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Re: Whoa! Retracing symptoms is for real!   by Keep Flushin   6y
Hi, I get the leg pains, I know the hard cramping, so bad you cannot even lay down. My teenage daughter got major serious leg pains on MMS. She does not get leg pains. Leg pains was new to her. MMS might be shorting us on some minerals, maybe magnesium from what I heard or from perhaps so much diarrhea. I do not know for certain but if you are going to stay on MMS I suggest you look into getting your extra minerals, water and getting your greens. Ask around, leg pains is likely a common side effect of MMS, and not retracing.   1,935 hits
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Re: mirena nightmare!!   by hailey56   3y
Hi there, I am so glad to hear you are getting it taken out. The leg pain may not be ’typical’ but it certainly CAN happen and can be caused by the Mirena. The Dr’s all told my daughter that ’oh no the Mirena can’t cause that, you must have something else and ran tens of thousands of dollars worth of tests, but the debilitating leg pain she developed was definately caused by Mirena, that and about 100 other side effects that practically ruined her life. She had the Mirena for 2 years and the last 6 months with it was truly awful and she was in constant agony. The leg pain/burning/break ...   1,105 hits
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Hi Koronakid   by SKB   10y
My leg pain finally disappeared yesterday, this is the severe achiness that came with the last flush. I think this is what happened to me during the flush: a. reabsorption of toxins because I wasn’t fully cleaned out b. loss of bile salts I now take some bile salts with each meal and also started taking fibre in the am and in the pm after taking some olive oil. One or both of those things got rid of the leg pain. I think it was the fibre though because as soon as my constipation was relieved, the leg pain disappeared right away. After my next flush, I want to take some fibre ...   991 hits
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Re: Lower leg bone pain (my story)   by musclepain3   17mo
If you’re suffering from lower leg pain, you may wonder if it’s serious or something you can treat at home. What follows is an overview of several causes and types of treatment for lower leg pain. nflamed or torn tendons or muscles. One of the first signs of tendonitis (an inflamed tendon) is pain in the lower calf or back of the heel. Apply ice, take anti-inflammatories, and avoid anything that causes pain. Supportive shoes that lessen tension on tendons may also help. Just as with shin splints, wait until pain lessons to stretch and strengthen your leg. If pain is severe, the Achilles te ...   2,741 hits
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Re: Any suggestions please.   by Deni Martinez   28mo
I too have a burning sensation in my upper thigh.  I have been taking Aleve, Advil or Tylenol to make it lessen up.. I had many symptoms, blurred vision, trouble breathing, major back ache, headache, nauseau, constipation, anxiety, panic attacks, jaundiced eyes, etc.  I had the Mirena IUD removed 3 days ago. At first I thought the leg pain was because i had such bad back pain that it was running down my leg... BUT after reading all the posts, i realized it was all connected to my IUD... I had no idea all of my symptoms were connected.... the leg pain is really bothering me now.&n ...   1,037 hits
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Ketosis and Potassium Loss   by Loosie   6y   View Entire Thread 4
I had to break my fast yesterday because of severe leg pain. So today I have been researching what the cause could be. My leg muscles start to hurt on day 2 of a water fast and its gets progressively worse on day 3 and unbearable on day 4 (which I cannot take my water fast beyond due to this reason). I looked up the cause of muscle pain and there appeared to be a lot of information on potassium deficiency. So then I looked up the cause of potassium deficiency and one of them is being in ketosis. I have noticed that the darker my ketostix go, the worse my leg pain gets. There is a ...   9,270 hits
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For Humaworm..................   by AngelofEventide   5y   View Entire Thread 9
I am finished with Humaworm and Humacleanse. I am wondering if during die-off, you can have a period where you have major, non-stop leg cramps, whether you are killing parasites or endotoxins or viruses, etc.? I know muscle and joint pain is common but I would like to know specifically about leg cramps. Leg pain and muscle twitching has been one of my main problems that I have been sick from and I always suspected a bacterial or parasite connection. It seems during cleasing the leg pain along with constant spasms came to the surface. Thanks.   1,815 hits
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Re: An Epidural Can Help and Even Cure Back Pain   by backpaindoctor   2y Url: (   1,744 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
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Re: Leg muscle pain?....   by Sunshine_Gal   7y
This is very interesting to me ... about six months prior to being diagnosed I began having pain in my lower thigh ... right behind and above where my knee is. It is only on one of my legs. I had an ultrasound and nothing out of the ordinary was found. I see a chiropractor and she cannot find a subluxation that would cause that pain. Is leg pain typically caused by Candida (I have Candida Glabrata)? I just started seeing an Infectious Disease specialist and taking Diflucan. Wondering if the leg pain might dissapate once the Candida is gone. Your thoughts? Thanks!!   2,074 hits
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Re: Have any of you gotten major leg cramps from cleansing?   by Loosie   5y
I get these exact symptoms when I do a water fast. I have been trying to find someone with the same thing as me. What day did the pains start? Mine starts in my legs and then it moves to my thighs etc and by day 4 I can’t even stretch my muscles and it feels like all my ligaments are tight. The muscles aches are extremely painful. As soon as I eat the pains slowly go away and after a few days I am back to normal. I have had legs pains for most of my life. Let me know on what day of your fast your leg pains start.   4,147 hits
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Re: More to the conversation below- Tellurium, Cadmium, y...   by jessesmom1987   6y
Soblessed, do either you or your child have symptoms associated with the high cadmium levels? Just a couple of things I was reading--- Cadmium and Leg Pain: From Hulda Clark’s book: Leg pain in adults is usually associated with cadmium or thallium. Cadmium is present in tap water that runs through corroded galvanized pipes. The cadmium is probably a contaminant of the zinc used for galvanizing. (How do you test the water electronically as she says?) Test the water electronically, for cadmium. If you have all copper pipes byt there is cadmium in the water, there must be a sho ...   2,009 hits
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Re: mirena nightmare!!   by jamesbrown143   3y
i was finally able to get an appointment for jan 4...i put a 10 on it,i told them to get this demond out of me lol.. and it worked..the truth is i really dont feel well,my legs are in so much pain.and of course my DRs office said that it was not the mirena, i dont think leg pain is a typical symptom of mirena, but i have read other stories of woman having leg im just curious how long did you have mirena, and what where your symptoms? and again thank you much for your support, its nice to know im not alone in this.   1,045 hits
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Re: How is day 2 going?   by Loosie   6y
I am going to juice fruits and vegetables for 3 days to get my strength back up and I will start another fast on Thursday. My leg pain went away when I ate something yesterday but now it is back again today quite badly. I have decided to fast even though my legs are in extreme pain. Maybe it will go away after day 4 or 5. I was reading the archives on this forum and found a few other people who had the same leg pain but they never came back to say how long they had it for or if it went away.   1,071 hits
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Re: cortisone injection   by momoftwingirls   32mo
This has been going on a while, I have been to a chiropractor a few years ago that made it worse. My original diagnosis was an L4-L5 herniated disk. The pain was all in the back, I started seeing a chiropractor and then the once herniated disk that was only causing back pain, was now pressing on a nerve and causing me leg pain. This was after a few weeks of manipulations. I had to have a microdiscectomy which got rid of the leg pain, but left me with the original back pain. I currently do massage, acupuncture, muscle balance therapy, ice, heat, anything, I can think of to avoid taking ...   861 hits
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Re: Leg pain   by Loosie2   2y
I haven’t been on curezone for a long time so it’s a coincidence I saw this post. When I first started fasting the leg pain would start within 12 hours of fasting. As I have gotten healthier over the years it takes longer for the leg pain to start and it is less severe. However, when I fast the pain is still there and spreads over my entire body over a 3 or 4 day period where my muscles freeze completely and I have to stop. My muscles ache every day (a flu-type ache) so I figure if I can find out what causes the pain when I fast, I can cure the daily pain that I have. It could b ...   923 hits
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Unexpected Side Effect/Withdrawl??   by carrotgirl   8y   View Entire Thread 7
I’m into the 4th day of Juice fast... so far have been pretty much symptom free except a little headachy. Woke up today with a completely unexpected symptom - a lot of shooting pains in the joints and muscles in my legs! This seems pretty strange (I’m 31 and it usually takes a lot of exercise to get sore muscles in my legs and I’ve never had leg pain like this before)... could this be a withdrawl symptom???   7,390 hits
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Re: Day 4, now it's Day 5   by deirdre79   8y
Same thing for me today, my legs were in agony, not just my thighs, and I am experiencing the back pain, but I think the pain is the kidneys, not sure. tonight was my first night back at work since saturday, and on my feet all night (waitress) and not a bother. really proud to be going past the half way mark, honestly never thought I’d get this far. just wish the leg pain would go... lets see what day six brings..........   786 hits
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mirena nightmare!!   by jamesbrown143   3y   View Entire Thread 15
h, i just wanted to tell my mirena horror story, i got the mirena inserted on nov 2 2011,and ever since i been haveing numerous symptoms,fatigue, chest pain, leg pain, hottness in my legs, stomach pain, feel like i have a hard time taking in a deep breath, nervousness, anxiety, a couple of days ago i was rushed to the ER with a panic attack, i just feel sick all the time, i did not have any of these symptoms before mirena, i have an appointment to have this evil thing taking out of me soon...cant wait to feel like me again   1,638 hits
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Re: Pain on Right Foot   by Andmor   11y
Often colonics help to ease the pain. The kidneys and urinary bladder are depending on proper bowel and liver functions. Most pains in the legs disappear once these three organs are clean. In addition, I have helped numerous people stop their leg pains withing several days by avoiding all protein foods, except legumes, almonds and walnuts. Please also read the other messages posted for you by the other memebers. With kind regards, Andreas   1,046 hits
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Re: LOOSIE and leg pain and Dr. Shelton :) O/T   by Fonty   6y
One of my daughters had leg pain when she was younger- up till about 4 or 5 years old. It was during the night, she’d wake screaming but unable to actually wake properly and get up. ’Growing pains’ was the only answer we could find for this, especially when she got old enough to tell us what was hurting, and it was horrible to have to sit through as you could imagine. It was when she got older though that I found that sitting her on the toilet and encouraging her to go even though still half asleep actually did the trick and immediately after she could go back to sleep. We couldn’t have di ...   1,094 hits
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Re: Have any of you gotten major leg cramps from cleansing?   by skyhigh   5y
I had some leg pains at the beginning of the MC. I have also suffered from major leg pain in my calves espescially when it was cold. I figure it must have been toxic uric acid build-up (gout), because my pains lessened considerably (about85%)after finishing the last MC. I can now go outside in the cold evening without worrying about the horrific pains I used to have. I also had stiffness in the joints in the morning and now they are gone. I guess these and many other health benefits are reasons besides weight loss to do this awesome cleanse!   4,109 hits
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What did I just do?   by jboy7185   4y   View Entire Thread 17
I’ve been dieting and taking tons of supplements for months with no results. Last night I said f*** it and drank 4 shots of vodka. Today...all my abdominal pain that i’ve had for the past month is gone. Instead I have horrible leg pains, both legs, same pain. moved from my thighs down to my calfs now. My whole body is extremely itchy all over as well and i’ve been fatigued all day. i’ve been taking ’Alive’ vitamins all day, magnesium supplement, an electrolyte water to gain everything i lost from drinking. no effects. Although my brain fog was reduced, and abdominal pain gone. now i ...   1,067 hits
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Re: Another gift from the mirena fairy   by birthwillow   3y
Just wanted to put some minds at ease because between the leg pain and breathing problems, blood clots were my biggest fear and causes me a lot of anxiety. I had a CT scan of my chest to check for blood clots and also had and ultrasound of my leg for same thing and there were no blood clots anywhere. Also, if it were blood clots as often as the breathing crap/leg pain comes and goes it would have killed me ten times over by now. Its funny that I say this because everytime I have a really bad episode I still worry that its a blood clot, even though I know its not because I;ve had the tests ...   1,074 hits
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Re: Leg pain 2 weeks post mirena   by Melanderso   2y
I got the leg pain right before removal, but I thought the Mirena had nicked a nerve or the Dr. injured me when they removed Mirena from my bowel area. But the leg pain DID get worse on one side over the next months and my left foot and lower leg went partially numb. After months and months of limping and my foot feeling broken, I finally gave in and took 5 months of fibromyalgia meds. The foot stopped hurting, but that foot has been numb a full 2 years now. It doesn’t really bother me now except I have about 20 pair of pretty shoes I can’t really wear anymore. ): I wish I had ...   3,506 hits
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Re: hormone result, numbness, cream, MS and ALS   by Melanderso   4y
Thank you Diana! I always say I wouldn’t know what to do if I didn’t have the support of this forum. I don’t exactly have muscle weakness--it’s more stiffness in neck, shoulders and legs (pain, numbness left leg). The savella (for fibromyalgia) DOES seem to be helping with the leg pain but not the stiffness so far. I stretch every morning and have tried massage, but. . . I think I won’t test for MS/ALS until I use the prog. cream for a while. (By the way, can’t touch kids until it’s absorbed into the skin overnight--kind of scary!) It makes since that after a 10x dose of progestin my ...   1,897 hits
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Re: buttock and leg ache   by kazlith   8y
Actually, for me, I’ve found that it can be lack of calcium, magnesium or potassioum that causes me to have muscle cramps or ”charley horses.” Some leg/knee/calf pain is due to the shoes we wear. I, personally, have a lot less leg pain since I started wearing MBT’s (and, no, I’m not affiliated with the company in any way nor do I get any financial benefit from telling people about this). MBT is short for ”Masai Barefoot Technology.”   3,206 hits
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Growing Pains?   by Melchizedek   6y   View Entire Thread 3
Hey Doc, My soon-to-be five year old has complained of lower leg pain on and off for the last couple of weeks. Just today he said,”Ugh, my leg hurts again!” There are no other symptoms and I’m trying to figure it out. I remember having something similar when I was little and it was quite painful, seemingly for no reason. Are ”growing pains” real, or is it something else? What can I do about it?   1,162 hits
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Re: Have any of you gotten major leg cramps from cleansing?   by AngelofEventide   5y
Not sure how to answer that. I am not fasting. I am eating healthy and doing a Healers Who Share protocol for my health issues. Just finished a parasite and colon cleanse about a month ago and didn’t have the leg problems. Asked Humaworm and he said that the leg pain/spasms, tightness, etc. are common because during such things as detoxing, toxins are being pulled out of the musles and joints of the legs. Kir   4,094 hits
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Help! Mirena side effects   by corkyduck   5y   View Entire Thread 4
I have had Mirena for almost 2 years. Within a few months of getting the IUD I stared having these strange physical symptoms. I have been having muscle/joint pain, leg pain and weakness, headaches, bad mood swings, feeling restless and irritable, dizziness, stomach bloating/pain, back pain and anxiety and depression. I am trying to find out if anyone else has experienced these symptoms and if they had the Mirena removed if the symptoms went away. I am so miserable and need help.   2,057 hits
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Re: Yes, Back pain = gallbladder attack   by Spirit   10y
you need to flush your gb/liver   1,874 hits
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Re: Intense leg pain from dieoff?   by flowergirl7   7y
Day 2 on humaworm for me and I get this intense leg pain but mine is more localized. Its on my interior thigh. It comes and goes. My thigh are sore all the way around, but this one little section is worse. I don’t know what is going on. I’ve been told that worms can live anywhere inside your body, so maybe that is what it is. I went to the sauna today to try and sweat out some toxins. But the leg pain is still there.   1,260 hits
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list of personal benefits from mms in less than a month   by ananda7   6y   View Entire Thread 4
conditions i am dealing with are-- chronic fatigue syndrome, epstien barr virus, joint,muscle and leg pain, herpes 1 and 2, female organ issues, major brain fog,frequent headaches, human-papiloma virus,parasites,peridontal disease, and possibly systemic candida. i have noticed the following benefits from taking mms for about a month now-- no herpes breakout since taking mms waking up feeling somewhat better (waking up was terrible before) pockets of infections in my gums cleared up (UPDATE---BUT CAME BACK AFTER I STOPPED BRUSHING WITH MMS SO NOW I AM STARTING TO BRUSH WITH MMS ...   2,373 hits
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Re: Mokarama: Roundworms Rather Than Flukes   by Mokarma   10mo
Thanks ICU, thanks again, I had a feeling it was roundworm, I have had 4 tests but they were negative :( as you state, almost like there was nothing there, then I took the oils after the stool sample and hey presto about 20-30. There has been none for 2 days now, maybe a few tiny little things but nothing like the pic. So definately no Flukes? Sorry to keep asking I just want to be fully up on this for Monday when I see my doctor. Im on day 6 of my cleanse but I will ask for the drug. Once on the drug do the legs pains go, could the leg pains be die off symptoms? thanks again ...   816 hits
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Re: back again, starting 9 day fast   by silenceofoctober   10y
Hey Bongo I know what you’re talking about with the leg pain. I was surprised to see no one mentioned it could very well be (and most likely is) a side effect of dehydration (potassium loss). Those leg pains and cramps can get unbearable. Next time you fast drink lots and lots of water. Or you can use the sea salt approach, there is a website the that has all that info on it. As well how much water to drink each day according to your weight. Drinking enough water when fasting or dieting makes a HUGE difference! Ive seen it with myself first hand. Because dehydration can ha ...   735 hits
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Leg pain 2 weeks post mirena   by jenshealth   2y   View Entire Thread 9
I am 2 weeks post mirena and my leg pain/abnormal sensations are getting worse. I am detoxing and it seems to be going very good. I feel a little better with the mental fog but the leg pain gets so bad as the day goes on. I’m not sure what to do. I am really not wanting to take any kid of medication if I don’t have to because I am trying to detox anything that is toxic in my body. Does anyone have any answers or insight into this. I am going to see an acupunturist Friday, I am hoping to get some relief. Any input is welcomed!   3,609 hits
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Re: How is day 2 going?   by Loosie   6y
Now that I have eaten my leg pain has gone away completely. I’m completely confused. I’m not going to give up on this. I have been trying to fast for years, being most sucessful 20 years ago when I was 20. That was in the days before the internet and information was hard to find. This leg pain thing has held me back from fasting for so many years. I am going to eat fruits and vegetables for 3 days and then try again. Now that I have detoxed a bit I don’t think it will be as hard next time around. That’s great that you are on day 3. Keep going! I’ll be on this forum for a long t ...   925 hits
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allergic to fat,   by alkalizingkatie   10y   View Entire Thread 7
Yes it is true. I went to a woman who prays for healing for me. After 20 years and dozens of doctors, and 4 years of praying for healing not knowing what was causing my leg pain, I got answers! The right leg pain is from a partially blocked artery in my hip region. I know it is from a surgery I had when I was 16 but the docs back then said ”oh it is no problem, the feeling in your leg will come back...” The left leg pain is more complex. My fenur bone is turned out and not sitting square in my hip joint. So since my muscles did not rotate it properly, my nerves in my leg tried to the that ...   916 hits
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Re: I'm At The 'Proberbial' End of my Robe...   by angora   12y
StarBrite, perhaps you’re already aware of this all, but in the Dr Clark books she says Lower Back pain is a Kidney Problem which requires the Kidney Cleanse. Also for Leg Pain (although I don’t think for specifically ”Joint” pain she mentions ”Cadmium” in your water pipes which could be joining in old pipes or just a very small piece joining some not-so-old pipes. These are both also indicated for High Blood Pressure. Good Luck Don’t give up! angora   3,161 hits
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Injections For Back Pain Rumblings   by injurydoctornyc   8mo   View Entire Thread 3
There has been some rumbling regarding epidural steroid injections (ESIs) and their effectiveness in relieving lower back pain /sciatica and other painful conditions. Il’d like some feedback on people that have used pidural steroid injections to relive lower back pain, leg pain from sciatica -- whats yoru feedback?   621 hits
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Re: Mirena and MS like symptoms   by mandys224   5y
Well i had my mirena taken out on may 28’th and since then it took a few weeks for the leg pain and tingleing to stop but it finally did however since june 13 my stomach has been completely numb and still is pins and needles there yet im hoping it doesnt happen.... I still have weakness in my legs though and i get tired out alot easier than before this happened, but its def gotten easier! i start a nursing program in less than a month im hoping to be 100% by then!!   2,425 hits
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Leg pain and problems due to a fixed retainer?   by Tassadar   10y   View Entire Thread 2
Hi all, I had braces for about 2 years and now I only have a fixed retainer (not sure what they are called) sort of thing behind my bottom teeth. Now, I’ve only just come to realise it. But I have had strange leg pains and incredible soreness for around 4-5 months now......hmmmm same amount of time i’ve had this fixed retainer in. I’m wondering if the leg pains are due to some sort of toxic metal build-up in my body due to the fixed retainer in my mouth......what would it be made of????....the thing itself is silver in colour but i’m not sure what metal it would be. Stainless steel??? ...   1,069 hits
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Re: golly oh golly   by glaxony   31mo
Excellent advice. I stopped drinking any water because I was afraid it was making my legs and back hurt. But then it started burning when I pee. I went and got a massage from a chinese nazi therapist, who does really deep work, whether you say ”easy easy” or not, maybe he doesn’t speak enough english to know what ”easy” means... The back and leg pain problem was gone, and remains gone. I hope that liniment he used did not mess up my fast. But I sure am glad to feel better. Anyways. With no back and leg pain any more, I drank a little more water. I am wondering if it moved some tox ...   1,071 hits
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Re: Leg pain 2 weeks post mirena   by Polgara   2y
Hey there I dont have leg pain, but do get restless legs at night and some cramping. However, I have suffered from sore aching legs most of my life on and off (the Doctors used to say it was growing pains), my daughter and my Mum suffer too. When I had aching legs it was usually from kneeling too much or crossing my legs during the day. I know yours is from the Mirena withdrawal, but perhaps what I used to do may help a little. I would take a couple of pain killers and then sit with my legs straight out and elevate them with a pillow or cushion and just relax. Elevating them help ...   3,595 hits
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Back already!   by #37590   9y
Hi everyone-- Just 2 weeks ago I ended a 31 day fast. It went really well, and I felt good afterwards. However, I felt like I wasn’t done--I was still coughing up tons of mucous and still had some food cravings. I was really careful about what I ate for the first week--all raw. Then, I started adding foods back in. By yesterday, I was eating pretty much whatever I wanted. And I felt like hell. My allergies came back with a vengeance, I was all bloated again, and I had so much leg pain I couldn’t sleep last night. (During the fast, my leg pain disappeared.) This has been such a ...   314 hits
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severe tingling and pin type pains on feet and legs   by #20515   10y   View Entire Thread 2
my husband is diabetic since last 6 yrs.sinc few years his sugar is uncontrolled ,in fact very high,now he gets ketones in his urine and severe leg pains ,so severe that he is not able 2 sleep in nights .he is taking plenty of raw juices,fruits now,sugar slightly has come down but pain is unbearable.lots f weakness ,digfficulty in walking also.sleepless nights,please help!!no medicinal help please.we follow natural cure preferably.   1,885 hits
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Re: Day 9 and I've been nauseated for 2 days!   by chicitygirl   7y
Thanks Roberta! I will give it a try tonight because I honestly can’t keep anything down at this point and my stomach is turning. I feel fine otherwise and actually better than I have felt in a long time. I suffered from headaches and constant knee and leg pains and haven’t felt any pain whatsoever after the 4th day. So I would love to go another 5-10 days and make the cleanse even more beneficial.   762 hits
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Re: ''OK to Sit and ZAP !!!: What is so sacred about the...   by ParaZapper   9y
OK - I started zapping about 5 to 7 days ago - please note that I did have severe joint and leg pain in my right leg and really bad lower back pain PRIOR to using the zapper. However, since zapping every night - 10=10=20 off three times a night - I have had the most awful symptoms - severe aching all over my body - the worst flu like symptoms ever - then, my already bad right leg is so bad now that I cannot move, walk, stand up - just horrible. In a few words I have all but become a cripple with unbelievable pain. The original severe pain while zapping was just under my rib cage - s ...   1,113 hits
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Really Need Variety of Input - PLEASE   by Selini   9y   View Entire Thread 24
OK - I started zapping about 5 to 7 days ago - please note that I did have severe joint and leg pain in my right leg and really bad lower back pain PRIOR to using the zapper. However, since zapping every night - 10=10=20 off three times a night - I have had the most awful symptoms - severe aching all over my body - the worst flu like symptoms ever - then, my already bad right leg is so bad now that I cannot move, walk, stand up - just horrible. In a few words I have all but become a cripple with unbelievable pain. The original severe pain while zapping was just under my rib cage - s ...   1,709 hits
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Re: Mirena MS like side effects   by clarebear   3y
Hello Ashymae and welcome, I hope you are doing ok and have continued to feel better. Thank you for sharing you symptoms. I had mine in for 4 years year 1 Night sweats leg pain hip pain Distended stomach Year 2 only leg pain some sweating distended stomach Yeas 3 Arrived at complete loss of posture Began to have sudden weakness Year 4 heavy legs stiff body extreme weakness upper back pain anxiety tearfulness Diorhea Emotionally like I was pregnant Lack of coordination of legs and hips Post Mirena Body Crash Flu like symptoms Loss of appeti ...   4,749 hits
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mirena   by jackflash   8y
hi, was reading your messages about mirena. so i am not imagining things after all. had a polyp removed from womb and mirena fitted for heavy periods because it was recommended. have felt unwell and in pain since then. stomach aches, sharp pains, pain around hip and down one leg. leg cramp too. had another scan and have cysts in ovaries and some fluid but was told there was nothing much out of the ordinary. felt like they thought i was making fuss about nothing. constantly have to lay down because of pain and tiredness.also have had heavy discharge but there is no infection. all this and ...   2,243 hits
Blog: Mirena side effects- joint pain

Growing Pains at 2?   by Sherri   7y   View Entire Thread 2
Does anyone know if growing pains is common in a 2 year old? We co-sleep and our little one has woken up recently on a number of occasions with what we have deduced could be nothing other than growing pains in his legs. A good leg rub lulls him back to sleep for a couple of hours before we have to do the whole routine again. It’s happened enough times recently that now when he has leg pain and we can’t figure out why he’s awake and crying, he lets us know the solution by sticking his leg in my face. I never thought that they began this early, so the thought has crossed my mind that ...   1,263 hits
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Re: mirena nightmare!!   by jamesbrown143   3y
wow, so your daughter also experienced leg pain, i would describe my pain as sharp radiating pain from my hips through my thighs down to my knees, i even feel it at the bottom of my feet at times, and yes i have felt the heat in my legs, it feels like its deep in my legs,and tiggleing in my hands, other weird symptom i have, is short of breath,i feel like i have a hard time taking n a deep breath,and chest pain...i did not have these symptoms before mirena...i just feel like im not me.i do not recomend anyone to research symptoms on the net, because the worst case scenerios always comes up ...   1,089 hits
Forum: Mirena

Re: Half-Body Numbness. Transfer Factor Plus and cayenne ...   by white tiger   6y
Hi do5e You may find this interesting: Or just google cancer and olive leaf extract, which is oleuropein and should be 18% or higher with the rest of the ingredients being olive leaf powder in tablet or capsule form. it smells sort of pleasantly fruity and has a mild taste. Never use an oliive leaf extract that has any alcohol content, as it does not need a preservative. As for the RLS, I suspect it could be caused by degenerative disc disease (which would also cause neck problems) in the lower back, when there is no more disc lef ...   5,108 hits
Forum: Neurology   Brain Cancers   Homeopathy

Lower leg pain, feels liked shin splints?   by bixa525   4y   View Entire Thread 2
I have been experiencing lower leg pain off and on for about 6 months now. It seemed to go away for a while but now it is back and it is very painful. It feels like deep bone pain where shin splints would normally be. I am not that active so I didn’t injure myself. My Dr. sent me for leg xrays and several blood tests for lyme, and rhematoid arthritis and everything came back normal. Now she is sending me to a vascular Dr. which I am not sure will warrant a diagnosis or not. Does anyone have anything like this and what do you think it could be? The pain can be very bad at times in the front ...   3,813 hits
Forum: Leg Cramps

Leg Cramps/Pain Re: Fasting (with medical food). Please h...   by GINAGINA   6y
Hi, everyone (back and forth on this board lately)- I just wanted to chime in on your leg cramps/pain. I was told once by a dietician that leg pain/cramps could be from a potassium deficiency. Since I read your post, I thought I’d look it up real quick and found some links for you: ”Potassium is another mineral that helps regulate muscle contraction, says Dr. Stengler. Deficiencies of this crucial electrolyte aren’t normally a problem if you eat a variety of fruits and vegetables. If you change your diet drastically, ho ...   3,807 hits     0 of 1 (0%)
Forum: Fasting: Water

Leg pain...from zapping?   by needtozap   10y   View Entire Thread 3
I have had recurring leg pain off and on over the past 15 years. I had been tested for nerve seems that everything was fine. On dr. said that it is my sciatic (sp) nerve and put me on prednisone for a while. It helped briefly. This has come and gone as I said for several years. Well, now that I am zapping every day it seems the pain on the lower inside of my right calf is much worse. The area is so very tender! I also have a milder pain in the same upper leg toward the outside. Could the zapping be doing this? I guess I worry about blood clots. Has zapping ever cause ...   3,162 hits
Forum: Zapper Support

Re: follow up on skin issue behind ears...   by wican   4y
John, I have felt a lot better in the ear areas and in the head in general, although I had a little itches again last night and this morning, but I may got re-infected from wearing the earbuds last night. I used to have ear itches/pain together with some painful feeling in the leg up to hip on the left side. I am not sure if the left leg pain is related to ear pain, but I have noticed at least a couple of other people trying to massage their left legs on the outside (maybe the vein, or blood vessels). My guess is that this pathogen is probably very common.   1,352 hits
Forum: Rife

thank you Unyquity & Hopinso; & CT results   by BundlesA1   8y
Beautifully expressed and sensitively stated, Unyquity. Thank you for that. Hopinso, the lemonade idea is a good one (like the MC formula, w/ cayenne). He happens to adore lemonade. I’ll pass it on to Mom. Got the CT report from Mom. The good news is that the bleeding has definitely stopped and the blood is disappearing/being absorbed. Also, no sign of brain/neurological damage. However he’s still in extreme pain -- both head and legs (legs - new info for me... upper back thighs). The doctors (neurologist and internist) have no idea what’s causing the headaches or leg pain. One presc ...   780 hits
Forum: Bowel Cleanse Support

Re: Day 4--Having pains in legs and back   by Mariposa19   8y
I don’t know about weight training specifically, but the book does say you should be able to enjoy all your normal activities, including exercise. Weight training might be different - do you have a trainer you could consult? As for the pain in the legs, I had that too. It was one leg, and then my lower back and both legs. It was an issue days 3-5, but it has pretty much gone away. Other people have talked about leg pain in this forum, so you’re not alone! You’re in the days that were hardest for me - it does get better! Mariposa   525 hits
Forum: Master Cleanse Supp

Re: Lung Function Test for Breathing Problems   by adamson77   6y
omg thats horrible! i rememeber the night i went our and coud barely make it across the parking lot, i had leg pain, and had been laughing, my friends thought i was playing they were laughing at me, i could barely keep walking. the company name keeps changing it was berlex now its bayer, bayer also makes nuva ring i saw it on tv today. bayer is a trusted company because of the bayer pill that helps stop heart attacks. i will look it up.   1,303 hits
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