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Re: Need Urgent Help. Gallbladder Polyps.   by leoson   9y
Hi, thanks for your great advice. I am about to venture into the gallbladder flush. I have read a lot of posts on these forum. However, I still have some few questions. 1) What is the difference between ”Gallbladder Flush” and ”Gallbladder Cleanse” ? 2) Is there any risk in doing ”Gallbladder Flush” or ”Gallbladder Cleanse” ? 3) Have you ever come accross any situation where someone has remove a 8mm * 6mm Gallbladder polyps by doing a ”Gallbladder flush” or ”Gallbladder Cleanse” ? 4) The doctor said I should eat less fatty food and less cholestorol content food. Is t ...   6,435 hits
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Re: Porcelain gallbladder   by MENDOMAID   3y
I had not heard of this problem so searched for ’porcelain gallbladder herbs’ and came up with many websites. Natural remedies: Porcelain Gallbladder (Calcifying cholecystitis) This uncommon condition is associated with damage from gallstones and recurrent infections. Calcium becomes deposited in the muscles and mucosa of the gallbladder. The walls appear bluish and are brittle. There are no symptoms and most cases of porcelain gallbladder are found when conducting imaging tests for other conditions. Because of the high incidence of gal ...   3,695 hits
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Re: Porcelain Gallbladder   by Spirit   12y
I believe Porcelain Gallbladder is caused by the special way of thinking-special lifestyle, including unhealthy diet - consumption of too much heated food. Many illnees in human body are often caused by the way people think. Our emotions, and stress often shape our organs, and it can often bring an inflamation to a specific organ, especially when diet is poor, and when person is not burning all the food he/she eats. Porcelain Gallbladder Background: Extensive calcium encrustation of the gallbladder wall variably has been termed calc ...   4,748 hits
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diabetes and gallstone correlation   by newdawnfades   10y
Gallbladder Disorders and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus - A Clinic-Based Study PG Raman*, A Patel**, V Mathew** *Professor and Head, **Resident Medical Officers, Department of Medicine, MGM Medical College and MY Hospital, Indore. Received : 19.3.2001; Revised : 21.6.2001; Accepted : 20.10.2001 Abstract Aims of the Study : To study the prevalence of gallbladder disorders in type 2 diabetic patients and their correlation with patient factors like age, sex, weight, duration of diabetes and autonomic neuropathy. Methodology : Fifty type 2 diabetic patients and 30 healthy co ...   1,169 hits
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Urine Therapy : toxin extraction and excretion by liver a...   by ei132   7y
Yes, I remember clearly from my school biology that bile is a digestive food stored in the gall bladder and secreted into the intestine --------------- but does the liver excrete toxins into the bile, that I don’t know. states: What is the Gallbladder? The gallbladder is a small pear-shaped organ that stores and concentrates bile. It is connected to the liver (which produces the bile) by the hepatic duct. It is approximately 3 to 4 inches (7.6 to 10.2 cm) long and about 1 inch (2.5 cm) wide. What is its Function? The ...   2,068 hits
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Re: liver flush with no gallbladder   by MH   6y
for people with liver stones, but no gallbladder, which type of flush is best, still clark style okay? YES, IT WORKS PERFECT FOR THOSE WITH NO GALLBLADDER AND NATURALLY THE LECITHIN METHOD I BELIEVE IS SUPERIOR TO THE FLUSHS. my sister had her gallbladder removed many years ago, now in her 50’s and she’s having pain/nausea/fullness, just like when she had a gallbladder full of stones. too bad she lost her gallbladder back then. THE LIVER LOADS UP WITH WORMS/STONES AND THE LYMPH GLANDS LOAD UP WITH MUD AS DOES THE ARTERIES/VEINS, ETC....ALL JUMP CALLED CONSTIPATION. without a gall ...   1,665 hits
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Re: galbladder/pancreatitis   by #19934   9y
the problem is, that you can remove the gallbladder, but you still have a liver congested with stones. see pix here on of INTRAHEPATIC STONES!!!! the other problem that i’ve read about is that the body was meant to have a gallbladder. the gallbladder stores bile. your common bile duct will expand to store bile, and runs the risk of becoming impacted with stones being released from the liver, or even in extreme cases bursting because it wasn’t meant to be a storage sac....that was the job of the gallbladder. even people who have had their gallbladders removed need to d ...   2,206 hits
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Re: Question about the nature of gallstones.   R Educational by Telman   24mo
Gallstones form in the base of the gallbladder from secretions of what is commonly called ’white bile’. They form because the gallbladder isn’t working properly. If the gallbladder is full of ’sludge’ it can be seen on the ultra-sound as a fog on the image. In time sludge can cystallise (hardened). When they get larger they become cholesterol gallstones. Gallbladders are usually a set size and it is unusual see a large or small one but they do exist. When the gallbladder gets choked with ’sludge’ it is usual for the wall to be become thicker. This measurement is used to determine gal ...   2,396 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
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Re: I'm sorry - yes you did, but I was wondering...   by Andmor   11y
Dear Beth, During a typical gallbladder attack a stone moves out of the gallbladder and gets stuck in the common bile duct. Yes, the the expression ”gallbladder attack” does not quite adequately describe what is happening. There may also be inflammation of the gallbladder itself, which is not typically referred to as an attack, but as gallbladder disease. This can also cause pain, but it is more chronic than the spasms from an attack. Best wishes, Andreas   3,548 hits
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Image Embedded Re: colour of gallstones   RRR by Spirit   9y
I have a few questions and I need a honest answer. Questions for dci hall: 1. Do you know what Bilirubin and Biliverdin are? Please explain. 2. Did you know that when combined with other bile ingredients, color of bilirubin can be yellow or orange or red or brown or black ? 3. Did you know that when combined with other bile ingredients, color of biliverdin can be green or blue? 4. Did you know that cholesterol can be white in color? 5. Did you know that color of bilirubin combined with calcium from bile can be dark brown or even black in color? 6. Can you tell me how ...   15,546 hits
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Re: Porcelain Gallbladder - Calcified Gallbladder   by Spirit   11y
You should get a good juicer and your should juice every day ... apples, radish, carrots, wheatgrass ... Get also parasites cleanse and use it. Read all about gradual liver cleanse ... and use all that you can ... Try enema and coffe enema ... Change your diet! You don’t have to flush jet ... but you may need a flush after 1 -2 monts of juicing and better diet Eat olive oil every day, with salads! Excerpt from Porcelain Gallbladder Synonyms, Key Words, and Related Terms: calcified gallbladder, calcifying cholecystitis, cholecystopathia chronica calc ...   2,891 hits
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Image Embedded Re: How many of you have done gallbladder cleanses and th...   R by Telman   24mo
The majority (nearly all) of ’stones’ come from the gallbladder. If you have diagnosed gallstones then it means that your gallbladder isn’t working properly and doesn’t contract or expand in a regular cycle that allows for complete emptying. This results in the gallbladder bile being of the incorrect balance and globules form almost immediately. The small globules escape and congregate in the intestine. Larger pieces build up in the gallbladder and impede the emptying of the gallbladder. As the gallbladder continues to contract and expand the globules are compacted into a larger pieces. ...   3,573 hits
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Re: What does the gallbladder do?   by telman   8y
The function of the gallbladder is to concentrate, store, and release bile, and to add to it some secretory products (e.g., mucous substances). About 800–1000 mL of bile flows daily into the gallbladder from the liver. Because of its effective concentrative function the gallbladder (with a capacity of 40–70 mL) can handle a much larger volume of bile. Release of bile from the gallbladder occurs in response to a meal. Filling of the gallbladder is the result of specific neural and hormonal stimuli that coordinate the relaxation of the gallbladder wall and the closing of the ampullary sph ...   1,097 hits
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Re: gallbladder polyps and beer   by #37276   9y
I did a quick search and found the info below. Flushing causes a violent contraction of the gallbladder to dump as much bile as possible to digest the large quantity of olive oil ingested during a flush. Done periodically, it may prevent inflamation by keeping bile flowing smoothly. If you already have large polyps, it is probably too late. If the polyps are still very small, perhaps flushing might loosen the gallstone stuck in the gallbladder wall and release the polyp before it becomes malignant. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- A ga ...   2,066 hits
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Re: Help!Gallbladder attack using Intestinal Formula #1   by thebirdlady   9y
I had my gallbladder removed and if I had it to do overagain I would use cleanses and flushes and try to keep my gallbladder. Taking formula 1 and 2 won’t cause a gallbladder attack. Suggestion: get an ultrasound and establish if you have stones in your gallbladder. Then research the cleanse options to flush the stones out of your gallbladder and liver vs an eventual surgery. You need to thoroughly cleanse your bowels and then continue the bowel maintenance before you do the liver/gallbladder cleanses. Protect your gallbladder! It is a big part of the body’s immune system and yo ...   1,737 hits
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Re: Question for Spirit   by Spirit   10y
It is protein, thickened gallbladder mucoprotein with tiny entrapped cholesterol crystals. I believe you are talking about Gallbladder sludge. Antibiotic ”ceftriaxone” can also precipitate in the gallbladder and bile ducts as sludge. Gallbladder sludge, or thickened gallbladder mucoprotein with tiny entrapped cholesterol crystals, is thought to be the usual precursor of gallstones. Sludge may also occur in asymptomatic patients with prolonged fasting and can be seen on standard ultrasonography of the gallbladder. Sludge can sometimes cause biliary pain, cholecystitis, or acute ...   1,299 hits
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Parasites VS. Stones in the Liver and Gallbladder   by alegre   4y   View Entire Thread 6
If parasites are located in the gallbladder or liver, can they sometimes be mistakened for ”gallstones” or ”liver stones” - on HIDA Scans or Cat Scans? Also, can the symptoms of parasitic infections of the liver and/or gallbladder MIMIC the symptoms of gallstones, gallbladder disease, or liver congestion? I was wondering about this because of the symptoms that I am experiencing. And, I also wondered about why some individuals still experience upper abdominal pain and discomfort after having their gallbladders removed. Perhaps, the problem may have been due to undiagnosed parasites ...   8,155 hits
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Re: Could anyone interpret med report for me, please?   by Telman   3y
Sorry, I’m typing too quickly. When the gallbladder becomes populated with stones it changes the chemistry of the bile which then tends to clump forming soft sticky stones that don’t show up on ultra sound. The gallbladder becomes with stones with stones that show on ultrasound plus the soft stones and this stops the gallbladder from contracting; as you said. This aggravates the gallbladder wall which then thickens. A programmes of flushing can change the bile chemistry, remove/reverse the soft stones, remove some or all the hard stones that show on ultrasound, exercise the gallbladd ...   3,694 hits
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Re: Reduce chance or severity of Gall Bladder Attack duri...   by Telman   24mo
Why have you assumed it’s pressure? Gallbladder pain is a spasm of the smooth muscle in the gallbladder wall. The gallbladder tries to contract in order to supply hydromorphic bile to the digestive system but the exit of the gallbladder is blocked or the internal volume is full of sludge and it can’t complete the contraction. When the food in the stomach finally empties even without the bile from the gallbladder it relaxes. Even so the gallbladder contracts and expands throughout the day irrespective of eating. Some stones float on top of the bile in the gallbladder and can act like a b ...   1,288 hits
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Re: flushing mechanism   by richidoo   11y
Hi Alan My understanding of the gallbladder is that it is a storage tank first, a dehydrator and concentrator of bile second, and a bile pump third. The pumping aspect is what you are asking about. At the beginning of the cleanse all of the concentrated bile is pumped from storage in the gallbladder to the intestine, including some or all of the stones that were held in the gallbladder. This is usually not enough bile to emulsify all of the oil contained in the cleanse drink so the gallbladder keeps receiving hormonal signal/request from the intestine for more bile. It answers this by ...   1,210 hits
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I think my gallstone problem was caused by wheat not preg...   by 5angels   29mo
2007- 1 hour attack, went to urgent care, trigger rapid weight loss postpartum 2009- 24 hour attack, ultrasound revealed gallbladder that looked like a bag of marbles, the stones moved freely, gallbladder hurt for one month. trigger rapid weight loss postpartum 2010- chronic gallbladder pain started, occasional gallbladder attacks about 1-3 hours, triggers mainly hydrogenated fats which I ate very rarely, but always reacted to. May 2011- 30 hour attack, trigger red food dye in devils food cake-LOTS of it (don’t eat that stuff folks!), ultrasound showed a large hollow gallbladder w ...   1,584 hits
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Magnesium sulfate is choleretic   R Educational by White Shark   6mo
Magnesium sulfate is choleretic This study provides direct evidence that the mechanism of magnesium sulfate-stimulated gallbladder contraction occurs through the release of CCK, and shows a close correlation between CCK release and contraction of the gallbladder. Correlation Between Gallbladder Size and Release of Cholecystokinin After Oral Magnesium Sulfate in Man Abstract In order to determine the effect of oral magnesium sulfate on gallbladder contraction and release of cholecystokinin (CCK) in man, magnesium su ...   709 hits
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Re: Im Having a swollen gallbladder because of obstructin...   by Telman   10mo
You have a gallbladder that is blocked at the neck. The blockage is basically a gallstone and the gallbladder is full of sludge. Sludge is name used to describe a solid mass of bile that can vary in size from grains of sand to the size of the gallbladder itself. Because of the stone and sludge the gallbladder is filling with watery fluid (hydrops) as has become swollen, giving pain.   983 hits
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How many of you have done gallbladder cleanses and then c...   by remo   24mo   View Entire Thread 12
I’ve read a lot about softened liver stones in all colors. I did liver flushes and saw these ”stones” as well. But what about gallbladder stones? My gallbladder stones are still there. How many of you have done gallbladder cleanses and then confirmed via Ultrasound that the cleanse was successful in removing the Gallbladder stones from the Gallbaldder? What did you do to remove these stones?   3,228 hits
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Re: my third liver flush   by nanaysdaughter   22mo
what I have learned.. low fat diet can also cause gallbladder attacks which was the case for me.. I should have followed MH advice to take good quality plant fats in the evening (either lecithin or coconut oil or olive oil) mother takes a tbsp of coconut oil daily and was on mostly fruit diet and never had a gallbladder attack... yes bad fats and zero fats also cause gallbladder attacks.. we need good fats to maintain gallbladder/liver health...(the right amount should probably be a tbsp daily of good quality plant fats)   634 hits
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Re: Desperate for some helpful words   by #21277   8y
That could be your gallbladder acting - perhaps a stone that is stuck in the duct causing you the pains. A blocked gallbladder will create digestive problems you mentioned - I doubt you actually have too much acid - it may have more to do with limited amount of digestive juices, including bile (which secretion will be blocked with a bolcked gallbladder). Have the color of your stools changed to a lighter tone? Liver flush is typically recommended to alleviate gallbladder/liver/any issues Mike   1,036 hits
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Re: Liver/Gall/Kidney Flush Variations   by plzchuckle   7y
Shotakan, I can tell you what the ingredients in the Hulda Clark protocol are needed for: epsom salts has 2 purposes: 1. dialates the ducts of gallbladder and liver to allow easier and more complete passage of stones and congestion 2. laxative effect to removed the toxins release by gallbladder and liver from the bowels olive oil: requires the gallbladder and liver to dispense bile for digestion, 1/2 c of oil at once is a large amount of oil and requires alot of bile grapefruit or lemon juice: citrus causes stronger muscular contraction of the gallbladder and liver during the ...   1,545 hits
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Re: My Gallbladder contours are thick! WHY_? And Tickle o...   by noppah   7y
Thank you for useful information Fernando! Yes i have discomfort in my gallbladder area.. Even sometimes mornings (not eat anything yet), and sometimes evenings (after eat dinner) .. additionally, i am feeling like my gallbladder is swell up (enlarge) when i touch that area.. Generally i feel like ticklenig my gallbladder (something moving on) P.S.: My last ultrasound (about 2 weeks ago) show 2 little stones and lots of sludge in gallbladder..   1,668 hits
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Gallbladder Functions   by GrannyCat   3y   View Entire Thread 4
If a person cuts back or stops eating fat & oil, does the gallbladder simply stop functioning or barely functioning? Does the gallbladder squirt bile to digest all fat & oil eaten? I ask because I’ve read that coconut oil is processed differently in the body than other fat/oil. If coconut oil was the only fat I was eating, would my gallbladder still continue at full function or would it cause my gallbladder troubles? Marci   2,182 hits
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Re: surgery is only option for gallbladder re posting it ...   by natalia88   4y
oh i see bcause my gallbladder is diseased and caused my enyzmes to be slighty raised it has to come out dr.jeff i cant risk getting pancratitis attacks again its so dangerous and can kill so id rather not leave it in my surgeon even thinks i may have some small stones that dont even show on ultrasound is their and plus when i eat fat it hurts like hell in my gallbladder sumtimes would u risk keeping in a diseased gallbladder is u had bad pancratitis attacks?iv had gallbladder pain on and off for years and bcause i never did anything i ended up having pancras attacks   1,261 hits
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Re: Yes, Back pain = gallbladder attack   by Spirit   10y
you need to flush your gb/liver   1,876 hits
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Re: can u still have stones even though scan didnt show t...   by natalia88   6y
hanna u are so right my nutropth says the tests said i was low on bile i know because my stools are very fatty and a light tan colour i do my first gallbladder flush this weekend and i ve just ordered sum tablets for my gallbladder liver which will help the bile to im laying off probtics until i get my liver/gallbladder sorted out ive doing castor oil packs on my liver gallbladder the worst thing is the nausea i hate the nausea   3,178 hits
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Re: Overload in Gallbladder   by shelleycat   10y
Good question. If you visit you’ll see an excellent picture of the liver and gallbladder and the bile duct exits to the small intestine. The liver has ways to expel stones and bile without ever going into the gallbladder! So don’t worry at all about overloading the gallbladder. Just be happy you’re expelling stones and old bile and old toxins from both the liver and gallbladder. :)   1,163 hits
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Re: It worked!   by hanna   9y
It probably depends what the reason was for the reflux in my case gallbladder.I had gallbladder inflammation, thickened wall and gallstone. My gallbladder is back to normal, I still have stones but no more symptoms. Make sure that you keep flushing till for 3x you don’t see anymore stones/sludge and then you can change to a couple of times a year for maintenance. Bile is needed for digestion, so a clean liver/gallbladder is important.   1,664 hits
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Acupuncture oddity   by secondwind   8y   View Entire Thread 4
I went to the acupuncturist yesterday, and she did the gallbladder points on the outside of the knee, and just below the external malleolus, outside of ankle. And within five minutes, I audibly heart my gallbladder gurgle, and the tension and pain I have had there for the last 5 days almost totally disappeared, not that area just seems tired and sensitive. The acupuncturist said people have scanned the gallbladder while pressing these points, and the gallbladder has been shown to contract almost every time. I just found that very interesting...   1,690 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
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Re: Pain in the liver area   by grizz   26mo
Yes, Paraboy has a great point, ESPECIALLY if you are on a vegetarian diet. We have a gallbladder because we evolved over 3 million years to be a meat eater. If you don’t eat greasy meat and a good amount of natural oils such as coconut oil, then the gallbladder doesn’t get used enough and fills up with stones and sludge. Literally if you don’t use it, you lose it. A popular plan to get your gallbladder operational again is to very slowly titrate from 1/2 up to 4 tblspoons of coconut oil daily. If your gall bladder is not functioning properly the result is pain or diarrhea. Or you can do ...   1,968 hits
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Gallbladder function   R by Telman   29mo   View Entire Thread 2
If we can survive without a gallbladder then why do we have one? Bile acids can be divided into two groups: water soluble and non-soluble. Since long stagnation of the gallbladder can cause gallstones to form animals that can manage without food for long periods do not have gallbladders, eg, camels. Some mammals such as bears that hibernate do have gallbladders but they only produce water soluble bile acids. Therefore the gallbladders function is concerned with the control of non-water soluble bile acids. These bile acids are toxic and harmful to the liver and intestines if they contin ...   2,161 hits
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small calcified stones in gallbladder - can i expect them...   by nastynick   17mo   View Entire Thread 9
According to the CT scan that I did, i have numerous small calcified stones inside my gallbladder, resembling ”porcelain gallbladder” (dont know if this term exists in English). I have gallbladder attacks every time I eat crap, like fast food or pizzas. My GI doc recommended gallbladder surgery. My question is, can those calcified stones from the gallbladder really come out during flushes? I have done some searching around and found some blog posts about people that had gallbladder stones who did some flushes and on the next scan the stones were still there. I plan on doing at least ...   1,225 hits
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Gallbladder cancer information   R Educational by Telman   66d
If the gallbladder becomes infected it will make you feel ill with a temperature and increased white blood cells will be detected in the blood. Just like any other infection. If the gallbladder becomes cancerous this can also be detected with blood test but not always. Certain groups are more prone to the condition as you probably know. It is also thought that pre-diabetic condition and inflammation of the gallbladder increase the risk. This UK website gives some good information:   1,186 hits
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Re: Gallbladder Dysfunction, No Stones! No Inflammation!   by autotronic   7y
surgery is a last resort for me, im gonna tough this out for as long as i can im not ready to give up one my body parts. a low functioning gallbladder sounds better than no gallbladder. i believe my pain may be a result of muscle spasms in the bile ducts and gallbladder region, i dont wanna live the rest of my life with impaired digestion ive came across other messages on this board with people that have similar situations saying that it could take a little more than 10 liver flushes to allievate the shoulder pain and get the gallbladder back on track. i personally feel that my gallbladde ...   57,594 hits
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New to this forum and have several questions   by robertin75   10y   View Entire Thread 6
Hi friends, I’m new to this forum and I’m male 29 years old: I’m a little confussed about several terms used in this forums like: 1.- Liver flush 2.- Gallbladder flush 3.- Liver cleansing I currently suffer from several digestive problems like gas, bloating, sometimes constipation and would like to know if these problems could be related to liver/gallbladder. Do stones can get in the liver besides gallbladder? What are the main symptoms of liver/gallbladder stones? How do you know if you have liver/gallbladder stones? Any X Rays, CT scans, etc.? I have a long history ...   1,418 hits
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Re: Qs on Components of Clark Cleanse   by MrCooties   10y
I have thought that since cholesterol stones float, and calcified stones sink, and the gallbladder opening faces to the left, laying on the right side will purge more cholesterol stones since they would tend to float near the opening of the gallbladder. Laying on the left side would tend to purge more calcified stones (because they would sink to the opening of the gallbladder), and laying on the back would be a compromise between the two. I don’t really buy the theory that the olive oil enters the gallbladder through the gallbladder opening. It seems it would be more of a one-way openi ...   1,124 hits
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inflamed gallbladder?I need to know   by angelian   10y   View Entire Thread 4
Hello I have a full gallbladder and is planning a liver flush,however I have been having a soreness underneath my rib cage from the left side to the right side and especially my right side and in the center of my chest area,I have had one sharp pain down my right side as well,I feel as if I am carrying a weight on my right side.I am wondering if my gallbladder could be inflamed and if I should wait to do the gallbladder flush.I have diabetes and high blood pressure and I don’t know if it has anything to do with the diabetes too.I feel full even when I eat a small meal and my food does not ...   2,615 hits
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Innumerable gallbladder polyps   by #119704   5y
I have been diagnosed back in December with innumerable gallbladder polyps, largest one measuring 2mm. I just had another ultrasound that still shows innumerable polyps, largest one measuring 5mm and placed at the opening of the gallbladder duct. My surgeon has never seen such a case and highly recommends surgery to have my gallbladder removed due to the fact that my gallbladder is filled with polyps and largest one is at the opening and could block it. Gallstones run in my family. My surgeon believes that he might find stones as well once they remove my gallbladder. I don’t have too many ...   7,393 hits
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liver flush with no gallbladder   by megan   6y   View Entire Thread 2
for people with liver stones, but no gallbladder, which type of flush is best, still clark style okay? my sister had her gallbladder removed many years ago, now in her 50’s and she’s having pain/nausea/fullness, just like when she had a gallbladder full of stones. too bad she lost her gallbladder back then. without a gallbladder, do you still eat no fat on the day of the flush, or it doesn’t matter? and do people with no gallbladders have a harder time flushing? I hope she doesn’t get sick while trying it... thank you...   1,369 hits
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Liver gallbladder formulas   by morris   6y   View Entire Thread 2
Hi MH, I’m wondering what the difference is between the Liver/Gallbladder Balance formula and the liver gallbladder cardio-renal cleanse formula. I have a very congested liver and had malaria and hepititis A in the past. Would I take both formulas? Also I have been reading in fairly recent posts that it can work well to do the liver gallbladder cardio-renal cleanse formula instead of a clark style liver flush. Do you still believe this? I mistakenly ordered the Liver/Gallbladder Balance formula thinking that it was the Liver/Gallbladder Cardio/renal formula so I may want to place a ...   3,345 hits
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Re: Gallbladder Functions   by Hveragerthi   3y
 If a person cuts back or stops eating fat & oil, does the gallbladder simply stop functioning or barely functioning? It will reduce gallbladder function.  But there are other factors that also affect gallbladder function such as bitters and hormones. Does the gallbladder squirt bile to digest all fat & oil eaten? I ask because I’ve read that coconut oil is processed differently in the body than other fat/oil. If coconut oil was the only fat I was eating, would my gallbladder still continue at full function or would it cause my gallbladder troubles? As far as ...   2,197 hits
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Re: No Gallbladder - Liver Flush   R by telman   6y
The gallbladder doesn’t produce the bile. The function of the gallbladder is to concentrate and store bile. Bile is produced in the liver however much of the bile is recycled. When we eat a meal bile is used to help digest fat and other substances. This bile is reabsorbed from the intestines, passed to the liver where it is re-used. For people with a gallbladder. Bile is supplied by the liver and gallbladder simultaneously. Liver bile is less concentrated but contains bicarbonate that helps neutralise stomach acid. If you don’t have a gallbladder or the gallbladder has stopped functi ...   1,164 hits
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Has Your Inflamed Gallbladder Returned to Normal with Liv...   by Jasmine   7y   View Entire Thread 3
I have been scheduled for surgery many times in the past year (due to inflamed gallbladder & a 4 cm stone stuck in my bile duct) but have had numberous cancellations due to one reason or another. I have read so many posts by people who say that they wish they didn’t have their gallbladder removed. Has anyone ”NOT” had their gallbladder removed (when told to do so by their doctor)& have gotten well with Liver & Gallbladder Flushes? I would like to know if your inflamed gallbladder returned to normal with liver & gallbladder flushes? Waiting for your responses.   1,766 hits
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Re: Mayo Clinic on Soft Stones   by truestones   10y
Nice source. The gallbladder is squeezing out bile, so that would make sense. So the soft brown stones primarily form outside the kidney and the gallbladder. So can we also say that the cholesterol and pigment stones are the hard ones that are formed in the gallbladder? It appears to describe them here: ”When you eat, your gallbladder contracts and releases bile into the common bile duct — a continuation of the hepatic and cystic ducts. The common bile duct then carries bile to the upper part of your small intestine (duodenum), where it begins to help break down the fat in yo ...   3,759 hits
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Re: Nursing mom / some info I just foune in my e-mail inbox,   by mom2lucky   10y
Hi, I just responded to you and had these articles in my e-mail in box, check it out it is alot, but interesting. Anna Five Important Tips if You’ve Had Gallstones or Your Gallbladder Removed By Dr. Joseph Mercola with Rachael Droege The New York Times regional newspaper interviewed me recently about gallbladders and I thought it would be useful to review this common problem. I have seen many hundreds of patients who have had their gallbladders removed and I don’t recall anyone ever telling me that their surgeon advised them to do something to compensate for removing thi ...   2,414 hits
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Gallbladder surgery   by dci hall   9y   View Entire Thread 2
Why is gallbladder surgery necessary? Why not remove the stones in some other way? Well the gallbladder when it is inflamed (cholecystitis) doesn’t contract properly. This is shown on tests quite clearly and is the basis for one of the tests for cholecystitis (a HIDA scan). If the stones are removed more stones will accumulate later on. Are gallstones dangerous then? Many people have asymptomatic gallstones. Hepatic stones are rare, because the way the hepatic ducts widen as they go down. Gallstones are far more likely to form in the gallbladder because the mucus from the gallb ...   1,643 hits
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Does this help?   by Telman   8y
You raised a number of fundamental points in you message. Herbs have a number of effects on the biliary system but they cannot make the gallbladder contract any more than it is capable off. Generally, a healthy gallbladder contracts 50% and 70% but it contracts a single time in order to pressurise the biliary system. There are two schools of thought to obtaining the maximum contraction: 1. A single dose with the help of a cholagogic herb like turmeric, dandelion and ginger. However it has also be found through medical experimentation the sulphur which is present in the Epsom salts ma ...   1,330 hits
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Gall Bladder Surgery and how Cure Zone can help   by Karlin   6y   View Entire Thread 3
GallBladder surgery is still being done in the USA at horrendous rates. It is the most common ”medical therapy” surgery [not counting cosmetic surgeries, which are not medical therapy]. The last I heard there are about 100,000 gallbladders being removed annually - EVERY YEAR!!! - in the USA. That fact is one of the best reasons for Cure Zone to exist. Cure Zone has promoted the various FLUSHES as it’s main therapy, and those flushes can completely remove the need for gallbaldder surgery and removal of gallbladders. The liver, and the gallbladder, are returned to functional health aft ...   1,728 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
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Chanca Piedra vs. Gold Coin Grass anyone who's tried both...   by Gardeninginthefog   9y   View Entire Thread 4
I am trying to decide which to use and am leaning towards the Chanca Piedra by Raintree. I’m deciding between Gold Coin Grass and the Rainforest gallbladder formula with: artichoke leaf, chanca piedra whole herb, boldo leaf, carqueja leaf & stem, erva tostão leaf, gervâo leaf, and jurubeba leaf. The information they have is so really indepth and documented. I put a link to the site below. And also one to the Gold Coin Grass. The info on GCG is kinda far down on the sensible health page under heading number 3. ”3. Gallbladder flush and gallstone treatment - alternatives to gallbl ...   4,598 hits
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Re: first report of the radical experiment :)   by rachel   12y
maybe on the amount of bile already in your gallbladder and liver. From: rachel~ Date: Mon Mar 18, 2002 10:54 pm Subject: Re: first report of the radical experiment :) Well, that raises one of the very questions I’ve been thinking about lately. Could it have made it worse? If the gallbladder is a storage pouch for the bile and the gallbladder is contracting but blocked by a stone - how could the introduction of the oil make things any worse? I’m genuinely asking the question because I really want to thoroughly understand the whole process. The gallbla ...   1,903 hits
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Re: 2%? I agree, how strange! TELMAN ALERT! :)Re: Seen dr...   by telman   8y
There are 4 methods used to determine gallbladder function as follows: 1. Oral cholecystography, measure of gallbladder filling, concentrating, and emptying. It uses a radiopaque dye filling the gallbladder but also on the concentrating function of the gallbladder lining. Oral cholecystography has become obsolete because of limited accuracy and the radiation exposure. 2. The duodenal marker-perfusion technique measures duodenal output of bile from the biliary system. 3. Quantitative cholescintigraphy uses computer assistance to continuously monitor gallbladder radioactivity and de ...   1,313 hits
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closure of gallbladder   by Brother-Avery   9y   View Entire Thread 13
Hi I continue having gallbladder attacks, now I have had about 10 in the last 6 months. It seems that eating fatty food at night caused the attack, which came on at about 7 am the next day and continued until about 4 pm. Ultrasound showed a shrunken gallbladder with thickened and diffuse walls, and hundreds of small stones measuring about 5mm. The doctor again said I have chronic cholecystitis, and still wants to do surgery. He said the attack comes when the gallbladder contracts to try and expel the debris, but can`t. He also said that in a future attack, the gallbladder might rupt ...   4,584 hits
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Gallbladder stones or tapeworm ?   by david1o1   19mo   View Entire Thread 10
Gallbladder stones or tapeworm ? This is something i was wondering when i have read posts of some people claiming they know they have pain in a specific organ... How do you know for sure ? Let’s take the example of pain in the gallbladder area, depending on your past experiences, your organs will have a different shape than what is shown on images to illustrate the anatomy of the human body, and if we consider this, a pain in the gallbladder area is not necessarily caused by a problem in the gallbladder but it could be a problem in the duodenum or in the hepathic flexure of the co ...   2,726 hits
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Image Embedded Biliary function - Heads-up   R by telman   7y   View Entire Thread 9
Here is a simple diagram showing the biliary system at rest; the fasting state. Bile flows from the liver into the gallbladder because the sphincter valve is closed. The gallbladder removes water from the liver bile so that the bile in the gallbladder is concentrated. When the maximum concentration level in the gallbladder has been reach the pressure in the biliary increases until it starts to seep out of the sphincter valve into the duodenum. Bile will continue to seep out the valve until you consume something that requires bile. Sometimes the smell of cooking can trigger the rel ...   8,657 hits
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