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  • Experience - stopped iodine for 3 weeks   R by b3nault  39h   158  Iodine VWT
    Hi all, ... ... I just wanted to share a personal experience of mine when I recently stopped using iodine. ... ... Quick history: ... - huge mt dew drinker for 15+ past years of life. ... - taken Paxil (fluoridated) drugs for a few years ... - started Lugols 2 years ago: up to 500mg and mostly 300mg daily. ... - never had any thyroid pain or swelling before using Lugols. ... ... For some unknown reason, I’ve been craving and eating Mcdonalds, eating 2 double cheeseburgers and a large coke nearly everyday for the past 3-4 months. About three weeks ago, I stopped pretty much all supplements, including my coveted ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Grizz I love your work. Well done n/m T2.   R by grizz  42h   85  Iodine VWT
    T2, ... Thanks for the kudos. I have spent an enormous amount of time putting all of this together over the past 2 years. ... ... I hope to get these files into the hands of EVERY woman before I die of old age. I need everyone’s help to accomplish this. ... ... Grizz   [End]
  • Stage 3 Cancer Survivor who Used Black Seeds and Garlic   R 100% Cure by mo123  46h   63  Nigella Sativa
    4 cancer survivors who used natural remedies - 1 used black cumin seeds:   [End]
  • insomnia gone after 7 months!   R Success by aerowallah  49h   76  Adrenal Fatigue
    Have now gotten 30 days in a row of good sleep after 7 months averaging 2 or 3 all nighters a week. ... ... Insomnia (which I rarely had before AF) kicked in after 3 months of precursors. I tried giving up EVERYTHING for a couple weeks but insomnia continued unabated so I reintroduced everything too soon. This second attempt took me 5-6 weeks on nothing but food to level out (”Let food be your medicine”). Another thing about food--it is ”low and slow” by definition. ... ... About that time a retest (which I should have done sooner, but I felt so lousy) showed improved inhibitory neuros, perhaps f ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Documenting my home Fecal Microbiota Transplants   R Educational by hadenuff29  52h   94  Body Odor
 ... ... I just did my first FMT and it was a good learning experience... I made a few mistakes and a little bit more mess than I would have liked. 2 hours after and I’m feeling strangely calm and happy. I also have a little bit of acid reflux that started about an hour after and some mild pains in right side (feels like stuff moving down small bowel) ... ... I’ll keep you posted with an update in a few days. Doing another FMT in the morning.   [End]
  • Re: salting   R by SickInSeattle  67h   96  Iodine VWT
    I was borderline on my Sodium to Potassium ratios and I started feeling worst after lots of salt loading. I added in more Potassium and sure enough I started feeling better. So yea, I think as much salt as you want as long as you keep Potassium in check.   [End]
  • Re: what are these guys thinking?   R by #89471  68h   110  Ask Trapper
    The guy on the far left already has his helmet on!   [End]
  • Re: salting   R by Ginagirl  68h   128  Iodine VWT
    My experience is that the only thing that happens if you take too much salt, is that you get thirsty, and drink more water. ... The body knows. ... ...   [End]
  • Re: Potassium Iodide and Nasal Congestion (OT)   R by grizz  3d   98  Iodine VWT
    DC10, ... I just stumbled into this supplement that was recommended by T2T for ED problems. It is mostly used for sinus & allergy problems. See the many testimonials related to sinus & allergy. Here is one of them, where sinus problems cleared up in only 2 weeks after trying everything for 10 yrs: ... ... ”I have struggled for the past 10 years with sinus issues. I had two surgeries to remove polyps only to have them grow back within a month each time. Doctor recommended surgery again and I could only think of the definition of Insanity: ”Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting diff ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Black Cumin Seed Oil on Sale - Free Shipping for US Residents Only   R by mo123  4d   286  Nigella Sativa
    ... Very very happy to report this fabulous sale.  For US residents only, sorry guys.  You get free shipping.  Check out what we mean.  Buy 6 bottles of the 500ml, or 15 bottles of the glass in the metal tins, or 17 bottles of the 125ml, or 8 bottles of the 250ml or 20 cans of natural coconut oil.  The cost is $110.  This is a flat rate. This is Hemani Oil. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... $110 Special ... ... ... ... ... 100 ml bottles $110.00 USD 125 ml bottles $110.00 USD 250 ml bottles $110.00 USD 500 ml bottles $110.00 USD Coconut oil $110.00 USD ... ... ... ... ... Telephone Number a Must ... ... ... ... ... ... ... [Image Embedded Here]   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Time for a re-post, about PM`s   R by grizz  4d   130  Iodine VWT
    IMO, It is unfair of someone to post a valuable question in PM, because no one else can learn from it. We are here to share our knowledge with everyone. ... ... It should be ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL. ... ... I usually repost PM messages to the forum before answering them. ... ... Grizz ...   [End]
  • Re: Urinary Tract Infection   R by  5d   158  Iodine VWT
    Detoxing bromide frequently mimics a UTI. ... Scroll down to ”ureteral spasm.” ... ... ...   [End]
  • Phototoxicity: Essential oils that should NOT be added to your leave-on ...   R Educational by TELLTHETRUTH  5d   225  Black Seed Public
    ... Phototoxicity - these essential oils become toxic when exposed to direct sunlight. And, while they are okay in soaps or aromatherapy, they should not be utilized in topical applications that stay on the skin: lotions, creams, balms, ointments, as exposure to the sun can cause irritation and toxicity. This sensitivity to the sun is found mostly in citric essential oils, which contain turpenes. And, unless your lemon, lime, grapefruit, orange, etc. oil says it’s been FOLDED, it more than likely contains these turpenes and should not be added to leave-on skin products. ... ... ... ...  What are fo ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Need iodine not sure where to buy..   R by SickInSeattle  5d   143  Iodine VWT
    Best price per mg is through Trapper. There’s a ’buy sski’ link at the top of this forum. However, I found I also did best taking a 50mg Iodoral pill in addition to Trapper’s SSKI2%, but I have GI issues and those make it further down before digesting. You being male probably don’t need as much IodiNe as you do IodiDe (different forms), so Trapper’s SSKI2% would probably be a good starting point. You can get into much higher doses for much less taste than Lugo’s as well.   [End]
  • Image Embedded could it be this?   R by trapper/kcmo  6d   236  Iodine VWT
    ... ... ... ... ... ... Guest speaker: Neil Slade, author of several books, musician, and producer talks above the discovery of the function of the amygdala and how to use it. Much more info is at http:/// ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... What Is Popping Your Frontal Lobes? ... ... ... ... [Chapter 1 of: MIND MUSIC:  THE FRONTAL LOBES SUPERCHARGE] ... ... by Neil Slade ... ... The information below is the result of cutting edge brain and behavior research.  Currently for sale brain machines are mere toys compared to the 1,000,000,000,000,000, 000,000,000,000,000,000 and more organic neural com ... [Image Embedded Here]   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Gotta have root canal. Any way to disinfect?   R Educational by Robert Lindblad  6d   33  Root Canals
    I have the natural and effective way to get rid of the need for a root canal operation that costs a few tablespoons of salt. Talking about root canals ... over 20 years ago I felt the extreme pain of time to go to the dentists for my third root canal. I called the dentist on Friday night and was told by the dental assistant that i had to wait till Monday but in the meantime she suggested that I rinse my mouth with a cup of lukewarm water and a half a teaspoon of salt for about two minutes once a day till Monday. I figured rinsing with salt water is harmless so I decided to put 3 tablespoo ...   [retrieve this message]
  • "Cured" My AFS, Now Working on CFS   R Success by Sherpa  6d   206  Adrenal Fatigue
    30 months ago, I crashed down with severe AFS (adrenal fatigue syndrome). I had: brain fog, muscle wasting, collagen loss, sugar craving, hypoglycemia, fibromyalgia, ferocious insomnia, and intolerance of prescription drugs / adapotgens / stimulants. ... ... I had become so weak that even 1 hour of my normal work could cause me to crash. ... ... I took a long path of vitamins (the ones recommended by Dr. Lam), hormones, herbs, yoga, and super clean (”perfect”) eating. I avoided adrenal glandular & prescription drugs except for occasional sleep support. ... ... I am happy to report that I no longer hav ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Iodine and mental health   R Success by Ginagirl  6d   275  Iodine VWT
    A great testimony from one that struggled: ... ...   [End]
  • stretch marks   R by Ginagirl  7d   147  V and G
    I dont have any, as I was lucky or rebellious enough to not believe them (everybody) saying it wasnt preventable. So, when pregnant 17 years ago I made sure I supplemented with zinc and others, like vit B, C. ... ... The rest of the females in my family looked like they had the worlds map of rivers on their belly, hips, breasts after pregnancy; so I had definitely nothing to loose by trying. ... ... It is preventable!! Dont believe them who says something else. It is a deficiency. ... ...   [End]
  • Re: Taking pituitary glandular equal setbacks in AF recovery, insomnia...   R Educational by wiredgeneration  7d   184  Adrenal Fatigue
    I dont think its the pituitary extract at all. ... ... You have been taking a product, a supplement, a drug pretty much for a long period of time, then when you ran out, you accidently switched to something new, so basically NOT the original supplement. Your body has been relying on that original supplement for a long time to function but also accepting that it is there, and ideally if you decided to come off it would need gently weaning off over time, instead your poor system got a big old shock by removing this substance it has had everyday for years and put itself into stress mode for protec ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Niacin & Vitamin C   R Educational by linenup  7d   85  Cancer
    Continual research from the leading researchers over the last 100 years have clearly shown that cancer is based on pathogenic organisms. Some may argue that it is viral while others state yeast/fungal strains or bacteria like organisms. In my studies of researching antibiotic herbs and spices continually point that these substances that eradicate microbes happen to be effective cancer kills such as graviola or garlic (and the list goes on). This article highlights the effects of niacin on cancer. Dr. Pauling goes on in the article to show the connection between oxidative stress and the ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: IMAM for Good Friday!!!   R Educational by Newport  8d   164  Ask Trapper
    “Trust no one, until you have eaten a peck of salt with him” Latin Proverb   [End]
  • Re: IMAM for Good Friday!!!   R 100% Cure by johng  8d   224  Ask Trapper
    any man (or woman) worth their salt... should be taking their IMAM....   [End]
  • NB for adrenal fatigue   R Educational by bigskymt  8d   149  Adrenal Fatigue
    Hello all, ... ... it’s been awhile since I’ve posted here but I thought I would share some progress. I’m recovering from chronic fatigue (including adrenal fatigue) and low testosterone. It was pretty clear that conventional doctors had zero to offer so I tried the naturopathic route. I tried many different detox’s and supplements including: hulda clark liver cleanse, intensive saunas, parasite cleanses, CEs, and too many supplements to list. I worked with DR Lam for almost two years - I had initial positive results then a big drop off and couldn’t handle the vitamin C anymore - Lam didn’t ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Video Embedded and now for something really different...   R by johng  9d   97  Ask Trapper
    Suzhou opera... strangely addictive. certainly different... another time, far away and long ago: ... ... [Video Embedded Here]   [End]
  • Video Embedded Clancy and Makem - Green Fields Of France   R by Bugsy193  9d   89  Ask Trapper
  • Re: Can you use apple cider vinegar drink on water only fast   R Educational by trimnut2  9d   103  Fasting: Water
    ACV in water is not advised for water fasting. The reason is as you ask: ””will stop the healing process, in a way that would off set the benefits of a water only fast.”” ... ... 21+ days wiht good diet and preparation should be a treat. Rest well. Is this yur first fast? If so do prep properly have good support and have an organised re-feeding program. ...   [End]
  • Not cured but better; way better!   R Educational by Malodorsyndrome  9d   150  Body Odor
    I know that one of my posts was labeled or tagged as a ”success.” Let me be as clear as I can; I am by no means ”cured.” I explicitly stated that during my post(s). I’m definitely getting better. My ammonia body odor now 3/10. Before the start of my yogurt and probiotic regimen, my bo was 10/10. I have trigger foods. If I eat them, I will start to smell again; badly. ... ... I have IBS-C (Irritable Bowel Syndrome with constipation). I traveled overseas a lot while in the military, and was given lots of antibiotics as a preventive measure. I do believe the antibiotics completely destroye ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: which malic acid is the best and most succesfull with liverlcleanses.   R by Telman  9d   88  Liver Flush
    There are two forms of Malic acid. D-Malic acid is produced artificially. L-Malic acid is the natural form. It is known by its ’E’ number E296. ... ... L-Malic acid is the preferred type. You need 2 to 3 grams a day taken with food and additional water. Too much can cause cramp and bloating. ... ... You reach the maximum effect after 2 weeks and 75% after a week. ...   [End]
  • Re: Niacin, depression, and liver problems? Need help!   R Educational by #85605  10d   120  Liver Flush  Cross-post
    You can trace any kind of depression to toxins in the body that fog up the functioning of the brain. The only other kind is something happened in your life that was very devastating. ... Liver flushing will get those toxins out of you, but it must be accompanied by a colon cleanse. There is so much in your liver including parasitic infestations, even at your age that will make you depressed. We live in a very toxic world where drugs and OTC drugs have taken priority over natural substances and herbs that are natural and balanced and contain the minerals and other ingredients we need to ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: how the awakening is working   R by #89471  10d   175  Ask Trapper
    As pissed off as she was, I PERSONALLY think she should have burned the rest of her clothes too! ... Dammit!!   [End]
  • Re: What supplements to fight off acute hepatitis like liver infection?   R Educational by nastynick  11d   158  Liver Flush  Cross-post
    could be gallstones. You have to stop being afraid of being diagnosed and go see a doctor, no one in this forum will know for sure what you have and you even you cant. See a doctor and ask for a CT scan or some other sort of scan to investigate. ... ... raw unpasteurized unfiltered apple cider vinegar is very good for your liver and gallbladder, and so are beets and lemon juice. ... ... I read that its not good to avoid fats like you are saying, because will make your bile acumulate more, making you more prone to having gallstones. And there are lots of healthy fats that your body needs for proper f ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: New and confused. I think I have AF?   R Educational by wiredgeneration  11d   167  Adrenal Fatigue
    Yes this sounds like AF/GAS. ... ... Best thing to do is read Dr Lams website on Adrenal Fatigue, this will give you a good broad representation of AF. ... ... Hypothyroidism comes hand in hand with AF, but dont treat your Thyroid before your adrenals, Dr Lam explains why. I highly doubt your thyroid is the main problem, and if it was your adrenals with surely be tanked taking up the slack from a knackered thyroid. the symptoms you describe are later stage AF it is common for those not experienced with AF to think that. ... ... The hair thinning is possibly sodium loss (typical in AF), you can get a hair ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Crackpot Frequency and theories about bugs...   R Educational by greenpz  12d   109  Parasite Glax
    Just an idea for you all. ... I’m getting to the bottom of a bad tapeworm infestation. I had scattering a year or so ago when I took mega doses of wormwood, etc. Since then I’ve been fairly careful to keep my pH high when hitting the worms with herbs. I also take large doses of enzymes and NIACIN to flush it all out to the extremities of my body. ... ... My theory is, that if through a high pH in my body tissues, I can make my body less hospitable to the worms (i.e. they can’t find stores of acid), then scattering will be less. ... ... Honestly, so far, I haven’t had scattering issues since. ... ... ...   [retrieve this message]
  • thanks to my bulk buying partners   R by trapper/kcmo  13d   159  Iodine VWT
    everything went out today. thanks to everyone who participated. ... ... i hope to hear from some of these DIYers about what they think when they get their package. i love the smell of KI. those guys in the plant are the healthiest workers in the US. they say they never get sick or miss work. it was one of the first things i asked them about all those years ago. they thought it was their little secret. lol   [End]
  • Re: When to start cutting back?   R by grizz  13d   286  Iodine VWT
    Imo, ... You are much better off by taking ”too much” iodine. You want iodine in your urine to prevent bladder infections & UTI’s. Also, to much iodine insures that the sea of toxins that we live in will be kept out of our body. If you don’t take enough iodine, then the toxins of fluoride, bromide & chlorine will again start invading the cells of your body. ... halogen- ... ... ... So too much iodine is cheap insurance for optimal health, to prevent toxins from again taking over your cells & to prevent Urinary Tract Iinfections & bladder problems. ... ... Grizz   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Best form of selenium?   R by Newport  14d   282  Iodine VWT
    I have had more than one discussion with the usual health food helper about Natural Factors. Nowhere on the label does it say GMP.. ... ... So be careful, some companies run two labs one GMP and one not. No one ever questions that.. I know AOR is GMP and sometimes out of stock because the product they purchased failed GMP tests. ... ... Caveat Emptor..   [End]
  • Best form of selenium?   R Educational by mumnz  14d   276  Iodine VWT
    I keep finding varying info on the old posts, but I think I might be taking the wrong form of selenium. I am currently taking 200mcg of selenium selenate but I read that selenomethionine is better. Can someone please explain to me why? And is the yeast form better or the yeast-free? I have been taking 100mg of Lugol’s now for 7 weeks and just in the last week I have been getting breathlessness and my throat feels a bit odd when swallowing. I read this could be a lack of selenium. Any advice please.   [End]
  • Video Embedded Kinderly - Mediaeval Baebes   R by Bugsy193  14d   89  Ask Trapper
    My Middle-English is a bit rusty but this sounds good. ... ... [Video Embedded Here]   [End]
  • Re: has anyone done a succesful livercleanse while on antidepressants.   R Educational by hanna  15d   163  Liver Flush
    Yes I did for more than a year every 2 weeks. After a year I weaned my self off the pills. ... I tried the malic acid powder but it was so sour I could not stand it. I changed to organic apple cider vinegar ... with the mother in it. Can’t remember how much I took ... I would think 1 tbs in a glass water. Could be that it was ... 3x a day between meals. May be you can search it.   [End]
  • Image Embedded What Adrenal Fatigue Really Is - General Adaptation Syndrome   R Educational by wiredgeneration  15d   354  Adrenal Fatigue
    ... There is lots of information on here with symptoms, methods of treatment etc, but there is a lot of overlap on here with conditions such as CFS, ME, Candida etc I thought it would be useful to outline what Adrenal Fatigue really is (thanks to Feo66 for firstly pointing this out!) for new posters. ... ... ... Unfortunately the term coined by Dr James Wilson for his book, ’Adrenal Fatigue’ is often misleading and misunderstood. Adrenal Dysfunction would be a closer terminology, however AF at least has given the world more of an understanding of the condition. ... ... ... The correct term for the conditi ... [Image Embedded Here]   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Extreme bloating/abdomimal distension....Please Help!!!   R by c.b.  15d   283  Parasites  Cross-post
    ... Here’s an excerpt from Dr. Eric Bakker.  ... ... ...   ... ... ... ”But an important point you need to understand is that many who think they have Candida, in fact don’t have Candida. They have a bacterial or parasitic problem quite different to a yeast infection. I have seen this on more occasions than you can imagine, especially after a comprehensive stool test.” ... ... ... ... ... ...   ... ... ... Maybe the reason you have benefited so well from the low carb diet is because you could be dealing with a bacterial overgrowth.  ... ... ...   ... ... ... In the same ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Viruses are nano-particle size parasites   R Educational by copperdeficiency  15d   166  Parasites
    Viruses are nano-particle size parasites: ... ... The vast majority of the population has iron poisoning & copper deficiency and thus have parasites. ... ... Parasites thrive & replicate in the iron poisoned/copper depleted population. ... ... Iron is THE nutrient for all pathogens. Iron deposits coupled with bio-available copper deficiency is the breeding markers for ALL pathogens. Viruses, implanted by vaccines, thrive and replicate in the iron poisoned population. Measles is the primary parasite used in vaccine virus implantation. ... ... Iron poisoning/copper deficiency destroys the immune system and bree ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Is iodine toxic?   R by #159213  16d   167  Iodine VWT
    Its lunacy, coming on here asking if iodine is toxic, when hundreds of thousands of people supplement with iodine, and in view of all the testimonials, books written on it by MD’s and non-MD’s, and its well-known history of success over 150 years in treating various maladies - at least to people who take the time to..... read ... ... How about asking: ”Is fluoride toxic?” Then consider that its purposefully added to municipal water supplies.   [End]
  • Video Embedded Marvel's Captain America: The Winter Soldier..   R by albalover  16d   111  Ask Trapper
  • Re: Salty taste in the mouth while on 50 mg of Iodoral   R by trapper/kcmo  16d   164  Iodine VWT
    ever since i started taking iodine i have become super sensitive to metals and chemicals. they do not debilitate me. it seems like the iodine ushers them to the senses so i can pick up on it. sometimes this can be quite dramatic. i can walk into a lazyboy store and the whole front of my face will go numb. all of the fluorine in the stain resistance and bromine in the flame retardants really do a number on me. its because of iodine, i am sure. those molecules would be absorbed into the system without it. this is one of the big reasons i take as much as a do - between a gram and 1.5 ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: How long does detox last   R by grizz  16d   192  Iodine VWT
    I have saved testimonials for those who have started with 100mg of iodine. I was even surprised at the responses because I had always been supporting the ”Go Slow” dosage. ... ... You might feel better about jumping to 100mg iodine after reading these testimonials: ... ... ... I know it sounds like a paradox, but the testimonials clearly indicates that detox symptoms can be minimized by blasting the toxins away with a high starting dosage of 100+mg. ... ... Hope this helps, ... Grizz   [End]
  • Re: Is iodine toxic?   R by Ferventer  17d   202  Iodine VWT
    Saying something is toxic has no meaning unless put into perspective. Water is toxic IF you consume too much. That being said many forms of iodine can be toxic. A lot of iodine historically used in medicine is radioactive so yes, that would be toxic. Ask your friend why they add iodine to salt if its toxic and why does the FDA have a recommended minimum intake for it? ... ... Humans need iodine, its an essential mineral just like magnesium, zinc, copper etc. We are designed to get our minerals from the foods we eat, just like every other animal on the planet. ... ... However our farmlands have been ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Is iodine toxic?   R by #56350  17d   220  Iodine VWT
    Hmmm, let me get this anonymous person asking other anonymous people on an old iodine forum whether iodine is toxic, when the anonymous person has another person whose opinion they respect on some matters. ... ... Are you suggesting you respect the answers of anonymous people on an internet forum, more than the person whom you respect on some matters ? ... ... Many opinions have been shared on this forum relative to the question you ask. Do you know how to read ?   [End]
  • Re: MR on colloidal silver   R by mo123  18d   93  Ask Trapper
    Nigella builds up the immune system too. Don’t get me wrong I would definitely have CS on the list.   [End]
  • Re: J crows Iodine (few questions) avc, dropper, empty stomach   R by trapper/kcmo  18d   156  Iodine VWT
    a good simplification: take it by the dropper full instead of single drops.   [End]
  • weed???what weed?????????   R by #89471  18d   135  Ask Trapper
  • Re: radiation in food   R by Newport  18d   108  Ask Trapper
    Simple solution, we outlaw the use of Geiger counters by NON licensed people. ... Same as we did after 911 for NY State. ... --NWO ... ...   [End]
  • I may have discovered something important!!   R Educational by TakeCare  18d   236  Adrenal Fatigue  Cross-post
    Since quite young I have had an horizontal line across my neck. Nowadays I have two. I have been reading in different places that could indicate Hypothiroidism. ... ... Ok, in my research I found goitier, what means, how it looks like and how it screams Thyroid problems. ... ... Again, when I was younger I do remember having the goitier area prominent. I never liked my neck because of that odd line and the prominent thing that looked like a guys neck (adan’s apple) ... ... So maybe today I have discovered that I had suffer Hypothiroidism for longer that I thought. Maybe Hypothiroidism was with me even be ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Adrenal Cortex Extract Therapy - Some Good Reading   R Educational by wiredgeneration  19d   203  Adrenal Fatigue
    Thought this was worth its own thread. Im having a large amount of success with ACE therapy, very similar to Laerdo when she was around. ... ... found this really interesting to read ... ...   [End]
  • Getting better...   R Success by Malodorsyndrome  19d   373  Body Odor
    Week number two and my ammonia body odor has been reduced from a 10 to a 3. My regime is basically yogurt and probiotics daily, along with eating healthy and drinking water. I also consume a banana and strawberry smoothie, using almond milk in the mornings for an energy boost. I pretty much eat what I want to, but more healthier choices. I’m not on a low choline diet. I smell very faintly of ammonia and I do mean faintly, because I’m not 100% cured yet. ... ... If you have chronic body odor, first and foremost look at your diet and lifestyle. If your diet and lifestyle are subpar, then ch ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Creating a password............   R by #89471  20d   141  Ask Trapper
    ... [Image Embedded Here]   [End]
  • Isocort?Another good natural desiccated thyroid Product out there? R rat...   R Educational by candidasufferer555  20d   327  Adrenal Fatigue  Cross-post
    R RATING for the whole thread. ... ... ... I have systemic candida and my adrenals are in really bad shape. ... ... Now that Isocort isn’t available anymore, is there Another Product with natural desiccated thyroid that will work as well (or better or at least almost as well as) Isocort? ... ... I have to find a good natural desiccated thyroid Product, because hyrocortisone would just make my candida worse wouldn’t it? ...   [End]
  • Missing posts. Let's wait till we hear from the Webmaster   R Educational by hanna  23d   105  Adrenal Fatigue
    he might be working on the system. This morning CZ was off the air for some reason and some posts were missing on other forums too.   [End]
  • just stop   R by Ginagirl  25d   160  V and G
    pictures more than the words actually; nr 17 and 23 in particular. I am sure you will find your favorites. ... ... ...   [End]
  • Re: 10 Health Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be Real   R Warning by ohfor07  27d   287  Ask Trapper
    Rotgut Aspartame, Methanol ...................... ... ... ... ” In 1920, Prohibition was imposed upon the United States by a misguided Constitutional amendment making alcoholic beverages illegal. In the following thirteen years, criminal syndicates arose and the prison population grew by 350%. Anyone with a copper boiler and some pipe could build a still. The moonshiners were not so careful about their recipes for Rotgut, Panther Sweat, White Lightning, and a hundred other names for danger. Everyone knew of someone who went blind, was paralyzed, or died from bootleg liquor. ... ... The punch in alco ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: water   R by grizz  27d   193  Iodine VWT
    Reminder - There is a pH Discussion Forum to discuss everything related to pH ... ... ... Griz   [End]
  • Physical activity is the fantastic way to flush out sweat and toxins and...   R Educational by White Shark  27d   440  Body Odor
    Congratulation! ... ... Sweating is probably the easiest way to improve body odor, especially when done during physical activity. ... ... Our bodies are created for phisical activity. Our muscles and our body works the best when used. ... ... Physical activity is the fantastic way to flush out sweat, naturally cleanse liver, bowel, kidneys and whole body. ... ... Unfortunately, too many people forgot what muscles are for. ... Some poeple think that moving a finger over iPad is enough physical activity to stay healthy. ... ... What is best, the more you exercise, the more you can tolerate in terms of diet. ... ... So, if ...   [retrieve this message]
  • George Carlin speech at the National Press Club (May 13, 1999)   R by Will_I_Ever_Learn  28d   67  Ask Trapper
    Please, enjoy! ... ... George Carlin speech at the National Press Club (May 13, 1999) ... ...   [End]
  • Re: Iodine Painting - what do you make of this?   R by torn2tears  28d   274  Iodine VWT
    Hi Captain, ... ... A deficiency of vitamin E,B12,or D can be a culprit... ... ... ... ... ... t2t   [End]
  • Amazing Castor Oil and my Dog's Cyst   R by archus  29d   85  Castor Oil  Cross-post
    Hello All, ... ... My dog has Lymph node cancer and she is doing better than expected. Two days ago she became very lethargic and showed signs of declining health. I was patting her and she screamed, when I realized there is a cyst on her right thigh. She could not walk properly or sit properly either. It was very soft to touch. She would normally stretch before we go out for a walk, I mean really stretch her whole body, but she could not do that either. ... ... The only thing I knew was to make her fast or apply Castor Oil. I slowly rubbed Castor oil on the cyst. Very next morning she moved a litt ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: The best answer to Hashimotos.. . .   R by grizz  29d   369  Iodine VWT
    ... $64,000 Question answered by Dr. Brownstein in a TOUGH interview by Dr. Eric. Dr. Eric asked all the right questions! ... ... Bottom line up front, we are doing everything right. Only rare cases of Hashimotos do not respond well to the iodine Protocol being promoted here, and those rare cases can be handled by the "Three Phases Procedure" detailed above, or by starting with Selenium for 2 weeks before starting iodine. ... ============================ ... An Interview With Dr. David Brownstein On Iodine and Thyroid Health ... ... " Today’s post includes a very special guest, Dr ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Cheap Magnesium Chloride   R Educational by White Shark  29d   391  Magnesium
    You can purchase Cheap Magnesium Chloride, if you visit a place that sells animal feed and fertilizers. ... ... ... Magnesium Chloride is regularly added in food for cows, horses, and also is used as soil fertilizer. ... ... ... You can purchase a 50 pound (25 kg) bag of Magnesium Chloride (MgCl2) for as little as $20. ... ... From that you can make hundreds of liters of Magnesium oil for baths. ... ... In the same place you can purchase 100 pound (50 kg) bag of Magnesium Sulfate (MgSO4) for as little as $40. ... ... ... With those cheap magnesiums you can take thousands of baths. ... ... White Shark   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: cadmium   R by Ginagirl  31d   337  Iodine VWT
    What I learned from reading the tests; correct or not, was that we may have underestimated cadmium`s negative effect on our health; ... ... ”Cadmium strongly displaces zinc from its proper sites in the body. It replaces zinc in the arteries causing stiffness, inflammation and high blood pressure. High cadmium and low zinc in the arteries can promote aneurysms. It is stored in the body in place of zinc. ... ... Many symptoms of cadmium poisoning are the same as those of zinc deficiency such as decreased appetite, dry scaly skin, loss of hair, loss of body weight, decreased body temperature, decreased ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: What tests show cancer score?   R Educational by woody7  31d   133  Breast Cancer  Cross-post
    The greece test is the best, it tells you exactly which protocols work ...   [End]
  • Black Seed Natural Pain Oil   R by mo123  31d   364  Nigella Sativa
    Well actually it does not just contain black seed oil, but also lavender, barley and eucalyptus. It is combined with the best carrier oil olive oil which has been infused with ground red grape seeds. ... ... It is shipped in a stainless steel container that is reusable also. This remedy is for muscle pain and sciatica. ... ... Want to learn more? ... ... Tried it out myself. Takes time to absorb and noticeable pain relief in 30 to 60 minutes. Suggest you use 3 times a day or as needed. ... ... The olive oil used is the best ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Phyto C and oil pulling - whiter teeth   R by elan164  32d   152  Ask Trapper
    Ive been oil pulling with coconut oil and brushing my teeth with AOR Phyto C. Teeth have whitened quite a bit in just a week! Really impressed. Teeth feel nice and smooth with my tongue. ... ... ... ... Originally wanted just IP6 but its hard to find now in AOR brand.   [End]
  • I'm seeing the Iodine protocol being spread on multiple forums   R by evobright  33d   239  Iodine VWT
    Just saw it on one of the biggest forums in The U.S. A lot of guys have been getting into it because of hair loss. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone here that puts in work to spread info. keep it up   [End]
  • Re: Detox Symptoms & Explanation - Need Help   R by 21GoingOn50  33d   285  Iodine VWT
    it’s my second day of pulse dosing and I can say the brain fog, muscle soreness, and majority of the tiredness has subsided. I’m still emotionally detoxing hard, but I think that is related to childhood trauma and behavioural medications I was on in teenage years. ... ... I also had an improvement in my bromoderma, but I think that is related to using it topically in the mornings before my moisturizer. I’ve always had acne-riddled skin.   [End]
  • Re: My Dog, Emmy on Lugol's   R by hanna  33d   230  Iodine VWT
    OT? Vitamin C for humans from Owen. ... ...   [End]
  • Re: My Dog, Emmy on Lugol's   R by hanna  33d   197  Iodine VWT
    Vitamin C for dogs from ... ...   [End]
  • Image Embedded There it is..........   R by #133264  33d   131  Ask Trapper
    ...   ... ... ... Gilligan!!!! You’ve done it again!!! ... ... ... [Image Embedded Here]   [End]
  • Re: Uterine iodine infusion?   R by Violien  35d   335  Iodine VWT
    I have used Lugol’s in a tampon, together with magnesium chloride and some citric acid to manage ph (should be slightly acidic, ph between 4 and 4.5). Make a solution of the three in water. Insert your tampon. Use a syringe (without needle!) to get the solution into the tampon. ... ... I couldn’t tell whether this helped anything or not, because, well, one can’t look into the uterus. But it did stop intermittant bleeding.   [End]
  • Re: Uterine iodine infusion?   R by Ferventer  36d   212  Iodine VWT
    Have you dont the iodine loading test? If not than your duration on means very little. Even if you did reach full sufficiency at 6 months it doesnt mean all the damage done by being deficient has been repaired. ... ... Dr Brownstien has said for his patients its usually 6 to 12 months to reach sufficiency, and after that additional time may be needed for full healing. ... ... People need to have some patience, your not going necessarily to overcome a lifetime of deficiency and toxicity (decades in many cases) in just a few short months.   [End]
  • Re: thyroid hormones lower with iodine   R by trapper/kcmo  36d   233  Iodine VWT
    thanks everyone. ... ... so a baked potato is HIGH in potassium at 600mg and i need 4700? 8 potatoes? the stomach truly cant hold enough food for nutritional requirements! ... ... ”We know that vitamins are complex chemical substances which are indispensable to nutrition, and that each of them is of importance for normal function of some special structure in the body. Disorder and disease result from any vitamin deficiency. It is not commonly realized, however, that vitamins control the body’s appropriation of minerals, and in the absence of minerals they have no function to perform. Lacking vitam ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Not experiencing energy benefits of iodine   R by Musicat  38d   248  Iodine VWT
    Illys, ... ... The hypoglycemia began when I was 14 & a dentist filled my mouth with alamgams. That’s also when depression, food, respiratory, and skin allergies & asthma began, among other things. ADD, stuff like that. ... ... I didn’t eat ocean fish until after I left home at age 18. ... ... Musicat   [End]
  • sunshine, honey   R by Ginagirl  38d   212  V and G
    Yes, anytime -though, I`d rather prefer you to cross the pond again.:) ... ... - more about sun; no wonder they created the need for sunscreen, sunglasses; ... ... ... ”In August of 2004, I went in to get a new contact lens prescription. I have a genetic retinal degeneratve disease, and am blind in one eye. My vision in my good eye, sent me home with a prescription of -19. That is a pretty extreme case of near sightedness. After vigilant sungazing one year, I returned to the same doctor in may 2006. ... ... This man was very mainstream, and when I told him I had been sun g ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Urine cured me   R Success by rdca  40d   449  Urine  Cross-post
    ... Hey, everybody ... ... I will give this testimonial because I feel it is my responsability as a person that suffered a lot. Well, since a kid I had bronchitis and allergies problems, but I was happy, not major complains. Getting older I always had tonsilities and took antibiotics for things like that, colds, throat, ... I may mention that I already remove my appendixe too. ... ... Well, I was getting shy and nervous with social situations, anxiety and depressed as I get older, but I thought it was normal and I had no idea what was going on. The situation started to get progressivly worst. Tonsil ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Cured   R Educational by White Shark  40d   455  Parasites  Cross-post
    Here are a few psoriasis success stories: ... ... ... Dermatitis, seb-derm, eczema, peeling lips: ... ... ... ... White Shark ...   [End]
  • Image Embedded Iodine History Iodine is so special that...   R Educational by wombat  40d   428  Iodine VWT
    ... has an entire day commemorated to it. Well, commemorated to eliminating iodine deficiency anyway :) ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Tuesday, March 11, 2014 ... ... ... ... ... Global Iodine Deficiency Disorders Day~ Oct 21 ... ... ...   ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 2001 India Postage Stamp commemorating Global Iodine Deficiency Disorders Day ... ... ... ... ... ... Yes, I know. I should publish this ON October 21. I just got this stamp though and it’s so lovely I just had to ... [Image Embedded Here]   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Not experiencing energy benefits of iodine   R by User V  41d   448  Iodine VWT
    ”Here’s the deal on my crap. I can’t go off my crap psych meds until I start feeling less like crap.” ... ... That’s the big ”catch-22” that the med industry works on, get ya hooked, and ya cant’ get off em till ya feel better, but ya never get to feelin better until ya get off em, etc. ... ... Bottom line, people don’t get symptoms because of a lack of albuterol or whatever, and no amount of albuterol or whatever synthetic chemical is going to remedy the underlying cause of why the person wasn’t well in the first place. For that one must go to the root cause. Most frequently, it is 1) ingesting ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Types of Snorers   R Success by Evezzzz  43d   146  Sleep Apnea  Cross-post
    I didn’t know there are different types of snorers. I wasn’t really aware of this until my husband started snoring BADLY the past months. My baby and I could no longer sleep straight hours at night. ... ... Last week, I finally decided to go to the pharmacy and try to look for solutions for my husband’s BAD snoring habit. There were a LOT of snoring solutions offered in the pharmacy but I got surprised when I learned that some (if not all, im not sure about this) pharmacies do offer a FREE sleep test. Its so simple, just a few questions and they will be able to identify what kind of snorer you ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Before doing a liverflush after a fast read up on it.   R Educational by hanna  44d   413  Liver Flush  Cross-post
    There are different views on it but after reading enough ... information I decided never to do it after a fast. Please put in the search box ”fasting and liverflush” and read all the information. ... ... Here is one example ...   [End]
  • Uncontrollable vomiting after liver cleanse...HELP!!!!   R Help Me! by zinski89  44d   357  Liver Flush  Cross-post
    So ive been fasting for 12 days now and decided to break the fast with a liver cleanse...BAD IDEA. I followed the directions and at 3 am i woke up to use the bathroom+vomit. Well its 12:10pm now and i have thrown up everything ive drank, including the epsom mixture. Ive had 3 insignificant bowel movement (plaque mainly with a some stone mixed in with the matter) Someone please tell me if this will pass or if i should go to an instacare. ... ... I threw up the Olive Oil + Grapefruit + lots and lots of bile, then there started to be small red spots from what i assume is a damaged oesophagus ... ... Pl ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: to whom it may concern   R by Bugsy193  45d   300  Ask Trapper
  • Iodine and Scoliosis   R by evobright  46d   333  Iodine VWT
    I’ve been on the protocol on and off for a while now. I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced improvement of their scoliosis since starting? I feel like my posture has improved, and my shoulder doesn’t sag like it used to. Also a lot less pain! Can i correct it completely?   [End]
  • Re: My My, Others Read History?   R by Newport  46d   215  Ask Trapper
    The problem is that democracy is simply a high-minded word for two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner.   [End]
  • Re: Borax Question   R by Vulcanel  47d   380  Iodine VWT
    Not sure what to make of that, there been ”studies” that go both ways, non-conclusive. Also talk among body builders, athletes. If you could increase T by taking B, that’d be a great thing, undetectable in a steroid test. But I don’t think its that simple. Rather, borate impacts some enzyme activity, definitely in a positive way for those who are deficient in it, like anything else people are deficient in. i.e., ingest something you are deficient in, and you will feel better. Think of children in India with rickets, and they have scrambled eggs twice a week suddenly. They feel ...   [retrieve this message]
  • sinus rinse formula   R Educational by SilverFox  47d   212  MMS
    Hello HelpForAllofUs, ... ... When using sodium chlorite there are many things to consider. The top 3 include ... ... pH ... Concentration ... Delivery method ... ... pH is important not only to the chemical solution you mix up but also needs to be considered for the environment you are introducing the chemicals into. Sodium chlorite is alkaline. When you mix up a dose of MMS you end up with an acid. ... ... This is where the environment comes into play. You want to use sodium chlorite in your sinus area. Is your mucous alkaline, acid, or neutral? Also is your current pH the same as a ”normal” pH. If your no ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Friend just diagnosed WStage 4 Squamous cell carcinoma of the neck a...   R Educational by JesichasHope  48d   257  Cancer
    There are a lot of options he can. Yes, the organic diet is one major components, and should be what we all should live by just to be proactive. Also the elimination of all causative toxins and chemicals around the house. From soaps and shampoos, to household cleaners. You want to clean up the environment around you the best you can. ... ... Cancer, such as his, does not put time on his side; cancer grows night and day, everyday and does not give you a break. Getting him to talk to an alternative doctor, with expertise in options should give him a good second option so he can then compare what ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: here is something to think about   R by Ferventer  48d   347  Iodine VWT
    A little OT but what I found interestkng is if you have afib they wont take your blood(where im at anyway). However if your afib is controlled with beta blockers, aspirin etc they will gladly take it. ... ... Makes absolutely no sense that they will deny your clean blood but happily take your pharmaceutical poisoned blood.   [End]
  • mental health and iodine   R by trapper/kcmo  48d   426  Iodine VWT
    this definitely needs more attention. ... ... i talk about the mental and psychological benefits to supplementing iodine all the time. i am fascinated by it. ... ... i have already stated that i see iodine as liquid self control. if i were running an addiction clinic the first thing i would do is hand them a gram of KI coming in the door. might as well get used to it. ... ... it is more than physical stress which iodine relieves. there is a mental and a spiritual component to it as well. it has been hard for members to describe over the years. i guess, in general, it increases well being. my descr ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Video Embedded 14 year old girl knows about the dangers of GMOs   R Educational by InCharge  48d   324  News
    ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... [Video Embedded Here]   [End]
  • Re: 2 weeks   R by grizz  49d   338  Iodine VWT
    Carrageenan is unhealthy & causes inflammation, also ”profound” glucose intolerance and impaired insulin action, both of which can lead to diabetes. ... ... ... I suspect the food industry is trying to make us sickly on purpose to boost profits of the drug companies. ... ... The answer? Stop eating all processed foods, go strict Paleo. ... ... Grizz   [End]
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