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Re: IF #1 WILL cause dependency!! Dr. Schultz...explainat...   by Grog   10y
If you already had gallbladder surgery The gallbladder stores, concentrates and secretes bile which is produced in the liver. The bile is necessary in the intestine for the digestion and absorption of fat. It is also important for lubricating the intestinal wall. Once the gallbladder is removed, the bile lost its storage space and tends to accumulate in the liver. The result is reduced bile flow because the liver does not contract to squirt the bile into the intestine like the gallbladder does. The reduced bile flow usually causes indigestion, constipation or diarrhea. When the accumulate ...   6,276 hits
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Re: 3 flushes and still no stones   by #39736   8y
I think you have to do more to break the stones up. A couple of apples is definitely not enough! There is not THAT much malic acid in an apple. You might want to get Gold Coin Grass from It is really powerful. Also, from that site... ĒIf the gallbladder is loaded with stones, there is very limited space in the gallbladder to store the bile. The bile, which is produced in the liver, stays in the liver and leads to liver congestion. When the liver is very congested, nutrients or herbs, which have to go through the liver first, may not reach the gallbladd ...   1,285 hits
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Image Embedded Re: Need understanding on how gallbladder works..   by unyquity   8y
The liver does indeed produce a quart to a quart and a half of bile daily...the gallbladder produces nothing - it is simply a "holding tank".  If there is no gallbladder, the liver drips bile continuously into the small intestine. When food is eaten that requires bile for digestion (virtually anything, but fats & spicy food in particular), the gallbladder is signalled to dump what itís holding in storage and the liver starts making more. If you do not have any calcified stones in your gallbladder, you still may have íbile stonesí which do not show up on te ...   2,017 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
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Re: 1" calcified stone   by relpub3   8y
So based on the responses to my posting, I come to the following understanding: The liver flush is mainly flushing out the toxins from the liver. Over time and through a series of these flushes, most of the toxins will be removed. However, stones in the gallbladder will take some time to be removed. The stones in the gallbladder, if calcified, will take more time to be flushed out. So people who do flushing regularly will find their liver becoming healthier and cleaner. And surprisingly, when their livers become clean, they will notice that the stones in their gallbladders do not bo ...   814 hits
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Re: I'm confused about the right thing to do w/my GB   by andmor   10y
Dear Betty, I can only tell that over the many years I have been working with the liver cleanse, most of people who were told that their gallbladder must be removed were actually able to save it. A gallbladder may not be functioning, but this doesnít mean it is dead and cannot be restored. Not having a gallbladder increases the risk for almost every type of illness. I have been in this situation myself many eyars ago. After a total of 40 painful gallbladder attacks I cleaned out my liver and gallbladder and never suffered an attack again. It is an easy 1-minute decision for a doctor ...   843 hits
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Magnesium Sulphate contracts the gallbladder   by Telman   7y
It is well known that drinking sulphate-containing natural mineral waters causes contraction of the gallbladder, probably induced by the release of a hormone called cholecystokinin. This had been reported in medical papers since 1943. In an experiment carried out in 1981 by the Departments of Surgery and Radiology, The University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, Texas. Five volunteers drank a solution of magnesium sulphate (25 g in 100 ml of distilled water) and the contraction of the gallbladder was monitored. The volume of the gallbladder before administration of magnesium sulphate ...   998 hits
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Re: some things to chat about:   by petex   9y
If your stool is light color, and you did have some abdominal pain before, especially if it is in the area of your liver/gallbladder, it seems to me that at least one of the problems is gallbladder. Most of us have gallbladder stones - probably about 95% of people. The only ones who donít are those who never ate margarin or any processed food which usually has hydrogenized vegetable fats, or who never ate anything that makes liver and gallbladder sluggish, and in todays society those are rare. If the pain you had was in the area just below your ribcage, on your right side, thatís almost ...   940 hits
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Correlation Between Gallbladder Size and Release of Chole...   R by White Shark   5y   View Entire Thread 4
Correlation Between Gallbladder Size and Release of Cholecystokinin After Oral Magnesium Sulfate in Man Kazutomo Inoue, Isidoro Wiener, Charles J. Fagan, Larry C. Watson, and James C. Thompson This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract In order to determine the effect of oral magnesium sulfate on gallbladder contraction and release of cholecystokinin (CCK) in man, magnesium sulfate (25 g in 100 ml distilled water) was given by mouth to five fasting adult male volunteers. Plasma samples were collected for measurement of CCK by a specific radioimmunoassay ...   4,359 hits
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Re: Natural Remedies For Flushing Gallstones Without Surg...   by Celia   10y
I have been successful in doing gallbladder cleanses for two years (one every 1-2 months) and now I am attack free for one year, with my doctor now recommending no gallbladder surgery, just keeping a wait and see attitude. I started having painful gallbladder attacks while I was pregnant. The doctor wanted me to wait to have my gallbladder removed until after the baby was born. I was forced to look for other relief from my pain. Luckily I kept doing the cleanses even after the baby was born, though many times the painful attacks still came and I would really want my gallbladder out. Be ...   2,941 hits
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Re: Hope   by Telman   8y
This is quite a complicated subject. The gallbladder surgery is offered as the standard conventional medical solution to gallbladder problem because nothing else is endorsed by the primary care organisations. However, 1 in 5 people either have no relief or the problems return after a year to two years and they are no better of. Obviously looking at the converse argument 80% of people are better of. Many of the condition you mention are the very worse but quite often gallbladder problems are cause by the way we live in our modern existence. Long-term issues for GPs are as follows post ...   1,054 hits
Forum: Liver Flush Support

No gallbladder...still pain   by Toobusy   11y   View Entire Thread 3
I had my gallbladder removed in 1996 before I knew anything about flushes. Sorry that I let it happen now but hindsight is always 20/20 I have noticed since the surgery that after certain usually if I am very hungry, I get a pain just like the original gallbladder flare up pain in the center of my chest at the bottom of my ribcage. Would a flush be beneficial for this? It comes and goes and I donít know why it happens. I donít want to cause more harm though seeing that I donít have the gallbladder anymore and wonder if it is leftover from the surgery (a stone that is lan ...   1,064 hits
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Getting out the gallstones   by #89250   7y   View Entire Thread 4
Hey, can anyone tell me where the bile ducts are on the gallbladder? Iím curious - Iíve heard that lying on your right side assists in getting as many stones out as possible. Iíve heard that it doesnít make a difference. Iíve heard that you have to lie down asap after drinking the oil or you will get fewer stones out. How many bile ducts are there on a gallbladder? Where are they located/what direction are they pointing? Also, if your gallbladder is removed, where do the liver/stones go to? Do they just float around or do they end up in the colon/intestines? Are there any doct ...   1,045 hits
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Re: Liver Flush question...Urgent please.   by Michael H   7y
Hello Chris, Yes, it is safe to do a liver flush if youíve had your gallbladder removed. Well, Andreas Moritz has his own Liver Flush program which you can check his forum, heís not an active member there anymore but you can check the archives. If you want, you can check out his book, ĒThe Amazing Liver and Gallbladder FlushĒ I think that he also has a new book out called, ĒThe Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse ...   1,228 hits
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Max amount of fat on flush day   by Jova   7y
As some of you may know, Iím a huge proponent of not having any fat on the day of the flush, as Clark recommends. I know some of you eat a fat-filled lunch and say the flush still works, but even if it still works, it could work better if you stray from any fat so that sufficient pressure builds in the gallbladder. With that said, obviously a small amount of fat seems to be okay, so long as that small amount doesnít trigger bile flow in the gallbladder. Example--a cup of romaine lettuce has .2 grams of fat, which is still *some* fat, but definitely not enough to trigger a gallbladder ...   475 hits
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Re: Attention' jessesmom   by jessesmom1987   6y
Hi Momo- Yes, from the informatin Telman gave me about the type of stone I passed, they can be fairly large- it wasnít the green stone type, it was a grayish, clay type stone and apparently forms over a period of time when the bile ducts have been plugged- which mine had been from flukes. When they did the hida scan and told me my gallbladder was functioning at 5% capacity- I didnít know then that it wasnít the gallbladder- there were no stones in the gallbladder, but it was my liver plugged up and bile wasnít getting into the gallbladder. Unfortunately, they did the gallbladder surgery ...   1,067 hits
Forum: Liver Flush Support

Re: 29th day experincing dry itchy skin-Help!!!   by ichoosehealth   6y
Hi Pepe, I have made it to day 34 and feeling great!!! I was able to get the itching under control by using the shea butter for 2 days.... Now only a small amount of itch which I can take... I havenít read Andreas Moritz but I did google the author and found info on the liver/gallbladder flush.. I have done that flush many times also...Most of my family, both men and women have had their gallbladderís removed....I found that flush years ago and have been using it very successfully....And, I still have my gallbladder...LOL I was wondering if you have ever finished your MC ...   1,521 hits
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My Gallbladder contours are thick! WHY_? And Tickle on my...   by noppah   7y   View Entire Thread 5
Hello friends, I am looking for some answers please helpme to figure it out.. **My gallbladder contours are thick why is that? Is it about weakness of my gallbladder? **Will be pain on taking epsom salt to thick contours of gallbladder? (i think ES constrict gallbladder) **I am feeling some tickle on my gallbladder area! WHAT IS THAT? Sometimes this tickle walk on my stomach left and right! Pls helpmeout! Thanks   1,342 hits
Forum: Liver Flush Support

Gallstones in gallbladder   by Meryem   8y   View Entire Thread 2
Briefly, I have been diagnosed with gallstones in my gallbladder...Iím currently doing a 3rd liver flush. Have seen my doctor/registrar at the hospital yesterday morning. Apart from being extremely condescending and bringing up comparisons of how animals and in particular crocodilesí gallbaldders work (Iím not an animal why do doctors persist in talking like this...theyíre not vets so why talk like that). Anyway the doctor mentioned that as long as I have gallstones in my gallbladder the gallbladder is not functioning (meaning that I would be better off having the gallbladder out). B ...   1,231 hits
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Surgery Scheduled   by Brad   11y   View Entire Thread 13
Iíve had gallbladder pains for the past 4 weeks. I had only one one of three productive gallbladder/liver flushes. I had a standard US that showed nothing. I had a Endoscopy that showed everything was okay and the MD said it was probably my gallbladder afterall. I had a hepatobiliary US that showed the gallbladder not filling. MD says my gallbladder is non-functioning. Intense pains under my right scalpia and right-front side under my ribs come every one to two days and wake me up in the early mornings. Naseau follows and the pain last for hours. Pain pills have not helped and neither ...   1,687 hits
Forum: Liver Flush Support

julia chang's response   by shl   11y   View Entire Thread 2
In response to my query, Julia Chang replied as under : ĒIf your gallbladder can still contract efficiently, gallstones can be eliminated just by taking Chinese Bitters or GCG. Unfortunately most gallbladders with gallstones do not contract efficiently and removing gallstones by taking GCG can take a long time. Gallbladder flush speeds up the process significantly. Stagnation of bile and gallbladder does increase the possibility of cancer, but gallbladder cancer is uncommon. Julia Chang, Prime Health Products Tel: 416-248-2930 (please phone for faster response) Email: ...   1,852 hits
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mad as hell   RN by gerig   9y   View Entire Thread 6
My gallbladder was removed in feb. I was already nearly incapacitated with pain and nausea and somehow got worse afterwards. I have since been found to have metals poisoning, explaining all my symptoms, not just the one the slice-happy surgeon wanted to hear. Anyone stewing over the fact that they had an unnecessary surgery? What did you do? Iím filing a formal complaint, not about the gallbladder surgery itself, so much as the doctorís refusal to entertain, or let me explore the idea that there were alternative options that were more urgent than the surger. It would be hard to complain ab ...   2,380 hits
Forum: Gallbladder Surgery

I understand your point   by MidlothianGirl   9y
and as I said very specifically, some people donít have a choice, but most people do. Probably about 90-95% of people who have gallbladder surgery donít need to have it, because most of the times they are having gallbladder attacks due to stones lodged in their gallbladder, many of which started in the liver. An MD named Dr. Stoll said that he used to recommend gallbladder removal to about 10 people a year in his practice. When he found out about gallbladder flushing, in 10 years time only 1 person has had surgery (because she refused to flush). So most cases itís not nec ...   1,387 hits
Forum: Gallbladder Surgery

x.X Flushing without a gallbladder?   by kendrah   6y   View Entire Thread 2
Well, I had to have the operation. I didnít want to, but it couldnít be avoided. I think my gallbladder was too far gone (it was more than 5xís the normal size of a gallbladder and was on the brink of bursting.) I had an attack that lasted over 9 days (well, on the 9th I had the surgery) and was unable to function (eat, sleep, stand up straight, etc.) I feel bad for having the surgery, but... well, there was nothing else to do. However, Iím wondering what the benefits of flushing are, even without a gallbladder. Iím sure my liver is still chalk full of slug and crap that I want to get o ...   804 hits
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Re: Biliary Stasis and liver flushing   by telman   6y
Yes, I am listening and, yes, my gallbladder is working fine. I finally believe it is clear as I havenít seen any stones now for 6 month. In fact except for a very troublesome single white stone I havenít seen anything for over a year really. I was so keen to rid myself of biliary pain that I flushed fanatically every two weeks. There was several phases. Initially there was just a few stones and then around flush 12 the flood gates opened which could have been the time the gallbladder started to contract properly. The way I visualise it is that gallbladder is full of debris and weak. Ev ...   1,909 hits
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Re: GAllbladder cleansing, Lab test& ultrasound   by serenitynz   4y
Ok I think I can be a help here. I have recently been having gallbladder attacks and have just had an ultrasound that shows my gallbladder is full of stones. I have now been referred to a specialist to go on the waiting list to have my gallbladder removed. I have decided to try this liver/gallbladder flush as I have nothing to lose and hopefully a chance at saving my gallbladder. I intend to do my first flush next Friday night 12th February 2010. If I feel I have some success with this I will order another ultrasound so I can have some proof and will keep posting to keep everyone up to date.   6,662 hits
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Re: Is the Liver Cleanse Bullsh*t?   by MENDOMAID   3y
Gall stones from flushes have been analyzed and have the same composition as the stones found in surgically removed gallbladders. There are several older threads on this subject. There are several reasons why a person wonít pass gallstones in the flush. If stones are cleared out of the gallbladder it may take two weeks of more for the stones in the small bile ducts in the liver to collect in the gallbladder. Bile sludge can enmesh the stones in the gallbladder and until the sludge is broken up the stones wonít come out. A person might not have enough bile in the bile pool to force the ston ...   2,455 hits
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Re: Sure, why do it unless you need to.   by spudlydoo   4y
All these people doing liver and gallbladder flushes all the time, makes me wonder why there is apparently, (I say apparently because many people have no idea whether the actually have gallstones or not), such a high incidence of gallbladder and liver disease. If people were eating a good diet, with all the nutrients necessary to keep the liver and gallbladder in good working order, there would be no need to consider doing any of these possible dangerous flushes. I prefer to prevent any gallbladder and liver issues, through correct nutrition. This is by far a better way to keep your ...   5,090 hits     1 of 3 (33%)
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Re: Costo Gallbladder connection   by Molly Bloom   3y
Gallbladder disease and costo can mimic each other. I could be your costo is actually gallbladder. When I first got costo, and it was chronic, my western doctor in exasperation finally commanded that i have my gallbladder removed, even when a MRI showed no stones! When I questioned this, he told me he was Ēsort of sick of my complainingĒ and he didnít know what else to do with me. Then he said Ēyou know itís a throw-away organ anywayĒ I start to research gallbladder, and heartily disagreed with that. Tons of people get theirs removed, and I wonder how many really had to?? T ...   2,719 hits
Forum: Costochondritis

Re: Proof that these ARE gallstones.   by spudlydoo   3y
LM, no, stones are not released from the liver or gallbladder during these flushes, the ĒstonesĒ that you are trying to get people to believe come from the liver or gallbladder, are formed in the intestines. I havenít seen a single piece of factual evidence, that says these stones come from the liver or gallbladder, simply the misinformation, and propaganda from the LF pushers. While your at it, why donít you cite some cases, (proper studies, not your imagination), of people who have 100ís or 1000ís of stones, in their liver or gallbladder. With references please, so the information ...   4,327 hits     2 of 3 (66%)
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Re: pin-pricking sensation in right rib cage after doing ...   by kc22333   4y
Telmen, I will certainly look into this serratus anterior muscle. Even though I exercise with weights I do not think it is a muscle because the feeling is behind the rib and it does not feel like a muscle pain. It is a intermittent pinching. I still feel certain that the problem is my gallbladder because this cramping sensation started after my 1st flush. I certainly feel something like rocks on my right side just below the armpit I would like to know if gallstones travel in the area below the right armpit when they are released by the gallbladder? When I eat I can sometimes ...   9,255 hits
Forum: Liver Flush Support

Re: 1 more question on people who flush with no gallbladd...   by Telman   4y
I do hope your motherís doctor elaborated on how to take care what she eats? Normally, people without a gallbladder are instructed not too much fat at a time in a meal. People with an inflamed liver are usually recommended to make changes to there diet. The gallbladder holds concentrated bile when it is removed the bile isnít stored any more. Because the liver continues to make bile it leaks into the duodenum via the common bile duct. People who have a gallbladder have the question; how does the liver flush itself when bile is available in the gallbladder? The answer is, because fatt ...   1,091 hits
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Can Parasites Cause a HIDA Scan Test to be ABNORMAL?   by alegre   4y   View Entire Thread 10
Does anyone know if parasites in the small intestine, liver and/or gallbladder can cause a HIDA Scan test of the gallbladder to be abnormal? **(A HIDA scan is a nuclear medical test that Ēmeasures the rate at which bile is released from the gallbladder.Ē From what Iíve read, an ejection fraction over 30% is normal. And, anything below 30% may require removal of the gallbladder since it is not functioning properly) Have any of you had a HIDA scan performed to rule out gallstones or biliary sludge? If so, what were the results? Were you experiencing nausea, upper-abdominal discomf ...   3,594 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

andreas and others: best way to get rid of yeast   by hmdoyle00   10y
I have had problems with my liver and gallbladder for around 3-1/2 years. My liver phases are off (phase 1 too high, phase 2 too low) and my gallbladder is functioning at only 20%. Because of this, I have developed intestinal yeast, causing sensitivities to fruit, dairy, carbs, and garlic/onions, but this has only been in the past year, so I know it was caused by the liver/gallbladder dysfunction. I did my first liver cleanse last week and got out a lot of stones. I plan on continuing with the flushes, along with keeping the clean diet I have had for a long time and taking liver suppor ...   835 hits
Forum: Ask Andreas

Re: yes~~ :)   by Zoebess   6y
I am sure that there have been people who have gone to the ER. There are people who have gallbladder attacks without flushing who panic and go to the ER where they will be happy to relieve you of your gallbladder. Now we know that flushing can and has saved people who were in the throes of an attack and writhing in pain from losing their gallbladder. When I felt a stone stuck I just used the info others have passed on about using the epsom salts in water. A tsp or less stirred up is a good little toddy to open the ducts in your gallbladder. I would recommend laying on your rig ...   1,438 hits
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Re: liver puss leakage   by Telman   6y
If the pus comes from the gallbladder it can causes exactly the same symptoms as gallstones and infection of the bile ducts. Pus is sometimes found with gallstone conditions but also with obstruction of the distal common bile duct. Pus forms in the biliary tree and is compressed into the gallbladder with pus debris. This can distend and infect the gallbladder and cause a condition called empyema. Empyema is found with inflammation of the gallbladder in about one in thirty people. You may have a slight fever and feel washed-out, mild heart irregularity (Tachycardia) and tenderness in the ...   1,448 hits
Forum: Liver Flush Support

Re: Does homeopathy have a cure for gallstones? If not, w...   by krupaclassy   10y
My husband has had great effects from Dr. Clarkís liver cleanse. Though it isn;t specific to the gallbladder the cleanse has calmed down his gallbladder attacks. Since doing the cleanse (about 3 times now) he has not had an attack from his gallbladder. I did a sorta cleanse. My gallbladder, which is sluggish, was really bothering me so I took some epsom salts (1 tablespoon) and about 1/2 an hour later had a fatty meal. I was sick from it, the runs and a bit of nausea (I have a sensative tummy)but was better the next morning. I had a regular bowel movement and passed a gallstone! ...   2,948 hits
Forum: Homeopathy

Re: Survey of stomach pain HELP!!!!!!!!!!   by Flowerchild59   11y
I would forego the CT scan and would ask for a HIDA scan. That would show how well your gallbladder is functioning. You may not have any stones, but have acalculous cholecystitis which is no stones but your gall bladder is not working, and infected chronically or acutely. The test is done in imaging with an IV and a small amount of Ēradioactive fatĒ is injected and travels to your gallbladder and mimics the effects of eating a fatty meal. The test will show how well your gallbladder empties over a course of an hour or so. It was painless to me and showed that my gallbladder was non fu ...   1,448 hits
Forum: Liver Flush Support

Att: Tracey - A reponse from Julia Chang   by shl   11y   View Entire Thread 6
I am reproducing hereunder a reponse from Julia Chang Hi If your gallbladder can still contract efficiently, gallstones can be eliminated just by taking Chinese Bitters or GCG. Unfortunately most gallbladders with gallstones do not contract efficiently and removing gallstones by taking GCG can take a long time. Gallbladder flush speeds up the process significantly. Stagnation of bile and gallbladder does increase the possibility of cancer, but gallbladder cancer is uncommon. Julia Chang, Prime Health Products Tel: 416-248-2930 (please phone for faster response) Email: ...   3,391 hits
Forum: Ask Agnes&Bob4[A]

Re: 3rd flush a bummer! can i redo it?   by Tracey   11y
Hi Hanna...yes, I wish I knew more about the íthickening of the wallsí, but I donít. Like Spirit says, you can start taking herbs to repair and regenerate your liver and gallbladder...that should help things along. I do believe that you can heal your gallbladder right up with time, patience, a good attitude (I think youíve got that!) and a little research. I know that milk thistle and dandelion work synergistically (sp?) - Tinctures are excellent because they go straight to the liver and gallbladder. You can either buy those herbs together in a tincture or drink dandelion tea. My hea ...   665 hits
Forum: Liver Flush Support

Reg: Did anyone after trying all the flushes did undergo ...   by kal   11y
I would appreciate if anyone has undergone gallbladder surgery after trying all the flushes. I know the gallstones are formed in liver and not in gallbladder. I did the flush and got about 80 stones out. But still having gallstones attack. I am not sure if they came out from gallbladder or liver. I donít mind doing any number of flushes. But would like to make sure that just the flushes are enough for permanant removal of stones and surgery is no longer required. I only pray that I donít have pain of gallbladder attack. I donít mind fasting or putting up with the protocols that is give ...   1,299 hits
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Started Oxy-Powder today-any advice or suggestions???   by jessina   9y
My Oxy-Powder arrived today and I have taken 4 capsules to get started. I have ordered Super Phos 30ô and plan do the Liver / Gallbladder Flush as soon as it gets here. What do you all think? Has anyone here had good results with the Suprer Phos 30? I know I have read a ot of good things about Oxy-Powder. I will appreciate any help, advice, or support you can give me. Thanks! Jessina Liver / Gallbladder Flush: 1 gallon apple juice (freshly pressed organic) 1 ounce Super Phos 30ô Epsom Salts Heavy Whipping Cream and fresh berries (preferably organic) Olive oil Ė Ex ...   635 hits
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confused about my gallbladder   by hmdoyle00   10y   View Entire Thread 6
I had gallbladder surgery on Thursday after trying many, many natural ways of getting my underfunctioning gallbladder to function correctly. After the surgery, my doctor came out and told my mom that my gallbladder was full of scar tissue. She said that this forms after a gallbladder attack. The thing is, I didnít have any gallstones. So, I am wondering, how can I have gallbladder attacks if I donít have stones and how did this scar tissue form. I wonít be talking to my doc again until Friday and am wondering if anyone here may know the answer to this. Thanks so much.   1,692 hits
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Two liver cleanses and no results. What do I do next?   by LeRoy F. Peel   10y   View Entire Thread 7
I am a 73 year old with a strong family history of gallbladder disease. Both my parents had gallbladder problems and all 4 of my siblings had severe gallbladder attacks and had to have gallbladder removal. I have had several gallbladder ultrasounds confirming stones, but I have not had any attacks, that I know of. I just finished my second liver cleanse and have not seen anything other than oil-colored bowel mucus in both cleanses; nothing that I could construe as stones or even sludge. I followed the cleanse regimen to the letter but without any results. I thought that during the nigh ...   1,165 hits
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Re: The doctor said even if I get rid of the stones my gall   by Dasha   12y
Nothing to fear with the oil I assure you. If it caused gallbladder attacks, none of us have done them. I can get a gallbladder attack just LOOKING at ice cream and this doesnít do a thing to me. Sure, the epsom salts might not taste that great, but the more cleanses you do the easier it is. Decide that the fear of getting your gallbladder removed is going outweigh fear of the oil causing an attack. Can you get a second opinion on your gallbladder? Iím inclined to think that getting stones and sludge out would increase the odds that your gallbladder could heal itself and function norma ...   956 hits
Forum: Liver Flush Support

Re: Gallstones; Surgery or NOT???   by Telman   6y
How do you know that it is gallbladder pain? The fact that you suffer in the morning makes me think that it is not the gallbladder; more likely colon, if it occurs before eating. If it occurs after eating then it is more likely to gallbladder. It is difficult even for a specialist with expensive diagnostic equipment to accurately diagnose internal abdominal pain. Does taking the Epsom salts after immediately the pain starts ease the pain? If it does this is an indicator of biliary pain. If it is colon then stop eating wheat and milk but eat some (not too much) fibre in place of br ...   2,604 hits
Forum: Liver Flush Support

UNBELIEVABLE MISINFORMATION!! Issue 177: Science Project:...   by unyquity   8y
NO substance that enters the mouth enters the liver or gallbladder!!! Only blood enters the liver, and only bile from the liver enters the gallbladder. So, when porous stones/debris come from the liver & gallbladder, they are released into the duodenum/small intestines within (normally) one half an hour of consuming the oil/dye any stones/debris released would be mixed and surrounded with the dye/oil for the rest of their journey throughout the entire digestive tract, causing them to be colored by the dye and possibly s ...   19,333 hits     2 of 3 (66%)
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"Heartburn & Biliary Dyskenisia, Surgery? Other Suggestio...   by molsen456   11y   View Entire Thread 2
Hi! Has anyone here had gastritis and biliary dyskenisia? Biliary dyskenisia is when the gallbladder empties poorly but there are not stones. I have chonic burning at my solor plexes that worsens everytime I eat but the doctors canít seem to know whether or not the burning is caused by the gallbladder or not. Secondly theyíve given me a 30% reduction in symptoms if I get my gallbladder removed which to me doesnít seem to be all that high plus Iíve heard of some people feeling worse after gallbladder removal. Currently though I cannnot eat any fat with out getting ...   1,842 hits
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Re: Gallbladder/Liver Flush   by moonlight2   10y
I think you may have gallbladder infection. Make sure you folow up with your ultrasound result. If there is a stone blocking your cystic duct your gallbladder may get into infection, if you have chills and fever you have to seek medical advice right away. Please follow up with your ultrasound result right away.My husband just had a bad case of gallbladder infection he waited too long to seek medical advice, now he just had his gallbladder removed the old fashion way because of the infection was too bad that his gallbladder was so infected that the surgeon cannot be removed laproscopically. ...   1,114 hits
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Use or not epsom salts?   by akis   8y   View Entire Thread 16
I am very confused. Epsom is supposed to relax the gallbladder and bile ducts. But i have read in a few sites that :magnesium sulfate(Epsom salts)TAKEN ORALLY CONTRACTS gallbladder (and relaxes the sphincter of ODDI). That means all our effort to save bile in the gallbladder and then drink olive-oil at 10:00pm is a waste, because there will not be enough bile to expell stones (i still have 3 calcified stones 15mm confirmed by ultrasound, though have done about 35 flushes!).The epsom has drained the gallbladder! Is that true? Please someone answer me. i have read almost all the f ...   1,236 hits
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Re: Gallbladder Cleanse   by telman   8y
When you say you have completed the cleanse have you flushed until you are clear of stones or have you done just one flush. A calcified and inflamed gallbladder is going to require 20 flushes or more to attempt to revive it because the internal lining of the gallbladder muscular wall has become stiff. It is thought that gallbladder wall calcification to be secondary to a low-grade inflammation, but internal haemorrhage and an imbalance in calcium metabolism are also implicated. You need to continue to treat the condition by flushing every 2/3 weeks to revive the muscular reflex of th ...   872 hits
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Gallbladder flush   by #55892   9y   View Entire Thread 4
After suffering from excruciating pain from a gallbladder attack 5 days ago, I have been diagnosed with multiple gallstones via Ultrasound, they are mobile and as most western medicine physicians, my doctorís recommendation is to remove the gallbladder. I am a nurse, and I refuse to go under the knife. I would like to do the gallbladder/liver flush, but I am scarred. Although it has been five days since the last gallbladder attack, I am still having abdominal fullness, mild nausea and back ache. I am concerned that the flush will bring on another attack, and I am still realing from the ...   1,233 hits
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Re: Can anyone else feel their gallbladder?   by capco   9y
Yes, thatís it, thank you. Mine was distended/bloated/swollen/puffed up/sore, and once ER told me it was my gallbladder, and after looking at images of the area, I could feel it. The important point here is that after each cleanse, I can tell it gets smaller. Now, after my 3rd flush, I can barely feel it at all. A side note, I read about a study on green-yellow stones being olive oil. My last cleanse I expelled about 40 to 50 of those and my gallbladder got smaller again. Proof that these came from the gallbladder. The liver/gallbladder cleanse obviously works and works well, otherw ...   780 hits
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Dog13579 and everybody   by hanna   9y
Always ask your doctors offce to send a copy of your tests. There is more info there than 1 number. You save them and you can compare when you do it again. It is especially true also when you an gallbladder ultrasound. When you read the report you will see besides the gallbladder they mention the spleen, pancreas, size of ducts. I just called my doctorís office about my gallbladder US, she said the stone was still there but things were fine. What she did not tell me that the size was 4 mm smaller, I asked the nurse that when she did the test. I also want to know the size of the d ...   1,076 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
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Re: Stones showing after flush!   by Telman   12mo
The gallstones that you saw originally on the ultrasound were together in a bunch and appeared as one. Now that you have made room in the gallbladder by expelling soft cholesterol gallstones there is room for the echo visible gallstones to move about, they have split up and can been seen individually. Soft cholesterol gallstones do not appear on the ultrasound. These echo visible stones commonly form in the deepest part of the gallbladder. There are the deposits of a gland that secretes chemicals into the bile but when the gallbladder is congested the chemicals hardened into calcified g ...   1,268 hits
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Re: I Failed   by lownskater52   28mo
I would highly advise again getting your gallbladder out. So many health complications arise after the removal of your gallbladder including even more digestive problems and heart disease. 8 flushes? I would try atleast double that before you call it quits. Do it in two week intervals and use a ton of stonebreakers likey mike B said. Use beneficial herbs like tumeric and milk thistle to heal your gallbladder. I understand the pain. I really do. There is a very good chance though that the pain isnít coming from your gallbladder or wonít even be fixed by gallbladder removal. ...   781 hits
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liver flush   by lavendergirl   26mo   View Entire Thread 9
I have a question i have done 12 liver gallbladder cleanses. my last one was done two years ago.on all my cleanses i have expelled green stones only of different sizes,some pea sized some like the size of quarters, but here is the dilemma, i had been experiencing gallbladder pain for four days i would take aleve and it would take it away until finally i decided to do another gallbladder flush.(the andreas moritz one) but the problemm is i still had the pain afterwards no relief. i got an ultrasound wich revealed a 2-3 cm size stone in gallbladder, my question is can i start right away wi ...   591 hits
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Re: Flush history didnt go so well   by goshujin   26mo
I have only myself to blame really because I was impatient and expected a great result from the flush. I expected the gallbladder to be clear the next time I had a scan. I should have followed the instructions and steps as written Candida diet Parasite cleanse Gallbladder flush but a lack of preparation and patience made me go straight into Gallbladder / liver flush which may have not been needed. Even now I havenít really checked for systematic candida infection other than trying the home spit test. For others reading I would advise to not jump to conclusions straight awa ...   2,409 hits
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Can surgery take out only the stones, and not the entire ...   by taroki   6d   View Entire Thread 10
During gallbladder surgery, can they take out only the stones, and not the entire gallbladder? From the sounds of it, the ER doctor only ordered an ultrasound. Not a HIDA scan eventhough I requested it. I am at high risk of gallbladder cancer 4X due to gene mutations (ran through promethease) Are all gallbladders with stones diseased? At this point I prefer to keep my gallbladder if it is still functioning. I wonder if mine can be causing my fibromyalgia. I have Lyme, mercury, methylation issues (treating now), atlas subluxation (treating now), jaw cavitation (surgery soon), ...   213 hits
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Re: Why before bed and not during day?   by Telman   13d
There are some interesting studies which record how the biliary system varies over the 24 hrs of a day. These are called circadian cycles. The gallbladder fills overnight and reaches its maximum volume at 9:00 AM after which the volume reduces to reach its minimal volume between 6:00 PM and 12:00 PM. It doesnít have a fixed volume throughout the day and the maximum volume is about twice that of the minimal. During the liver-flush process you are utilising the properties of the Epsom salts to caused the gallbladder to contract slightly and then fill rapidly. The amount of contraction is ...   342 hits
Forum: Liver Flush

4 liver flush still fatty liver.   RR Educational by Telman   4mo
The fatty liver slows down the flow of bile so much that you canít flush the gallbladder of stones. The disease is called Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD). If youíve had it for a while the liver becomes damaged. The bile gets slower and the gallbladder doesnít fill and empty properly. It fills with stones which irritates the gallbladder wall which thicken. You can read about what causes NAFLD by typing the phrase into any search engine. You will then need to clean the liver and get some bile flowing before the gallbladder start working. It could take 20 liver flushes an ...   593 hits
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