in a wheelchair for 20 years, etc. This is not gender specific karma - even females, including sisters. ... ... I have followed your situation ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Morgellons in the news   by seek2clean  27mo   851  Morgellons
    I do not believe this! ... Thousands of people are delusional??? ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: Streptomyces Fungus + relative strains?   by seek2clean  27mo   621  Parasites Support
    AHA! So this is a possible reason I have been scratching my head for years and years? ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: Do not listen to people on this forum; go find a doctor...   by seek2clean  27mo   1,571  Parasites Support
    Short version of Laugh My Ass Off! And this is making me laugh hard which I need right now - the best medicine. ... ... Doc with nice eyes and healing in his fingertips - WOW - so it does exist somewhere in the world! Wish I could afford to search, meanwhile I do the best I can to stay away from the mass of business men most have become. That system failed me, almost killed me with endless pharmas. Surely I am alive, no thanks to them! Only left with chronic scalp stuff - perhaps the scattered sub-cut parasites that make me want to peel skin however impractical. NO money to work with, but fier ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Do not listen to people on this forum; go find a doctor...   by seek2clean  27mo   1,556  Parasites Support
    LMAO!!!! steps, Where is the ’like’ button around here? ... ... (This is a rhetorical question - for FUN - please, no one needs to school me on how the vote works and stuff - have been around here for some years and never vOTED, not going to - just wish there was a Big LIKE button from time to time!) ... ... Yes, the doctor’s eyes..... ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: Cereal killer? EDIT   by seek2clean  28mo   593  Ask Trapper
    I know how frustrating it is to be unable to influence those close to us sufficiently enough for them to take better care of themselves. With all I have learned I cannot even discipline myself as well as I would like - to stay off the garbage food!! It is sooo tricky to find the best, afford the best. I am over 50, closer to 60 than I ever anticipated, and feel I can still make a difference in my future with better choices now, but am guilty of eating the damn cereal and want to puke watching these videos, and then I want to kill whoever is trying to kill ME/US!!!! ! And when I feel this ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Cereal killer? EDIT   by seek2clean  28mo   482  Ask Trapper
    How could there be negative comments? This is criminal!!!!! ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: What are these?   by seek2clean  28mo   558  Parasites Support
    I am also seeking the identity of the the top critter - passed in urine twice during recent full moon. Looks just like the thing - kind of transparent with visible internal organs, slightly less than an inch long. Mine was the same critter, but minus the tail end - another smaller one the next day, both in urine after recently adding Iodoral, and doing the usual hit ’em with Wormwood/Black walnut at full moon. Cannot take wormwood for long, makes me crazy. If I find the name of this thing I will post..... ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: 10 months SSKI/made my own...   by seek2clean  28mo   735  Iodine Supplementati
    I purchased 125 grams USP Grade Potassium Iodide online, E-bay. I started with and have greatly benefitted from Trapper’s SSKI. I bought crystals as a backup a few months ago. I checked at that time with Peter, but could not swing that large amount. This quantity looks like enough to do another 2 oz. bottle later. ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: 10 months SSKI/made my own...   by seek2clean  28mo   841  Iodine Supplementati
    Thank you Trapper! Yes, they are 12.5 mg. caplets - am concerned about starting and hope to be able to continue when this supply runs out. At 4x daily they will last two weeks. Who is good supplier of Iodoral? ... ... seek2clean ... ...   [End]
  • 10 months SSKI/made my own...   R by seek2clean  28mo   1,035  Iodine Supplementati
    10 months in - holding at 7-10 drops early in the day w/companions and a day or two off here and there. However probably never enough Vit. C. I do not have a good source yet - it’s Amla or Emergen-C right now. ... ... Last night I made my first batch SSKI with the USP grade directions in the following proportions: ... ... 2 oz. Potassium Iodide ... (4 Tablespoons crystals) ... filled 2oz. bottle to 60 % ... added room temp. Distilled water to top ... and shake like crazy for two minutes ... (I went a bit longer) ... ... I may have added too much crystal as there is at least 1/2 inch still at the bottom today. ... It is no ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: civil disobedience is the only way now   by seek2clean  28mo   252  Ask Trapper
    Where is the ”Like” button around here - lol!!! ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: 5 months SSKI...   by seek2clean  29mo   945  Iodine Supplementati
    LOOONG history with asthma/allergies/migraines, however NOTHING for several years - 7 years ago menopause stopped the migraines - 10 years ago I found a Chinese Medicine acupuncturist who gave me an herbal tea of unknown items to drink 4x daily and along with acupuncture 2-3 times a week I was ”cured” of asthma/allergies! NOTHING has happened since then - no inhalers/nebulizers, no lung troubles at all, but in a strange way it is almost as if the allergies change face, moved - now residing in my scalp/sinus if that is possible. I have had this insane itch for 6 YEARS - long time to be scra ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: 5 months SSKI...   by seek2clean  29mo   842  Iodine Supplementati
    An OT Country Life brand 50 mg.- finished the bottle and did not feel it did much for me either, so have not bought more. Maybe the copper thing is part of it. I have no way to test levels. Tried chelated copper with the Zinc initially and became extremely fatigued overnight so stopped the copper - was adjusting to SSKI and not in the mood for extreme anything else at that point. 3 months of Zinc did not help my crazy scalp - it is still itchy as always... ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: the cult of iodine   by seek2clean  31mo   862  Iodine Supplementati
    Love it here....! ... ... ... seek2clean ...   [End]
  • Re: Miscarriage - what happens to the hormones   by seek2clean  31mo   641  The Truth in Medicin
    ...certainly possible. In cases of both miscarriage and abortion the hormones are cruising the system for some time. I believe the reason for cessation of pregnancy may be involved, as spontaneous miscarriage is a naturally ocurring situation vs. a choice to terminate. The body may return to normal more easily in your case, but may still need some help given your issues. ... ... seek2clean ...   [End]
  • Re: My experience   by seek2clean  31mo   1,149  Liver Flush Debate
    Because of the endless debate I have been hesitant to do a liver flush. I have been doing bitters for some years, as well as Magnesium - Citrate for two years and more recently switched to Malate. ... ... Two nights ago I had been thinking about a flush so intently that I swear I had a spontaneous flush - very loose early morning stools full of chaff and sinking debris, and I had done absolutely nothing different!!?? ... ... If we could use our minds to flush our liver... I think I will try it again..... ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: Better breast health naturally with Chinese medicine~ book By Honora...   by seek2clean  31mo   1,625  Iodine Supplementati
    I am hoping the Universe sends me the solution to the mystery scalp thing too! And maybe the Universe could help me type when I am tired. I was referring to parietal cells in my post, not the gobble-dee goop that I typed. LOL ... ... I have not gone entirely gluten free yet in my diet - it is the next adventure. Externally it has made no difference to use only natural items on my scalp instead of OT shampoos. ... ... So far, I have put on scalp - Dr. Bonner’s, Coal tar shampoo, GSE in shampoo, Thyme in shampoo, gallons of ACV (both kinds), Every kind of oil with and without Essential oils, Borax, B ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: My experience   by seek2clean  31mo   1,256  Liver Flush Debate
    I am considering a first liver flush soon. You said you stopped flushing 2-3 years ago - does this mean you are using the protocal outlined in the link instead? ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: Better breast health naturally with Chinese medicine~ book By Honora...   by seek2clean  32mo   1,598  Iodine Supplementati
    Yes, too bad about the fruit...and no to the meat thing - for me. I am anemic and over 50, so have that catch-22 about B-12, paritetal calss, etc. Although I should get some good grass-fed beef at least once a week, I cannot stand the thought sometimes... ... ... Chinese Medicine/Acupuncturist ten years ago zeroed in on my insufficient spleen action treating my alcohol abused body shortly after stopping drinking that poison, and also conquered my lifelong asthma/allergies - at least to the point of no wheezing, no allergy episodes, no inhalers, no nebulizers, etc. - however, there seems to be a ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: I think I went through a mild heart attack-n/m   by seek2clean  32mo   599  Rife
  • Re: I think I went through a mild heart attack   by seek2clean  32mo   582  Rife
    I have had similar episodes in the past, when I had as much on board as you do, but different items. Started working with Magnesium, never had another episode - it is now 3 years later... ... ... seek2clean ... EDIT: I have not posted this 3 times, yet there it is???? ... I have deleted message from two - now new adventures in how to delete posts.....   [End]
  • Re: india cheers while monsanto burns   by seek2clean  32mo   538  Ask Trapper
    Would death by a thousand cuts work? ... ... seek2clean ...   [End]
  • Re: Superbug risk to children given too many antibiotics, killing bacter...   by seek2clean  32mo   461  Ask Trapper
    Amazing this place! Without it I may not have the quality of life I enjoy today - I shudder to think where I would be had I not found CZ - very special people here... ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: Superbug risk to children given too many antibiotics, killing bacter...   by seek2clean  32mo   446  Ask Trapper
    So you think this itch is bacteriodes fragilis Newport? As ugly as it sounds it would be nice to know something definite...been going on for 5 years. MOST people would have been to several DOCs and would have taken countless PHARMAS for this by now - because the Itch is so ITCHY most folks would do ANYTHING to make it stop. I cannot even believe I have lived with it this long. ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: Superbug risk to children given too many antibiotics, killing bacter...   by seek2clean  32mo   509  Ask Trapper
    I have been doing Blue Vervain for two weeks - only at half that dosage, about one full dropper per day - will up it. ... Thanks Newport! ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: Superbug risk to children given too many antibiotics, killing bacter...   ~RN by seek2clean  32mo   808  Ask Trapper
    I was an American child - given way too much ABx - ... 30 rounds before I was 18 years old (24 of them between 14-16 years of age) and 20+ more by 2004. All this for chronic respiratory difficulties (allergies/asthma that would spiral into 35 trips to the hospital, and inhalation therapy, endless rounds of inhalers, nebulizers, steroids......... ... ... I have been trying to recover for the last 6 years. Do the math and you can only imagine the shape I was in by the time I first posted on these forums. THEY will never touch me again...and EVERYTHING I have found here - all of the thousands of file ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Prill Beads   by seek2clean  32mo   1,216  Iodine Supplementati
    ... To answer my own question - prill beads are not suitable for making lugol’s, but very interesting item for water... ... ... ... ... ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: 5 months SSKI...   by seek2clean  32mo   1,072  Iodine Supplementati
    Okay thanks Trapper - I will see what I can find, test my research skills! ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: 5 months SSKI...   by seek2clean  32mo   1,108  Iodine Supplementati
    Gosh I guess I quit drinking alcohol a decade ago much too soon! Much better to want more Iodine... ... ... PRILLS question above - anyone? Or is it possibly a stupid question? ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: 5 months SSKI...   by seek2clean  32mo   1,092  Iodine Supplementati
    Thanks All! ... ... A little encouragement goes a long way with me. ... ... I have been researching the ACS elemental Iodine crystals -smallest affordable quantity available 30 grams, but NOT ACS grade. How important is this??*** ... What about Prill crystals - can make Lugol’s with this or no?** If not, maybe buy for survival kit? ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: 5 months SSKI...   by seek2clean  32mo   1,257  Iodine Supplementati
    I do have the urge for Lugol’s Newport - just don’t have any yet, but considered getting ACS grade Iodine crystals online to add to the KI crystals I already purchased and make my own - unless there is an inexpensive bottle of Lugol’s to be had somewhere right now. ... ... I have conflicting, non-simple recipes from different posts that frustrate me. Right now I have 125 g. Potassium iodide crystal - no scale - need directions in teaspoons/tablespoons/ounces of water how to make a 2oz. bottle of lugol’s when the time comes. ... ... I forgot to mention the initial detox with SSKI included a horrid ta ...   [retrieve this message]
  • 5 months SSKI...   RR by seek2clean  32mo   1,498  Iodine Supplementati
    ... a month ago had worked up to 10 drops SSKI per day w/companions - selenomethionine, tri-boron, mag.malate, B-complex, B-12, etc. ... Love it! Got a crave the other day (anyone else CRAVE iodine?) - researched doing a gram and did it, next day did half a gram, next day less and back to 10 drops - stopped for a couple days and settled in at about 6-7 drops for now. Does not seem to be a wrong way here, but at least keeping to a sufficient mg. per day?* SSKI is 24-27 mg. iodide, depending on who is doing the math according to the many posts I have read. ... ... When I started in March - got the i ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Healing is here - a happy story   by seek2clean  32mo   740  Rife
    NICE! Your story gives hope..... ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: My Success Story - Update   by seek2clean  32mo   1,827  Parasites Support
    So good of you to update Onwards! I had my eye on your posts for quite awhile before you took leave. You are most encouraging! I hope to one day have success such as yours to share - many miles I have come, some yet to go. For above poster this link may be helpful. ... I find it amazing a few days in! ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: EDTA maybe?   by seek2clean  32mo   8,995  Iodine Supplementati
    In addition to kicking out flouride with iodine supp/companions I am recently enjoying the benefits of this link - ... Pineal is mentioned...have also found other simple exercises that help wake it up - works! ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • The dream...   by seek2clean  33mo   979  Dreams  Cross-post
    ...came every night for many nights, starting when I was seven years old - I am now 57. ... ... The beginning looked like stress, tension, frustration - snow on a television station not coming in quite right. Electricity, static filled the scene as an over-stuffed 40’s chair floated in mid-air - the chair is trying to push a needle into a telephone pole. I feel the enormous energy involved. I am in the air with it. ... ... The scene changes - a man and woman waltzing, spinning ’round in the clouds. The pair strongly resemble my parents, who were marvelous dancers when they were not going at it, figh ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: The Dangers of Cayenne for Heart Attacks and Strokes   by seek2clean  33mo   1,445  The Truth in Medicin
    This is good information. Is this caution specific to cayenne, or relative to all hot peppers? Can regular consumption of jalapenos be dangerous to those taking blood thinners such as Coumadin. A friend on Coumadin eats jalapenos almost daily, and was not told about cautions regarding any foods by M.D. ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: Potentially dangerous/deadly advice   by seek2clean  3y   979  The Truth in Medicin
    That is really scary! It is why I am hesitant to offer advice at times - do not want to steer anyone the wrong way - not when something working for me may well harm someone else. Good catch Hv! ... ... As I have proven the difficulty of conveying all necessary information in my own posting history, it is quite possible some posters are leaving out critical elements when looking for help. While I constantly crow,”THEY(M.D’s) will never touch me again” - it is not entirely true. In the event of acute extreme pain, sudden cognitive changes, and varieties of emergency I am heading for a hospital.. ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: blood clots in leg   by seek2clean  3y   701  The Truth in Medicin
    Thanks so much Hv - would love to see him off the rat poison!! ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: blood clots in leg   by seek2clean  3y   687  The Truth in Medicin
    A friend is an amputee - left leg below knee. He is 60 years old, been on Coumadin several years after developing deep vein thrombosis in good right leg above ankle. He takes no other medications, and has been working with Calc./Mag. and Turmeric for a good amount of time. ... ... How would he transition from Coumadin to one of the aformentioned blood thinners? ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: The never-ending scalp itch   by seek2clean  3y   4,229  The Truth in Medicin
    WOW - the power of xenoestrogens - be on the lookout! ... I will be reading about this. ... Okay now things are starting to make some sense - the choking episode was early into the furniture deal - week one - also MENOPAUSE occured that same week. STOPPED, in the middle of a period, never to be seen again... I was 50. I wonder if menses would have stopped so abruptly in an environment without xenoestrogens?? ... ... Oddly I have felt faint stirrings on occasion of uterine activity, as I have regained balance in my body - like menstruation trying to start again. The skin thing started on my back/neck ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: The never-ending scalp itch   by seek2clean  3y   4,216  The Truth in Medicin
    Thank you Hv, ... ... I have begun TMG and glycine, found some neem and will be picking up betadine today. I do not have access to ozone, but have considered buying a unit if I could get one for around a hundred bucks. I looked into some units online, but will have to review your ozone posts for specs. ... ... I do not wear makeup - haven’t for years. I do not use detergents or harsh soaps on my skin, but do have to bathe in the nasty tap water while drinking RO. ... ... My neck/scalp started when I was Interior Design consultant in a large furniture store for a year ’03/’04 - processed/displayed/sold ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: we need a lot more of THIS!   by seek2clean  3y   356  Ask Trapper
    YES!!! ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: First there was denial...   by seek2clean  3y   767  The Truth in Medicin
    ”You’ve done more mind-bending and scary things than a liver flush.” LMAO!!! ... ... You don’t know the half of it - everything I have ever posted is only a small bit! ... Thank you for reminding me that my own tenacity is why I am here, still standing, and ROTFLMAO - the best medicine. ... A little encouragement and a good chuckle goes a long way... ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • First there was denial...   by seek2clean  3y   776  The Truth in Medicin
    ...I did not want to believe initially that anyone had parasites, but why not the human animal? From all I have read regarding parasite in 6 years I believe they are at the bottom of so much more disorder/disease than we think, but they have always been and will always be - we have changed, our environment has changed, and I don’t know how much re-arrangement I can hope for in what is left of my life, but I never stop trying, growing, learning. ... ... I have extricated from my person that which is sci-fi, mind bending, surreal - obsessed to know WHY? I feel I suffer more from my own bad habits ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: One last time please Hv...   by seek2clean  3y   744  The Truth in Medicin
  • Re: The never-ending scalp itch   by seek2clean  3y   4,337  The Truth in Medicin
    Thank you Hv! ... ... Staph infection is possible. I neglected to include my career as care-giver  - am doing good to get the aforementioned information lined out. Brain Fog took its toll and wiped out many months of my life - has been difficult getting back on track - wish I would have documented all this, but I had FOG - could not even read much less work a normal job at the worst of it. I have been a hospice care-giver throughout the last several years, just to ice the stress cake. One of my clients had staph, dressings changed on rotting legs every day by invincible me. They whispered MRS ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: One last time please Hv...   by seek2clean  3y   858  The Truth in Medicin
    Thanks blueciel - I am baffled by this chronic scalp mess. As I type I have had an itching frenzy in front of my computer, 2 BM’s full of tiny tan eggs and dead parasites of some kind, along with a bit of blood today - this happens periodically, possibly from internal hemorroid. I have been getting the recurring message from everywhere around here about liver flushing, and although I have been doing bitters for a long time as recommended by Hv, it may take more? I was very resistant to the idea of a flush early on in my health journey - I guarantee I was too ill, or maybe that is wrong, ma ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Help! Keep going/back off? Your thoughts are needed!   by seek2clean  3y   1,049  Iodine Supplementati
    At that point I had been doing candida cleanse, paragone, then the wormwood combo - also had tried some bentonite/psyllium. Basically had done preliminary work on all systems, diet, bowel, detox baths. I did not like the idea of doing enema’s at ALL, but finally caved in - needed relief, wish I knew then what I know now - anyway it worked to do ACV daily for a week, then 3 in a row one day and the same the next, and EUREKA the mother load of stuff came forth and my brain cleared - never to return to that fugue state again so severely. ... ... About 85% brain fog lifted that day, and I had bee ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: The never-ending scalp itch   by seek2clean  3y   4,355  The Truth in Medicin
    Hello Hv, ... ... Pardon the photos- took them myself. This is too embarrassing to get help with photography. I feel like a leper.The variety is amazing. i don’t relate to welts with this - had raised hives as a kid - this is not that. The itchy can be a spot where nothing appears until I scratch the itch, like it is down deep and then surfaces, but MOST show up randomly with an obvious rough, crusty head that cannot be scratched off, or open. Occasionally minimal scratching produces blood, which reveals a crater. Some times a bloody ooze instead of a spot. No welting, even when I scratch. ... ... S ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: One last time...   by seek2clean  3y   1,325  Ask CureZone  Cross-post
    I believe you, so much that I am looking to buy an ozone generator. Thanks for the reminder. ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: Help! Keep going/back off? Your thoughts are needed!   by seek2clean  3y   923  Iodine Supplementati
    dar7726 can use a coupla tablespoons ACV in a 2 quart enema bag - probably want to retain as much as possible as long as possible - what do you think Trapper? I only share what happened to me, so don’t know how anything may work for others... ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: Help! Keep going/back off? Your thoughts are needed!   by seek2clean  3y   1,141  Iodine Supplementati
    I am in early days (four+months) of Iodine protocal - still being helped by many folks around here, but I have had a couple of your problems, so will try to help as I have been helped. ... ... NO ONE has done a better job of describing brain fog than you! I have tried and cannot find sufficient words. The very scary brain fog I lived with for some years began to lift slowly with diet and supplementaion - attention to candida and parasite cleansing. It lifted suddenly and profoundly, almost completely with a series of ACV enemas - dumped an unbelievable amount of stuff in one day - 9 trips to th ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Help one last time...   by seek2clean  3y   767  Parasites Support
    It would make sense then that a period of time when my diet was strictest the itching began to subside - no bread or baked goods, basically low to no carbs. I also lost weight I could not afford to lose, but I will do anything right now to make this stop. I am anxious for it to go away, not filled with anxiety as I was and as is reflected in the earlier posts. I am actually quite calm to a point where folks wonder if I have a pulse - just choosing not get riled over much anymore. I gave as much hysteria to this life as I am willing to - it did not ever help make me well. I am keeping my ey ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: One last time please...   by seek2clean  3y   808  Iodine Supplementati
    Yes, it has been a lot! ... ... I have become a stronger individual for it - more determined to eliminate stress and any unnecessary chaos - especially with supplementing. For a long time I had not added calcium of any kind since the ML days - recently tried calc. citrate to help with possible lead mobilization and stopped in less than a week - made me very tense. I am better with straight magnesium malate powder. ... ... I know I have an ongoing parasite problem - killed alot of tapes, flukes in the past-seeing flukes again lately, wearing noxema in my panties for pins. I have looked at bloodroot ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: One last time please...   by seek2clean  3y   800  Iodine Supplementati
    Or ME! ... ... THEY will never touch me again.....and I would love to chelate mercury, but hard to do with 8 amalgams ... (one broken), if I am not mistaken? ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Help one last time...   by seek2clean  3y   969  Parasites Support
    WARNING: This is early posting which includes some chronological health issues that I seem to be unable to convey. I am sure some of you are tired of reading about this scalp problem, but I am not tired of seeking solutions. I am asking for your help one last time, posting threads which spell out where I have come from, progressing to current. I am tired, but not defeated. HELP if you can... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... http://c ...   [retrieve this message]
  • One last time please Hv...   by seek2clean  3y   1,094  The Truth in Medicin
    WARNING: This is lengthy early posting which includes some chronological health issues that I seem to be unable to convey. I am sure some of you are tired of reading about this scalp problem, but I am not tired of seeking solutions. I am asking for your help one last time, posting threads which spell out where I have come from, progressing to current. I am tired, but not defeated. HELP if you can... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...   [retrieve this message]
  • One last time please...   by seek2clean  3y   977  Iodine Supplementati
    WARNING: This is lengthy early posting which includes some chronological health issues that I seem to be unable to convey. I am sure some of you are tired of reading about this scalp problem, but I am not tired of seeking solutions. I am asking for your help one last time, posting threads which spell out where I have come from, progressing to current. I am tired, but not defeated. HELP if you can... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Chronic scalp/neck problem   by seek2clean  3y   6,126  Parasites: Skin  Cross-post
    Yes, oddly-shaped, two-toned, sinister... I can relate. When you have time for lengthy read, see post above. ... ... Thank you! ... seek2clean   [End]
  • One last time...   by seek2clean  3y   1,579  Ask CureZone  Cross-post
    WARNING: This is early posting which includes some chronological health issues that I seem to be unable to convey. I am sure some of you are tired of reading about this scalp problem, but I am not tired of seeking solutions. I am asking for your help one last time, posting threads which spell out where I have come from, progressing to current. I am tired, but not defeated. HELP if you can... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... http://curezone. ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Chronic scalp/neck problem   by seek2clean  3y   6,048  Parasites: Skin  Cross-post
    Oooh I want a microscope for sure now - maybe what I think are splitting ends are not? So the white strange hair is not hair?. My hair has grown below shoulders for the first time in 3 decades because I let it - won’t be cutting it, but some days I want to RIP it out when this itch won’t quit. I am going to try bentonite on some neckline hair and see what happens. I have gotten tremendous ideas from all forums where I have posted this problem - thank you for yours! ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: Eventually we'll finish this thread   by seek2clean  3y   1,003  Iodine Supplementati
    Thank you just thinking! The histamine issue has been on my mind. I have homeopathic Histaminum pellets that I have kept around for any allergy episode - going to try them daily x3. I have no trouble with allergies,asthma since acupuncture/herbs in 2002 - which is flat miraculous, given my history with inhalers, nebulizers, and hospitals - going for some acupuncture soon,too. ... ... A consistent workout seems in order. I have done yoga, aqua-aerobics, but not for awhile. I seem to go like hell physically at times (big stuff like moving, or a job that requires intense physical action) and the ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Chronic scalp/neck problem   by seek2clean  3y   6,222  Parasites: Skin  Cross-post
    Thanks - I will look into that, price is good. What is going to happen to my hair if I put bentonite on my scalp? ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: Eventually we'll finish this thread   by seek2clean  3y   1,138  Iodine Supplementati
    No doubt there is a connection, as every bowel movement produces a frenzy of itch that quiets down after. I have had colon (2.5 cm) polyp removed, there was small diverticuli found during the oNLY colonoscopy I will ever have in 2008. It could take a looong post to put all aspects of my history in perspective, so I end up leaving out what is probably very important information in an effort to keep it as brief as possible. I have posted ALL at one time or another trying to get help with this. The lymph was slowed down, I’m sure, when I fell, broke knee/crutches/cane for 6 months. I did not ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Chronic scalp/neck problem   by seek2clean  3y   6,118  Parasites: Skin  Cross-post
    Bentonite in my hair? ... I am hunting a microscope. ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re:seek2clean's itching nightmare   by seek2clean  3y   1,150  Iodine Supplementati
    I took hot bath #102 last night per Trapper’s suggestion ... The extended stay in ... 2cups borax ... 1cup baking soda ... Thyme/Lavender essential oils (10 drops each) - did not rinse, promptly did cool/cold sitz. ... This calmed things and fyi the mixture allowed me to run a comb through wet hair without a tangle. Went to bed. ... Woke up ... ITCHY - had 2 good BM’s - evidence of flukes again lately.** Scalp ITCH always intensifies right before evacuation, every time.** ... ... Later in the day I find black specks on face followed by glittery specks - lots of them, must be falling out of hair and/or surfacing thr ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Chronic scalp/neck problem   by seek2clean  3y   6,372  Parasites: Skin  Cross-post
    I took hot bath #102 last night. ... The extended stay in ... 2cups borax ... 1cup baking soda ... Thyme/Lavender essential oils (10 drops each) - did not rinse, promptly did cool/cold sitz. ... This calmed things and fyi the mixture allowed me to run a comb through wet hair without a tangle. Went to bed. ... Woke up ... ITCHY - had 2 good BM’s - evidence of flukes again lately.** Scalp ITCH always intensifies right before evacuation, every time.** ... ... Later in the day I find black specks on face followed by glittery specks - lots of them, must be falling out of hair. The itch is like scabie, but not where typ ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: 4 months SSKI ...   by seek2clean  3y   1,114  Iodine Supplementati
    I can feel fatigue and not want to get in my bed. Sleepy is when I want to crawl in my bed not long after getting up, and I am not a napper. Neither are the same as massive brain fog. (Thank the universe and CZ that is gone!) ... ... The red hair is a clue about copper for me. In the 70’s I was a Cosmetology student, with virgin dark brown/auburn hair that would not bleach to white because of the natural red - the copper in my hair prevented it.(NEVER volunteer for that!!!) So with all the attention to health for some years I have seen grey go away, a duller brown has become deep and full of re ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Chronic scalp/neck problem   by seek2clean  3y   6,086  Parasites: Skin  Cross-post
    I can only hope they have dried up! Feels more like they are having a party under my skin, but thanks for the reminder about zinc in the shampoo. I read that somewhere around here recently. I think I will crush a tablet - try some in Dr. Bonner’s tonite, in a borax/soda /lavender/thyme bath - maybe EO’s in the shampoo, too. I probably have secondary bacteria from scratching. Oh, where is the reset button!!!! lol ... Interesting about zapping - I have never tried. Got all the parts for World’s Smallest minus alligator clips, so far, but I am kind of concerned about further scattering I have re ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Use the inside of a banana peel Helps itching!   by seek2clean  3y   1,116  Iodine Supplementati
    What a good use of peeling! I eat a banana every day, so I will try this. I am unwilling to cut off my hair to make all this application of stuff easier, so anything I put ON takes a long range plan to then get it OFF and be ready to leave the house. I am routinely here with some concoction under plastic - it’s a wonder I have hair at all. That is the crazy part - the hair grows healthy while the scalp and skin around it is an itchy mess? ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: 4 months SSKI ...   by seek2clean  3y   1,062  Iodine Supplementati
    I have been wondering about the copper - so much reading only to be uncertain in the end! I think I keep finding it said that zinc needs copper to work? ... ... I have been taking 50 mg.Zinc/2.5 mg chelated Copper for less than 2 weeks - could not find it O/T at less mg. Switched out Mag.Citrate for Malate at the same time, taking 1/2 teasp. at bedtime, but I may need to leave out of my daily water bottle? I don’t know what is doing what at this point. Maybe a pill cutter is in order? 50 mg.zinc too much to take alone? ... ... I have considered independent labs. Would like to know if all my work ha ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: seek2clean's itching nightmare   by seek2clean  3y   1,047  Iodine Supplementati
    Thank you Trapper! ... Is the silver going to be difficult to find? ... And if I mist it on my scalp will I still have hair? ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: americans are gutless   by seek2clean  3y   527  Ask Trapper
    HOOYA!!!!!! ... ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: seek2clean's itching nightmare   by seek2clean  3y   990  Iodine Supplementati
    Okay, so How/ What is needed? ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: 4 months SSKI ...   by seek2clean  3y   1,037  Iodine Supplementati
    I have been putting cayennne powder in my water, but the folks I want to talk to are the ones who snort it through a straw for sinus stuff!! Really??!!?? ... ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • ITCHY SKIN (Chronic)   by seek2clean  3y   318  Parasites Support
 ... ... ... ... I have been reading today about CYSTICERCOSIS regarding all this! Any thoughts? ... ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: seek2clean's itching nightmare   by seek2clean  3y   1,226  Iodine Supplementati
    Actually Menopause was the least of the deal - went through it mysteriously without a mood swing, hot flash, or night sweat. Everything just stopped on a dime one day in 2004, shortly after that I fell- head injury, broken knee surgical superficial repair was, of course, infected immediately(ANTIBIOTIC) - crutches/cane for half a year. It was later in 2005 that EVERY bodily system was waaay outa balance!!! It has taken 6 long years and these forums to deal with all this and come this far: ... ... Vertigo gone ... Massive debilitating brain fog 95 % gone ... Photosensitivity gone ... Assimilate food/wate ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Chronic scalp/neck problem   by seek2clean  3y   6,353  Parasites: Skin  Cross-post
    I have a collection of things extricated from my body, mainly scalp/neck area that I saved under wide clear tape - an unbelievable assortment I would love a parasitologist to examine. The parade seemed to stop after a lot parasite cleansing - now just little mountains of relentless itch that I can occasionally scratch out a grain of sand type thing. find a lot of glittery(only on one side) discs on my face that seems to fall from my hair. I want a microscope - from where and how much??? But what to do about this is priority - it is wearing me out. The worst flair is in front of the comput ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Chronic scalp/neck problem   by seek2clean  3y   6,305  Parasites: Skin  Cross-post
    The itch is INCREDIBLE!!! Yes, I have switch around hair products plenty - seldom use shampoo, love borax, soda, have citric in a spray bottle for skin and hair. It has, so far, been unresponsive to all oils, ACV,etc. it crackles and pops under my scalp when I scratch, or sometimes just turning my head, or moving my eyes. I fear it is parasite related - scattered from my early attempts at cleansing, but as I posted in the iodine forum I had so much happen in a short time several years ago that I cannot figure out a real cause. I want it to stop!!!! Sitting in front of the computer makes i ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: seek2clean's itching nightmare   by seek2clean  3y   1,308  Iodine Supplementati
    This stuff started several years ago when the chemtrails had been heavy in the Colorado sky - some kind of grey goo fell obviously from the sky onto perennials in my front yard. I did not touch it, but hosed off the plants. It was real stubborn. I had no idea what it was, but the trajectory meant it could only had been coming from above, high up and with force. ... ... My cat got sick shortly after, did not poo, pee, eat or drink for nine days - came out of it, but then with skin trouble - He almost scratched his face right off!!! Like I want to scratch my head right off. The lived another year ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: The never-ending scalp itch   by seek2clean  3y   4,241  The Truth in Medicin
    Only 9,000 times - nothing has worked or it would be gone by now. I go broke buying ACV, have slept with coconut oil in my hair many nights. What really makes this stuff itch like crazy is being in front of my computer too long, if that is a clue of any kind. Somebody out there knows what this is. ... ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: seek2clean's itching nightmare   by seek2clean  3y   1,107  Iodine Supplementati
    This has been going on for over 5 years. At first it came and went and came back again - has not left for a couple years straight. It stays on my head/neck/upper back, then began slowly creeping across hairline onto my facial skin. With this I have noticed patchy dark spots, freckled where it was never before. Some of it is crusty, some scabby, some darker, some like psoriasis. EXTREMELY ITCHY. I have no idea what or why. If it were a liver congestion issue, it would appear randomly on skin everywhere I would think. I only recently introduced SSKI - hopefully it helps. Will appreciate an ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: 4 months SSKI ...   by seek2clean  3y   1,125  Iodine Supplementati
    That seems nice and simple! But why cayenne tincture? Does it work better than the powder? ... ... I posted photos above of my unlovely skin - amazing I can feel so good and have a great head of hair with this itchy, nasty stuff going on!(Any broken hair is from me scratching, not from whatever it is.) ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • The never-ending scalp itch   by seek2clean  3y   4,376  The Truth in Medicin
 ... ... Hv, ... ... I have mentioned this several times over the last few years, finally posting images - can’t take anymore. What is it? ... ... THANK YOU ~ ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Chronic scalp/neck problem   by seek2clean  3y   6,765  Parasites: Skin  Cross-post
 ... ... Help! This has been going on a looong time! ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • seek2clean's itching nightmare   by seek2clean  3y   1,441  Iodine Supplementati
 ... ... Somebody make it stop! ... ... seek2clean ... ... Please!   [End]
  • Re: 4 months SSKI ...   by seek2clean  3y   1,215  Iodine Supplementati
    Thank you for responding Ginagirl. I love SSKI - was considering adding lugol’s...for??? I have potassium iodide crystals here to make a new batch of SSKI. I am surprised how long the bottle I bought from Trapper has lasted - a little less than half full. I am going to add magnets shortly - does this change dosage? ***** ... ... I feel good about supps. list - was hoping this is all not TOO much. I am trying to find the best Vitamin C - I have amla, but I keep reading this is not best for iodine protocal purposes?*** ... ... My concern about zinc/copper/possible iron problem is long-standing anemia ...   [retrieve this message]
  • 4 months SSKI ...   RR by seek2clean  3y   1,657  Iodine Supplementati
    Started Trapper’s SSKI and companions March 18. ... ... Currently on board: ... ... SSKI 8-9 morning drops ... Selenomethionine ... Tri-boron ... Mag. malate (recently switched from citrate 3 years) ... B-complex ... Himalayan sole ... Grape bitters 5+years ... DE in RO water 5+years ... ***recently add ACV, sole, cayenne, some mag. and a packet of Emergenc-E (for lack of appropriate Vitamin C) to drinking bottle - sip on this all day. ... Licorice Root (off and on) ... Curcumin ” ... Nettles ” ... Omega 3,6,9 ... MSM 2-3 days a week ... Ocassional Chaga ... Ocassional Bee pollen ... ... ***recently added Zinc and chela ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: karl denninger on ron pauls marijuana bill   by seek2clean  3y   551  Ask Trapper
    Please don’t misunderstand - I attribute nothing about my fiesty nature as a young person to smoking pot! Marijauna was not to blame then, nor was it responsible when I became older, calmer and could enjoy smoking without negative consequence. ANYTHING in the hands of the wrong person can have less than desirable results, but ESPECIALLY Alcohol which has a well-established reputation for death and destruction. Not so many have perished from pot...! Personally, I have done neither in a number of years, but of the two I would most certainly smoke before I would drink. In your case you are we ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: karl denninger on ron pauls marijuana bill   by seek2clean  3y   515  Ask Trapper
    I smoked plenty of pot in my day, never once sang Kumbaya -was plenty combative, not interested in getting along back then - ha! In my son’s case he was ratted out by some G.I. girl who got caught smoking, she mentioned his name, and because he was driving the Colonel around at that point he was booted after 2.5 years of excellent service. They said they needed to make an example of him. This happened shortly after 911 - when you would think they would be keeping EVERY WARM Military BODY. I guess they would rather have a drunk drinking the LEGAL alcohol behind a rifle aimed at the enemy, a ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: karl denninger on ron pauls marijuana bill   by seek2clean  3y   542  Ask Trapper
    My son was booted out of the military (thank god) for smoking pot, but they keep the alcoholics... ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: Advice on what to do next?? :(   by seek2clean  3y   725  Parasites Support
    If these ameobas, giardia, crypto cause diarrhea at the onset do they continue to cause diarrhea until treated or can elimination get back to normal with them still present? ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: audibly hear parasites in the brain?   by seek2clean  3y   1,384  Parasites Support
    Make sure that crackling is not sinus/inner ear junk - ihave both troubles to some degree with the noise. Inflammation from gluten intolerance is also possible. ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: Parasites in the brain   by seek2clean  3y   1,850  Parasites Support
    I understand your alarm, but ANYthing can hurt you in excess - especially carbs, which parasites seem to love. i am so careful to not overdo dosage of anything I ingest that I may never be doing enough!!?? The toughest thing I do is avoid the bad food, but I will send sweet down the hatch as bait right before some potent parasite herbs. Healthy fat is essential - parasites or no. I really think if you have brain parasites you will have neurological symptoms, but I am open to being incorrect. It just seems almost impossible for that kind of interference in the grey matter to not display ext ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Parasites in the brain   by seek2clean  3y   1,825  Parasites Support
    If potassium iodide can kill, then a whole lotta folks on the iodine support forum would be dead. I do 8-9 drops per day with no fear of death - in fact it has helped tremendously. parasites are not my only issue, but showed their ugly selves to me when I was very ill, immune extremely low, menopause, head injury, etc. I would love it if they were all gone but I know it takes time and working at it. That which has taken up residency a long time ago may not be eradicated quickly. If they are in my brain I would, of course, not feel that, but they are beneath the scalp - unless this noise, i ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Parasites in the brain   by seek2clean  3y   1,840  Parasites Support
    I have cleansed in the past and found tapes, flukes and what I believe are hookworms. What may be in the subcutaneous tissue in my head I am not certain, but I may have sent it scattering there when I first embarked to cleanse and was really unsure what I was doing. I only know for over 5 years the scalp thing has never left me - no matter what internal or topical measure. I scratch the most incredible itch, which stays confined to head, neck - always above, never below shoulders. I know I have lightened the parasite load considerably over the years. It works for me to concentrate my effor ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Parasites in the brain   by seek2clean  3y   1,834  Parasites Support
    ”If you have parasiteds in the head you willknow without a doubt they are very noisy. ... The brain actually has no feeling but the external part between the skull and the skin..those you can feel and hear.” ... ... Oh thank god- someone has finally made reference to the cracking, popping, crunching, itching and crawling I have been experiencing and posting about all over the place for over 5 years......I knew somebody had to know something about this! ... ... seekclean   [End]
  • Re: Testimonial - Wombat's Iodine Salve   by seek2clean  3y   1,258  Iodine Supplementati
    This is the difficulty with many things I would like to try. I have put things on my scalp that took days to get out of my hair. The source of the problem is not supreficial - I think more an inflammation underneath that causes the itch, but your salve sounds interesting! ... ... ... seek2clean ...   [End]
  • Re: Testimonial - Wombat's Iodine Salve   by seek2clean  3y   1,295  Iodine Supplementati
    Would you put in on your scalp? ... ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: Mole removal with SSKI   by seek2clean  3y   1,959  Iodine Supplementati
    Before I knew what a Dowager’s hump was I had one - also present when the horrible illness began ’05. I have read that the hump is toxin storage. The hump has gone away - possibly released into nearby tissue?? I don’t know - only that this scalp thing has gone on about 6 years now, so I have lived with it a long, long time. The itch is incredible! Could be stagnant lymph from being incpacitated by the broken knee ’04/’05 episode - although I have been quite active since with bouts of inactivity(computer generated - hard to be active when actively searching CZ for solutions for hours and ho ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Mole removal with SSKI   by seek2clean  3y   2,044  Iodine Supplementati
    This is Trapper’s SSKI - 3 x daily - more initially (started 10 days ago), just kept it saturated. The mix is 10 drops in distilled water, half full in the smallest glass baby food jar with the lid. I keep painting, at least once or twice - early in the day. When I paint later it seems to absorb enough to give me some energy when I need to be sleeping. This mole is almost flat now. I read recently that moles are toxins, and if this is true there was no harm in trying. I have always had other smaller moles on my face, at least some in places considered the ”beauty mark” type, haha! But this ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Mole removal with SSKI   by seek2clean  3y   2,241  Iodine Supplementati
    I recently added 10 drops SSKI to distilled water - with saturated q-tip began painting big mole in the middle of my forehead. It is coming off in layers and chunks - almost flat now. I am hoping for minimal scar, but anything is better than the ugly thing, situated interestingly right over and slightly left of third eye area. ... ... This mole appeared several years ago and grew, getting bigger when I was very ill - almost the size of a pencil eraser at one point. There is a soft pocket under it, between the mole and my eyebrow, where I can push and get some of that crackling sound I have be ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: WOW, I must really be behind....   by seek2clean  3y   1,157  Webmaster Debate
    What I noticed is that they were gone completely for a few days. Eventually I saw the avatars again, but I did not even notice the left side thing until you mentioned it !!! ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: iodine toxicity?   by seek2clean  3y   969  Iodine Supplementati
    I am glad to hear about the craving. I have been experiencing that and wonder if I should give in when it happens - take a couple drops off schedule and see what happens? ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: 60 days SSKI ...   by seek2clean  3y   694  Iodine Supplementati
    No zinc right now - have taken it in the past, maybe should try again although it needs copper correct? ... ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • 60 days SSKI ...   by seek2clean  3y   872  Iodine Supplementati
    Two months in @ 8 drops per day for the last few days plus companions, but still not reaping the benefits of Vitamin C in the mix, since apparently Amla isn’t doing the job? Upped the tri-boron to 6mg.recently also - not sure what is adequate? ... ... I have better sleep, energy, elimination (pretty sure parasite life does NOT like SSKI!) ... ... I FEEL different - can’t put my finger on it, but I’ll take it! ... Only ocassionally get metal taste - amalgams going wild. ... ... Going to get ACS grade Iodine delivered shortly and begin ... mad science building Lugol’s. ... ... Still got the miserable scalp thing - ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Wait! It gets better!   by seek2clean  3y   753  Ask Trapper
    You’ve got me giggling here - ... about to capsize my boat Bugsy! ... ... ... Life is but a dream ........................ ... ...................! ... ... ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: lol   by seek2clean  3y   767  Ask Trapper
    Rotflmao! ... ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: lol   by seek2clean  3y   855  Ask Trapper
    No man knows the hour - but I will be laughing all the way...row, row, row your boat gently..... ... ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: PDF: Iodine Remedies - Secrets From The Seas   by seek2clean  3y   1,326  Iodine Supplementati
    Yes, I am a newbie and this is a good one. It has recipes for SSKI and Lugol’s that are simple. It is amazing how many recipes I have found that are very complicated, wordy, and each of them seem to have their own formula. There are differences in the ammounts that are kind of scary. I don’t have a scale to weigh out grams, so this recipe at least gives me what a tablespoon equals, so I have a chance to successfully create Lugol’s. ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: chlorine as bad as bromine ?   by seek2clean  3y   924  Iodine Supplementati
    That is what I was hoping, but apparently not all forms of Vitamin C? If Amla is sub-standard for this purpose, and finding Ascorbic acid is difficult, then what??? ... ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: chlorine as bad as bromine ?   by seek2clean  3y   993  Iodine Supplementati
    And here I am with lil’ ole Amla, learning, learning, learning - though I still don’t know if taking only SSKI is okay for now? ... ... ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: BRAIN STORMING; What do we need to do to stop the genocide?   by seek2clean  3y   2,024  Chemtrails Support  Cross-post
    Definitely the art show! ... Titled - THIS IS WHAT IT’S LIKE WHEN WORLD’s COLLIDE ! ... ... This chemical slaughter MUST be stopped. ... How many thousands of photos posted will get the necessary ATTENTON? ... I want it posted front and center in EVERY possible publication!!! ... I have been reading this forum since 2006 - searched a lot of files regarding Morgellon’s. ... ... Personally, I looked up one summer day over 5 years ago, noticed the sky seemd rather busy with contrails - did not know yet they were nOT contrails. Found the grey goo one morning splattered all over my front yard perennials. My cat got ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Only sski????   by seek2clean  3y   1,092  Iodine Supplementati
    Okay, so if my health issues are not severe and there is no cystic breast /ovary in the picture then I should be able to take only SSKI for a bit? Yes? No? ... ... The only severity I experience of late is the metallic taste and a few days of diarrhea last week - meanwhile my energy is up, sleep better - however, craving chocolate and bananas. ... ... The only other severity for a few years has been the never-ending scalp/skin thing - now 5 years old. UGGH! ... ... And yes, I still have 8 amalgams - so I guess I am flirting with disaster to try even sski, much less iodine? ... Or is selenium the problem wi ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Only sski????   by seek2clean  3y   1,084  Iodine Supplementati
    So as I close in on almost 2 months only SSKI with no cystic breasts or ovaries you (Trapper) say I could keep this regime a bit longer, tape some strong magnets to the bottle of product I purchased from you, mix up the 125 g. I recently received - tape magnets to that too, and call it good for awhile?? Maybe add Iodine later??? ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: Only sski???? EDIT   by seek2clean  3y   1,351  Iodine Supplementati
    I am the woman cougar is referring to - taking only SSKI and companions right now, and as more brain fog lifts I am realizing the need for Iodine as well. Cougar was kind enough to provide Brownstein’s video link and after watching it, a lot has become less confusing. It was something I had planned to do when I started this journey in March - never got to it, but I see why it is recommended. I have recently purchased 125 g. SSKI crystals via e-bay and will now seek 75 g. Iodine crystals to make my own Lugol’s, assuming this is correct math. ... ... Thank you all ~ ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: 45 days SSKI...   by seek2clean  3y   1,405  Iodine Supplementati
    WOW cougar - thank you for the link! I am amazed by Brownstein’s video and will look into Iodine in conjunction with SSKI which I have a good supply of now - received 125 g. Potassium Iodide last week. Had I known I needed Iodine as well I would have ordered both at the same time, and then could make my own Lugol’s. I haven’t mixed up the SSKI crytals yet, so will wait for addition of 75 g. Iodine. Am I understanding this correctly? ... ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: 45 days SSKI...   by seek2clean  3y   1,455  Iodine Supplementati
    I appreciate your input very much. No cystic breasts or ovaries here, so I will work with SSKI for now. I received the Potassium Iodide crytals I ordered, so can mix my own and keep sski on board for a good amount of time. I will definitely try Gina’s formula on my scalp at the neckline first to see if any hair is lost before proceeding with the whole head. Thanks again! ... ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: 45 days SSKI...   by seek2clean  3y   1,495  Iodine Supplementati
    Thank you just thinking! I like the sound of this mixture -will get Lugpl’s as soon as I can, right now it’s SSKI - don’t know if that is comparable? The scalp stuff is a vicious circle of neck breakouts making wearing a ponytail unsightly - yet I need to keep my hair off my neck, but cannot leave the house with hair up - geesh ready to cut it all off after letting it grow two years! ... ... I will try this borax mix with SKI and see what happens - maybe a borax, essential oil bath and then follow with coconut oil and SSKI mix to moisturize? I wonder what will make the snapping, crunching, pop ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: 45 days SSKI...   by seek2clean  3y   1,459  Iodine Supplementati
    Some of what I experience matches some of the symptoms of EVERY kind of skin problem!!! This is my frustration. ... About the time I think it is internal I will find a couple black specks in my eyebrow, or I will scratch what seems like a grain of sand out of an itchy bump at the back of my neck. It is not ONE thing. There are patches that absolutely look like excema, some that are almost psoriasis, some that are dark, crusty, scabby - that bleed when scratched. Others areas are all of the above and some never stop itching. When this began it was in my ears as well. 5 years is a LONG time for ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: 45 days SSKI...   by seek2clean  3y   1,470  Iodine Supplementati
    Anyone have anything on the skin problem in above post? ... ... Am I supposed to be taking Iodine along with SSKI? ... ... ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: 45 days SSKI...   by seek2clean  3y   1,633  Iodine Supplementati
    Pardon my lack of brevity, but I have suffered 33 Colorado winters so far - came from the humid mid-western Mississippi River area long ago and at least found relief from the muggy mold in the dry air at a mile high. Chronic asthma/allergies/migraines change its face over the years, disappearing altogether at Menopause 7 years ago - all hell broke loose and every bodily system became compromised - could not pee or make tears, tinnitus, vertigo, diabetic stuff, thyroid symptoms, heart episodes, severe malabsorption, muscle wasting, extreme weight loss - AMAZINGLY NO MIGRAINES, NO ALLERGIES, ...   [retrieve this message]
  • 45 days SSKI...   RR by seek2clean  3y   2,047  Iodine Supplementati
    I have been experiencing some interesting things with SSKI @ 6 drops and companions. Thyroid nodule is slowly shrinking - no longer tender, voice is changing, periodically expelling yucky stuff from sinus, nose - blood, great green glob, varieties of debris, also lots of debris in urine - dark chunks, light colored candid type, some very thin hairlike wormies, and even a hexagonal irridescent flat disc of some unknown material! ... ... I have been pounding the water and I am sure my kidneys are loving it - trying to re-hydrate, keeping the sole going - getting some lengthy bm’s finally. This is ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: SSKI recipe   by seek2clean  3y   1,385  Iodine Supplementati
    Dear Trapper and Newport, ... ... Just about the time I was feeling like a high maintenance ... hyper-vigilant perfectionist you both responded to my version of the recipe.....LMAO and thank you so much for taking time to revitalize my confidence, but please pardon my shrinking violet-ness, as I am aware this is not rocket science - just as you mentioned Trapper it is simply uncharted terrain for this mixologist. I now feel quite happy to have presented my confusion, and am grateful you two worked out the kinks for me - and then some. ... ... If I should ever pursue creating SSKI beyond the incoming 1 ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: SSKI recipe   by seek2clean  3y   1,365  Iodine Supplementati
    The best way to know if I have learned is to teach, so I will give it back as if someone asked me for the recipe. Please let me know if I got it right! ... ... SSKI recipe: ... ... 125 grams Potassium Iodide = 125 ml. SSKI or 4 0z.(multiply x 4 for larger quantities) ... *There is more KI than water in this solution* ... ... - KI in glass/plastic - Marked at 4 oz. level ... - Distilled water added slowly to 3/4 level (see mark) ... ... - Shake, add water, repeat until KI dissolves ... (at risk of over saturation do NOT add more water to straggler crystals) ... ... - Solution will become cold - can be bathed in warm tap ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: oil and iodine   by seek2clean  3y   640  Iodine Supplementati
    I am thinking of trying it in coconut oil with aloe gel and applying it on scalp - reading how this works for skin so well and hoped the hair would survive a few drops of SSKI mix in. Maybe a patch test first at the neckline... ... ... Thanks! ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: SSKI recipe   by seek2clean  3y   1,431  Iodine Supplementati
    Thanks, like I said I am not the math major. This is probably something you could do blind-folded, but I am being extra careful with money spent and resources, so want to be sure when I begin that I know(??) what I am doing. ... ... After review again and a look at conversion table (125g. = 4 OZ.) I see what you say about starting with 4 oz. water being too much when that is ideally what the end result should be....was just wanting an approximate ? ... 3oz. safe? - better to start with 2oz? ... ... ... Cannot afford to muck it up~ ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: SSKI recipe   by seek2clean  3y   1,261  Iodine Supplementati
    The procedure above seems to be missing a very important number somewhere. When you instruct to ”fill to 3/4 full” -3/4 of WHAT? A cup? A liter? I only know so far I am starting with 125 g. Potassium Iodide and a glass container of unknown size...... ... ... And where it says ”add enough water so that there is a good layer of crystals still in the bottom of the container” - could you give me an appoximate?? Maybe you have done this so long that it is easy for you and sometimes when this is the case it may be difficult to see why anything vague in directions might be a problem for someone else. ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Is this something new?   by seek2clean  3y   1,535  Webmaster Debate
    I am not seeing avatars for many days now... ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: oil and iodine   by seek2clean  3y   778  Iodine Supplementati
    Would like to know about SSKI in hair/scalp? ... ... Anybody? ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: SSKI recipe   by seek2clean  3y   1,353  Iodine Supplementati
    Thank you so much! ... I am starting with 125 g Potassium Iodide and ... 4 oz. distilled water in plastic or glass ... to be transferred to brown glass with plastic or cork ... stopper. E-bay was my source - hope it is a good one! ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: SSKI recipe   by seek2clean  3y   1,312  Iodine Supplementati
    Thanks Trapper! ... ... Still need to know about the lid - metal/plastic? ... Will a sun tea jar work w/wo plastic spigot? ... Plastic funnel to transfer to small brown bottle? ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: SSKI recipe   by seek2clean  3y   1,349  Iodine Supplementati
    Okay - this is not clear. ... ... How does this become 4 oz? ... Start with glass - the largest I have is a sun tea jar with rubber/plastic spicket. If this not good, then I need one with non-metal top? ... The action of SSKI on metal/plastic is what? ... ... Distilled water - ... how much water for 125 g. Potassium Iodide? ... I don’t want to screw this up, so need help....I can write a sonnet, but am not the numbers girl. ... ... Thank you ~ ... seek2clean ... ...   [End]
  • SSKI recipe   by seek2clean  3y   1,381  Iodine Supplementati
    125 g. of Potassium Iodide crystals will be arriving in a few days. How much distilled water needs to be added? Can I mix this in a 2L plastic container or should it be glass? Is it better to make smaller quantities? I have searched other posts but it is confusing - some talk about cooking it? ... ... Thank You Trapper ~ ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: Marijuana and worms? Weird question. I know.   by seek2clean  3y   6,704  Parasites Support
    NOT at all, but then ....LOLOLOL ... ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: oil and iodine   by seek2clean  3y   706  Iodine Supplementati
    Would it be safe to add SSKI to coconut oil, aloe, etc. for use on scalp? Damage to hair??? ... ... I am going to get rid of this scalp thing if it is the last thing I do ! ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: Marijuana and worms? Weird question. I know.   by seek2clean  3y   7,294  Parasites Support
    I have experienced that partaking of some south-of-the border nasty variety (probably laced with lots of pesticides and stepped on hard with god know’s what else) seemed to precede the appearance of horrific parasite symptoms! This does not mean the nasty weed introduced parasites that were never there before - NO, there were some on board already I’m sure, but I introduced into sinus and lungs some Really bad new stuff that I am still trying to get rid of years later - Beware! And it created a vicious cycle of need - the need to subdue the parasite presence with more of the nasty weed - ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: What now, what then?   by seek2clean  3y   773  Iodine Supplementati
    GEEEESH Trapper - I can’t afford to, can’t afford NOT to....however the SSKI I purchased from you in March looks like it will last quite some time at 6 drops per day - some months actually, so what do you think - is the world going to hell before let’s say August??? Maybe I have time to find the right source yet....or buy a case, but chances are when I can do it again you will be out AGAIN! LOL ... ... seek2clean ...   [End]
  • Re: What now, what then?   by seek2clean  3y   813  Iodine Supplementati
    Oh Thank You - you didn’t need to research for me, but I appreciate it. I was aware of E-bay KI, but was wanting a known reliable source - may have to do Ebay shopping whether I like it or not....thanks again! ... ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: EASTER by MH   by seek2clean  3y   582  Ask Barefoot
    Probably so, probably so... ... ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: What now, what then?   by seek2clean  3y   792  Iodine Supplementati
    Timing is everything - I could have when he first mentioned at time of my original purchase in March, but cannot now - so am needing a different way to continue SSKI or face possibly stopping altogether, which I do not want to do having just gotten started a little over a month ago. I feel like a junkie stressing over my supply! ... ... It is not the only supplement I am concerned about being without - just most recent and most profound results! ... I have e-mailed Peter for information, and hopefully it is something affordable that will last well into whatever the strange future holds. If nothin ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: What now, what then?   by seek2clean  3y   741  Iodine Supplementati
    Dang, I should have bought a case from Trapper when I had the chance! Yes, I will look into Vitaspace if crystals are affordable, but still have questions...thank you. ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • What now, what then?   by seek2clean  3y   874  Iodine Supplementati
    Apparently there is stuff coming down that may make it difficult to obtain Iodine or any supplements for that matter!!!??? In that event, what is best - to take normal dosages until supply is gone, in hopes of some miracle availability, or back off now to minimum and make supply stretch? Could go from 6 drops to perhaps 1-2 drops SSKI per day, and then what about companions? ... ... ... I do not know who to trust for ongoing supply, and am wondering why I cannot make my own, and what to expect if it becomes necessary to cold-turkey off SSKI... ... ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: Demedox mites and how to get rid of them 90% naturally   by seek2clean  3y   27,893  Demodex Mites  Cross-post
    When you say dust, do you mean all over body including hair? I have had scalp condition 5 years and would love to see the end of it by dusting with DE. Since it is not good to inhale the fine particles how do suggest using near face? ... ... ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: last call for alcohol...   by seek2clean  3y   833  Iodine Supplementati
    So if we cannot buy a case then we find Potassium Iodide crystals and make our own??? ... Is there some other source? ... ... ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: haiku   by seek2clean  3y   571  Ask Trapper
    O Civilization seat ... fervid bubble fated broth ... knowledge tree hist tomb ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: Leuren Moret   by seek2clean  3y   1,054  Ask Trapper
    Thank you for this.....what a brave woman!!! ... ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: 30 days SSKI...   by seek2clean  3y   663  Iodine Supplementati
    I have pumpkin seeds at my desk, and neglected to include in my list, like I neglect to eat them sometimes until parasites get my attention - thanks for reminder. DE has been in my water for years, but I could easily add to food as well as clove powder. So my basic regimen does not require any tweaking then? ... ... The moon is getting big and I am adding Wormwood combo the next 3-4 days, still wondering about this. ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: 30 days SSKI...   by seek2clean  3y   675  Iodine Supplementati
    Which items are unfamiliar? ... ... I have come to this group of items after much trial and error over the years. Sometimes it seems there have been too many things on board, so don’t know what is doing WHAT for me, or what needs more or less. Just getting SSKI and companions on board feels good, but Chaga is recent(3mths.) ... and I cannot say what the effect is, if any. Sometimes I want to stop evrything and see what the body has to say then. ... ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • 30 days SSKI...   by seek2clean  3y   818  Iodine Supplementati
    One month later I am parked at 6 vertical drops SSKI & companions 3mg. Tri-boron, 200mcg. Selenometionine, ... B-complex, 1 teasp. Amla, 1 teasp. Himalayan sole loading, Vit. D3, 1,000mg. Chlorella - along with Mag. Citrate and newly added Calcium Citrate (lead removal), the usual Bee pollen, occasional Chaga all washed down with DE/RO water. Sometimes I throw down a spoonful of Coconut oil, which I pull every morning. I have been mincing raw garlic cloves frequently into salad and topping with avocado/sesame oil. ... ... I am doing the Wormwood combo 4-5 days at new and full moons - maybe just ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Occupational metals   by seek2clean  3y   546  The Truth in Medicin
    I have added CALCIUM CITRATE - NOW foods capsules (4=1,000mg.) I started small, because I am fearful of too much calcium, with (2) which=500mg. plus 1/4 teasp. Magnesium Citrate powder, but I have been doing 1/2 - 1 teasp. Mag. for a long time already. Is this not enough of both? Is this correct ratio? ... ... I am confused by Mag. powder label says 1 teasp = 3.7g. - yet says amount per serving is 630 mg.?? ... ... Thank you Hv! ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: RE: listen to Newport said Trapper.....   by seek2clean  3y   913  Iodine Supplementati
    Yes, each of us, in light of our own circumstances, must do what we can based on information we have compiled, and with what we have to work with by way of resources. If I could afford tests, knowledgable practioners, etc., I would, perhaps, not be here gathering data and asking many questions!? It is a catch-22 of sorts, and I made mistakes when starting out, but did not have money to waste with too much experimentation. My illness has created a situation that means I will have to ask for help from my family to get just ONE tooth pulled, much less the mouthfull - was too ill to work for ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: RE: listen to Newport said Trapper.....   by seek2clean  3y   999  Iodine Supplementati
    I have 8 amalgams, all molars - one broken for 5 years. I am considering having all of my beautiful teeth pulled due to the exorbitant cost of dealing with one tooth at a time. If this is what it takes to stay alive - so be it. I will not be one to adjust well to plastic in my mouth - my tongue fights with my teeth as it is. I despise the idea actually. Having all teeth extracted then creates a whole new set of problems - GEESH, UGH, ARRGGH!!! Why can’t there be a simple solution... ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • RE: listen to Newport said Trapper.....   by seek2clean  3y   1,087  Iodine Supplementati
    Somewhere in the SELENIUM (warning) thread Tapper told my confused self to ”listen to Newport” RE: Selenium/mercury: ... ... Per Newport - ... ”Use only Selenomethionine and add ALA, but remove Hg fillings first”... ... ... ... ... Did I just waste 24 days of SSKI in my Amalgam filled mouth? ... ... Do I need to cease and desist SSKI because of metal in my mouth? ... ... If so, do I need to add ALA? ... ... ... ... Are these difficult questions that do not have YES/NO answers? ... ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: Occupational metals   by seek2clean  3y   567  The Truth in Medicin
    Oh good! Then I have done something very great for myself with DE. I love things that are multi-purpose, which made DE so attractive in the first place .... ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: Occupational metals   by seek2clean  3y   535  The Truth in Medicin
    ... Apparently the FLUX involved is another nasty actor in the deal - contains zinc chloride. ... ... I have been doing DE/RO water for a few years already, as well as Amla and Mag.citrate, but have not supplemented Calcium at all - been wanting Magnesium alone to help get rid of Calcium parked in the wrong places. Will add Calcium citrate. Thanks Hv! ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: How much wormwood is safe?   by seek2clean  3y   11,790  Parasites Support
    When I began parasite cleansing a few years ago I was quite the novice, and had to learn the hard way about too much Wormwood. It will produce a psychosis of sorts with too much, too long. I have great respect for it’s power now, so taking Wormwood combo is as far as I am willing to go with it. Am ready to try some other things - have lightened the load somewhat over the years. Parasites die-off and leave my body continuously - whether I go after them or not. This is better than when they did not leave at all. I may not be getting ahead of them I fear. I don’t see too many flukes anymore, ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: selenium warning (again)   by seek2clean  3y   2,292  Iodine Supplementati
 add some ALA and I’m good to go? Cuz the teeth are staying (for now, until some miracle $$ manifests). ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: Occupational metal exposure   by seek2clean  3y   846  Iodine Supplementati
 ... ... ... This link does not specify percentages of tin/lead, or that test solder is for any particular use(Plumber’s solder is not what I use). Glass solder is fairly pure - it has to be to produce the desired flow. No cadmium or thallium according to this data, but antimony?? ... ... I know I have been huffing the stuff for 3 decades. Even when using a fan with a window open I am sure my efforts at moving fumes away from my face were futile. The FLUX required contains Zinc Chloride along with god knows what else(the label does not say), ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Occupational metals   by seek2clean  3y   568  The Truth in Medicin
    Thank you for MSDS Hv - perhaps I have not been referencing properly to find this data. THis information may explain a lot of my symptoms. Will have to do different system if continuing glass - funny, my contemporaries along the years insisted we were all safe. I wonder how many of them have lead toxicity... Now to get rid of lead? ... ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: How much wormwood is safe?   by seek2clean  3y   11,605  Parasites Support
    So this means the proprietary blend of ... Black Walnut, Wormwood, Quassia, cloves, Male Fern root - ... (Kroeger Wormwood combo) which equals 2100 mg.@700mg. x 3 daily is only enough to aggravate the critters, not enough do them in? ... ... seek2clean   [End]
  • Re: selenium warning (again)   by seek2clean  3y   2,260  Iodine Supplementati
    Oh the impetus - I am looking for pliers for one amalgam in particular - sans the vodka!!! To be stuck right now with (8) forty year-old amalgams, one broken, is a bit maddening in view of this controversy. Recently started SSKI and companions, feeling good about it - now have something else to worry about!?!?! ... geesh... ... ... ... seek2clean   [End]
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