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wombat!!! question???   by HennaHead   6y
I’ve been reading the Lancet that you posted above and on the 1st & 2nd pages the author talks about the delicate attachement of the fetus at one stage of pregnancy and how easily it is for it to break loose. He talks about different organs and if they are irritated could cause abortion/miscarriage. (I can’t seem to get any of it to copy and paste.) He states that mammary nerve irritation can cause miscarriage. My?? After a woman starts nursing infant, she does not get her period on a monthly basis but may see some bleeding. My mother (72, nursed 6 babes to the age of 3) always stated t ...   3,563 hits
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Sickness, by MH   by mh   7y   View Entire Thread 11
I am 100% in agreement with the old mds that explained this: As babies we have the best Immune System and by age 10 we have been poisoned so badly; we can barely catch cold. A while back, the chem trail jets did extra work, they painted and painted the skies...over and over they sprayed their chemicals.. The results: Trevor had breathing issues the first night. (age 3) Trent had breathing issues the second night. (age 6) Tyler had breathing issues the 6th night. (age 9). I have seen this over and over before. Brian by age 15 rarely gets sick. Mom hardly ever. Not bragging, b ...   995 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
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Young at Heart, Youthful Brain   R Educational by Dr.Jeff   30mo   View Entire Thread 5
Staying active mentally and physically is the key - Aging may seem unavoidable, but that’s not necessarily so when it comes to the brain. So say researchers in the April 27th issue of the Cell Press journal Trends in Cognitive Sciences based on counterintuitive evidence that it is what you do in old age that matters when it comes to maintaining a youthful brain rather than what you did earlier in life. ”Although some memory functions do tend to decline as we get older, several elderly show well-preserved functioning and th ...   502 hits
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Re: 12/21/2012, the end of the world...   by squarecurls   7y
It’s about progression. It’s about evolution. It’s about a change from one age’s consciousness to another. The Egyptian’s were in the age of Taurus. Abraham, of Judaic beginnings, brought in the age of Aries (symbolized by the sacrifice of the ram instead of Isaac). Jesus brought in the age of Piceas symbolized by the frequent use of fish and water. The age of Christianity/Piceas is ending and the age of Aquarius is beginning. Each age lasts around 2100 years. Each age usually ends with traumatic events, but that is solely due to mankind’s resistance to change (or resi ...   3,404 hits     1 of 2 (50%)
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Re: They were sneaky :)   by MH   7y
I assume the monks hads these necklaces mass produced in China for retail. Most likley costing $1 to produce and retail for $15. I noticed their cheaper wood bead necklace also used the same shape beads. When you go catholic with the rosery beads you find many differant shapes; what makes their’s ”special” is that some catholic person or the pope sprayed some HOLLY WATER on it and thus God (father pope) blesses their beads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is BEST to ignore all religion. I have no clue why 108 ended up being a number used, but I can bet you anything, RELIGION capitilized upon i ...   820 hits
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Re: Scarecrow Update - and my story in short   by Scarecrow   3mo
Those recommended treatments for Fordyce Spots never helped a signle person. Maybe for a month, or so but all comes back. Trust me! Non of these crazy ideas help. I tried all of them and nothing worked permamently. The vitamin A ointment I am using is not even close to Accutane’s retinoids. And it’s not helping that significally. It’s just the best thing I had on my lips. It’s easy to apply it and it does not irritate lips like vaseline. About the Colloidal Silver... yep, the super high dosage with LONG TERM of usage can really change your skin. More important - taking it while being ...   770 hits
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Re: Im confused about all the research ive done - some qu...   by #117782   5y
I forgot to add... You will need to spend hours studying the Beck Protocol to understand how it works. You will also have to implement the whole protocol for it to work properly. In a nutshell 1. I drink 12 to 16 ounces of Ionic Silver per day. 2. I drink as much ozinated water I can per day. 3. I use the Blood Purifier 2 hours a day. 4. I mag pulse my entire lower back, genitals and front of body up to my belly button 1 to 2 hours a day. You will need to build up to this because if you start whole hog you might create so much die off you will get sick. Like flu, colds, hea ...   1,573 hits
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Does the Sun Spots Cycle Affect the Abundance of the Earth   by FlyingSwan   4y
A very popular quote from the Bible is “seven years of plenty and seven years of famine”. Does this refer to the Sun Spot Cycle, which varies from an 11 year cycle to some times 14 years? In the 17th century, during a period called the ’Maunder Minimum,’ the cycle appeared to stop altogether for about 70 years. We are just emerging from a very deep Solar Minimum, which has lasted two years longer than normal. Is there a connection with this very deep solar minimum and the current recession and drop in the World countries Gross Domestic Product (GDP)? Banks have needed Government ...   5,099 hits
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Re: Blood spots on leg   by pb3046   6y
It sounds like you are allergic to, or simply not digesting, some foods. (Either that, or you are pregnant - LOL) That is the place to start. There is probably something else causing it, but you have to start somewhere. My first rule is to not eat anything that gives you gas, so you can adapt that to not eat anything that gives you gas, bloat, or nausea. The fact is, if it doesn’t digest well, it doesn’t do your body any good anyway. You may want to try a rotation diet, or an elimination diet, so you can get yourself on a limited diet that you can actually digest so that you can work o ...   3,154 hits
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Re: Quickie (no AC connection) Re: 2 quick (GREAT!) lil' ...   by ohfor07   3y
” the other left”....... and if they have trouble plugging into it, before they take the time to double think and double check what they think the advice told them to do, they instead reach for a hammer and begin trying to pound a connection into the non round spot which, for some reason, their brain is telling them is the round spot they need to plug into just like the advice said. I don’t know why human nature is quirky like this. I just know it is like this. I talk to people like this every day in my line of work. Likely it has always been like this and predates the cyber era by eons. ...   3,234 hits
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Image Embedded Removal of weird yeast(?)/ wart from my husbands chest   RR by Violien   31mo   View Entire Thread 7
My husband has these fuzzy looking spots on his body, some as large as half a dollar. We were putting Lugol on them, which is very difficult, because the spots won’t absorb the Lugol’s. So we basically stopped doing that. Here’s a picture of one of them of about half a dollar-size: Underneath one of them he developed a zit (looked like a zit anyway: puss in it). The zit dried up, but the wart(?) started to grow some kind of tentacles. It started to look like a scary wart. We’ve been putting Lugol’s on it for five days now. Unfortunately I didn’t take a foto of how it looked whe ...   3,172 hits
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The smell of fluoride - detoxing fluoride   by vermicella   7y   View Entire Thread 10
Hi folks I had to stop ingesting Lugols. After some days auf pause because of bladder problems I tried again yesterday with 2 drops of 2% Lugols, but immedieately my bladder started hurting again. So I just paint my cheek with Lugols, where I have a problem with an old scar gone ”wild”. I had an inflammation some 20 years ago. When the inflammation was over, a spot with dark skin on my cheek remained. During 20 years it just stayed like that. For me it was just my mark on the skin. You experience a lot during life, many scars remain, mostly invisible - this one was visible and a sing ...   2,301 hits
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Image Embedded Real Forecast Anomaly Today and Train Derailed by Mud Slide   by ChaztheMeatHead   22mo
I was just checking the doppler in our area today which I do almost ever day, and saw this weird looking line of moisture. Our doppler isn’t screwing up like Australia’s. The next picture showed it was still there but smaller. The pictures are taking every 10 mins. I was showing it to my wife and she said it was HAARP as usual, so we went to the Real Time HAARP site and the hot spot has been climbing up the west coast to our area over the last week. And this time the hot spot was really close to our area. This site updates every minute. But in the next picture th ...   384 hits
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Where to Start?   by Wrenn   9y
To make this easy we will use an example birthdate. In all other messages we will work with this same example person. The date we will use is 1-21-1964. If you go to the link given, scroll down to the bottom and enter in that birthdate then hit your enter button. It will bring up a 5 glyph signature at top of the page. The ones you will see will be : In the middle: RED SKYWALKER (BEN) with a tone of 7 (RESONANT) this middle spot is called the SEAL OF THE DAY /the basis of destiny, the core of who this person is. He will ALWAYS be RED RESONANT SKYWALKER (BEN) This is ...   2,751 hits
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Re: Anetoderma OOPS did not mean to cross post to SAD   by HarmonicCharge   6y
Hi Newport, That document I have the link to is the only mention of Borellia I have ever seen in my quest to find out what the **** caused anetoderma in my case. It didn’t say which type exactly. I suppose I have a job now, to research that. For me, there is no alopecia, and for some reason (lucky me) I have it on my cheeks, which is unheard of in the medical literature I find. Usually they say it spares the face. Hmmm... Thanks for providing the names of the different species. Will be interesting reading to look up each one. The patches are located on my cheeks, and spot ...   2,842 hits
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castor oil pack worked! But more lymph questions   by jessesmom1987   7y   View Entire Thread 3
I have had two definite sore spots in my abdomen, one that I know is liver just under the ribs on the right side, and the other down just a little further on the left side. I’m positive they’ve been the liver flukes I’ve been expelling after being on Barefoot’s wormer. I did a liver flush a couple of days ago, and got more flukes out, but not as many as I thought I might, but I’ve been expelling them all along through the colon. Not just a few, there’s been alot. I have felt relief from the sore spots a few times, and thought I had found relief, but then, again, they would start up ...   1,899 hits
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Image Embedded People get happier as they age   by mo123   5y
People ’get happier as they age’ Older people appear better able to control their emotions Most people get happier as they grow older, studies on people aged up to their mid-90s suggest. Despite worries about ill health, income, changes in social status and bereavements, later life tends to be a golden age, according to psychologists. They found older adults generally make the best of the time they have left and have learned to avoid situations that make them feel sad or stressed. The young should do the same, they told the Americ ...   257 hits
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Edited   by munificent   9y
9th ~Geez, I gotta laugh at this one- What? Most americans wish they were over 40? BS!Although, I did like 42 the best, but that was about a man, not an age. I still think of that one fondly! Ok back to the point- what was that point? Ah yes, 71 is the beginning of old age only because we babyboomers aren’t there yet! Believe me when I say I’ve been watching the demographics for the last 15-20 years and as soon as the wave of population that I belong to hits any demarcation having to do with age~ it suddenly is young~ no matter the number. And here comes the is not the n ...   824 hits
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oxidative stress(need for companion nutrients)   by wombat   7y   View Entire Thread 21
Iodine is an oxidant. Along with iodine we take Vit C and selenium, both antioxidants, in part to avoid oxidative stress. Magnesium also functions as an antioxidant in orthoiodosupplementation(see FAQ’s):,281,2962&q=561 More on oxidative stress: ”Oxidative Stress (OS) is not, in and of itself, a disease but a condition that can lead to or accelerate it. OS occurs when the available supply of the body’s antioxidants is insufficient to handle and neutralize free radicals o ...   1,326 hits
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Good news: Parasite Load Not Related to Horse Age, Resear...   by peggyaus   4y   View Entire Thread 4
I found this article encouraging! Contrary to common belief, older horses do not carry higher worm burdens than their younger counterparts, said Oklahoma State University veterinarians. ”Despite the belief that older horses are more susceptible to internal parasitism than younger horses, the effect of advanced age on resistance to parasites has not been adequately studied,” explained lead researcher Dianne McFarlane, DVM, PhD, Dipl. ACVIM, from the Department of Physiological Sciences at Oklahoma State’s Center for Veterinary healt ...   946 hits
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Re: Big thanks to all of you!   by Teilah   8y
I have been reading a book this morning which included a variation of the oil method outlined on this website and questions were posed on what you can do with the elderly and children. It is pgs 203-204 from Can We Live 150 Years? by Mikhail Tombak Ph.D. ”Liver Cleansing for the elderly and children (without the use of oil)” Sets #1 and #2 are to be prepared at the same time (within one hour) SET #1 Grind 3 cups of oats and put it in an enamel 5-quart (5L) pot, then pour 4 quarts (4L) of cold water on it. Cover the pot with a lid and set aside for 24 hours. SET #2 Take a cu ...   1,050 hits
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Re: Good fats...   by MH   5y
you and i will never find a subject that medical did not already think of almost 100+ years ago...and they say this: look at the cow, she eats grass and her body makes fat. the same goes for a human, we never need to eat fats, unless we have eaten allot of other crap that forces us on our daily roller coaster ride of death via an out of balance of minerals. but if you look at a breathairian, they have up to 100 more glands that are functioning over a normal person....once they killed and disected a breathairian, they found these hormone secreting glands and then examined a fresh kill ...   600 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
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Re: To Scat   by Scat   9y
Deb, That is correct, there was no fungus in my bloodstream. I do have a leaky gut too. My immune system must be keeping it out of my blood. I don’t mind you asking my symptoms but I’ll have to go back a few years. I am now age 38. AGe 9 - developed a swollen lymph node on left side of neck. I went to the hospital and had it surgically drained. During the stay, I was on 3 different antibiotics, 2 by IV, ampicillin and choxacillin, and cephalexin. The symptom that started after that and continues to this day is burping. To stop that, I take digestive enzymes andHCL. ...   1,742 hits
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My total history.. diagnosis??   by endlessfog   6y   View Entire Thread 3
Hi guys.. I just wanted to know if any of you might know exactly what it is that I have. I suspect it’s candida or candida and mercury toxicity but I’m not sure. In 1999 I noticed some small issues I hadn’t before.. mainly a tickling sensation in my feet when I’d be in bed. This followed a wart I got on my foot that I assume was from a public shower in a YMCA. By 2000.. I had eczema on my chest.. and my list of health issues has grown longer each year, to the point where (as someone who has always had very poor self-awareness) I haven’t even paid attention until the past two years wh ...   1,110 hits
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Re: Your expert opinion on a multitude of rare fungi and ...   by anonamy   83d
Thank you very much Dr. Jeff for the thoughtful and informative response. I am reading through these protocols and familiarizing myself with them. You mentioned that I’d provided no background so I thought I would in case it is useful. Here is my medical history: - born jaundiced - healthy until age 11 - at age 11, was moved into an unfinished basement which would get wet when there was precipitation, which caused visible black mould in the carpet and objects touching the floor - developed asthma at age 13 - bowel movements only 2-3 week throughout teenage years - regular urin ...   316 hits
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Ancient underground tunnel network existed across Europe   by johng   16mo   View Entire Thread 3
Archaeologists uncovered thousands of Stone Age underground tunnels, stretching across Europe from Scotland to Turkey, perplexing researchers as to their original purpose. German archaeologist Dr Heinrich Kusch, in his book ‘Secrets of the Underground Door to an Ancient World’ revealed that tunnels were dug under literally hundreds of Neolithic settlements all over Europe and the fact that so many tunnels have survived 12,000 years indicates that the original network must have been huge. ’In Bavaria in Germany alone we have found 700metres of these underground tunnel net ...   478 hits
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Re: My pictures and what helps me   by chris_juno   3y
Now then goodcall. I developed this in 2007 after I was taking large numbers of different supplements. If you search my posts I’m sure you will find what I took. I too have the Fordyce’s Spots in my lips, particularly in the worst affected area in the middle of my top lip. My bottom lip, which very rarely peels, has no noticeable spots. I have always believed these to be the issue. I believe that the supplements I took caused my sebaceous glands to malfunction, possibly hardening the sebum, meaning it now blocks sebum from reaching the outer layer of the lip. Sebum is what k ...   2,113 hits
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Re: Dovonex?   by Scarecrow   7d
I peel once a week. I can’t remove my dead skin, because I don’t have a healthy protective skin layer. When I remove the dead skin I am left only with very sensitive raw skin which I almost can’t touch. That cause Fordyce Spots to come out. Fordyce Spots are appearing when mucous membrane has no natural protection. So I have to wait for the dead skin to fall off and the donovex is helping me to get it off. After I peel my skin off after shower - the moment the lips are dried from water, the build-up begins. I am literally never free from build-ups. I was tested for candida and I was clean. ...   44 hits
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A. Vasorum and spine   by   4y
I’m headin to bed-- A. Vasorum, which I remembered to check for because of having back stuff in the same spots (T7-8), and heart flutters that weren’t Lyme: But.. I didn’t run it 3 minutes like you did there. After testing, I’m running a Staph Aureus that you gave me before, because of testing to see what get’s released with the A. Vasorum and getting yes for it both being needed and good to run at this time. I’m really feeling that T7-8 area and up my neck. That had been a spot I felt ...   1,122 hits
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Fourth day of MC: Kidney Stones / Major back & Kidney pai...   by mrlynn   10y   View Entire Thread 5
Hi all! I’m on my fourth day - Everything is going beautifully... except having major midback and kidney area pain. I had kidney stones in the past (2 yrs) that hospitalized me for about 3 days and I’m fearing the worst. When I passed the last one they gave me an ultrasound and spotted 3 peppercorn sized stones and I only passed one that I actually spotted. I’m taking celery seed tea in conjunction with the MC (Despite recommendations) because I’m very concerned and think this could be the other stones. The pain seems to worsen everyday (about a 6 on the 1-10 scale). I can de ...   791 hits
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HELP ASAP - Missed Pill, Spotting & Scared   by Gooble   11y
I missed a couple of pills and I started to spot a brown discharge. I know it is normal to spot a little, but my boyfriend and I had sex without a condom a week before I missed the pills and I’m a little scared. I’ve had some troubles before and I was wondering if I should be worried about pregnancy and I was wondering if it is ok for me to take a home pregnancy test, even thought my period is not due for another 2.5 weeks. I don’t want to wait that long to find out if anything is wrong either. Please help out as much as possible everyone. My boyfriend and I are both a little worried. Thanx!   386 hits
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purple spot on tongue &logging on problems   by Rasayan   7y   View Entire Thread 4
Am I bruising my tongue with too much enthusiasm or is a purple spot on the edge of the tongue a detox sign. I bruise very easily.. but there is only one spot of purple, half inch long.. but that bit of tongue is next to a root canal.. also.. I cant log on my Apple computer at home to write a post or answer (I had to go to my office to write this question) Curezone site doesnt recognize me on my apple using Firefox or AOL or Explore, any tricks for Apple users?   3,385 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling

Re: Question Regarding my 4 Year Old Daughter   by #91053   5y
All i know is that i didn’t have white spots until i did the high iodine to help my thyroid condition. All it did for me was give me these white spots. Do you think mine could be a fungal infection, i’ve had them for a year or two now. I wish there was a way of establishing if it is definately vitiligo. I don’t go to doctors, so i don’t know how to find out for sure. Is it definately an autoimmune issue, why can’t it be simply lack of nutrients that make the pigment.   4,427 hits
Forum: The Truth in Medicine

Red itchy rash after shower?   by outoftime44   5y   View Entire Thread 4
After I shower I break into small itchy red rashes all over my body. There are tiny red bumps in some of the spots. The spots are about the size of a quarter to the size of 3 quarters but irregularly shaped. They then fade over the course of the next hour. They only break out when I shower. Does anyone know what this can be from and why it happens when I shower? It happens even without soap, etc and has happened a month ago with different conditions in the shower and hygiene, etc.   11,432 hits
Forum: Candida Support   Unidentified Skin Parasites   Eczema/Excema

Re: you think you were born with those white dots?   by DhammaBoy   5y
The reason I say they probably aren’t causing the problem is because my lips are better now and the spots are deep in the skin. They used to be kind of exposed when I would pick my lips. It’s easy to make a connection because the common places to peel with EC is the middle of the lips, where it is also the most common place to have Fordyce Spots, although they can be all over. Also, I can’t see many of the ones I used to and the ones I can see are much deeper and less apparent. So you see, it’s possible to have them and they’re just to deep to see. Maybe they were always there. Maybe ...   2,463 hits
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Re: New to the board! Bleeding every 2 weeks with Mirena ...   by 3jaysmom   6y
I was breastfeeding before I had the Mirena inserted, and continued to for a few months, so I never got my period for the whole 10 months that I had it. However, I spotted EVERY DAY. It wasn’t usually more than a pantiliner could handle, and I had no cramping with it, so I was told it was spotting, not a period. Eventually other symptoms started, and I had to have it removed, and I still haven’t had my period. I was also told that irregular periods were common with the Mirena, and should only last for the first 3 months, but I don’t really think doctors know too much about this form of ...   5,287 hits
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Natural acne cures??   by Fiona   12y   View Entire Thread 17
Hi. This is my first time at this forum. I am interested in anyone who has had and cured acne through natural dietary/supplment means(in particular, a form of acne which looks more like a rash of tiny red marks with a few little spots on the chin, rather than whiteheads and big spots). I think mine is related to polycystic ovaries and may be related to chocolate/saturated fat/refined carbohyrdate consumption... not sure though. Any advice would be gratefully received. I know fasting works, as I tried it once in sheer desperation, but I need to find a regime that I can stick to in th ...   4,658 hits
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Re: Equivocal20's Paper   by chris_juno   4y
It’s quite a good Paper that fella. The main issue I have with it is this bit: ”All sufferers of EC report that they have a tendency to bite, pick, and lick their lips. However, the literature on the subject fails to notice the impact that these habits have had on the skin (Figure 1).” That’s not right. Many people on here have said that they’ve never done this. I didn’t and would put my cause down to a number of other possibilities. I would also say somewhere that the number of people who also have Fordyce’s Spots is noticeably high. I think this needs major research. The t ...   740 hits
Forum: Peeling Lips   Fordyce Spots

Re: Systemic steroids (recommended dosage)   by sirpreis   6mo
A lot on that list sounds like a lot of alternative medicine ’hogwash’ :-) But to each their own, I guess. ”Any product or service with the words “detox” or “cleanse” in the name is only truly effective at cleansing your wallet of cash. Alternative medicine’s ideas of detoxification and cleansing have no basis in reality.” (   273 hits
Forum: Peeling Lips

dislocated rib?   by twistoffate   4y   View Entire Thread 2
Hi Dr Jeff I had some bad flu and due to intense coughing i injured my ribs. My regular doctor said that I probably pulled a muscle and it will get better. When i breathe in it hurts on one particular spot on the side. Of course the same spot hurts intensely when moving quickly or coughing again do you think a chiropractor may be able to fix it? I’d be willing to try it unless it may make it worse hope you can offer me advice kind thanks! TOF   1,078 hits
Forum: The Candida Expert

Re: terrible headache!!   by Zoebess   8y
That your eyes ache and your head aches may indicate your blood pressure may be higher than usual. Drop the licorice and see if it makes a difference. If you can get someone to stand behind you and placing their thumbs in the small hole that is at the top of your spine just under your occipital ridge, which is the region where the spine meets the base of your skull, as they press in on that spot, you resist or press your head back against their thumbs. This often can bring immediate relief for a migraine type headache since it is one of the major trigger-reset spots. Doing this procedu ...   1,686 hits
Forum: Adrenal Fatigue

Re: 4 Websites on Spider Veins   by #64923   7y
great so i will be stuck with these things for the rest of my life. i have none of those issues. ive never been pregnant. im no where near menapauseal. i don’t drink.I’ve done about 25 liver flushes and don’t really have liver issues. The spots they’re in don’t get exposed to sun since I dont wear sleevless shirts nor do I get much sun. Stuff like this makes me just want to quit because the more cleansing I do the more stupid stuff happens. First it was the liver spots appearing all over my skin which I’ve never had before and now these ugly veins.   93,774 hits
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Third Threelac Suppository...   by Blackbeard   11y   View Entire Thread 5
OK for those not following along... Threelac definitely recommends against directly implanting in the bowels... But I did it anyways...and again, and now again... First time...flu like symptoms for a week... Second time, stuffy nose for a night, spotted feces for 3-4 days... This symptoms, larger spots on feces, feces have been floating for last two days, and seem lighter in color than normal... Not much change on my skin for my hands and feet...they still both seem to be getting slowly better, but must keep moisturizing them at night and after showering... K ...   780 hits
Forum: Candida Support

New discharge since Mirena   by julia87   15mo   View Entire Thread 3
Hello. I got mirena back in late May. Since then, I’ve had some spotting and pretty bad cramping. Now, a new symptom has started that has me a little worried. I have this thick brown discharge (like thick brown boogers) along with spotting. It smells, but only if I deliberately sniff it. It mostly just looks gross and is a pain to get out of panties. Is this from the mirena? I’m not sexually active, and had no stds at the time of insertion. I do worry about future partners seeing it and being grossed out. Anyone else experience this?   1,743 hits
Forum: Mirena IUD   Birth Control

Re: Help   by Desperate Housewife   3y
Let me explain yawls I realize this statement is not clear. I used to feel pressure on the lower left side of my abdomen so I thought it was tenia because tapeworm( tenia) latches onto your digestive system and sucks the nutrients out of you . So I did the cayenne pepper test nothing. So my theory is whatever I ingested was the main parasite latched on there made eggs that got sent to my muscles. Then with herbs and cleansing mixes I got rid of it. I could feel it peel off that spot the pressure I was feeling was instantly gone as if someone was pressing that spot with their hands all the ...   881 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

Re: Not as gross as I thought   by #26194   9y
Old evaporated urine (4-7days) old massaged into the skin should do wonders. You put a bit into your hand and massage into you skin until it dries up and repeat this process etc. You can rinse with lukewarm water after an hour or two. I had problems with my skin (too much sun when I was yound) and I apply every day fresh urine morning and night on my face with cotton balls. After a few months some spots became sore, then dried up and cured. After 10 months I can still see slow progress, spots fading away etc. I intend to try the old evaporated urine when the sun comes out (sun to evaporate ...   950 hits
Forum: Urine Therapy Support

Re: Breastfeeding after Mirena   by karita   26mo
Hi Cynthia, I am so sorry to hear that you never have felt well. How long was the Mirena out before you got pregnant? I had him Nov. 1st 2010 and my first cycle in April then I had 2 in May and then I started spotting in June. Stopped the feeding in Sept. of 2011. This whole year (2012) I’ve had 4-8 days of spotting between cycles and 24 day cycles...not fun! I would be interested in the info you have. Thanks a lot, Kara   2,558 hits
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Image Embedded non-stop bleeding, 8 wks post removal   by skmminn   6y
/upload/photos/flowers/flower-orange.jpg I had my Mirena removed March 7 after having it 8 months. Only minor spotting post removal, then nothing until about three weeks ago. I began with very light spotting for about a week, then barely enough to warrant a tampon for another week and a half, and now a regular period requiring afew tampons a day with small clots. It seems like I am bleeding a bit more each day and it has been 3 weeks! Could it be anything scarier than just my hormones balancing out? Prior to Mirena I had short (2-3 day)light periods. What is up? I do have some natura ...   432 hits
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Re: White spot on Penis   by zoomzoom   7y
The spot has gotten bigger in last few days. I put 17.5% h2o2 on it. First with a cotton swab and then one drop directly. It burns but that thing does not want to budge. Also it feels like it either absorbs the liquids or the liquids do not touch it at all. It is like a plastic sheet. Any help? Humaworm: How can cleaning my intestines would help the spot on my penis. Thank you. ZMZM   1,345 hits
Forum: Ask Humaworm

stuck stone?   by #28362   10y   View Entire Thread 6
I did a liver flush Monday night. This was my 5th flush and the only flush that was painful. I passed a few stones but now I have a sore spot right below and to the right of my bellybutton. Is this a stuck stone? Can anyone give me any advice because this is scaring me. Thanks ©†ƒ……•™¼‡_Original_Message_¾€š½ž¢«»¬ï°© I did a liver flush Monday night. This was my 5th flush and the only flush that was painful. I passed a few stones but now I have a sore spot right below and to the right of my bellybutton. Is this a stuck stone? Can anyone give me any advice because this is ...   893 hits
Forum: Liver Flush Support

Re: Scalp Candida?   by beej   8y
After thinking I might be goin bald I shaved my head to stubbs. Now that the hair has grown some I notice a spot, just before the vertex (not on it but a little forward), which has less hair than the rest. It’s not a bald spot but it does have fewer hair and as far as I can see - thinner. It’s like a small patch in the middle. Is there a possibility it’s candida? What are the available treatments? Thank you.   1,155 hits
Forum: Candida Support

Re: Urine on skin giving strange effects   by #26194   8y
The same thing happened to me when I first started. I came to the conclusion it was a curing phase. I remember a spot who just became red, peeled and then cured. I said to myself that if not of the therapy, this spot could have developped into something more serious if not attended to?? Don’t be scared of it. Its the best thing I did for my complexion which after a year and a half looks healthier than ever.   3,019 hits     2 of 2 (100%)
Forum: Urine Therapy Support

Re: can't stop "thinking"!!!!   by fledgling   6y more short story... A budding artist wanted to paint, so she got herself all the supplies she needed, and sat down on a stool, to wait for ’inspiration’. After sitting there for a while, she realized that, if she wanted a spot of red just ’there’, she had to ’put’ a spot of red ’just there’. And so, she began to learn her craft. I never forgot the story, since I tend to wait for ’inspiration’, too. I’ve learned that I can wait for a long, long time for ’inspiration’. Yikes! Now ’inspiration’ comes as a result of hanging around with movers and doers. It’s amaz ...   1,031 hits
Forum: Ask CureZone

Re: Dangerous Pine Trees removed to make way for fluorida...   by spudlydoo   5y
My Dad lives close to the town, so he gave me a first hand account of what was going on, these particular trees are originally part of a windbreak put in by a local farmer, and they are pinus radiata. Its only because they are building the water fluoridation plant in that spot, that they decided the trees had to go. If they hadn’t chosen that spot for the water treatment plant, nobody would have been at risk from the trees, apart from the odd passing cow. It does mean that they will not be able to self seed and become more of a weed than they already are. I just hope the fluoridation pla ...   1,360 hits
Forum: Iodine Supplementation

Re: How to get rid of dirt/grime without soap?   by #131603   3y
Pure lemon juice on your face the whole night while you are sleeping. Take it all off in the morning with a lot of water and a mild soap -if you wish to add the soap, not a real need. Your face will look like a baby face after a few days. (if it feels too strong you can add some water to the lemon juice at first, and decrease the amount slowly until you can bear the pure lemon juice). Lemon juice on the face during daytime can give you dark spots because of sunlight. Be careful with it. Do not expose your skin with lemon on to the light. Those dark spots are ugly and will stay.... No ...   5,016 hits
Forum: Fasting: Water Only

Re: Gallbladder stones or tapeworm ?   by 8tabby6   16mo
I have had simular experience. I have gallbladder pain then liver pain then completely left side lower pains. Its almost like i have these weird pains moving from spot to spot. Im almost sure I have a tapeworm. I have had a gallbladder ultrasound they said they seen a poylp in my gallbladder but I was also told they usally dont cause any pain. so Im wondering whats up with all the pain moving from place to place. so why would I get lower left side pains when my gallbladders on the right side. weird   1,929 hits
Forum: Parasites Support   Gallbladder Surgery   Gallbladder Remedies   Liver Flush Support

Root canal concern, health   by sch83   37d   View Entire Thread 3
I am wondering about the negative effects of root canals. I had mine done in April and since I have just been crap. I first developed what you would call carpal tunnel. Then bad constipation which since has gotten a little better. I also have had other symptoms that have gone away. But the one I’m worried about right now is my nerves. I got a very sensitive spot on my right arm. My skin in one spot is very sensitive. I also have pain in my leg, like a nerve or something.Also pain in lower left and right intestines. I still have carpal tunnel. My question is could these things be related to ...   142 hits
Forum: Root Canal

Um. Blood in bms?   by #43203   9y   View Entire Thread 7
I ended the master cleanse about a week ago and have been regular ever since. A few days ago I started juicing. Today the only thing I had to eat was a banana and orange for breakfast and my next 2 meals were 10oz of fresh veggie juices. The past 2 days I’m having more bms than I’m eating. This morning there seemed to be a spot of blood. The next was soft and I swear there was a small clot in it and the stool had a spot of blood on it. This morning’s bm was semi hard pebbles. It did take some effort to come out, but I didn’t think it was that bad. The next somewhat bloody one was more o ...   878 hits
Forum: Bowel Cleanse Support

i have tried just abiut everthing to rid me of rosacea..h...   by raelians   10y   View Entire Thread 10
hi there, i have suffered from rosacea for 7yrs..spots & redness on my forehead, spots along both sides of nose with redness and along edges of mouth.I have tried everything..steroids,laser treatment,none of them lasted,make-up only hides it and certain foods only make it worse..i have now fine tuned my diet, but would like to destroy the cause so it wont return...the most i get is a week or so rosacea free!! i have ordered a zapper and have the wormwood,black walnut and clove herbs ready..should i use them together?? then do i try a liver clense in 4 weeks? i would like ur help ...   2,912 hits
Forum: Acne

Re: Bye Bye Mirena! and hormones in breastmilk?   by rmax   7y
i started spotting this past saturday, with bad cramps and pain on my right side. this is the first time since november8th that i have experienced anything regarding a period. that time i spotted for about 12 days wiht not very much cramping, and definitly no pain on my side. i had mine put in the week before it started that time. did you have some major crampage while it was out of place? i checked mine at the end of november just to see where it was so that i could keep a note of where it was if i ever needed to check it. well, i checked it today, and i canonly find one string, not two ...   972 hits
Forum: Mirena IUD

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