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Re: Big thanks to all of you!   by Teilah   8y
I have been reading a book this morning which included a variation of the oil method outlined on this website and questions were posed on what you can do with the elderly and children. It is pgs 203-204 from Can We Live 150 Years? by Mikhail Tombak Ph.D. ”Liver Cleansing for the elderly and children (without the use of oil)” Sets #1 and #2 are to be prepared at the same time (within one hour) SET #1 Grind 3 cups of oats and put it in an enamel 5-quart (5L) pot, then pour 4 quarts (4L) of cold water on it. Cover the pot with a lid and set aside for 24 hours. SET #2 Take a cu ...   1,015 hits
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Re: Good fats...   by MH   5y
you and i will never find a subject that medical did not already think of almost 100+ years ago...and they say this: look at the cow, she eats grass and her body makes fat. the same goes for a human, we never need to eat fats, unless we have eaten allot of other crap that forces us on our daily roller coaster ride of death via an out of balance of minerals. but if you look at a breathairian, they have up to 100 more glands that are functioning over a normal person....once they killed and disected a breathairian, they found these hormone secreting glands and then examined a fresh kill ...   583 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
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Re: To Scat   by Scat   9y
Deb, That is correct, there was no fungus in my bloodstream. I do have a leaky gut too. My immune system must be keeping it out of my blood. I don’t mind you asking my symptoms but I’ll have to go back a few years. I am now age 38. AGe 9 - developed a swollen lymph node on left side of neck. I went to the hospital and had it surgically drained. During the stay, I was on 3 different antibiotics, 2 by IV, ampicillin and choxacillin, and cephalexin. The symptom that started after that and continues to this day is burping. To stop that, I take digestive enzymes andHCL. ...   1,565 hits
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My total history.. diagnosis??   by endlessfog   6y   View Entire Thread 3
Hi guys.. I just wanted to know if any of you might know exactly what it is that I have. I suspect it’s candida or candida and mercury toxicity but I’m not sure. In 1999 I noticed some small issues I hadn’t before.. mainly a tickling sensation in my feet when I’d be in bed. This followed a wart I got on my foot that I assume was from a public shower in a YMCA. By 2000.. I had eczema on my chest.. and my list of health issues has grown longer each year, to the point where (as someone who has always had very poor self-awareness) I haven’t even paid attention until the past two years wh ...   1,097 hits
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Ancient underground tunnel network existed across Europe   by johng   14mo   View Entire Thread 3
Archaeologists uncovered thousands of Stone Age underground tunnels, stretching across Europe from Scotland to Turkey, perplexing researchers as to their original purpose. German archaeologist Dr Heinrich Kusch, in his book ‘Secrets of the Underground Door to an Ancient World’ revealed that tunnels were dug under literally hundreds of Neolithic settlements all over Europe and the fact that so many tunnels have survived 12,000 years indicates that the original network must have been huge. ’In Bavaria in Germany alone we have found 700metres of these underground tunnel net ...   448 hits
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Re: Your expert opinion on a multitude of rare fungi and ...   by anonamy   19d
Thank you very much Dr. Jeff for the thoughtful and informative response. I am reading through these protocols and familiarizing myself with them. You mentioned that I’d provided no background so I thought I would in case it is useful. Here is my medical history: - born jaundiced - healthy until age 11 - at age 11, was moved into an unfinished basement which would get wet when there was precipitation, which caused visible black mould in the carpet and objects touching the floor - developed asthma at age 13 - bowel movements only 2-3 week throughout teenage years - regular urin ...   181 hits
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Image Embedded 6 Ways to Stop Aging   by mo123   4y   View Entire Thread 3
Today we are lucky as science has shown the reasons for aging as well as the methods to stop or slow it. But your efforts to stop aging must start with a healthy lifestyle. A body that is well nourished from both inside and outside will look years younger. You can always go under the surgeon’s knife to accomplish it; but that process is not only costly but have serious side effects as well. That is why it is always better to use natural methods to stop aging than going the surgical way. Here are some of them: 1. Exfoliate: One of your tools to stop aging is the simple process of exfol ...   1,098 hits
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Re: Geologists, Astrometrists,... not evolutionists   R by LCD   8y
There are many branches of science that come together when trying to figure out the age of planet Earth and ages of other parts of solar system and galaxies. It is a job for Geologists, Vulcanologists, Astrometrists, Astrophysicists, Geophysicists,  Nuclear Scientisists, Chemists, Physicists, ... and many others.   One educative article: The Age of the Earth How do we know the Age of the Earth? Radiometric dating Adapted from The Age of the Earth , by the Branch of Isotope Geolog ...   1,268 hits     1 of 2 (50%)
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The Natural "Super Steroid", Pregnenolone.   by karysma   10y   View Entire Thread 2
CANdream Enterprising Site: Cheryl Nelson P.O. Box 52 Cottage Grove, WI 53527-0052 call me at: 608-575-6177 email me at: Thank you very much for your interest in this informative Newsletter. I think you will leave here with a good feeling. (Print out for easy reading). ******The content provided in this newsletter is meant for general educational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for consultation with your physician or other healthcare professional. The materials presented are ...   7,293 hits
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Re: I think there are many, many more EC sufferes than we...   by my lips   19mo
Hello Vunk, and hello to all reading this. I will start buy saying, i come from South Africa, and i lived there for 25 years, and been living in London now for 5. Vunk, i remember when i was 11, i got my first cold sore, we were on ouer way to the sea, for the holidays. Swimming in the sea made the cold sore heal so fast, it was grate. This is why i think with the leave it alone, and swiming in the sea, just maybe make this illness go away. O.K, i will go back to the age of about 10 years old, i use to use lib balm from a young age. And always used it, and always had some in my pocke ...   456 hits
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Image Embedded How Hempseed Can Slow Premature Aging Due To Chronic Infl...   by trapper/kcmo   24mo   View Entire Thread 9
How Hempseed Can Slow Premature Aging Due To Chronic Inflammation August 7, 2012 | By admin | Reply Becca Wolford, Contributing Writer Waking Times  Inflammation. We have all experienced it.  For the most part, inflammation is GOOD, it is part of the immune response system that tells us when there is infection, stress, illness, or injury.  We then (usually) take the steps necessary to remedy the condition that caused the inflammation in the first place. Chronic inflammation, however, is a key cause in disease and premature cellular aging ...   757 hits
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Image Embedded Agent slows aging in mice   by Aharleygyrl   7y
No one excited by these early results in mice is advised to bulk up on creosote bush leaves as a way to defy old age. If NDGA pushes the aging envelope in the final results of this study, other labs will likely try to repeat the results in animals. Much more research is needed before any possible human anti-aging drug could emerge, Miller says. By University of Michigan Health System, [RxPG] ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- Aspirin didn’t pan out. Neither did two other potential anti-aging agents. But a synthetic derivative of a pungent desert shrub is now a front- runner in ongo ...   816 hits
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virgin coconut oil   by suncatcher   7y
Has anybody had this problem? I used vco to bring relief from itching from a vaginal yeast infection. After a few days, I began spotting, and now I am having what seems to be a period, complete with cramping, about 2 1/2 weeks early. I had used it one other time as a personal lubricant and it caused spotting, too. This time I used a lot more bc of the discomfort. I have very normal periods, minimal to no cramping, and they are about 33 days apart. I will appreciate your help. K in CA   1,306 hits
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Re: Period after Birth...   by Sherri   8y
Even though you may be exclusively breastfeeding, it is VERY possible to get pregnant. Even if you are not having your period yet, it is still VERY possible to get pregnant. Just because you are not having your period does not mean that you are not ovulating. Spotting can be a sign of pregnancy at this stage. I have a girlfriend just recently who found out that she was 4 months pregnant again (her son is 1 year) and she had been thinking that she was having her period all this time - it ended up being spotting which she also had for her first pregnancy. So, if you don’t want to be ...   1,063 hits
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Re: MH--Question   by MH   9y
The stool is a mess so to speak to search for worms, so rarely does a person see worms that are coming out daily as they die or flee. The evidence can be found in the liver. These large worms can be expelled with a liver flush and if you do this 5-10 days after taking an herbal dewormer, you may get to see what has been eating on your organs maybe since childhood. The pictures I have taken are simple and crude somewhat, my scope only cost $100, so my pictures are easy to spot on numerous websites, many cancer websites as well as etc. I never have allowed a website to use my ...   970 hits
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Re: an observation   by spudlydoo   4y
” If you think of that great fishing spot you were at last summer, you are there now as spirit. That’s the difference between spirit and body. If you wish to give someone a punch in the nose, you have given that person a punch in the nose as spirit. It’s how you create karma.” If I think about a great fishing spot, I am there in my mind, which is not separate from my body or soul. Its as a whole, no separation. Punching someone in the nose, is the intention, not the act, and both are capable of creating the reality of punching. We do indeed view concepts differently, but in cre ...   3,073 hits     0 of 1 (0%)
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Re: Surgery and P&B shakes??   by Tracey   11y
Your spots are spreading...oh my! I wish we could know what they are...hmmmm. I was going to say that you could take the psyllium up until the day before your surgery, but now I’m wondering if you shouldn’t stop them and see if your spots don’t go away. Strange, too, that your bm’s are soft. Most people go the other way - harder more constipated poos. looks like your body isn’t liking something. Not sure if it’s toxins or something else! Maybe stop and see what happens..since you’re going in for surgery anyway... Do let us know! And if that bath felt can keep it ...   677 hits
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Re: Rapid Heart Rate from Acupuncture   by SwedeOne   4y
Ah, you echoed what I thought did this, a high epinephrine release. I can say it wasn’t like that at all when I got there but I as soon as I felt that spot between my rib cage at the base tighten up, I could feel my body tense up and my heart rate going up. She said they target a spot in the brain for endorphins, I don’t know much if anything about acupuncture but she had to hit something that caused epinephrine to be released. Now, I need to get that to stop, this has been a hellish feeling and I will probably have to drug myself again to get some sleep. I laid down last night fee ...   1,746 hits
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Re: fruitarian diet?   by bkrisp   8y
Hi no_biz, How long after your raw food diet did the spots on your nails go away? I’m on 2 months and 2 weeks and the spots have reduced but are still visible. Do you eat nuts/seeds in your fruit diet? (I don’t think sesame grows off a tree). I’ve been making sesame milk with 1 fig and 1 apricot for my calcium and other mineral needs. You can use raisins too, to sweeten, or if you prefer it plain. Maybe add cinnamon or maple syrup? Sesame seeds are also very high in iron. I used to strain the pulp from the seeds but now I just leave it in there to get all the nutrients. Just m ...   1,626 hits
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Re: Migraines   by violet_grace   9y
its all a detox symptom. reflexology technique to combat headaches: rub deeply. you will feel ”grains” or tender spots when you hit the right point. for upper lymph node drainage: rub right where the webbing connects with the hand and is between your fingers and between your finger and thumb for sinus and throat: mid point around the first joint from the finger tips for top of head an brain: tip top of your middle finger drink a bunch of water after doing this. if you massage around your hands and especially noticable in the feet you will find all kinda of tender spo ...   681 hits
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Re: Kissing!   by #92305   5y
I told my girlfriend a long time ago. We kiss all the time. It doesn’t get in the way at all like I thought it would. It helps to cope with the condition a lot. I shower and let my lips get wet and try to gently exfoliate dead skin on its own, but clumps still stay on so i just gently remove those with my fingers, then apply lotion with my lips still wet. When the no fragrance lotion mixes with water it absorbs really well into my lips and they look good. I want to try Epiceram in the future. Right now i am applying Donovex to my lips twice daily, and i can safely say the skin is different ...   2,115 hits
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White spots on nails...   by bkrisp   8y   View Entire Thread 7
Hi Moreless and others, I’ve recently read that the white streaks or spots on nails are a symptom of acidification. I used to think it was caused from a zinc deficiency so I used to take zinc lozenges (this was a while ago) but it didn’t do much. They never used to grow either, until I finished parasite and colon cleansing before the new year, and now I have very hard white tips. I still have the white spots on my nails though, that I’ve always had for as long as I could remember, but after switching to my raw diet, they slowly seem to start disappearing and only come up on 1-2 nails. ...   1,150 hits
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Re: Rabbitears-question   by rabbitears   6y
Hi Patticake! How are you? Upon reading your post my initial thought was, ”Wash the kitty!” LOL! Kidding aside, I have five quick questions: 1) You mention that you have a history of skin rashes - how long have you been dealing with the problem? 2) The spots that you described, do they look completely different than previous outbreaks or same? 3) Are there a few spots or a lot? 4) How large would you say that they are? 5) Are you able to take a picture and upload?   953 hits
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8 weeks post removal and spotting between periods   by ArgieMom   6y
Hi everyone! I got my mirena removed 8 weeks ago. I went to a follow up visit today and the ovarian cysts are gone... yeah!!!!! So I won’t have to go to surgery. I am a bit concerned, though, because I’ve been having spotting between periods. Some days are heavier than others. The doctor said it might be polips or an infection of the endometrius (sp?)... anyone had similar problems? He mentioned that if the spotting continues, he’ll do a byopsy in two months... I sure didn’t like how that sounds. I was so healthy and never had any problem whatsoever in my reproductive system, and eve ...   941 hits
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H.I.S. causes accelerated aging *OLD GOLD* by vulcanel   by wombat   7y
”Two years ago, Dr. Marcia E. Herman-Giddens and colleagues described the results of physical examinations of 17,077 American girls, which revealed that white girls were showing bodily signs of sexual maturity an average of one year earlier than previous studies had indicated, and black girls two years earlier. On the average, breast development was notable before age 10 in white girls and before age 9 in black girls, and the growth of pubic hair generally occurred about a year later. But even at age 7, 27 percent of black girls and nearly 7 percent of white girls had begun to grow breasts ...   377 hits
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Hormones Completely out of whack.   by lulipop   7y   View Entire Thread 10
Ive got a serious blood loss problem.. I think it is hormonal but my doctor says its the position of my 4cm fibroid. I dont think it can be that anymore. My periods get longer and longer (14 days+), spotting has increased, and the birth control I just started taking seems to be working although im still spotting . Ive been this way for 3 years and have had two blood transfusions. Since my blood is rare my life is pretty miserable. Can someone help me. How do I get my hormones checked. What does it mean to see an endocrinologist? I dont have insurance. where can I find help in regul ...   1,315 hits
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Re: help,please!!   by Ginagirl   5y
Hi Surley to me it sounds like a fungus infection called Pityriasis Versicolor; this fungus live of skin pigment; hence the white spots. (First it sounded like an allergic reaction, but then it would not spread like this.) If it is a fungus you may try Borax as a wash; or a shampoo called Selsun (selenium based) Borax will take away the itch; I am quite sure. Very soothing. I would continue the iodine and maybe up the selenium. PS If it is a fungus the white spots will not go away until the skin is tanned again; then it evens out.   3,104 hits
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Re: For the women only, please !   by ciscokid   5y
When I started, received the bromide pimples almost immediately. But then started to develop not quite a rash, but little rough spots about the size of a dime, about 4 of them. On the back of my arms, both sides, and the side of my waist. Painted them with iodine and continue to do so, and they are dissolving, tho people think I really manage to injure myself all the time. If ever there was a sense of detoxing, expelling, cleaning of the body and the sometimes overt reactions to it like these rough skin spots that one can almost brush off in the shower as they feel like peeling ski ...   1,398 hits
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Candida newbie   by hanna   9y
When I started curezone over 2 years ago, I started with liverflushes because the doctor told me I needed gallbladder surgery. For a long time I had pain in the spleen area and the US showed a spot on it too. I had also aches pain left and right low front, but never in the gallbladder area. After flushing 10 months the spot on the spleen was gone and my aches pains disappeared too, that might also have been because my gallbladder was getting better. At one time I noticed liverflukes, but they disappeared with flushing. My suggestion is adding liverflushing to your treatment. Check out ...   3,890 hits
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Worse before Better?   by caper   10y   View Entire Thread 2
Hi Shelley hope you are having a good day Do you think with candida you get worse before better. ie i coated tongue, vaginal discharge. I didn’t have any of this as much before, and i even have a few spots on my chest and chin. I’m 37 so don’t have spots that much anymore. I must admit I don’t eat totally well all the time (although I try my best given I live with 2 small boys and 1 big one). I have been doing colonics and taking intestinal cleasener with Glutamine, N-Acetyl-D’Glucosamine, slippery elm, aloe vera, quercetin, apple pectin. also fish oil, strong magensium and vitamin ...   681 hits
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Re: Does this sound like a parasite to you guys?   by Dariush   5y
Hm, maybe I’ll try the betaine again. As far as h pylori, they did some biopsies during the endoscopy that were negative for H Pylori, the blood test was negative too, could I still have it? Still haven’t gotten the breath test. It was mentioned that they found ”2 red spots” in my stomach. The gastroenterologist really SUCKED and they never talked about that again or even acknowledged that it was found even though the nurse who wheeled me out said ”we found 2 red spots that looked suspicious and biopsied them”. I wonder if that could’ve been an important clue....   1,570 hits
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Re: --10th idea-- EDIT   by grzbear   6y
Evan, This is a great thing you have done. thank you :-) I agree with you that the paper should shy away from too much detail though to avoid confusion. That said, I would probably include, perhaps in a specific paragraph placed at the beginning and again at the end, that fine tuning ( a little more of this or less of that) may be (is) necessary for each individual to find their ”sweet” spot in the protocol. EDIT - the ”sweet” spot will fluctuate with normal cycles... e.g. moon, seasons, etc. my best to you, grz-   1,578 hits
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Re: Uterine prolapse and Sheehan's Syndrome -- CONNECTION?   by sunrise04   10y
Just a brief history.........I was pregnant at age 20 and miscarried. Pregnant again at age 21 and had a healthy daughter. Pregnant at age 23 and miscarried. Pregnant again at 24 and had another healthy daughter. About 6 weeks later, I noticed something starting to fall out of my vagina and with much discomfort. Diagnosis: prolapsed uterus. I went for 2 years with this problem. My Dr. proposed a partial age 26. It took a while to fully recover, but I have never regretted having it done. I am now 54 yrs. old and no health problems.Hope this helps. Donna   1,742 hits
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Re: Small White Spots On My Skin Getting Worse! What is it?   by midnight353   64d
Ted, you sound SO ”with it”. I’m going to try your combo of Borax, hydrogen peroxide and sodium Carbonate on my white spots on my tan. (I’ve been to two dermatologist here in San Antonio, TX, who don’t seem to know what it is, and don’t think it’s a fungus, but My sister has the EXACT same thing in NEW york, and HER dermatologist said right away ” it’s an airborne skin fungus”. And gave her a scr1pt which cleared it right up. the docs here, won’t listen to me, nor give me a script. sooo,,, i’m going to try your ”natural” suggestion - hope it works, as I’m embarrassed at how it looks. ...   10,363 hits
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Image Embedded Strange spots on the skin   by lplplp   15mo   View Entire Thread 7
Hello, I’ve been supplementing Lugol’s Iodine for 5months (16-18drops per day) with 300-400mcg l-selenomethionine, Mg and Vitamin C. I’m 21 year old, female. Than I stopped for a two months. Eight days ago I took 16drops Iodine again (once) and after four days I noticed some strange spots on my legs - I’m sure that I didn’t hurt myself, this is not from falling. These spots are still here. Is it related to Iodine? What else can be? Sometimes I paint my legs (not only) with olive oil with several drops of Iodine ( as the photo above). I’m sorry for my English, it is not good. ...   950 hits
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Ageing stem cells from centenarian rejuvenated   by truecolor   3y
PARIS: Age-degraded cells from elderly patients upwards of 100 years old have been successfully transformed into rejuvenated stem cells ”indistinguishable” from those found in their embryonic state. The technical feat was described in the peer-reviewed journal Genes & Development and opens a new path toward regenerative medicine, especially for the elderly, the researchers said. ”This is a new paradigm for cell rejuvenation,” said Jean-Marc Lemaitre, a researcher at the Institute of Functional Genomics at the University of Montpellier in France and the main architect of the study. ”T ...   431 hits
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Dying Evergreen Trees   by leti   8y   View Entire Thread 2
I currently have two evergreen trees in front of my house that are in brick planters. I’ve been really bad a watering them and they started looking very bad. I live in a very hot/dry state. Recently I’ve been better at watering, watering everyday or two trying to bring them back to life. I’ve also tried evergreen food sticks but things just seem to be so slow. I read somewhere that you should cut off the dead stuff so I decided to test is out and cut a chunk of dead stuff off and nothing is growing back in it’s place, there is now a bald spot. Things are looking a little better (a li ...   1,480 hits
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Re: Flushes causing liver spots?!   by betta   8y
I was using raw cream and butter this summer and got a whole lot of liver spots on my hands. I stopped using them and have started liver flushing and taking olive oil and they are fading. It’s hard to tell, though, if the reason the cream and butter were the spots for a good reason or bad reason. They could have been dissolving all the margarine that I ate when I was growing up. I still use ghee, but since it’s cooked it might not be as powerful. Who knows? Does anyone know? I know the westonaprice site says that cream and butter are good for you. But who to believe? Chardy, how ...   938 hits
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Period on 4th day of MC. Question   by HybridTheory   9y   View Entire Thread 2
Anyone notice that it’s um..darker? Also I’ve been spotting for 2 days which I never do. It started yesterday and I only spotted twice. Today, I woke up with horrible cramps, the worst ever. I couldn’t even walk and I wanted to puke. I took the lax tea last night and that worked without even taking anything else in the morning. I might do the lax tea, no way in hell can I do that SWF. Eliminating did help, but I think if the cramps get bad again I’m going to have to quit and I rather not. I hope to at least give it 2 more days when cramps usually go away anyway. Ugh.   566 hits
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To Much Fruit ??   by gc67   5y   View Entire Thread 2
Hi mh, hope you are well - over the past few months I have increased my intake of fresh fruit - mainly oranges, tomatoes, strawberrys, grapes, apples etc. A side affect of this diet change would appear to be that this increase is causing me to get small red spots that are very itchy. When I reduce/stop eating this type of fruit for a few days the spots disappear. I am very reluctant to decrease my fruit intake - how can I overcome this problem?? Is this caused by to much citrus/acid intake and is upsetting my ph balance???? Your help would be much appreciated. ...   749 hits
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Re: Hot spots in legs during cleanse, white spots on mout...   by humaworm   5y
I am SO GLAD that you are feeling better! It is truly amazing what a HUMAWORM parasite cleanse can do. The ”hot spots” are simply toxins being pulled out and removed - or it could be a larval nest being disturbed. It will go away soon. The mouth spots are the same thing - most likely it is bacteria that your body has been harboring for a long time being pulled out and removed. You can use any fever blister type of topical treatment on them. You can still take your enzymes if needed - hopefully the HUMAWORM will clean out your liver so that it can produce enough enzymes for prop ...   3,563 hits
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Re: Hot spots in legs during cleanse, white spots on mout...   by justhear   5y
I just wanted to let you know that you aren’t the only one who has this: ”I have been feeling some very hot spots around my left ankle and shin. It feels like I have put my ankle or leg on a heater.. then it will go away. The ankle isn’t hot to the touch but it feels very hot ’inside’ ? Any thoughts as to what this is?” I have had that same exact thing, in the same exact spots I had mine on both feels like a hot flash on my ankles. I can feel the heat come up and then get hot, just like a heater, and then go away. WEIRD!   3,689 hits
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white stone near tonsils. Is it the main reason to get bb?   by hopeless05   9y
I just forgot a chinese herb doctors found that I got white spot near my throat 10 years ago(I’m not sure is it called tonsils). I took some of chinese herb medicine but not long coz I dun know its effective or not and its expensive. Strangely that no western doctors and dentists tell me this thing again (coz they always said they can’t smell it and I believe at least one of the dentist is not lying). Is it the main reason to cause bb? How can I cure it? If I cure that white spot, does it mean I dun need to suffer again? I found that my throat is getting bigger since I was a teenager ...   419 hits
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Most all diseases are caused by....   by smuse   6y
The Cheif says....all that ales you, make the docters test you for..... Write them up to find as: Ova, protozoa, and spoors Then its up to finding a lab that can spot these acurately Currently they can spot them at Roosevelt General in Portales NM Long ways to go for me and many others, but they will be found and counted there. He says killing the ova will get the nematodes. I am not sure on that yet. Personaly, still working on it. Anyone else ever seen a bright green snake looking entity? Yes blood root, but man the head ache from hell for using it.   854 hits
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you are so blessed ! cleanse them 8)   by Wrenn   10y
leave them in sunlight for a day (in a nice sunny window..) then run them under cold running water (filtered tap water is ok) be sure and have them in a stainer.. or oen in your sink in place 8) then wipe them gently with a soft cotton cloth and maybe put on near your each night *) to get the bond process going 8) they love to be out in open so don’t sit tehm in dark boxed off areas.. 8) and don’t let them touch each other.. unless it is a rechageable crystal an exceeltn spot is on a mirror in a nice sunny spot that gets at least 2hours-3 per day of sunlight.. WOW are ...   793 hits
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Most diseases can be traced back too..........   by smuse   6y   View Entire Thread 2
The Cheif says....all that ales you, make the docters test you for..... Write them up to find as: Ova, protozoa, and spoors Then its up to finding a lab that can spot these acurately Currently they can spot them at Roosevelt General in Portales NM Long ways to go for me and many others, but they will be found and counted there. He says killing the ova will get the nematodes. I am not sure on that yet. Personaly, still working on it. Anyone else ever seen a bright green snake looking entity? Yes blood root, but man the head ache from hell for using it.   559 hits
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Re: The age of Obama   by icky   6y
come on everybody, sing know the tune When the bill is in the senate/ House And clinton aligns with bush Then cash will guide the congressmen And love will steer the rush. This is the dawning of the age of obama The age of obama obama! obama! Harmony and understanding Sympathy and trust abounding No more 2nd amendment Golden living dreams of palin Mystic crystal revalation And the mind’s true liberation obama! obama! When the muslim is in the white House And weathermen aligns with Mars Then zbignew will guide the policy And planes will bomb the ...   828 hits     0 of 1 (0%)
Forum: Politics Debate

Re: Who am I?   by #77203   6y
Insert the name of your father or male figure who was (not?) around as you were growing up, in the sentence below, and the result will probably hit a sensitive spot. If you go back to that sensitive spot, you will start the trip to self-discovery. It is a hard road; but finding yourself in complicated situations is only a means of self-deception and ultimately even harder then self discovery. when I think of ..... I feel all heavy inside and my soul is filled with a deep and passionless sigh when I think of ..... I feel all heavy inside and my soul is filled with a deep and passionl ...   1,776 hits     0 of 1 (0%)
Forum: Gay/Lesb. Support   Relationship   Sex

Re: What a trip, look at the Dow   by Newport   5y
don’t mean coins, they are going way over spot. Casting grain is an option for you since you are in the business but as for MONEY, one needs recognizable coins that can be traded anywhere. Last week coins hit ~17% above spot, assuming you could find any, at the same time the Central Fund of Canada (real audited PMs) traded at a near 30% premium. Non seasonal adjusted unemployment must be well over 700k, of course it is the duty of the Plunge Protection Team to sell Gold paper and buy the DOW with all the power of a banana republic printing press.   1,171 hits
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Re: floaters   by fledgling   5y
Don’t know if this helps, but when I had an eye ’accident’ (a tiny ’stroke’ in the back of one eye, they told me), I assumed that the resulting dark spot(s) I could see was from a tiny bit of blood floating in the eye fluid. (Eventually the spot dissipated.) This changed my thinking somewhat, on a nearly transparent ’floater’ I have had in the other eye all my life. Other things I sometimes see may be related to a kind of biliousness I get when I need to eat less rich foods. Just my own observations. F.   769 hits
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Re: Mirena Hell   by givinup   6y
Hi Meat27, I have had pain near my lymph nodes in my neck, but the one that has been most bothersome is my axillary lymph node (armpit), but just on my right side. To be honest, I don’t really know if it is my lymph node that is hurting, or just a muscle or something else in that area. The pain in my armpit will come for a couple of days and they go for a couple days. Then, lately I’ve had pain in the area where the lymph nodes are in the groin area. This pain is new. I’ve not had this pain until just a few days ago. I just had my period...I think...I don’t know if I really know w ...   1,781 hits
Forum: Mirena IUD Forum

Re: Please DON'T Do This. I agree!!!   by marlene2038   6y
Jim Humble always has a Doctor do this proceedure with proper monitoring, dilution and sanitary proceedures. This is not a safe protocol for self administration. I am currently taking the 11 drops MMS, Citric acid, water and 20 drops DMSO. I have not seen any change in my body response from adding the DMSO. My only intention for this is to maybe get into the spore issues. The MMS may penetrate them without the DMSO but I want to give this a try and maybe hurry up the process. I only have a small spot of what I think is related to my Black Berry MOld infection on my arm so if this clears ...   1,397 hits
Forum: MMS Support

Re: so smart-----   by Big Haunch   7mo
yep..whats the point of working your @ off just to die from a simple disease and give all your $$$ to someone else who didnt work for it...makes no sense to me... i tell my wife each week...time flies...we are upper 20’s and make good $$$ for our age...BUT it means nothing if we age too fast and succumb to disease and die i tell her...we MUST liver flush, keep the colon clean and do several juice fasts throughout the year and keep the acid low... we see time passing too quickly...and i feel we have learned so much at a young age...we can age slowly if we just keep up the good ...   353 hits
Forum: Ask Barefoot

How to Oil Pull   by Saratica   5y   View Entire Thread 5
Hi there, For the last couple of months, I’ve been getting sore places in my mouth - not a cold sore, just a tender spot - that bleeds when I floss. Today my gums started bleeding spontaneously in one spot. The gums are receding a little and there are red places. I brush with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, don’t eat sugar or wheat... take tons of vitamins, gargle with salt water. I will go see my dentist but in the meantime, I though I would give oil pulling a go. I can’t seem to find a ”how to”. Can someone please enlighten me? Thank you! Saratica   1,984 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling

Re: Brown spots on my face   by Spirit   10y
The healthier you are, the less likely it is to develop or to keep any spots on your skin, including the Brown spots on your face. Liver flushes will help, diet will help, more relaxation and less stress will help, unrefined salt will help, seaweed will help, fish oil can help, removing amalgam can help ... Take your time to do some reserach on Blood Type Diet, Amalgam, Water, Air, Toxic House, Unrefined Sea Salt, Water Cure, Juice Fasting ... Your problem could be from your teeth, it could be from your diet, it could be stress ... it could each and every factor combined with 1 ...   1,070 hits
Forum: Acne

Re: intermittent fasting   by Hveragerthi   5y
 another thing to add, do you think that the stress you mentioned could lead to premature aging? Yes, stress definitely contributes to aging. When you are stressed it puts more strain on on the adrenals, giving them a greater requirement for vitamin C. Since the adrenals get priority over the rest of the body for vitamin C less vitamin C is made available for other tissues. The skin is very low on the priority list so it will suffer greatly from the lack of vitamin C leading to a loss of collagen and elastin. Therefore the skin will look more aged. Same principle that applies ...   1,182 hits
Forum: The Truth in Medicine

strange discoloration on skin   by HarmonicCharge   4y   View Entire Thread 4
Hi everyone, I have had this wierd discolored spot on my chest for awhile now, it is pinker than my skin, as if it is irritated, but it is not. I never thought much of it, thought maybe my bra was rubbing that area but...the other day I said, wait a minute! That thing is still there. It is like a square inch, the shape is like an oval blob. :) So I put some magnascent iodine on it last night and lo and behold it was STILL bright yellow this morning, the weird spot only and the iodine had sunk in completely beyond its borders. I put Lugol’s on it today since it is stronger and i ...   952 hits
Forum: Iodine Supplementation

Re: How long did you have irregular bleeding while on mir...   by SnowLeopard   4y
I’ve had my mirena for almost 5 years-- it’s due to come out in February 2011. Every time the doctors ask me the last time I had my period, I just say ”I dont know.” I have spotting every once in a while. It’s inconsistent, usually dark in color and very thick. Sometimes it lasts for days, sometimes just 1 day. For the past few months, I’ve been spotting longer and there’s been more blood. I dont know what that means. I will be going to the doctor soon to talk about it all.   604 hits
Forum: Mirena

Re: My cat's health....It's his food!   by Terryw4   6y
I agree. Try feeding one of Solid Gold Health Product’s cat foods, or try Taste of the Wild cat food. It seems like our younger dogs and cats don’t have too much problem with the commercial brands whose first and most ingredient is ’ground yellow corn’. But as they get older they can’t tolerate it anymore and it leads to all kinds of problems, from itchy feet they chew on to those ”hot spots” on their skin and worse. My 9 yr old dog had red spotty itchy feet he chewed all the time, then he ended up almost dying from pancreatitis. I had been feeding Pedigree dog food. I changed dog f ...   829 hits
Forum: Pets/Animals   Immunity   Neurology

Black cumin seed oil   by esme90   7y
aka nigella sativa I have been taking this (1 Tbsp with 1 Tbsp of vinegar in water) as a parasite cleanse, after doing humaworm. I’ve been taking it since Christmas, and am beginning to see good results. I’m seeing eggs in my stools, and my psoriasis is coming up more slowly, 1 spot per week rather 2-3 spots per day). Has any body else used this to good effect, and does anyone else know about the long-term safety of using it? I know that black walnut is dangerous if taken too long, so I’m wondering if there is any similar info on nigella sativa? I found the vinegar - seed oil recipe on ...   537 hits
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