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How your docter needs to write up the order for the labs ...   by smuse   6y   View Entire Thread 2
The Cheif says.... Write them up to find as: Ova, protozoa, and spoors Then its up to finding a lab that can spot these acurately Currently they can spot them at Roosevelt General in Portales NM Long ways to go for me and many others, but they will be found and counted there. He says killing the ova will get the nematodes. I am not sure on that yet. Personaly, still working on it. Anyone else ever seen a bright green snake looking entity? Yes blood root, but man the head ache from hell for using it.   576 hits
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Re: 134 Year Old Woman?   by shekina   6y
Very interesting - I was listening to a Podcast - and the topic was Centenarians and the one thing that was common amongst all of them - was they ate what they wanted, they lived and enjoyed life and they never got caught in age categories, like youth, adult, middle-aged, etc. When asked how they felt when they hit middle age, the majority would respond how would I know when I hit middle age when I donít know how long I will live to be! They adapt to lifeís changes, genetics have very little to do with their longevity - a lot of them were children of people who died in their 70ís and 80 ...   947 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
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Re: no problem...   by #14219   6y
I tried the hot water method and was amazed to find that it brought instant relief! Yes it works, hurray!!! I used the over the counter creams before I read about this but for most of the spots that still itched afterwards applying the hot water to them stoped the itching immeadiatly and appeared to kill off whatever was left behind. So far so good anyway. To test the method I left a few spots which I didnt treat this way and just reapplied the cream - they continued to itch and multiply and required a lot of cream and time to go away where as the hot water ones have healed already. I s ...   89,395 hits
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fordyce spots and peeling gone   by #92305   5y   View Entire Thread 9
My use of Dovonex has made my fordyce spots go away as well as my peeling. I rarely have a light layer of semi-white build up after a shower but i just gently exfoliate by wiping the side of my finger on a spot that is dead, the skin clears up when i lick it and my lips look truly normal. I dont avoid my lips touching liquid or food anymore, i donít need to. I can smile all i want, lick my lips etc. I donít stress over my lips anymore...i would have never have thought i would be lucky enough to reach this point. God bless. :]   9,188 hits
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Re: Day 5 MD - female discharge   by MarleyS   9y
Strange...Iím having the same issue. I ended my cycle about a week before I started the diet. On day three of phase one, I noticed the bloody discharge. Its been occurring for three days now. The first day I noticed was very light, but the next day, the discharge was more like what you would experience at the end of your cycle (during the final spotting phase, only I didnít actually spot). Today, I noticed the discharge was no longer fresh looking (as in, fresh blood) the color has changed to a reddish-brown and the discharge is much lighter. Iíd be interested to know ...   1,702 hits
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Re: Not to sound negative, but I can't believe this is on...   by HarmonicCharge   4y
Maybe he knows that if he is citing the US governmentís claims about necessary iodine daily requirements, that ruins his info, LOL Massive doses of iodine at first and now regularly taken doses of magnascent iodine and also about 8 drops of SSKI per day have helped me way more than any little mcg amount would have. I had anetoderma so bad on my back for example; there must have been more than a hundred white spots. Now there is maybe 4-6 faded spots. Lugolís Iodine in huge doses for detox for several months, vitamin C, sea salt and the rest of the companion nutrients are to ...   992 hits
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Re: day 3 struggle and question   by Metigamish   11y
I too am on day 3 - but without the P & B, and doing the salt water in the mornings, with minor results, though something could be stirring as we speak. Also, what are some laxative teas. I left my senna leaf at home - are there any conventional herbal teas to try (ie fruuit)? What about Green Tea - in non-fast times it often helps me in the morning, though I know it has some caffiene. Any thoughts? Also, anyone experience crazy waves of altered colour on the tongue. I have strange cracks anyway on my tongue, but now there are pinker spots and whitish spots. Started scraping my to ...   568 hits
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Re: Prostate Cancer ~ 1 in 6 men.....   by #76749   6y
I canít find the reference now, but have read that 50% of men at age 50 have prostate cancer, 60% of men at age 60 have it, and on up to the statement below that 80% of men at age 80 have prostate cancer.  Mine was diagnosed 15 years ago (at age 61) when a piece of prostate was analyzed after a TURP (trans urethra resection of the prostate) and found to be cancerous.  I was scheduled for surgery for prostate removal and after talking to the Cancer Hotline and getting more information about it than my urologist/surgeon had, cancelled and have had no medical intervent ...   4,683 hits
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choices   by rygar.   6y
yet,still I canít choose between sexual conquests and exploration or whatever that may come about.A part of me wants to dig deeper and seek an actual relationship with actual feelings and growth,another part of me wants to do and explore as much as my body desires until I am just sexually exahusted and gained that sort of wisdom only true experiance can bring on,you know how some guys can just look at some girls with that look and they get wet with desire and lust right on the spot?? shit man,i see it happen all the time,the guys who get it and the guys that donít..I can ju ...   2,863 hits
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Re: update!   by sargvy   11mo
Please change the mouth wash, there were some mouthwashes which gave me white stuff on the tongue too and staining. Not all the mouth washes as effective, try more than one I donít know what place you are from. And also I strongly belive it as candidal over growth in the entire system, so avoid all chocolates stuff for a while. I had a hell of fordyce spots, that was when lips were peeling , once the peeling subsided, the fordyce spots are getting buried deeper into the newly growing healthy skin. This is the link to my cure ...   1,108 hits
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FAO: Tretinoin Users...   by chris_juno   5y   View Entire Thread 2
Whatís the latest? Iíve been reading a lot on-line about people using this to treat Fordyceís Spots. #92305 has seen a massive improvement on his lips with the combination of Ciclopirox and Dovonex which has also made his Fordyceís Spots disappear. If Tetrinoin does unblock pores and is helping some people on here Iím probably going to buy two versions from that Obagi site. Probably get the 0.05% and the 0.1%. Use the weaker version first and if thereís no reaction up it to the 0.l%...   1,172 hits
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Pain on outside of right thigh, flush time?   by St. Benedict   3y   View Entire Thread 8
Hey all! Just when I thought all the flush side affects were gone, I get a sore spot on my right thigh, kind of on the outside. It feels like a big bruise on the inside, but there is no marking. It started yesterday, and nothing I can do is relieving the pain. I did a big search of these forums and I found that that spot is the gallbladder meridian! you think my gallbladder is telling me it wants a flush right now? Thatís the message I am getting. But again, I havenít done all the prep work--the stone crushers, apple juice, phos drops, etc. Also, it has only been 10 days since ...   2,286 hits
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Aloe for Acne Scars, scars, spots   by cocoandrico   3y
If youíre going the all-natural route you Aloe Vera is worth a try as a topical treatment. Aloe contains a concentrated mix of anti-inflammatory fatty acids and compounds that boost the cellular regeneration. Itís antibacterial and can help to prevent new breakouts while speeding the healing process and relieving any lingering swelling and irritation. There are products out there that contain Aloe, but you can also use it directly from the cut leaves of the plant- for more info and recipes on how to use it at home, check out:   370 hits
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Re: Bleeding during early pregnancy   by flowermh   9y
Iíve had bleeding with both my pregnancies. With my first I started bleeding fairly heavily around 5.5 weeks and it lasted about 2 weeks, but everything was fine. With my current pregnancy Iím 14 weeks and spotting lightly, turns out I have placenta previa which means the placenta is covering the cervical opening and that is why iím spotting (lightly). The advice from my doctors is to take it easy and no heavy lifting (oh and also no intercourse). I advise you do the same until the bleeding subsides and Iím sure all will be fine. Mary   1,193 hits
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Re: Better Skin!   by mooney   9y
I cannot say that I had acne, but I didnít have some out breaks of spots and especially before my period. I have been using Urine the last couple of months as a moisturiser, just before going to bed, fresh Urine leave on 5-10 min then wash off with warm water. Do not use soap, as this will change the pH balance of your skin. I have found my skin to be much improved, fewer spots, softer less dry. I also have been drinking own urine so some of it could be down to this. If I were you I would definitely give it ago, it is harmless stuff and definitely preferable to some of the strong ...   2,952 hits
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Re: Anyone every see anything like this?   by #152791   26mo
A lot of sinus issues from one localized spot. The spot throbs and then swells and then spits out blood and mucus and then this crap. But I donít have an infection - LOL! A ton of headaches. The one instance I will not forget was when I had a horrible headache back in 08í and thought I better spray my old house basement with a little bit of bleach in the corners (because I did not know why I was so sick) and after spending about a minute or two spraying I walked upstairs and that nasty headache had completely dissappeared! From then on, with my headaches I would plan to wash dis ...   1,194 hits
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purple circular spot under the skin on my foot-Im a littl...   by #17163   8y   View Entire Thread 10
Iíve had this circular purple colored spot on the bottom of my foot for about two years. Its under the skin so I cant feel it and it looks like a broken blood vessel, but its circular and Iíve never had anything like this. Just recently it seems to have gotten larger and there is another tiny one in a different spot that has recently appeared. Any ideas on what this is? Should I be worried? Should I seek a doctor to biopsy it? Im a little scared that it could be cancer. thanks everyone.   9,286 hits
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acne almost gone...but need help with scarring   by #52537   8y   View Entire Thread 7
hello all, iíve had acne for about 10 -12 years and it has finally began to subside. iíve started taking the diane 35 pill, with no side effects, i am also taking vitamin A,E,C,Zinc, selenium, MSM, saw palmetto, calcium-Mag coconut iol and fish oil, and an efa blend, yeah sounds like a lot, but i think that is whatís doing the trick. i have not yet done a liver flush but am planning on it. so with my acne finally clearing i started to see some scarring, like either little red spots, or the little ice pick scars. does anyone knw anything to help get rid of scars whether they arejust the da ...   1,776 hits
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Re: Psoriasis: Brown Spot ... PLEASE HELP!   by dalpert   11y
I was getting brown spots on my back. i found that they would be reduced by putting tea tree balm on them too. but they would come back after i stopped putting the stuff on, plus i was getting new spots weekly. I paniced and stopped eating all manor of junk food and lifeless food. i found that if i stopped drinking coffee they disappeared altogether(especially that instant coffee). I think skin health is all related to liver contamination and of the body chemistry. Try the liver cleansing diet by Dr. Sandra Cabot(use search engine). best wishes Don   3,589 hits
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Lighten up   by Wrenn   9y
Anti-Freckle Cream Pumpkin seed kernels olive oil pound the pumpkin seed kernels into a powder. add just enough olive oil to form a paste. this is an ancient recipe. keeps skin soft and removes freckles. ____________________________________________________- anti freckle things to try lemon juice parsley juice regular washing with rosemary tea Squashed tomatoes or eggplant juice NOTE!!! use face compress use thin muslin.cover face cut out holes for eyes and nose avoid eye areas/ apply juice to compress . cucumber with lemon juice use with compr ...   2,575 hits
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Is it better to clean the eczema with water??   by #56048   8y   View Entire Thread 6
Hi yall, I had ecezema on my legs only.... but sadly I got a spot on my arms this week. I tried not to touch and avoid water to get to that place for couple of days.. Even before, this spot was small and now it has gotten bigger..and pus comes out once in a while.. But the pus is overlapping? The old one is getting dry.. Is it beneficial to clean with water? or try not to? I tried not to apply the cortisome on it, cause i know from past experiences that it will make it bigger. One odd thing is that, I got a new eczema on my leg at the same time i got the one on my arms, but ...   2,225 hits
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Re: Ultrasounds   by Ev   8y
Has the spotting stopped? Itís not un-common for some dried blood/old blood to cause some spotting. As long as she doesnít have cramping and severe discomfort I wouldnít worry. As far as ultrasounds go, I ususally advise against them. In certain circumstances such as suspecting twins or to diagnose bleeding then I would allow it. But just one, and I would try to hold off until at least 15 weeks! There is no need for multiple ultrasounds unless of course there is a risky health problem being monitored. Always weigh the your research on ultrasounds. At least with ultra ...   693 hits
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Re: Spots on forearms - Help!   by r4000   6y
Humm you might want to reconsider what kind of supplements you are taking along with Lugol, etc. I had some white spots too but when I threw away my caps of Omega-3 derived from fish oil- within 1 month all them white spots where going going and now completely gone Iodine has nothing to do with it.I did put Lugol on my arms etc before taking it orally and the dark brown patch within a few hrs is gone,absorbed by your skin.. Hint-get a new dermatologist that is more health oriented than towards increasing the size of his wallet Omega-3 derived from fish oil is the most touted ...   11,790 hits
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Image Embedded UFO photographed in Bangalore!   by nbgoku   7y   View Entire Thread 2
UFO photographed in Bangalore! pictures   4,087 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
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Re: Mirena symptoms   by mamaj   5y
Welcome! unfortunately, yes, all except maybe the spots are symptoms. I have them (the spots) as well, and they started at pregnancy, so it would make sense, since so many of the side effects of this bugger mimic pregnancy. If you want confirmation, and donít want to read through all the back posts, all your other symptoms are listed on the Mirena awareness petition (link at the top of this page). Take a look. (although its probably a good idea to do some reading anyway...) If you have a good doc, talk to him/her, but it sounds like you should get it out. It gets worse....sorry...... ...   662 hits
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gum problem   by #67542   8y   View Entire Thread 5
I was diagnosed with gum disease and tried a lot of natural alternative. Found here recently and after a few days of trying my gum is pinking up, looks firmer and healthier. BUT there is one spot where I my gum receeded a lot since my dentist checked it out and there is pus if I put pressure on it. Also this is where I have my bridge. I would really appreciate if someone could suggest me how to heal the infection. I used oradr for more then a year, tried homeopathy, tried only baking soda, did not do it. Currently I put some Myrrh on the spot, but would li ...   1,751 hits
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Re: Please help. I am a little worried about menstruating...   by gailwhite12   5y
hi- i started my period on day 4, and have bled/spotted ever since-now i am on day 18-it was really heavy for maybe 4 or 5 days, now i am still spotting. i am beginning Ēthe changeĒ, so i am usually irregular. go with the molasses for now, see if it helps. the mc should improve this health issue, it always helps whatever i have going on at the time. good luck,let us know how it goes! merry cleansing!   1,123 hits
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Re: NLite laser treatment for acne   by #17866   10y
Hi Iím 15, Last year i began to break out in white heads and sore, red spots on my cheeks, forehead and especially on my chin, due to waearing make up to hide my spots as I had mild acne anyway. I have tried all sorts of prescription medication, herbal remedies and even going to an osteopath to no improvement what so ever. I have been thinking about using Nlite Laser Treatment, but have been told by my mum itís not safe. Is this true? How can I convince her to let me try it? Also, does the treatment actually work?, as itís a lot of money for my parents to pay and Iím fed up of tryi ...   2,051 hits
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OT: Scratch in the eye. Need help   by lil_julia   8y
Hello everyone, This is my first message, although I have been reading (and flushing) this forum for over 4 months. I felt it would be ok to post my non-related to flushes message here, since so many knowledgeable people lurk at this place. If the moderators think my message does not belong, please feel free to delete/move. Last night while playing with my dogs I accidently scratched inside my eye with my nail, the spot is closer to the outer corner. There is an obvious bloody spot there, and I feel discomfort when I blink. The eye also gets teary. It did not bother me at night, i ...   245 hits
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Re: hey are glowing red cheeks a sign of health?   by mh   8y
drinking more than 1/2 gallon of water daily is hard on the heart and kidneys. To get the ĒGLOWĒ a person normally is fasting. When the body starts eating all the waste and building new cells and the skin is all new, then your glowing!!!! ĒIFĒ your healthy at age 200, your should look age 22, any day your not healthy, then you are showing your age which is a disease!!!!!!!!!! A healthy person ALWAYS looks age 22, PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats why medically they have never found a healthy adult human to study. ALL studies are based on ill humans. MH   672 hits
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Re: A Victory in Austin! And a Big Test Coming Soon- Request   by carol2004   7y
DQ, is it possible to post the sequence of events (your posts) in a blog so that the whole story could be followed in one spot (if it is not already and I donít know about it)? That way one could refer others to one spot to read about the situation and be able to follow up as needed. Just a thought, or maybe thatís not a good idea? The reason I ask, was thinking about forwarding the information to a few I know that use silver and would be interested, but how to put together all the information from the various posts. Thank you for the updates.   978 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
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37 and Heavy Spotting   by kitty_cat   32mo
Hi All, Iím 37 and have been having pretty regular periods. I just started spotting this month and Iím not sure whatís going on. My last period ended 2 weeks ago and for about the last week, Iíve had light spotting. Today itís gotten really heavy to the point of having to change a panty liner after 4 hours. The blood is brown and I donít have any abdominal pain. Thereís no chance of me being pregnant or having a miscarriage. My grandmother, mother and an aunt have all had hysterectomies due to fibroids and other problems. If anyone can give me an idea of whatís going on, th ...   932 hits
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Re: What a trip, look at the Dow   by JulieAKA87980   5y
My refiner will sell it by the ounce stamped with his stamp, 24K, slightly above spot. Itís a small,solid family owned company, the woman who runs it started there as a janitor, and the owner retired and sold it to her. Yes, coins are going way above spot. Problem with gold coins is that they are so valubale, like the jewelry has become, that robbery is a considerable issue. (Fact of life for me, thanks) For investment, straight gold, coins will continue to hold their value, but if you need to up how much you have, there are alternatives to coins. Or get casting grain, save it, conve ...   1,161 hits
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Liver Spots   by junitune   10y   View Entire Thread 7
Has anyone had success getting rid of liver spots? I am 42 years old and in the past few years have accumulated MANY brown patches (along with all my freckles). Some are sort of scaly. Most on my arms and face. I also have many dark spots that look like freckles only darker and slightly larger. My mom is prone to these as well. My health has deteriorated in the past few years and Iím suspecting a prescription drug I took while trying to get pregnant. I took a very high dose of Metformin for about two years. After my daughter was born I felt like I could not recover my health. ...   1,455 hits
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More help needed here   by pb3046   7y
First of all, Hopinso you are so charming in your manner of speaking. Who could not want to do everything to help you? I have had success with this only one time, that is when I used ten drops twice, painted a huge area so not to miss the spot, and ended up with a slight burn. So I too am looking for the right spot. Dolls, Ladylove, is it above or below or just above the waist? Three finger down do not take me very far down, and I think that is still my stomach, and I know it connects with the small intestine at the bottom of my stomach, wherever that is! I looked at Mollyís ...   1,342 hits
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leg cramp 5 May 2008   by thinkfirst   6y
You know those pesky, painful leg cramps that sometimes occur at night? I experienced one of these and began tapping around to find the one that works. For me it was the gamut spot. I just laid there and relaxed my leg as much as possible and tapped on the gamut spot. I could feel the cramp release. Over the next few days it was necessary to stretch the calf more because I could feel the tightness, but it was not painful.   2,465 hits
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Re: Geologists, Astrometrists,... not evolutionists   R by LCD   8y
There are many branches of science that come together when trying to figure out the age of planet†Earth and ages of other parts of solar system and galaxies. It is a job for Geologists, Vulcanologists, Astrometrists, Astrophysicists, Geophysicists,† Nuclear Scientisists, Chemists, Physicists, ... and many others.†† One educative article: The Age of the Earth How do we know the Age of the Earth? Radiometric dating Adapted from The Age of the Earth , by the Branch of Isotope Geolog ...   1,252 hits     1 of 2 (50%)
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Re: Accutane and EC @ chris Juno   by chris_juno   4y
Took most of em yeah. Think there were a couple I couldnít get hold of. I was absolutely mental after Roaccutane for a year or two. Thankfully those effects are now long gone. The Fordyceís Spots and the peeling started exactly the same time. I remember the first time I peeled the squares at the bottom-centre of my top lip and there were loads of Fordyceís Spots there. These definately werenít there before. I was obsessed with my appearance and would have noticed them.   3,216 hits
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Sadly I'm in the same boat   by Sky12   4y
Aside from heart palpitations, fatigue and breathing problems, constant intestinal problems are the bane of my existence. The only thing that helped me when I absolutely couldnít eat and had the belly of a pregnant woman was a colonic. But even that is just a temporary fix. Iíve had maybe 20 of them in the last 9 months and sometimes even the next day I still have thin, broken stools. Donít know if itís an intestinal blockage or what. Thereís a spot on my left lower abdomen thatís extremely tender and inflamed, Iím sure thereís a bulk of candida growth causing a bloody raw mess there, so a ...   1,602 hits
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Re: Try this for pain   by Omie   10y
Hi Laylow, This is a simple thing to try, it is based on chinese medicine, and I read about it in a book called Say Goodbye to Illness. To balance energy blockage in your body, two inches below the belly button, using your fingers, massage in a clockwise small circle for 30 seconds. This moves the energy to the next spot, center of chest, at nipple heigth for men, again massage 30 seconds. Thatís it. I used a vibrator on those two spots last night and today my sore neck and shoulder were so much better. A little sore but no pain. Hope this helps. Omie   4,685 hits
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Re: Ignorance is.   by grassman   5y
The RS103-130 variety is not genetically modified and has a naturally strong resistance to apple scab, also known as black spot, a disease caused by the fungus venturia inaequalis which affects both the foliage and fruit. The apple is produced conventionally using a gene from the Asiatic apple variety Malus floribunda which has a proven resistance to black spot. --ANI......0003] This invention relates to the discovery and asexual propagation of a new and distinct variety of apple tree, Malus domestic cv. ĒRS103-130Ē, as herein described and illustrated. The new variety ĒRS103-130Ē wa ...   2,966 hits     0 of 1 (0%)
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question from KP forum   by kebod   8y   View Entire Thread 6
This question was recently posted on the Keratosis Pilaris forum. If anyone can answer it, I will post the answer on that forum. Most of these people are new to alternative health care and all are new to OP. KP is a skin disorder. Thank you, kebod ĒHas anyone experienced any increase in spots while pulling? I seem to have a reaction to something around my mouth and an increased number of blackheads since I started pulling 3 days ago. I understand that the KP may worsen before it gets better, but has anyone experienced anything like this? Iím wondering whether itís the lotion I put on ...   859 hits
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Re: Topical Iodine and skin cancer   by kacey222   3y
I have had dry skin spots for at least 15 years. Tried a lot of prescription creams and herbals. I got rid of most but there is one the size of a quarter on my leg that was bad. Recently I tried toothpaste on it; I think it is working since it is down to the size of a dime now and hardly visible. Anyone know about this? I like the iodine reference; will get some - back to what our ancestors used - maybe it will help with spots on hand if toothpaste doesnít correct it.   19,025 hits
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Re: UT and Skin Cancer   by #174831   11mo
I just decided to treat a mole that had a black spot appear almost 2 years ago. It was a little scary looking. I tried eating more peppers, and that seemed to help a little then I stopped and quit thinking about it. Until last week, I came across a forum that talked about mixing eggplant and vinegar, soaking a cottonball in it and applying it to the skin. The post said to keep it there 24/7 for many weeks. I soaked a little piece of cottonball and put a bandaide on it overnight. After 2 nights, I was in the bath and was going to shave ( and this mole usually gets shaved) but it looked like ...   849 hits
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Re: Water Fasting rashes?!   by doll face   15mo
Iím responding to your experience about fasting and a rash began to appear on your lower back and stomach. I began fasting alternating 3-4 days on fresh juices then 3-4 days water. On the sixth day a rash appeared on the back of my neck. Wasnít itchy and didnít even know it was there until a coíworker pointed it out. Itís now day 20 and I feel tremendous, but the rash is still there and it has spread a little down my upper back and a few spots along my collar bone and a few spots on the front of my chest. Does anyone have information on this? Would really appreciate a response! T ...   552 hits
Forum: Fasting: Water Only

Re: Topical application   by jfh   6y
Douie, if you are planning to use it topically, be sure that you use it only after you have added the water. The book says to use 6 drops, activate 3 min., add water, use fingers to apply topically. I only add 1/2 cup water. You wonít have to wash this solution off. You can even use it for underarm deoderant. If you use it before adding water, wash it off very soon; like less than one minute. For liver spots, I would recommend using MMS for several weeks internally. You may discover that they will vanish. If they are really ĒliverĒ spots, they will surely vanish. I have found ...   1,699 hits
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Green thing moving under my skin   by lindapsmoore   4mo   View Entire Thread 3
3 nights ago I noticed something moving under the skin on my fingers, coming down from my knuckles to near the cuticles. Whatever it is, they are on several fingers, not just one and I and other members of my family have seen them for the past 3 nights but not during the day. Every day I look and I think they are gone but at night they are back. NO, I am not on drugs, there IS something under my skin moving! I have seen them all over my hands and in certain spots they look purple and other spots they look green. They are maybe 1/2 inch long or smaller, very narrow almost like a piece of ...   404 hits
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Re: Embedding "not a complication"   by winterfoot   6y
My GP said the same thing, that this is the first time sheís heard of this - but the ob/gyn who is the one who actually does the removal surgery says itís very common. I donít know how common - Iíll ask her at my follow-up visit 6 weeks post-surgery. I asked her about damage, and she said no one can say for sure, but probably none. Even if thereís scarring, itís just on two very small spots on the uterus, so as long as a fertilized egg doesnít attach at that exact spot it wouldnít cause a problem. Like, there would be less scar tissue than in someone who had previously had a cesarean se ...   835 hits
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Re: baking soda treatment for cancer   by hetty   5y
Take 2 x 1/2 teaspoon B/soda daily and bring your ph up to 7.5. Then apply a heated bag via a microwave to your tunmmy. It will in a few minutes heat up your internal organs and attempt to kill the cancer and will add strength via the heat to the b/soda. You should discover hot spots of cancer . I call this a natural chemo treatment. You should find hot spots by small areas of bloody horrible pain. Ease off the heated pad to the outside areas and gradually work inwards. Or if the situation is not yet serious you will develope a itch that will intensify. That means you are healing.   1,301 hits
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retrovirus   by jessesmom1987   5y
Good questions for Newport, and Iíd like to see his answers too. The Rife forum, or Lyme forum would be good places to ask them. Also ask him about the retroviruses and how Lymeís swaps RNA/DNA. Hereís something to check out: When retroviruses have integrated their own genome into the germ line, their genome is passed on to a following generation. These endogenous retroviruses, contrasted with exogenous ones, now make up 5-8% of the human genome.[3] Rocky Mtn Spotted Fever was what I was so sick with 40 years ago from a tick. Whe ...   1,377 hits
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Re: what should we do?   by adamson77   6y
do we just want to affect the sales of mirena or go against all female birth control? all presciption birth control have similar side effects, mirena to the yasmin pill have the same depression and spotting. i have seen it ar there are more complaints about yasmin than mirena. yasmin users suffer from pain in the left side, breast pain, spotting, ibs, memory loss and hair loss and weight gain. alot of us have said that we are finish with all birth control, so are we going to help others? all of the fake clinical trail should be reason to put a stop to it all. i am re ...   951 hits
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Re: Chronic sore throat pain   by bigbubbacain   6y
Thanks for your reply. I donít know about thyroiditis. I already looked up the symptoms on and there was nothing specific to sore throat pain. Besides, that doesnít explain the issue with the mucus. I will say this: I tried the simple home test of swabbing a spot of iodine on my arm and waiting to see if it disappeared. After about 6 hours, the spot was gone. I have a few symptoms of hypothyroidism as well. I donít want to follow the wrong path here, my sore throat pain is what Iím most concerned about. Hopefully, Dr. Sutter has some concrete informati ...   2,180 hits
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Yeast scabs growing, new red bumps appeared. (scared)   by gobhoblin   4y
Ok, so I just read a post where somebody said scabs make you think theyíre healing, but underneath the fungi are just having a party. How should I handle the scabbed over areas? I have two now. Iím using Lotrimin powder and hyd. prox. as my topical treatment... which cakes into a Ēdried powder scabĒ within minutes. And what if the wound/scabbed area keeps growing? And what if, even with the Lotrimin powder, I keep getting new little infected spots here and there? I think a lot of ínewí spots got infected before I started the Lotrimin powder (2-3 days ago), so how many days ...   849 hits
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thank you bondo   by paws43tails   9y
as i wrote a week ago, your cure was already starting to help... well here i am 10 days after beginning and the spot on my face is all cleared up... all that remains is a small spot of new pink skin... i am so greatful that you posted this!!! i didnít even use the purell, rather i used the germ X, but they are all the same, and to the poster above who was asking where to get it, anywhere and everywhere! itís called hand sanitizer in most places by the hand soap... THANK YOU SO MUCH BONDO!!   4,540 hits
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Re: Trying different treatments, but still depressed.   by julie819   7y
So what exactly is the L-lysine supplement and what does it do? I have been taking the other supplements for about 4 days now and i want to say that I do see an improvement. Yesterday was the 2nd day after they peeled and they looked almost normal. However, I woke up today and some parts were peeling a little and there were a lot of red spots (do you guys get those red spots in areas where your lips peel, and sometimes even where they donít peel itís red underneath and you can still see?). Iíll stick to it though and weíll see what happens. Iím all for curing it, so if you think that ad ...   1,894 hits
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Re: re: IUD Post removal of 9 months   by karita   5y
I have had the IUD out for a year and my last cycle was the shortest yet-21 days. I had brown spotting for a week before it started and pains in the ovaries during that time. I also get pain around days 7 or 8 and heavy clear discharge(probably ovulation?). I have had under arm pain and Ēthickening of the axillaĒ which you can feel as a lump. I had 2 mammos, 2 ultrasounds, a CT scan and an MRI to finally get to this conclusion. I also have nipple pain at different times in my cycle. I have read that it takes up to a year for the sex hormones to leave the receptors in the body so I t ...   1,396 hits
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Re: Celiac Disease   by Dr Mom   5y
This baby is 16 months old, which means she probably does not have her stomach or eyeteeth - that means she is not ready to digest whole foods on her own yet - so, my first question would be - why is she being given these foods to eat? Celiacís disease is caused by the inability to digest certain foods. At her age, she should still be on breast milk or raw goats milk, so that she can receive the live enzymes from the pre-digested foods. Of course, at this age, she also needs some solid food to help her feel full - so, why not use foods like fresh fruits and vegetables. There is no ...   586 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
Forum: Ask Dr Mom

Re: Copper Detox   by feo66   3y
"   i had/have dark brown spots and freckles all over my arms and torso that sprung up in the last 4 years...they are fading with the detox and my stretch marks are gone too." Thatís great.  My spots WERE going away during the 5 months I was feeling great.  I wasnít specifically focasing on detox, just lots of meditation and Buteyko.   Seemed like my adrenals, liver, etc started working better and I was detoxing.  At the start of it, I was having 2-3 large brown completely digested bowel movements per day.  Now at am back to 1 lite colored ...   5,025 hits
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Re: Stange White Line???   by dhammaboy   6y
Donít worry. Fordyce spots are common, almost everyone has them. I have plenty. They are usually deeper, but they seem more apparent to most of us because of the peeling skin. Youíve probably always had them to a degree but have been paying extra close attention. Most of mine have grown back under. I used to have all of them exposed looking, but from not peeling and the unhealthy part receding, the healthy skin kinda grows over it and they go deeper like theyíre supposed to be. You cantí give yourself fordyce spots. They are just something thatís there. As for the white line, I ca ...   2,392 hits
Forum: Peeling Lips

What is included with the school of self applied prevention?   by questionman123   7y   View Entire Thread 5
Hi what is included with the school of self applied prevention? Does it provide all the info I need to do the cleanses? The free info on the website is a little disorganized, and I just wanted the instructions to cleanse and to change my diet all in 1 spot. Is it all in 1 spot after you purchase it? Also it says ĒPlease note your yearís subscription will not start until the website is finishedĒ does that mean there are no books for the customer until the website is finished? I am a little confused because you said ĒFor now, you get all 3 books and many videos for a year on line, w ...   1,023 hits
Forum: Ask Barefoot

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